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Marriage Licenses for June
Less Than Year Ago.
Records of County Clerk Show Total
of 29 6 Marriage Licenses Is
sued Since June 1 Di
vorces Reach 121.
Dan Cupid last night hung- his head In
shame. For a great blow has befallen
June, the Immortal month of brides. Not
only did the mythical god of love fall
below his record of last year, but he
allowed the Portland divorce mill to
exceed any previous record ever made.
Here is the sad, sad tale as recorded
In the bis red books in the office of
County Clerk Beveridge:
Marriage licenses for June, 298.
Divorce suits for June, 121.
County officials generally expressed
surprise at the unprecedented number
of new divorce suits filed in June. Many
and varied were the reasons offered.
Nevertheless, the fact remains that
there were more divorce suits filed last
month than ever before In' he history
of Multnomah County. The only other
months when more than 100 new suits
were filed were in April, 1917, when
102 new suits were started, and Septem
ber, 1917, when 105 new suits were In
stituted. The record for June- exceeds
the next highest month -In the local
divorce court by 16.
For a time it looked as though the
marriage license record would likewise
be broken, but during the past week
there was sv decided slackening In
the number of swains who de
termined to stand up and take
"life sentence. Considerable Inter
est was aroused in the marriage
license record, and " Cupid McGrew re
mained at his post until well after S
o'clock last evening in a futile effort
to beat the record of June, 1917, when
S98 marriage licenses were issued.
The record of June, 1917, Is expected
to stand for some time to come. . The
machinery of the Army draft was just
getting In operation at that time and
caused, say county officials, the exces
sive rush to the marriage license bureau.
prrniANS all over country
Patriotic Programme Arranged by Local
Lodge at Council Crest
r Evening of July 2.
Knights of Pythias, numbering three-
niiArtfrn nf million man at tint
outbreak of the war were. among the
first lodgemen to begin active war
work, will hold a patriotic celebration
in every subordinate lodge in the
United States and Canada during the
week of July 1-6.
Portland lodges, including Cosmopol
itan, Calanthe, Holms, Phalanx and
Ivanhoe, will hold a Joint celebration
at Council Crest on Tuesday evening,
July 2.
The committee, with "Happy" Harry
Hunter as chairman, has arranged
an intensely . patriotic programme.
The management of Council Crest
has , donated the use of the park
and is preparing the grounds
for the occasion. The public Is in
vited. The programme, which opens at
8 o'clock, follows: "Star-Spangled Ban
ner," Nelsen's Orchestra; song, Monte
Austin: recitation. Miss Jacobson; eons.
P. E. Holm; patriotic address, Leslie E.
Crcuch; "America."
"The Pythian order has made large
contributions to the different war
funds. More than 60,000 of its younger
members are in the service," says a
statement issued by the local lodges.
"The Pythian investment in liberty
bonds totals over $750,000. The insur
ance department has in the last 40
years paid to widows and orphans of
member! approximately $44,000,000.
"The order's strongest claim is its
patriotic devotion and loyalty to coun
try. It is often referred to as the Great
American Order of Friendship.
"A. year ago a similar patriotic cele
bration was held and, among other
things, resulted in the contribution of
many thousands at dollars to the Red
Cross and the raising jot a $500,000 fund
for the benefit of soldiers' dependents."
and yearns to do his btt in service, ha
is brooding and becoming 11L
His condition is the source of much
concern to all his neighbors and friends,
who are devoted to Louis and try to
cheer him. He was a great big chap be
fore his boy friends left for Army and
Navy service, and now his health is
poor and he has lost considerably In
To the average passer-by who does
not know this patriotic boy, he does
not appear sightless. He knows every
foot of ground at Long Beach, and
daily he meets the trains with his sleek
horse that he has fed all Winter and
his brightly painted express wagon,
which he painted himself, and delivers
trunks and packages to any cottage in
this section.
Louis' one hope is that Uncle Sam will
let him drive horses, feed and care for
them. The wonderful spirit of this poor
blind boy should make slackers thor
oughly ashamed.
Legal Fight Results la Permission to
Adopt Crippled 9-Year-Old
Mother love triumphed at the conclu
sion of a dramatic hearing before Pre
siding Judge Morrow yesterday, which
resulted In the court awarding the per
manent custody of Russell Jennings,
aged 9, to his stepmother, Mrs. Marie
Jennings. The decision denied the
right of the boy's grandparents and
aunts, living at Park City. Utah, to his
Mrs. Jennings collapsed when she
realized that she had won the custody
of her crippled stepson, and it was sev
eral minutes before friends could re
store her to consciousness. As soon as
she had recovered she hastened to the
courtroom of County Judge Taiwell,
where the last step in her frantic legal
fight was completed. She was permit
ted to adopt the boy as her own son.
Mrs. Deal Jennings HartweU, of Park
City, who appeared In the local courts
for the boy's grandparents, said they
would make no further effort to secure
the custody of the child. She and Mrs.
Jennings staged an affecting reconcil
iation in the courtroom at the conclu
sion of the hearing.
In giving the boy to the permanent
custody of his stepmother. Judge Mor
row declared that it was for the best
interests of the child. The lad testified
that he would rather remain with' his
stepmother than with his grandparents.
Touching courtroom scenes were en
acted during the hearing. At one time
when the boy thought he might be
taken from his stepmother he began
to cry and it was several minutes be
fore Judge Morrow could quiet htm.
The boy's own mother died when he
was 6 weeks old. He then remained
with his grandparents until he was
nearly S years old. when his father,
Robert Jennings, married the present
Mrs. Marie Jennings, the stepmother.
Mrs. Jennings has cared for the child
for more than six years. The boy's
father died at Caldwell, Idaho, May 4
last, and the grandparents then took
steps to procure his custody.
Clark Orchards In Clackamas Coun
ty "Will Have 52 Tons.
OREGON CITY. Or., June 29. (Spe
cial.) Clackamas County is to have a
bumper prune crop. W. 1. Clark, one
of the owners of the Clark orchard, lo
cated near Molalla, reports an unusu
ally large crop.
The Clark orchard Is situated in a
most delightful part of Clackamas
County, overlooking the Molalla coun
try. Eighty acres are in fruit, mostly
in prunes. In 1916 62 tons of prunes
were harvested, ana from all lndica
tions the crop this year will be bigger.
A day and night force of hands will
be used for drying - the fruit. Many
women will find employment, owing
to all young men having enlisted.
County Clerk' Office Patriotic.
A total of $2426 has been subscribed
in war savings stamps by the employes
of County Clerk Beveridge, according
to the complete compilation made yes
terday by Deputy Clerk Rodgers, who
had charge of the sales in that office.
This is the best record of any office in
the Courthouse, and means that the
employes subscribed an average of $60
a month.
West Coast Mills' Production
Is Close to Normal.
Excess of Shipments Over Produc
tion Durlnff Last Five Weeks To
tals 63,578, S27 Feet and
Stocks Are Much Lower.
Excess of shipments over production
by West Coast lumber mills again was
marked during the past week. The as
sociation bulletin states that the excess
amounted to 12,616.104 feet.
The aggregate excess for the last
five weeks totals 63,578.327 feet, and
has effected a big decrease in available
stocks on hand.
With orders for 63,000.000 feet of
cantonment lumber coming from the
Government in the immediate future,
the mlllmen feel assured of an excep
tional demand for their products.
Production Nearly NdrmaL,
On account of the. continued drains
on stocks, the mills have speeded up
their production to the point where the
output in the last week was within 2
per cent of normal. The total produc
tion was 75,494,424 feet. Normal produc
tion in the same group of mills has
been 76.761.000 feet. The past week's
record is the nearest approach to nor
mal that the mills have made this
Compilations just mad show that
Oregon and Washington cut an aggre
gate of 7.155,000,000 feet of lumber in
1917, of which 6.464.813.000 was Douglas
fir. These figures have Just been re
vealed by a report of the current re
ports of the Federal Forest Service.
The increase in the state of Wash
ington over the year 1916 was 77.003,
000 feet, or nearly 2 per cent, and In
Oregon 863,116,000, or 16.5 per cent.
Oregon and Washington are two of the
nine states in the country that cut
more lumber In 1917 than in the year
Cat Is Segregated.
The segregation of the cut by species
for the two years follows:
Washington 117.
looo ft.
DouRlsV fir S.507,413
Western pine...
Idaho white pine.
Hemlock .........
Sugar pine .......
White fir
Lodgepole pine...
Cottonwood ......
All others
Douglas fir. ......
Western pine.......
Idaho white pine..
Sugar pine .......
White fir
Lodgepole pine ..
Cottonwood .......
Port Orford eedar.
All others.
.' 88.2.'.5
. 197.071
. 131. 8'9
. 811.081
1000 ft.
. 409.408
. 120.647
4. BIT
. 82.725
1000 ft.
4.492 997
10OO ft.
8". 786
.2.585.423 2.221.884
Aberdeen Boys First Lieutenants.
ABERDEEN, Wash.. June 29 (Spe
cial.) Aubrey R. Archer, of this city,
and Roy Boyer, of Hoquiam, who won
second lieutenancies at the first Pre
sidio officers' training camp, have been
commissioned First Lieutenants, ac
cording to word received here. Both
boys are graduates of the local high
schools and were enlisted in Company
G. of this city, at the time of the out
break of the war.
Sntherlin Over Quota Already.
STJTHERLIN. Or, June 29. A larye
public war savings meeting was held
here last night with W. F. Buer as
chairman. A. P. Flack as secretary and
Rev. Paul Bandy delivered a patriotic
address. The butherlin quota already
has been considerably over-subscribed.
One Event Scheduled for Evening of
July 4 and Other for Night
of -July 16.
The Comrades Club of the National
League for Woman's Service will give a
dancing party July 16 at the Multno
mah Hotel, to which all enlisted men
will be invited.
On the evening of July -4 the Na
tional League for Woman's Service will
have charge of the entertainment at
the "Auditorium. William Boone will
open- the programme at 8 o'clock with
special pipe organ selections. Mayor
Baker will preside. Other features will
Include numbers by the Sons and
Daughters of Norway, the Swiss Todel
ers. the Allied Dance of the Nation by
the school children, and. the Tableau
of Nations. The national airs of the
allies will be sung. During the re
mainder of the evening the Comrades'
Club, assisted by college and high
school girls and the girls and women
representing the allied countries, will
entertain the enlisted men in the dance.
Aa invitation Is extended te fraternity
girls and to high school and college
girls to join in the entertainment. All
interested, are asked to report at Na
tional League headquarters in the
Meier & Frank store. All girls are re
quested to wear uniform costumes or
Blind Boy - of Long Beach
Would Serve Uncle Sam.
Notable Character . n Peninsula
Drives Express Waou
T ONQ BEACH, Wash., June 29. (Spe-
I I cial.) Since all the young boys at
Long Beach have gone Into service,
Louis Lynifr is grieving. Louis is one
of the notable characters on the penin
sula, and owing to an accident a few
years ago he has been made blind,
which has eliminated him from Uncle
Sam's service. . .
But Louis does not understand why
he cannot do for the Army the things
that he is doing capably for Long
Beach, and because he is a true patriot
Have Beautiful Hair
GIRLS! Do you realize
that beautiful hair gives
more charm than anything
Do you realize that to
have lustrous, beautiful
hair is but to use
If you are troubled with
dandruff and falling hair, or
if your hair is harsh and brit-d
tie and cannot be combed at-1
tractively you will be delight
ed with the transformation
wrought by a few applications
of Herpicide. Remember,
Herpicide has many substi
tutes. Insist upon Newbro's
Read This Testimonial
Joan Sawyer!
The Noted Stage Beauty writes:
"For the past two years I have been
a constant user of Herpicide. It has done
wonders for my hair. Herpicide shall al
ways be In a prominent place in my
home and at the theater. I can assure
you It Is a pleasure to recommend Herpi
cide to any and all women wanting long,
lustrous, snappy hair.
This letter is unsolicited but I can
not retrain from thanking you for what
Herpicide has done for me."
Sincerely yours,
Joan Sawyer.
The experience of Joan
Sawyer is not an exception.
Thousands know the delight,
satisfaction and wonderful
benefit derived from the reg
ular use of Newbro's Herpi
cide. Just try it once and
note the remarkable change.
Send lOe In stamps or eoln. to
day for sample and interesting
booklet. Addrrssi The Herpicide
Co, Dept. 164-A. Detroit, Mich.
Applications at the Better Barber
Shops. Sold by Drug and Department
Stores. Satisfaction Ciaaraateed or
Money Refunded.
- v-1 , '1
... . , .. .
' .
. - . . ". -i
. f ' ? - t
z '
l ' i
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ir : i. : J - I jo
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fF7! 1 Ozl P