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Eastern Press Deeply Stirred
hy Appeal to Voters.
"Partisanship Gone Mad," One Com
ment; "President Had No Choice
but to Speak," Says Another.
The action of President Wilson in
appealing to the American electorate
to return a Democratic Congress in the
November elections is the subject of
spirited comment in the Eastern press,
bharp criticism and vigorous defense of
the President's action is voiced in ed
itorial columns from which excerpts
are given below:
Chicago Tribune Some weeks ago
the President announced that "politics
is adjourned," yet now at the moment
when it may be expected to. have the
y maximum of partisan advantage, Mr.
'Wilson reconvenes politics and, step
ping down from the international ros- !
trum In which he has been praised and !
loyally supported by his political op
ponents, he appeals to the country
against them. The appeal is one of the
mcjt deplorable events in the history
' of the American Presidency, setting an
example, unless it is promptly repudi
ated, as demoralizing for the future of
our politics as it is unjustified by the
facts of the present time.
Chicago Evening Post The appeal of
the President for an all-Democratic
Congress is a denial to the people of
the right to vote on what kind of a
peace they want. That is Its cardinal
sin. The Senate we elect November 6
will not be "a war Senate," as the
President's proclamation so unfairly as
sumes. It will be the Senate that
passes on terms of peace. Do we want
a "soft peace," with the United States
Bitting at the council board as Ger
many's advocate, or do we want a "con
clusive peace," based on "unconditional
surrender?" In electing the next Con
gress we have the only chance pre
sented by our system of government to
answer this mighty question, and the
President seeks to deny us that chance
by raising the false issue of a refuta
tion of the Administration's conduct of
the war.
Chicago Journal (Democratic)
President Wilson's appeal to the Amer
ican people to elect a Democratic Con
gress is not an exhibition of partisan
ship, it is a belated reluctant reply to
outrageous partisanship on the other
aide. It takes two to adjourn politics
Just as it takes two to keep the peace
and when the G. O. P. leaders refused
to let politics be adjourned, the Presi
dent had no choice but to speak out.
He could not well have spoken in more
temperate and dignified language.
Chicago Dally News In appealing to
the voters of the country to put none
but Democrats on guard In ashlngton,
President Wilson has placed partisan
ship above personal fitness and above
loyalty as the .test by which to judge
a candidate for Congress. In this "most
critical period our country has ever
faced," faithful support of war meas
ures Is not to count on the side of any
Republican candidate for Congress, if
the President has his way with the
voters: whereas, lukewarmness or
worse, shown 'toward the war by
Democratic candidate is not to count
against him. This is partisanship gone
Boston Herald So far as the prose
cution of the war is concerned, on
which the President lays his emphasis,
or the maintenance of American rights
after its close, there is not one scintilla
of reason .for the election of a Demo
crat or for a Democratic House or Sen
ate. '
Baltimore Sun Politics is adjourned,
or ought to be, so far as petty squab
bling over personalities or trivial is
sues Is concerned. There Is no repudi
ation of that doctrine in the President's
statement. He Is asking for support,
as he says, not for his own sake nor
for the sake of a political party, but
for the sake of the Nation itself.
Omaha World-Herald While the re
sponsible governments are moving for-w-ard
in harmony to win peace and vic
tory. It is Colonel Roosevelt, a leader
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control as the result of the election, he
feels, and the behavior of Kepuniican
leaders like Mr. Roosevelt and Senator
Lodge justify him in that feeling, that
thenceforth legislation and all action
would be taken amid contest and ob
New Tork Tribune If the President,
In his role of Democratic leader, may
reconvene politics and appealTlirectly
to the voters, so may the KepuDiican
leaders. It is now the duty of the Ke-
Dublican party to speak openly and
without restraint. Let it say what it
stands for and why, and wherein its
DrinciDles differ from those of the
Democratic party, even on the issues of
Wilson's Appeal Basis for Discus
sion In House.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 26. Issuing of
pre-election statements was continued
today by Democratic and Republican
leaders and campaign committees.
Representative Ferris, of Oklahoma,
chairman of the Democratic National
Congressional campaign committee. In
statement tonight, cnargea mat re
publican leaders, in answering the ap
peal of President Wilson to his fellow
couhtrymen. resorted to "generalities,
speaking of percentages, but carefully
refraining from mentioning the actual
votes on the great war bills."
During today s session o' the House,
Republican Minority Leader Gillett
called attention to what he termed a
violation of House rules by Represents
rejected by the American people, who ' tive Heflln, of Alabama, in securing the
sends the telegrams to the Republican
leaders of the Senate urging them to
use their power in the Senate to dis
credit and defeat the President's peace
terms. Supported and applauded abroad,
but opposed and embarrased by pow
erful political enemies at home, there
. was left to Woodrow Wilson but one
recourse, and he has boldly embraced it.
Indianapolis Star--Thorough Ameri
cans. Democrats, as well as Republi
cans, will read with sorrow the Presi
dent's appeal to his "fellow country
men" to vote for Democrats regardless
of the service and merits of Republican
candidates for places In Congress. It
Is more than a political incident when
the President of the United States
steps down from his high office in an
attempt to use the war as a partisan
asset. Patriotism Is not a party affair.
New Tork Sun There has been much
In Mr. Wilson's deliverances requiring
subsequent explanation. His amazing
Implications concerning the effect of a
Republican success on November 5
seems to us to belong unmistakably to
this class or expression. A Republican
victory in Congress elections, a defeat
of the Kitchins and the Dents and the
overthrow of the narrow-wltted and
malicious oligarchy which has domi
nated Democratic policy in Congress so
long, will not be a repudiation of the
President In the eyes of Europe. Only
he could imagine it, if he indeed be
lieves it.
New Tork World It Is not surpris
ing that Republicans vigorously criti
cise the President's appeal for the elec
tion of a Democratic Congress. His
argument is powerful In all Its bear
ings, but he is not the man who should
have made it. Others have said in his
behalf all that he now says for himself
In an unexampled way. and. we believe,
with much greater probability of In
fluencing public thoughts in the right
direction. Jt la one thing for orators or
newspapers to say In time of war that
thm result of an election may be con
strued as .a repudiation of the Presi
dent. It is something emphatically dif
ferent when tae Pr-sldent himself so
pronounces It-
New Tork Times The President's
appeal is unusual. It has Its obvious
risks. To say that the election of a
Democratic Congress would be a vote
of confidence In the Administration
connects the opoposltlon theory that by
electing a majority of Republican Sen
ators and Representatives the country
would vote want of confidence. The
President's action is bold, for the event
Is uncertain. But his boldness is the
measure of the importance he attaches
to securing in the next Congress, a ma
jority control in sympathy with his
Doliciea and Durnoses. Should th
House and Senate passinto Republican J
inrtion of the President's appeal in
'the Congressional Record under the
rule permitting him to extend his re
The Incident was pointed to in
statement tonight by Representative
Fess, of Ohio, chairman of the National
Republican Congressional campaign
committee, as illustrating "the obstruc
tive methods in legislation employed by
certain elements from the South."
Representative Ferris- declared that
twice as many Republicans as "Demo
crats In the House voted against the
resolution declaring war on Germany,
while three Republicans and three
Democrats opposed it in the Senate. He
said ISO Republicans and one Demo
crat In the House and 21 Republicans
and no Democrats in the Senate opposed
the shipping bilL
Addresses were made by Colonel
Roosevelt and Senator Lodge during
the Congressional campaign of 1898,
Representative Ferris said, urging the
country to support President McKlnley
during the Spanish-American War.
Only Noticeable Result Will
Necessity of Turning Back
All Timepieces.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 26. The Ameri
can public tonight completed Its first
period of "daylight saving" satisfied
with its results.
Although officially clocks were not
to be turned back an hour until 2
o'clock tomorrow morning, for the av
erage citizen the change of time was
made tonight either by turning back
the hands of time pieces or stopping
mem Deiore going to bed.
At the Naval observatory all nren
arations had been made tonight for the
change in time. The clocks at the ob
servatory, by which the N'atton meas
ures time, were not to be turned back.
Tomorrow at noon the observatory will
merely send out 7&th Instead of 60th
meridian time.
By order of Director-General Hiti)nn
all trains en route at 2 o'clock tomor
row will proceed to the nearest station
for a wait or on hour and then re
sume their schedule.
Beyond the physical turning back of
ciocks and watches the change scarcely
win oe noticea Dy tne average Ameri
Educator-Soldier Dead.
CENTRALIA, Wash., Oct. 26. (Spe
cial.) Charles Guernc, a graduate of
the University of Oregon and a brother
bf Mrs. Wesley Jones, of Toledo, died
this week at the officers' training school
at Canfp Taylor. Ky., of influenza. The
body was sent to Salem, Or., for inter
ment. Mr.. Guerne was an Instructor
at the New Mexico Normal School at
the time he entered service.
Senator McNary Makes Extended
Argument on Loganberry Tax.
ington, Oct. 26. Senator McNary today
made an extended argument before the
Senate finance committee In support of
tne petition of Oregon loganberry
growers for a reduction in the proposed
internal revenue tax on loganberry
,The bill as passed by the House pro
vides a tax of 20 per cent of the value,
which. It Is asserted and is agreed by
the Food Administration, would ruin
the Industry.
The loganberry industry asks that
the tax be placed at 3 cents per gallon,
or double the present tax. At the hear
ing today Senator McNary was ac
companied by H. S. Glle, of Salem.
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Work During Quarantine.
John B. Easter, of local exemption
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of cottages near by. Lookout Inn was
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