The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 27, 1919, SECTION FIVE, Page 13, Image 81

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of Tomorrow
Pneumatic, Solid and Cushion
Tires All Included.
Cole Does Today
Policy Five Tears Ago Applied to
Passenger Car Uses Now Ex
tended to All Kinds.
A noteworthy advance in protection
of the interests of tire users is the
announcement by the Goodyear Tire &
Rubber company. Akron, O., of an un
limited guarantee on all tires made by
that company, whether pneumatic, solid
or cushion, with all tires guaranteed
perfect during their entire life, without
limitation a to mileage or length, of
It was originally Goodyear"s custom
to fix a certain definite mileage guar
antee a custom still followed by many
tire manufacturers and as tires be
come better through application of
more efficient methods of manufacture,
the number of miles guaranteed gradu
ally increased.
About five years ago this company
discarded the idea, on passenger car
tires of guaranteeing c. definite num
ber of miles from each tire, and in
augurated a policy of extending an un
limited guarantee. This policy, a
pioneer one in merchandising tires, in
volved the obligation of the manufac
turer to "stand behind" the product
throughout the entire career of the
tire, no matter whether the tire's life
reached 50U0 or 50,000 miles.
Any Defect Adjusted.
All of which means that, no matter
how far a Goodyear tire has gone, if at
any time in its life t proves defective
a fair and equitable adjustment is made
to iu owner.
This liberal warranty, which has
governed pneumatic tires, is now ex
tended to cover solid i nd cushion tires
as well. For some years nearly all
makes of solid tires have been war
ranted for 7000 miles of service only.
The records of thousands of users,
however, show that Goodyear solids and
cushions are averaging greatl; in ex
cess of this figure. So that the limita
tion is now removed, permitting these
tires to be placed on the same service
basis that has been so acceptable to
users of pneumatic tires.
This policy recommends itself because
it is fair to all concerned. It gives
the careful driver and the careless one
exactly their Just dues. It tends to
make the tire user exercise proper tire
care, since upon his average mileage
depend in part the basis upon which he
can hope to obtain just reparation -if a
tire should develop a defect during its
Lasts Fall Life of Tire.
And it recognizes the justice of a
different basis of service adjustment
for the tire used on the rear wheel of a
heavy limousine and for that used on
the front wheel of a light roadster.
With no care or indifferent care, the
best tire cannot reasonably be expected
to give perfect service, nor can a poor
tire properly cared for give the same
service a good tire V.-111 give.
So the unlimited guarantee, which
stands for the life of the tire, has
many advantages over the practice of
guaranteeing a certain number of miles
to each customer, no matter how he
may use his tires.
The primary advantages of the Good
year unlimited guarantee are that it
lasts the full life of the tire, no matter
now many miles that period includes;
reparations are made on a reasonable
expectation of service and not on a
fixed, inflexible basis, and the tire
user is encouraged to care for his tires
properly, thereby getting a low cost
per mile of service.
Total of One Hundred Million Ads
to Be Published This Year in
United States Alone.
The Michelin Tire company is this
year carrying on one of the biggest
advertising campaigns ever conducted
by a tire manufacturer," nays R B
Bramwell. Michelin advertising man
ager. "It has always been our idea," says
Mr. Bramwell, "to make Michelin ad
vertisements educational in nature to
give the tire user actual facts about
tire construction that will enable him
to judge intelligently about the m.-it
of various makes before making the
expensive test of actual use.
"This year we have gone even fur
ther in this direction. We have had
scientist?, such as those connected with
the laboratories of Columbia university,
make exhaustive tests of Michelin tires
and of other makes. On the data ob
tained from these tests we have built a
series of advertisements.
"We figure that upwards of 100,000,
00 Michelin advertisements will be
published in the United States In 1919
alone. This is about 20 advertisements
for each passenger car owner, there
being somewhat over 6.000.000 passen
ger cars in the United States today,
not including some 200,000 commercial
"Because of Michelin's unparalleled
organization, covering the entire civil
ized world, our advertising is also ap
pearing in practically every other coun
try where cars are used. At head
quarters in Milltown, N". J., we keep
careful files of all the Michelin adver
tisements that appear the world over.
This is certainly an interesting ex
hibit, including, as it does, advertise
ments printed in Siamese and many
other queer languages.
"Secretary of Labor Wilson ' has
ssked all manufacturers in the United
States to increase their advertising, in
order that business may be speeded up
. and unemployment overcome as Quick
ly as possible. Michelin is doing fully
its share in this work."
Colonel Henry B. Joy Pleads for
More Room.
Colonel Henry B. Joy, who was one
of the first and is now one or the fore
most good roads advocates of the coun
try and who was for four years presi
dent of the Lincoln Highway association
and is now one of that organization's
vice-presidents, sees what he considers
a dangerous tendency to construct vast
mileages of publio highways with the
millions which are now being voted In
every state for permanent work of in
adequate width to take care of the fu
ture highway transoortation which
thes permanent roads ars ultimately
Portlanders Drive to I-ake From
Grants Pass and Return
in Single Day.
From Grants Pass to Crater lake and
back in is the record of Frank
lin Chapel, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. N.
Chapel, who recently drove bis parents
to Crater lake for a brief ontlnf. He
left Grants Pass early in the morning,
driving to Crater lake and back to his
starting; point at midnight.
Roads to the lake are in only fair
shape, says Mr. Chapel, although the
trip through the national reserve is
delightful and the beautiful mountain
road built by the government is a
treat to motorists.
The roads from Portland to Grants
Pass he pronounces in fair shape, al
though that portion through Cow Creek
canyon, about ten miles in all. is hard
,2 j mKm ! - - -
- .
f ''- -i . ' : Sr .- ... ... . . - . ' ' -' ,
When J. Simon A Bro. began using trucks for delivery purnoees they started with eae three-uuarter-ton model, par
chased from -Weatworth Irwin. This preyed so satisfactory they get another trueks of the earns sine, and now they
hava added a SVs-M track to tfeaU float.
THOSE who think only in the present, live
in the past. It's the touch of tomorrow in
what is done today that identifies advancement.
To sense the trend of the future and he the first
to give it tangible expression has been Cole's aim.
Season after season year after year, his advanced
creations in motor car design have forecast the
styles of the future.
The Sportsedan ZModd 878
The Sportosine SKlodcl 879
The Sportcoupe ddodcl 883
Cole Motor Car Company, Indianapolis,
Creators of oAdvanced cftfotor Cars
Northwest Auto Co;
going. From Grants Pass to the gov-'
ernment reserve there la a hard, steady
pull of about SO miles up a rather stiff
grade. Once inside the reserve and on
the government highway, the road
winds for several miles through the
dense forest and up to the lake.
The weather at the lake was delight
ful, and the snow is practically all
gone. In several Instances on the long
pull to the lake the party stopped the
engine and filled the radiator with
snow from drifts.
The trip was made tn a 8tudebaker
car. and the actual running time from
the lake back to Portland was given
as 17 hours.
Splicing Fuel Pipe.
Cut the ends of the pipes to be Joined
on a bevel, being sore to bevel them
alike so that they will make a tight
Juncture. This can be accomplished
with a back aw and a file. Clean the
ends of the pipes with sandpaper and
then place them together. Next wind
No. 18 copper wire, or door bell wire,
with insulation removed, over the
splice, being sure to wind tight, and
close together. Solder with flame or
iron and sweat solder In between the
wires and on end of winding. This
makes a strong splice and one that will
ZC'k "i '2 -
The cvfcTO-EiGHT became instantly the fore
runner of a new vogue. It established new stan
dards of design and performance.
For ten years Cole had been laying the founda
tions for this epoch-making creation, devoting the
last five years exclusively to the Eight.
He was one of the first two American manufac
turers to build an eight-cylinder car the first to
Creations in All-Season Cars
it is that the
Season models again introduce striking
innovations in motor car design.
They anticipate, as usual, the styles of the
future and bring with their ownership a feel
ing of pride in the possession of that which
others have not yet attained.
Original even to. their names thtf cAero
ElGHT Sportsedan, Sportcoup6, Sportosine,.
Toursedan, Tour o sine and Towncar are author
itative examples of advanced coach building.
They introduce flush panel construction a
new development in enclosed car design.
They eliminate permanently those features
which in the past have so definitely restricted
the use of enclosed equipages.
Their individuality of
harmony of color, the
of their appointments
superior craftsmanship.
There's a touch, of tomorrow in the newevfero
Eight All-Season Cars; a note of futurity
that fortifies the confidence which the public
has placed in Cole as 'the 'producer of ad
vanced motor cars.
cPrompt 'Deliveries cAssured cPrices (guaranteed
cAgainst Induction cDuring J$ip.
The Line
Alder at Eighteenth
Truck, After Hardest Sere vice.
Still oa Duty and Still In
Fine Condition.
Dne to It consistency of operation
performing dependably and efficiently
under all conditions, over shelltorn
roads, called upon constantly to deliver
loads much in excess of its rated carry
ing capacity, at excessive rates of speed.
the Pierce-Arrow motor truck gained a
reputation In France that la well
worthy of praise.
A fleet of five-ton Pierce-Arrow
motor trucks was bought by the French
Government shortly after the outbreak
of the war. and have gone through the
"thick of it" for practically four years,
being still In as operable condition to
day as they were when originally placed
In service.
In the Verdun sector the fleet of
v ri
( .'-r-.Lr.rJ
It is -
new evsero-fclGHT All
design, their pleasing
dignity and refinement
bear the hallmark of
Portland, Or.
trucks was called upon to transport a
convoy of whippet tanks a distance of
176 miles,' preparatory to an attack
by the 19th American division a feat
which was performed In record time
and which was considered a remark
able achievement, gaining exceptional
praise from the French war officials
who had placed their faith In Pierce
Arrow motor trucks.
The whippet tanks, complete, mount
ed on five-ton Pierce-Arrow motor
trucks ready to be transported to tbe
front, weigh, themselves, in excess of
Ffvfi and one-hnlf tons.
The 1920 Model
American Beauty Car
Has Arrived
Continental Red Seal Motor Fedders Radiator "Warner Transmis
sion Tiraken Axles, Front and Rear Borg-Beck Clutch Genuine
Leather Upholstery Pantasote Top Spotlight Motometer 121
Inch Wheelbase. -
Distributors Oregon, Washington, Idaho
Motorists Call us for authentic road information.
apply to it the principles of aovtype engineering.
Satisfied only with that which others had not yet
achieved, Cole has. put a touch of tomorrow in
all that he has done.
that which gives the cvfrro-EiGHT
t it
or advanced acnievement.
has given the Cole product its
die very beginning.
The Tourosine lodel 884
The Toursedan ZModel 88 $
The Towncar todd &S7
U.. S.
Commendation was also accorded the
Pierce-Arrow motor truck by the allied
army officials for the minimum amount
of attention required In maintaining
and operating same oiling, greasing
and minor adjustments at great Inter
vals being all that was necessary to
keep the trucks In satisfactory running
order. Pierce-Arrow motor trucks be
ing simple In construction although
they embody the utmost In design In
manufacture all parts being inter
changeable and accessible, did not ne
cessitate th cerrylne of thounnnds of
S2200 F. O. B. Portland Tax
is that
spare parts to meet emergencies) that
mlght have arisen.
Drop Light ArrancexoasrC
A convenient arrangement for take
Ing np slack In drop llgbt oorda la to
out the cord -on two pulleys placed at
j convenient locations. The cord should
I be fsstened at two places to piece of
I heavy twine, clothes line will do. and
Ithen a weight Is hung on each end of
tbe line. The cord as suspended from
these lines will be Just long enough ta
hold th ln off th floor.
I sill