The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, January 05, 1919, Section One, Page 17, Image 17

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Mayor and Chief of Police Are
Made Targets.
Grand Jurors Fail to Handle Matters
as Presented to Them, Says Exco
live; Police Records Shown.
Charges of bad faith on the part of
George I Baker. Mayor, and of Inef
ficiency on tbs part of Chief of Police
Johnson, are contained In a bristling
report of conditions existing; In the
Portland Police Department, which waa
submitted yesterday by the Multnomah
County grand jury to Presiding Judge
fitapleton. Both Mayor Baker and Chief
of Police Johnson are sererely cen
sured for what the grand Jury asserts
to be a dieorranlied and dcDlormbla
condition now existing in the Police I
to the newspapers, but consistently re.
fused to five Information or to answer I
their questions about the cases as put I
up to m from time to time.
Grand Jary Had Data.'
"The grand Jury, in making the
statement of Inefficiency of the War
Emergency Squad, had before It re-1
ports of the work of this branch of the
service ahowing for the first 10 months I
of the year a total of 3821 arrems for I
rambling, bootlegging and social mis
doings. It had before it a report show
ing fines from these cases aggregating
S30.0SS.SS and reports showing the con
fiscation of 21.911 quarts of liquor. This
record Is for this one squad and not
the force as a whole and covers only I
10 months. Since then records for the!
Uth month show 423 additional ar
rests. J6115 rn additional fines and S99
additional gallons of liquor.
If this Indicates Inefficiency I am
not acquainted with efficiency. This I
record will show a vast Increase In
police activity over the work of any
other full year of police activity in
As to Chief of Police Johnson I can
only say that he has made enemies.
With such in array of arrests, together
with the general activity against vice
and the process of weeding out of the
department rishonest and inefficient
policemen, it Is only natural that he
should have numerous enemies. No
administration can conduct a vigorous
TtHS Y. 31. C. A. SERVICE.
1. ' .
nave ;
tndld I -ayor.
came I T
ted a ! I '
Department. if'
"Judging from the evidence we have' ;
been able to gather. It Is our ca
opinion that George L Baker, as May
did not act in good faith when he came
beforfe us and stated that he wanted
thorough Investigation of city affairs.
and more particularly of the Police De
part me nt." reads the report. "First, be- I
cause he gave wide publicity to his In
tentions through the dally press and,
secondly, because he failed to Rive us
any tangible evidence to work upon.
"Still, although placed at a great
disadvantage, we have been able to col
lect enough evidence to satisfy us that
the Police Department, with the ex
ceptlon of the detective bureau. Is dls
organised and In a deplorable condi
tion; that the officers do not recognise
Mr. Johnson as their Chief, and that
Chief Johnson. In his turn. Is unable to
control his men: that It appears to us
he has exercised poor Judgment In as
signing his officers to their respective
duties, and that many officers who are
permitted to work upon the war emer
gency squad have no conception of
their duties.
Policy With Attoraeye Ceadessaed.
"We condemn his policy of permitting
attorneys to Interview police officers
on behaf of their clients before
cases come to trial, and we believe that
the conditions which permit four at
torneys to monopolise Police Court
practice should be corrected.
"George I. Baker, as Mayor, certainly
knows the Police Department Is in a
deplorable condition; otherwise he
would not have brought these matters
before us; but we are of the opinion
that the remedy lies In his bands and
not with us. It being a matter of disci
pline within the department. The city
of Portland pays him his salary to look
after the city affairs, and it Is up to
htm. and not to us. to Investigate and
correct such evils as this Investigation
has disclosed.
"We quote the Mayor from one of the
evening papers as follows: 1 will act
on the recommendations of the grand
Jury, if fair and right. If the recom
mendations are not. fair and right. I
will not act upon them.' Since he ap
points himself the supreme Judge of
the wisdom of our decision, we are at
a loss to know why the matter was
brought to our attention at all."
ladletaseata Against Police.
Contrary to early predictions, the
grand Jury failed to return any indict
ments against police officers. It was
said unofficially that whatever evi
dence of graft waa submitted to the
grand Jurors lacked sufficient corrobo
rat.on to warrant the returning of true
Members of the )ury were unanimous
In the assertion that the fault lay
mainly in the fact that the police offi
cers showed poor Judgment in their
work, rather than dishonest methods.
The grand Jurors signing the report
were C. L- Peebler. foreman: O. F. Bot
ktn. William H. Joyce. S. Peterson, W.
I. Rotterman. Wilbur T. Lucas and
Andrew Elisaon.
"T :-:V ,:
Hammer M. Slecaaa.
. Guernsey M- Elocum, former
resident of Portland and until re
cently cashier of the bank at
Buhl. Idaho, left In October for
the T. M. C. A. training school
In Chicago, where he had expect
ed to be assigned to overseas duty
with the recreation service of the
Y. M. C A. During her husband's
absence Mrs. Slocura Is maksrig
her home at the Madison Park
Mayer .Makes Statement.
Charging that the grand Jury applied
Itself In an effort to discredit his ad
ministration instead of handling the
matters presented to the Jury. Mayor
Baker. In a statement Issued last night,
presented police department records
for tbe past 11 months to disprove the
charges of demoralization of the police
department. The Mayor's statement Is
as follows:
"The grand Jury was asked to Inves
tigate charges made against certain po
licemen Involving graft. Specific cases,
with full information and names of
witnesses, were submitted for the pur
pose of having tbe grand Jury return
- indictments If those accused were
guilty. That has always been my Idea
of the function of the grand Jury.
"The Jury took upon Itself, of Its own
volition, the work of Investigating the
efficiency or Inefficiency of the polios
bureau. In spite of this I am accused
of bad faith for submitting something
I should have handled. As to the
further charge of bad faith on my part
for giving Information to the press
I will my that I gave no Information
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crusade against vice without having
trouble and oftentimes serious trouble.
An honest and conscientious Chief of I
Police has much grief.
Polleesnea Ordered Hot to Talk.
"As to the grand Jury's comment en
police court lawyers I will say that
orders have existed at the station con
stantly to sthe effect that policemen
are not to talk to lawyers abou cases.
Chief Johnson has refused to comply
with the demands of this class of law
yers and thereby has heaped trouble
on his head.
"The comment of the grand Jury re
garding Chief Johnson was not sur
prising Inasmuch as he was not called
before the Jury and had no chance to
tell his side of the case, whereas his
enemies were called. This is not my
Idea of fair play, particularly when the
chief was aked to appear and waited
for days in the anteroom of the grand
Jury, only finally to be turned away
without being called.
"It must be remembered that In ad
dition to the unprecedented activity
of the police bureau during the past
year, the department has been beset
with serious troubles brought about
by new men. Practically 60 per cent
of the force changed during the year
90 officers to be specific and police
work Increased by at least 100 per cent.
Also It must be remembered that more
than 30 officers were discharged dur
ing the year for various offenses, each
one thereafter becoming a committee
of one against Chief Johnson and the
"In short, it appears to me that the
grand jury applied Itself for some rea
son to an effort to discredit the admin
istration instead of handling the mat
ters presented which were entirely
within the province of the Jury.
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Bonds Aggregating $400,000 Are!
Voted by Town to Improve
Shipping Facilities.
IT. H. Wilson. Mayor, and W. K.
Francis, Councilman, of Warrenton, re
turned to their homes last night, after
having obtained Important right of way
deeds as a necessary preliminary to In
augurating work of bulkheadlng the
Sklpanon Klver channel at that point
and for which the people of the enter
prixlng Clatsop County towns have
voted bonds aggregating S 400.000. The
improvements contemplated include the
reclamation of SO acres of land adjoin
ing the river.
Voters of Warrenton recently au
thorised a bond issus of SIOO.OOO for
the proposed bulkhead and an addi
tional $-00,000 of bonds for reclaiming
the adjoining land. A. Guthrie & Com.
pany, of this city, have been awarded
the contract for the bulkhead at a cost
of JS6.840. The bulkhead will extend
from the Columbia River channel up
the Sklpanon River to the railroad
bridge at Warrenton. In addition to
the proceeds of the two bonds Issues,
the improvement will Involve a further
cost of nearly 100.000 for dredging
which will be done by the Port of As
toria In which Warrenton la included.
The dredging part of the work has
begun and the reclamation of the first
unit of 20 acres has started. Actual
work on the bulkhead will be Inaug
urated within 20 days.
'When completed, this Improvement
will give Warrenton a 20-foot channel
at low tide." said Mayor Wilson yes
terday. "It will also include dredging
out a turning basin oo feet wide. This
will enable lumber schooners and other
coastwise vessels to enter our port. The
Improvement being undertaken repre
sents the work of an agitation extend
ing oyer a period of several years by
the people of Warrenton for the devel
opment of their shipping buslnss.?
It was only four years sgo that War
renton installed a gravity water system
for which the people voted a bond Issue
of $160,000. The system not only sup
plies Warrenton, but serves Fort
Stevens, Hsmmond and Seaside and
during the last year met the needs of
2000 soldiers at Clatsop. The revenue
from this service takes care of the op
erating costs and pays Interest on the
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Western Contingent to Return by
Way of Panama Canal.
MONTREAL, Jan. 4. (Special.) To
the strains of patriotic music played by
military bands of the Imperial army.
1500 officers and men of the Canadian
expeditionary forces who enlisted in
British Columbia and Alberta em
barked at Liverpool yesterday after
noon on the Canadian Pacific Empress
of Asia for the direct voyafre to Van
couver via the Panama Canal, this be
ing the first and probably the only
time this steamer will travel to Canada
this way.
The arrangements for the trip were
made by 81 r Edward Kemp, Canadian
Overseas Minister of Militia; O. M.
Bosworth. chalrmsn of Canadian Pa
cific ocean, service, and General Ho
garth. Quartermaster-General, Cana
dian headquarters. The Empress of
Asia, which was diverted to Atlantic
waters In order to facilitate the trans
portation of American troops to Eu
rope, will return to commercial service
between Vancouver and the Orient
after disembarking her contingent" of
Canadian soldiers.
Belgium to Expell Hun's Friends.
BRUSSELS, Jan. 4. The Belgian
Minister of Justice announces that all
foreigners of 'enemy origin who had
relations with tbe Germans during the
war will be expelled from Belgium.
Three Divorce Suits Filed.
Both crulty and Infidelity are
charged by EdgarGoneau in a suit for
divorce filed yesterday against Ruby
Goneau, to whom be was married in
ibis tta m7 aha Iim nssnrlatprl with I demands S40 a month alimony. J. V.
other men for some months. Bertha H. Tapp alleges desertion In his complaint
isurnes accuses james d. auvun i ex
treme cruelty. They were married in
1911 and have one' child. The plaintiff
against Martha Tapp. They wars mar
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