The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, November 17, 1918, Section One, Page 11, Image 11

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Haying been practically closed for two weeks, and re
ceiving merchandise daily from our New York office,
we find our stock so tremendous that we have decided to
place on sale at almost cost, our entire stock.
Sale Starts 9 A. M. Monday
El Washington
1 at Fifth
at Fifth
Republicans Will Control
Important Branches.
This Great Store, With Unlimited Stocks, Can Serve You Best
We Discontinued All Our Branches in the City
Legislator Will Be Cnder Control
of Repablican Influence in
Jfext Session.
143 Broadway One Door From Alder St
BOISE. Idaho. Not. 16. (Special.)
The passing of the general election has
brought Into prominence the new ad
ministration that will come Into power,
and the inauguration of the next legis
lature. In many respects the admlnis-
tration-elect is similar to the admlnis
tratlon that Is soon to pass, prior to Its
Inauguration, for two rears ago the
Iemocrats went into power with con
trol "of all important elective offices
and the Legislature, and the Repub
licans will do the same thing January
1. 1913. Their victory Is even more
complete than was that of the Demo
crats, for they have captured every
state office. The Incoming administra
tion will bo able to enact such policies
as It desires to adopt. Into law, for the
Legislature will be under control of
Republican Influence.
As there Is a great period of recon
struction coming, it la likely that much
beneficial legislation will be proposed
to bring about Interior development.
Governor-elect D. W. Davis Is said to
be in hearty sympathy with this class
of legislation. Two years ago he made
his campaign on an Issue relating to
the disposal of lands which would soon
brine: about a taxless state, the re
sources of Idaho would be so greatly
Increased thereby.
Fans Legtslatlea FavwreA.
The platform of the Republican party
pledges It to the enactment of strong
farm legislation beneficial to the farmer
and agriculturalist. It pledges tne
party to pass laws that will help and
strengthen labor. It Is for the direct
election of members of the publia utili
ties commission, good roads and for
re-atabllshment of the office of labor
commissioner, for the control and pro
motion by the state of the development
of the unused water power and the sub
mission of an amendment to the consti
tution to the people to bring this about.
What may prove to be one of the most
Important planks in the platform Is the
ana declaring for restoration of the
reclamation policy In order that homes
and lands may be provided for return
ing soldiers.
A strong effort will be made to re
peal the direct primary law, or at least
so amend it as to provide a primary
tor the election of delegates to county
and state conventions which will
nominate the candidates of the respec
tive Dartles Instead of nominating
them by direct vote. Neither part)
Is pledged to the repeal, of the law, but
many leaders In the parties believe that
it should be so changed as to prevent
Centura of one party's organization by
nominating candidates on its ticKet as
was done by the Nonpartisans this au
In this state.
Coodlas; Is Pleased.
Ex-Governor Frank R. Gooding, who
Is credited with making the fight for
the Republican party and while being
defeated himself for short term Sena
tor, waa able to shatter the forces of
the Nonpartisans and bring about tne
election of the Republican state ticket.
says be Is glad he made the fight.
Someone had to make the fight, he
said, "and I would rather have made
it and lost than not to have made It and
won. for after all a seat in the United
States Senate Is an empty honor com
pared with a place in the hearts of the
good people of this state. There Is only
one thing worth living for in this worn
and that Is the respect of the people
A public servant, or a man wh
serves the people as a public servant
and retires from office without the re
spect of the good people of the state or
nation would better have never served
the people at all. The official count ol
the vote cast for Senator has not as yet
been made, but it will likely show Sen
ator Nugent's election by COO to 1000.
Halsey Ranchers Rally to
Relief of Neighbor.
Cfeaary Sirkela Lands His Commu
nity as Best la the World.
HALSEY. Or, Nov. 16. (Special.)
Cbancey Sickles, a farmer living
south of this city, has joined the
"Don't Worry Club. He also has dis
covered that he has 1 or 20 of the
best neighbors In th world.
The Sickles family has been having
a siege of the Spanish influenza. They
were all ill, father, mother, daughters,
on and son's family. And the Fall
plowing waa not completed, nor the
grain in.
Then, just when things looked most
discouraging, they looked from the win
dow and discovered that the neighbors
had arrived with teams, plows and seed
ers, and soon they found that the Fal
work had been finished.
"It waa some surprise party," said
air. ElckJea "God bless 'em,"
1 7.SO
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eolve. With tremendous stocks and a corps of expert- craftsmen, we can
plan the furnishing of the most palatial home as well as the most modest
cottage or bungalow. Bring home-planning ideas to us and let us help you.
Console Table
and Mirror
A beautiful piece which
we have in both ma
hogany and American
walnut. An attractive
addition to your hbme
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Other Departments to Co-operate
and Consolidate to Lower
PENDLETON, Or.. Nor. 15. (Spe
claL) Umatilla County's road fund this
rear again will be a small one, com'
Dared with that of other counties, for
the reason that the S per cent Increase
allowed by law is taken up by Increased
salaries and increased operating ex
In other departments of the
county administration, according; to the
announcement of the County Court
today In submitting- Its budget lor tne
eomiDi vear.
The court has trtmmea everywnero
nossible along the line and at present
has Drovided S135.450 in tne roaa iuna.
The fund last year amounted 10 ooui
The work of the county agriculturist
and the county demonstrator or home
economics this Tear will be lumpea to
(tether in the budget with a fund oi
$ 2500, and they, with the aid of the
County School Superintendent, win
have charge of the county inausu-uu
club work.
The County Library, the fund rot
which was Increased Z000 tnis year,
will undertake to work out and operate
this year a system of circulating books
among the schools of the county under
the direction of the County Superintendent.
Provision has been made, for re
painting the Courthouse.
id I Rev.
TaIl Walla ex -Con-riots Held by
Salem Officers.
SALEM. Or, Nov. 18. (Special)
Tracy Cartwrlght and E- W. Bents,
probably of many aliases, are under ar
rest here for stealing a bolt of cloth
from a local tailor shop, but their arrest
divulged that they are ex-convicts from
Walla Walla and apparently "soldier
fakers." Alleged forged Army dis
charges and other documents found on
their persons indicate that they have
been working on the sympathy of the
people. Federal officers will bo ad
vised. Bents Is said to have been sent up
for forgery to Walla Walla. A third
man. Tom Slattery, also an ex-convict
from Walla Walla, is mentioned In con
nection with the case, but he has not
been located.
Hood River Boy Expert
HOOD RIVER. Or, Nov. 1.
claL) Charles F. Johnson, son of
Sheriff T. F. Johnson, Is now with a
contingent of United States Marines at
Galveston. Tex. The young man.
graduated last Spring from the Hood
River High School, qualified, after
training at Mare Island, as an expert
rifleman. In a letter to his father
he writes expressing hopes that he will
be sent to France for duty.
Earl ITeber Y. M. C. A. Director.
HOOD RIVER. Or, Nov. 16. (Spe
cial.) Earl Weber, son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. O. Weber, is stationed as a T. M.
C. A. recreational director at a spruce
production division camp at Seaside.
In a letter to his father Mr. Weber eayi
be has been spend'ng the week en
gaged in the united war work drive in
coast counties
Joseph Hardin Cornwall, of
Dallas, Succumbs.
DALLAS, Or, Nov. 16. (Special.)
Rev. Joseph Hardin Cornwall, one of
the few remaining old-time circuit rid
ing preachers, passed away at his home
In the western part of Dallas this week,
after a lingering illness of several
months, due to old age and complica
tions. Rev. Mr. Cornwall was born at
Bateaville. Ark., on October 8, 1832, and
came to Oregon with his parents by ox
team when he waa but 16 years oi age,
the family settling near the present
city of Forest Grove.
Rev. Mr. Cornwall s latner, itev. Jo
seph A. Cornwall, was one of the early
pioneer preachers of the Cumberland
Presbyterian Church and at times after
coming to this country was closely as
soclated with Marcus Whitman in mis
aionary work among the Indians.
The deceased followed his father's
profession, and after being admitted as
a minister was a circuit rider among
the settlers In Southern Oregon and
Northern California for the Presby
terlan Church. '
After Oregon waa admitted to the
Union as a state Rev. Mr. Cornwall re
ceived the appointment to West Poin
as a cadet from United States Senator
Joseph Lane, but declined the appoint
ment, desiring to follow ministerial
The deceased leaves a widow and
several brothers and sisters, they being
Adamson Cornwall, of Kingman, Aris.
Captain- Neil Cornwall, Berkeley, CaL
William C. Cornwall, Grand Mound,
Wash.; Mrs. Narclssa Moore and Mrs.
Anna C. Shinn, of Portland, and Mrs,
Laura C Caldwell, of Boring, Or.
On account of the epidemic of Span
Ish Influensa the funeral services were
private and the body was .shipped to
Forest Grove for interment.
Candidate Wins as Result of Friend'
ship Made While in County
Clerk's Office.
(Special.) Second only to the Sena
torial contest at the election lust past.
In local Interest, was the contest for
Treasurer, In this county, which re-
lted In the election of Miss Kathleen
by a large plurality over three
contestants, all of whom were
She won on merit and on her record
of 11 years' continuous service as dep
uty in the County Clerk's office, where
she served till Clerk Harrison took of
fice, and gave her a vacation.
The courteous treatment accorded all
while she was in the clerk's office won
her the election. Voters generally who
had transacted business at the office
were friends.
-S oner
Centralla Boy Wounded.
CENTRALIA, Wash, Nov. 16. (Spe
elaL) Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Jacobsen,
pioneer residents of Lewis County, liv
ing at Alpha, received word this week
that their son, corp. Henry A. Jacob
sen, has been wounded in action In
France and Is in a hospital. The sol-
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received a buUet wound In the
Legality of Recent Election In Klam
ath FaUs in Doubt.
(Special.) in order to test out the
legality of the recent city election and
have the matter definitely determined
before next Spring:, an action brought
In a friendly manner by officers re
cently elected would be welcomed by
City Attorney R. C. Groesbeck.
His attitude is taken In view of the
difficulty ' which has arisen in Port
land, where a great difficulty is being
experienced, several suits having been
brought and one of the old officers refusing-
to fyand over, their keys of his
the general and generous response of
working people. The former, it Is
claimed, appear to think that the sign
ing of an armistice and approach of
peace enable them to "get by" with
trifling subscriptions.
Wealthy Are Indifferent.
YAKIMA. "Wash.. Nov. 16. (Special.)
Officials In charge of the united war
work drive In this city and county com
plain of the Indifference shown by the
wealthy and well-to-do. In contrast to
Glass of Salts
' CI
If your Back hurts or Bladder bothers you, drink
lots of water
When your kidneys hurt and your
back feels sore, don't get scared and
proceed to load your stomach with a
lot of drugs that excite the kidneys and
Irritate the entire urinary tract. Keep
your kidneys clean like you keep your
bowels clean, by flushing them with
a mild, harmless salts which removes
the body's urinous waste and stimu
lates them to their normal activity.
The function of the kidneys is to filter
the blood. In 24 hours they strain from
It 500 grains of acid and waste, so we
can readily understand the vital im
portance of keeping the kidneys active.
Drink lots or water you can t drink
too much; also get from any pharma
cist about four ounces of Jad Salts;
1 take a tablespoonXul ia a glass of wa
ter before breakfast each morning for
a few days and your kidneys will act
fine. This famous salts Is made from
the acid of grapes and lemon Juice,
combined with lithla, and has been used
for generations to clean and stimulate
clogged kidneys; also to neutralize the
acids in urine so it no longer Is a
source of irritation, thus ending blad
der weakness.
Jad Salts Is inexpensive; cannot In
jure; makes a delightful effervescent
lithia-water drink which everyone
should take now and then to keep their
kidneys clean and active. Try this, also
keep up the water drinking, and no
doubt you will wonder what became of
your kidney trouble and backache.
Adv. "
New Solution Discovered by Georgia College Professor ;
Designed to Kill Deadly "Flu" Germ First Used It
to Protect Own Family Just a Few Drops Inhaled
From Pocket Handkerchief Disinfects Nose and
AS announced in yesterday's papers, Wilson's Solution, the new
nrpvprrHvp treatment for finarrisri Tnflnpnra wrnVTi Vino Vioon
used in checking; the epidemic in the South, is now on sale in
Portland, and will be given as rapid distribution as possible
throughout the United states. The solution, or ' Anti-Flu, as it
is more commonly eaiiea. was com
pounded by Professor Robert C. Wilson,
for eleven years head of the-department
of pharmacy of a leading South
ern university, for the protection of
himself and family against the malady,
The Immunity of the Wilson family
and their circle of friends, which fol
lowed the use of the solution, made it
famous overnight. On account of his
unJVersity connection and his high
standing as an educator, the people of
his home city began clamoring for it
ust as soon as it oecame Known that
he had perfected the formula. Leading
physicians, specialists and bacteriolo
gists give the preparation their un
qualified Indorsement and are recom
mending It to their patients.
Although far more powerful than
many other disinfectants now common
ly used, it Is non-poisonous, and the
odor, although very pungent, is not
unpleasant. A few drops of the solu
tion inhaled from a pocket handker-
hlef at frequent intervals will disin
fect the nose and throat. Professor
Wilson strongly recommends spraying
the nose and throat night and morning I
with the solution In a diluted form
according to directions accompanying
the bottle.
It is Professor Wilson's theory thst
the Influenza germ in the nose and
throat can be killed by the powerful
antiseptic vapors of the solution just
as efficiently as you can kill germs in
a room by fumigation.
One of the greatest advantages over
other preparations is the fact that it
can be conveniently carried on the per
son, and is always ready for use when
entering crowds or public places.
Local druggists are already reporting
an enormous demand for the prepara
tion and are experiencing considerable
difficulty in keeping a supply on hand.
A 35-cent vial is sufficient for a week's
treatment. The preparation is sold by
all druggists.
Wilson's Solution, which Is also known
as Anti-Flu, Is to be used as a pre
ventive treatment only and got as a
cure. If you contract Spanish In
fluenza call your doctor at onoe.
Blumauer-Frank Drug Co., distributors
for this section. Adv.