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Weather Favorable During Week to Carefree Colonists at Beaches.
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of the Ocean Spray apartments, mo
tored in with has son for a few day
last week.
Guests of Mrs. E. Minor at Eallock
esottagres are Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Minor.
Blanche Minor and Miss Madeline. Cher
ry of Portland and Mrs. Bennett of
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Potter of Seaside
were recent jtuests of Mrs. Potter's
mother, Mrs. E. Minor, at HaUock cot
tages. Mrs. R. M. Bonlette of Portland is the
artiest of her daughter, Mrs. R- E. Myers
at Salt Air. Other g-uests of Mrs. Myers
are Mr. C M. Griswold and daughter.
Nadina. of Pendleton.
Mr. and Mra John Beahen and daugh
ter, Theresa, of Forest Grove spent the
week at Sea View camp.
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A- Hyland
t Glan Lljm cottafre are Mr. and Mrs.
E. F. Gratton. Robert and Lucille Grat
ton of Portland, and Miss Catherine
Provost of Bay City.
At Camp Scamp is Miss Minnie Smille
of Portland.
Portlanders at the Harem Camp are
Mr. and Mrs. Graap and daughter
raisy. Mr. and Mrs. Newell and family
and Mies Florence Hill, guest of Miss
A week-end guest of Mrs. Georjre
Foster at N'ewcomb cottaees was Mrs.
H. E. Craw of Portland.
Portland people camped at Rockaway
are Mr. and Mrs. D. J. McKenne and
son, Charles H. Sigourney and family
and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper and
daugrhter Elaine.
Mrs. Bertie Tinnerstet of Tillamook
spent the weekend with her mother,
Mrs. Newcomb.
Registered at Newcomb cottages are
Mr. and Mrs. Li. A. Duncan and daughter
Julia, and Mrs. M. B. Johnson" of The
Dalles; Mra Pauline Short of Salt Lake
City. Mrs. J. E. McGowan, Mr. and Mrs
R. M. Donovan and E. ii Donovan of
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Foster and son of
La Grande are at Brownie camp.
Anderson hotel registrants are Frank
Gustis. G. A. Trask. Mr. and Mrs. M- E.
Arnold. Mr. and Mrs. G. H- Waits, Mrs.
E. Bringolf, Joseph Francis all of Port
land, and M. G. and it- F. Hushes of
Hi lis bo ro.
At the Fireside during the week were
the Misses Rose Witt and Beatrice
West. W. E. Harris, Miss G. Schneider.
George Schneider Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. W.
L. Graham and family. Mra F. E.
O'Connor and children, all of Portland,
and H. E. McGraw of Cochran.
Rockaway Cabin houses Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Scott of Portland.
Captain and Mrs. Robert Farley of
Bar View and Mra W. H. Hoskins and
daughter Constance of Rockaway. had
a pleasant outing last week at Rector
where they found wild blackberries in
Miss Blanche McXair of Tillamook
was the weekend guest of Mrs. Emmett
Bales and Mrs. Severance at the Mary
anne. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Sharon of Portland
are guests of Mr. and Mra F. P. Miller.
Mr. Sharon, who is grand secretary of
the Oddfellows, has been making offi
cial vists to all the Oddfellows lodges in
Tillamook county.
Hillsboro people at Haleywood cot
tage for the season are Dr. and Mrs.
W. JX Wood, James A. Wood and Mra
Jane Tenbaum.
At Rockaway Height cottage until
September are Mra L. C Hight, Mra
Iretta, Bignell and O. L Hight of Port
land. Domiciled Jn Cornell cottage are Mrs.
Louis Hustie and Mrs. Betty Peterson
of Portland.
As the guest of Mrs. Pat ton at her
cottage. Kopet Manuook, it Mies Visa
Olesen of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Heacock of Port
land, and Miss Florence Judd of Spo
kane are spending a pleasant vaca
tion at Box Car cottage.
At Schrantz camp are Mr. and Mrs.
Jud Toho, John Yoho and Mra. H. Lud
wig of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Elderkln of Port
land have opened their cottage. Cosy
Kest, for the season.
Clackamas residents at Rose cot
tage are Mr. and Mrs. A. Mather.
air. and Mrs. G. F. Parker and family
of Portland are registered at the F. P.
Miller apartments.
Domiciled for the season in Hallau
cottage are C. Auer and daughter,
Ollie. of Portland.
Wildwood cottage shelters Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Mayo of Gaston and Mra
F. Hawes and Ivan Hawes of Portland.
Portland people registered at Camp
Comfy are Dr. and Mrs. H. Stanley
Lamb, the Misses Ridman, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Blessing, Mrs. Lydia Tobey and
Until August 15 Klosche Elahee Mit
Mte will house Mrs. J. B. Kleefer and
ions of Portland.
Maridel cottage is occupied for the
coming fortnight by Mra A. Benson
and two sons of Portland
Registered at Kxebs cottages are
Mrs. A. Beringer, guest of Mrs. W. A.
Bipprell; Mra S. W. Rosebrook, Dor
othy, Jean and "BUlie" Rosebrook,
Mrs. M. A. Kennedy, Mra N. W. Rus
sell. Miss Marguerite Russell. Mrs. A.
a. Flndlay and MIfs M. K. Thompson
of Portland: Mra W. H. Thompson of
Seattle, and Mrs. Caroline Lehman of
Bioux City.
Reet-a-While cottage is occupied by
Mrs. Mary Schiewe and the Misses
Lydia Schiewe and Elisabeth Wise of
Mr. and Mra V. L Fnqua. daughters
Olive, Victoria and Lois, and son John,
Miss Beth Potwin and Mrs. R Madison
of Forest Grove will spend a month at
Comfort cottage.
Ax Johnson's cottage until September
ere Mrs. J. Losli and family, D.
Kooa-ter. Mr. and Mra. Ray Orendorff
of Portland.
Mae. and Mra, R. 8. Poage and daugh
ters, Rhodona, Flocele and Looifte, of
Vancouver. Wash, will be at Ocean
Spray apartments until September.
At Ocean Crest apartments during
the past week were Mra H. B. Darling
and sons; Mrs. Anna V. Pape, Lawrence
Pape. Mra I. Williams, F. T. Williams,
Mra Virginia Grover. Mrs. S. A. Haw
kins, Mrs. J. C Myers. Robert Craw,
IX C Burkhart, Mrs. F. W. Mann and
daughter. Mrs. H. G. Rice, Dorothy
Rice, Janet Husted. Mrs. R. A. Reid.
Anna and Allan Reid of Portland; Mrs.
C. H. Farmer, Ada. Anna and Jamie
Farmer and Mra G. L. Hall of Mc
Mtnnville. An enjoyable community bonfire and
watermelon frolic was held Monday
evening by the vacationists at Salt Air.
Elmore hotel registrants for the
week were Mr. and Mrs. D. J. McKen
zie, Clarence McKenzte, Mrs. W. S.
Read, Edith Read. Mrs. Grant Short,
C. R. Brown, J. W. Donovan. A. R. Cody,
Tom Mix Jr.. Mrs. L. A. Davis. Miss
Lucy Davis. E. O. Spitzner, Mr. and
Mrs. John Sennett, Mr. and Mrs. G. O.
Rutledire. Edwin Rears. W. H. Jenkins,
Shannon Phillips, A. M. Ashbaugh, W.
R. Ham, Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Huthman
and son, Mrs. A. H. Devers. Mr. and
Mrs. L. D. Hewitt. J. G. Wentworth,
ML J. Flanagan. Mrs. W. V. Green and
son. Gilbert Rene, H. J. Cohen. Fred
Bundschu, H. F. McKensie, William
Romacly. H. Watson, Mr. and Mrs. M.
E. Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. E. La Forest.
F. B. Cauthom. Joe Fuller, Mrs. P. A.
Spence. Jessie M. Spence. Fred Town
send. Leo P. J. Munly. L. A. Mink. C. G.
Pattison. C T. Greiser. Mrs. E. A. Mc-
Grath, Lenore McGrath. Mrs. G. Thanes,
Mrs. A. Thanes. Catherine Malavey,
Fred Carrier. I.ouis Ossenberg. H. M.
Branson. A. P. Branson, F. L. Ricketts.
all of Portland; Fred Hollett of Blaine:
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Barberson and
daughters, and H. J. Horton of Miles
City. Mont-; Trm V. Cowley of Seattle;
Miss Helen McLane of San Francisco.
James Cruikshank of Hillsboro: C G
Crew of Hood River; F. A. Cramer of
Oregon City; Mr. and Mrs. Harry F.
Hare of Timber; Mr. and Mra, C H.
Houser of Sheridan.
At Salt Air hotel are Grace Erickson
or Oregon city: Joe Eastham. the
Misses Mildred and Opal Joy, Miss Ella
Stark, H. T. Creed. Bertha E. Fountain.
Eva Schultz, Mra P. Schultz. Agnes
Bcnuiti, Mrs. w. Lunger. Mra Mil
dred Barker. Peter Zirr, Mr. and Mra
E. D. Barker and Mr. and Mrs. C E.
Jordan of Portland; J. P. Swift of Min
neapolis: Mrs. Art Snyder of Cochran.
Portland people at Hart's Content
are Dewey Stennett, guest of W. G.
HaUock, the Misses Laura Goodell and
Lou Foster, and Miss Ardith Carothers,
guest of Mrs. E. H. Bottemiller. -Mr.
E. A. Bottemiller motored In for the
week end with his family at Ann
Aeleen cottage. Lake Lytle, and
brought with him as guests Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Schmidt, also of Portland.
Mra Mary Hurd and daughter. Ivy,
of Portland, spent the week at Nina
cottage. Lake Lytle.
The Misses Ethel, Nina and Anna
Hart, having Just returned from a tour
of the Canadian Rockies, spent the
week with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Hart, at Hart's Content. Lake
Miss Margaret Gtttings of Portland
is the guest for the coming fortnight
of Mr. and Mra G. A. Boldrick.
Stephen Arnold is visiting his mother
at Cosy Corner camp.
Scores of People From IMstant lo
calities Visit Cannon Beach.
ECOLA. Cannon Beach. Or, Aug. S.
CSpecial.) As tho season advances
Cannon Beach residents realize more
than ever the necessity for larger and
better accommodations for visitors.
The present season brings scores of
people from distant localities, finding
here an ideal location for summer rec
reation. Cannon Beach includes nine miles of
sandy seashore sheltered between the
points north and south, reaching far
out into the sea, with cottages and
tent bouses scattered along the bluff
under the spruce and pine trees, with
attractions of forest and beach suffi
ciently diverse to suit all tempera
ments. A number of Idaho people are enjoy
ing the attractions of Cannon Beach
this season. Mrs. F. H. Brandt and
daughters, Gretchen and Paula of Boise,
Idaho, are located at Ecola Inn. Dr.
Brandt spent several days with his
family during July.
Mra J. E. Burgy and son of Hager
man. Tdaho. are also at the inn. Mr.
Buray will join his family later in the
season. Mrs. E. S. Senaenig and daugh
ters. Misses Myrtle and Kathryn of
Boise, are housed in erne of the Cornell
cottages for a mon' Mra T. C. Hol-
lingshead and son. Robert, are located
in this locality.
Mr. and Mra Norrta Fritchman. also
of Boise, spent a few days at the War
ren. Mrs. Henry Irwin of Payette,
Idaho, and Lalla Bedford of Caldwell,
Idaho, are guests in Elk Creek Park.
Miss Lura Hendricks of Nelson, Neb-:
Frank Smith of Shenandoah, la-, and
Miss Mary Palmer of Xeiwln. T . ars
late arrivals here.
A merry party consisting of Mrs.
J. A. Marlitt and son. Mrs. Clyde Raabe
and son, Mrs. Carl Johnson, are enjoy
ing the hospitality of Mrs. Walter Mc
Waters at her summer home. Sunset
Lodge, one of the most attractive homes
of this locality, situated near the en
trance to Elk creek, overlooking the
ocean. '
F L Fuller and wife, accompanied
by Mrs. Fuller's mother, Mrs. S. J.
Parrish. who motored from Portland,
spending a few days as guests at Ecola
Inn, have recently returned home.
Leonard F. Fuller also motored down
m company with W. R. Cornell and
family. The party were guests at the
Cornell home in Elk Creek Park.
Professor John Bently. instructor of
engineering in the forestry department
of Cornell university, was the guest of
Mr. Fuller and Mr. Cornell on a three
days' hike to Neah-kah nie.
Mrs. J. C Gripper and family have
returned to Portland after a month's
stay at the Parks cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woodfleld of
Astoria have opened their Blue Bird
cottage for the eeason. Mrs. John Kopp
and family of Bozeman, Mont., and Mrs.
Harriet Boord of Portland are guests
at Brownies' Court
Mrs. L. Allen Lewis and daughter.
Miss Clementine, Misses Caroline and
Louise Flanders and Mrs. Rodney Gllsan
have opened their summer homes at
Ecola Point for the season. Mrs. Ar
thur Minott and Robert Minott are
guests at the point.
Mr. and Mrs. Holt Aplin and niece.
Miss Katherine Patt, are comfortably
housed in Mrs. Dakins cottage
Miss Margery and Thelma Reed with
Miss Edith Williams and Agnes Crow
ther of Portland are having a grand
good time keeping house in the Reed
Mra R. J. Quick and children of Ta
coma. Wash., and Miss Essie MoCrank
are among the late arrivals at Ecola
Mrs. C. M. Clarke, Miss Beryl Clarke,
with Mrs. W. O. Hadley and Miss Eliz
abeth Hadley and Miss Marie Slusher.
all of Hood River, are housed in the
Clarke cottage at Elk Creek enjoying
the beach attractions for the remainder
of the season.
Mra G. J. Montgomery, with Mrs.
Stoipeon and daughter Robtnette, all of
Portland, are occupying Idyl Nook, for
a month.
Mr. anc Mrs. C C Powen arrtl dangn
tr. Mrs. J. R. Ferris, with her little son,
are at tEs Powell hems for an Indef
inite stay. Mr. and Mra. W. 1L Brltta
and son Edward were house guestai of
Mr. and Mra Powell for a week re
cently. Mrs. Edgar Gearhart and children of
Astoria are occupying their cozy cot
tage near Sylvan Point.
Miss Alma Ekstrom of Astoria, a
prominent nurse in reconstruction
work, la visiting her family at the
White house.
Among recent arrivals are Mrs. Frank
Wellington Gilbert of New Haven.
Conn.; Miss Antoinette Mean, Mrs.
C L. Reed and daughter Dorothy, Mrs.
Theodore Brown. Miss Jennie Rippy,
Miss Post. Miss L. Groshen. J. J. Chip
man and wife, Mra Frank Hak and
daughter. Blain M. Smith and family.
Harry Stipe and family. Miss An
toinette Wagner and Mrs. Wagner, all
of Portland
Mrs. D. C Lagaesee and daughter
Jane. Mrs. C. F. Ungerman and daugh
ter Barbara of Astoria are spending the
season in Tolovana park.
Miss Vivian Johnson is the guest of
Miss Florence Gradon at the Gray den.
Miss Julia McGroo is a member of
Mrs. J. B. Grimes' household.
Variety of Interests at Gearhart
Claim Time In Strenuous Fashion.
GEARHART. Or, Aug. !- (SpeciaL)
There is no lull in the busy vea of cot
tagers at Gearhart. for the variety of
Interests claim their time in strenuous
fashion. Unless the visitor has an un
usual amount of will power, the oppor
tunity for a very quiet life is not ap
preciable the busy life of the resort
seems to claim every resident. In ad
dition to the beach bathing, walking,
crabb-ing and tlaTTri"g, there ars the
JlfarjSr Sice C'yoc- , Z&yi2oifc. a Cojftxjai
golf links, tennis courts, good horses
and interesting bridle paths, several
scenic motor trips. Seaside and its
dance pavilion and shops, the swim
ming tank and besides all thess things.
the cottages themselves are designed
for house parties, dinners, luncheons
and dances and entertaining is again in
vogue as before the war.
By way of diversion, several Gear
hart cottagers held a tournament on
the golf links last week, arranging
their own handicaps and managing the
jolly contest. At the close three claimed
the trophy and they finally drove for a
certain hole, the nearest ball being that
of the winner. Mrs. Walter Cook tri
umphed over Henry Metzger and Arnold
Blitz. Those who participated were:
Bert Levy, M. Rosenblatt, Henry Metz
ger, Arnold Blitz. E. J. Jaeger, R. Stew
art. Mr. and Mrs. Fenn, Fred Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cook and Miss
Mabel Beck.
Mrs. Coe McKenna, who Is summer
ing at Gearhart. has brought her horse.
Flashlight, down, and spends much of
her time on the bridle paths of the sur
rounding country.
Miss Alberta Bair was entertained at
the home of Mra Thomas Kerr In Gear
hart last week end.
Among the men who Journeyed to the
beach for the week end were Al Sulli
van. Leonard Greer. George Stanley and
Oliver Huston.
Mrs. Nancy Zaa Scott la summering
at Gearhart.
A paper chase of five miles was the
diversion of one morning for several
young Gearhart beach visitors. Hon
ors went to Miss Dorothy McBrtde and
Miss Florence Prudhomme.
James Cook came to the seaeoast tor
the week end.
Miss Dorothy Strowbridge returned
to the beach recently after a short stay
in Portland.
Miss Dorothy Levy of San Francisco
is the house guest of Mra Lloyd Frank
for the balance of the season.
Mra Max Hlrsch has as her guest
Mrs. M. Hirsch.
Several matrons enjoyed a bridge
party recently, at which Mrs. Joseph
Goodman was hostess.
Mrs. Frank Ransom and son Bobby
are visiting Mra Sam Slocnm at her
pretty cottage.
Miss Betty Labbe was hostess at a
birthday party Tuesday. A number of
the very youngest set participated in
the merry affair.
Miss Helen Haseltlne was the guest
of Miss Martha Whiting, who is spend
ing the season at the coast.
Youngsters seem to take to the water
like so many little ducks at Gearhart
and the lesson in swimming and diving
by Miss Millie Schloth is an important
event in the week's routine. Among
the children who are studying strokes
and dives under Miss Schloth are Tom
and Don Kerr, Nancy Honeyman. Louise
I .abbe. Laura Warren, Arthur Sherwood,
Tommy Robertson, Bobby Ransom,
Dorothy McBride and little Bertha
Grover. Bertha has progressed to back
ward somersaults and flips and the me
dium high dive. Other young visitors
who frerjuent the natatorium are
Freddy Martin. Mary Louise and Eliza
beth Zaa, Priscilla Honse. Flora Jane
McBride, Rath Bruere, Jack Marshall.
Virginia and Donald Sloe trm. Julian
Corbett and James Van Setrayw.
A delightful visit at Goarhart is be
ing enjoyed by Mr. and Mrs- Leo J.
Falk and Mrs. Nathan Falk of Boise,
who are with Mra Max Hirsch.
Miss Marian Sicbel Is tho house gnest
of Miss Bertha Goodman.
After a pleasant stay at the see who re,
Mra Sigmund Frank has returned to
Portland. She was the go est of Mra
Lloyd Frank.
Golfers at Gearhart were Interested
in the coming of Russel Smith and Ned
Aver, crack players who made the
course several times. The presence of
Portland's well-known players was an
added impetus to the cottage colony.
Mr. and Mra John Daly have returned
to Gearhart after an interesting motor
trip through British Columbia.
R- A. Stewart was a week-end visitor
at Gearhart. Henri Labbe also spent
the Saturday and Sunday at the resort.
Mra Jordan Zan has returned to her
Gearhart cottage to remain for the bal
ance of the season.
Dr. Samuel Slocum passed the week
end with his family. Dr. George
Marshall spent the end of the week at
Hundreds of People Prom Various
Beaches Join in Foertivitiea.
BAR VIEW. Or, Aug. . Special.
The Bar View community acted as
hosts to all the beaches at a mammoth
clambake and dance. Wednesday night.
A complimentary supper consisting of
delicious cockle dams, baked to a turn
in the rock pit. crackers and Wiener
wursts in inexhaustible quantities was
served to the hundreds of people who
attended. The guests danced to the ex
cellent music furnished by the Earl
Fuller Jazz band until daylight.
A weekly feature of Bar View merry
making which is rapidly gaining in
popularity is the Monday evening ex
cursion to Bay Ocean. Last Monday
evening threo launches full of young
people crossed the bay, enjoyed a swim
- -
-ifctfc fit
In the natatorium then repaired to the
Bay Ocean hotel for dinner and a de
lightful evening's dancing.
Bathing in Smith's lake is this year
more than ever a popular sport. The
large sand dunes protecting the outlet
form a natural wind break, allowing
the groups which daily disport in the
warm water, grateful protection from
the cool northwest breeze.
The abundant supplies of driftwood,
a rare luxury at beach resorts, invites
Bar View vacationists to accept the op
portunity for frequent beach bonfires
Many of these parties were held during
the past week, at one of which fancy
dancing numbers by Mrs. Arnold of
Portland elicited much favorable com
ment. A crab strpper and "500" party given
by Mrs. H. Thatcher and Mrs. J. P. Van
Overn of Portland Friday evening at
Welcome Inn was much enjoyed by the
following guests: Mr. and Mrs. C
KUngensmlth, Mr. and Mrs. L. Martin.
Mr. Seagul, Mr. and Mrs. F. Schulplns,
Marguerite Schulplns, all of Portland,
and Mr. and Mra J. L. Blaker of Bar
View. The prize for highest score at
"5 00" was won by Mrs. Blaker. So
great was the success of the evening
that the hostesses gave another similar
party a few evenings later at the Cot
tage Home restaurant.
Mr. and Mra R. R. Poppleton and
family of Oswego will remain at their
cottage until September IS.
Registered at Villa camp are Mr. and
Mrs. James Johnston, Alan and Elsie
Johnston. Mrs. Hyronemus, Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. Arneson, Mr. and Mrs. Prin
gle and family, Mr. and Mrs. H. H.
Klahn, Mr. and Mra A. Englund. Mr.
and Mrs. R. R. Sanders and son, W. R.
Seagroves. Mrs. Roma M. Benbow, Mrs.
W. J. Jones, Myra and Dena Jones, Mr.
and Mra. B. F. LaFountaine. Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Osborn. Mr. and Mrs. C H
Olesen. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford C Jack.
A. G. Long, Vera Hughes, Mrs. Martha
Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. G. Spatli, Mr.
and Mrs. Peter Park and daughter
Thelma of Portland; Mrs. Althea Widell
of Rockford. ILL; Mra N. J. Francois
of The Dalles. Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Houmard of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. L. D.
Mulkey of Amity, Mr. and Mrs. M. F.
Hastings of McMinnville.
L. S. Jackson of Portland, recently
returned from overseas, is occupying
his cottage for the summer. Mr. Jack
son assumed his duties as station mas
ter when the Bar View station was
opened for the season Wednesday.
Six members of the Portland police
force spent a week's vacation with
their families at Welcome Inn recently.
The party was composed of Mr. and
Mrs. C Klingensmith. James KUngen
smlth, Miss Mildred Klingensmith, Mr.
and Mrs. L. Martin and family, Mr.
Seagul, Mr. and Mra T. Schulpins, Mar
guerite Schulpins. Mr. and Mrs. H.
Thatcher and Mr. and Mra J. P. Van
Overn and daughter Freda.
At the Wise Way are Mr. and Mra
Edward Mlsener and daughter Ellen,
Mrs. A. W. Young and daughter. Anna,
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. McCabe and son of
Portland, and Ms. and Mra Henry Hall
of Prairie City.
Mrs. L- M Alley and daughters Pearl.
Mabel and Evalina motored in for a
vacation t their cottage, and with
them as guest is Miss Lola RetzLaff,
also of Portland
Carter's Cottages registrants for the
week are G- A. Graves, Charles and
Kenneth Graves, Mr. and Mra Craig
and family. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Schel
lenburg and danghter Genswisrve, Mr.
and Mrs. Cleveland Mnegrovo and fam
ily. Mrs. N. W. Russell and daughter
Marguerite, Herbert Mordon and TaX
bot Todd, an of Portland.
Extremely Low Tide Give Vaeatjon
ipts Appreciated Opportunity.
TWIN ROCKS, Or, Aug. 2 (Special.)
The extremely low morning tides just
preceding and following the new moon
gave vacationists last week much-appreciated
opportunities tor securing
clams and crabs. Even before daylight
parties equipped with shovels, rakes
and sacks could be seen hurrying afoot
and by auto toward the Nehalem river
jetty or the flats of Tillamook bay, and
all returned with abundant supplies of
delicious seashore delicacies.
Motoring leisurely by the Grand
Ronde road to the Tillamook beaches,
making frequent stops at the various
points of interest, a jolly party of Port
landers composed of Mr. and Mra Clyde
Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cassell,
and Mr. and Mrs. George Matthews
made a three days' halt at Camp Ail-In
last week. They reported the roads
good and fishing tn the Trask river ex
cellent. Later the party will return by
way of Seaside and Astoria.
An enjoyable bonfire party to which
all the children cm the beach were in
vited was given by Mrs. J. B. Middle
ton Sunday evening. The youngsters
romped on the sand to their hearts'
content, then gathered around the fire
to toast marshmallowa
Miss Rubie A. Goulet of the Alblna
Homestead school. Portland, will spend
the remainder of the summer as the
guest of her sister, Mrs. Frank J. Mc
Gettigan. at Villa de Joffre cottage.
Ai the Elliott coetage lor the com
ing fortnight are Mr. and Mrs. J.
Ellson and daughters, Ruth, Mary i
Suggestions to Increase Your Comfort and Pleasure.
Formerly Hotel Moors,
Most delightful spot on the sooth shore, situated at the water's edge. Reached
via the &, T. i Ry. direct from Portland to Seaside, also Str. Georgians and
O.-W. R. N. boats to Astoria, where the A. J. Auto Co. makes connections for
Hotel Seaside. Auto lata take beautiful Columbia River highway, which ter
minates at Hotel Seaslda Attractive features are golfing, motoring, surf,
bathing, trout fishing, bowling, dancing, etc Rates on application. A. 8. Hogue
sf Nortonia Hotel, manager.
Located on NORTH BEACH, universally conceded to be the finest beach in
the Pacific Northwest splendid turf bathing near the hotel. Excellent table,
airy and comfortable rooms, reasonable rates.
For rates, write Hotel Seaview, Sea view. Wash-
H fist d
Portland and the North
west's finest hostelry.
Bates $2 and up
Splendid grill and fa
cilities for entertaining'
privats parties,
Portland, Oregon
ORBOOys most weenie resorts,
nestled respectively tsas and
S0O0 feet up the slope of Mount
Hood. Take auto, stags or train
via Hood River and P a r In d a 1 e.
Coms and rest and play. For
r e s s r vations address Homer A.
Rogers, Parkdale, Oregon. Telo-
8 hone Hood Biver Exchange,
dell 114.
JL. 15. Keynolds, Prop- tinier, Waeku
VALLEY. Side trips by auto or horseback
to Lava Cavai, Ice Cave. Indian Race
Track. Steamboat Lake, etc MT. ADAMS
the verr base of the mountain. GOOD
TROUT P18HING, Tennis. Croquet Grounds
and Swimming Pool in connection. AMUSE
MENT HALL with dancing, bowlins and
billiards near hotel. Rates: $2.30 per day.
V2 per week. Sunday dinners. 76c
The Jewett Farm Resort
"Atop the Colombia Highlands"
View of Columbia liorge. Tne pines sad
firs- Cottases wltn flreplaoas. Tents. Fresa
vegetables. Fruits. Home eookina. Tripe
lextrki to Mount Adams and Trout Lake.
Accessible by train, boat, twe highways.
Write for reservations. Opens June la
White Salmon, wash.
Or con's matt b4VTjtlf ul mountain rort
th ZltMff river &ftd SUU creek, la xhm ever
rett forests neer tkve foot sf Mount Hood;
la a cemented wimmiDf pool, modern due
ban. eaddrs koimst, teoals, roe.ue.
Rates $4 per day. $1 to 921 per ereak.
"er Auto btagre CsOl East 130 or Blala 331
MBS. EM1L ITIANZETTI. rropriotoe.
Zigzag. Oregon,
Welsh's Hotel
Light, clean rooms, facing" the ocean.
Newly furnished. Moderate r&tss.
J saws UaUkj Iron Borne Wa-Ju
Grace, and Mrs. A. L. Fraley and daugh
ter Grace of Portland.
The Abry cottage will house for the
coming week Mr. and Mrs. J. Johnston
and children. Allan and Elsie, of Port
land. W. F. Gwln of Seattle has joined
bis family for a vacation at the Scott
Bozorth cottage.
Rev. Otis Holmes, pastor of the First
Congregational church. Walla Walla,
has joined Mra Holmes as the guest of
Mrs. Fred Wilson at Wilson cottage.
Mrs. Alva Authors of Portland is the
guest of Mr. and Mra W. D. Murphy at
Rock View Villa apartments.
Mr. and Mra S. H. Klahn and family
of Portland are spending their vacation
at the Hadley cottages.
Portlanders at Rock View Villa
apartments for a fortnight's outing are
Mr. and Mra F. A. Vortman, and Dr.
and Mra M. Visaillon and daughter
Mrs. J. B. Middleton and children of
Portland will occupy the Seguian cot
tage during August-
The Richardson cottage is occupied
by Mra M. A. Mclntyre, Mra Lee Shoe
maker and family, and Mrs. W. A Hall
and daughter Florence of Portland.
At the Van Scyoc apartments are
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Adams and T. H.
Adams Jr. of Vancouver. Wash.. Mrs.
F. A. Baker of Salem. Mrs. Walton
Young and Miss Catherine Croft of
Newhall. Cal.
William Willing spent the week
end with his family at Hadley cottages,
and with him as his guest was M. G.
Westcott, also of Portland.
The Simpson cottage. Forest Queen,
is occupied by its owner. Adam
Simpson of Buxton, and Mr. and Mra
William Watson of Portland.
G. H- Sampson of Portland has added
to his group of cottages a pretty new
one which he has named Standish cot
tage. Domiciled, in the Ryan cottage are
Mra Marion Wiseman and son. Henry.
Mr. and Mra J. H. Jones and daughter
Frances, and Mr. and Mra J. A. Boster.
all of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gardner snd
children of Portland left Thursday for
an extended camping and fishing trip at
Batterson on the north fork of the
Nehalem river.
A. V. Nelson of Watseeo nnt thj
I week In Pnrtlnnri nn hnoi n...
Mr. and Mra J. H. Rosenberg and
family of Tillamook have opened their
j cottage. Pine Grove, for the season, and
I with them as guests are Mr. and Mrs.
iewMe, Clatso Beaea, Oreacsa,
l-eate R OTTTT.EDO 15 SKKD 4k FL0tAXj COX,
14S SECOND ST., phones Main 171. A-SSIL
rar Aran wannsli. Welobea, Tswneya and
Rhododendron. Round trip $6. Oovernmeat
Camp S8.60. Owned and operated by Ir-rtn-toa
Garage jfc Auto Co.. Inc. J. L. s. Saesd.
Prea-Mcr. Phones B. 1SS. C-S1S2. X. 14th
ana jsxoauwsjr.
to men and women of refined
Hend for niiiAtrated
Hli.te Nairn on. Hiinh. Phon
The Hoerlein Ranch
For V aeration in ts. Hood River, Or.
A country pi&ce in the woodland of scenic
Hood River gorge. The rushing river, fish
ing, tramping. Unsurpassed view of valley
and mountains. Spacious rustle home with
Individual sleeping porches, aJso tent ac
commodations. Appreciative guests pro
nounce this the Ideal place to spend a vaca
tion In the Hood River vailejr.
Address Ho-erleta Bros. FhoBS) STOu
Hotel Sunset
Will antldpatrna; toot vacation re
nember Hotel Sunset. Ideal spot tor
rest and recreation. One block from
ooean at Beach Center Station. Adorees
Box SA. Lads; Beach. Wuktartsa,
The Shelburne
Long distance telephone In hotel. Two
blocks from ocean. .Buy your ticket to
Sbel burne station. Write for reserva
AmaricaA plan.
T. J. UOASE, Seat Tlew, TTasli.
Manhattan Beach, Or., Tillamook Co.
One-balf block from ocean. Best of
home) cooking;. Surf bathing, sea fish
ins, trout f ishing, boating, on Lake
Lytle and Lake Crescent. Special atten
tion to tourists and week-end parties.
For rates and reservations, phone Sell
wood IS68, or address Mrs. . Eider,
lVlaniia.ttn Beach, Or.
Er. Wise has a new eottas;.. with pri
vate bath and toilet, furnished for two
or four, for rent at ii per day; also
newly furnished rooms and H. K. ap'ts
from $1 up. Small hotel kitchen and
dinins; room for rent. Lr. Wise, Fort
land and Bar View, Or. City phone
slain 2029.
Furnished rooms and tents for house
keeplns. Facing; the ocean.- Address
1 k', H'"K" Pros', seaside, Ob
Conducted wooc 1 Inrm run.- In vi ti ... 11
1 taste, ff
on 7Kb a
Alva Hughes and famllv of Or
City, and Mrs. Emma Raynor, Veresard,
and Clare Raynor of Clackamas.
Rev. W. F. Ineson. pastor of ths Sun
nysids Methodist church. Portland, is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ellison
at Elliott cottage.
Lively Crowds Enjoy Vacation Sports
on Beach.
MANHATTAN, Or, Aug. S. (Special.) .
A bonfire. supper was given on tho
beach Saturday night by Mrs. E. Elder
of the Manhattan hotel, in honor of
six guests from San Francisco, Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Orell. Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Jacobs and Mr. and Mra P. Kaeper.
All present greatly enjoyed the novelty
feature of the bountiful supper, orabs
roasted over the embers.
A bed of razor clams has recently
been discovered near the south Ne
halem river Jotty. The clams are re
ported to have been obtained in large
quantities during the recent low tides
accompanying the new moon.
Portland people registered at Hotel
Crescent during the past week are H.
M. Kuempel. Eddie Newman. Ctyde
Thorp, Miss Amelia Nardini. Miss Stella
Nardinelli. H, B. McCauley and A. P.
Mra Fleshman and son Otto of Port
land are taking their vacation In Coral-of-Nehalem
Besta-Bilt cottage Is occupied by Mr.
and Mra J. Duiand and daughter of
Domiciled in Reifschneider cottage
are Mrs. Nellie Mahl and the Misses
Margaret and Frances Walker of Port
land. Mr. and Mrs. F. EL Leltner of Port- ,
land will spend the remainder of the
summer at their cottage. Dole Far
Guests of Mra Anna Welch at Green
Lawn cottage are Mrs. L. A. Lindqnist
and her father, Mr. Wood, of Portland.
The new Relischneider cottage is oc
cupied by Mrs. Mat tie Snyder of Dayton
and Mrs. Mattie Clifton.
Mra H. L. Lindley. Mra Elsie Likens
and son Louis of Portland will spend
the oresent fortnight at Takitzy cot-tag-a
Registered at Manhattan hotel are
Margaret A. Mills. A. G. Brown. Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph Popplln. Miss Grace Pop-
(Concludd on Par- 12.
Goes to
The best of every
thing to eat, pre
pared in the way
you like best The
Hazelwood will
welcome you in
388 Washin
127 Broadway
Elmore Hotel
Under New Owner.
Best hotel on the Tillamook beaehos. bow- -ly
furotshe!. full view of ocean from every
room, excellent table; en 8. P. Tillamook llaa
and state highway. Good fishing- In ail the
lakes and the surf. AJso furnished cottage.
For reservations and information write to
J. J. Kre bs. Rocks way, Ortjon.
Hotel Taylor
Ocean Park, Wash.
Best TrnmOr
trsuad (14 pesi
Home ei
ECOLA INN (Cannon Beach)
Ksas H. An,
wmx, ockajt vzetw.
Danes Pavilion. Tennis Courts. Pool and ,
Billiards, Barber Ehop, eta. Bus meets
ail trains at Seaside. Writs tor rsssr- '
The Avalon
A quiet, homellks plaos to spend. yar
vacation at a farm resort.
Str. Georgians
leaves Alder St. Xoek at T A- M. dallv. R
turning, leaves Astoria 2 P. Mm daily ac
cept Monday.
Lurline .eaves Portland daily erxcept Bun
day. at 8 P.M.
Undine leaves Astoria 4a0y at T 1. SC.
On Bar Vtew Beach on the Tillamook Sbere.
One, two and thx-room oottaa-es. com
pletely frrrnished for light houeeicaepins
Pure menntsin water, eiectrie Ucnta. aani
tary to i eta. Protected from sea breere. cioea
to beach. Clams, crabs, trout fishing; over
looks Tillamook Bar. Ideal Summer vaca
tion spot. For reservations and rate, ad
dress I J. Tolls. Bar View. Or.
Large Sun Parlors. Beautiful Grounds
Hotas for Hame-Ceoked Meals.
Ml IMMiW, Pssav. tosslns. OnaM.