The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, August 03, 1919, Section One, Page 13, Image 13

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    TLAND, AUGUST 3, 1919.
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This Section for
News of Our
I. Anniversary Sale
"Downstairs "
300 Ribbon Hair
Bows 39c
Made of 1 yards fine
quality taffeta ribbons
these hair bows are shown
in ' pink, sky, maize, red,
Copen and all the popular
hair bow colors. Bows are
already tied. Very special
at 39c. Meier & Frank's:
Main Floor.
6 Spools "Charter Oak"
Thread 25c
Six-cord Charter Oak cotton spool
thread in black and white. All num
bers. Hand and machine sewing
thread. 150 yard spools.
No phone orders. No C. O. D.'s.
Limit 12 spools to customer.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Special Tomorrow!
$1.00 Figured
Voiles 69c
A special Co-operative Sale of fine white fig
ured roiles in large and small patterns. 36 inches
wide. The $1.00 quality on sale at yard 69c
Meier A Frank's: slcond Floor.
Th& QjjalitVStor& of Portland
Fifths StocUvTlorrisoiy Alder Sta.
Week of Meier &. Frank's ORIGIN AL
f uwing to trie enormous number oi items in tnis iour-page announce
fment (see preceding page and back page of this section) we were unable
fco find space in our ads for the coupon today, but blanks will be provided
'-j - Vi o irorv r i-tt on i'iti fl-tr "fnzaA "Mwislfv TMHVu-m iVifvn TVf oin "PlooT fpnt'ral
for customers to fill out and deposit in the box placed there for that
But aside from the coupon there is something here for every
one something worth while in nearly every case specially priced
for the Co-operative Sales and every item without exception priced
most moderately.
k With risine costs foreshadowed on several lines, wise people will provide
liberally for their immediate needs and anticipate staple requirements for
months to come.
It will pay to read our ads with particular interest during these Co
operative Sales.
There are many unadvertised values select lots too small to advertise
p-for which it will pay you handsomely to come to this store.
The Quality Store
The Home
Oregon Made
v Special Co-operative Sale of
Plain Satin Sublime
The Regular
$4.00 Grade
Excellent Value
New special purchase
of 1500 yards. Secured
frn the market below reg
ular price. Hurried
Ihere. Just unpacked in
time to start the second
Veek of our Co-operative
, Plenty of black, ivory, midnight blue, navy, military
blue, taupe, African, Concord and Burgundy. 40 inches
wide, bolt sleek finish and just lustrous enough to
be right. -
Woven for fine gowns and blouses.
A great value at, yard, $2.98 instead of $4.00.
Meier & Frank's Co-operative Sales: Second Floor.
SllMiMtI.'ssyh-- """ J
MEN '"
2000 Pairs Famous
"Silk Maid" Sox
6 Pairs for $.
At the very outset we wish
to state that these sox are
seconds of the regular $1 Silk
Maid sox, but imperfections
are for the most part scarcely
discernible, certainly nothing
to impair the wearing quali
ties. Full fashioned sox in all the
wanted shades. Sizes 9 to 11.
Only 2000 pairs get yours early.
Meier & Frank's Co-operative'Sales:
Main Floor.
Eppo Petticoats $7.95
Good chiffon taffeta "Eppo" petticoats in a variety of
ttyles and colors including plain and changeable effects
It-i-v Waal toitT onfii tv t TrrTr3 "Poi-?nloi wftTnnri lilro
jpppo petticoats because they have fitted tops, a wide
kront closing, glove fasteners, an elastic band at back and
taraid around the bottom.
j Only a few of a kind in this Co-operative Sale at $7.95.
I Meier & Frank's Co-operative Sales: Third Floor.
600 of the Most Captivating
Smocks and Middies
$1.47 and $2.47
, $1.47 for new regulation style middies of white galatea
with white, red, Copen or navy blue collar and cuffs.
Some with laced front, others in deep yoke effect. Extra
special at this price.
$2.47 for charming new smocks of figured and plain
voiles, lawns and white cotton crash. Embroidered and
fancy stitched models. So much better than usual that
we're sorry we haven't twice the quantity.
' Broken sizes for misses and women.
I Meier & Frank's Co-operative Sales; Second Floor.
Sale of Famous "Pacific"
and "Royal Society"
Package Goods
For the Co-operative Sales
12 Price
Regularly Priced 35c to $3.50
Special Now at 18 to $1.75
Wonderful values! A special Co-operative Sale of
famous "Pacific" and "Royal Society" package goods
including women's combinations and gowns, children's
dresses and rompers, centerpieces, scarfs, pillow tops,
laundry bags, etc. Each package contains thread for
Meier & Frank's Co-operative Sales: Second Floor.
Women's Good 7c, 8c and- 10c
Handkerchiefs 5 c
Women's good quality sheer lawn handkerchiefs in
initial styles. All white and colored' embroidered ini
tials encircled by flowered sprays and. half wreaths.
Small, medium and long block letters. Neatly finished
with 14-inch hemstitched hems. Unusually good values
for the Co-operative Sales at each 5c.
Handkerchiefs " at 14c
Women's and misses' sport novelty sheer lawn handkerchiefs
with allover colored printed designs in checks and stripes, also
block and fancy border effects, some have plain centers with
colored borders. Blue, green and yellow colors. Finished with
hemstitched, hems. Six for 75c.
Meier & Frank's Co-operative Sales: Main Floor.
i m ' iijr Enimrn linn
8600 Pieces of "Oneida Community"
Reliance Plate Silverware
Less Than Y2 rce
Through a most out-of-the-ordinary special purchase consummated by our buyer when in the eastern market
we are in a position to offer 8600 pieces of the famous "Oneida Community" Reliance plate silverware at prices
that are LESS THAN HALF REGULAR. All of the pieces in this sale are in the
"Wildwood" Pattern, As Illustrated, in Gray Finish
Each piece bears the stamp of "Oneida Community Reliance Plate" and is guaranteed to give 25 years of ordi
nary family service. The Wildwood is a discontinued factory pattern, but is desirable in every way. Assort
ments are complete to begin with. Specially priced as follows : .
Tea Spoons, 88
Dessert Spoons, SI. 66
Bouillon Spoons, S1.66
Table Spoons, 1.76
Dessert Forks, Sl-66
Medium Forks, $1.76
H. H. Medium Forks, $3.95
Butter Spreaders, SI. 66
Medium Knives, SI. 76
H. H. Dessert Knives, $3.95
Sugar Shells, 29d
Butter Knives, 29
Pickle Forks, 39d
Cold Meat Forks, 49
Cream Ladles, 49
Gravy Ladles, 72d
Berry Spoons, 72
Medium Ladles, 98d
Baby Spoons, 29
3-piece Child's Set, 98d
Above prices subject to 5 war tax. Because of the magnitude of this disposal the sale will be held simultane
ously in the Center Aisle Bargain Squares, Main Floor, Fifth and Sixth Streets, and in the Silverware Shop
on the Main Floor, Sixth Street.
Grocery Specials
Citrus Powder, large pkgs.
doz. $3.15, 3 pkgs. 80
Crystal White Soap, 100
bars $6.35, ten bars
for 65d
Pork and Beans, in tomato
sauce, best quality, No.
2 cans, doz. $1.75, per
can 15
Meier & Frank's:
Tomatoes, solid pack, large
cans, dozen $2.25, per
can 19
Catsup, Del Monte, best
quality, pt. bottles, doz.
$2.65, bottle 23
Red Salmon, No. 1 cans,
doz. $3.40, can 30
Head Rice, 7 lbs. for 1
Ninth Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
Sale Casseroles $1,98
Limited number of casseroles
with nickel-plated frames, fitted
with fire - proof glass baking
dishes, at the exceptionally low
price of $1.98. Wood handles. 7
and 8-inch round and 7-inch oval
casseroles. One sketched.
$23.25 Lawn Mowers 819.39
The "K. R. B." style in the famous Philadelphia lawn mowers
reduced for our Co-operative Sales. 10-inch high wheels, five
cutting blades, roller bearings. 16-inch size.
Meier & Frank's Co-operative Sales: Basement.
Toilet Articles and Drugs
. Bonita Lotion 49
Bonita Lilas Vegetal Lotion for after
shaving and general toilet uses. Large
bottle, 49c.
Talcum Powder 15
Extra special at this price. A 12-oz.
can of talcum powder, regularly 25c, for
only 15c
Powder Puff 19
Medium size fine wool powder puffs
regularly priced at 25c. Very special
while any remain, 19c.
Toiletries ,
Santiseptic Lotion, 45c.
Oriental Cream, $1.35.
'.La Blache Face Powder, 49c.
Java Rice Face Powder, 45c.
Sem-Pray Jo-Ve-Nay, 49c.
Pinaud's Lilac Vegetal, $1.10.
Pompeian Massage Cream, medium
size, 65c.
Hair Tonics
Pinaud's Eau de Quinine, $1.25 and 73c.
Newbro's Herpicide, $1 and 50c.
Wild Root Hair Tonic, $1.10 and 60c.
" Danderine for the hair, 96c, 50c and 33c.
Mulsified Cocoanut Oil, 49c.
Household Remedies
Boric Acid, 1 lb. 40c, the lb. 25c.
Witch Hazel, pt. 40c; the Vz pt. 25c; the
V pt. 15c
Glycerine, 4 oz. 25c; oz. 10c.
Rose Water, 6 oz. 25c.
Epeom Salts, 5 lbs. 50c; 12 oz. 10c
Formaldehyde, pt. 65c.
Tincture Iodine, oz. 25c. '
Spirits Camphor, 2 oz. 25c; oz. 15c.
Gum Camphor, 1 oz. cake 25c.
Peroxide, 16-oz. bottle, special at 19
Milk of Magnesia, 4-oz. bottle, at 19
Beef, Iron and Wine, pint bottle for 75
Rusol (Russian Paraffin Oil), 16-oz. 69
American Hunyadi Water (Split) at 11
Absorbent Cotton, 1-lb. pkg., special 59
Evan's Depilatory Outfit, 65c.
On-Riah Depilatory, 50c.
Elrado Depilatory, 60c.
Neet, a new liquid depilatory, $1 and 50c.
Kapolas Depilatory, 75c
Mum Deodorant, 25c.
Nonspi Deodorant, 50c.
Dripits Lotion, 25c
Amolin Deodorant, 23c.
Odorono Deodorant, 27c
Standard Remedies
Scott's Emulsion, $1.39 and 69c.
Wampole Extract Cod Liver Oil, 90c.
Steam's Tonic Wine, 90c
Vinol, $1.
Kepler's Malt Extract and Cod Liver
Oil, $1.45 and 95c.
Maltine and Cod Liver Oil, $1.35.
Angier's Emulsion, $1.10 and 55c.
Squibb's Cascara Tablets, 5 grains, 100
for 45c.
Squibb's Blaud Iron Tablets, 5 grains,
100 for 35c.
Castoria, 33c.
Borden's and Horlick's Malted Milk, $3,
85c and 45c.
Mellin's Food, 75c
Borozin, 25c.
Glycothymoline, $1, 50c and 25c.
B-K Disinfectant, $1 and 50c.
Listerine, 85c, 45c and 23c
Lysol, $1, 50c and 25c
Ze Pyrol, $1, 50c and 25c.
Bath Brushes at 39
Only a limited number of these good
bath brushes with dark mixed bristles.
Very special at each 39c.
Hair Brushes at 59
Another good value. Good bristle hair
brushes with black and redwood backs.
Limited number at 59c.
Polishing; Cloths 14
Exactly 144 of these good polishing
cloths for silverware, brassware and
glassware. Special 14c.
NOTE Above prices do not include war tax of lc on each 25c or fraction thereof. Special prices will be in
effect for 3 days While quantities remaiA. Meier & Franks Co-operative Sales: Main Floor.