The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 20, 1919, Section One, Page 17, Image 17

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J. Barleycorn, Who Robbed
Poor, Now Is Benefactor.
Stock 61 Groceries Is Purchased by
City Fund for Destitute Woman
, and Three Orphans.
John Barleycorn has come to the aid
of the widow and the orphan, whose
substance he used to steal in his day of
prosperity. But he does it only after
the strong- arm of the law has brought
him to justice. The prohibition law
provides-that contraband liquor must
be destroyed, but makes no provision
as to, what shall be done with the con
tainers. Chief of Police Johnson is now
selling the bottles to junk dealers, and
the trunks and suitcases to second-hand
dealers, and devoting the proceeds to
charity. One of the items on the bill
for expenditures from the fund last
week was a stock of groceries for a
destitute widow with three children.
Imported Liquor Small.
"During the war the proceeds of the
sales were devoted to the war activities
association. Lieutenant Thatcher's rec
ords show that the fund supplied J350
to the Red Cross, and j50 each to the
Salvation Army and the Knights of Co
lumbus. Since California joined the dry states,
police say the supply of liquor shipped
Into Oregon has been negligible. Prac
tically the only seizures were from men
who brought the liquor home for their
own use.
Some of the devices used by boot
leggers during the last wet days were
so ingenious as to escape detection,
even 'though officials had been "tipped
off." 1 A' favorite scheme was for a
woman to carry the beverage in rubber
bags hung around her neck inside her
clothing. Police had reports that some
carried as much as eight gallons. But
the women were not caught.
Whisky Packed in OruKH.
"Not for me," exclaimed a policeman
when he Was asked last night if he had
heard of the new scheme. "1 heard
about it all right. But I passed 'em
"It would be just my luck to stop
some 'respectable fat woman, and then
where'd I be? Let "em keep their
One- of the best devices, police say,
was used by John Petro, who paid a
fine of $150 last week for shipping in 24
quarts of whisky packed in the middle
of six cases of oranges. Police declined
to tell how they got on his trail. They
say the- ingenuity of the plan lay -in
the fact that even if a bottle broke,
the scent of the oranges would likely
prevent detection.
Petro almost escaped conviction after
his arrest. Police intended to hold him
for federal authorities, but his attor
neys demanded trial the morning after
his arrest.
Eye Kept on Suitcases.
Patrolmen Schulpius and Corder, who
had taken him into custody, had no
notice of the trial. They were in bed
asleep, and Municipal Judge Rossman,
believing that the case had fallen down
for lack of evidence, dismissed the
charge of violating the prohibition or
dinance whcih had been filed against
Petro by mistake.
The patrolmen won out by filing a
Btate charge against Petro, and arrest
ing him on a warrant. He paid his fine
and was released.
. Several policemen are on duty at the
Union station almost constantly, shak
ing trunks and suitcase's and listening
for the gurgle of liquor. If a trunk
eeems suspicious, they put it in a room
to which no one except the baggage
master has a key, and repair to head
quarters for a search warrant.
Liquor Taken From Trunk..
Armed with the warrant, police re
turn and try to open the trunk with
their own supply of keys. Professional
bootleggers generally use trunks with
complicated locks, however, and some
times it is necessary to secure a lock
smith to cut the rivets and remove the
lock from the trunk. If police find they
were mistaken in opening the baggage,
they relock it in the presence of bag
gagemen. Transfer companies report that some
times trunks which contained liquor ar
rive at their destination intact, but
minus the contraband. Police say the
liquor is stolen en route, and declare
that they never ransack baggage ex
cept in the presence of reliable wit
nesses. One woman, who returned to Port
land from a visit in California because
her husband had influenza, brought a
quart of whisky to cheer him up. The
liquor was gone when her trunk was
delivered. r
the other night. There he" had often
seen the ballet, but there now he found
a new world. There was a ballet, to
be sure, but this time it was a Russian
ballet. But what surprised him most
was that between each ballet the. ex
cellent orchestra, conducted by a capi-
ble Russian, played classical music and
the audience sat still and listened to it.
Very few people left their seats and
the girls in the side rows did not ogle
the young men in the stalls. There
seemed to be no more connection be
tween the performers and the audience
than there usually is at a concert. It
was not so in other days.
The audience, too, surprised him. It
was of. the thoughtful kind and more
fashionably gowned than before the
war. Nearly everyone, he observed, was
in evening clothes, the women paying
particular attention to the mode of the
moment. A notice asked the audience
to "smoke as little as possible." and.
he remarked, there was no vocal
evidence of the proximity of the bar.
In a one-time music hall where a
popular'actress was being featured and
where the sallies, from the" stage, for
merly were greeted with uproarious
laughter, there was now nothing more
apparent than good-humored tolerance.
I suppose it is the -war," he said,
"for it is certain the Londoner is taking
his pleasures much more seriously than
when I was last here."
Selling: Agency for Residence Prop,
erty Obtained by Firm of
Hitter, Lowe & Co.
The selling agency for the holdings
vi me tins u. Hughes estate in Irv
ington. comprising 200 home sites in
this choice residential section, have
been obtained by Kitter. Lowe' & Co
Announcement has been made by this
firm that these sites, which include a
number of fine building locations in
full block sizi-s, will be put on the
market at once.
E. T. Lowe is making arrangements
tor me marketing or the nronertv. The
lots are in their natural state, with fir
trees and evergreen shrubbery in
it is understood that under the sell
ing contract these lots will be put up
iui uiiiiiruwie saie at reduction in
prices and on comparatively easv
terms. Several high-class residences
are under construction now in this
The prices for the property will in
clude paving and street and sewer
work, the deeds to be free from any
improvement incumbrance.
Audiences in Theaters and Music
Halls Seem Different.
LONDON. June 2-1. (Correspondence
of the Associated Press.) American
who have not been in London since the
beginning of hostilities, but who are
no where in large numbers, are nndinic
many changes in the city and Its insti
tutions. Particularly is this true of the
theaters and music halls, where
other days they enjoyed the audience
as much as they did the programme.
One American went to the Alhambra
Ten Months of Active Service In
France and Belgium With 91st'
Division Experienced.; . '
Captain Frank S. ' Sever "' has re
turned 'to Portland after ten months
of active 'service in France and Bel
gium, with the 91st division. He en
tered the military service in' May,' 1917,
r . . . ....................t
! . . A
i fihMrrfi"1H IMWK
. f
Captain Frank . IjCvcr, wna re
cently returned from service.
received 'his commission at the first
officers' training camp at the Presidio
and was assigned to the 363d infantry.
He commanded company I,of that Regi
ment ' during its training period.
through the St.M,ihiel campaign when
the regiment was in . reserve, and in
the Meuse-Argonne offensive, where
he was wounded before Eclisefontaine
last September.
After returning to his regiment from
the hospital he accompanied it to Bel
gium, where during the Ypres-Lys of
fensive Captain Sever took command
of the third battalion of the 363d in
fantry when the battalion commander
was wounded. He retained command
of the battalion during the remainder
of the campaign. It was this battalion
which made the flank attack on the
eft of the Spitaalsbosschen October 31,
for which the division was cited in
orders by the French corps commander.
In the attack Captain Sever's battalion
pushed forward to the high ground be
tween the Lys and the Scheldt, where
they had to maintain themselves for 18
hours before the troops on their right
could come and establish connection.
In this day's fighting the battalion
captured four pieces of artillery, 15
machine guns and 41 . prisoners, for
which Captain Sever was decorated by
the Belgian government.
Captain Sever returned to the United
States in command of the'battalion and
was mustered out at the Presidio. After
being mustered out the men of Captain
Sever's former company presented him
with a watch, of which he says,. "It is
worth' all the other decorations in the
world, for It was given by. the best
qualified judges."
Captain Sever has resumed the prac
tice of law as member of the firm of
Sever & Cooke.
Rabbits Become Serious Menace.
PENDLETON'. Or!. July 19. (Special.)
Damage by rabbits to alfalfa in the
western section of the county will have
the first attention of Umatilla county's
new county agent. The , rabbits have
increased till they are said to be a seri
ous menace. Rabbit-tight fences ap
pear to be of rio effect. Summer pois
oning will be tried.' .
I & ! '
I'-1 c I
f r I ' ( '
:f :i ..f
It 1 4 "
. fera,,,-inr,i.i , A. : jL'j&L.Lzl
A. Iveller. president lalted shuii
The Portland Swiss Athletic
. club will hold a Swiss independ-
ence day celebration and musical
festival on Sunday, July 27. at
Crystal Lake park: - The public
is Invited. Henry E. Maginn will
speak, his subject being "Ire-
J land, Switzerland and, America."
f For probably the first time Port-
t land will have a chance to see
some real Swiss Alpine wrestling
contests ( and to hear yodeling
f songs by Swiss experts in that
t line. Races, bowling and dancing
have been arranged for the pleas-
ure of visitors.
VV J? tiitr means' i!tf?Flt
rHI Jbe interested xn tills
reair semiannual
C-I206 Finest quality - medium dark brown
kid Pump, turn sole, mood LXV heel. Reg'
ular price $10 reduced to
These shoe offerings are worth" more
than mere passing interest. Not only
will the prices demand instant recog
nition, but the shoes themselves repre
sent the to be had independ
able footwear. We want to lay stress on
the timeliness of these economies and
the importance of taking advantage
of them at once. The sale starts TO
MORROW morning, 9 O'CLOCK.
1 006 Patent colt . lace Oxford, plain toe,
black celluloid, covered Wood LXy hecL
Regular price $8.50 reduced to
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Satisfaction Assured
D-1005 Patent coll tongue Pump, one of our best num
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A-1868 White rigncloth military heel sport Pump.
Regular price $6.50 reduced to
1913 An attractive Pump, with tongue and
black enamel buckle, in while canvas. Regular
price $5.00 reduced o
Liberal reductions on many lines of mens shoes
' and on all men's oxfords.
All broken lines in children's high shoes and
complete lines of white shoes and oxfords
included in this sale.
Sole Agent for Dr.' A. Reed
Cushion Shoe for Men
Lot Angeles
San Francisco
Agent for the NetlUton '
Shoe the Best for Men
Largest Retailer of Shoes West of Chicago
380 Washington Street
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Revival of Tears of Litigation In
volving Almeda Companies Be
gan in Federal Court.
Another revival of the several years
of litigation Involving rival stockhold
ers and directors of the Almeda Mines
company and the Almeda Consolidated
Mines company via started in the fed
eral court yesterday when George Y.
Drew, a stockholder, brought suit
against other stockholders, directors
and state officials for a complete ac
counting of all affair of the two con
cerns. The amount involved runs high
into the millions.
The plaintiff-asks yhat -the -federal
court nullify all legal proceedings
which have been instituted and are now
pending in the circuit court of Jo
sephine county. He asks also that the
entire property Involved in the litiga
tion be awarded to the Almeda Con
solidated Mines company and against
the Almeda Mines company. The plain
tiff charges various of the directors
and stockholders with fraud and decep
tion, and alleges that the earlier litiga
tion dating several years back wss
started as a means by which they could
procure control of the property.
The same litigation has been before
the federal court on former occasions.
It sleo has been in the courts of Jo
sephine and Douglas counties and In
the Multnomah county circuit court.
Streetcar Men to Picnic.
The annual picnic of the Portland
Street Car Men's union will bs held at
Columbia beach Saturday, July 26. ac
cording to announcement made yester
day by the committee in charge. Ath
letics and water events of all kinds
wilt-be staged, and merchandise, prizes
valued at $300 will bs awarded the win
ners. Two concerts will be given by
the street car men's band, while four
baseball teams, representing the vari
ous divisions, will play. The picnic
will continue throughout the day. with
dancing continuing until midnight.
Pasco Bnslnesa Men Asked to Take
Stock lo Insure Payment.
PASCO. Wash- July 19. Special )
Bond buyers who sre negotiating for ths
bonds of the Franklin county Irrigation
district say If Pasco business men.
through the Pasco Savings &. Invest
ment compsny. will subscribe :0.000
as stock in that company to Insure ths
water assessments on the land under
the district, the deal for the purchase
of the bonds 'would be completed.
This ths chamber of commerce has
undertaken to put over, and It Is be
lieved the bonds will be sold soon.
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"Barer Tablets of Aspirin" to be g.a
alne must bs marked wlta taa sa-t.ty
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broken Bayer package welco contains
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Trass Etsrrts, Dept. 3.
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1r. , ,