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; Ladies' Purses
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Evidence in Fullerton Case to
Receive Publicity.
Charge of Immorality at Institution
liprovcn Bcforo Jury in
Libel Hearing.
March 13. (Special.) The University
of Oregon will beicin Monday morn
ing the mailing of 6000 copies of a
printed report of the trial of Jamea
i'ullerton who vu convicted last week
and la now in the county jail for de
faming the good name of the young;
men and women attending the Institu
tion. Such evidence as .Air. FuIIerton
waa able to bring forth to prove his
Charge that "immorality was rampant'
at the university is included in the re
port, as well as the evidence brought
forth by the stale, which convinced
the jury that Mr. Fullerton's charge
waa untrue. The verdict of "guilty"
.was reached on the first ballot.
In answering Mr. Fullerton's charge,
the university decided to put down all
the cards face-up on the table, and as
a result there was shown to the Jury
the entire moral history of the Institu
tion since 1S72. the year it was founded.
There are more than 1100 students
- on the campus today and since Presi
dent Campbell took charge in 1901,
between 000 and 90 altogether have
been under his jurisdiction. ot all
of these have been above human
Such unfortunate cases as existed
were frankly brought forward Vnd laid
before the jury and tho Jury was
challenged to compare the university's
44-year record with that of any lodge,
any order, any other school, religious
or secular, or any church or Sunday
school for a like period.
t'ar Case Mi.wn.
The university showed that there
had been only four disciplinary cases
of Immorality among university men in
17 years and few more in 40 years,
and none in 17 years among university
women. In tho whole 40 years and
more, according to Dean John Straub,
who came to the campus in 188, the
year the first class graduated, not a
single university woman has "gone to
the bad" or failed to become a self
respecting citizen or a useful wifa and
Not content with a demonstration
that positive wrong-doing was at the
lowest possible minimum, the univer
sity went on in an effort to ehow that
the campus was notable for clean ideals
and that the young people lived in a
wholesome atmosphere, and also that
the institution itself maintained a sys
tem of supervision and chaperonago
so thorough and so generally respected
that the authorities were in a position
to know exactly whereof they spoke
Faculty Advisers Assist.
Each student has his faculty adviser
as well as Ins particular dean, both
of whom are accountable for his well
being and conduct. Besides this, it
was shown that there are class ad
visers, faculty members attached to
the various houses, and a dean of
men who has charge over all super
visory work as well as a faculty dis
ciplinary committee with ample means
of obtaining Information and enforcing
Kach fraternity is a member of
separate national association which
sends Inspectors to the chapter .houses
each year to examine into moral well-
being as well as scholarship standing.
Besides this, there is a well-worked-out
system of supervision in the student
body itself according to which upper
classmen are responsible for particular
underclassmen, and a head of each
"house responsible for all within it,
both to the faculty and to the student
For the men students, also, the T. M.
C A. employs a paid secretary who
devotes all his time to association with
students, offering the guidance and ad
vice of an older man. The pastors
of the local churches were called to the
stand and proved that they, too, were
often upon the campus, had its wel
fare at heart, knew conditions thor
oughly and were deserving of a share
of the credit for conditions which they
characterized as entirely sound and
healthful morally.
W'tmri Have Sapervlaors.
Among the girls. It was proved, there
is maintained by the institution not
only all the supervisory machinery de
scribed as existing among the men, but
in addition a complete system of
chapcronage carried out by qualified
women of high standing, one of them
tha widow of a governor of Oregon
who devote their entire time to the
welfare of the girls in their particular
Kacli group consists of about 25 girls,
and for every girl in the university
there is some older woman who is re
quired to know where the girl is and
with whom at all hours of d;iy and
night. Over all these "house mothers'
Is the dean of women, paid by the uni
versity, who -votes her entire time to
tha work. There is also the paid and
special'? trained secretary of the
campus Y. tV. C. A.
Not by iron rules or meticulous
regulations alone is a fine moral tone
to be built up, the university witnesses
told the jury, but still other steps are
necessary. For clean living to become
natural and universal, it is necessary
that the body should be healthful and
the mind kept busy. Every student
has his experience of the benefit of
regular vigorous physical exercise un
der'trained direction, and the physical
i: I . is the " ' ' j
I I Last Word . j
! Player Pianos I
You. may play it from
the keyboard iii the
usual manner.
You may play any roll
with your own interpre
tation. You may listen to the
world's Master Pianists.
ShermaiSMay& Go.
Sixth and Morrison Streets, Portland
(Opposite Postoffice)
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Catarrhal Deafness
and Head Noises
If you have catarrh, catarrhal deaf
ness or head noises caused or catarrh,
or if phlecm drops in your throat and
has cauaed catarrh of the stomach or
bowels you will be fclad to know that
these distressing symptoms may be
entirely overcome in many instances
by the following treatment which you
can easily prepare in your own home
at little cost. Secure from your drus
trist 1 ounce of Parmint (Double
Strength). Take this home and add
to it pint of hot water and a little
irranulated RUKAr: stir until dissolved.
Take one tabiespoonf ul four limes a
day. An improvement is sometimes
noted after the first day'a treatment.
Breathlnir should become easy, while
the distressing head noises, headaches,
dullness, cloudy thinking, etc.. should
gradually disappear under the tonic
action of the treatment. Ioss of smell,
taste, defective hearing- and mucus
dropping in the back of the throat are
other symptoms Which supRest the
presence of catarrh and which may
often be overcome by this efficacious
treatment. It is said that nearly ninety
per cent of all ear troubles arc caused
or catarrh and there must, therefore,
b. many people whose hearing may be
restored by this simple, harmless, home
treatment. Adv.
directors for men and women are still
another means of healthful and natural
contact with other persons. The class
room work, tho recitations, the neces
sary study in preparation of lessons,
the hours in the scientific laboratories,
all make it impossible, the testimony
said, for either mind or boay to set
Into the morbid state in which breaches
of the moral law take place.
Added to this, witnesses testified to
the existence ofa healthful, pleasant
social life.
Soldiers' Record Shown.
According- to the army statistics of
venereal disease. Oregon is the clean
est state morally In tha entire United
States. The university students' army
training corps, it was shown on the
stand by both the commanding of
ficer and the army surgeon, stood high
above even the general Oregon record,
as high above it as Oregon was above
the rest of the country.
There was not a single case of ve
nereal affection shown in ail the S.
A. T. C. examinations. One was sus
pected, but the microscopic test elimi
nated even that. Furthermore, in the
whole duration of the war there was
not a single application for prophy
lactic treatment, wljich the army men
said could only mean either the strict
est morality or a very unusual willing
ness to risk courtmartial. '
It is for the reason that its showing
when submitted to the scrutiny of the
court room, where every witness waa
cross-examined by a hostile lawyer,
aDoeared so conclusive and complete,
that the university is undertaking to
distribute full reports of the trial
throughout the state.
Management of Beaver Hill Mine Is
Developing Property.
MARSHFIELD, Or., March 15. The
management of tho Beaver Hill coal
mine has undertaken additional devel
opment and is increasing Us output
The company found the demand for
fuel the past winter greater than it
could supply and there are large orders
to be filled this summer. The coal sold
in JIarshfield the past winter was said
to be better than any the mine has
turned out in previous years.
The mine belongs to the Southern
racific Kailway company and was in
cluded in the deal when, the Spreckels
interests sold the Marslif leld-.Myrtlc
Point railroad to the Southern Pacific.
v : ;
it i- . jiy I
r . t "
I - r - -
Wallace Ball. '
Pastor Pays Tribute to Heroism of
Eight 3Ien Represented by Gold
Stars on Service Flag.
Soldiers of the First Presbyterian
church who have returned to their
homes and others who are still in serv
ice, but who were able to be In Port
land were guests of honor at a dinner
given for them last night by members
at the church house.
About 250 persons were seated at
tables facing the great service flag of
the church. At the suggestion of Dr.
Jonn H. Boyd, pastor, roll call first
was held for the men whose lives were
represented on the service flag by eight
gold stars.
"We are glad to have our boys back
with us, but they have never been en
tirely away," said Dr. Boyd. "When they
left Portland our hearts, were tender
and a sacred cord bound by memories,
bv love and by honor, was formed that
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stayed with us, but also went with
them, holding the dear ones at home
with the men in service In this country
and overseas. The name of every man
represented In this flag shall be in
delibly written over one of its stars
and his sacrifice and honor in entering
God's conflict shall be withthis chutth
as long as it shall stand.
Roll1 call was read and answered by
it mnn of tha service at the dinner.
George. N- Woodley presided. George
P. McKenzie, formerly of the navy and
o memher.of the church, led in the
singing of patriotic and popular songs.
Selections were given by the Sunday
school orchestra.
Settling Case by Lot Disapproved
ABERDEEN, Wash., March 15. (Spe
cial.) Both Charles Craig and V. G.
Skinner, candidates tor councilmen
from the 1st ward, who were tied in
the primary voting on Tuesday, ob
jected to the breaking of the deadlock
by lot and asked the city council to
arrange that both names should go
on the ticket for the election, thus al
lowing the people of the ward to settle
the matter. The council referred the
matter to
the city attorney for an
Xews of the death of Wallace
Ball, formerly of Pleasant Home
and Portland, has been received
by relatives here. Toung Ball
was killed in action in France
October 9. according to a message
received from the government.
Mr. Ball was drafted in July and
five weeks later was in France
with the 111th infantry. Surviv.
ing are a widow, Mrs. Minnie .
Ball, and child, who live in Boise,
The lasting remem
brance of a service at
Finley's makes you
feel that nothing has
been left undone
which could add to
your respect and ap
preciation of those
J. P. Finley &Son
Montgomery at Fifth
Tnnn aT
A FEATURE of Nash trucks
is the automatic locking dif
ferential which practically pre
vents loss of traction by the
spinning of the truck's driving
wheels. It lets Nash trucks
make surer and safer deliveries.
Although Nash trucks-are less than two years 7
old, they are already being used by such con
cerns as: The American Steel Foundries, The
Standard Oil Company, The Palmolive Com
pany, Morri"& Company, and others.
Portland Motor Car
. Distributors
: 't t ieen
Two-Te Qiii, $2175 Nut Quad Cliiii, $3250