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"The Price of
4 Coming
Men's Autumn Clothes
Prominent among the new clothes I am showing for men are the
attractive heather mixtures and the lively iridescents. The conserva
tive styles have a distinct touch of smartness, while for the younger
men there are the belted waist-seam and the high waist English types.
Quality as usual the best. Your entire satisfaction assured.
Twenty-five Dollars to Sixty
Leading Clothier Morrison at Fourth
iKl " " - :. A - . i
iC fa . l)
CoBT-ention Spirit Permeates City
Chosen for Gambols of Antlered
I Herd This Month.
(Special.) Eacti day sees Klamath
Falls taking on an increasing bit of
the pre-convention spirit that promises
to reach a high mark in enthusiasm
and activity in mid-August.
The smallest boy in town who is able
to talk can tell a stranger much about
the Elks' convention which is set for
August 14. 15 and 16.
E. B. "Bert" Hall, manager of the
White Pelican and Hall hotels and gen
eral chairman of the convention, is the
busiest man in town. He is living,
talking and dreaming in a purple hue.
Clarence Underwood, exalted ruler,
finds little time to spend in his drug
store. He vowed many weeks ago to
lay aside business cares if they inter
fered with 'antler" duties. Wilson S.
Wiley, attorney, recently returned from
the Atlantic City national convention,
is all agog for the big days to arrive.
Even Mayor I. R. Strubble. usually
most calm and reticent, displays ner
vousness whn you press him too closely
on city business affairs. His mind is
with the Elks.
"Accommodations how are you go
ing to house and feed all the visitors
during the three days" a fortnight ago
was the most asked question on the
streets. Today Elks and others are
assured that every visitor in town
will get a place to put his head at
night. All available space in town in
halls and buildings has been - re
quisitioned. Five hundred army cots
are assured and close to 1000 campers
will be able to find tent space in the
two large camp grounds that the city
is setting aside for convention visitors.
A huge stucco arch that will span
Main street in front of the Elks- build
ing, is under construction. Work of
beautifying the city is under the super
vision of the Miles Sign company of
On the matter of entertainment, street
dancing, band concerts, rodeo stunts,
sideshows and all the carnival features
known will be included. Special com
mittees are working among the women
of the town to assure the comfort and
entertainment of the wives and rela
tives of visiting Elks.
Harriman Lodge, the summer home
of the late E. H. Harriman, will be the
scene of the monster barbecue that is
set for Friday evening. It will be juite
the last word in barbecues if plans of
H. D. Mortenson, president of the Peli
can Bay Lumber company, are carried
The road is clear for three of the
biggest days that this town has ever
known. Klamath Falls will be ready
and prepared at midnight on August 13.
lean moving films are increasing in
popularity here. Until 18 months ago
European pictures were favored by the
public which had acquired a taste for
French and Italian productions. Of
late, however, American manufacturers
have put their products to the fore in
the republic and their films are to be
found in virtually all picture houses,
in many of them displacing altogether
the European films.
Evidences that the United States
manufacturers intend to expand their
field here is the fact that within the
past -few weeks three of' the leading
companies have established offices in
Mexico City and these in turn have
started branches in Vera Cruz. Guada
lajara, San Luis Potosi and Monterey.
Representatives of these firms assert
that in a short time Mexico will receive
film releases almost simultaneously
with the United States. This will be
an innovation, for heretofore managers
have been content to receive films many
months old and of a poor quality.
Independent Cane Raisers Given Op
portunity by Owners of Large
Hawaiian Plantations.
HONOLULU, T. H., July 20. (Special.)
Making an entirely new depicture in
the history of sugar raising in Hawaii,
the C. Brewer & Co. plantations on the
island of Hawaii will in the future of
fer what amounts to profit-sharing
contracts to independent sugar-cane
The plan is that the company shall
pay the producers a certain basic rate
for their cane. Then the total manu
facturing cost shall be subtracted, leav-
ng the total net return on the crop.
From this net an additional 9 per cent
of the assessed value of the plantation
property shall be first deducted and the
remaining 91 per cent divided between
the plantation and the independent
growers, each receiving the same ratio
of the surplus as his cane bore to the
total produced.
This attitude on the part of such a
large corporation is taken as an indi
cation of the trend of the sugar busi
ness here. Heretofore the efforts of
large corporations have been in a meas
ure directed towards close internal
business, but this sudden opening up
of the family compact, as it were, is
taken to mean that independent grow
ers ai-e to be admitted to the charmed
circle, and even given a helping hand
towards making good on their land and
Tnit or Volunteers Is Accepted for
National Service.
MARSHFIELD, Or., Aug. 2. (Spe
cial.) Notification has reached the
local national guard officers that the
Marshfield company has been accepted
m a unit of the state of Oregon in the
national organization and that equip
ment of uniforms, rifles and other para
phernalia will be forthcoming' at once
Captain Ben Fisher, First Lieutenant
"Will Goodrum and Second Lieutenant
Freemont Hodson have been confirmed.
The armory, the contract for which
had been delayed several months, but
was let July 30. will be occupied by the
company as soon as it is completed. The
company plans a number of social func
tions in the late summer.
American Moving Films Increase in
Popularity In Mexico.
MEXICO C1TV. July If. (Correspon
deuce ul the Aauci&ted 1'reiS.J Amer
New Invention Makes Fords Ran 34
Miles on Gallon of Gasoline
Other Cars Show Proportionate
A new carbureter which cuts down
the gasoline consumption of any motor
including the Ford, and reduces gaso
line bills from one-third to one-half is
the proud achievement of the Air Fric
tion Carbureter Co., 204 Madison St..
Dayton, Ohio. This remarkable inven
tion not only increases the power of all
motors from 30 to 50 per cent, but en
able everyone to run slow on high
gear. With it 3'ou can use the very
cheapest grade of gasoline or half gaso
line and half kerosene and still get
more power and more mileage than you
now get from the highest test gasoline.
Many Ford owners say they now get as
high as 45 or 50 miles to a gallon of
gasoline. So sure are the manufacture
era of the immense saving their new
carbureter will make that they offer to
send it on 30 days' trial to every car
owner. As it can be put on or taken
off in a few minutes by anyone, all
readers who want to try it should send
their name, address and make of car
to the manufacturers at once. They
also want local agents to whom they
offer exceptionally large profits. Write
tnem today. Adv,
Construction Work of Last Ten Years
Represents Expenditure of
Five Millions.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2. The official
opening of the navy drydock at Pearl
harbor, near Honolulu, Hawaii, late
this month will mark the successful
completion of one of the most difficult
engineering projects ever undertaken
by the United States government. The
immense dock represents a total in
vestment of more, than 95,000,000 and
nas Deen under construction for ten
years. Secretary of the Navy Daniels
will officiate at the christening- of the
aocK about August 25.
The dock is completed iust in time
to add a much-needed facility for care
of the Ehips of the Pacific fleet. The
first vessel to enter the dock will nrob-
ably be one of the dreadnoughts of Ad
miral lloaman s rorce, possibly the New
Mexico. The dock is 1001 feet in length,
feet deep, 114 feet wide at the bot
tom and 138 feet wide at the top. It
will dock the largest shiD of war now
anoat or contemplated.
After the sections of the riork hart
been finished and were beinff- anrhnrri
in their places in 1913 the water was
pumped out. whereupon the bottom of
the dock was forced upward by press
ure from the sides and the engineers
and workmen were forced to stand
helplessly by and watch the fruits of
four years of labor and millions of
dollars or money crushed in a shapeless
mass oi aeDris.
A new plan of construction on a much
greater scale was then adopted. Con
crete sections 60 feet long and the full
wtatn or the dock were cast one at a
time and lowered to the bottom of th
drydock. securely anchoring it. Th.Ti
the great structure was built. Early
in March this year the dock was pumped
oui lor me nrst time. The upward
pressure of the bottom had been over
come and the structure rose but three-
sixteentns or an inch when perfectlv
Extension Programme Out-lined in
British Parliament.
LONDON, July 12. (Correspondence
of the Associated Press.) The vast
scope of the work to be undertaken
as soon as the much-discussed transport
Dm is passes Dy parliament was out
lined the other day in the house of
commons by Sir Eric Geddes, minister
of ways and communications. wh sin
head of t-Se new extensive reforms and
improvements planned for the railways
roads and docks. The railway pro
gramme Includes the following:
Elimination of all competitive serv
ices given merely ror the sake of com
Common use by all lines of rolling
Elimination of privately owned rail
way ears. -
Increase of traffic by judicious elec-
tniication or certain lines.
Increase of the size of rollinr- t-w-
necessitating the alteration of station
piatiorm clearances, enlargement of
tne entrance to warehouses and the
Standardization of rolling stock and
1. I
K: l-V-" v-o kVHi
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V r rr' -T (V .'. , vs.- ,-..'-. H "1
JCnfi.i,., jQ.,- i
in the fastest melodramatic com
edy of his entire season.
They all think he's a crook, the
Colt Kid. He plans with them to
be in on a big job at the home of a
millionaire. But it happens to be
his own home !
At 12:30 Today
"Espana" ..Waldtenfd
"Venetian Love Song" Nevin
"By the Suwannee River"
"Siveef Genevieve" Requested
Gems from "II Trovalore" . . Verdi
"Anvil Chorus."
. "Home to Our Mountains."
ON OUR $50,000
Love IB
' , : ;
MrlMcvi . n n i- ry ' i .1,1 mm ji.aiji m nrri ' ir.t
Just where did you learn to
At Joliet. There's a piano in
every cell.
uation. He has named, as a committee
to have charge of the campaign, A. C.
Davis, city superintendent of schools;
LeRoy Harlan. County - Agent J. N.
Price. Ray Venables. father R. J. Arm
strong, pastor of St. Paul's parish:
General Secretary O. E. McLaughlin, of
the Y. M. C. A., and Miss Florence Brit-ton.
French; Bride Presents Son.
YAKIMA, Wash., Ang. 2. (Special.)
Relatives in this city of Private J.
Vincent Roberts, now in France with
the American overseas army, have re
ceived news that on July a son was
born to him as the result of his mar
riage last year to a niece of General
Mangin of the French army. Private
Roberts was an attorney in civil life.
He is a son of Rev. John T. Roberts of
this city.
This Slorning.
Remember, through train No. 18 of
the O.-W. R. & N. lines for Lake
City, Denver, Omaha and Chicago, leaves
Portland, Union depot, at 9 A. M. in
stead of 9:30. Leaves Hood River. 11:02
A. 11.. instead of 11:33. Take this train
for Bend and other Deschutes branch
stations; also for Biggs-Shaniko branch
stations, and for Hermlston. Adv.
War Savings Securities Campaign
Planned at Yakima.
YAKIMA, Wash.. Aug. 2 (Special.)
With an allotment of $485,000 war
savings stamps to be sold In this coun
ty during 1919, only $7000 worth of the
securities have so far been sold, and
it is stated that the stamps are being
cashed in by purchasers faster than
they are being sold.
F. A. Duncan, county director, has
completed plans for a campaign, how
ever, that is exf acted to reverse the ijt-
Diamond Supremacy
By reason of its abundant variety and its modera
tion in price, ours is one of the most interesting; dia
mond stocks in the northwest.
If you contemplate the purchase of a diamond for
yourself or for a gift, by all means see our displays.
Diamond Engagement Rings
$25, $50- $75, $100. $125, $150
New Stock of Leather Goods for Women
CltesunpcmStrect at Broadway
ovj i2air Growth
My hd t tbm top and back vas atoaolntaly bald. T tealp
waa shiny. An expert aaid that as ha thonght tha hair roots vers
extinct, and thara waa no hope of my ever haTinff a new hmir growth.
Tat now, at an ace over 66. I havre a luxuriant growth of soft,
strong, lnstroaa heixT No trace of baldness. The picture shown
her ar Xros my photographs.
Indians Secret of Hair Growth
At a time when I had become diseoaraced at
trying vanoaa hair lotions, tonics, apeeialists
treatments, etc., j. eame across, m my travels, as
Cherokee Indian "medicine man who had an J
elixir that he asseverated would rrow mv hair.
Although I had hat little faith, I gave it a trial. From recent photo.
To my s mass meet a light fnss soon appeared. It developed, day y
day. Into a healthy growth, and ere long my hair waa aa prolific as in
my yonthfol days.
Thai I mas artomjhfd and happy is expressing my state of mind mXdly.
Obviously, the hair roots had not been dead, bat were dormant in
th scalp, awaiting th fertilizing potency of the mysterious pomade.
Z negotiated fot and eame into possession of the principle for
nreoarine this mysterious elixir, now called E.otalko. and later had
. ... the reein nut into practical form by a chemist.
fhoto when bats. That my own hair growth waa permanent has been amply proved.
Many man and woman, also children, have reported satisfactory result from Kotaiko.
How YOU May Grow YOUR Hair
My honest belief is that hair roots rarely die oven when
tha hah falls out through dandruff, fever, excessive dryness
or other d. Borders, x nave Deer- toia ny
expert that often when hair falls out
the roots beeoma imbedded within the
scalp, covered by hard skin, so that they
remain for time like bulbs or seeds in
a bottle which will grow whan fertilized.
Shampoos (which contain alkalis) and
hail lotiona whicn contain aioohol ar
enemies to the hair, as they dry it,
making It brittle. Kotalko contains those
elements of nature which giv new
ritahy to tha scalp and hair.
Owl Drag Co. ;
I-aue Davie Drug
Co. ; Frank N a u ;
A. tV. Allen:
(lemenMB Drug
Co.: auid others
in Portland.
cryiiMrt n Ai
Get a box of the genuine Kotalko at a reliable druggist s
300.00 GUASJLKTEJ? with each box. A small testing bos
of Kotallcc (with, testimonials, etc.) ma be obtained by send
inr ten cents, silver or stamps, to my addreaa below.
JOHN HART BRITTAIN,BD-216 , Station F, New York City
For women's hair.