The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, January 05, 1919, Section One, Page 12, Image 12

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Trie- Quality Store- of- Portland
MO, Sixth,, "Morrison, AUer Sta.
1- Cake Creme Oil
with every three cakes of this soap at 25c
Creme Oil soap is, as you doubtless know, a
pure vegetable oil soap that is very frag
rant and cleansing. Take advantage of
this special offer tomorrow four cakes
for the price of three.
Meier & Frank's: Toilet Goods Shop, Main Floor.
Leather Bags 3 Off
A good assortment of women's leather bags in this Reconstruction and
Readjustment Sale at one-thiro off. Envelope-shaped purses, top and
back strap styles in large and small effects. Also morocco and seal bags
in black and colors.
Regularly Priced From,$5 to $28.50
Wonderful values in this sale at exactly one-third off.
Meier tc. Frank's: Leather Goods Shop, Main Floor.
Bar Pins for 49c
As you can- see the reductions in 'this
Reconstruction and Readjustment Sale of
cameo brooches and bar pins are in every
instance MORE THAN HALF. Good
looking pins with hand-carved gold-filled
and enameled mountings.
Meier & Frank's: Jewelry Shop, Main Floor.
and Bc
of this section for fu
struction and Readj
4 Pagl
ins the Second Week of the Most Imj
Negligees, Kimonos, Batlirobes, Petticoats and Sweaters
A Fine Assortment at Greatly Reduced Prices iSo?
P'mpmftwi ViMfei fcwMw
i "2f- 'Tr - -v"H4 - -: ' -.-.-..- -.v- ' : - . v-.1, V' v .'--a-- r ...;,t'r;iVi:.i:;-.v 1
Dresses, Suits, Coats, Waists, Furs
Finest Qualities Best Styles Greatest Assortments iri the City
Sharply Reduced for Our Reconstruction and Readjustment Sales
It is superfluous to state that every woman and miss can find in our immense' stocks exactly the dress.
suit, coat, waist or fur she has in mind but it is of utmost importance to know that "savings of the most
substantial kind await every purchaser of any of these in tyir. Reconstruction and Readjustment Sales.
bome oi tne special lots lor tomorrow:
A marvelously fine assortment of one-
piece dresses developed in high-quality
chiffon velvet and velveteen. Coat ef
fects, surplice styles, draped models.
Some have the new narrow skirts. A
variety of trimmings. Taupe, brown.
navy, black, plum and gray.
$98.50 Dresses $49.25
$65.00 Dresses $39.50
$35.00 Dresses $22.50
Every popular --style, including the
very newest models. Suits for street,
dress and sport wear. Every favored
material. Many richly fur trimmed. All
sizes, including small sizes and stylish J
stout models up to bo bust. Three great
$98.50 Suits $57.50
$48.50 Suits $34.85
$45.00 Suits $27.45
We call your particular attention to
these two fine lots of underpriced coats :
Extra Value $26.85
Were $35.00 to $45.00. Mostly one-of-a-kind
models. Of velours in plain or
piusn-tnmmed styles.
Special at $28.00
Regularly $35.00. Full-length. plush
coats in belted models with large collars.
Meier & Frank's: Apparel Shop. Fourth Floor.
Furs Reduced
Siberian Wolf furs, animal scarf effects
in taupe and black, are re- tfi p aa
duced from $20.00 to OIO.UU
Wolf scarfs in taupe, tfnn rrN
Poire t, black, were $35, atD7 Q
Red Fox, Marmot and Coney neckpieces
in gray and black, regu- d t 1 at
larly $15 to $19.50, now. . . D 1 1 1,0
Meier Frank's: Fur Shop. Fourth Floor.
$15.00 to $18.00
Waists $12.50
A limited number of high-grade waists in
Georgette crepe and combinations of crepe
and lace, alscPanne velvet and crepe.
Exclusive French Models
included mostly one of d style and size. Many
dark shades of blue, brown and black, some models
in flesh and white. ,
Meier A Frank's: Waist Shop, Fourth Floor.
This $7.00 Camera
Eastman No. 2 Cartridge
Premo Camera with excel
lent lens. Small and com
pact; easily fits coat pock
et. Pictures 2J4x3i4. Uses
roll films ; six-exposure roll
costs 20c Only 15 in this
sale at $4.95.
Meier & Frank's: Kodak Shop, Main Floor.
One week of our Reconstruction and Readiu;
& FRANK store-wide event has appealed to the p
sale its timeliness its vastness its wonderfu
the success of what we confidently proclaimed
day. The second week of our Reconstruction a
less wonderful than the first.
"Keep the wheels of industry turning" that
busy. Help avert industrial depression and un
war to a peace basis and so zealously to be gu:
Boys at heart.
The MEIER & FRANK Store, now entering
these Reconstruction and Readjustment bales as
paper and the other Sunday paper we have take
the savings these sales brine to the people of Port
pay every reader of this paper to come to The Q
j u
2 Big Specials
Columbia Shetland Wool
Columbia Teasel Yarn
4 Skeins 98c
Regularly 35c skein. All colors.
Bag Rings Price
Bag rings and handles in every conceivable style.
Regularly 35c to $6.00; tomorrqw 18 to $3.
Stamped Pieces 19c
Assorted lot, including centers, pillow tops, baby
pillow tops, aprons, towels, novelties. To 65c values.
Professor Shaw
will be with us a few days longer. All women inter
ested in-Teedlework should avail themselves of this
opportunity to take up the beautiful cut lace work so
interestingly taught by Professor Shaw. This work is
easy to do and most attractive when finished.
Meier & Frank's: Art Needlework Shop, Second Floor.
$2.5043.00 Fancy
Silks $1.20
. Only 500 yards in this assortment of high-grade silk;
suitable for street and evening costumes. Come earl;
Fancy striped silk voiles, Marquisettes, Georgette crepes anJ
crepes de chine are included in this sale.
White, sky blue, corn, gray, green, brown, Copen and Americai
Beauty are amongst the colors.
About HALF and less than half to close at $1.29 instead of $2.56
$3 yard. '
$1.75 Plaid Dress Goods 98d
Newest and most-wanted color combinations. Serviceable ma
terial for skirts and dresses. 42 inches wide.
All-wool granite cloth, made from hard twisted serge yarn. A
inches wide. Good assortment of colors.
All-Wool French Serge $1.69
Fine quality all-wool French serge for women's, misses' and chil
dren's wear. Good colors. This material is 42 inches wide.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor, Fifth Street
Samples of Nottingham single lace curtains
in regular lengths and sizes. Some slightly
soiled. Sold regularly in pairs to $2.50. Large
assortment at, each, 59c.
TICS at Ab
Reconstruction and
Readjustment Sale
Cotton Batts
Four extra specials in cotton batts at
remarkable underprices.
Cotton Batts 10c
Good white cotton- batts in full 7-oz. roll. Reg
ularly 12 Vic special at, each 10c.
Cotton Batts 19c
Our special "Comet" cotton batts in 12-oz. size.
Regularly 25c.
Cotton Batts 65c
Full 2-Ib. size cotton batts filled with clean
white cotton. 72x90-inch size.
Cotton Batts 98c
Our famous "Climax" cotton batts in 3-lb. size.
72x90 inches.
Batts Only $2.29
Wool mixed batts in size 72x90 inches. , Lim
ited quantity at $2.29.
Standard quality silkoline in
-desirable patterns and color
ings. 36 inches wide. Short
Llengths from 2M to 10 yards.
Regularly 25c
Reconstruction and
- Readjustment Sale
Six" extra special values in sheets,
spreads, pillow cases and pillows.
Muslin Sheets $1.59
These are the "Pullaway" seamless sheets,
jnade of good sturdy muslin with wide hems.
72x90-inch size. The 81x90-inch size, $1.69.
Bed Spreads $1.49
Good weight honeycomb spreads - the well
known "Snowflake" brand. Good size.
Bed Spreads $1.98
The same kind of spreads as the above, only in
a large size.
Bed Spreads $4.39
Heavy weight satin bed spreads in beautiful
brocade patterns. Extra large sizes. To $6.50
Pillow Cases 25c
Fine muslin pillow cases with wide hems. Size
45x36. About present cost.
Three Pillow Cases $1
"Gold Seal" pillow cases made of finely serv
iceable muslin with hem. Size 42x36 inches.
Worth 40c each.
Here are 12 e
Prices in many ir
"Wearwell ' comf
and covered with fal
Regularly $3.95,
Full size, light,
fancy bordered silkc
Wool-finished dou
white, some plaids vj
Single wool-finish
white and plaids. P
Good double cotf
ored borders. Size 6 '
at $3.98,
Double wool finis I
length. Plaids,
at $4.95.