The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, March 16, 1919, SECTIOIN FIVE, Page 4, Image 70

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blind publisher an deducator, ar-
rived In America recently to lec
ure for the Red Cross on his methods
it educating the blind, a task to which
le has committed his life and fortune.
3lr Arthur founded the St. Dunston's
t cut el for blinded soldiers and sailors
:n Regent's Park, London. Despite his
affliction be reached the highest pinna
cle of English journalism, owning- the
uondon Daily Express, Pearson's
Monthly and 19 other publications, all
of which he has recently- sold. He will
tour America, lecturing- for the benefit
if the American blind to stimulate in
terest In the training of those unfor
tunates, according to the London St.
Dunstan's plan.
Frederick Huntington Glllett, named
by the republicans to succeed Champ
Clark as speaker of the house, was
born at Westfield, Mass., Oct 16, 1851.
He is a graduate of Amherst and Har
vard law school and was admitted to
he Springfield bar In 1877. He was,
rom 1879 to 1882, assistant attorney--eneral
of Massachusetts and was
lected to the Massachusetts house of
epresentatives In 1890-91. He was
-lected to the Eld congress in 1892 and
-elected to all succeeding congresses.
Mr. Gillett defeated Representative
Mann in a caucus vote by 138 to 69.
Captain John Jacob Astor, youngest
son of Baron Astor and second cousin
of Vincent Astor. has arrived here with
his wife. Lady Violet. They were mar
ried in August, 1916, but only now start
their honeymoon, due to Captain As
tor's service in the war and the fact
that ha is recovering from a wound
which resulted in the loss of part of
-this left leg. Lady Violet was Lady
Nalrne-Mtnto, daughter of the fourth
Earl of Minto and widow of Major Lord
Charles Nalrne, son of the fifth Marquis
of Landsdown. Captain Astor and his
beautiful bride, who are shown above,
will go to Palm Beach for their be
lated honeymoon. The couple ex
pressed great delight at being "back
home" and Captain Astor spoke vol
umes of praise for the United States
doughboys, with whom he fought side
by side in the "great cause.
Lady F. E. Smith, wife of England's
lord chancellor, who has Just been
raised to the peerage, and Lady Sarah
Wilson, widow of Colonel Gordon Wil
son, killed in action at Tpres. will
shortly visit America, it is reported.
Both of these women of note have done
praiseworthy work for their country
in wartime.
American troops in Siberia would
hardly be recognized by their home
folks if they appeared in the dress that
is worn there. Scenes in Archangel.
depicted In photographs sent from the
839th infantry, show the unusual as
pects of the surroundings in which the
boys serving in that region are placed.
Distributing messages and letters
from the boys overseas at the .Jewish'
Welfare board clubhouse, 89 Park ave
nue. New York. Gathered around Mrs.
Ralph Stern are mothers, sisters and
sweethearts of the boys "over there,"
eagerly awaiting the personal messages
which she has brought them. Mrs.
Stern Is the former Evelyn Samuel, of
New York, and has been a volunteer
worker in the Paris headquarters of
the Jewish Welfare board. What tran
spires in the New York office is an ex
ample of that for which funds are to
be raised in Portland this week.
' There were no happier Britishers
that ever came back to Blighty than
the released prisoners of war from
prison camps of the Hun. After four
years of war, in which they suffered,
some of them, the deprivations of com
forts and denial for periods of proper
nourishment, they came up smiling to
board the transports for home.
Moscow, ancient capital of Russia,
presents 'strange scenes to the visitor
today, according to dispatches. No
attempt has been macfe to repair the
streets or damaged buildings since the
street fighting between the bolshevik
and government troops several months
ago. Streets in front of city hall are .
still littered and strewn with wreckage
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