The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 20, 1918, SECTION FIVE, Page 4, Image 50

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SYSTEMATIC destruction of the
country' in Belgium occupied by
the German army, which is being
gradually driven back, is described in
the nen'SDapers of the enemy country.
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King: Albert and Queen Elizabeth have
been through all the tribulations of
their land, the former at the head of
his army and the Queen in activities
for the welfare of the people. On a
recent visit to the front they were
shown a giant Gotha- that had been
shot down by Belgian gunners.
Clearing of the Arras-Cambria road
opened the way into Cambria. It was
accomplished by the guns of the Cana
dian heavy artillery, which destroyed
the Hun defenses.
' In the advance of General Mangln's
army on the western front a German
88 - gun was struck amidships by a
shot from one of the guns of tha ad
vancing artillery. The shot broke the
carriage in two, completely separating
the gun from it.
Cologne recently felt the effect of the
bombs dropped from the powerful
planes of the British army. The mag
nitude of these great machines is bet
ter understood when it is related that
they are towed to position when ready
for flight by giant caterpillar tractors-
Participation on German industrial
centers ami cities has created con
sternation wherever their presence has
been felt. The morale of the German
people has been undermined by these
appearances and hindrance in muni
tion plants and factories resulted.
Prompt aid by the American Red
Cross. Army and Navy detachments re
lieved much suffering following the de
structive explosions at the Gillespie
munition plant at Morgan, N. J. In
addition to the loss of plant and mu
nitions, many homes were destroyed.
It is extraordinary that where so much
property was destroyed the - casualty .
list was not larger, numbering only
about 100 persons.
Ships of the Italian, British and
American navies destroyed the Aus
trian naval base of Durazzo in Albania,
sinking a great part of the enemy fleet.
Italian and British cruisers, protected
by allied torpedo-boats and American
submarines, succeeded in making their
way through the mine fields and
avoiding attacks by submarines, got
into the harbor.
- The stalwart Canadian forces, inces
santly hammering at the Hun ranks,
have fully avenged the former defeats
administered by the enemy during the
earlier periods of the great conflict.
The annihilation of the Princess Pats,
which stirred the British nation Into
unremitting efforts to settle accounts
with the enemy, as has surely been
done, resulted in the intensity of the
Canadians in battle to right the wrong.
It is almost impossible for the civil
ian who has never had an opportunity
to behold the wreckage of war to
realize the devastation wrought. Al
bert, recently taken by the British, was
an important railroad center, but a
half hour after the Hun troops had
gone it was nothing but a mass of
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