The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, March 09, 1919, SECTION TWO, Page 19, Image 43

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J10.00O MAX
u distributor for well-entablished, nationally-advertised
Must be substantial business man with
sales and executive ability and the means
to handle a big opportunity. Inquiries
treated confidentially. Address
P. O. BOX 1030.
seeking employment or ambitious to do
Digger tnings are inviteti i wuuomi.
employment secretary at the
Y. M. C. A.
W have constant demand for men In
all clerical, technical and commercial
lines. Why waste your efforts when a
special membership costing only S E'ves,
a!on; with other privileges, EMPLOY
MENT INSURANCE for one year? Put
your case in our hands and we will multi
ply by one thousand your
Our record for past 9 years:
Calls for men 0.342
Positions secured . . . . . lo.biu
11 AN about 50 yr. old, no family, healthy,
honest in dealings, to live In country
home 2 hrs.' ride lrora Portland: must be
used to baching and keeping place neat
and clean; preter man who has had ex
perience with fruit trees, berries and
bees but not essential if willing to learn;
work not heavy; wages small; steady place
vear around if satisfactory ; free use good
house and garden. Write all In first let
ter, wages wanted per hour for this kind
of work, experience, etc. AV 6Ua, Ore
Eonian. -
MAN in each town to refinish chandeliers,
brass beds, automobiles by new metnoa;
$10 daily without capital or experience,
all or spare time; eevry housenold, store
and office possible customer; field unlim
ited in this big money-making business.
Write for free particulars and proofs. Oun
metal Co.. S;t Elm, Decatur. III.
BTLADY men wanted to take exclusive con
trol of good territory in Oregon and Wash
ington; money advanced weekly, outfit and
special training free, experience unneces
sary; our active men are making good
money, you can do the same; clean, hardy.
.aranteed stock. Yakima Valley Nursery
Co.. Toppenlsh, Wash.
Tha hulam Timber Co., Scappoose,
Or., is running; we are their representa
tives; no fee charged for this camp
...... .nn..iu t.h vs vour fee: all old
timers welcome: new list daily. Portland
Labor Agency, 11 N. 2d St.
MEN wanted who are willing to work and
invest from J300 to $500 and own an in
t.TMt In the business: we pay $5 per day
and up; we want truck drivers, carpenters
and helpers, also good mechanic for ga
rage. Answer, giving phone number. Bt
S74, Oregonlan.
"WANTED Honorably discharged soldier
who possesses wide acquaintance In the
ciy to act as representative of old-established
corporation favorably known in
Portland. Send name, aduress and tele
phone connection to AJ 236. Oregonlan.
OLDISH man of good character, habits and
sunny temper, to bach.: found and email
salary; chores, milk cow. garden ana
when von write. G. B. Dudley, Route 4,
Hood River.
-vi r- "VVoil t.idav. bet. lu and 1- A. M.,
gen hotel. '
VIS TO $S6 WEEKLY' in your spare time
tioma 3uet;iai . c ......... o w
Hies of your city; no experience wcas
r-ii. rt..v- fnr rial ticu ars. Amer
rBI- inft American bldkt..
ican Products
Cincinnati, O.
SALESMAN who can make good selling
Krocerles. wholesale departments, and also
teach new men In fields; give experience
and qualifications fully, and phone; good
job for make-good man. BC b.o. Ore
gonian. ' .
THREE neat appearing young men. not
over 22. with selling ability; experience
not necessary; good future for those who
qualify. See Mr. Smith, Seward Hotel,
from 10 to 2. ,
liLDliRLY or middle-aged man for sub
urban place; small greenhouse, garden,
one cow. few chickens and chores; mod
erate wagep, room and board. Apply -c.-63d
and Yamhill sts.; Mt Tabor car.
"WANTED Drug clerk, one willing to work
and anxious to learn; good opportunity
nd steady employment; small town in
"Waahingion; state all particulars and
salary expected. AV 700. Oregonian.
W NTED Male bookkeeper, experienced in
double entry voucher eystem. who under
stands accountinn: and expense reports;
etate salarv and age. Answer in own hand
writing. AC 454, Oregonian.
rwoRR hnv to milk 3 cows, split wood and
make himself generally useful about the
farm; $2) per month ana Doara; no scuuui
boys. 228 Alder st- .
6 DISCHARGED soldiers or sailors for crew
wnrk. citv or travel: salary and bonus;
boys now working are making $7 to $12
per aay. .iii-ius waamnsiuH ai.
JAPANESE second cook; must thoroufihiy
understand a la carte and tabie d'hote
service, and a good pie maker; saJary $)0
and meale. AV 69 1. Oregon. an.
"VV ANT exoertenced salesman with knowl
edge ol auto pans; cnance to maKe uig
money, man with car preferred. 500 Burn
side st.
WANT caretaker for Community Club house;
heat, light and living quarters furnished;
rive experience and. salary expected. BC
805, Oregonian.
OFFICIAL, organ, going on second year; fine
indorsements; uniformed men wanted;
take orders. Oregon Veteran, 209 Stock
WANTED Agents to represent us selling
nursery stock; young, middle-aged or
elderly men can make big money. Ad
dress Oregon Nursery Co.. Orenco. Or.
WANTED Experience fluff rug weaver, 50
cents per nour; sceaay worK. i xie r uzy
Wuzzy Rug Co.. Seattle. Wash.
SHIPPING CLERK acquainted with city,
experienced in stationery business; give
references, etc. H 27, Oregonian.
&NTRY CLERY for printing house; must
be experienced; give references and aal-
- ary expected. AG 12, Oregonian.
WANTED Watchmaker; none but first
class need apply. Dan Marx, 2a3 Wash
ington st.
3-0 electricians, out-of-town job; conduit
work. See Benjamin. Rainier hotel.
BOOKKEEPER, experienced; opportunity for
man with ability in established wholesale
line ; answer fully. AN oil), Oregonian."
CREDIT man for established wholesale
house; state all particulars fully. AN 51d,
1X teams to haul lumber six miles. 4 miles
plankeci balance graveled. $3.75. M. Scap
poose Lumber Co., Scappoose. Or.
"WANTED Refracting optician; must be able
to do bench work. 245 Va Yamhill sL, Port
land. Or.
WILL instruct fow men in oxy-acetylene
cutting and welding; night or day. 141
Flanders st.
AT ONCE, good dyer and cleaner, for out-of-town
business; good wages for A-l man.
AE 859. Oregonian.
WANTED Platen press feeders: also boy
with some experience in ninaery. inae
pendent Printing Co., 208 Alder st.
WANTED A middle-aged man who under
stands gardening, chickens, and can milk
a couple of cows. Gift Lovejoy st.
WANTED Salesman
Washington st.,
with auto.
Apply at
WANT expert landscape gardener,
after M-. Ea8t4J??0;
FIRST-CLASS vestmaker.
Wilcox bldg
Reed Bros.,
W NTED Salesman
Washington st.
and coliector.
14 OR 15-YEAR-OLD EOT at Allen's Press
Clipping Bureau, 207 Oak st.
WANTED Ten first-class advertising so
licitors. Address K 67, Oregonian.
ttiMTED An experienced gardener; stead
EXPERIENCED dry goods salesman who
understands piece goods; permanent po
eitloin, good salary to person quaiiiv lnfe.
Wells Dept. Store. Hillsboro, Or. Call
Job to the right man. J 033, Oregonian.
to secure employment there; get in touch
with them;, send ftiJc. money order, cola
or stamps, for copyrighted booklet de
scribing salaries, working and living con
ditions, list of companies employing
Americans; compiled by executive and
traveler from actual experience, supply
ing Just the information you want if
Interested in Latin-America; special in
formation (if not In booklet) furnished
freo to purchasers. C. & S. A. Service Co.,
Box 188. Seattle. Wash.
, Right man can make $250 per month
and up. Young man or returned soldier
riven preference: auto useful, but not ab
solutely necessary; only those that can
carry themselres for 2 or U weeks need
apply. Call 11 to 2--.30 Sunday only. No
interview will be given Jlonday. Mr. Lie
lorest. Main "a.
320-321 Henry Bids. Main 26S0.
W ANTED The following men for shipyard
6 blacksmiths.
5 sheet lead workers.
12 plumbers.
25 caulkers.
15 electricians.
4 copper-sets.
40 painters.
Appointment by phone only. Call Broad
"y 411, ask for llr. Rich.
Stenographer who can read, writ and
peak Spanish.
Doctor. Young soldier who can ride i
Teacher, hlrh school, history, mathe
matics. composition. baseball. college
sports, all round man; Monday sure.
Storekeeper, pen. store, Alaska.
Third and Oak Streets.
WE WANT a dozen more ycanc men TO
WHEN SATISFIED. We teach auto trac
tor gas engine and auto electrical work.
dress Adcox Auto & Tractor School. Dept.
Iv. onion ave. and Wasco St.. Portland. Or.
Phone East 7445. Day and night classes.
WANTED Experienced automobile Bales-
man to negotiate agencies for Etradara
trucks and automobiles not now represent
ed on Pacific coast: entire coast tenilory
open to right man. Address, stating ex
perience, j-L.t uregoman.
MH.S WANTED Experience not necessary;
wecome draftsman, earn Slot) to $-60 per
month and up. Hundreds of good posi
tions open. Learn at home in spare time.
we will send you test lesson in uralts
manshlp free to prove our claims. Write
for it today. Chicago Technical College.
ltgJ Chicago lech bldg.. Chicago. I
faaiary $175; $2o0 month when com
petent; chief draftsman will train you
personally, also furnish free all tools and
drawing tabie: training given until placed
in position. Address Chief Draftsman Dooe
400L Broadway. Div. bo. Chicago.
WANTED Newspaper man to take charge
or weekly ureKon newspaper; a una op
portunity for man who can hustle some
without investing a dollar; man with
knowledge of lino preferred. Address AV
iili, oregonlan.
UNITED STATES government wants men
and women for railway mail and post
office. Let our expert, former government
examiner, prepare you for these positions.
Write today for free booklet N-M. Patter,
son Civil Service School. Rochester. N. Y
WANTED Young man for position as of
flee boy; one familiar with typewrite
desired. Answer in own handwriting, stat'
tnir aie. experience and salary expected
give telephone number. AC 4i4, Ore
WANTED Younir man to fill position of of
flee boy; musl oe active, quick to learn
nnri nhlA tr usa tvDewriter: salary $4
per month at start; only those willing
to work need apply. in answering bi
telephone number. VllO, Oregonlan.
DAY JANITOR Must be good all-around
mechanic and understand plumoing, cal
somining and painting: give age, name
address, experience and wages expected.
F 500. Oregonlan.
CLEAN-CUT man with thorough experlenc
as window decorator for cloak and sui
house; state age, previous experience, ref
erence and your teiepnone numoer.
110. Oregonlan.
WANTED AT ONCE Open-shop foundry
moulders for out-of-town work. - Macy
scale of wages. 48 nours per week; stead
work to competent men. 520 Oregon bldg
5th and Oak sts.
GENTLEMAN partner for vaudeville act
some experience preferred ; not over 3
who can play any two of the follow Ins
instrument,!.: Any wind, violin, guitar or
mandolin H 3, Oregontan.
WANTED All-around printer; one who
undersianus care of lino and can oper
ate; speed not essential; state
wanted. Address aprinfffield
Springfield. Or.
WANTED Young man as buiins clerk;
must be quick and accurate at figures.
Apply in own handwriting, givinu age. ex
perience, salary expected and phone num
ber. G 14. Oregonian.
WANTED A man to make sash and doora
in a. small factory ; must be capaMe and
responsible. Troy Lumber &. Mfg. Co.,
Clarkston, Wash.
CORRESPONDENT to write monthly news
letter covering baking industry in Port
land. Western Baker, 30a Shawmut
bklg., San Francisco, Ca.1.
OL'NG Japanese, capable and tconomical,
to take charge of pantry In first-class
hotel out of Portland; salary $70 and
mf-als. AV 69ti, Oregonian.
ROUTE-MAN for established tea and coffee
route, with Ford car; must have at least
6 months' experience in this line. Cieo.
Caswell Co.. 25 E. 12th st.
WANTED AT ONCE First-class open-shop
machinists on heavy lathe work. Good
wages, steady work to competent men. 520
Oregon bldg., rth and Oak sts.
WINDOW trimmer and card writer wanted;
permanent position with good salcry to
experienced man who can q ualif y. Apply
bkallcrud Dry Goods Co.. Astoria. Or.
WANTED A first-class cleaner, spotter and
presser ; one ho can handle all kinds of
ladles' clothes and repair work. Nam pa
Dr- Cleaning Works. Xampa, Idaho.
DISTRICT manager wanted for Wizard
check indorser; ust be capable, employ
agents, furnish reference and bonds. Ad
dress 457 Calvert bldg., Baltimore, Aid.
"WANTED Partner that can repair au.o-
mobiies in tiiacKamun atiop aa garage.
Town near Kaiem, Write AV ttiO, Orego
nian. MAN, with sm-ll capital, to handle guar
anteed 'carbon remover"; something new.
See "Doc," Portland Labor Agency, 11
N. 2d st.
MKN of oersonalitv and ability to call on
the farmers; to men who will work eight
hours per day we have a good proposi
tion; give telephone. V 132, Oregonian.
ACTIVE man to build concrete forms and
heH with cement work; state age. ex
perience, wapes expected; steady Job
rl-ylit man. K 70, Oregonian.
WE NEED a good business woman or bus!
ness man in our business; must be able
to make small investment. K 78, Orego
PRINTER WANTED In well-equipped Ore
gon country office; must be willing to feed
press; permanent for competent man. AV
i". uregonian.
MEN with character and rood personality
can secure position as salesman with large
corporation; permanent income. 40ti N. W.
DanK blag.
LaHuE, well-known puoilshing nouse want
live salesman lor out o: tuwn; state eau
catiou, experience, phone No. X iiuy,
WANTED Drug clerk, registered in Wash
ington or equal to it; must have good
retereaces and be steady ; permanent po-
aition. State salary. jxv iv., vicEuiiMii,
YOUNG man to learn business collections
and office work; experience unnecessary
state age. Address P. O. Box 524.
WANTED Reliable married couple for Jan
itor work, theater. Write BC SOW, Ore
gonian. '
4 plumbers, out-of-town jobs. See Ben
jamin. Rainier hotel.
WANTED Experienced car tallyman; wages
52 H cents per hour. Apply West Oregon
Lumber Company. Linnton. Or.
WANTED Baker's helner; one who know
bis work; apply ready . for business. Mike
Powers, -Lapwal. idano.
WANTED Reliable Janitor for theater
state age, experience, salary. G 19, Ore
BARBER wanted for Echo, Or.: $25 guar
anteed; first-class job. Inquire Lewis
Stenger Barber Supply Co.
BOY to assist in carrying an Oregonlan
route. Call Marshall 54o3 today.
WANTED Experienced baker. Wire
write. Model Bakery, Enterprise. Or.
WANTED Experienced cook.
Dairy Lunch, 332 Wash. st.
Leigh tori
VULCANIZE R, apply in
A. M.. :;5H4 Morrison.
person, Sunday
JANITOR wanted for office bldg.; nigh
worn, al ", uregonian.
BOY of 13 wanted to do chores after school
Can at 114 . tn ana Aiaer
WANTED Experienced
Janitor. Venabl
WANTED Exp. waitress; leavt address an
phone no. N 403. Oregonian.
Full Information a to all employment
openings in this community and else
where will be given you free at the
(S64 Taylor st. Phone Main 3S00.)
All national and local efforts to assist
you are there concentrated.
SHIPPING CLERK for large flnn. Answer
In own handwriting, stating age. experi
ence, salary required and telephone num
ber. D 127, Oregonlan.
who has had not less than 1 yrs.- experi
ence in repairing ail makes of cars; for
foreman In large local repair shop; must
be reliable and competent to handle- men
and oversee work; permanent; answer in
own handwriting; state age. married or
single, experience, references and salary
expected. L fr-00. Oregonlan.
WANTED Wideawake man to drive service
car for local motor car company: must be
honest and reliable, a good driver, familiar
with the city: answer rn own handwriting,
give full particulars, age, experience, mar
ried or alngle. references. L bt!4. Orego
SALESMAN who can make good selling
groc-jries, wholesale to farmers, and also
teach new mon in field; give experience
and qualifications fully, and phor.e; good
job for make-good man. BG b75, Ore
gonlan. E.vPEKlENCED automobile washer and
handy man for night work in garage;
good wages and permanent position;
middle-aged man preferred: atato expe
rience and reference. R 520, Oregonlan.
CIVIL engineer for logging railroad, must
be a good hustler and not afraid of the
rain. In first letter please state ex
perience and salary expected. L 7.'18.
WANTEt) An experienced
for upholstered furniture,
miliar with handsaw.
Mattress Co.
frame maker
Must be fa
King Fisher
NEWS editor wanted, must have expe
rience and "punch" to his copy; young
man preferred. Apply Monday morning,
Oregon City Courier, Oregon City.
WANTED Young experienced gentleman as
statistical clerk keeping business records
In large wlioiesale eeiaotisnmeni. au-
dress BF llllti. Oregonlan.
WANTED Al bookkeeper. Don't apply if
not first-class. GooM salary and perma
nent position. Give references. D 13S.
YOUNG man as commiseary cleric and atore
keener for cannery In Alaeka: ervice man
preferred; jive phona No. X 492. Otcko
niaiu '
JEWELER First-clapa man; special order
and new work; htKh-ciass shop; eteody
work. A. O. Myers Co., 20S Swetland bldg.
BOY to learn fur trade, over 16 years;
splendid opportunity. Apply Monday,
Hudson Bay Co., 147 Broadway,
WANTED Good man with good hea.vy
young team and equipment to Join our
lumber operation.
M 3, Oregonian.
10 painters, out-of-town Job.
jamin. Rainier hotel.
See Ben-
WANTED Experienced collector; one who
can drive Ford. b'K Uekum Diug. sune
but experienced man need apply.
MAX with small donkey enirlne to take con
tr:irt to clear 25 acres of land neur Port
land. J 617, Oregonian.
TWO sb iesmen travel on cood commission.
pplendid opportunity right parties. 210
Stock Exchange.
WANTED Younq man as assistant to de
livery clerk In first-class 'retail store.
Address D 132, Oresontan.
WANTED Al salesman for wholesale fruit
and produce line: state experience and
shiiry exp-ta. i, W, OrerTonian.
WA NT ED Two good talking machine
s'.tlesman for city Inside and outside work.
Address BD 174. Oregonia.
WANTED Exoerienced hard candy mak
ers; state experience and wagea expected.
W 6, Oregonian.
WANTED Four discharged soldiers; easy
work and rood pay. s-e Mcuontwu.
9 to 12 and to . 4U McKay bldg.
IjKVA TOR operator. Apply Hotel Eaton
Help "Wanted 8alemru
SALESMEN Traveling Oregon and adjacent
territory, caning on turnuure ana Keneraj
stores, to sell on the side for manufuc
turr tfr1aitv floor coverinc. An excep
tional money-making opportunity for one
with references. iox jwrniiaaeipnia.
NE quart of Kppedollne equals 53 gallons
rajio'ine: ciistnoutor wantea in evry town
permanent euinloyment ; big money. Write
tor particulars. bpeedoliiie Co., Dallas,
&UL1CITR not afraid of work lo go with
me to samnii. couniy m on uubine::
men and farmers. Miouia ue aoic to
make at least S.'iO per week. Marshall
17.";i. Tabor 57'JS.
$00-$75 WEEKLY selling advertising fans
exclusively or -o nmo now , k imhk eau a
beginning; all merchants possible custom
ers; samples light; terms liberal. Apply
fan d-pu, the Kemper-Thomas Co., Cin
cinnati. F YOU have been overseas and can sell.
we can ue you on gooa proposition: you
can earn $10 per day every day you work,
with pay every night; uniform essential.
8 to 10 A. M. 907 gpalrMng bldg.
HAVE fine proposition to offer salesmen
now calling on coniectionery or gen.
stores. Answer, stating territory covered
and line now handled. Correspondence
confidential. D liitf, Oregonian
SPECIALTY salesman We have the best
magazine proposition on tne coast; no
samples to carry, $10 to $12 per day, with
pay every evening If you are alive. Call
b to 10 A. M. iw4 Spalding bldg.
mhe l tn responsible house, nays commis
sions promptly; write toaay; samples ana
sales talks free. Erickson Son Co., Des
Moines. Iowa.
MEN or women call at Hotel Conradlne for
dandy seller paying commission. un
charged soldiers will do well, look this up.
Auk for Mr. Price.
WANTED Two salesmen; not order takers;
if 3-0 u are a live one you can make i
to $15 per day. 502 Worcester bldg. Sun
day. 2 to 4 P. M.
WANTED Lumber salesman, acquainted
with eastern and traiitornia traae; must
Invest $J0O0 or more in lumber company.
X 483, Oregonian.
WANT several salesmen with autos to sel
real estate, experience not necessary; call
between and v o ciock Aionaay morning.
Johnscn-Dodson Co., 634 N. W. Bank bldg.
SALESMAN WANTED One real man, at
once. Good present ana suture earnings.
Local man, 25 to 40, preferred. S 417, Ore-
I WANT 3 esalesmen to sell the fastest-sell
ing article ever put cm the market: first
time In Portland; no Doys. it &i. orego
SALESMEN" Inexperienced or experienced
city or traveling, write ror list of open
lngs and particulars. Address Nat'l Sale
men's Tr. Asn.. dept. 311. Chicago. 1)1
SALESMAN Side line: collection system
free outfit; no invest. 112 Turk, San
TWO live salesmen (experienced preferred
for a season h oit) proposition. Good com
mission. Main 7.1.
SALESMAN, city work, wholesale fruits,
Reply, BC Swu, Oregonian. Give age, ref
A GOOD live man to sell automobll
and tubes to the consumer on 1
centage basis. F S80. Oregonian.
MAN with auto can make $10 day if
hustler; no experience necessary; we train
you. S "70, Oregonian. -
WANTED Specialty
s orfs ; commission,
soli to
120, Ore-
Help Wanted Bmetsta
WANTED One of the strongest anil most
progressive old-line life Insurance coin
panics in America is now organizing a
permanent agency force in Oregon: suc
cessful men with or without insurance
experience are Invited to correspond con
fidentially. Portland. Willamette valley
and eastern Oregon territory open on con
tracts that made the older agents suc
cessful and wealthy. Ambitious men will
find this an opportunity that does not
come every day to establish themselves In
an Independent business and lite work For
particulars or appointment apply "Supcr
visor." AG 10. Oregonian.
Only responslblemen In good standing
who tan furnish bondsman and team or
auto wanted. No other Investment required.
1 on supply products direct from manufac
turer to resular farm customers. Expe
rience not necessary. Hustlers earn $2000
to $5000 annually. Write Henrlch Lab
oratories, desk 23. Minneapolis. Minn. .
A HIGH-GRADE man with sales experience
who is capable of assuming entire charge
of sales organization as well as managing
bu.-slness. old - established corpora
tion, $5000 Investment required, whi-h
will be amnlv covered: salary will be
commensurate with ability. Apply In own
handwriting, state age, telephone number
ana reference. or 351. uregonian.
SALESMEN desirous of starting their own
permanent business have- the opportunity
In handling a wonderful patentea w,
universally used: weicha 8 lbs.: no compe
tition: saves big money for farms, ship j
yards, contractors, manufacturers, garages.
stores of all kinds; no scheme; exelulv
territory free; large profits: small capital
sufficient. 425 Chamber of Commerce bldg.
SALESMAN who. after learning how to sell
our wholesale grocery line to farmers, will
be able to train salesman In field: should
be capable, energetic, good fudge of nu
man nature, able to set results from men;
must have or develop these qualities; ex
cellent lur .mill .......
perltsnce and quauricatlons xuiiy. iidobi
numl-er. P. O. box 2ut)0.
SALESMEN New curburetor for Ford cars.
Simple, not a rrMvlns part. Installed in
30 minutes: guaranteed to double your
mileage and start In zero weather without
heating or priming; 15-day free trial.
Our St. Louis man sold 14O0 in ri months;
Salt Lake City man made $1200 in one
week'. Write U. & J. Carburetor Co.. 005
W. Jackson blvd.. Chicago.
t- t- -1.-1 T Vi"; . v Kill,, and to sell to dealer.
fully guaranteed simplex puncture-proof
tubes. If vou want to make from s.r
$130 per week, recelvo full benefit from
ail duDlIcate business from your sales.
write us giving references as to your
ability and responsibility. Simplex Tube
A Tire company, 3121 South Main St.. Los
Angeles. Cal,
h.:st ppi.priSlTinN EVER OFFERED
real salesmen: Oresron. Washington. Idaho,
Utah. Nevada. Arizona: eight fast sell
ing farm power units, big money-makers
for dealers you sell. Fond du Lac Tractor
Corporation, 1705 Brodcrick sl. San Fran
cisco. See ' Klnsey, Hotel Multnomah.
March lit and 11.
wants $r.oto a year salesman to handle
country homes and suburban acres; must
be familiar with farm property and coun
try adjacent to Portland, have machine
and give best of references. Sea
Ablngton Bldg. Main 1U64. Main 615S.
- -i- -
WANTED By established export
nurt firm, salesman on commissi
big field for competent man. Address,
with particulars, AN 41, oregonlan.
SALESMAN, calling on mills, logging
camps and users of lubricants in Oregon
and Witihinstnn. to sell auality goods al
standard prices. For appointment reply
by letter, give address, phone, territory
covered and present lines. W. B. Lugger,
Multnomah lljjlei.
SUCCESSFUL, aggressive salesman with
developed selling personality and unlimited
energy, who Is ready to make the drlv
of his lifetime to establish himself In
executive position, will find a real oppor
tunity with an established, well-known
company. AL 150, Oregonlan.
SALESMAN experienced in Insurance, ad
vertising or some other similar line; capa
ble, steady man of good address requireo.
The work is a little out or trie ordinary
a permanent, desirable connection with
a good future. Phone Main 4.jS today
for appointment, or E 55. Oregonian.
LEARN to sell slocks and bondn. earn $M0
monthly eeiling investment securities; aig-
niftod positions: locally or traveling; pre
pare now by mail: our Instructions and
co-operation practically assure success.
Financial Training Corp., Colorado bldg.
Denver. Colo.
AlUaT be hleh-class man. caoabU of maktmc
large salary; Drercr man wno Knows tne
city and has had some experience in busi
ness opportunities or real estate; to a man
of this character we have u exceptional
opening. Room 51 1 t ilcoit bldg., cor.
6th and Washington.
WANTED Kotir mn for April 1 to repre
sent us in western rtties ann towns: main
iro to 2o monthly; 25 weekly ad
vance : pay each Thursday. No sump
or collecting; full instructions insure suc
rM, c. Gouffaut, sales mgr., 26- bchwlnd
bldg., Dayton, O.
DISCHARGED soldiers or sailors can easily
make 10 a day reprcfenting Kfconstruc
tlon. the biij illustrated maxaclne lvotd
to rfonitruciion end veterans of the war;
one bov inad't S0 the first -ok. Write
at once. Reconstruct Ion, Si Pike St.,
Seattle.. .
SALESMAN, experienced any line, for general
trad in Oregon: unexcelled specialty prop
osition. Splendid commission contract for
1019. $31 meekly to producer for ex
t uses. Continental Jewelry Co., 17W10
Continental bldg..
Cleveland. Ohio.
SALESMEN Excellent permanent position:
capable- salesmen in Oregon ; vacancy
March l-; staple line for K-neral retail
trade; liberal commlniiions; ?:;f weekly ad
vance. Rice Company, 7oi Williams bldg..
Det roi L
HtLP stop future wars; $20 -Wily distrib
uting intenne pictures of peac; 60 sub
jects; country wild for them. Free supply
and display case. Also Important por
trait catalogue. Be quick. Consolidated
Portrait Co.. H33A Adams St.. Chicago.
SALESMAN Pllk commission house wants
hlgh-grado man to son uopaonin.i
stores in thta territory on commission
V.-mi must havM cond followlnic and re
cord.' Write full details. Dx 57. 13I8
Hroadw ay. Nw York.
t ti k-v-i-r ihs artlrlt on market for salfs
man who is not airam 10 worn. i mc mnnAv- anv to still: all eai;r to leurn
mora about it: n bova wauled. tiv. G
Stock Efiiance n,d:
VA-Tr.n A salesman with rood connec
tion among ary gooas ana uepanmn.i
stores, to take a cio;n nat ana caps as i
side line: good references. Apply by iet
ter. E Mt. Oregonian.
bai .esman A real opportunity for a husl
res gutter: requires saiesmananip , viram
t .rritnrv rltv or country; srood commis
sion; do not answer If you cannot show
past records. P. O. pox .3.
WANTED Experienced tire salesmen; good
Une: strong company, 11 oi. vixRonim
trivTrn Ladv or vounir man to take or
ders on commission xor 6.nui 4u.u j
alcoholic foods, flavors, spices, soaps. Pr
f umes. Rogers silverware, etc AG 2, Ore
gonian. , -
inrvT? Tliir nav and free automobile in
nimfure-oroof. five-year spark plugs and
other necessities.
Outfit fr-e.
wey, B21
K., Lftuisville. Ky.
k. n v.vTa Soldiers. sailor. men, women
make Pig money ie.nn our uu-
photo medallions. Quick sales, nig proiita,
free catalocue and eamnies. cruver to.
Jackson and Campbell. Chicago.
DISCHARGED service men and other want
ed in all localities 10 sen v icionai ni
. -r nf tit War Special inducements t
aeonta. Write for outfit. 312 SwetUnd
AGENTS make big profit selling our ex
ra ,tm rt n U ITI f H . coo crwiiiB. nc O ui
dern. spleen medicines, etc.: beautiful hlh
grade line, exclusive territory; sample free
LacaBbian i.o.. uepi. j. d- sw.
a 1 -ir.vTS Ona pound of our herbs drive
the most stubborn case of rheumatism en
tifiv out of the system; never tails; ioun
62c. C0 Laughlln bldg. Los Angelet
Rheumatism 1 it-rp . o. cal.
AGENTS Strange new kitchen tool ; eve-ry
Woman Will UJC nuir-s uduy, rrr or-
fore advertised: profits $1 an hour: Quick
sample free. Thomas Mfg. Co.
730 POe
sf week and expenses
rn introduce poultry and btoek rem
edies In town and country. Imperial
Mfg- Co.. Dept. m. yareona, Kan.
$3iW CREDIT plan; entirely new; big oppor
,,,nirv for !ive-w Ire atfents and demn
strutors; sole agency given. L". S. Mfg.
Co., Dept. C45. Columbus. O.
AGENT5? $S hourly absolutely guaranteed
TftsSOllne ceiUM a naiu'ii. imnir-unr
euaranlee. Write Federal Chemical Work
Co W. Jackson. Chicago.
M operating sugar puff waffle macliinte
earn $:J5 to 70 dntly; machines priced S-o
tO $100. laiUOl V O., Ol. IjOUIB, -mo.
1 mwrHARflKD soldiers to sell war hi
tory, big money; Investigate our pro post
tlon. q'2 swetiana oiug.
W A N T E 1 Salesman with : t car to ha
part of Portland. Tabor noSO.
AGENTS at once Sll 50c pr moaih hos
pital tlcksta 200 Corueti bldg.
AGENTS Free, sample case offer, the big
gest line on th. marKet.
guaranteed pioducts; established dmsnd.
proius from lfu to no per cenu nu-.-y-Co
Toilet articles, soaps and household
necessities are easy to sell: repeat often.
We furnish selling helps and back yol
tip every minute. Ex-luiv territory, i ni
is a winner for aggressive agents. "
for plan today. Hu-lio-Co. Ill Locust at-,
SL. Louis. Mo.
"AMERICA'S War for Humanity." Complete
history of war. 60O pages, wltn nearly w
magnificent pictures- Retails ".
you $1. Some agents making over -o
per day. Sell the book the people ni.
Orders filled promptly. Credit If desired.
Freight paid. Also -Life of Roosevelt,
same terms. Dot.i outfits free to work
ers. Geo. G. Clous Co.. Fhlladelpnia.
or Everett, Wash. Address nearest rtlce.
We guarantee to ship your order 'with
in 24 hours: old-established house ami
used to big business: unpreceaentea rec
ords being made: ioS Illustrations. lo
pages colorgravures. maps. soKiler u me
morial frontispiece: special prices to crew
managers: best terms; credit; jreignt p'-
The R. C. BARXUil COMPANY. 10 I.
LaSalle. Chicago. 111.
MAKE $o0 next Saturday: sell the Perrin
speederator for r ord cars: usea Dy rora
motor officials. Maloes a Ford run like a
Packard. Put on quick, no tools, no
to bore. Instant satisfaction. Sell 10 to 12
day easy. Bla profits and tine terri
tory. Write quick for special offer. Address
perria Co., wa vv ooawara ave.. iciroii.
WANTED Men or women to represent pub
lishers; live leads furnished: business wen
developed: vacancy for three more sales
men; commissions paid in advance; Suc
re's assured. A 2312. Main 1-S. Call
378 Yamhill st 11:30 A. M. to 12:30 P. M.
The Pubilo Service. Journal. Ask for Mr.
AGENTS WANTED Selllnsf the wonderful
discovery. "Anti-Fog Compouna. wnicn
nraventM vein m.wA frost and foK from
"fogging" glasses, windshields, headlights
and show windows; a wonderful article
and a rood seller. B. V. Reeves, box
4U1, Sioux City. Iowa.
- . t- f i.- VT1TI IT OVI P".
uci ive-r '- : , ' . " " r
Immediate shipments; save- freight, long
delays. March's War History. Americas
Wnr hv u.iu.ell Anvbodv can sell. Earn
$15 daily. Special terms. Freo outfit to
workers. Write immediately, bmltbaonlan.
Oakland. Cal.
NEW pictorial history World War: Per-
shlnga own story, Americas v.p...uu.
In France; big book. $4.75: 340 illustra
tions: big $2 outfit for 50c. Roosevelt
Memorial Book, outfit 25c: best terras.
Phillips Publishing Co.. Chicago, i'hi.adel
phla. Atlanta. Address nearest office.
WE START you in business, fumisning
.v.rvihlnei men and women, opporiuun?
lifetime to earn $.lu to $loo weekly oper-
....... .. - nimw Knecialty car.ay
Uinurninrki" home anywhere; booklet
free. Kagsdala Co.. box 5. East Oraiie.
X. J. ;
AGENTS New Invention puzzles world:
wonderful chemical cloth: ona run over
rain, snow-blurred auto windshield, street
car or engine window presto! glass stays
clear 24 hours. Aeents maKing e i .w
ly. Security Mfg. Co.. Dept. 121. Toledo, u.
WANTtl For every town and station in
the stat.. of Oregon ai.a Vkasnington. men
m.ik v..r.l ram tn han.ile a new 1 uel de
vice of great merit, ins most practical
ever ottered to the public. J. . loaru.
2V Union ave.. Portland. Or.
kf.i.l Mexican diamonds In your spare I. me.
Beautiful pocket sample case maaea sates
diamonds: fool experts: stand testa. Write
Mexican Diamond Importing Co.. 255 Las
Cruets. New Mexico.
An7S - $J - T week to travel by automo-
on sight. Have rainoow tire 01 irnumo
bite and introduce SK-cndie-powor coal
oil lantern for farmers, uuirymvn. hur
tnera, icardcnra, contractor, army camps,
etc. rue lor particuiara, i noiuaa .uig.
t o.. I'uao Posl mu. Uay ton. O.
1SOO PER MONTH selllnir a new patented
fuel vaporizer, guarautea to wva up to -
per cent In gasoline; 40 mile per gallon
mad with Ford car. Sold on money-bark
guarantee. One sample f re. fctrausky
Vapo rl it r Co.. Pu k want. 6. D.
SALESMEN now calling on farmers to cat ry
our rrocexy line : only star men wanted ;
salary $-"0 per month with good bonus
system ; ail communications airicily con
fidential. T 153, Oregonian.
AGENTS spring sellers: "2-ln-l" raincoat.
re verv hie, guaranteed waterproof : no in
vestment: elaborate outfit. Wet season
here. Write Parker Mlg. Co., 17CS Bay
st., Dayton. t.
AGENTS ?40. 100 week, free rami)!'
gold smn letters: anyone can put on store
windows: big demand : liberal offer
general agents. Mela hie Letter Co.. 433
N. Clark. Chicago.
AGENT-S Quick seller: b!g profits; Califor
nia roaebeads ; tremendous demand. Coln-
iLfff money for hustlers. Caialorue free.
Mission Bead Co., 1413 Irola. Los Angeles.
AGENTS 2CM per cent profit ; wonderful
lit 1 1 article: something nw : p.-t! like
wiMfire. Carry right in pocket. Write at
once for free t-ample. Albert Hi!. ren'l
mgr., JtK American bldg., Cincinnati, o.
W A N TK.r Young girl for
l ashler; m
cor Park.
b w ell r.M Onirneiidd.
THE FAAUjL'S, Aldr st ,
GOOD elderly v oman wanted with rf -r-
euces; good home. 2. children. Parents
worK. 1 t 1. 'resonian.
WAIT R tSS Experienced (nljrht shift , (5
dy. a hours. Newport Restaurant. 14'
XPERIENCED chambermaid for steady po-
iTion; gtori pay; ao not piione. mvod
hotel, i:l llth st.
SOLICITOR; big commission; no experience
necessary; w train ou. AL Hi.. Ore-
go lit an.
TOOK gtrl wanted to hang up coats and
suits. App.y at Liberty Apparel Co.. 144
::c st.
OCNG lnuy sir n our raphe-1 : nunt b aU'e to
meet puo.ic. Koeiu aifi id. N. w .,
V-ot Hawthorno ave.
TEN O iHAfHKK v holenale bouse: mu-t
be ex perieuced ; state ag j. experience, ref.
and phone r. u inner. AG k.:i. t oregonlan.
ANTED At once. 8 experienced demon
strators. Phone Monday, bc S and 10
A M. Main 1013.
W AN TE1 A ll-aroun3 helper on f Irst-clnsa
gown. Mrs. trench. 40a 12tn St., call even-
KlMiliKR on ladies' tailoring: only hli.
with long experience need apIy : stead
wjnrk. god w.iges. Jit I'lttock block.
EXPEItlENCED coat and vest flnlrlier Ci
find steady employment at tne Urow na-
vii. e vv ooten inis. od ana lorrlson.
WANTED Experienced collar girl; steady
position, good wagea. Portland Laundry
Co., utn aua toucti.
WANTED Experienced folder, flat work
dept., Portland Laundry Co., inn and
NEAT, experienced solicitor to call on busi
ness firms; good commusiotc T 64 2
YOUNG lady, experienced telephone oper
ator, Portland onice. rceci Ash coaj Co.,
WANTED Body Ironer or sleeve ironer ;
steady work, good pay. Opera-house Liuo-
cry. 4a tvo r ett.
WANTED Good strong woman to do gen
eral work in hotel. Kamapo Hotel, I4;n
and v. ah.
WANTED Young ked y for ah am pool nx and
man lour n. .Marl net 10 t-nop. -10 central
hid., loth and Alder.
WANTED Waitress for raiiroad eatinc-
houae. W. t . Rockers Hntel Co., oil
Panama bids. Marshal! 3MC.
WANTED Exnerienced ril for confection
ery and cigar store ; mut oe aoie ia no
own dispensing. Phone East 251 'J.
WANTED Experienced dressmaker. Eleon,
4.".3,.a Wash st.
WANTED Finishers and plain sewers
ladies suits and coats. S-S1-, olh si.
W ANTE 11 W oman or Kiri
u take care
baby, some rvjusewora.
Grant st.
WANTED Experienced
dlnlng-rooin. l"t h and
wa Ureas,
GIRL wanfd to assist with nouMWork.
Tabor wi'.M.
EXI'KRIKNVED chocolate dipper. A
on'i cand-y store. Oregon Hotel.
EXPERIENCED girl for retail candy facto.--.
::41 vVashington.
EXPERIENCED hair dresser and manicuritC
Li pin an. v 1.0.. mezzanme xioor.
SCHOOL girl. aael-t family of three for
yleaaant home, small wages-East 22i.
WANTED Pantry woman. Apply. Monday
morn in sr. Royal Bakery. JUt Morrlaon st.
POWER machine operator w anted- Coii
bia Awning it ISiiade Co.. lfa d st.
HhOADWAl 4"i.
WANTED Lady for cor t he I per. oltl Mr-
chants Trust b.dg. .-- S :sh. si
LADY to sell toilet artieles or would Con
sider psrtner. A 6. Orvgonlan.
KI HST-'"I.ASS chocolate
Wvollawn 1943.
d. pper. Phone
and phone no.
4 IS. .
r ;
Ifitve- address
n lan.
3 HALESLADTEd to work In city, proposi
tion of merit. 210 Stock Exchanice.
COMPETENT boukc per. short hour. C to,
OrffjiTiimn. m
W ANTED D: U A atlicr. ltth tU Ruse-
bud RtmUurauu
nri-P WAvrrn
CAN off.-r position to a ll-nlted number et
Klrls. over lit years ot as-, to oi ' -
factory. Good wages. simJy empl" m-in.
Appl- Ames Harris Neville Co., loth and
lioyt sts.
2O0 Broadway.
requires the services of experienced mil
linery ssleswomen tor full or half days;
also experienced saiesm-omen for drapery
department. Apply superintendent's olllce
V to 10:30 A. M,
WANTED Young lady who could work
.v-enme nn Kiue'.e book k eeii n g. etc.. ex
perience not essential: this would not In
terfere witn your ci;y ur. .v. -.--fer
ona who lives near 3d and Pino sis
Will pay full compensation: however, you
can have your evenings off when wanted
F SIo. oreconian
THREE ladies for special child
work: should be between -o ami
educated, ol good appearance ana in
Bli3rinto.J exDenses: r'ttir.n pays $to
per wee to iasa qui. me...
v.. , nun time for litis work. -i.4 Couen
1.1.1 g.
$25 TO $100 PER month for all or "Ir
lime to rcpreseafc .it .w. ----
htttlrp mir exauisite line of
preparations; work mcitnuns
quickly. Duchess Laboratories, urpu re,
Minneapolis, jimn.
, - . v.- nt vouna ladies mat ti"i
be interested in traveling -
be willing to advertise and ocnwiiMt ...
l".r appointment, see Mra Smith. Sewar
Hotel. 1" o 2. NO pnone cans
oL'NG ladles with selling experience can
earn $u to S per cay se.ung our iims .-
sine proposition wnicn sei.s to ee. ......
n n tnin;, to earrv anu tay e.e.y .t...
one youua lady to travel. 807 Spa. ding
bldg. .
uouU WAGES; MUST HAVE A -1 K t. r -
SEATTLE firm has opening tit orn
for vounc saleswoman, salary ana .viu
ml.smn sf l I A i ksntl i !" T I II If 1 tlO
order takers; ou must aeeiop w
prospects. "V l-f. Orvoman.
TVl'IKT i. ..,rv .ihnut HuO TlC prose M t
oriKlnal too cio.y i pewi m.-n ,
abie to correct any enori in ,n Kt4.v-
tuaiioa. etc.; worn rouia ue uou -
'hine Marshall Mfl.
WILL GIVE niutic l-soas i excnan:e 10
icwtni. lO ywrjf fxpt-r:n e in vun-r -
lory teai-inn k ; piano fcr.u an int-u .
mnij taut lit. Give phone number. AU
drss AN ..4. Oregontan.
WAVTrn 5 bricht. capable ladies t
tr&vei. demonstrate and soli oeaiers. -
t. W..S.1C K fond Lire pain.
rrr,. i .ooflric U urUK vu., " V
Omaha, Neb .
I WOMEN'S Protective Division, located
room 303 Police Heaqurters.
o.k ata.. will furnish information, giv
nrotr i ma and a?lNtance frfv to OlIe
tl g 1 1 is.
1-if.n s confider.ti-l.
M. i VYi 11 roi.rlniCfd COok, 111 Lri
tamily; good win niut nave 1 -1
fDccfc Teiepnonu .Mrs. i-muti
H 61 41. K Orvgunlan.
WANTED A girl or woman to ink car
f boy 6 years old after n-nooi ana -n
part of cvvniug:;. Mulinomaii noui.
room l'K).
GIRL for light housework in t:iall apart
ment; ono ho got s tiomo nijiiim prr
f rrel : HI American Apartiuc-iitr. Broad
way 3:ttW.
, W A NTKb '"h r il lan v niniin a.i hmtfKf- o-
er on a m . 4 cui.C' n: :iury t rir
.nlh; good honi'-. ll 'i mw.
Sind A. M.. or Monday. ril u A. : -
Hard-r. ."inri. or l .. V i:ouie.
S V: NEELt a rood I'Ufirn w woinan or itazi-
nrss man in our bunner. muft oe t.i m
ake small iiivcttmc-nt. r. . rvj;u-
WIDOWEit hous-ke-.. r and cat e l-.r
V- ear-old !; laundry sent out; fiya 1
woman p;cfeixcd with ito cliihiriii. N ay.".
OlKL over 3 " for oifie and sioie. i
e:i ranee. C "' writ cr. permanent rosu - "
and li to ilKht pari , out of low 11. AN
W Kl l E photoplays. 5-"'. $:! paid nnone
for suitable idus; xpen ri e iinnv .
complete out. tne fr. .-. Write, 1'ry.lucus
La m. 2 1 1 . St. Lu i.
WA NTKIl oman
1 ..r kc nt r 1 huu.-fwor : with liil-l t
..1 ; Minday ov wr t
ll'h st.
no oh !'-1 ion Ij
man and v. .V.
wt rk'in: t. N.
UOi:sE, must bt? a Root mon, nm
111 her wora. lor an om u'ui-r,
r nrse do- s ie.oml w 01 W : r-fi'tnte rv
O. u . r-d . P h " n e H r o d v rt v y M
PvilllON optr. with Ittrse, wen-anown
l.r:ii; appti ant mu.i i ?u ruu-'.
fffica work, :t edjcallau. txperionce,
phone No T tregoiumi.
h. TI- X h'.UAI it 1-. ii. xperien-
w llilng to do Ot tier o. . , . - -
a &
and wperifiu-v ami r-"T ii 1-.
LADV att-n-JKiaPhr r ai-l bool.kep-r. out f
own. automobile I'Ui-'.m. kooo ;j . wo
..mietTit ai'pt . B:at experiviive. A
".i. i re:onl. r.
WANi I'D Ei venom d iadss t oa an.l
suit sw omen ; prrmnm-iu pofi ,o:.r- iin'i
excellent s-tiarn-a. Itosenthal's, 14 Broad
way. GIRL for shop offic-. hatf days, at unor
A.bin.: state peneat au -lo.
WANTED A lady 10 room in Knne .or
llg-t work, m vtaing or 01,,
If dlred. Wood. ;"G;2. .
WANTED Thofou.-H'y ripericticfd blouse
saleswoman. A pp.y ueiwecu m auu w
A. Xi. H. Liebes Ac Co.
RELIABLE girl or woman to assist i..i
lioufwoi r ant care ox ti nv.
st. N Ktsl
OCNG WOMAN to leam pnotoicrapnie Pro-
iloli; Slate l?e aa pio.uua "-'r1 "
mcnt. AC 21. Oj-rgonlan.
Wl". have Rood itl'ln- proposition o --t
w omen wanting t" mac no-n- i
timr. Cnil Ettft 7.:7:i- Mr. l.argl- y.
GIRi. w ho
1 pt riem ed In
hours a day, $12
dnnnii. J
N. l"h s
wet k. 1 lie
ANTEI Ex iricnrc-d pow er macmn
era tors. The 31 ca reery ang.
RhI bldg.
Ml PDLE-AGED or elderly lady to
witli hour-ew or. ga non-o u,
w .ires. Main 1 '-
; to m dl'Mvork
hi-mf. k ohI
i:2 loth u.
pav, e
xi'-rl'-ncft uniifOfWry
u." hour t to 4
er.incs 7 to
AN V JEir ia need of a tr:end app v to tha
Fa' vat ion Army nicu n oin-.
1 h st. N.. or phone East 1 L'3.
THE oii. rlj: :nal loin remedy Vtavl pre
vents orrralior.s;- competent woman need
d 4-S Ptt-iock Mck. BrclJway
Yot NG lady f'r sn. ral or r. o e work ; o'"
I off
cxpTlrm in automo-ji.e ounncn v.--f
erred ; good position 1S I. rero-"n.
EXPERIENCED pants finisher ""an f nd
steady 1 rn'.Hoyni.'iii 01 ini- 1 ri u 4
Wo-dn M.Hs. "i and M -rrisonM
S TENOG '.A I'H EI! n 1 d bokkf
norrap:ier yn-i qm imvui-ot- (
no.-rtinT. o'l N. W.
! pii;s'
-CLASS ('f
. tnltor. 2o:i
:d helper,
CIloRL'S UIUU- MiKn-st
:ne t t ito ri "linn
EXPERIENCED t-ltpiicii' operstors mny
obtained by calling Main Ito. A '.
GIRL to asit with ho'ieewcik and care ol
children. Marshall 8.".
outside w ork ;
oltlieri" 1
ran. 'Jo Si
. Utiv..
WOMAN to citi
e for elderly P
salary A
ron in
e j r ;tig Iiea ! I n
L o.1.
ANTED Nurse for hospital work.
or -cor.iHn.
WANTED M.9-eiise for inM U ut ien.u work
L f. Irt. Qreroninn.
i-. D -loii di:pe 1 .
tail llih and 1 taudcra,
1 andy -o.,
AS.-r. BuiiKKttHS): and stenographer
v h- Is familiar with general tl--tails;
a discreet, conscientious woman that
denres permanent work; $i per mont'i.
advancement as merited; state, full partic
ularr. experience, age. references, ate M
1. Prcgonlan.
WA.TI Csshier and usher, good-looking,
neut and nice-appearing girt rot over 22
yrs. of ace; nothing less than high school
education: rrtc5t l:ve at home and be abl
to furnish ref. Apply Monday. S tj 4.
Manager 1 ihvrty theater.
We write music an-.l guarantee pub
lisher's acceptance. Submit poems, patri
otic; love or any subject. Chester Music
Co . 5.';& South Dearborn, suite 1755, Chi
cago. W ANTLD First-class operator for private
eM-hangr; must have P. B. X. experience
and understand tho work thoroughly,
thort hours and good wagea State expe
rience and give paoae number. AG o-L
t'regonia n.
PERMANENT positions on salary for ac
tive young ladies over 21. under 30. call
ing on homes for our new department
In Portland; no selling or canvassing.
Chicago portrait Co.. Oregon bldg.. 6th
and Oak, mornings to 11.
AN experienced stenographer and rapid
typ:t to take dictation from one person
on.y; work is light but efficiency re
quired. Wlil pay $00 to start and will raise
soon as acquainted with details. AO 5.
WANTED Girl experienced os cltniTif ma-
Ainine tor work in folding Dux zaotory;
r-xi wages and steady work. Portland
Label Co.. Milwaukie. Or.
EXPERIENCED waitress wanted for lead
ing hotel at Fui.nun, American plan,
steady position. (4u month, room and
board. Wire or wrlie Palace hotel, Pull
man, Wa5h.
WANTED at once, two experienced dict-
phone operators for out of town ; aaiar?
t'jvo to $loo. Call at 211 Lewis bid.;,
women's division, U. S. Employment
EKKICIENT bookkeeper and cashier; pre
fer one wno la experienced in autonwoiie
parts; m ut b quick, reliable, steady and
he able to give brt of relrrencew: none
otneis need apply. il -N"- B road way.
WANT girl for general housework. Good.
wages lor comptuni gin ; experience not
abhoiutuly necc.-sjiry if willing. Good home
and conveniences. Location 1320 Alamed
Drive, Ho City Park. Phone Tabor 2-".'.
WILL give a cood hums and home wages to
a woman tor company ana usfu; w:t
work in four-room cottag by an elderly
worn:tn living at La Center. Wash, t
2'-.;; a
LAa-rl E& a. eek for 2 hours" work a
day. a brand new hosiery proposition th
beats tlii" m all. Writ for terms and f rr
. nip' ,f you mean business, 4iuaranted
Hoiry Co.. 34 it Cotton I'ayton.
LA DIES to d ietrtbu: e circulars and tak
or-irtta for a new f--od produt t; S2 to JJ
a (Uy at the start. Write today. American
Prod urts Co., 104 American bldg., Cin-
c ! n n a i i. O.
WANTED Cfmpient woman tor cook and
housework at Jttoie. idaiio, t-maw iani
ily; good wag--, no waahlng. Phone
ro..m 0.5. l'ortlnd Jlote. for appoint
m v n i .
W ANTED Experience! girl or woman to
hip with ch: dren ; woman of good char
acter and one who wants prmannt p-'
Mtion out ol town. Phone room 525 Port
land Hotel. f.r appointment. Good wagef.
HOUSEKEEPER widower's home. 3 chil
dren, going to school; light work, own
bo5s. Ca l S-jnday, iMi Division st, Rich
mond car to U-d.
WANTED Lady demonstrators and solicit
or . Come Monday morn ing, W o'clock,
ready for work. airy or com
nuwion. M S H' ck b.dg.
Yol'NG ladv wtn-'-d. outaulf experi
ence in off e ei at ion ary reaii:r-d. Appb'
Monday before lO A. M.
402 Buchanan
WANTED S.i.;-idy t take orders from
house to hows: salary a itk and
bonus to aurt. Call to 12. 31 Origan
b'dp .
CAVA LU.E tiiiM ke- jf r to take full chars
and are for children, afiod 2 months.
:i aid ti " : U mil s from ciijr: aaiary
S.:,t.$4t. Adire:-s -ox 47. route 2, cliy.
A .V f k-Jii iTeiriit g.rl for general h o u -
..rk; muM b good coik; good ac;
line small house ; work not hard. M .
Edseriou. Tabor G ts-
lTEl-PEHron!adles suits. M. Patl. Bush &
Litn bidg.. Hrody at Alder.
lilHli to aih ciihr. 261 st.
Wanted lotnetirs.
Vt'l'NG K.rt to ai it Willi liKht hou--k-plr
morntnci oni . In t hr.-rm.,n;;i.-nt. . fter ;30 at Kinfoury
3 p: rt m-n 1
Vhnne -T
1 i ave. near --u
H . S.
TKTANT t.rl t-r woman aasiat vith
ur-- ..1 k an.i ern e of children, ei b-r
limff aftnioos ami vmng or
pr'"iits ; fxrtrienco not uecear.
.1! ;; k. 14th n. .
V. ANTED A Firl to do itinera, houj.ewo.-a.
ro laiimlrv work; in a fami.y t l"f,l
r..ii, : references rcuuu yd. .l t-ei! -
A N TED Pii'!t - -law cok
r,.u:u ry homo, second sirl
: i ? : ref '-I Alices. Adiip"V
p,,ijn. fr phone ' Ma 1 n 7 V.'
V e p t ;
an ;
mooe ri
GI K L or
.in to do liKht h
Ut--kpi:i .
mo her a
p- 1 .ori.
7 P. M.
L 1 io 1 '. b fore n 00 n
or alter
uou-. ork in
t-.o.v en .
it. nl:-, v
rxpr 1 1. n-ed t;rl for sen
... h.i:iie w:th nil mod
;; aduiis in family.
A N T 1
nijC on li 1 C ft s
at hour ork ;
, some v ag f .
hool git I i"
pood hn'o
Call 1 jbor
t'l l.aui
liiJl'Si-K ;:.-.rUU t -r .il:mc man with a
miiM IC-a lieu. ! - t-'- - -
and dun. A 1 1. on-
iniift I".- n
- -KP.rienced S'rl lor cell I Iwim--itnt'.y
of V illamettu IKifihis.
, ounK wttmati tr gencrat
,rk n.l cooV'k: no washing, god
T ' I". M ,idl5o!i.
i . .M.sricnr?i rok. where
A N i E D A ti
tteeoud girl li
Corn- II road.
1 k i't. Call mornings. 22
neur Lovejoy
WANTED Good Kiri to int me n
l.,iorU. tiouii home, room una was.
AN I KD i.vl" rl. tiuu
ho. if- .oi-k. H'Wd
m. ouih n 1 .r
ft ii-id ho!il
! Sn Urn
gTkL for eo..Vin a:.d Pvmc housework, no
vajbIiI-:. l month; reierencea rquird.
4."V4 E. I'-'th N
W A N T E I J G 1 r i for
children rn family.
ral housework.
.11 labor e42i, Mon-
EM'ERIENCED giri for r"r- h,ou'tLk;
firman or w.a 1 referred ; bt
w a e es. 1 e N. 1th vt.. near wlisaru .
NTEXwiiatd for general outwork;
mutt he cooo cook . V T-th v
4. t. VhorJ;VLSljl;i: E. lath N. .
family :
W A NT Et Experienced cook;
ix f. Phots
M:ii'l 77:.
w.?ti't with ptnersl houw.-rk.
GiKl. t
M"i E
. N. il"l
w ork ;
d to w-i.t w 1 ,h
w nh!ng. T V
general h ou e
rtbnip st.
Mork; good salary.
Gl RL lr
w -th
ral housework.
1 h N
t until'
. ha-nttn for I'
cd ru-nns- E
:ht t erviefs two u
6'. Oregonlan.
inted to a5is
no alns. N
gf r.eral
-1 hrup.
WANTED i-'rl to asst h tich: hou"
w.-k. i';i" Kr.wt 2:;J. t'ft " and 13 A.
tor cn""ai hous
V; ih V East '
rk; 0 in fa ml y.
N V N TK I -lauatii
r ntip
K 2
-Mjid f-r K
tr hoiii. w ork ;
Sv.Iwo'mI 214
-Gi-I to
a-tut with house wo i k.
I :i zt 15.
Ol KL f--i
; i dni:
gtTu hoKv w -trk, 4 -room a ,-t.,
Phone Main 7 ID.
WANTED "irl for generwl house ork. smalt
'snulV. Vliopf 1
iccnf r I housework,
r 1 1 ( i !ofk toila: .
Phonts Ka c
if. fe
..rd v
t-;fnerl how ''""W.
fc . ellwoo.
Rood ItOUi-cia
GIRL for frr-Tieral
Tabor :t2'l
houtwork. gHxl auiar
VNT -h.o'iKirl . to Mst
lo:rd. '"s'l toda. 4'1 E
W VNT!:"d Conpeni.ii woman at huek-ep.
,V J.; horn.- ol 4 aduits. V20 E. Maiu.
""r- ':'"t ' .
7x7x1:11 . ..n.-.eol voT.m ? hou.kel-
.V 111 Lme f-ur aoult,. K I- Main
-i., nin.i r T. 1 t 1 .
iTTPl To .t t' in-'ai o-.uwork;
1 nVy 1 i,iu Jhnson i. Phonu
k . i v v-" t I -.
. r. ter-
rt"M anj
st. N.
W vNTKU Girl for general h-iwork.
E. IMI) N- Pt)onr Wflln. 4";T
W A N TED Woman
u.ii k. I J E. 7th.
S5ict with hou.-c
CAPA1M.E kI-1 t as'st
and ;ire of 1 h'Mri'Ti.
with ut-f 1 irt
Main 2Mt
ANTKli at th- (i.l.l.eMnwH ri-
r- rs t-li.
W A N T El Jtrl for ifener? I
luoJ Thurman L il.n iji
liwuae ork.