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Exhibits in AH Lines Compare
Most Favorably With Any
at Similar Occasions.
Products of County la Corn, Pota
toes and Vegetable oa Par With,
Those Grown la Famous Red
BlTer Valley Country.
CRESHASt Or.. Sept. II. (Special.)
The weather was ail that anybody
could have wished, the crowd being
one of the largest ever attending a
Multnomah County i air. The exhibit
In practically all lines were exception
ally good and the interest in all de
partments was strong;. Altogether, the
fair, which closed today, was a triumph,
a record and report of progress for the
The war, of course, had something to
do with the success of the fair this
year. The Importance of food and all
that makes for the production of food
is generally realized as It never was
before, and In all the departments of
the fair this year and in all the gather
ings of men and women for display and
discussion of things and subjects agri
cultural there was always present the
great war topic and what it all means.
Fair officials say without hesitation
that the display this year of agricul
tural producta was the best ever seen
at Gresham. and as a consequent It is
no small part that Multnomah County
this year will play at the State Fair
at Salem the coming week. In cereals
of all kinds Including corn, which only
a few years ago. it was said, could not
profitably be grown in Oregon pota
toes and all manner of vegetable crops,
fruits of all descriptions, livestock of
all classes and industrial exhibits gen
erally. Multnomah County clearly out
did all previous efforts.
Oregaa Predicts -Compared.
' In the great exhibit hall there was
wheat that -would have done credit to
the great Red River country, corn that
would vie with anything Illinois could
produce, and potatoes and other vege
table products that were unsurpassable.
In livestock there was the keenest in
terest. Thoroughbred stock was in
evidence as never before, making it
clear that In that section of Industry
Oregon is advancing. The Industrial
displays throughout were such as to
inspire pride in the achievements of
the county.
Throughout the three days exhibition
the Granges of the county manifested
the keenest Interest in the displays.
Their exhibits were on the ground floor
of the main exposition building and the
rivalry of their respective booths was
one of the interesting features of the
event. In their displays alone there
was almost a county fair, and the part
they have played makes it clear that
the Granges are a factor in the county's
In the final award for excellence of
displays Multnomah Grange won first
place, with Kairview second and Kui
' sellville third.
Sraeal Management Awake.
That the schools of the county are a
great and growing factor in the annual
county exposition was made more evi
dent this year than ever before. On
the second floor of the main building
there were the booths representing
schools In all parts of the county and
showing In detail the school work
proper of the children, together with
their industrial, art and other work,
altogether giving evidence that the
schools and the management of the
school system of the county are alive
to opportunities and responsibilities.
In all the schools of the county yortng
farmers and young Industrial workers
who some day will be captains and
masters in their lines are getting in
the groundwork of preparation now,
while girls are becoming proficient in
sewing, domestic science and a doxen
other lines of effort that will make for
general betterment In the yeara to
For general excellence in booth dis
play District 4$ school won first place
in the competition with schools or five
rooms. Among the two-room schools
Lynch Was awarded first honors.
In the competition of the boys in
dustrial projects Allen Scldel. of the
i-ynrn -nooi. scorel Highest, with an
exhibit that would have been counted
creditable to any experienced farmer.
In sewing Miss Ruth Renne, of Dis
trict 4 school, carried off first honors.
As a consequence of these two awards
Toung Setdal and Miss Renne win free
trips to the Mate Fair this week, where
they will be guests of the O. A. C.
A fact of importance this year was
the interest In the fair evinred by sv
ral of the I'nrtland city schools. The
Montavilla and SunnysUle schools main
tained booths displaying genersl school
work that were distinctly creditable.
and for the first time In the history of
the fair toe Franklin and Washington
Hrgh School also were represented.
The Famous
Portland Hotel
Known the Nation over for its
splendid service its historic en
vironment and its atmosphere
of genuine cordiality. Portland
ers, too, know it for its excellent
-sssmaa'r-l-.C? "Rl
: mi
Sunday Dinners, $125
'A ho a la carte service.
Dancing, week days from 6 to 8.
Trader the Management of
luniniiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiinfiriHMuiiiiiifuiiiiniiiiiiniiiiuiiiiHiiniiiiiinim :
We have just bought and pat oa
display some exceptionally
beautiful diamonds of fine
Prominent ' In - the collection,
which Is of unusual Interest, are
a perfectly matched
pair of earrings of won
derful luster, at $1500.
two great, lovely soli
taires one at $2700,
the other at $1500. .
It is worth trip to our 'Store
just to see these stones. We
will be glad to show them. . .
. Our diamond engagement
rings at $25, $50, $75 and
.$100 continue prime at
tractions here. They are
beautiful, yet modest in
price, as engagement rings
. should be. ..
What a wonderfully at
tractive exhibit of watches
Is here Ham I Hons, How
ards, Elgins, W a 1 1 h a ma,
Rock fords; the latest styles
' in military' watches; wrist
watches for women. Wa
think you ought to see
them. -
Broadway and Washington
Proctor's "Pioneer" Sooruto
Be Placed at Eugene. ,
Bronte Cast to Be Made In East.
Twenty Months' Work Done on
Project -Figure of Heroic
Slac, Nine Tect High.
C. K. Bradford, of 8a n Kranclxco,
Will Develop Powers Properly.
MARSIIFIEL.D. Or.. Sept. !!, (Fp
ciai.j int richness or tho copper
veins in tne Mlmon .Mountain district.
r; mues soutn or rowors. has at
tracted outside financiers here. C K.
Bradford. (San Francisco mining mag
nate, after havins; the metal assayed,
has decided to invest In tho property,
and start development work Inn the
near future.
Mnce the discovery of the copper
claims. IS months u, several Eastern
financiers have been there to look
at the property, but transportation
facilities are so poor that that no
tlrfinite action has been taken by them.
The claims lie 20 miles from the
railroad and the small quantity of cop
per shipped out has been taken by
sack horse, but this method Is so slow
and expensive it was not found very
profitable. ' ,
Hospital Comforts Needed.
TACOlfA. Wash.. Sept. ;i (Special )
Flowers, fruit and phonograph rec
ords , are needed at the Camp Lewis
Base Hospital. Down the Ions; rows of
beds not a flower can be sen and al
though there are plenty of phonographs
the supply of records is short. Persons
interested In the welfare of the sol
diers have appealed for these comforts
which the sick men appreciate so much.
Cliehalls Man Will Train.
CHEHALI8. Wash.. Sept. 21. (Spe
cial.) T. R. Campbell, who came here
from Portland some time ago and who
has since been local manager and
superintendent of the Superior Coal
Company, will leave next week for
Camp Pike, Arkansas, to enter an of
ficers' training- camp at that place.
In memory of the pioneers who by
their early struggles won the North
west country, a statue now being fin
ished by A- Phlmistor Proctor, noted
Western sculptor, is to be presented to
the state of Oregon by Joseph N. Teal,
prominent Portland attorney. -
aioaeiea to represent tne spirit or me
early settlers of the West Const, the
figure is supposed to mean to the West
what "The Filgrlm" at Springfield,
Mass., means to the men who won the
Kast Coast for the white man. The
new product is to be called "The Pio
neer." The statue Is to be placed In front
of tho administration building on the
"old" campus of the University of Ore
gon at Kugene. Believing that in the
Willamette Valley is the real home of
the Oregon pioneers, Mr. Teal chose
this place for the work of art.
The product of the sculptor's labor
now Is on the way Esst. where It will
be cast In bronxe ai.d thence returned
to this state.
A fellow workman of the famous St.
Gaudens, who modeled "The Pilgrim,"
Mr. Proctor has a share in many of the
former's most famous pieces. For 20
months the statue hat been in the pro
cess of formation at the Los Altos
(Cal.), and for many months previously I
It had been discussed and planned by
Mr. Teal nad Mr. Proctor. It is ex
peoted that It will be ready for final
placing within a few months.
"The Pioneer" is of herolo size, meaa
urlng sine feet in height.
The donor of the figure- is a native
of the Northwest. His . father, also
named Joseph Teal, came West in 1849.
Mr. Tears mother came a year later.
It was principally In honor of these and
other early winners of the West that
Mr. Teal presented the statue to the
Mr. Teal was born here "fefore the
war. He early won a name as a law
yer and now is known as a traffic rate
South' Bend
and Raymond to Com
Social Disease.
SOUTH BEND, Wash., Sept 21. (Spe
clal.) A meeting of Army officers and
doctors, civilian doctors, the Mayors of
South Bend and Raymond. County Com
mlssloners of Pacitlo County, the County
prosecuting; Attorney and members of
the County Council of Defense was held
here Tuesday evening to devise and
plan a method to safeguard the sotdiers
In the spruce division stationed In this
section against social disease. The
question was considered from various
The civilian doctors promised their
aid In reporting cases treated by them,
nd Mayor Chlter, ot South Bend, and
Mayor Lawler, of Raymond, promised
thelr-titmost co-operation to rid their
cities of undesirables.
College Has Knoiigli Room foe All
Young Won., ii Applying,
Corvallls. Sept. 21. (Special.) While
record-breaking attendance of girls
Is expected at the college, accommoda
tlon will be provided for all young
women who apply for entrance, Mrs.
Mary El Fawcett, dean of women, an
nounces. The rumor thst one of the
Wy ----- -
To the Left Is Shown "The rioaeer," Made by A. P. Prooter. California Renlptor.
Te the Rlh Is Joseph K. Teal, ho Mas Donated the Statae to the State.
s u . i.iiiilisn..i i ii siajinn
Two hundred feet of window space 100 on Washington and 100 on "Fif th street is given over today to a show
ing of the finest and the best furniture and home furnishings ever displayed by us. It will be a pleasure to
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Curtains and
An offering of beautiful new
Sunfast Drapery Materials of
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lect from 50 inches wide
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A 82-inch wide plain Snnfast,
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brown and Nile green, that
sens regular at 85c per yard;
and we offer special at 65f)
per yard.
While they last in cream
and ecru with filet border
2 Mi -yard Soft Scrim Curtains,
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cial for $1.95 per pair.
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Portieres to close out the
drafts on the stairway and
wide openings. The largest
assortment for yon to choose .
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A few pairs of odd Curtains
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Ten patterns in Bigelow and in Smith's Seamed and Seamless Axminster
Rugs, 9x12 si2e, effered this week at a remarkably low price. Shown
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LINOLEUM SPECIAL Five to twenty-yard lengths of Felt-Base
Linoleums, regularly priced fl.00 the yard, will be offered this gtj
weea. ab wui
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(j o r l
The Housekeeper of Today
The Duplex
Two Ranges in One
Burns Coal or Wood and Gas, sepa-.
rately, or Both at Once.
Not only is the Duplex Alcazar made
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every feature and every improvement
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us show you this perfect Range. We
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Washington at Fifth '
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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
ormltorv buildings wouia he usea as
barracks for members Of the S. A. T. C.
has no foundation.
Waldo and Cauthorn nans,, witn a
preceptress at the head oi eacn. win
be available for tne youna; women, to
gether with nine sorority houses, In
ach of which is a nouse matner.
Devil Dogs Also Muster 4 Washing'
. , tons and 3 AVelllngtons.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 24. (.Special.)
A search throueh the muster rous
the Marine Corps recently showed
hat the Devil Doss, are Ions; on strat
egy. . Tne rolls contain s Aninonys,
four "Washington, three Wellingtons,
71 Grants, 162 Lees, 70 Alexanders,
three Lafayettes, 33 Sheridans, 191
Jacksons and one Bonaparte.
There are also three Victors, one
Use Coco&nut Oil
for Washing Hair
If you want to keep your hair in good
condition, be careful what you wash it
Most soaps and prepared shampoos
contain too much alkali. This dries the
scalp, makes the hair brittle and is very
harmful. Just plain mulsifled cocoanut
oil (which is pure and entirely grease
less) is much better than the most ex
pensive soap or anything; else you can
use for shampooing, as this can't pos-
Ibly Injure the. hair.
Simply moisten your hair with water
nd rub it in. One or two teaspoonfuls
ill make an abundance of rich, creamy
lather, and clesnses the balr and scalp
thoroughly..The lather rinses out easily.
nd removes every particle of dust.
rt, dandruff and excessive oil. The
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You can get mulsifled cocoanut oil at
most any drug store. It is very cbeap,
and a few ounces Is enough to last
everyone in th family for months.
AdV.- . . . .''. .-
Victory but no Retreats, and. just to
make things pleasant, the Marines have
found they can take Berlin any time
they desire. There are five of them In
the corps.
Do Not
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"The Pen of the Army"
Dancing Taught
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third and Washington. See our adver
tisement of new Fall classes on page 5,
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