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AUGUST 3, 1019.
Great Highway Also Affords
Fire Protection.
Glaciers, Snowfields, Primeval For
ests and Towering Kidgcs Await
Eyes of Native Lovers.
"vThen the Mount Hood loop is com
pleted, which will he some three years
hnce. Oregon will offer to the world
another of the greatest scenic routes
and forwarded to Washington. Within
a .fortnight the award should be made
and soon thereafter the successful con
tractor can begin to assemble his
equipment. These 14 miles may pos
sibly be finished by the end of the 1920
season. Much depends on the contrac
tor's luck, particularly with regard to
weather condition;?.
Expfniie In Divided.
After the first unit is under way the
government may next year solicit bids
on the remainder of the project, at
least the government is expected to
pursue this course. The expense of
building the loop is shared equally by
the forestry department and by the
state, as this is a co-operative under
taking, but the supervision is under
officials of the government.
Construction of the loop has been
urged by the government for several
years. Aside from the scenic revela
tions which the road will unfold, the
tcovernment has a practical purpose
back of this road. The loop will ex
tend into the forest and will afford
quick access to millions of feet of
standing timber which the forestry de
partment is anxious to preserve. The
loop will enable fire fighters to be mo
bilized quickly in the reserve in the
event of a conflagration, for automo
biles can take the fire fighters from
Portland to the southern side of the
mountain in about three hours when
the highway is completed.
So far as the average citizen is con-
Annual Merchants' Convention
to Hold Discussions.
System of Committees Planned to
Handle Questions Affecting
Northwest's Interests.
The 15th annual convention of the
Oregon Retail Merchants' association,
which will open in the grreen room of
the Portland Chamber of Commerce
Jobber. Manufacturer and Iletailer." Thi
subject is open for general discussion.
Morning: Session. A artist 6. 9:30 o' Clock.
Discussion "Problem of Business Hours:
Retail Clerks; Burglary Insurance ; Petty
Thievery: Fake Itinerant Solicitors," etc
This topic open for general discussion.
Discussion "linking Local Newspapers
With Country Merchants. This discussion
will be opened by S. o. Morton, president of
Oregon Newspaper convention. Open for
Discussion "Knowledge of Finance In
Business." Led by A. C. Marsters of Rose
burg; Or.
Disou&sion "Cost of Soliciting Business
and Telephone in Business; the Cash and
Carry Plan; Reducing Service Cost." This
subject open for general discussion.
Afternoon Session. August 6 S o'clock.
Discussion "Problems of the Clothing and
Dry Goods Dealer." This subject open for
general discussion.
Discussion "Federal Luxury Tax; Govern
ment Control as Affecting Retailer; National
Legislation Required ; Other National Prob
lems." These topics open for general dis
cussion. Discussion "Enforcement of Anti-Trading
Stamp Law; Peddlers Law; Problem of Lo
cal Charities and Subscriptions; State Legis
lation Required; Benefit of Local Co-operation."
Open for discussion.
Discussion "Extending Credit With Max
imum Safety; Collections; Deliveries; Co
operative Deliveries," etc. Open for dis
cussion. August 7. 9:30 A. M.
Discussion "Retail Advertising: Store
and Wndow Displays; Solicitors ; Form Let
ters: ' New Methods of Getting Business
Through Publicity." Open for discussion.
Discussion "Co-operation of Competitors:
Problem of Cut Prices; Arbitration o f P pe -
Portland's History to Be De
picted at Laurelhurst Park.
Old Style Dentistry Going Out
A Better Style Coming In
Period From Time of Virgin Forest
to Advent of World War and
Peace to Be Presented.
Two thousand children will take
part in the pageant to be presented
in Laurelhurtt park August 21 by the
War Camp Community Service in con
Junction with the city park board and
- I
o. jHouse. roii oats : J
LOOKOUT J Goi7ttrTW7 .RHOPODEVDftOS? , I..c, " , 5 J
fr-i-7CAMP WE,HES C-- J xLyr- f
Artiwt'a ttketcfa lve idea of ucenic beauties to be obnerved from rot
ernment road around Mount Hood, vonnecting at Hood River with
Columbia river hisbway. The circled cross Indicates where the
proponed road will join the Hood river valley road. The star locates
dovfrnment Camp, which Is know n on the government's .survey as
the lieginnin of the loop road. ,
In a state filled with scenic splendors,
the Mount Hood loop will command at
tention. Not only will this loop be a scenic
road, but it will also be a commercial
road, for it will shorten materially the
distance from central and eastern Ore
gon, particularly after a lateral has
been constructed to the Wapinitia
Olaciers. snow fie Id.-, torrents, prime
val forests, towering" ridges, shadowy
valleys and over and above all mag
nificent Mount Hood at close rangre will
sreet the eye of the traveler over the
loop. Nowhere in Europe will there
be a. scenic road to compare with it.
The link which forms the loop is the
section through the forest reserve on
the southern, side of the mountain.
There is now a road to Government
Camp and a bit beyond and it is also
possible to get through by means ot
horses. The section through the re
serve will be 37 miles in length. After
skirting the base of the mountain it
connects with the Hood River county
road system near Parkdale. This sys
tem will, in turn, connect with the
Columbia river highway. Hood River
county contemplates bonding itself to
hard surface from the Columbia river
highway up through the valley to the
point of connection with the govern
ment section.
Loop Offers Wonderf ul Trip.
From Portland eastward to Govern-'
snent Camp is familiar territory to
thousands of Portlanders. Once the
connection is made with the Hood River
county road system it will be possible
to motor from Portland to and around
the mountain, into Hood River and
thence back by way of the Columbia
river highway to Portland.
From time to time there are glimpses
of the mountain as the traveler ap
proaches, but the first view, of grand
proportions comes when the whole
mountain bursts into view as Toll Gate
is passed and an opportunity is given
to look up YAg Zae: canyon. Comes then
a long, gradual ascent, with the snow
pea k looming large and apparently
near cnouffh to tos an apple to.
At Laurel Hill the road enters a
timber belt which is very dense and
composed of tine meehantable trees.
This belt is penetrated until near Gov
ernment Camp, then the loop road
traverses a burned area until near
Government Camp, then the loop road
traverses a burned area which has been
restocked. On the road goes past Sum
mit house and the big meadows, then
into more timber and over a ridge.
"White river will be crossed by a
bridge. This i's a muddy, glacial
tit ream, w hose waters are cold and
come tumbling down from "White river
glacier, which perches high up toward
the top of Mount Hood, where it has
remained since the glacial age.
Ilennett Pans High Point.
The highest point on the loop will
be at Bennett pass. Before this is at
tained the traveler has crossed Still
creek. Deer creek, the upper reaches
of Salmon river, Barr gap and Iron
Instead of hugging close to the
mountain's base the road takes the op
posite side of the stream and runs
t h rough another primeval w ilderness.
The snow remains in the woods later
than it does qver in the clearing where
the sun strikes, but there have been
good and sufficient reasons for locating
th road where it is to go. A road at
tb- ase of the mcuntain would have
been too close to the snow cap for it
to be seen. The location designated
enables the tourist to secure a view
from a suitable ancle and spreads be
fore the eye all the majesty of the
hoarv volcano that once flooded the
country with ash and lava.
Owing to the shortness of the season
construct ion work :s limited to the
period of four months. The first unit
to be butlt is a section 14 miles
length connecting with the road at the
Portland end. Some work can be ac
oomplished this year, such as clearing
and grubbing and a little grading. Bids
v. ere opened on this section last week
cerned, however, the loop will be a
scenic road. No visitor to Oregon will
want to depart without making the
loop, for on this round trip a greater
variety of scenery will be found than
in any similar mileage anywhere on the
Pacihc coast or in America for that
matter. Notwithstanding that the loop
entirely in the foothills of Mount
Hood, in the forest reserve section, the
grade is always easy, except for a
short stretch of 6 per cent, this being
but 1 per cent steeper than the maxi
mum grade on the highways of the
Session of Auxiliary Plans Relief
Work to Aid Soldiers Families
in Need.
Wives and sisters of men honorably
discharged from the service are speci
ally urged to attend the American Le
gion auxiliary meeting to be held to
morrow night at 8 o'clock in the gray
parlors of the Multnomah hotel. Moth
ers are also entitled to membership
in the auxiliary and the invitation is
extended to them also, but since the
mothers have attended nearly all the
meetings, a special invitation is given
t tie wives and sisters for this gather
ing. At least 2000 women in Portland
should belong to this auxiliary, the of
ficers say, but the number usually pres
ent has been small.
Many things of interest will be dis
cussed at tomorrow's meeting. An out
line of the winter's work will be made
and plans discussed for caring for the
f a.m ilies of soldiers in need. The mem
bers wish to do something which will
stand as a monument to the auxiliary
in years to come.
The auxiliary will not be a lodge
but a patriotic club. A constitution
and by-laws have been drawn up, but
the charter will not be closed until
Xocmber. Temporary officers recently
chosen are: Mrs. P. C. Norris, presi
dent; Mrs. George Fauss, secretary;
Mrs. Minnie Monroe, treasurer. Meet
ings are held the first and third Mon
days of each month.
August 5 at 2 P. M., is unique in that
four of the five sessions of the conven
tion wil I be an open forum for mer
chants of the Pacific northwest out
side of Portland.
The programme committee of the as
sociation has arranged a programme
which covers every conceivable subject
relating to the interests of the retail
trade and. as each subject is presented
by the president, a general discussion
will be invited.
Committee System Planned.
After a subject Introduced at the
convention has been fully discussed
the forum will have the opportunity of
nominating a committee, representing
the entire northwest, to launch plans
for the ultimate remedying of condi
tions. Committee members will keep
in close contact through a secretary in
Portland and it is thought that ques
tions arising out of national legislation
and where the problems affect all busi
ness men of the northwest in a similar
degree, the innovation will prove a
decided advantage.
Farm Work. Interests.
According to Secretary Merrick of
the association, the merchants have
deep interest in the work being done
by the county agricultural agents of
Oregon and he sees a eplendid oppor
tunity for the merchants to co-operate
in the work, which is not only improv
ing agricultural conditions, but which
is educating the farmer to the use of
better implements and better farm
equipment, and the farmer's wife to
better household utensils, furniture,
County Agent to Speak.
As a means of bringing before the
merchants the exact position of the
county agent, Paul V. Maris, county
agent leader, representing the Oregon
State Agricultural college and the
L nited States department of agricul
ture, has been invited to open a dis
cussion on "Community Development.'
This discussion will be launched at the
first session of the convention on the
afternoon of August 5.
The membership of the Oregon Retail
.Merchants association in Oregon
representative of all retail lines and
the discussions will be of equal interest
to the dry goods man, clothing dealer,
garage aeaier, naraware man, grocer
ana milliner.
following is the programme of the
convention :
Registration of merchants and informal
get-together conferences, green room Port
land tnamber of Commerce. 9 A. M.
August .j.
Convention opens 2 P. M., August Z
green room, Portland Chamber of Com
Address of welcome by Nathan Strauss
or t leischner. Mayer &. Co.. chairman
northwest liberty buyers' week.
Convention opened by G. Clifford Barlow.
president of Oregon Retail Merchants' asso
President's address and appointment of
Outline of convention programme and pur
poses by State Secretary L. R. Merrick.
Discussion "Community Development: Co
operation W ith Grange; Co-operation with
County Demonstrators and Agents." This
discussion will be opened and led by Paul V.
-Marls, county agent leader, representing the
Oregon State Agricultural college and the
United States department of agriculture.
Discussion "Improving Relations Between
fal Sales: Use and Misuse of Leaders." This
odIc oDen for ceneral discussion, but will
be led by A. Brund, Cottage drove, and K.
Purslev of Coqu I c. Or.
Discussion "Building Up a Retail Shoe
Business." This subject open for discussion
by all4 retailers of shoes.
August 7. S P. M.
Discussion Miscellaneous topics by re
tailers in any particular line. Open for gen
eral discussion.
Reports of committees, selection of next
convention city, consideration of resolutions.
election of officers.
Rochester Clothes Shop for Men
Opens Doors on Tuesday.
Murray Blee. who has been identi
fied with the men's clothing business
in Portland for the last 15 years, is now
associated with the new clothing firm.
The Rochester Clothes Shop, of 148
Fourth street, as manager. The pro
prietors of-- the firm are Xudleman &
c-arber. This new establishment will
be an exclusive shop for men's and
young men's clothing, carrying noth
ing but the latest styles and fads.
Mr. Blee says that the favorite mod
els this fall will be longer coats, and
also the popular waist-seam model.
with belt attached, . new being shown
in New York.
The opening of the new store will
be Tuesday, and the location is 14S
Fourth street, between Morrison and
Alder streets Adv.
Federal Prisoners Transferred.
LEAVENWORTH. Kan.. Aug. 2. One
hundred and twenty-eight prisoners at
the United States disciplinary barracks,
where 2b00 inmates were on strike last
week, were sent to a prison near San
Francisco today. According to prison
officials the men were picked at ran
Friendly Condemnation Suit May
'Be Necessary to Complete Trans
fer to Municipality.
The city of Portland will acquire 12
lots owned by the Irvington club if
satisfactory arrangements can be made,
according to announcement yesterday
by City Commissioner Pier. The- prop
erty which the city is anxious to pur
chase includes playground equipment
tennis courts and similar features now
operated by the city adjoining the Irv
ington clubhouse.
The Irvington club owns 20 lots in
the center of the Irvington district.
which was assessed recently by a com
mitte of the Portland realty board at
$50,000. . Under the plan of Commis
sioner Pier the city would acquire 12
lots, leaving eight lots for the club to
Commissioner Pier has referred the
matter of purchase of the property to
the city attorney's office for investi
gation, and it is probable a friendly
condemnation suit will be necessary
before the property is transferred from
the cjub to the city. The property
which the city desires for playground
purposes now is subject to an indebt
edness for street improvement assess
ments and taxes amounting to approx
imately $16,000. If the city acquires
the property this indebtedness must be
assumed by the city.
Plans for a new clubhouse, already
formulated, will probably be carried
into effect if the sale of the property
is consummated. These plans include
provision for a high-class clubhouse
with all features included for the pleas
ure, amusement and comfort of
playgrounds. The pageant, involving
as it does so many children and- others,
will be one of the largest community
productions ever given in the north
west. The story of this "Pageant of Port
land," written by Mrs. Adah Losh Rose.
presents allegorically Portland's his
tory from the time of the virein for
est down through the coming of the
red man. civilization and finally the
world war and then peace. The nasre-
ant is to celebrate the return of the
I'olk Dancea in Paceant.
The children in the playgrounds have
Deen practicing for some time, under
the leadership of Mrs. AHa Kastham
Travis, who is in charge of dancing in
me playgrounds of the city. She is
pupil of the Denishawn school in New
York. The children will dance many
folk dances, among them beintr Irish
jig. Holland kiddies, Italian tarantella
ana peascods. They will present also
the rose dance. The Children are being
trained in singing by Walter R. Jenk
ins, song leader of the War Camp Com
munity Service, who is coaching them
in patriotic songs and the two official
songs of the last two Rose Festivals.
The solo dancing is being directed by
Miss Adele M. Waper, in chare, of
dancing for the War Camp Community
&er ice. tone is a pupil of Oscar Duy
rea in New York and Veronine Veetof
of San Francisco. Little Emily Will
iams will present a toe dance solo, a
ballet of ten girls will represent Art.
Miss Mildred Barnes will dance the
tarantella and other dances will be the
Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Highland
fling, hornpipe and French minuet.
Children Learn Pageant Story.
One of the features of the naa n t
will be the dancing of Miss Katherine
1-aldlaw, who will be the aueen fairv
Miss Wilberta Babbidge will give sev
eral toe dances.
The girls of the victory chorus, under
the leadership of Mrs. Jane Burns Al
bert, will sing appropriate songs for
an the dances. They will sing songs in
the language which fits the dance, some
of their numbers being a dainty French
minuet, boating song and Japanese
The story of the pageant is now be
ing related to the children in the play
grounds at the story hour. The library
association is. assisting in this work.
The pageant will begin early in the
evening, probably at 7 o'clock, since it
will last for two hours.
Founder and Executive Head of the E. R. Parker System
rLD-rTYLE dentistry was too
slow it wasted time and the
patient paid for the waste.
You had to wait your turn, and
you had to make appointment after
appointment to get dental work
The trouble was the lack" of sys
tem and the limitations of one
dentist working by himself.
The E-. R. Parker System in Dentistry cuts out all
delays and gets the work done at once.
Fewer appointments are required, and often dental
work can be completed in one visit that required sev
eral visits under the old style.
This is because the Parker System requires 2 staff
of specialists, and specialists not only work better, but
If you will visit the office in this city where the
Parker System is used, a specialist will look at your
teeth, tell you without charge what ought to be done
with them, and tell you in advance the price for doing
the work if you decide to have it done.
This will show how much" less dental prices are under
the Parker System than under the old methods now
oing out of style.
Dr. A. D. Caire Examlnatiun.
l)r, F. . Cbristensen Extracting-. X-RT.
Dr. A. It. Mitchell Crown ana llrldKC
Dr. 10. B. Fleet Inlay.
Dr. A. II. Stiles Crown and Bridge.
Dr. C. R. Bennett Crown.
Dr. K. u. Wilson Porcelain.
Dr. A. W. Deane -Crown and Fillinirs.
Registered Dentists Using the
the armistice he was sent to the Uni
versity of Sarbonne in Paris, where he
took a four months' law course in
international and civil law. It was
during this time that he was able to
make a close study of the international
sitution and the lectures which he
proposes to give are based mainly upon
information acquired while in Paris.
Although the itinerary is not defin
itely fixed, it will include Roseburg,
Eugene. Salem. Falls City, Dallas, lie-
Minnville. Portland, Oregon City, fcea-
side and Newport. The tour is being
arranged for the benefit of the Wom
en's building fund of the University
of Oregon.
Ohio Man Charges False Imprison
ment in San Francisco.
SAX FRANCISCO. Aug. 2. Two suits
for $50,000 each against Chief of Police
V. A. White of San Francisco and the
Ohio Savings & Trust company of To
ledo, alleging false imprisonment, were
filed here today by Charles L. Vaughn.
Toledo hotel man. following his arrest
on a charge of securing several thou
sand dollars from the bank through
illegal methods.
Vaughn is in the city prison awaiting
a hearing.
Tail Hold Makes Killer of
Skunk Immune.
Cottngre Grove man escape rmhnr
assment by using- novel method in
eliminating; chicKen thleC
Is a fitting time to erect a new hall on
its property for the accommodation of
Masons of Sunnyside and other parts
of the city.
He Quit
Masons of Sunnyside District to Lay
Cornerstone Tuesday.
The cornerstone of the new temple of
SunDyside lodge No. 163. Ancient. Free
and Accepted Masons, will be laid with
customary ceremonies Tuesday night
at 7 o'clock by Karl C. Bronaugh, grand
master of Oregon. Members will con
vene at the present lodge rooms and
proceed to the site of the new building
at Thirty-ninth street and Hawthorne
Sunnyside- lodge was organized in
May, 1914, with 26 members, and has
experienced a steady growth since its
founding, its membership having more
than doubled. The lodge feels that it
(Special.) Swinging a skunk by
the tail and thus beating it to death
has never been highly recommended
as a method of preparing one for im
mediate admission into select society,
yet D. A. Estes recently performed
that feat and is still welcome any
where as an untainted visitor. Com
motion in his chicken coop indicated
that either a biped or quadruped rob
ber was busy, but Mr. Estes found
that a skunk was the marauder.
Visions of isolation from society did
not deter him from saving his egg
producing property.
It seemed impossible to strike the
animal without at the same time injur
ing the chickens, so Mr. Estes grabbed
his skunkship by the bushy appendage
and proceeded forthwith to slam its
head against a convenient plank. Not
a chicken was lost and the odor that
is commonly thought to accompany
such a mixup was conspicuous by its
Have It Handy for Sore, Stiff
Vacation Muscles.
While you're making a list of your
vacation necessities, don't fail to in
clude a bottle of Sloan's Liniment. Va
cation days are so different than days
at home so far as pains and aches are
concerned. You'll bring muscles into
play while away that will become stiff
and sore from exertion.
Don't let them bother you long.
Sloan's Liniment penetrans without
rubbing, bringing prompt tingling re
lief and comfort. Good for all sorts of
bruises. Don't forget keep
handy. 30c. 60c. si.zo.
a bottle
hi jf V
- m
A compact combination plate, -which has on its rim places for a knife, fork,
salt and pepper shakers and a butter dish, is the recent invention of F. A. Price
of Tidewater, Or. Mr. Price plans to make this plate in graniteware and alu
minum for campers and hospitals, and in china for household use. Patents were
granted on the table device April 28, and the inventor is now in Portland
arranging for its manufacture.
Lectures to Be Given in Oregon
Towns on Impressions Abroad.
Lieutenant Lamar Tooze has arrived
in New York after two years spent
overseas. He will give a series- of
lectures in towns of Oregon upon his
impressions, both as a soldier and as
a student of the international situation
in Paris.
Lieutenant Tooze was in company L
of the 364th infantry of the 91st di
vision. His brother, Leslie Tooze. was
f Irtt lieutenant in company K of the
S64th. Company K was in the third
battalion of the 364th infantry that
suffered most heavily in the shelling
from the north side of Baulny woods,
at 4 o'clock on the 28th day of Sep
tember, 191$, when it made the diffi
cult advance in the woods and thicket
It was here that Lieutenant Leslie
Tooze was killed?, being only a few
hundred yards from where his brother,
Lamar Tooze was going into the same
At the very close of the war in No
vember, Lieutenant Lamar Tooze was
regimental intelligence officer. After
Hard work, worry, lack of exercise,
produce a run-down condition which
makes many men and women 50 per
cent efficient. You can restore your
system to normal activity and vigor
by the systematic use of Proud's Port
olive Tonic. This is a beneficial emul
sion of nourishing products which im
proves the appetite, aids digestion and
promotes the proper action of the in
ternal organs and bowels. It is a
splendid corrective of constipation.
Purely vegetable. Try it for thirty
days and note the increase in weight,
strength and vitality. Energizes im
mediately. Strengthens permanently.
Indorsed by physicians. Sold by drug
gists. Adv.
"I moked cigarettes erer siac a boy.
FVom six to eipht sacks ot tobacco I nod
weekly," states Mr. 8. H. Fergnsoa.
'Cigarettes were doing mm groat harm.
I became so nervous that X couldn't aleey
until I smoked. Each morning X bad aa
awful tasto in my mouth.
"Several times I tried to suit by will
power, bnt it just seemed that I would go
wild if I couldn't have cigarettes.
"I had almost ffiren up hope of ever
quitting until one day I aent for a free
book by Mr. Woods that told me what to
do. After learning the way, I quit easily
In 3 days and haTen't touched a cigarette
in years. I hare gained over SO pounds
and cannot praise the method too highly.
I say to eTry cigarette smoker if yon
can't quit without hela get this book, ao
says Mr. Ferguson, ot Crumps Park.
The foregoing remarks are like those of
many other men who have been freed from
the habit of smoking cigarettes, pipe or
cigars or who hare been chewing tobacco
or dipping snuff exressiTely.
Get this book. It is free: postpaid to
?0, Cut (his out andehow ot'oers.
Write at once to Edward J. Woods.
TC-216. Station F. New York. N. V.
Tobacco Habit Cured
Not only to users of pipe and cigars,
out the vicious cigarette habit is over
come by using: the S 1TRATE" treat
menu Price, complete, postage paid.
$1 50. Laue-Davis Drug Co.. Third and
Yamhill. Dept. 3. Portland. Or. (Whan
writing mention this paper.)
A New Home Method That Anyone
Can Use Without Discomfort
or Loss of Time.
We hive a. new method that contros
Asthma, and w want you to try it ac our
expense. No mutter whether your case is of
long standing or recent development, whether
it is present as Hay Fever or chronic Asthma,
you should send for a free trial of our
method. No matter in what climate you
live, no matter what your as or occupa
tion, it you are troubled with asthma our
method should relieve you promptly.
We especially want to send it to those
apparently hopeless cases, where all forms
of inhalers, douches, opium preparations,
fumes, '"patent smokes," etc., have failed.
We want to show everyone at our expense
that this new method is designed to end all
difficult breath in r, all wheezing, and ail
those terrible paroxysms at once.
This free offer is too important to neglect
a single day. Write now and begin the
method at once. Send no money. Simply maii
coupon below. Do it Today.
Niagara and Hudson Sts.. Buffalo, N. T.
Send free trial of your method to:
Grocer Up Against It
'I have been up against it for past 3
years suffering from pain in my etom
ach and side until I was considering
giving up my grocery business. Doctors
and medicine did not help me. I heard
of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy through a
friend in Buffalo. The first dose (rave
me more benefit than all the medicine
I had taken before and am now feel
ing as well as ever in my life." It is a
simple, harmless preparation that re
moves the catarrhal mucus from the. in
testinal tract and allays the inflamma
tion which causes practically aii etuin
ach. liver and intestinal ailments, in
cluding appendicitis. One dose will con
vince or money refunded. At all drug
gists. Adv.