The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, March 09, 1919, Section One, Page 13, Image 13

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This Section for Important
Announcements of
New Spring Arrivals
at Meier & Frank's
Portland's Largest Stocks
of Household Utilities
will"be found at MEIER & FRANK'S. Complete
stocks of chinaware, glassware, tinware, wooden
ware, electrical appliances household utilities
of every good kind are here. Many special val
ues will be found in this section. Basement.
Complete Assortments of
We are principal Portland agents for Oneida
Community silver-plated ware Par Plate, Reli
ance and Community Plate. We also have com
plete stocks of 1847 Rogers Bros, silverware, A
fine selection of sterling 6ilver. Main Floor.
Wc Have a Staff of Expert
Interior Decorators
who are at your service at all times they will
help you carry out your own plans of interior
decoration, or they will submit original ideas for
your approval. Take advantage of this expert
service. -Seventh Floor.
nK. Slwtv"MorrlaOy Afcter SIS.
"OWN YOUR HOME" Furnish It at Noteworthy Savings in These March Sales at MEIER & FRANK'S
Stove Headquarters
Stoves of national reputation and
proven merit installed by experienced
workmen that is the foundation of
our above-the-ordinary service. We
are exclusive agents for:
South Bend
Malleable Ranges, made by the Malle
able Steel Range Co. Burn wood and
coal. Built with triple wall construc
tion steel, asbestos and steel, hand
riveted to malleable iron frame. The
only range made with patented copper
bearing, aluminum fused flue linings.
We Feature the,
Wherever gas and coal ranges
are used separately a change to a
Universal Combination is a most
happy one. The Universal affords
two complete ranges in one a
wood and coal range and a gas
range. It is complete, simple and
easy to operate and saves the ex
pense of maintaining two cooking
A comparison of values will
convince you that our ranges are
very moderately priced. If desired
Make Your Own
Terms in Reason
Meier & Frank's: Sixth Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Gas Ranges, made by Rathbone, Sard
& Co. famous for over three-quarters
of a century. The Acorn Gas
Range has an enviable reputation
from coast to coast and is enthusias
tically endorsed by thousands of Port
lai.u housewives. We have all 6tyles.
Wood and Coal Ranges, made by Crib
ben & Sexton makers of high-grade
ranges for over fifty years. They
have made a special study of western
fuel requirements and have had a local
plant for over thirty years. We have
twelve styles.
Drapery Materials
in the March Sale
In this sale of drapery and upholstery fabrics you wilT
find materials suitable for every room at most unusual
For the Living Room
Velvets $2.45
Velours $2.65
The $3.50 quality. Of 6oft lux-
nriousness will be hangings of
these beautiful fabrics. 50 inches
wide. Mulberry, blue, green and
brown. ,
Fine Filet
Net 95
These Filet nets at 95c yard are
in a very fine mesh and are in
most desirable patterns.
Sale Upholstery
Mohairs $6.75
Reduced from $10.50. Fine
wearing upholstery mohairs in
very pleasing designs. Colors in
clude mulberry, rose, tan and
Sale Cretonnes
55 and 65
36-inch cretonnes in a wonder
ful diversity of designs and color
ings. Yard 55c and 65c.
Sale Net Curtains, Pair $8.15 and $10.45
Dainty effects in Swiss applique curtains on fine quality net. The
$10.00 and $10.25 curtains, pair $8.15. The $12.50 and $13.00 curtains,
pair $10.45.
For the Bed Room
Sale Curtain
Voiles 45
Soft, finely woven curtain ma
terial that is particularly adapted
to bedroom use.
23 and 39
Fine quality plain curtain mar
quisete that will give exceptional
Sale Curtains, Pair $1.85, $2.15 and $2.65
A variety of trimming effects makes these 6crim and marquisette
curtains unusually desirable for bedroom use.
For General Use
Velour Couch
Covers $21.25
Were $27.00. These velour
couch covers are splendid copies
of oriental rug patterns in rich
color combinations.
Pillow Squares
$1 and $1.25
Very attractive patterns and
colorings in these pillow squares
of tapestry, velvet .and damask
24-inch size.
Our Lamp Shade Making Class
Let us help you plan your lamp shade and teach you how to make
it FREE. We have many new silks suitable for lamp shades and
the largest assortment of trimmings in Portland.
Meter & Frank's: Seventh Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
Another Fine Sale of Rugs
MEIER & FRANK'S has the largest collection of high-grade floor cover
ings on the Pacific coast. During our March Sales of Home Furnishings
we offer standard grades of Velvet, Axrninster, Brussels and high-grade
Wilton rugs at very special prices. All the new patterns and the most
wanted shades are included in this sale. The
best sizes in rugs for every room in the home
are marked at these telling undcrprices:
Seamless Velvet
$32.50 Size 9-0x12-0 Rugs S23.65
$32.50 Size 8-3x10-0 Rugs S23.75
$35.00 Size, 9-0x12-0 Rugs S26.S5
$42.50 Size 8-3x10-6 Rugs S29.75
$42.50 Size 11-3x12-0 Rugs S29.75
$45.00 Size 9-0x12-0 Rugs S32.50
$45.00 Size 11-3x12-0 Rugs S33.75
Axrninster Rugs
$37.50 Size 8-3x10-6 Rugs S27.50
$10.00 Size 9-0x12-0 Rugs S29.35
$12.50 Size 8-3x10-6 Rugs S31.50
$45.00 Size 9-0x12-0 Rugs S33.S5
$45.00 Size 11-3x12-0 Rugs S37.50
$50.00 Size 11-3x12-0 Rugs S39.75
$60.00 Size 11-3x12-0 Rugs S46.50
Seamless Brussels Rugs
$27.50 Size 8-3x10-6 Rugs S21.35
$30.00 Size 8-3x10-6 Rugs S23.65
$30.00 Size 9-0x12-0 Rugs.
$32.50 Size 9-0x12-0 Rugs.
$45.00 Size 11-3x12-0 Rugs -S33.75
Continuing Our Sale of Wilton Rugs
The most desirable patterns and colorings in high-grade Wilton rugs are in this sale,
extra special lot3 as follows :
Lot 1-
Lot 2
$35.00 Size 4-6x 7-6 Rugs S23.50
$30.00 Size 6-0x 9-0 Rugs S32.50
$80.00 Size 8-3x10-6 Rugs SG2.50
$S5.00 Size 9-0x12-0 Rugs SG7.50
Seamless Wilton Velvet Rugs: $70 Size 8-3x10-6 Rugs, S50; the $75 Size 9x12 Rugs, 55.
Meier A: Franh: Seventh Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
$ 10.00 Size l-6x 7-6 Rugs. . -S29.50
$ 62.50 Size 6-0x 9-0 Rugs. . -847.50
$ 95.00 Size 8-3x10-6 Rugs. . -S72.50
$100.00 Size 9-0x12-0 Rugs. . .77.50
Special v Sale
Canned Milk
Carnatipn or Borden's Milk, large
cans, case of 4 doz., $6.45, doz.
cans, Jj?1.65.
Libby's, Yeloban, Holly or Hazel
wood Milk, large cans, case of
4 doz., $6.25, doz cans, $1.59.
Delivered only with other
Meier & Frank's: Ninth Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
The Eldredge
sewing macnine is the only home
sewing machine made that sews di
rectly from two spools of thread
one above, one below. The original
spool of thread, just as it comes from
the store, takes the place of the old-
fashioned bobbin. The Eldredge has
a winder which enables the operator
to divide a spool of thread. If de
sired, pay only
$1 Down $1 Week
Your old machine taken as part
We Are Agents for the
Western. Electric
Sewing Machine
ale of Living Room Furniture
The Western Electric sewing ma
chine eliminates all drudgery and
work from sewing. It can be con
veniently used on any table or stand.
You press the pedal and guide the
goods the motor does the work.
Come in tomorrow and see the est
ern Electric. If desired, pay only
$1 Down $1 Week
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
In addition to the items listed
here there are many equally good
unadvertised specials in living-room
Sale of Living
Room Suites
Mahogany and cane Louis XVI.
Living-Room suite, upholstered with
blue and gold damask with black
background. Loose "komfy" cush
ions in each piece. Davenport has
roll and two sunburst pillows. $210
Davenport, 8168. 97.50 Rocker,
887. ?95.50 Chair, 85.
Mahogany and cane three-piece
Living-Room Suite, upholstered with
blue and gold damask. Each piece
has loose spring-filled cushions.
$124.50 Settee, 87.50- $68
Rocker, 849.75. $65.50 Chair,
Solid mahogany three-piece Liv
ing-Room Suite, upholstered with
black and gold damask. Queen
Anne style. $94.50 Davenport,
879.50. $67 Rocker, 51. $67
Chair, 51.
Mahogany Chairs
and Rockers
$14.00 Rocker, mahogany finish,
tapestry auto seat 9.85
$19.00 Rocker, mahogany finish,
tapestry seat, cane back 1585
$23.00 Rocker, mahogany finish,
tapestry seat and back. . .18.25
$26.00 Chair, tapestry seat and
back 16.25
$32.00 Chair, blue velour uphol
stered 824.50
$41.50- Chair, tapestry seat and
back 33.50
$44.00 Rocker to match. .35.50
$42.50 Chair, tapestry seat, cane
back 33.50
$49.00 Chair, damask seat, cane
back . 38.50
Make Your Own
Terms in Reason
' .
Sale Oak Chairs
and Rockers
$11.75 Rocker, wax finish, imitation
leather seat 8S.S5
$13.00 Rocker, wax finish, leather
seat... 9.75
$14.00 Rocker, wax finish, imitation
leather seat and back 89.75
$14.00 Rocker, wax finish, leather
seat and back : 89.85
$14.00 Rocker, wax finish, imitation
leather seat 9.85
$14.00 Chair, wax finish, imitation
leather seat 9.85
$14.25 Rocker, wax finish, imitation
leather seat and back 9.85
$15.00 Rocker,' wax finish, auto
leather seat 811.75
$25.75 Rccker, wax finish, auto
leather seat, loose back. .'.819.85
Odd Living Room
Pieces at
Bench, sateen
Chair, down
Sofa, down
. -8107.50
Chair, down
$76.00 Mahogany
$110.00 Gold Velour
$215.00 Gold Velour
$133v00 Gold Sateen
$135.00 Gold Sateen Day Bed, down
pillow 67.50
$125.00 Sateen Chair, down cushions,
now only 62.50
$146.00 Walnut Chair, denim uphol
stered . :...73.00
$169.00 Velour Chair, down cushions,
now 84.50
$325.00. Damask Davenport, down
cushions 8162.50
Meier & Frank's: Klghth Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
Sale Odd Chairs
and Rockers
$41.50 Overstuffed Rocker, blue
denim S29.50
Chair, brown
Chair, tapes-
Chair, mul-
Chair, brown
$53.75 Overstuffed
$60.00 Overstuffed
try, for ,
$59.00 Overstuffed
berry velour
$75.00' Overstuffed
denim .858.00
$56.00 Mahogany Frame Chair,
denim S42.50
$67.00 Mahogany Frame Rocker,
velour S56.00
$97.00 Mahogany and Cane Chair,
velour S5S.00
$125.00 Mahogany Chair, mulberrv
velour S97.50
Now comes the golden opportunity
to buy living-room furniture we
promise values in this sale as great
as those in our last,, week's sale of
dining-room furniture of which so
many patrons took advantage.
Sale of Living
Room Suites
Three-piece Louis XV mahogany
Living-Room Suite, as illustrated,
upholstered with mulberry damask.
Loose spring "komfy" cushions in all
t h e pieces. Outside back covered
with same material. $192.50 Daven
port, SI 59. S103 Rocker, SS2.
$101 Chair, 8S1.
Three-piece Living-Room Suite
consisting of overstuffed davenport,
fireside chair and arm chair, cov
ered with gold and dark blue damask.
Outside back and arms -1 ho!stered
with plain velour to mr' All have
!xse spring cushion ivis and the
davenport has two loose pillows with
fringe on arms. $257.50 Daven
port. S195. $112.75 Fireside Chair,
SSI. $90.75 Arm Chair, S71.50.
Library Tables
i This Sale
$24.50 Wax Oak Table, val top,
now 316.75
$22.75 Wax Oak Table S17.50
$21.50 Wax Oak Colonial Table, in
this sale S1S.75
$28.50 Wax Oak Table with maga
zine ends S19.S5
$25.00 Oak William and Marv Table,
now S19.S5
$24.50 Mahogany Finish Table, oval
top 816.75
$24.50 Mahogany Finish Table, this
sale S1S.75
$25.00 Mahogany Finish William and
Mao Table S1S.35
$82.00 Mahogany Cromwell ian Table,
this sale S63.50
Make Your Own '
Terms in Reason
J 5