The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 20, 1918, SECTION FOUR, Page 5, Image 43

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Firestone "Giant" Solves Dif
ficulty, Says Dealer.
War-Time Message!
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Scientifically Designed Tires Meet
ETery Transportation Need In
Hcary Trucking Work.
The success of the Firestone Giant
tire in meeting the problem of heavy
trucking is due to its principle of con
struction, says J. U Carson, of Fletcher
& Carson, distributors of Firestone
truck tires. The shortcoming's of the
narrow, single and dual tires have been
overcome In the wide reaching- of the
Giant. The big- flutes or grooves and
resiliency absorb the bulge caused by
heavy loading. They form a cushion
that takes the Jolt out of the rough
spots and protects the mechanism of
the truck. The grooves also prevent
spinning of the wheels and insure per
fect traction on slippery pavements and
through mud. sand and snow.
"As motor trucks become more and
more a vital factor in trade building,
as the element of delivery service be
comes more and more Important In the
battle of business competition and the
co-operation with present-day war
needs, so does It become more Impor
tant that the tire equipment exactly
match the service needs of maximum
efficiency. .
"Among the foremost In its field, the
Firestone Company has kept pace with
very step forward in the truck indus
try by building a tire for every com
mercial vehicle and every type of serv
ice. Starting with a study of each type
and size of truck as it is produced, and
analyzing every condition of service
each may meet. Firestone builders are
prepared for the personal or individual
requirements of every operator.
Deslga Scientific One.
"Every classification of service Is
sharply drawn at the factory. The en
gineers create the design of tires to fit
the work the chemists develop the
compound to fit the work, and the spe
cialists in building, see that every step
in the manufacture is an accurate de
velopment toward the practical service
to be met. The result is thoroughly
tested, proved and practical truck tires
for -every road, load and condition of
service.' .
"Pack of the actual service of the
tires and the intense efficiency in de
tail of manufacture are the Firestone
service stations one in every trucking
center, each an example of the highest
effictencv that has been reached in this
field. And it has been through the ef
forts of a highly specialized and pow
erful sales organization, together with
these efficient methods of manufacture,
that half the truck tonnage of America
is carried on Firestone truck tires.
"It is the verdict in the Pacific
Northwest that no agency has respond
ed more thoroughly or efficiently to
the present-day war needs and local
transportation needs than the modern
motor truck.
"The motor truck has come to the
front as another connecting link be
tween the farms and the cities.
"The farm-to-tahle movement, which
Is redounding to the benefit of the pro
ducer, the consumer and the railroad
has been assisted In a great measure
by the motor truck. This means of
transportation facilitates delivery, con
serves labor and effects the delivery of
foodstuffs in better condition. Besides
this express service, the motor truck
Is becoming daily even more Indispen
sable to heavy hauling, such as the
carrying of ore. .lumber and steel.
Ttrea Vital to Tracks.
"Motor trucks have proved their abil
ity to meet gigantic delivery problems
and to handle heavy loads, but the
trend of progress and the demand of
service have decreed that these loads
rmist become greater still and that
their delivery must be completed with
even more dispatch, loads of four. six.
eight and ten tons of crushed rock, ce
ment, coal or steel added to the natural
weight of the truck are a matter
of everyday occurrence total truck
weights of IS tons loaded are not un
common. The hauling of such loads
over slippery asphalt, through mud or
sand, up steep grades, subjects the tires
to a tremendous stress and strain, and
produces a most difficult tire problem.
"There must be no skidding, or acci
dents will be frennn-t jnd dangerous.
Spinning ir.u. not ovcur. or gasoline
costs will become almost prohibitive.
The expensive truck mechanism must
be cushioned, or the trucks will be
weakened rapidly by crystallisation.
Tire costs must be kept at a reasonable
figure. With this demand for heavy
hauling came a demand for heavier
service tires tlrea that would meet
these trucking problems.
"It remained with the engineering
specialists of the Firestone Tire & Rub
ber Company to supply the answer
the Firestone Giant tire."
Columbia River nijrhway In Fine
Condition. All the Waj.
HOOP RIVER, Or- Oct. 19. f Spe
cial.) "With the Columbia River High
way between here and Cascade Locks
now in excellent condition, dozens of
cars arrive daily from Portland and
other points. All motorists praise the
road. Carl A. TUth. Klamath Falls
druggist, who. with his wife, arrived
recently to look after orchard inter
ests, says the Columbia River Highway
is the best road he struck between
here and his home town.
While It will probablywbe another
ctuium ... .v. -
gravel surface on the Highway be
tween here and Cascade Locks is en
tirely completed, the worst stretches
of the road have been finished, and
motorists encounter no really bad
pieces of road. Three State Highway
Commission motor trucks have been
added to fleets already transporting
gravel, and 17 big cars are now haul
ing material.
Better to Pot Gear Lever In Xentral
Wnen Coasting.
When roasting down a long hill It
Is a decided advantage to throw the
gear lever Into neutral position, thus
allowing the car to coast without turn
ing the engine over. The same result
can be obtained by holding the clutch
out. but this imposes very undesirable
wear upon the clutch throw-out,
whether it be roller, ball bearings or
lubricated friction surfaces.
Test Batteries.
Fe careful to test your storage bat
teries, if possible, before adding water.
The fresh water is heavier than the
electrolyte and so stays at the top until
the battery has been charging for sev
eral hours. If you forget and put In
the water first it will be necessary to
watt until the following day, running
the engine meanwhile.
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g:;,: . ..-- , .jj T -yill'1lT"ffla.J.
You want during war times and for your future use an Auto
mobile that is economical to run and to own, one that is Quality
and looks Quality. '
The Chalmers Engine is built so that the new war tax by the U.
S. Government will be the smallest on any automobile, the
state license fee also the smallest, the tires are 32 by 4 inches
arid cost much-less than tires used on the usual higher wheels
the mileage per gallon on gasoline is exceptionally good. All
your expenses are unusually low.
G. L. Boss Automobile Co.
615-617 Washington St. - Portland
One-Ton Vehicle Received by Reener
" & Fields Also Has Starter
and Oectric Lights.
Regner & Fields, local distributors
of the Chevrolet, have received a ship
ment of the new one-ton Chevrolet
...1 n n . now A I srtln vl n IT It at
their salesrooms at Grand avenue and
Kast Bumslde street. Tne irucK. wnicn
has a worm drive. Is equipped with the
valve-ln-head motor which has con
tributed so much to the success of
Chevrolet touring cars. The engine is
larger, of course, than the "rour
ninety" engine.
The new truck Is being marketed
.. n h nrntnit, that it Will solve
many of the delivery problems of local
merchants in speeding up delivery and
releasing men ror war purposes, uim
feature that will appeal to the average
truck buyer Is that it is equipped fully
with an electrical system, including
starter and electric lights.
It is also provided with a governor
which permits a certain maximum
mnA (hi. nntTnnii sneedlnsr and
consequent damage to the vehicle while
heavily loaded, me rront urea are
pneumatic, while the rear end Is equip
ped with solids.
The new truck can be purchased
either with an express body or as a
chassis alone If the buyer prefers to
build a body to suit his needs. The
express body comes equipped with a
top and windshield, affording shelter
for the driver from the rain.
New Car Owners in County.
Temporary police licenses were Issued
In Tortland last week to the following
buyers of latest model motorcars, pend
ing arrival of the official state licenses
from Salem. This list Is compiled by
M. O. Wlikins, publisher of the Auto
mobile Record:
Hen RteaUnd. 844 8. Broadway. Chevrolet.
1. 13. CruwalU Gresham, Route A. Chev
rolet. I'rrry O. Allen, care of Crystal Laundry,
I.lly K. Whlt. R40 Fourth. Liberty.
Trllliam M. Ringler, 635 Bast Twenty-first
street. Maxwell. .
p. Kaufman. S43 Morrison. I'lnsninDii.
C. B. Reynolds. 1M East Alder, Paige.
A. 1. Pillor. Wlllbridge. Premier.
R -M. fameron, 10J5 East Irving. Bulclc
Henry Booth, 1311 East ISth, Chalmers.
Kane Hirao, 212 Third. New Chevrolet.
Carrie ttcott. 773 Bast Taylor. New Chev
rolet. . , .
W. A. Rice. BOX 47a. KOUia A. rortiana.
New Chevrolet. , ....
I u Carpenter. 800 Oregonian building-.
New Franklin. .
S. lte. Box 205. Route A, l-oriiano, jow
Maxwell. . . ftlJ.
Fran It J. SChUier. HMO Kiver. now uiua-
J "Vv. Reed, 1SI worm ioxn, inw uvcriiu.
j h H. Kink. 614 Mlsslaslppl avenue.
A. Sunler. 411 Kroanway .tti.w.
Olthe Poole. Congress Hotel, J?"'ck.
vv.rt j. wvatt. 336 Kast Thirty-third
street. Chalmers.
F. E. Wanless. iMewoerB. i.rraKu
R. a. Dm Arinond. 9!3 Water street, Chev
rolet. ... .
r w. carter. i. u.. 101 d,iw d -
Empire. .
Ir. ueorge nur-n, phkiul - i'
i.r..nt Frltchell. 174a Portsmouth ave
nue. Ford. . .
Marvel caae, nil noonry. r or.,.
tius P F.merlrk, Tail Jlotel. llupmnblle.
J W. Bushons. Aider Hotel, Liberty.
8 S. Pement. 267 Hall. Maxwell.
S S Se;ll, 622 laurel, Oldsmoblle.
Hurklncham Hecht, Multnomah Hotel,
Bulek. .
Sam CankoDlts, 1U43 un iinnTDui,
Bulck. .
R D. Greene. iuit wiwowira '"""
Dodse. . . .... ..... . .
Empire. .
( ; GresDrernc an rr-wt-n, .r- -j.
W. A. HUbee, 1378 Bast Lincoln. Ree,
i v-v . r, and T. o. ivana. Imperial
Hotel. Studebaker. . .
M. O. v altneis, onerioca diuiuuh, mw.
A B. Konong. 8IU Schuyler, Bulck.
B. H. Orubba, 717 Wasco, Dodge.
Ray Graham. 761 Washington street,
B Adam J. Orohs. 621 Thnrman, Dodge.
Frank No. 227 Vadlson. Dodge.
Fred A. Prudln, 1132 Stephens. Elgin.
F. R. Larkin, 16S Tenth. Empire.
National Laundry, East Eighth and Clay.
Jaines Boyd. Golden West Hotel, Hudson.
A. B. Adams. 1163 Missouri avenue, Max-
a!" J. Lloyd. Llnnton. Maxwell.
p S. Denloff, 2S3 Eugene, Naah.
H B. Shofner. 413 Alder. Peerless.
Clara N. Welch. New Scott Hotel, Stude
Twelve Streets Kept Exclusively for
Motor Trucks In New York.
The New York nolice department has
adopted a new system oi routing pas
senger cars and commercial veniciea
through the principal streets of the
city. The order restricts 22 thorough-
- Ahi.fiir tn main north-and-south
venues, to passenger or commercial
traffic, 10 being exclusively for pas
senger cars and 12 for motor tucks.
Motor trucks will be prevented from
using the streets designated for the
use of passenger cars, though their
drivers may make deliveries or collec
tions of merchandise on those streets
by entering them at the nearest inter
secting street. .
Pendleton Road to Be Tared.
PENDLETON', Or., Oct. 19. (Special.)
The City Council has submitted a
proposal to the County Court to co
operate In the paving of the three
quarter mile road leading from the
Pendleton city limits to the city ceme
tery. . The cost is estimated at about
$3000 and the city suggests that one
third be borne by the city, a third by
the county and that the remainder be
raised by public subscription.
Closing Out Line at Sacrifice Price
I have four of these tractors, absolutely new never been
nsed; also some 14-inch extension rims, which I will sell less
than -w holesale cost.
have been a success for IS years, therefore you take no chance.
Cairor write quickly if you want the best bargain of your life.
Remember that automobiling Is no
longer a luxury of the rich, but it Is
nntiiAllv a necessltv of those that are
only fairly well to do.
EMton rack
with "Triple-Heated" Gas
FULTON Motor Trucks out-economize other trucks of sim
ilar carrying capacity. They average twelve to fourteen
miles per gallon in many cases even better than that.
This is due primarily to the fact that FULTON gas
is "triple-heated" instead of just heated as in other motor
vehicles. Every ounce of fuel energy is turned into useful
driving power.
FULTON .rear axle construction,
scientific distribution of weight
and long springs economize won
derfully on tires, and combined
with a low center of gravity per
mit greater speed than ordinarily
economizing on driving time.
Economy is vital now economy
of every kind. Are you applying
it to your transportation? FUL
TON trucks are helping the na
tion by doing more than their
share of the saying.
All of our resources, all of our
energy and skill have been de
voted to the development and per
fection of this one model, a ton
and a half truck. And we are the
largest exclusive builders in the
country of trucks of this capacity.
FULTON first cost and mainten
ance cost are so low and FULTON
service so exceptional that the
FULTON one - and - a - half - ton
truck is qualified to handle 80 per
-cent of the delivery problems to
economical advantage. Price
$1850 f. o. b. Farmingdale, L. I.
Daniels Sales Agency
84 South Broadway Opposite Benson Hotel
' Phone Broadway 2994
In worm drive
i i
ate deliveries on disolav
ij XX W V V XVUUJ' AW J- --"-"-' - - j.
at our salesrooms. Built for uninterrupted service
. . . i -i
, with capacity loaas.
Fully equipped with self-starter and electric lights.
Either express body or chassis.
If :
it - -
Chevrolet commercial light delivery cars are making good with
'scores of Portland firms. It's a money-maker for the merchant
12 Grand Avenue
At East Burnside