The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 06, 1918, SECTION THREE, Page 3, Image 35

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! '
Leading '
Women 's
The Home of ''Popular Prices" Offers a
Splendid Special in Each of Its Departments!
New Serge Suits $37.50
Smart New Millinery
Creations for Fall
That's the price we've given several score of
beautiful new hats which came from our
Millinery designers only this week.
We're making scores of new friends every day
and these hats will make us many, many more.
The finest fabrics procurable are used in more
ways than you had dreamed possible.
Black, Taupe, Brown and a Wealth of
Color Combination Effects
YouH declare them the handsomest hats
you've ever seen at anywhere near $10.
-Away with the thought that moderate priced suits are not to
be had this season! These remarkably clever suits are direct
denial of the thought.
Any number of models of splendid men's wear serges with here and there
a poplin. Strictly tailleurs and semi-tailleurs that you're sure to enthuse
over. See them! Some are richly braided.
New Coats Priced $32.50
They're the kind of coats one expects ordinarily at a price well in advance of $32.50.
Velours, burellas and broadcloths finished with plush, fur or self material. In the soft new Autumn
shades of brown, taupe, gray, black and burgundy.
and Dresses Unusual $27.50
Blouses Are Low Priced at $4.95
They're of splendidly heavy Georgette and crepe de chine fashioned in a dozen charm
ing ways.
One never has too many blouses and surely this is an opportunity few women, with
an eye to the future when silk blouse prices go soaring, will overlook. Buy and buy now
while assortments are so splendidly varied.
There's smart originality in them ! They will prove irresistible to the woman who appre
ciates values.v '
Serges, silks and satins in all the lovely new color tones. Styles for the younger woman as well as older
sister and mother. Unusual waist lines, novel collars, smart cuffs, fringes, embroidering, braiding and
flying panels are prominent features.
Quality, Style and Value in Furs
it the Kmoorlum. Months aeo we combed the
markets for the finest pelts to sell at popular
prices that's how we can name them so low to
day. Shopping about town will prove to you the
betteroess of Emporium fur values.
Rlark Wolf Aalmal Shape Scarfs, S59.50. are
cxLcnrni T&mfa. Larpe, run pieces unusually
fine skin silky lustrous furred.
Furs selected now will be held for you until
. I ' i . .
and a graduate of the University of
Pennsvlvania. where he was first vio
linist in the symphony orchestra.
Lieutenant and Mrs. Stoll are spend
ing a few days in Seaside, and later
they will go to Newport to make thajr
home. Lieutenant Stoll being assigned
to duty in the spruce camp there.
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dougherty
and Fon. Jack, who have been mak
ing their home at the Waverley Coun
try Club during the Summer and early
Kali, are now occupying apartments in
the Multnomah Hotel for the Winter.
Word has been received by Mrs.
Gardner, wife of Colonel Cornelius
(lardner, United States Army, retired.
of Sherwood drive, announcing tne
death of her moth --. Mrs. Joseph T.
Patton. for many years one of Detroit's
representative hostesses. Another
daughter, Mrs. Ristine, is the wife of
Colonel Ben Kroser Ristine, United
States Army, at present serving in
France on the staff of Major-General
Clarence Edwards.
. . .
John Claire Monteith entertained
with an informal musical at his studio
Friday night.
. .
The Monday Musical Club opens Its
reason tomorrow with a luncheon in
' the main dining-room of the Portland
Hotel, for menbers of the board of
management. 12:30 P. M. From 2:30
to 4:30. in the parlors of the Portland
Hotel, a reception for new members
will be held when Mrs. Anton Giebisch,
the ne' president of the club, will an
nounce the policies and plans of the
club for the coming year. Mrs. Fred
A. Kribs. social chairman, and Mrs.
George Hotchkiss Street. Mrs. Ora C.
Haker, Mrs. Phillip Blumauer, Mrs. J.
C. Hare, Mrs. E. E. Peterson, Mrs. Lil
lian Conser, and Mrs. Percy W. Lewis
will assist the president in receiving.
Mrs. Gabriel Pullin. Mrs. J. H. Mc
Kenzie and Mrs. Florence Jackson
Toung have prepared the programme.
Mrs. Pauline Miller-Chapman, Miss
"Winifred Forbes, Miss Nettie Leona
Foys, Mrs. Leah Slusher, and Warren
A. Erwln will appear.
The Rose City Dancing Club, one
of the popular subscription social or
ganizations of the city, opened their
season at Christensen's Hall Thursday
eeninKv October 3. The hall was
decorated for the occasion with Amer
ican flags and lighting effects, and
an orchestra of 12 pieces under the
leadership of Mose Christensen fur
nished a programme of music The
members of this club, all of whom
are well known in the business and
professional circles of the city, are
looking forward to a most successful
season, and the diversion it will grant
them from their war work labors.
Miss Marguerite Templeton left Wed
nesday for O. A. C, where she has been
elected a mimber of the staff of the
Modern Language Department, and will
he instructor in French. Miss Temple
ton graduated at the University of Cal
ifornia last May. She is a gifted lin
guist and a clever musician. Before
entering the University she spent a
year traveling abroad with her par
ents. Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Templeton,
and at that time gave much attention
to language study.
Miss Catherine O'SulHvan of the
Multnomah Hotel, will leave this eve
ning for Tacoma to visit Dr. and Mrs.
Yocura for a week. Later she will go
to Vancouver, B. C. for a brief visit
with her mother.
In future, beginning on Thursday
evening, - the dances for which the
Laurelhurst Club will be hosts will be
given In Christensen's Hall Instead of
the clubrooms.
Mrs. David N. Mosessohn left last
week for New York to Join, her hus
band, who, with several other members
of his family, is making his home there.
Mrs. Mosessohn is a popular matron.
and her numerous friends deeply regret
her departure. For several years she
has been president of the Daughters
of the Covenant. Oregon Auxiliary No.
and also their recording secretary
for two years, as well as being a mem
ber of their war service committee.
A simple, but pretty home wedding
was that of Miss Lena Ledenheim, of
New York, and Louis Axelrod. U. S. A.,
who Is stationed in the spruce produc
tion division at Astoria. The -wedding
ceremony, which was the orthodox
Jewish ritual, was solemnized at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. Julius
Louisson, Sunday evening. In the pres
ence of about 20 friends. Rabbi A.
Montaz read the service, Mrs. Mischa
Pelz played the wedding march, and D.
Nemerovsky was the only attendant.
Tire bride was prettily attired in a
white net gown, with tulle veil, and
carried a shower bouquet of Princess
carnations. Following the ceremony
an Informal reception was held and
light refreshments were served. The
rooms of the Louisson residence were
aglow with garden flowers, greenery
and Oregon grape. A feature of th
1 1
jMrwASrHN7roN sr. pittock BLWk'
decorations was a huge American flag. 1
draped at the back of the improvised
altar where the ceremony was read.
The bride, who came from New York
to be married, is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Ledenheim, of New York, who
were unable to come West for the
event. The couple will make their
home la Astoria for the present.
Rose City Park Community Club will
open Its 1918-19 season Friday, October
11. The evening will be given over to
the entertainment of the many new
comers of the district. Dancing will
start at 9 o'clock, and provision has
been made for a large attendance.
An attractive club calendar of the
season's events has been Issued, and
this, with the many patriotic enter
tainments planned, will make the 1918
19 season one of the busiest for many
This first party will be In. charge
of the club's seasonal entertainment
committee, composed of Mrs. J. H.
Lathrop, Mrs. F. C. Wheeler, Mrs. D. B.
Howell, Dale J. Campbell and Jess H.
Dunlap, chairman.
A new department of the club given
over to the entertainment of the Inter
mediates has been inaugurated this
season. The opening dance for this de
partment will be given Saturday even
ing. October 12. Dancing will start at
8:30 P. M.
RIDGEFIELD, Wash., Oct. 5. (Spe
cial.) The ofirst social event of the
season was given Saturday evening by
Miss Edna Richards at the home of her
sister, Mrs. John L. Bratlle, on First
street. Miss Richards has been a teach
er in the Ridgefield schools for a num
ber of years and she gave the party to
Introduce several of the new teachers
to Ridgefield society.
The rooms were decorated with nas
turtiums. Eight tables of "600" were
played. Mrs. E. B. Hall and Private
McLaney, of Vaucouver Barracks, scor
ing high honors. After refreshments
were served, a number of patriotic
songs were sung. Those sharing the
Ordinary soap won't take
out stains. But soap and
naptha work wonders wbere
most cleansers fail.
Just try Fels-Naptha soap on
grease stains, blood stains,'
paint 8 tains, milk stains, etc'
The results will please yon.
In the red and green wrapper
at your own grocer's.
evening's entertainment were: Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Rhodes and Mrs. Kelly, of
Portland; Privates Robinson, Llndney,
McLaney and Bergh, of Vancouver Bar
racks: Mr. and Mrs. B. Layne, Mr. and
Mrs. H. J. Bratlle, Mr. and Mrs. James
E. Keith Mr. and Mrs. Fred Herbert.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Blackburn. Mr. and
Mrs. E. B. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Ap
person, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Dearborn.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Oliver. Oscar Shu-
bert, A. N. Allen. Mrs. J. L. Bratlle, the
guests of honor. Misses Littler, Chln
nard. Nyqulst, Mclrwln and Mrs. Wise
man, and the hostess. Miss Richards.
The Minnesota State Society met
Tuesday evening in the Portland Hotel
assembly halK After the business
meeting, an excellent programme was
given. A solo was sung by Miss Dolly
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ON display here are
modish garments,
made by men tailors.
The fabrics are mainly
tweeds, cheviots and
novelty mannish mix
tures. Street Coats
Motor Coats
Utility Coats
Travel Coats
. $20 to $40
Shows mm the Talrtl Floor.
Ben Selling
Morrison Street at Fourth
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least money buys the top-notch
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why our sixty-six
stores make undersell
ing possible.
New Fall Boots in brown or gray
kid, 9-inch kid or cloth tops, LXV
heels, Goodyear welt or Qft qj
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skin, 8 -inch top, Good- on nrr
year welt soles. Priced
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Gunmetal Calf, priced at
129 Fourth Street
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i .'.
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