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Scheme to Deceive American
People Is Charged.
'Ex-President Should Stop Prac
tices, and Keep Xames From Con
tempt," Declares Senator.
BOISE, Idaho, July 26. (Special.)
Xn a statement sent to friends In this I
state. Senator Borah openly attacks
William Howard Taft for his attitude
with regard to the league of nations
and the campaign carried on by the
league to Enforce Peace of which Mr.
Taft is an active member. Senator
Borah has aroused unusual interest in
this state through his declaration that
if M. Taft wishes to preserve an hon
orable name from contempt he should
put a stop to the misrepresentation or I
resign as a member of the league. In
view of Mr. Taft's recent proposal for
a compromise on the peace treaty and
the league of nations covenant, the
statement of Senator Borah is looked
upon by Idaho republicans as signifi
cant. Senator Borah and Mr. Taft !
locked horns once before. That was
during" the 1912 convention at Chicago
when the republican party was split.
Leagrue la Attacked.
In his statement Senator Borah says:
"We have an organization in this
country called the League to Enforce
Peace. That league is industriously
organizing public opinion in this coun
try for the purpose of effecting ratifi
cation of the treaty, and a very large
portion of the material which it sends
to the senate is unreliable. It is mis
representation of the facts and the men
who send it here are in a position to
know it is a misrepresentation of the
Senator Borah says he has in his pos
session the evidence of three different
instances in which resolutions were
put through under the management or
inspiration of the league. lie referred
to the resolution, in one instance,
passed by the Federation of Catholic
alumnae at St. Louis indorsing a league
of nations. He shows by a communica
tion he received from Ada K. Gannon,
governor of the alumnae, that the reso
lution was not intended as an indorse
ment of the league.
Statement Held False.
The communication says in part: "The
statement made that the International
federation of Catholic Alumnae in con
vention at St. Louis indorsed the pres
ent form of league of nations is not
correct. I am personally responsible
for an amendment to the resolution
sent to us for adoption by the League
to Enforce Peace. The amendment car
ried unanimously Indorsing a league
which would give justice and freedom
to all the world and protesting against
the covenant in its present form.'
"There are other instances in which
the League to Enforce Peace sent
abroad resolutions asking for an
on every
Fur Scarf, Cape,
Coat, Coatee and
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Special Prizes Offered for Competi
tion by Children, at Events to
Be Held August 2 7-31.
ABERDEEN', "Wash., July 26. (Spe
cial.) With the best horse racing pros-
dorscment of this league and they were pective in year? and wi;h unusual inter
changed," 'writes Senator Borah, "and
a league to accomplish certain thingrs
was indorsed and sent out as an
dorsement of this league. There are
hundreds of thousands, and even
millions of people who believe that I
league can be framed which will ac
complish justice and which will insure
peace, and those same hundreds of
thousand of people believe that this
league will not do that, and therefore
they are opposed to it.
Scheme Is Denounced.
'I denounce the scheme as a delib
erate programme to deceive the Ameri
can people. It is well worthy the or
eanization. backed by, as it is, inter
ested financiers of the United States,
who for selfish purposes, would make
this government underwrite its Invest
ments in Europe. The first thing the
.x-nresident of the United States ought
to do. if he wishes to preserve an hon
ored name from contempt, is either to
put an end to such methods as is now
being carried on or withdraw his name
from the organization."
fiepublican leaders in Idaho are
erreatly interested in the demand Sen
ator Borah made for a referendum vote
of the people on the league covenant's
adoption or rejection, which, although
it would not be binding on the senate,
would give a clear idea pf public senti
ment on this mooted question.
4,500,000 BUSHELS.
est manifest In livestock ana proauce
exhibits, the directors of the ninth an
nual Grays Harbor fair, to be held at
Elma. August 27 to 31 Inclusive, are
confident of staging the best entertain
ment on record in the Grays Harbor
As & special inducement to horsemen.
prizes of $1500 will be awaraea eacn
dav for turf events.
The Grays Harbor track Is being
placed in the best of condition
Interest among farmers is mucn
higher this year than during any of
the war period and the exhibits, from
early indications, will be twice as large
as last year. Leading stockmen of the
county already have applied for entry
cards for their herds and outside Dreed
ers plan to ship cattle, sheep, pigs and
poultry here for display.
A special department has been ar
ranged for the display of bees and
honey, a new and thriving industry in
the Grays Harbor section.
The entertainment features or this
year's fair will be in the hands of a big
carnival company, and a large space
will be given over to dancing.
To encourage farming among the
children of the county, the Aberdeen
Chamber of Commerce is offering prizes
amounting to 1150 to boys and girls.
The $150 is divided, 725 each to six dif
ferent contests. The contests are for
the best pigs, sheep, sow and litter,
garden display and potatoes.
watched its descent. Suddenly it struck
an obstruction and turned in their di
rection, crushing young Walker, whose
legs were- broken and who sustained
nternal injuries. J. he boulder was
about three feet in diameter.
The lookout was signalled and the
two rangers carried the injured man
over the snow five miles to Spirit Lake,
but death came before medical assist
ance could arrive from Castle Rock.
His parents reside at Oswego. Or.
where the body was sent for inter,
Mnsonlc Lodge Will Erect Temple on
Donated Site.
CENTRALIA. Wash.. July 26. (Spe
cial.) At a meeting held last night by
Centralia lodge No. 63. F. and A. M
plans were launched for the erection
of a Masonic temple in Centralia.
Shriners of the city have purchased
the property at the southeast corner o
Pearl and Magnolia streets, and have
presented it to the Masonic body as the
site for the new temple. At the meeting
last night the lot was accepted and
C. Paul Uhlmann, R. H. Johnston, W. B
Keir. W. W. Gaylord and V. B. Noei
were appointed as a committee to ar
range for the financing of the nc
The lot presented to the Masons i
60x120 feet in size and the building.
proposed, will occupy all of this space.
It will be either two or three storie
in height. It ij planned to begin con
struction early in the spring of 1920.
Labor Scarce in Some Districts and
Experienced Men I'ind Immedi
ate Employment.
PENDLETON, Or., July 26. (Spe
cial.) Umatilla county's wheat crop
from all appearances, will total at least
4.500,000 bushels. In average yield per
acre and weight it is better than last
year. The farmers have one complaint:
smut this year is worse than for many
years. Sections formerly exempt are
now affected.
Harvest is in progress in every sec
tion of the county now. but in only one
district the Lcho-Nolin country is it
well under way. There about 40 per
cent of the wheat is harvested. Help
has become somewhat scarce and ex
perienced warehouse men and machine
hands find little difficulty in obtaining
immediate employment.
A considerable quantity of wheat has
feeen crnlpped to coast mills, but none
tor ea-tern markets and none for ex
port. It is reported that some sales
have been made here at a 5-cent pre
mium, offered by millers who are anx
lous to get grain for early delivery in
order tostart operations.
Millers have reported that the per
centage of gluten in the wheat, while
till relativery high, is elightly less
than last year.
Several Who Have Seen Service
-France Are Discharged.
CENTRALIA, July 26. (Special.)
Henry Ort, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. O.
Ort. of this city, who recently returned
from overseas, passed through Centralia
the other night with a big unit of over
seas men for Camp Lewis, where he
will receive his discharge. Young Ort
went to France in December, 1917, with
company M, 161st infantry.
Lieutenant Charles A. Hoss. who got
15-day furlough following his recent
arrival from overseas, has received his
discharge at Camp Lewis.
Jeff Egler of Rochester and Ben
Palmer of this city, two other boys who
went to France with company M, 161st
infantry, have been discharged.
Building Construction Coins On Is
Estimated at $150,000.
MARSHFIELD, Or., July 26. (Spe
cial. ) Building and other construction
work is at its height in Marshfleld and
idleness is not found in any city in th
co'anty. The Scandia Shipbuilding com
pany is executing two large street pav
ing contracts, on Llrod avenue an
Broadway, which involve an expend!
ture of $100,000; the Donaldson brick
block is nearing completion: the Grime
brick block on Front street is under
way and the three-story Elks building,
100x100 feet, will soon be ready fo
A brick two-story business block
50x100 is to be constructed on Broad
way and the two-story Oswald brie
block at the corner of Broadway and
Commercial street is going up.
The new structures represent a value
of J150.000.
Rolling: Boulder, 2 Feet in Diameter,
Crushes Ralph John Walker.
KELSO, "Wash.. July 26. (Special.)
The first fatality or Mount St. Helens
a number of years occurred Friday.
when Ralph John Walker, a forest
ranger, aged 19, was fatally injured by
rolling- rock, death coming' a few
hours later. With a companion he
was carrying supplies up the mountain
to the lookout station on the summit.
They saw the rolling boulder and
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Come and let this great
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$73,000 City Hall Proposed I
Honor of Service Men.
HOQUIAM. Wash.. July 26. (Special
The building- of a $75,000 city hall as
a monument to the veterans of the
civil war, the Spanish-American war
and the great war, with a portion dedi
cated to ex-service men. is the plan
suggested by Mayor Ralph L. Philbrick
at a meeting called Thursday night by
the Soldiers' and Sailors' league.
Mayor Philbrick said the building
could be erected on the bonding plan.
Prominent business men and -women
declared themselves heartily in favor
a capitalization of JT,000. has filed arti
cles of incdrporation here. The incor
porators are Frank U Waller. M. E. Mc
Dcrmott and Maurice Setts. It is the
purpose of the corporation to manu
facture, sell and buy automobiles.
Cannery Being Erected.
WHEELER. Or.. July 26. Special.)
Mr. Dlmick. a representative of the
Vnthrrttone Products company, Cor
nelius, arrived in Mohier Wednesday
with a crew of carpenters and began
the constructions of a building uxu,
to be used as a cannery. Work will be
rushed on the structure so that ma
chinery can be installed In time to
handle this fall's berry crop, which
will be very heavy.
Auto Sales Company Incorporates.
SALEM. Or., July 26. (Special.)
The states Auto Sales Company, with
Returned Kelso Soldier Married.
KELSO. Wash., July 26. (Special.)
At the home of Rev. C. B. Latimer of
Kaymond, a former pastor of the .Kelso
Presbyterian church. Russell Carothers
and Miss Cecile Hansiekie. popular
young people of Kelso, were united in
marriage Thursday. Mr. Carothers was
a student at the University of Wash
ington when the war started and en
listed in the coast artillery, going over
seas with the 63d artillery. His bride
was formerly a student at Whitman
KeNo Soldier Home 'With Bride.
KELSO. Wash.. July 26. (Special.)
Corporal Raymond Easton. son of Mr.
and Mrs. C. t). Easton, Kelso's first
soldier overseas, is home with his
French bride, who was Mademoiselle
Marcella Dangin, whom he married in
France March 10.
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"Whatever you pay for it," is the natural reply." That is true if
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Special Diamond Engagement Rings
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Rochester to Honor Service Men.
CENTRALIA. Wash.. July 26. (Spe
cial.) Rochester will stage a celebra
tion Thursday In honor of returned
service men. A programme of speaking,
dancing and music has been arranged,
to be followed by a banquet in the
Modern Woodmen hall in Rochester.
and the Incorporators are William Sun
den. Charles Rudeen and L. Streiblg.
The company will engage in the general
furniture business in Portland.
Strike Close, Mill Near Toledo.
CENTRALIA. Wash.. July 2. Em
ploye of the Hyde & Buker mill, near
Toledo, went on strike this week whea
their demand for a waa-e Increase oi
SO cents a day was denied. The mill ha
shut down. The plant has a contract
for furnishing lumber for the new Pa
clfic highway bridge at Toledo and sj
is feared the strike, unless settle
speedily, will hamper the const ructlol
of the hrldire.
Furniture Company Incorporates.
SALEM. Or.. July 26. (Special.)
Sunden. Kudeen & Streiblg. Inc.. have
filed articles of Incorporation here. The
capital stork has been fixed at $l!3.ono
"f l
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