The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, August 03, 1919, SECTION THREE, Page 2, Image 50

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WITH August haB eomol almost
automatically a much laj-ger
exodus to the beaches, to moun
tains and to summer homes. Many
Portlanders have gone to the national
parks or to the eastern states, to Cali
fornia and Banff. Bntertainingr is
more strictly informal than ever, be
ing1 chiefly for out-of-town guests, of
whom there have been & number in
Portland during: the past week. The
younger set is enjoying: swimming par
ties, little suppers, motor trips and
house parties. Luncheons and a very
few dinner parties, all of them small,
have constituted about the only other
entertainment for guests. Two benefit
teas were given the past week, which
were the largest affairs of the week.
The bridge tea at the home of Mrs.
T. H. Beverly on Thnrsda was one
of the most successful of the many
which have been given for the women's
building fund of the University of Ore
gon. Many people called at the tea
hour also on Tuesday at the home of
Mrs. Lee Hoffman. The tea was given
by the Arts and Crafts society for the
benefit of the art educational work of
the society.
Miss rarlene Kimball, who has been
the house-guest of Mrs. Max H. Houser
for several weeks, will remain in Port
land another week. She will be Mrs.
Chester Murphy's guest this week.
Many informal affairs have been given
In her honor during her visit here.
On Monday, she shared honors with
Miss Ruth Teal, whose engagement to
Carlton Walter Betts of New York was
recently announced, at a dinner at
Forest Hall for which Ernest Swigert
was host. Miss Blanche Burke enter
talned with a luncheon at the Waverley
Country club on Tuesday, followed by
a bridge party. Covers were placed
for eight. Mrs. Morris IT. Whttehouse
was hostess at an informal bridge tea
co. Thursday.
Important among the affairs of the
wreek. was the bridge tea for which
Mrs. T. H. Beverly and Mrs. Ernest
.WUlard were hostesses on Thursday
afternoon at Mrs. Beverly's home. &44
Elizabeth, street. The affair was a
benefit for the University of Oregon
.women's fond building- Eight tables
were made np for bridge and many
more called daring the tea hours. An
Informal musical programme was given
by Albert Gillette, baritone, accom
panied by Miss Mayme Helen Flynn.
Mr. Gillette was soloist for the Uni
versity of Oregon men's glee club at
Eugene when be was in college.
The rooms were abloom with garden
flowers. Mrs. W. C Alvord. Mrs. W. D.
Wheelwright. Mrs. A. A. Morrison and
Mrs. William II. Skene presided at the
tea tables, which were decked with
zintas. Assisting about the rooms were
Miss Khoda Kuraelin, Miss Katherine
Hart, Miss Jean Skene, Mrs. Jack
White, Miss Elizabeth Jacobs and Mrs.
Curtis BaiJev.
Many affairs are being planned for
the popular women's building cause
this summer, in which University of
Oregon students and alumnae are tak
lng an active part.
A charming visitor in Portland Is
Miss Kosetta Klocker of Port Town
send. Wash, who is the house-guest
of Miss Dorothy Hunztker. Miss
Klocker arrived Sunday and has been
the- inspiration for much informal en
tertaining. She is a former Portland
academy girl and has a host of friends
who knew her at the academy and at
the University of Washington, where
she is a member of Alpha Phi sorority.
of which Miss Hunziker is also a mem
ber. Miss Hunziker entertained in
honor of her guest with a large tea
yesterday afternoon, for which 150
invitations were issued, at the Karkeet
home, which her parents have taken
for the summer. Mrs. A. B. Bailey
and Mrs. H. Ashley Ely poured and
Miss Gretrhen Colton. Miss Helen Mor
Kan and Miss Mary Woodward assisted
about the rooms, which were beautiful
with a profusion of garden flowers.
Miss Helen Morgan entertained in
her honor with a luncheon in the rose
room of the Benson hotel Thursday.
The guests, all former Portland acad
my students, were: Misses Dorothy
Hunziker, Mary Woodward, Rob lrv
Barnes road in an exhibition of colonial
quilts. A talk will be given on these
quilts of our grandmothers' days and
much interest centers in the exhibit,
which contains many quaint patterns.
The hostesses for this week's tea will
be Mrs. A. E. Rockey and Mrs. W. J.
Honeyraan. Mrs, Ralph Wilbur and
Mrs. Louis Gerlinger Jr. will pour. As
sistlng about the rooms will be Mrs.
Charles T. Don worth. Mrs. Charles
Hindman. Mrs. Frederick A. Barker,
Miss Ruth Teal and Mi&a Margaret
At last week's tea. the hostesses were
Mrs. Harry Beal Torrey and Mrs. M.
Donald Spencer. Presiding at the tea
tables were Mrs. H. C. Wortman and
Mrs. Charles Edward Curry, who were
assisted by Miss Elizabeth Torrey and
Miss Polly Kerr. Charles H. Cheney.
authority on city planning, gave an in
teresting talk on "Practical Phases of
City Planning for Portland." Another
feature of the afternoon was an exhi
bition of embroidered linen purchased
by a returned Red Cross worker from
the nurses in the French convent.
The tea hours continue in popularity
as a charming way of entertaining
group of guests and many informal
parties are made up. Mo special invita
tions are issued and everyone inter
ested in the work of the society Is wel
comed. The teas will be continued
throughout this month; one of the days
will be devoted to the women's building
fund of the University of Oregon.
Miss Frances Brunson of East Or
ange, N. J. who has been the house
guest of MIbw Virginia McDonough for
ffrv.Virioria. S Terry, ofLysAngetes,
tog, . Dorothy Collins. Jean Stevens,
Edith Strowbrldge, Anna May Kro
naugh, Gretchen Colton, and the honor
Miss Winifred Chambreaa was hostess
at a luncheon yesterday in -the rose
room of the Benson hotel, honoring
Miss Klocker and Miss Helen Richards.
Miss Richards arrived Friday evening
from Tacoma to be Miss Chambreau's
house-guest. Covers were laid for the
honor guests. Miss Dorothy Hunziker,
Miss Helen Breen, Miss Mary Wood
ward. Miss Florence Dawson. Miss
Frances Strowbrldge. Miss Delia
Hughes. Miss Catherine Evans. Miss
Helen NlcolaL Miss Richards is also
an Alpha Phi from the University of
Washington. She will enter the Uni
versity of Chicago in the falL Several
affairs are being: planned in hex honor
Where Style Is
Cloak and Salt
Near Broadway.
for this week. Miss Nleolal win be
hostess at a taa at Crown Point
on Monday.
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An tnteresttns feat me is nramieed ax
me fourth of the Arts and Crafts so-
jj for early fall are in non
1 and rue will be pleased to I
plan a suit or tailletrr for the
woman Hho Irishes to be in
advance of the crowd.
Visit this establishment at
your leisure when you
want a tailored, sport
or riding costume.
F. W. PATT & GO.
Ladlee' Tmllop Snlt, Curat, Waists.
eOe-r Bmiwaj Hida
Tsilorn to Ma vV
and Wofr.n. fTl -
lit-h-w.-t'n Bank Rldr " "-F
several weeks, left Friday night for
California. Sne will visit the Rupert j
Masons in San Francisco and Miss
Louise Burke In Los Angeles and then
return east by way of Salt Lake City.
She plans to reach home some time in
September. Miss Brunson has been the
inspiration for much entertaining dur-
ng her visit In the city. She was the
honor guest at a house party last week
end at the Patterson ranch near Salem.
Early in the week a motor trip, chap
eroned by Mrs. Granville Vernon, was
enjoyed. Miss McDonough entertained
with a swimming party and picnic for
ten on Wednesday and Miss Harriet
Cumming was hostess at an informal
supper party on Thursday night. Al
fred Sullivan entertained with a fare
well dinner party Friday night.
An announcement of Interest to the
younger set is that of the engagement
of Miss Jean Olive Jacobs to Harley H.
Richardson of La Grande. Miss Jacobs,
who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
George Jacobs, la a gradnate of the
Lincoln high school and later attended
Oregon Normal school. She has a host
of friends here. Mr. Richardson re
cently returned from the service, after
being stationed for a year at Kelly
Field. Th wedding date is set for
August 12. The wedding will be
quiet one at the borne of the bride's
parents, with only a few relatives and
close friends present. The young
couple will make their home in La
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fields, Mrs. Guv
Robert Porter and Mrs. Don Murvane of
Topeka. Kan, returned Monday from a
two weeks' motor trip to San Francisco.
The trip south was made by way of
Shasta springs and the party returned
by way of Lake Tahoe and the Toeemite
valley. Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Weaver
(Nina Guthrie) of San Francisco ac
companied them on the trip through
the 1 osemlte.
e e e
Coming; as a surprise to her friends
was the announcement yesterday after
noon of the engagementxof Miss Mary
Helen Buckley, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Calvin Buckley, to William
Henry Daugherry Jr. son of William
H. Daughtrey. The news wss told at a
tea for which Miss Buckley was hostess
yesterday, complimenting Miss Janet
Peters, who will leave soon to enter the
University of California. Palms and
boautiful roses were about the rooms
and in the dining room, pale pink and
cream water lilies formed attractive
decorations at the tea table, presided
over by Mrs. Bruce Stewart and Mise
Katherine Burnside. - Assisting about
the rooms were Miss Elizabeth Peters,
Miss Jeannette Wiggins, Mss Elizabeth
Wiggins and Miss Mabel Weed. About
100 guests called during the afternoon
at the Buckley home in Irvington. Little
Barbara Berger was stationed at the
door and Virginia Mull gave the guests
cards bearing the announcement as they
left the dining room.
Miss Buckley la a member of Kappa
Alpha Theta sorority and a musician of
promise. She will leave soon for the
east with her mother to study music
Mr. Daughtrey Is a member of the Mult
nomah and other clubs. The wedding
date has not been, set, but it will be in
mid-w in ter.
A host of friends of Miss Virginia
Mackenzie vied in filling her closing
days in the homeland with entertain
ment and attentions many and varied.
She left Portland Tuesday evening for
San Francisco and was to sail yester
dayy on the Korea Maru for Japan,
where she will remain seven years be
fore furlough, as a missionary of the
Presbyterian Board of Foreign Mis
sions. During the last few weeks she has
been entertained informally by the R.
S. McKibbens. Mr. and Mrs. J. Thor
bnrn Ross. Miss Ellazabeth Carothers,
Miss Elizabeth Havely and other Reed
college girls. Miss Nucla Niemic of
Reed and Miss Kate Holman gave af
ternoon teas. Inviting a few friends to
meet Miss Mackenzie. Professor and
Mrs. B. A. Thaxer gave a dinner party
and Mrs. Fletcher Linn held a targe se-
ception for her in her home on Laurel
street. To this were Invited many
women of the First Presbyterian
church, of which Miss Mackenzie is a
member, and many others in this vtcin--
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