The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, August 03, 1919, Section One, Page 12, Image 12

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Popular "Danse"
Bags $1.95
Just received. Made of
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' 1657
Tmet Quality' Store- of Portland
F'dO, ibcUv"Morxiaotv Alder Sta.
A Sale of Hexagon
Mesh Veilings
$1.00 Values, Yard 69
65c Values, Yard 49
Good quality hexagon mesh veilings with col
ored chenille dots. Ideal for summer wear. Very
special values.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
A Sale of Eastman
M. Q. Tubes 5c
Extra special for tomorrow only. Genuine
Eastman M. Q. developing tubes at each, 5c.
Regularly 7c. Limit 12.
Bring U3 tomorrow the films you expose to
day for best results in developing, printing
and enlarging.
Meier & Frank': Main Moor.
good quality Morocco
leather these "Danse" bags
have three compartments
and are fitted with mirror.
Silk lined. Brown, blue,
gray, purple and light
brown. Limited number.
-Meier Frank's:
Main Floor.
This Section for a
Page of N ews
Of Interest to
'New Goods! New Values! New Enthusiasm for
Now! Summer Furniture
Is Added to the August Co-operative Sale
Comfortable summer chairs of wicker, hickory, fumed oak, natural oak, ivory reed and Chinese grass. Many
have cretonne upholstery. All are in good plain styles, shaped for coolness and real ease. You know how often
the porch chair lacks that indefinable something which gives to your body and makes it entirely restful. Sit
in these chairs, however, and you will find they are built by expert comfort givers.
They are chairs which will be just as valuable next year
as this, but we have only one or two of a kind and these price
reductions will hurry them out, making room for other new
Fumed Oak and Hickory
Arm Rocker, fumed oak, was $3.50, now $3.15.
Arm Rocker, fumed oak, was $4.00, now $3.60.
Arm Rocker, fumed oak, was $4.50, now $3.75.
Arm Rocker, fumed oak, was $5.50, now $4.35.
Chair of hickory, was $4.75, now $4.25.
Chair of hickory, was $5.50. now $4.75.
Chair of hickory, was $5.25, now $4.75.
Rocker of hickory, was $5.75, now $5.25.'
Rocker of hickory, was $8.00, now $6.88.
Chair, high back, hickory, was $8.75, now $7.25. , , ;
Rocker, high back, hickory, was -$10.00, now $8.00.
Grass, Fiber, Reed, Willow
Sewing Rocker, Chinese grass, natural finish, was $7.69, now $6.00.
Rocker, large size, Chinese grass, was $10.69, now $9.45.
Chair, brown fiber, cretonne upholstery, was $10.00, now $7.75.
Rocker, brown fiber, cretonne upholstery, was $17.50, now $12.75.
Chair, brown fiber, tapestry upholstery, was $32.50, now $24.50.
Rocker, brown fiber, cretonne upholstery, was $20.00, now $15.85.
Rocker, -ivory reed, was $19.00, now $16.00.
Chair, ivory reed, was $17.50, now $14.25.
Rocker, ivory reed, cretonne upholstery, was $22.50, now $15.50.
Chair, natural willow, was $15.00, now $12.75.
Dressing Tables and Chiffoniers
Low Boy, ivory enamel, was $83.50, now $62.50.
Low Boy, mahogany veneer, was $83.80, now $54.50.
Chiffonier, ivory enamel, was $66.00, now $52.50.
Chiffonier, ivory enamel, with mirror, was $53.00, now $39.75.
Chiffonier, mahogany veneer, was $53.50, now $39.75.
Chifforobe, walnut, was $51.50, now $39.50.
Chifforobe, walnut, was $46.00, now $37.50.
Dressing Table, mahogany veneer, was $42.00, now $32.50.
Dressing Table, mahogany veneer, was $41.00, now $29.50.
Dressing Table, mahogany veneer, was $43.00, now $29.00.
Dressing Table, mahogany veneer, was $42.00, now $27.50.
Dressing Table, mahogany veneer, was $37.50, now $26.75.
Chiffonier; walnut, was $39.00, now $24.00.
Chiffonier, ivory enamel, was $27.00. now $19.85.
Make Your Own Terms in Reason
Meter & Frank's Co-operative Sales: Eighth Floor.
Why a Certain Store Buyer Could
Get Only $148 Worth of Furniture
When He Wanted a Carload
Every summer and midwinter leading American manu
facturers hold a furniture exposition at Grand Rapids.
Buyers from every part of the United States go there,
elect from samples shown and order in the quantities
they can use.
This year the exhibition opened Monday, June 23.
Between 300 and 400 makers showed their samples.
More than 2200 retail buyers (a record number) attended.
Everybody came at once, instead of leisurely, as usual.
Factory show rooms were crowded.
Buyers waited on themselves.
So great was the rush of orders that one factory after
another closed its doors. In two or three days many big
plants were sold up. They could take no more orders for
deliveries within six months. To protect their regular
customers, factories used a card index system. They sold
only to stores that had dealt with them in 1918,
and they refused to take orders for larger amounts than
in 1918. For instance, one buyer said, "I will take a car
load of this and "
"Sorry, sir," interrupted the factory salesman, who had
looked up his rating with the company, "you can have
only $148 worth, that being the amount you purchased
from us last year."
The Grand Rapids Furniture Exposition usually lasts
a month. This year it closed within eight days. There
was no more furniture to sell.
Why Does Everyone Want Furniture?
You probably know yourself. You know you have been
saving until the war was over. Until the boys came home.
Many stores all over the country saved, too. Kept
their stocks low. Waited for prices to go down. Prices
did not go down because materials were high and labor
scarce, and these conditions are expected to continue. '
So now the war over everybody wants furniture at
once and somebody will have to wait.
The Meier & Frank Company succeeded in
placing orders for even finer furniture than we
have ever had. It tvill be a great pleasure to
show the new suites and pieces as soon as they
In the meantime there is plenty of good furniture here
on our floor and in our warehouses, many pieces of which
:an be bought most advantageously during the August Sale.
Meter & Frank's: Furniture Shop, Eighth Floor.
Sale of Table Cloths $3
For the Co-operative Sales we offer excellent quality mercerized
table cloths at the low price of $3.00 regularly $5.00 size 70x70
inches. Also $7.50 cloths in size 70x108 inches on sale at S5.00.
$1.75 Table Damask Yard" $1.25
Good quality mercerized table damask in heavy weight. Pretty
designs. 70 inches wide. -In lengths of 2Vk yards- each special
at $3.13. Limited quantity.
Meier & Frank's Co-operative Bales: Second Floor.
Universal Combination
On a chilly morning there is
no 'delay just put some fuel,
wood or coal in the firebox
light the gas self-starter and
you will soon have a cheery
warmth and abundance of hot
water. For splendid baking re
sults there is nothing better
than the castiron oven of the
For hot summer days and, quick
service, gas is instantly available.
The range is equipped with gas self
starter no matches required.
We have Universal Combination
ranges in a variety of styles and fin
ishes. Moderately priced. Your old
range taken as part payment.
Make Your Own Terms in Reason
Meier & Frank's: Sixth Floor, Fifth Street.
Continuing Our Special
Co-operative Sale of
Fine Cretonnes
So popular have our cretonnes been at 67c yard
that we have decided to repeat the offer. We
have freshened up the lot with cretonnes taken
from our regular stocks. Do not miss the oppor
tunity to choose cretonnes from these beautiful
patterns and colorings suitable for any room in
the home. 67c is just about one-third less than
the regular price.
Curtains $2.65-83.95
In the first lot are curtains that are worth
from $4.00 to $5.00 pair. In the second lot, cur
tains worth $5.50 to $7.50 pair. Fine quality mar
quisette and Filet net curtains taken from our
regular stock and reduced for the Co-operative
Ruffled Curtains
are the vogue for bedrooms. We are showing an
extensive line of ready-made ruffled curtains in
Swiss, voiles and grenadines.
Dotted marquisette, for making ruffled cur
tains, very special at, yard 39c and 56c.
Meier & Frank's Co-operative Sales: Seventh Floor.
and All
MEIER & FRANK'S is, so far as we know, the first store certain!;
the first store in these parts to hold these Co-operative bales.
The plan the idea behind these sales is essentially simple, as man
great ideas are.
For more than a week we asked the public every reader of oar
daily advertisements and that means potentially every reader of tnd
local papers to suggest items they would like us to advertise and
the prices at which such items should be advertised.
Recruests have been numerous affording at once a gratifying proofl
that an immense number of people read the MEIER & FRANK store anj
nouncements and that the idea of co-operation in this way appeals tq
them strongly.
We have endeavored to comply with all requests we have had time tc
classify and act on thus far and we will continue to do so within reason
able limitations. s
Extraordinary Sale
Women's Light
. 600 garments in this unusual Co
operative Sale offering of women's
fine quality light weight cotton
ribbed union suits for summer
Low neck, sleeveless 6tyle with lace
trimmed knee. Sizes 34 to 38. Wonder
ful values, at suit 75c 1
Silk Vests $2.39
Another unusual offering! Women's
fine glove silk vests in bodice top style
with ribbon shoulder straps and lace
trimmed yokes. Flesh color. Sizes 36 to
42. Extra special at $2.39.
Meier & Frank's Co-operative Sales:
Main Floor.
lii'ltT'V.Ul' Pu
1 1 l
The Co-operative Sales Bring a
Sale 900 Pairs Women'i1
Washable Gloves
For Street Wear
Pair Special at
These gloves at $1.63 pair
are very desirable for street
wear. They are shown in all
the fashionable colors, includ
ing Newport, pearl, ivory, tan
and white with black embroid
ered backs. Most of the gloves
are WASHABLE. One and two
clasp styles. Every pair ex
pertly fitted at $1.63.
Fancy Silk Gloves 91c i
Short fancy silk gloves of a nationally famous make. With ban
too and contrasting embroidered backs. White and gold, white and
gray, white, pongee, mode, brown, gray and black. Broken linj'
of colors and sizes.
Meier & Frank's Co-operative Sales:
Main Flooi
Specializing Underclothes
for Mid-Season Gowns
PETTICOATS of wash satin and crepe
de chine with quantities of lace, $5.95 to
NIGHTGOWNS of wash satin, crepe de
chine and trousseau crepe, $4.59, $6.95, $7.50
to $10.45.
NIGHTGOWNS of soft nainsook, $1.98,
$2.29, $2.59, $2.98 and to $3.98.
Our Underclothes Shop has a thousand sugges
tions to offer for the underthings to wear with any
sort of frock. Charming silk camisoles to wear with
Georgette crepe, voile and lace blouses. Silk petti
coats with quantities of lace or demurely plain with
hemstitching to go with organdie, Georgette and lace
dresses. Nightgowns and envelope chemises for
traveling, for high days and for holidays.
Some of the garments are specially purchased. Some are
reduced from our own original prices. Others were bought
some time ago and are more economical than you may expect.
CAMISOLES of wash satin, crepe de chine and trousseau
crepe, $1.79, $2.29, $2.59, $2.98.
ENVELOPE CHEMISES of crepe de chine, washable satin
and trousseau crepe, $3.59, $3.79, $4.98 and to $10.
$1.59, $1.98 to $3.95.
CORSET COVERS of nainsook, 98c, $1.27,
$1.69 and to $2.98.
$1.59, $1.98 and to $3.95.
PETTICOATS, lace and embroidery
trimmed, $2.98, $3.29, $3.75 and to $6.39.
Futurist Athletic Underwear
Athletic one-piece suits for women. New. Dainty. Comfortable. Made of shell pink
batiste at $1.50, cross-bar dimity at $2.29 and silk and cotton seco silk at $3.50.
French Hand-Made Gowns
$9.95, $12.95, $16.50
The charm of Paris is over them. Fine French cottons and
creamy laces and shell pink ribbons. Hand-stitched with the
minute precision of Paris needleworkers. Embroidered with
a wealth of design and imagery. Tucked patiently. Ex
quisitely suited for trousseaux.
The $13.50 to $16.50 Gowns Are S 9.95
The $18.00 to $22.00 Gowns Are S12.95
The $25.00 to $35.00 Gowns Are 16.50
This unusual opportunity comes only because these are odd
ones and twos of a kind which we wish to dispose of before
autumn importations arrive.
Meier & Frank's Co-operative Sales: Third Floor.
Bands 19c--25
3000 yards of shadow bands in whit.
and cream and Cluny edges for bral
sieres. 2Vi to 4 inches wide.
Laces, Yard 10
5000 yards of Val. laces edges and in
sertions from to 1 inches wide, -.
Flouncings 85 '
300 yards of organdy and voile dres
flouncings in white and colors. 88 inche
wide. i
Meier & Frank's: Main Floo
Co-operative Sale
Four exceptional lots of infantt
coats reduced :
Coats S5.95-$10.95
Were $9.50 to $18.00. Infants Ion
coats of cashmere, albatross and gran it
cloth, also a few in crepe de chine an
silk poplin. Some are hand-embroidere J
Coats S4.98-S5.95
Were $7.50 and $8.75. Infants' shor
coats of cashmere and granite cloth ii
plain styles. Large and small collars.
Coats S8.45-S10.95
Were $12.00 to $18.50. Silk poplir.
crepe de chine and pongee coats in daint
styles and colors. Some are hand-em
broidered. 1 to 3 years.
Coats $2.95-85.95
At $2.95 white pique coats in plaiif
styles. Were 54.50 to $6.50. Sizes 1 to
years. At $5.95 a limited number of co:v
duroy coats, were $7.50 and $8.75. ,
Meier & Frank's: Second Flooj