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JENNING'S Open 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. JENNING'S Open 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. JENNING'S
A Mutual Appreciation for the Beautiful
Accompaniments of Living Is the Richest
Fruit of a Successful Home
Acting Governor Hart Says
Lister's Appointees to Stay.-
Changes Are Anticipated in Event of
Governor's Death; Friends Cling
to Hopes for Recovery.
OX.YJIFIA, "Wash., June 7. (Special.)
s After returning from a highway in
spection trip through southwestern
Washington aa far as Ilwaco Acting
Oovernor Ij. F. Hart today allayed
considerable apprehension prevailing
among democratic state appointees,
one of whose terms expired today. Mr.
Hart let it be understood that he con
templates no changes in salaried offices
eubject to appointment while he is
officiating in the capacity of acting
governor. This means that the per
sonnel of Governor Lister's administra
tion will remain Intact.
The situation is left indefinitely un
certain, but many of Governor Lister's
close friends cling to the hope that he
will recover and may even return to
his executive duties, despite frequent
discouraging reports of his condition
from the Seattle sanitarium where he
is now under treatment.
Several Term to Expire.
Democratic appointees, whose terms
expire in the meantime, will, it is un
derstood, hold over until the admin
istrative status again becomes defined.
This situation leaves Donald A. Mc
Donald in the office of industrial in
surance commissioner beyond the term
he was serving, which expires June 8.
It will also govern the case of Frank
71. Spinning, public service commis
sioner, whose term expires June 16
The latter position pays $5000 a year
and the appointive term is six years.
Industrial insurance commissioner pays
S:1600 a year. Rev. T. J. Cannon of
Malaga will continue in the position
of penitentiary chaplain at Walla Walla
from today. No other salaried appoint
ments of importance expire before 1921.
Channel Are Anticipated.
If Acting Governor Hart should be
come governor in fact, there is no
doubt but a number of changes in ap
pointive state offices would be made,
probably including the public service
commission and several other important
departments as the administration
would then be republican throughout.
A number of reappointments to state
boards were made by the acting gover
nor today, including those of W. W.
Emery of Napavine and Pat McCoy of
Seattle to the state forestry commls
sion; C. M. Olsen to the Bellingham
Normal board of trustees; Robert Prior
of Yakima, to the board of veterinary
examiners; C. Osseward of Seattle to
the board of pharmacy.
According to compilations issued to
day by C. R. Jackson, state tax com
missioner, Washington's total taxation
for all county, municipal and state pur
poses has increased more than $10,000,-
000 in the three years from 1916 to 1919.
The total collection made in 1917 from
the levy made in 1916 amounted to
$37,466,786. The 1918 collection had In
creased to $43,225,284, and the 1919 col
lection is $47,722,683. Most of the in
crease noted is in the larger counties.
King going from $11,461,227, collected
in 1917, to $14,973,836 as the total 1919
collection. Pierce county advanced
from $2,354,622 to $4,804,065 and Spo
kane from $3,860,918 to $4,729,897.
Distribution of the levy for 1918, now
under collection, shows that railway
block and right of way paid $4,332,329,
railway rolling stock $684,457, tele
graph lines and property, $14,033, tele
phone lines and property $325,415, elec
tric railways $S54.632, all other real
property $32,801,088, all other personal
property $7,410,673.
Actual valuation of steam roads in
the state as made by the state tax com
missioner, subject to revision by the
- state board of equalization, carries
total valuation of $339,882,287. The
total valuation for electric lines is $38,
1195,825. these figures being not ma
terially different from those of last
For telegraph line taxation, on actual
value basis, the commissioner this year
assessed the Western Union at $629,184
and the Postal at $147,035.
Increased rates on gas served to the
cities of Centralia and Chehalis by the
North Pacific Public Service company
were allowed by the public service com
mission today to the extent of a $1
minimum and a maximum charge of $2.
An increase was granted for this com
pany in February, 1918. but the com
mission finds it is still unable to 'show
any profit and is carrying actual loss
below the cost of operation, if deprecia
tion is allowed.
WA ft yr-rr: 1 M
if I
I m I
VWA A name to remember when erief enters the
fi family. The distinct Finley Idea attends to
jkf every detail. It is soothing; to know that there
vjjC is such an institution in Portland.
.Progressive Funeral Directors.
The Instantaneous Face Rejuvenators.
Manufactured and Sold at
No. T 386 V Washington Street. Portland Oreffon.
Also on Sale at
451 Morgan Building 191 Twenty-third St.
Jfortliwcst Democratic Headquarters
Not to Go to Portland.
SPOKANE, Wash., June 7. (Special.)
Spokane will be Pacific northwest
headquarters of the democratic party,
according to announcement 'by State
Chairman George K. Christensen, who
is also acting national committeeman
from this state. Chairman Christensen
made this report to about 100 demo
crats at a luncheon here today.
Portland is an active bidder for the
northwest headquarters, but Spokane
will be made headquarters by the na
tional chairman. Homer S. Cummings,
whe nhe reaches Spokane July 4, said
The northwest headquaretrs will have
charge of the democratic national cam
paign next year for "Washington, Idaho,
Oregon, Montana and Alaska.
The meeting of the democrats today
was featured by two addresses by re
turned soldiers. Captain . Edward W
Robertson and Lieutenant Ralph Gor
Leland Drug Co.
Tenth and Morrison.
Kathryn Coffield
374 Morrison at West Park.
(Free samples and book.)
Capital Drug Store
Salem, Oregon.
Rhodes Bros.
Tacoma, Wash.,
Eleventh and Broadway.
Also at 933 West
See Nikk-Marr window display
Street Windows.
Irvington Pharmacy
East Broadway and Fifteenth.
Woodard & Clarke Drug Co.
West Park and Alder.
(Free samples and demonstration.)
519 Duryea Street
Raymond, Wash.
Swift's Drug Stores
Second and Pike Streets,
Seattle. Wash.
12th St., Los Angeles. Cal.
at Woodard-Clarke Drug Store, West Park
Project, It Is Declared, Would Give
Lewiston. Clear Water Courst to
Portland and Ocean.
ington, June 7. The bill recently in
troduced by Representative Summers
to put water on 130,000 acres of land
in Walla Walla and Franklin counties.
Washington, by building a dam at
Five-Mile on the lower Snake river
is arousing interest outside the area
that would be affected.
The fact that the building of this
dam would make the Snake river nav
igable all the year around up to Lew
iston suggests an additional value to
the project. It means, in other words,
that boats could pass readily, now that
the Celilo canal is open, from Lew
iston to Portland, or from Lewiston to
the ocean. On account of the smal
use made of navigable streams at this
time but little importance might at
tach to opening navigation for such a
great distance, but times are changing.
There is little doubt that the future
policy of the federal government will
be to make greater use of the nav
igable waters of the country. When
that time comes and with the develop
ment of the country along the lower
Snake, it is not unreasonable to expect
that regular boats will be plying both
ways on the Snake and the Columbia
every day.
poor tire equipment, should use the Co
lumbia river highway from Portland
to Hood River, then ferry across to
White Salmon for the next two weeks.
Communities in Skamania county are
planning a formal celebration. July 4,
of the opening of the scenic highway.
Noteworthy Amount of War Work
Done In Spite of Age.'
YAKIMA. Wash.. June 7. (Special.)
Though 70 years of age. Miss Lydia
Seears of Naches Heights has accom
plished a noteworthy amount of war
work, and her associates in the Red
Cress auxiliary there yesterday gave a
surprise party in her honor. Miss
Sears has knit CO pairs of socks for the
Red Cross work. She has missed hard
ly a meeting of the auxiliary In two
years, althoug she has often had to
walk half a mile or more to the meet
ing place. She subscribed for $1000
vorth of victory bonds. Meanwhile she
Sii-.s done the housework for her brother
and nephew, with whom she lives.
Miss Seara traces her lineage directly
to the first secretary of the Massachu
setts Bay colony, and belongs to the
Rawson family, which is prominent in
Massachusetts history.
Dormitory Fund Grows.
Or., June 7. (Special.) E. C. Richards,
secretary of education for Willamette
university, has just secured an addi
tional $5600 toward the fund for a new
dormitory for women. Four thousand
THOSE many trained and talented "Assistant Home-Makers" whose help it is the pleasure of
JENNING'S to offer you, aspire to jnstill in every home they influence a spirit of MUTUAL
APPRECIATION for the furnishings of that home an appreciation not existing for the wife or
mother of the home alone, but shared happily and congenially by every member of the family.
- JENNING'S realizes that it is impossible for us, in the twinkling of an eye, to MAKE the sort of a home
that satisfies our high ideals of what a home should be.
But we can lay the solid foundation the SURE foundation by planning homes for PERMANENCY, for
And when the home is tried and mellowed by the years (with new things added often enough to keep the
picture freshly colored and inspiring) it will fairly BREATHE the spirit of MUTUAL LOVE AND DE
VOTION for the worth-while things of life and be a beautiful illustration of what it means and will mean
to you all your life to have, now, a truly SUCCESSFUL Better Home.
that Decorate
Madras Drapery Materials, 50 inches
wide in new shades and designs, in
cluding many pieces in plain colors.
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Regularly $2.25, now $1.85.
Cretonnes in patterns suitable both
for downstairs and for bedrooms.
Regularly $1.50, 95c, 75c, 50c,
Now $1.10, 65c, 55c, 35c.
Two beautiful blue designs that sell
usually at $2.50 and $2 the yard are
now $1.40.
New Filet Net Curtains in beige and
cream shades $6.50 and $7.75 the pair.
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1 O JllllC JLYlUSl fere? Vday to the young married
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taste at such moderate cost! People who use good judgment in the selection of
their furniture who obtain furnishings of harmonious design and coloring may
with a surprisingly small expenditure possess a home that will be a constant de
light and satisfaction to them and an attraction
to their friends. There is nothing which exerts a
stronger influence toward happiness and harmony
than a home which has that genuine coziness and
home atmosphere nothing that forms amore
favorable impression upon one's friends. Ve are
sincere in extending an invitation to all who are
interested to come at any time and stroll through
our many beautifully stocked departments where
we are now displaying the very newest conceptions
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Period style of furniture is particularly popular
at the present time furniture that will always
please, that will never grow old, that is merely
enriched by the added years. Here are repre
sented all the desirable Periods in any wood or
finish that your fancy may dictate. We are pre-.
pared to offer very liberal terms of payment that
will prove no inconvenience to" you.
C The Home of Good Furniture Washington at Fifth
dollars of this is In a single pledge.
This brings the total subscription to
$35,000. The new dormitory is a part
of the plans of 1919 for a greater Will
amette. Phone your want ads to The Oregro-
nian. Main 7070. A 6095.
Insurance Men Meet.
CHEHALIS. Wash., June 7. (Spe
rial.) The directors of the Farmers'
Mutual Insurance company met today
with Otto Tarn of Enumclaw presiding.
State insurance Commissioner Fishback
delivered the principal address. Chris
Jorgenson. Stanwood: Herman Nelson,
Orillia, and John Lagerquist, Puyallup,
were re-elected directors for three
year terms. J. 1 A. Sorenson is secre
tary and Nels Brus treasurer, both from
Formal Celebration July 4 Planned
in Skamania County.
WHITE SALMON, Wash.. June 7.
(Special.) The North Bank highway,
from Vancouver to White Salmon and
the east, was thrown open to travel to
day by the engineers in charge. Be
tween Cooks and Collins several
stretches are not yet graveled. If
these are negotiated slowly but little
t'.re trouble should be experienced.
Heavily loaded cars, and those with
Pioneer Drops Dead.
CHEHALIS, Wash.. June 7. (Spe
cial.) A. Burbee, one of Lewis county's
oldest pioneers, dropped dead at his
Newaukum home near here today
while working in the garden. He was
27 years old and has resided here 55
years. "
Tacoma Folk to Wed.
CHEHALIS. Wash.. June 7. (Spe
cial.) George Seeley and Bertha Ru
clock of Tacoma have eecured a mar
riage license here.
Is It Your Nerves?
How often you hear the remark, "It's
my nerves:" .Many strong appearing
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June Time Is Ring Time
-Diamonds Most Welcome of All
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The Famous Girls' Band
of the Roy Graves Canning Co., Sheridan, Or.
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McDougall Music Co.
This unique organization will play a concert in front of McDougall Music Co.'s Store
Friday Afternoon, June 13th.