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Strategic Groups Clamor
for Guardianship.
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JJalkan?, Turks, Armenian
and Persians Present Problems
to the Peace Conference.
f ' y y yy (
(Copyright. 1010, by the New York Herald
Company. All Rights Reserved.
(Copyright, Canada. by the New Tork
Herald Company.)
PARIS. Since America seems des
tined to bear a large share of respon
sibility for the feeble folk of the earth,
it is important to consider the possibil
ities that confront her. Five clear
groups of humanity will have to be
policed and protected and "big-broth-
ered" by the league of nations or by
-whatever individual powers the peace
conference may deputize for the task.
These are the "problem blocks" of
territory which are giving concern to
the statemen assembled here. All are
pivotal to the peace of the world. Each
is represented here by claims which
must be met in whole or in part.
And some one or more of these sec
tions of the earth, with their ancient
peoples, must be taken under the wing
of the United States of America. While
there is yet time, the people back home
may as well get out their old geog
raphies and decide upon which partic
ular bit of historic earth, with its vex
atious problems, they will choose to ad
minister. It will clarify the situation to treat
these five great areas as simple unities
or blocks of territory though none of
them Is by any means simple in the
task it presents. All, however, have
clear claims to consideration and to as
sistance from the nations which are
undertaking to make the whole world
safe for democracy. Other parts of the
earth need help and apparently will
not be able to come to self-realization
without friendly succor from the great
powers, as Russia, China and Poland.
At the moment, however, the five great
congeries of peoples demanding atten
tion are all within the near cast.
Balkan Being; Bolstered.
First is the Balkan block. For ages
the little peoples in and about the
Balkan mountains, down in the south-
fast corner of Europe, have had to fight
their own battles, not only with one
another, but primarily against the
Turk, and also against the statecraft of
Europe, which regarded them as mere
pawns in the diplomatic game. Primi
tive, virile, liberty-loving folk, wedded
to the glories of their own past, whom
fate has placed under the feet of all the
marauding armies of the ages, the
Balkan states 'have of late shown the
world the stuff of which they are made.
Serbia's tale of Vnoral grandeur and
of physical heroism surpasses telling.
No other nation has suffered so sorely
in the war. This furnace of affliction
has welded her to her brother Slavs and
we have the new Jugoslav, or southern
Slav, state, combining Serbia, Monte
negro. Bosnia, Mergezovina and -other
parts of what used to be Austro-Hun-
Kary. -
All "the glory that was Greece' is in
cluded in the Balkan states, for that
tstorm-tossed little kingdom is In tho
Balkan group. So also is Bulgaria, in
whatever form the peace conference de
cides to leave her. Roumania, too, re
united with her Transylvania children
Is also a. Balkan state. Czecho-Slovakia
mav be considered as lying north of the
Balkan block.
This roup of states, lying on the di- i
rect hishway between Europe an Asia, i
and, if left alone, a prey to all the !
old-world ambitions of conquest and
expansion, calls for counsel, guidance,
support and protection. In the forma
tive years, during which a federal Bal
kan nation will probably emerge, it
must have a big brother to stand by.
And the peoplo themselves, myriads' of
whom are returned American immi
grants! say they want that big brother
to be America.
Totks 10 IIae Chance.
Going eastward, we find that the
next block to be looked after and
helped into self-support and self-realization
is the Turkish group. At last
tho Turk is to have a fair clVance at
life, liberty and the pursuit of happi
ness in his old home in Anatolia, or
Asia Minor proper, with a capital at
Konia. Hitherto the Turk has been
busy trying to govern other peoples and
not himself. At this he has been a
complete failure and a monstrous
In charge of an empire, he has been
an affront to modern civilization, an
offender against all laws, human and
divine. No sincere student of history
will say a word in his favor though i i .-.-ri'it i-iii-a 1 fiii-im-i'il Inlornnta
which are as denationalized as bolshe
vism, are working for the perpetuation
of the Ottoman government. They are
doomed to failure. Civilization will not
stultify itself at Paris.
As one conservative man said, "To
continue Turkey would be a. truce with
hell." Nobody of real power, so far as
can be learned, has the slightest inten
tion of perpetuating the rule of the
Ottoman empire.
tsut tne uurks themselves the peo
ple who have been the victims of their
own crimes and misdirected energies,
so that they have descended with the
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peoples they have pulled down despite
all their offenses, should have a chance
at self-government, divorced from the
attempt to govern any other peoples.
The present plan is t6 settle them In
Anatolia, where they used to live be
fore they spread as a blight to Europe.
Sea Coast Anred.
There thev may farm and mine and
do business, ir they can. They will not
have all the seacoast of Asia Minor,
but enough for all purposes of com
merce. Tho ruins of most of the cities
which the Book of Revelation speaks of
as "the seven churches in Asia" will be
within their territory. If there is real
stuff in them, as their friends declare,
they will have full opportunity to re
store in peace the ancient prosperity
and glory which they themselves de
stroyed by war.
All the while, though, the Turks will
be under the watchful eye of civiliza
tion, and especially of tho power that
is .deputized to be trustee of their
transformation. They will have to be
have themselves. There will bo no
more Turkish massacres, no more
"holy wars." For with Constantinople
gone from their hands, and their own
empire whittled down to a province
under the oversight of a strong Chris
tian nation, they will cast no spell
over tho imagination of the Moslem
The Turks will be expected to hang
their own Envers and Talaats and
Djemels and not leave that sort of
work to the outside world. With the
generosity that is so amusingly pre
valent in many Quarters, especially
since it is desired that she rule Con-
with overlordship. Indeed, -the pre
vention of retaliatory measures by such
people against peoples wiir be one of
the first tasks of tho unlucky power
that asumcs this particular parcel of
the "white man's burden." Local sen
timent i3 Insistent that Great Britain
or America alone would furnish an ac
ceptable protectorate; either would
quite willingly stand aside in' favor of
the other. Both tnow that the Job must
be done with Anglo-Saxon courage, pa
tience, thoroughness and justice.
Arabia Requlrn Guardian.
Fourth of the five blocks of territory
mat win nave to he overseen ty a rep
resentative of the peace conference or
of the league of nations is tho Arabic
speaking section. This includes Arabia.
Syria and Palestine as well as part of
upper Mesopotamia. It is the unit over
which Prince Feisal. of Damascus and
Mecca, row claims rule.
Its bond is a common language and a
common Semitic origin. Within its
.bounds are many of the most enlight
ened and progressive young men of the
levant, educated in American schools
and colleges. The recent military activ
ities in Syria have solidified public sen
timent, w netner the lorm of govern
ment will be a. republic or a monarchy
tho peoplo themselves will have to de
This fourth block acquires special
popular interest for two reasons. One
is that it embraces the Holy Land, the
scene of the birth and growth of the
three srpat monotheistic faiths. The
other reason is that all tho hopes of
Zionism will have to be worked out
within this region. The old idea, now
stantiuople (of which more later), it"10 longer held by Zionist leaders, was
is proposed that America become
trustee to the Turks also! "This is a
job. likelier 1 to fall to France, for
France has long been popular with
the Turks.
Armenia Is lrobIem.
Third, and most difficult of all the
block to lead along the steep ascent
to competence for telf-goverrunent, is
what may bo termed the Caucasus or
Armenian group. Every man who
knows this region and its problems
devoutly hopes that his own country
will not have to ta-'kle it! Geographi
cally, it runs from the Caucasus moun
tains to the Mediterranean, westward
to te Black Sea and eastward to the
A line fro.n Alexandretta, at tne
northeastern end of the Mediterranean,
to Diarbekir, on the Tigris river, might
reasonably be its southern boundary.
It would include whatever territory
ia allocated to the Armenians, as well
as the kingdom of Georgia, and the
country .of the Kurds, together with
that of the Tartars. Within its bounds
would be at least half a hundred little
tribes and nations which have clung
to their own place and identity despite
the mutations of the centuries. Even
the Moslem Circasians have returned
thither from Turkey fter the successes
of the Arabs and the British in Syria
and Palestine. Race and religion clash
constantly here: it is a turbulent por
tion of this old earth, a bubbling pot
of unrest. Its problems are almost as
old as history.
Nevertheless, this Caucasus block has
to be safeguarded and the rights of the
little peoples given decent considera
tion: Some western power will have
to undertake the nasty job. There is
no resident nation that can he trusted
that Palestine would be summarily
seized or purchased from its present
government and turned over to a ready
made Jewish body to rule without re
gard to the wishes of the resident
population, who outnumber the Jews
nearly 10 to 1.
That is so obviously inconsistent with
all the new principles of the right of
self-determination that the newer
scheme and purpose of the Zionists is
that they rhall be free to purchase land
in Palestine, to fettle there freely, to
settle there freely, to exercise all civil
rights, to Fet up their own communi
ties and enterprise and when they be
come a majority population to make
Jewish state. Prince Kelsal is in full
sympathy with the Zionist schemes.
Whatever power becomes suzerain or
protector in this Arabic epeakinsr re
gion should likewise be absolutely com
mitted to a policy of religious tolerance
and of sympathy for Jewish and Arabia
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Beautifully Wavy Hair
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