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Highway News
unions,; ,Jn
Road Pretty Rough Through Grande Ronde Reservation and Near Hebo, With Much New Construction, but It Could Be a leot Worse and Still Passable.
GOOD many persons have been
frightened out of making the
drive to Tillamook and the Tilla
mook beaches this year by reports of
the weird condition of the road through
the Grand Konde Indian reservation.
This road is certainly not a Columbia
river highway, but, on the other band,
is not nearly so bad as painted.
The writer went over the route from
Portland to Tillamook and return last
week to ascertain and log conditions.
The run was made in a new Chevrolet
roadster with tall Bill urout. son of
(superintendent Grout of the Portland
public schools and- employe of
J-'ild3 Slotor Car company, at
Bill had heard so much of the re
puted awful shape of the road in the
Grand Konde that he restrained him
self with difficulty from coming at-1
tired In a bathing suit. He fully ex
pected before he got through to have
to drive the car through water up to
Its neck the Chevrolet' s neck, not
Bill's, which would be above most
Hoods if he etretched himself.
Couldn't Find the Creek.
In particular, he had In mind a cer
tain creek through which, he had been
told, cars are routed in a detour around
construction work at that point. This
creek, he had been told, is deep and
thilline-. with banks steer and so slip-
- pery that a car often as not gets half'
way up it on the getting out side and
then slides down ker-chug into the
water again. So, to be on the safe side
Hill brought along a fine new pair of
chains, never used before, which
matched the spick and span newness
f the shiny Chevrolet.
These chains never left their bag.
The joke of it was that, although a
Bharp lookout was kept going and re
turning, we not only did not have to
drive through this creek, but were un
able to find it at all.
The return trip from Tillamook was
. made Sunday afternoon, but the run
over there was made Saturday night.
Ve went through the Grand Ronde res
ervation at midnight. It seemed rather
a rash thing to attempt, in view of the
etories of road dangers to oe encoun
tered. But. though the road was found
rough enough In places, with a few
detours that looked worse as viewed
dimly ahead through the dark than
they proved to be, we had no trouble
at all.
Score One for Bill.
But every time the Chevrolet would
plunge down into one of the numerous
ravines along here. Bill would mutter:
"By Golly, this must be the creek!
And every time, just as regularly, the
Chevrolet would reach bottom and come
in the other side without wetting Its
leet. .
One time, though. Bill's hawk-eyes
detected a particularly black patch
ahead in the bloom of the woods, and
le stopped the car. Just ahead, re
vealed now by the headlights, was i
nice chasm on a part of the new grade
where a bridge is to be built, but
hadn't been built yet.
In the darkness we hadn't seen that
cars were detoured off the grade down
the bank and across the bottom of the
ravine. If Bill had not been watching
eo faithfully for that creek, and had
tumbled into this vacancy where the
bridge wasn't, the Chevrolet would not
have looked nearly so new and shiny
after they had pulled us out a few days
On the return run by daylight we
watched Just as closely for the creek
and missed it. It's there all right. So
said a marine, working on the road,
when we besought him to relieve the
suspense and tell when and where this
creek is.
"You pass it about four miles back,
eaid he. "Reason you didn't have to go
through the creek is that on Saturday
nights and Sundays they leave the new
crade open and cars can drive over It
But on week days while the road gangs
are at work, cars are routed through
the creek."
Lota of Road Work.
But at that, this creek, from, the best
Information, should not detera drive
who takes it carefully. It is not dee
only a few inches, and with a good
gravel bottor.-.. The main difficulty i
in getting up the bank after crossing
the creek, this bank sometimes being
slippery from water dripped on It by
cars just out of the stream.
Take it in intermediate or low, drive
elowly and carefully and geep going,
-using chains if it looks as if they would
be needed, and you will get through this
creek all right. It is the only point
where cars will meet any real difficulty
on the whole trip at present. By driving
through after the c-ews have quit work
for the week-end Saturdr.y evening, or
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m v , ' - 77 tl-dla-Bts like this arc romsn tsmik tke Craad Ronde reaervattoa u at but aolata betweca there ua TtllaaiMk.
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" " . rJ I Btaadta aa the rock beside the Chevrolet la thla photo la 'MUltaaa A- (Bill) Urovt. aom of School 8npertateadac
a I you inevitably wind up in the town of I Uroat of Pertlaad.
I V -i 1 I Amiv I - . ..unMhn ww. Bait rkm there bit Baach eraahea rock, ua la aaother rear tt will all be
on Sunday, the motorist probably will
not have to take it at all.
Like virtually every other main road
in Oregon just now, the road to Tilla
mook is in the throes of new construc
tion work. Between Portland and Tilla
mook there are five sections or varying
length with new road work in progress.
Six. if the detour at Newberg for the
new bridge is included.
These places, with the approximate
length of the new construction and de
tours around each, are as follows:
I. Detour from Capital highway Into
Newberg, around old bridge, torn down
to be replaced tw new one. 3.3 miles,
flood gravel detour.
2. Detour on-west aide highway -be
tween Newberg and Dayton, occasioned
by re-grading preparatory to paving.
This detour begins 4.1 miles from New
berg, and Is 2.5 miles long. One mile
of it la bad, being thlck-wtth dust and
rough, but the remainder Is good
3. Detour out of McMlnnville on road
to Sheridan, for road work. Thla detour
is about a mile and a half long, if you
are able to from the meager
signs to It re-junctlon with the road
Into Sheridan. Most of this mile and
a half ia dusty and hard going. But,
curses on the detour roads around Mc
Mlnnville and Sheridan, they are the
easiest things in the world to get off.
and every time you get off one of them,
Just what is the sinister attraction
Amity hold for lost motor cars Is past
analysis, but time and again the writer
has got off the road up here and always
fats landed in Amity. One dark night
two years ago with Lawrence Therkel
son in a Franklin, we rode in a circle
around Amity for a solid hour and a
half. This experience isn't unique, for
only last week another unfortunate
motorist Informs us he got off the de
tour road out of McMinnville, found
himself in Amity, and an hour later was
back there again after driving all over
the country looking for Sheridan.
In daylight Saturday evening. Grout
and the writer aomehow got off IM
poorly signed detour road and landed in
aad the old ala-htsnare af the Graad Raade read will warry saetertata aa asere.
3 Thla mlrty little cottage at Oeeaa Lake aarkt 1 the aasasBer beach realdeaee af Frank J. MeGettlgma.
Orphean theater la Pertlaad.
4 Irea. af the fataret Caa thla be aoaalblef Verily. It ia. The phete ehews a eesapleted etreteh of the flae mew read
theyre balldlma; threagh the Graad Roade reaenratloa. Aad by the ead af thla tajl. If the eoatrartore plaas dea't
mlaearry. It will all be like this, aad the drive to TUlaaieok eaa be made at ear eld time af year.
B where bay aad oeeaa meet aear Uarlbaldk oa the road frem Tillamook to the beachea,
6 'Her. aa later! Tell your fortaae f Klve little sypalea met oa the road.
five or six miles, bat with no detours.
Good traveling except for a little dust.
Over the last six miles Into Sheridan,
fine pavement.
4. Reconstruction work In the Grand
Ronde Indian reservation. From But
ler to Grand Ronde. about 2. a miles, the
road is not bad. Only minor occasional
detours to the side of the road. The
Whlteson. If we had kept going that
way we would have been in Amity In
a few ro routes, but a citizen of White
son showed us how to reach Sheridan.
Taking for granted that you are able
to follow the detour and rejoin the main
road to Sheridan a mile and a half out
of McMinnville. Ihere la reconstruction
work at .several points for the next
aager at tba
worst road Is between this point and
the lower end of the reservation, about
seven Also the best road.
As yet', only a mile and a half to two
miles all told of this good road, but
what road! Smooth, hard-rolled ma
cadam, on a beautiful grade. The con
tractors working here for the govern-