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at Fifth
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Form of Government Changed,
Direct Primary Modified.
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Aim of Solons Has Been to Central
ize Power and Make Offi
cials Responsible.
BOISE. Idaho, March S. The fif
teenth Idaho legislature has completed
its labors. After 62 days of lawmaking
the general public is given a breathing
spell and an opportunity to review
what it has accomplished. That a large
amount of constructive legislation has
been passed, together with much that is
immaterial, is generally conceded. The
appropriations will be high when the
final summary is made, but special or
.general tax levies, found to be imper
ative if the state is to keep abreast of
the times, will not be burdensome.
Uenerally speaking, the legislature
has accomplished many things it set
out to do. On the whole the record is
satisfactory, especially to the party
that was dominant the republican.
Many of its pledges have been enacted
into laws and other good legislation,
that the planks did not call for, was
sent to the governor.
State Government niinucd.
First and primarily, the form of state
government was remodeled and ma
terially changed. This was proposed
by Governor Davis and met with the
approval of both houses. Tin govern
or is given a. cabinet of nine members
standing at the head of as many de
partments, grouped under which are
present state commissions, boards and
departments, co-ordinated and consol
idated. Governor Davis will appoint
this cabinet that Is, he will name its
head. This centers responsibility in
administering of the affairs of state.
The backers of this new form of gov
ernment claim that it will be found
just as successful in Idaho as it has
proved to be in the state of Illinois.
On March 31 the plan will go into effect.
The legislature did not forget its
so" 'iers and, regardless of the fact that
o ii-css failed to push through its
land settlement plan during the last
session, the Idaho solons passed the
necessary legislate. to work in co-operation
with the government, and
passed a bill creating a state commis
sion which the governor will appoint
for that purpose.
Three 3eiv Counties Made.
The number of counties in the state
was increased from 41 to 44 through
the creation of three new counties.
Jerome, Clark and Caribou. The former
has Jerome as the countyseat and is
organized out of parts of Gooding,
Lincoln and Minidoka counties. Clark
is created out of the western portion
of Fremont county, with Dubois as the
countyseat; and Caribou is formed out
of Bannock county, with Soda Springs
as the seat of government. The offi
cers of all three counties have been
appointed by the governor.
The annexation acts for Franklin,
Camas, Ada and Bonneville counties
failed. The proposed new counties of
Take in the north and Nampa and
Buhl in the south also met with de
feat. Th- general enabling act to
permit counties to settle their own
division problems by popular vote In
stead of the legislature to be troubled
with them every session it convenes,
was aleo killed.
Levy for Rond Panned.
Good roads and better highways
came in for favorable consideration
Face to face with an exhausted limit
in bond issues, a two-mill levy law
was passed which, by direct taxation.
will raise II. 800.000 to be distributed
over the main trunk highways of the
state. Combined with the help of coun
tics and the federal government, it
makes possible the expenditure of ap
proximately $6,000,000 on Idaho's high
ways in 1919 and 1920.
There was appropriated $200,000 for
the maintenance of the highways, and
the interest rate on the $900,000 bond
issue of the fourteenth session, still
unsold, was raised from 4 to 4"-i per
cent to permit their sale immediately.
In addition greater leeway was given
to county commissioners and good road
districts in all parts of the state to
build better roads.
Aid for Institutions.
Liberal allowances were made for the
various state institutions, not only for
maintenance but for needed additions
and new buildings as well. The state
normal at Lewiston was allowed $150,
000 for a new administration building.
Other allowances were for a girls'
building for the. Idaho industrial train
ing school at St. Anthony to cost $r0.-
000, a building for the state feeble
minded institute at Nampa to cost $50,
000, and a building for the deaf and
. blind school at Gooding. ' The attempt
to consolidate the Albion state normal
with the Idaho Technical institute at
Pocatello, approved and indorsed by
the state board of education, failed. ,
The educational laws of the state
were codified. Teachers in public and
private schools wre removed from
the jurisdiction of the state industrial
accident boar-i and the school laws
generally strengthened. In the future
all instruction for all subjects -in both
prtvate and public schools will be ex
clusively in the Knglish language, for
it is made a misdemeanor to instruct in
any other language. The Americani
zation plan for the education of for
eigners by giving them special instruc
tion in fc'nglish and the Knglish lan
guage was also approved.
Capitol Addition Planned.
Conditioned upon Boise securing the
approaches to the state capitol building
and parking them, the legislature au
thorized the issuance of $900,000 in
bonds to raise the necessary funds to
complete the state capitol by building
on the two wings at a cost of $450,000
each. There was authorized construct
ed at Lenora in Boundary county,
across the Ivootenai river, a bridge;
$30,000 was appropriated for improve
ments along the Snake river in Mad
ison and Jefferson counties: $52,000 for
the improvement of Lava Hot Springs
In Bannock county and $30,000 for a
, drainage district in Kootenai county.
The land board was given greater
. power in dealing with and adjudicating
water rights in Carey act projects and
$20,000 was appropriated for an in
vestigation of the water resources of
the state. The bonded warehouse act
was passed, measures to prevent dis
crimination in handling farm produce,
and a bonded real estate dealers bill.
A new fish and game law was passed,
acts to codify the laws of salesman
ship, etc.. and boxing was legalized.
A measure was approved to reimburse
stockowners for stock condemned for
tuberculosis; creating a state constab
ulary to enforce the laws; authorizing
the governor to reorganize the state
militia; $50,000 provided In indirect
taxes for the state fair at Boise and
thar Lewiston livestock show.
Primary "Law Repealed.
One of the most far-reaching acts of
the legislature prior to adjournment
was passage of the act eliminating the
state-wide primary law and substitut
ing in its place another providing that
All Cats Are Gray
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Easy Terms
OTHKR STORKS San Kranclsco, Oakland. Sacramento, Joae,
loa Angreles aid Pan Diego.
candidates for United States senator,
congressman, justice of the supreme
and judges of the district courts, gov
ernor and all state elective officials.
shil be nominated at state conventions
instead of at state-wide primaries. It
is a compromise measure, passed by
the. two dominant political parties in
this state. It seeks to remedy many of
the objections to the primary system.
Objection to the primary has been
growing for some years. Many men
who would have taken a nomination
from a state convention declined to
make the financial sacrifice lor a cam
paign under the primary. The cost to
the state was very heavy. It was pro
portionately heavy to the candidates
seeking nomination. They found be
cause of the geographical conditions
of the state it was difficult to mahe a
campaign without heavy cost. Many
candidates who had the time and money
spent both liberally and successfully.
They were usually nominated. These
conditions soon aroused criticism.
Primary Principle Retained,
The new law adopts the primary
principle as to the .nomination of coun
ty and legislative delegates, and de
ciding representation in the state con
ventions. They are all nominated by
direct vote in their respective counties
just as has been the case under the
primary law in the past. Those aspir
ing to office In counties must do one
of three things; they must secure the
approval of the county chairman, or.
failing in that, approval of the county
committee. If they can get neither,
they may secure the indorsement of
five members of their own party who
are willing to vouch that thy have
been affiliated with the party for two
years previous.
The delegates making up the re
spective county conventions which will
in turn elect delegates to the state con
ventions, will be elected by all of those
affiliated with their party at. the pri
mary election. There will be one dele
gate elected from each precinct. As
many as want to - run for the posi
tion of delegate may do so. The one
receiving the highest number of votes
will be declared elected. The county
conventions will eleict the delegates to
the state conventions. ' These are to
be held by all of the political parties
the first Tuesday In August. The coun
ty central committee will provide its
own rule regulating the county conven
tions. The state committee will lay
down the rules governing the state
their contention that the levy was
illegal, finally have lost by the passage
by both houses of the legislature of
the bill legalizing the -levy. The re
bate claims of the owners, represented
by K. B. Benn, amounted to about
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