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Thought Is the Birth
of Action
Think of the wonderful selection of New Pumps and Oxfords
at the Baker stores think of the excellence of quality and
workmanship that is in them think of the most reasonable
prices made possible by our great buying power THEN.
Focus your thoughts now on these facts: (1) We
carry the largest and most comprehensive stock of
fine sh oes in Portland. (2 ) We sell our sh ocs at very
close margin prices, our great volume enables us to
do so. (3) No matter what yott wish to spend, your
money buys shoe satisfaction at the Baker store.
Hood River Association Re
ports Season Best in History.
Special Fund Aids Apple Growers in
.Periods of Small Income; AVeatli
er and Spraying- Credited.
HOOD RIVER, Or.. March S. (Spe
cial.) Reporting :i gross -business of
SUMO::. 900. 97 for 191 S. Kxecutive Man
airer A. AV. Stone, father of the co-operative
rales agency and its executive
head since it was established in 1914,
read the best statement ever issued by
the apple growers' association to the
annual meeting; of the growers tonight.
A M hough the association handled 1.112, -;;0
packages of fruit in 1916 as com
pared -with 914,330 last year, the gross
business for 1916, the next highest
year of the co-operative agency,
reached but 1, 609,295. 50.
The quality and size of the 191$ crop
of apples exceeded that of any former
years. The quality of the fruit, Air.
.Sfoiie declared in his report, is due to
the co-operation of the organization and
its members with the Hood River Ex
periment Station.
Credit Given Spraying.
"While weather conditions were fa
vorable last year for a good crop," said
Ir. Stone, "the great diligence of our
K rowers in spraying thoroughly at the
proper time contributed largely to the
higher percentage of better grades and
Thereby contributed to the better prices
received thie year."
.Mr. Stone commended the legislature
for making permanent the Hood River
Experiment Station.
Prices on all fruit products returned
growers substantial profits. The gross
returns on all products of the associa
tion fir the season of 1S98, commencing
with June 1. and ending with May 31,
It'll', estimated from March 1 to May 31,
are shown as follows;
Stores, ?J90.000; apples, $1,520,000;
strawberries, $120,228.42; pears, 106,
9SS.IS: cherries, $14,875.75; raspberries,
$151.70; loganberries, $77.92: gooseber
ries. $3; prunes and plums, $9.75; black
berries, $752.13: crabapples, $248.38;
quinces, $65.74; ice, $9,500.
Purchasing Fund Big Aid.
Mr. Stone's report showed that the
association, since its organization on a
co-operative basis, had accumulated as
sets to the approximate value of $225,-
000. Of this amount $160,000 is in a I
permanent fund that cannot be dis
bursed in dividends. The organization
expended $34,365 in buildings and other
improvements last year. It now has on
hand a surplus fund in excess of $40,
000. Under a system of levies, gradu
ated from 2 to 6 cents in accordance
with the range in price of the apples
per box, the association has begun to
raise a purchasing fund of $100,000.
This fund, to date, has reached $7.378.
It is used in the purchase of supplies
and to tide grower members over peri
ods of small income.
Average $1.87 a Box.
Mr. Stone reports that pools on all va
rieties of apples, except Newtowns, tiad
been closed. Returns' on all varieties.
except Newtowns, show $780,860 for
417,146 boxes, making an average per
box, for all grades and sizes, of $1.87,
the best since 1911. The sum of $388,266
has been returned on Newtowns. Al
though approximately 22 per cent of the
Newtown crop has not been settled for.
the final returns have been estimated,
respectively as follows: Maximum price
for extra fancy, $2; minimum for small
est size CNgrade, $1.-0; and .average.
The respective total . tonnage and
maximum, minimum and average prices
per box on other varieties are as fol
lows: Spitzenbergs, 242,310 boxes, $2.15,
$1.25 and $1.89: Arkansas blacks, 22,
1 boxes, $2.24, $1.38 and $2.07: Ortleys, 31,
515 boxes, $2.23, $1.37 and $2.07; Red
cheeks. 1,326 boxes. $2.12, $1.37 and
$1.87; Jonathans, 26,327 boxes, $1.99,
SI. 12 and $1.64; delicious, 5810 boxes,
J2.53, $1.50 and $2.30; Winter Bananas,
9719 boxes, $2.50, $1.25 and $2.14; Ore
gon reds, 1623 boxes, $1.86, $1.36 and
51. S2: miscellaneous varieties, 58.050
boxes, at afi average of $1.76 per box.
Kiprnapfl Show ' Increase.
Mr. Stone paid tribute to the labor of
the association. He said the gross ex
penses of the organization have rot
been increased over any past year.
In making returns to growers, the
association made deductions for hand
ling, storage, advertising and purchi
" jng fund assessments of a maximum
sum of 25 cents per box.
' Following the nominations for can-
. didates for a board of directors, who
will be elected on Saturday, April 12,
! the hall was opened to all growers of
the valley, who attended a discussion of
methods of spraying and fertilization
led by Professor A. L. Lovett, of the
Oregon Agricultural College; and Le-
Roy C hads and Gordon G. Brown, rep
resentatives of the Hood River Experi
ment Station.
D 1 205 Decidedly new. Made of
finest quality brotvn fcuf, turn sole, cov
ered LXV heel. Price $11. 00. Same
in black k'tJ- Price $10.00.
.41204 Laird & Schober black k'd
plain toe oxford. Ultra long last, turn
sole, graceful LXV ivood heel. Price
ifiiiHiinir' .. itriMia'fiiiHiiiiiafifiiB(rififfiritTfrirfvr!riia .- mmn
iWlM wm 1 l&rHl I Mm
1013 A stylish new pump,
made of fine black patent
leather, turn sole and covered
Louis XV heel. Price $6.50.
B-184This dainty pump is
made of soft ifhite kid, with
light turn sole and covered Louis
XV heel. Price $7.50.
1213 Stylish and dainty is
this pump in fine black kid,
teith light turn sole and cov
ered LXV heel. Price $6.50.
lima lima iiiiiaiiffiHiiiuamfffMiiiiiaiiiuainiiBiii
A-1202 The prettiest pump of
the season, in fine black k'd.
with light turn sole and covered
French heel. Price $10.00.
V x 1
12 IS Another spring model ef
style. Made with soft black
kid, light turn sole, covered
Louis XV heel Price $6.50.
A Plain Message to the Sensible Man
'A man can make up his mind in a minute when he buys
Baker shoes because his style is here at his prices. Baker's
is a shoe store for all. You, Mr. Five Dollar Man, and
You, Mr. Twelve Dollar Man, your money buys complete
shoe satisfaction at the Baker Stores. Come in and sec
. the wide selection of shoes here from which to choose.
Sole Agent for the Dr. A.
Reed Cushion Shoe for Men
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Agent for the N ettleton
Shoe the Best Shoe for Men
,M0 J
A554- Cocoa tan calf English lace.
Medium weight sole. Price $10.00.
Largest Retailer of Shoes West of Chicago
380 Washington Street
308 Washington Street
270 Washington Street
270 Morrison Street
vl4629 Extra quality black vfci id
blucher. Droad footform shape. A.
shoe of absolute merit. Price $8.50.
Property Appraised at $162,494 In
cluded in April List.
OLYJWPIA. Wash., March 8. (Spe
cial.) Land3 and timber carrying
total appraised valuation of $162,494
' are listed for the state land sale April
1. to be conducted in 21 counties of the
state under supervision of the state
land commissioner. The April sale list
is segregated as follows:
Uplands, 3.1O.07 acres, valued at..$"G.734.85
Timber on 1011.85 acres, valued at. 9:.7'JT.Jo
Tide lands 2,012.20
Harbor arpa, lease i!0.00
Upland offered in Douglas county
Z20 acres appraised at 3.8SO.O0
K.-anklin county. i;40 acres
Kinp county, 1G0 acres 3,200.00
Block 18. State addition to Seattle LSI-JO. 00
Lincoln county. 5.p0 acres ........ 37,riS2.00
fierce county. 40 acres 400.00
Block lo7. Second School Land ad- I
flition to Tacoma. L79 acres.... 000.00
Lot 8. block 4 0. smith & Fife ad-
- ditlon and improvements 1. 100.00
Lot 11. blwk -Jill. Smith & Denton
addition and improvements 1.5.VI.0O
Timber on -JO acres 2,o0.00
Timber offered is as follows:
e:arhi county. VJO acres ......... 1,!no.on
SUacit county. :t-J0 acres 47.4Krt.0O
,'nohomisti county. GILS.", acres... 41.-jr,:;.2.
"Whatcom county, 40 acres 720.00
We wish to express our sincere thanks
to our many friends for their heartfelt
sympathy and floral offerings and par
ticipation in the services and funeral
of our beloved wife and mother.
"Adv. - MRS.G. li. HOfMA.N'X.
The beloved husband, mother, sisters
and brothers of Mrs. W. A. Johnson,
who passed away at Psvette, Idaho,
March 2, whose funeral took place at
Rnyette. Idaho, on .March 6, wish to
thank the neighbors and friends, both
. . of Payette and Portland, for their flo
. ral gifts and many kind deeds during
our bereavement. Adv.
Mrs. Sarah Bointon Ts Oldest of
Four Generations.
BROWNSVILLE, Or., March 8.-(Spe-
clal.) Mrs. Sarah Bointon, -who re
cently celebrated her 83d birthday, is
the oldest member of four living gen
erations, all dwelling at Browneville.
But this Is not Mrs. Bointon's wliola
claim to distinction, for .she was inti
mately connected with some of the
most famous characters of early-day
Her hnsband. Allen Sanders, was the
partner of Marshall, discoverer of Cali
fornia gold, and helped In the con
struction of the historic Sutter saw
mill. He came Into the California
wilderness as early as 1839.
Ije-wls County Organization Appoints
Temporary Officers.
CENTRALIA, Wash., March 8. (Spe
cial.) The permanent organization ef
fected by the mimite women of Lewis
county -nrill hold its annual election
in May. Mrs. W. B. Brown of Vader,
county councillor of the organization,
has appointed the following officers to
serve until the election: Mrs. M. T.
O'Connel of Winlock and Mrs. N. D.
Tower of Morton, vice-councillors; Mrs.
A E. Rice of Chehalis, secretary, and
Mrs. Kina Bower of Centralla, treas
Committees have also been named by
Mrs. Brown, the chairmen of which
are: Community welfare, Mrs. David
Stewart, Chehalis; programme, Mrs.
Kina Bower, Centralla; Americaniza
tion. Mrs. P. A. Tilmont, Centralla. and
publicity, Miss Vera Reynolds, Centralis-
Rarey of Tacoma and John Lucker of
Salem, baritone: Leonard Morse of
Chelan, Wash., and David Lawson of
Bclllngham. Wash., second bass.
Gustave Anderson, manager of the
organization, plans to stage the first
concert of this spring within three
weeks. An entirely new collection of
the best songs has been obtained and
Tryont for Vacancies on. Willamette
Glee Club Reveals Talent.
Or., March 8. (Special.) As a result
of the recent tryouts to fill the vacan
cies in the men's glee club, five men
have been chosen as alternate members
of the club. They are Noble Moodhe
of Spokane, second tenor: Raymond
Phone your want ad? to the Orcgo
nUn. Fhone Main 707". A 6"?3.
We Are Offering the Lady of the House Who Has the
Problem of the Large Washings Something That We
Believe Will Fill the Bill and Will Solve the
Problem, as It Is Economical and Satis
factory. "Family Finish."
Palace Laundry Co.
Kor a long time the Palace Laundry
has been offering, aside from our cele
brated Finished Work, -lower-priced
methods for handling the larger wash
ings, known as Rough Dry, at 7 cents
per pound, and Wet Wash at a still
lower price. Both of these are good,
snd some prefer the one and some pre
fer the other.
intra Bf, nowever, a great many
who desire a system that will return
the clothes sweet, clean, dried and fair
ly well ironed, and as a result we are
now offerins our "Family Finish" at
cents per pound. Phone for particulars
East 1030 or B 2113. Adv.
practices have been held during the past
fortnight under the direction of Pro
fessor Sites, head of thj school of
Cuetard pies henceforth will mean
nothing In the life of Fay Tincher
that Is, as accessories to art; nor will
the cheerful jlaplick hereafter form h
part of her comedy equipment. Miss
Tincher has beuii signed by the Al
Christie company to appear In a series
of two-reel specials of the light corn
crly order. Al Christie himself ii
personally direct Miss Tincher.
Thone your want nds to the Orego
nian. Phnn Mnin 7070. A 0!S.
It's Easy to look Young and
fascinating by Use ot
"La Creole"
r y
"La Creole has made me
look IS years younger,
NO woman should be handi
capped socially by gray
or faded hair, livery woman
owes it to herself to look
her best and avoid tbe ap
pearance of coming age.
Gray streaked with gray, or
laded hair makes many a
woman look old before her
time, and gray hair is so
very iir.necpiifirv.
LA CRtOLK Hair Drcmlng
Is the most popular Hair
Color Restorer in us-e among
i-oclety Men and Women of
America today. It in nafe.
delightful toilet preparfitiou
which uniformly restoren Kra
6 l!ig0
- ygyy
Amex, France
WpJPS The Mother-of
Mrs. W. W. Darker,
Box 52, South Bhaftsbury.
writes a Pitiful Story of Child'
hood Suffering and tells hour her son was
Finally Brought to Strong, Robust manhood.
Tr. Tl.trtman treated my son for Sys
temic Catarrh nnd catarrh of the large
and (small intestines. He had many doc
tors but grew worao until ho began to
take m-HU-NA. Kvrryone gave my son,
VP to tiie, but I'K-RC-N A saved him.
My fon was born with catarrh of the
stomach and at sixteen he was poisoned
In n." picture works. They treated him for
everything but ho grew worse. W were
told to l:ik him to the hospital fur treat
ment. Being poor we rnuld not do this.
About that llnio, I saw l'U-KU-N.V adver
tised In an almanac.
Iy or as then lhtPri Vears old
and sick in bed with LatJrippe from which
he was not expected to recover.
In seven weeks from the timo he brran
to take PE-RLi-NA, tie pained thirty-nvo
pounds and improved, right alonic.
"VVe keep all of Dr. Ilarlman's Remedies
In the l.nuso and if we aro Eiek, we nae
them. " e Pelilom -Rll h doctor. My ,on
takes PK-RU-.NA. every Spring aud Fall
for a tonic.
Mrs. W. "W. RARKER,
Eox i-, iiouth bhaftsbury, Vt.
. i -Kl,OL.f iiaj.- DrCH!,iiiwlll not
Ha in the scalp, w'asu o. rub off, or
leave the hair with that Kreasy or
dyed appearance. You apply it youi
scll by simply conibins; or brushing it
through the hair before reUrinc, and
the results will delight you surpris
ingly. LA CRKOLT2 1 told by On I Dru? Co
and all (rood Jruc rtorea and lollel
counters everywhere. I'rico 11 00. Ad.
For coughs, colds, naal catarrh. Indigestion, constipation, paina in tho stomach,
bowels, back or loins, nausea, vomit Ins. headache, dizziness, sour stomach, belching
jtas. rheumatisru, or any disorder duo to infiammaliou of tho mui-ous mcmbraDPB.
PK-RU-NA. la Indicated. Movt diseases ar duo to catarrhal conditions. Do not
nuffer. There is a reliable rcadr-to-take remedy, which, may bo used In vonr own
home that remedy Is rE-KU-nA. You can purchase Dr. llarlraan'a TE-KU-NA
anywhere and you cannot afford to bo -without It.
A Bottle of rE-EU-SA la tho House Is Fpnrtrii Onocrs f rre,cntltn.
Keep it on Hand. That s tho Safe Way.
A . f .? I
1 1