The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, March 16, 1919, Section One, Page 9, Image 9

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Big Increase Shown in Appro
priations Authorized.
rrovlslons Made by Solons to De
velop Slate Through Building
of Belter Highways.
BOISE. Idaho. llarch 15. Speclal.
The fifteenth Idaho legislature passed
241 bills, memorials and resolutions be
fore it adjourned. Of this number .
were senate bills and IS senate me
morials and resolutions: Kl were house
bills, and 21 memorials and "solutions.
The legislature went on record for
number of important issues, imonl
which are the following: Reconstruc
tion of the state government, by wnicn
4s separate divisions are consolidated
into nine commissions and dePar'
ments: for constructive internal devel
opment of the state through the build
in of good roads and public edifices.
against the league ot nanonw. m "
ins the it senators said to be pledged
against it to oppose tt during the next
session of congress ana reiuse i
ABrrlallsa Are lmn.
In the matter of appropriations the
aolons went fir beyond records of pre
vious law-making bodies in xnia ii.
The tax levies, bond issues and direct
appropriations from the treasury wilt
h . n ih. finul nummary is made, foot
un close to IJ.000.000. Governor Davis
will ndiiu some of these appropria
tiona by veto, but the majority of them
will stand. In a number of appropria
tion issues, the legislature literally
"passed the buck" to the governor
The lecislature found Itself confront
d with unusual conditions which had
to be overcome, and this resulted in
multiplying the appropriations. The
tate had to so on a credit, instead
of a cash, basis to borrow money t
meet outstanding obligations instead
of paying from the treasury's coffers
This condition was brought about bv
the war.
When the new year opened. Idaho
was short on cash. The 1919 ti.Ves
from counties will not be available for-
from six to eight months. Added to
this condition was the period of re
construction requiring liberal treat
ment of building issues, including high
ways and pubiic buildings, so that
work could be furnished to as mmy
as possible. The session of the legisla
ture cost approximately J80.000. For
the state institutions over 1,000.000
was necessary, while to maintain the
state government $1.S52.$U0 must be
raised. The ambitious road construc
tion programme called for close to J2.
000.000, with no funds in sight to use.
Mate to Borrow Money.
The legislature met these problems
ty authorising the state to borrow 13,
OiiO.OOO on treasury certificates to meet
the expenses of the state government;
the issuance of J 1.800.000 in treasury
certificates to meet the expense of road
construction work. These certificates
will be redeemed in the first Instance
by the levy of an ad valorem tax. and
in the second instance by passage of a
2-mill tax levy on the total assessed
aluation of the state for state high
way construction purposes. When the
treasury certificates are redeemed the
slate will again be back on a cash
Outside of necessary funds needed
for the support of the state govern
ment comparatively few direct appro
priations were made. They amount to
bout liiiO.OUO. The more important of
these appropriations are the following:
lUi.OOO for the state normal at Lewis
ton, to replace the administration
building and for additional campus;
J.,2.000 for the improvement of the
state's watering resort at the Lava
iiot Springs; 20,00 to investigate the
water resources of the state; $75,000
for the construction of a highway from
Star In Ada county to the Payette
Jakes in Valley county: $119,456 to
meet maintenance charges against the
slate's land in the Uem irrigation dis
trict in Owyhee county; $10,000 for the
construction of a bridge in Boundary
county: $30,000 for improvements along
the Snake river, between Madison and
Jefferson counties; $30,000 for the
Kootenai county drainage district, and
2J.000 for an Investigation and audit
of the books of all state departments.
In addition, there were a number of
relief claims amounting ta ,,.
Portland IIocs lo Welcome .Mem
bers of I 17th Regiment.
According to telegraphic advires re
ceived yesterday by O. t- Overbeckof
the soldiers' and sailors' reception
committee, every effort will be made
by the government officials to have
batteries A and B. H7lh. routed by
way of Portland when they return
from overseas. The telegrams to this
effect were received tx.ih from I'nited
Mates Senator McNary and Mayor
faker, who is now- in Washington.
Word was received at Liberty Tcm
rlc yesterday that 42 men from the
camp at I'etervburg. Va.. will pass
through Tortland at S:.1o o'clock on
"Wednesday afternoon. They will stop
here for half an hour, and the commit
tee plans to give them the usual recep
tion. It is not known whether any
Orccon mn are with this detachment
or not.
Ye Oregon Grill
for Dinner
You and your family will enjoy
every morsel of the food we serve
for our table d'hote dinner for
every morsel is good!
You will enjoy, too, the quiet,
pleasant environment the highly
trained service the delightful
change from e very-day habit.
Dinner Is Served
5:30 to 8; $1.23
Dancing Weekday Evenings
Lunch with us tomorrow:
11 to 2; 50c
"Portland's Finest Lunch
base, must have a thickness of two
inches and concrete pavement six
"The new specifications, said Com
missioner Barbur, "will make for
greater competition among paving con
tractors and result in better pavements
fof the city."
Applications for Permits to Erect
Business Structures Will Get
Public Hearings.
The city planning commission re
cently authorized by the -city council
looms as a medium through which many
neighborhood controversies, arising
over the location or business enter
prises In residential districts, will be
All applications for permits to erect
garages, store buildings and other
structures in thickly settled residential
districts must be referred first to the
city planning commission. This body
surveys the situation covered in the pe
tition and holds a neighborhood meet
ing, to which all interested property
owners are requested to attend.
At this meeting an effort is made to
have the property owners of the district
involved select a certain area In the
district to be used as c business center.
The first case which has been handled
by the city planning commission and
which Incidentally was settled satis
factory to all concerned, was the loca
tion of the Irvinjton Garage & Auto
mobile company on Broadway, between
Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets.
Plans are being made by the plan
ning commission for the zoning of the
city for industrial, hospital and under
taking parlor districts. When com
pleted this proposal will be submitted
to the city council with a request that
an ordinance be passed defining certain
specification-. Redrawn lo Eliminate
AIIcrcU Discrimination.
Elimination of alleged discrimination
In Hie specifications offered by the
city for patented and non-patented
types of pavement is assured, it is
claimed, by new specifications drawn
by R. !. Pulin. superintendent of the
municipal paving repair plant. The spe
cifications will he submitted to the
council by Commissioner Barbur.
The new specifications standardize
the requisites or the city in connection
with pavement and pavement mixtures.
.Ml bituminous pavement, covering the
Scholt isches. Fox
Trots, One-Steps,
Two-Steps, "Waltzes,
etc. Victor aad PaJhe
Uaace Records.
Record Dept.
Qalrk. Ef flrieat Serv
lee. I'M Firth St-. Arrws
Kroas the
Klrat atloaal Bask
Professors of Agricultural College
Speak at Oregon City.
OREGON CITf. Or.. March 14. The
dairy institute held at Sandy Tuesday
and Wednesday was largely attended.
Professor r itts, of the Oregon Agricul
tural college, and Professor K. L..
Wcstover. also of that college, made
addresses. County Agent R. G. Scott
nd Miss Marie Anthony, home dem
onstrator, were in attendance, and told
of. the work they were carrying on in
the county.
A meeting was held by County Agent
Scott and Miss Anthony at Molalla
Friday, at Eagle Creek grange Satur
day: Monday, Damascus; Tuesday,
Needy: Wednesday evening. Barton;
Thursday evening. Boring; Friday
evening, March SI. Estacada.
Paul V. Maris, county agent leader
of the Oregon Agricultural college,
who has just returned from central
Oregon, Is much encouraged over the
work among ' the farmers and their
Vancouver Office to Suspend Opera
tions on March 32.
VANCOUVER. Wish, March 15.
(Special.) The t'nited States employ
ment office, opened in this city about
six weeks ago, will be closed March 22.
according to notice received today. by
William N. Marshall, local agent. Fall-
I lj ' 'ill j
I vli! about men's clothing, but, after all, how often in a uWffiPS ": ' " pH V? wTTV'v!' 'i ' ' t
J I j la day does a man see himself? And how oftercdo you Vx-Yf?flK "' Vf Yg '''ffl 'Hi I ' jj
: J Much more often, of course, so you ought to be a jib y -"W ''1 jj j j,, i 1 i jj
3 better judge of his clothes than he is. And then 10 ' . U W i ' jj j!i '.'fj'lfi ji , ! I III 9
; ' ' you have time to examine material and tailoring, 19; f$vVl Wm V ' J VlSl '! '''!'';' ill Hi 9
Si : 5 . and compare prices, and he hasn't,, and you know IB: AW''''''''Viff J Mmm yw, 1 iiW'V M lir'f'l'1 i i 'if SI
. The purpose of this advertisement is not particularly to sell clothes. It is
to get the women of. Portland to investigate our proposition and indorse it.
Maybe you think it isn't Worth your while tout, listen a moment.1
. We can save your husband or your son f 10.00 on every suit' or overcoat
he buys, because
1 We pay only low upstairs rent.
2 We sell for cash and have no credit losses.
3 We have no elaborate fixtures to pay for.
4 We buy in enormous quantities and thereby get low
w holesale prices. "
5 We sell so many clothes that we need only a very small
margin of profit.
You could do a lot of things with those $10.00 bills if you find the saving
we claim. Come up and remove the "if." Courteous salesmen await the
privilege of showing you.
The Best Values Money Can Buy
At $15 20 $25 $30
Entire Second Floor
Entrance Opposite Sunset Theater
Fit Guaranteed Alterations Free Open Sat. 'til S P. M.
3 I
ure of congress to pass the necessary
appropriation is given as the reason.
The furniture and supplies w-ili be
stored and If congress later makes the
appropriation it Is probable that the
office will be reopened.
During the few weeks the local office
has operated It has placed many men in
Oakland Owners
We are interested in your car "
Please call and let us
inspect and
adjust your Oakland
Willamette-Oakland Company
344 Burnside St.
Served 12 Noon to 9 P. M.
The choicest meats, ' vegetables . and pastries
served in the most tempting style.
Three specially prepared dinners for your choice :
Vegetable, 35c
Plate Dinner, 60c ,
Sunday Dinner,, $1 M0
Choice of
Roast Leg of Veal. Sirloin of Beef, Roast Chicken,
Roast Lamb, Chicken Fricassee with Rice.
Chpice of ,
Creamed Corn or Buttered Beets,
Mashed Potatoes
Fruit or Shrimp Salad.'
Choice of
Special Ice Cream or 'Fruit Jello.
Salted Nuts.
Tea. " . Coffee. '- Milk.
Rolls or Bread and Butter.
388 Washington'
127 Broadway
Case' .
The Personal Writing Machine
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Exclusive Distributors
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