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Eclipse' Envelops City in Pale,
Mellow Light.
Clouds Part 10 Minutes Before
Totality and Frame Cen
ter of Solar System.
: raw- W( life V t&fei. x ... .v.;;;- ;
Organization of Scientific Work at
Station Impresses Wcllealcy Ob.
eerver Goldendale Filled
'. l With Eastern Visitors.
OOLDEyDAT.K, "Wash., June 8.
'6peclal.) The total eclipse of the sun
came at Goldendale today on schedule
time and all the things that the mem
bers of the Licit party of astronomers
represented would happen, occurred ex
actly as predicted. The first contact
was announced by Dr. John K. Bra
ghear, of Pittsburg, Pa., at 41 minutes
and 30 seconds past 2 o'clock. Dr. Bra
ahear operating a focus telescope at
the Lick station. The contact was
visible to people with their smoked
glasses about five minutes afterwards.
The hour following the denoting1 of
the first contact was an anxious period
for Dr. William Wallace Campbell, di
rector of the station, his assistant as
tronomers, and guests, as medium thick
clouds kept rolling up over the sun
until about 10 minutes before the period
of totality occurred.
Clouds Frame San.
At this time a clear space was formed
' around the eclipse. At three minutes
and 30 seconds before 4 o'clock all as
sistants operating the 14 instruments
in place at the station were ordered
to their places and at 3:59 Mrs. Joseph
J I. Moore started to count off the sec
onds of the period of totality, which
was one minute 57 seconds.
Everything worked like clockwork
vt the Lick station and Immediately
after the observations were over three
cheers were given for Dr. Campbell by
the assistants and guests present. A
number of guests who have been with
other Lick expeditions pronounced the
corona of the eclipse here today the
most beautiful they had ever seen.
Sunset Effect Beautiful.
The shadow bands occurring Just' be
fore and just after the eclipse were
shown very distinctly on sheets spread
on the lawn at the Lick station.
The twilight effect was noticeable
60 minutes after the first contact. The
sunset effect on the Columbia hills
and the Slmcoe Mountains was most
beautiful. The effect observed on birds
and animal life just preceding the
totality was just as has been described
by people who have seen former
Dr. Campbell says that the eclipse
today Is the darkest one that he has ob
served In the six expeditions of which
he has been a. member. Ten plates
were used In the big 40-foot astronom
ical camera operated by Dr. Campbell
himself, the big camera being focused
directly on the corona. About 35 other
exposures were made of various phases
of the phenomena surrounding the
Organisation la Perfect.
Miss Leah B. Allen, assistant profes
sor of astronomy, Wellesley College,
Mass., who came across the continent
to be one of Dr. Campbell's assisants in
the Lick expedition here, says that the
most noticeable features of the eclipse
to her as seen from the Lick station
was the manner in which Dr. Campbell
had organized the work, in that every
member of the party had a chance to
get a perfect view of the eclipse as
well as attending to the duties assigned
to them. Miss Allen timed the expos
ures of eight plates in a camera op
erated, by her besides getting a view
of the eclipse.
For the most part Klickitat people
sought the high points surrounding the
valley for observation points, and about
30 automobiles made the climb to the
summit of the high butte on the out
skirts of Goldendale. The shadow
bands were observed creeping up the
Bides of the hills of the Klickitat Val
ley by the people who sought the hitch
points to view the shadow phenomena,
but they were not as distinctive as
'the public In general thought they
.would be.
The town was filled up with the
largest crowd that has ever been here
after the eclipse. Many people ar
rived today from Chicago and New
Tork and other Eastern cities to view
the eclipse at Goldendale.
! Clouds and Hazy Weather Interfere
Some Witli Corona.
HOQTJIAM, Wash., June 8. (Special.)
' Hoquiam and the Grays Harbor dis
trict saw the eclipse of the sun this
afternoon, despite the fact that the
afternoon was cloudy and rain threat'
ned. However, the clouds broke away
eufficiently during the eclipse to get a
good view or it.
A good observation of the eoron
. when the eclipse was full was obtain
able, although the clouds and hazy
weather Interfered to some extent with
it, making it appear smaller than it
would, had the case been otherwise.
From the heights about the city the
enaaow or the eclipse was clearly visi
ble as It traveled up the harbor from
- the ocean.
The eclipse became full at 2:53.30
and lasted until 3:55.30 o'clock. While
It lasted the darkness was somewhat
similar to that just at dark in the
evening, but characterized by a peculiar
light, which was particularly notice
able before and after the eclipse.
Many Autoifts Cross Interstate
"" Bridge En Route to Eclipse Zone.
', .' VANCOUVER, Wash., June 8. (Spe
cial.) All Vancouver gazed at the
eclipse today. Hundreds of persons on
the streets watched the sun disappear
behind the moon, through smoked
glasses, and while Vancouver was not
in the zone of total eclipse, yet the day
became so dark that electric lights
were turned on everywhere.
Hundreds of automobile parties,
. bound for Woodland, Kftlama. Battle
Ground and other points north of Van
couver, where the eclipse was total.
Tassed through here. The Interstate
Lridge did a rushing business and the
tolls received were nearly aa great as
on the busiest Sundays.
Totality Lasts 5 6 Seconds; Cove
Conditions Equal Baker.
LA GRANDE, Or., June 8. (Special.)
Perfect climatic conditions this aft
moon favored a clear view of the
eclipse in La Grande. The totality last
ed 56 seconds here and was witnessed
by an Interested throng.
- At a spot near Cove and 18 miles
east the totality wu as long aa at
-r . g, . 1 - -' 3-f XJ)
P,iil . 0 (9) O O O O 15
1 . 4
Baker. Within six miles of La Grande,
to the north, the line of totality ended.
Mighty Blasts Announce Arrival of
Eclipse In' Fruit Belt.
HOOD RIVER. Or.. June 8. (Special.)
A thin film ot downy clouds, almost
invisible until the sun's eclipse was
total, fhthed forth in a brilliant color
ing from the corona when the moon's
shadow totally obscured the cunllght
here this afternoon. Stars above and
below the cloud patches became visible
for the brief moments, and the eight
was impressive.
Night birds were brought from their
retreats and swished through the air in
pursuit of gnats. When the shadow
contract was total a rooster crowed,
and the call was taken up and sent
back and forth over the valley by
other rulers of barnyard harems. When
the visible sun's area had decreased to
a tiny crescent crews of men engaged
on the Ruthton hill section of the Co
lumbia River Highway fired a series of
mighty blasts. They had been prepar
ing for days to herald the event, and
the opposite crescent marked the
waning eclipse before the echoes had
ceased reverberating up and down the
Columbia's gorge. Many thought the
eclipse was being accompanied by an
electrical display.
More than 50 Portlanders were here
to witness the phenomenon. Preceding
the eclipse the visitors were entertained
by a motor trip over the valley.
Eclipse Observed by Hundreds; Sub
Obscured Only Few Moments.
MARSHFIELD. Or., June 8. (Spe
clal.) The sun eclipse was observed
here by hundreds of people through
smoked glass and photographic nega
tives. The degree of totality appeared
to be much less than 92 per cent, which
astronomers advised would be the situ
ation here. The rim of the non. eclipse
extended nearly half way around the
The sky was overcast by a light
cioua eitect. put there were only a
few moments when the sun waa not
Immediately Prior to Eclipse Mer
cury Registers 81 Degrees.
Because of the clouds which pre
i . ; . I " ;
L : i
1 Giirn at Cunrll Crest Park. High Ahove the City. 3 Infant Aitroiomrr Contemplating tkc Goldea Pie. 3
Aa the Eclipse Posed for Its Picture When the Moon Was Two-Thirds Satisfied. 4 Of Interest Scientist and
Layman Alike. 6 Thin Traffic "Cop" Couldn't Resist the Infraction of Planetary Ordlnnncea. Diagram Shewing
Vnrloun Phnnea of the Eclipse. (Photograph ( Kcllpne Ae. St. Taken by Charles 1- Owenn.)
vailed, the Weather Bureau is unable
to say Just how much of yesterday
afternoon's variation in temperature
was due to the eclipse, but it is cer
tain that the greater part of the
marked drop in degrees at the maxi
mum period was due to the phenem-
Immediately prior to the eclipse the
mercury registered 81 degrees. As the
eclipse progressed the temperature
dropped until, when the eclipse was at
maximum, it registered 78 degrees. As
the eclipse passed the temperature rose
Photographs Secured After Dash of
Over Three Miles.
GREEN RIVER, Wyo, June 8.
Clouds, appearing during the partial
phase when today's eclipse of the sun
neared totality, caused much anxiety
to the many astronomers gathered here
to make observations, but a sketch ot
the corona and a number of photo
graphs were secured by two assistant
astronomers, who drove swiftly to a
point 3Vi miles northwest of the ob
serving station. These, it is thought,
were the only photographs secured. .
Among the scientists here to watch
the phenomenon were Professors Frost,
Hale, Barnard. Elleman, Parkhurst and
Citizens View Eclipse.
ALBANY, Or., June 8. (Special.)
Business was practically at a stand
still in Albany for an hour this after
noon while local citizens viewed the
eclipse. Atmospheric conditions were
favorable for splendid view here.
K. E. Brodle.
To the hard work and Influence
of E. E. Brodle, of Oregon City,
Is due the fact that the next
convention of the National Edi
torial Association will be held in
the Pacific Northwest. With a
representative of the Pacific
Northwest Tourist Association, he
fought for the convention on the
floor of the convention at Little
Rock, Ark. Many members tried
to leave the choice of a conven
tion city to the executive com
mittee, but Mr. Brodle won, and
as a result Portland, Seattle and
British Columbia cities will be
hosts for the editors next year.
Mr. Brodie is past president of
the Oregon Editorial Association
and editor of the Oregon City Enterprise.
? 1,
ftA ":
Obscuring Clouds Lift Like
Miracle at Last Moment.
Company Gathered From All Quar
ters of Globe to Witness Phe
nomenon Fear Disapolnt
znent, bn.t Clouds Shift..
(Of the Argentine National Observatory,
Cordoba, South America.
GOLDENDALE. Wash.. June 8. Spe
cial.) The great astronomical phe
nomena has come and gone, and almost
like a miracle the clouds lifted just
long enough to reward the astrono
mers who gathered In, Goldendale to
Study It.
For two weeks preparatlona were
going on at the Lick Observatory
eclipse station, which waa situated in
the grounds of Mr. Morgan, of the Mor
gan Milling Company. With each pass
ing day new arrivals Increased the
number of astronomers and visitors
until there ha dgathered a company
drawn from all corners of the earth,
from Massachusetts, California, Canada
and even South America, as well aa
many people from other parts of the
state of Washington.
By Saturday noon everything was in
readiness. Professor Campbell had
drilled his. company of observers so
that each would perfor mhis part with
out possibility of failure. Only one
contingency remained even astrono
mers cannot control the weather.
Clearing Sky Remarkable.
At S o'clock the sky looked hopeless.
At 3:45 there was a chance that It
would clear. From 8:69 to 4:1 the re
gion around the sun cleared and im
mediately afterwards the clouds
closed in. Remarkable, was It not?
In that two clear minutes, 14 Instru
ments performed with exactitude ac
cording to a prearranged programme.
Every observation was made aa
planned. Numerous volunteers with
ount instruments contributed by
sketching on paper what they saw and
still others watched for and marked
on a big white sheet the shadow bands
which can be seen Just at the begin
ning of totality. With the first re
turning llfht-rays of the sun the quiet
and tense attention of the observers
gave way to a hearty cheer, led by Dr.
The eclipse had come and passed and
observers gathered from the four' cor
ners of the globe had been rewarded
for their long journeys.
Distinguished People Present.
In addition to the scientific knowl
edge gained by being a member of the
eleventh expedition sent out from the
Lick Observatory. University1 of Cali
fornia, Mount Hamilton, Cat., there waa
great pleasure in meeting .the dis
tinguished friends of Dr. Campbell.
Among these waa Dr. John A, Brashear.
of Pittsburg. Pa., a noted lens-maker.
Ambrose Swasey, of Cleveland. O..
who has the honor of having designed
the mounting for the largest telescope
In the world, while not an acting mem
ber of the party, kept up the spirits of
the entire party during the critical pe
riod when the heavy clouds were rolling
over the sun. fir. tswasey lost a wager
t a dougtsut wUb William li. Crocker,
the Ban Francisco bankerf. made in a
joking sally with the financier while
the elements held the fate of the suc
cess of the expodition In. the balance. '
Measure Aimed at Sale of Intoxi
cants on All Railroads.
ington, May 24. Representative John
son, of Washington, recently Intro
duced a bill to prohibit the sale of liq
uors on trains of all railroads under
the control of the Director-General of
With reference to his bill. Mr. John
son said that it has the endorsement
of railroad officials and the traveling
public. Officials claim that the carry
ing of liquor for sale in the few states
that remain "wet" Is a nuisance. Mr.
Johnson expects to press his bill and
will offer It as a rider to any railroad
measure brought up on the floor of the
House for consideration.
Chehalls Stores Close.
CENTRALIA, Wash.. June 8. (Spe
cial.) A large crowd of visitors waa in
Centralla today to witness the eclipse
of the sun. Many of the stores closed
during its progress. The period of
totality occurred at 8:57 P. M.
Mm. Bertha T. Voorborst.
"War work and Federal suf
frage" waa the cry at a recent
conference of the political work-
era of the Connecticut Woman I
Suffrage Association. .
Mrs. Bertha Taylor Voorhorst. J
former corresponding secretary J
of the Oregon Woman's Press I
Club and still an active member, I
Is taking active part with the I
women of Connecticut as public-
ity writer and field lecturer.
Mrs. voorhorst has for some
time been working In connection
with the Yale law library at
New Haven. Since leaving Ore
gon she has been active In many
Important movements and her
pen, as of yore, has done serv
ice In progressive measures
She writes that "the Connecti
cut women are out for suffrage
aa a timely war measure. It is
pointed out that the most vital
basic things are the political and
social fabrics of today and of the
future, keeping the political life
pure and clean aa possible at
i I
Girls la Charge of Dance Will Torn
Over Proceeds to Portland Fund
for Devastated France.
A large crowd assembled in the ball
room of the Multnomah Hotel last
night to attend the military dance for
which Unit No. 1 of the Auxiliary
the American Committee for Devas
tated France was host. The hoft
esses are a group of working girls who
devote one evening each week to sew
Ing for the refugees of Belgium and
France at the University Club.
Prior to Joining the auxiliary for the
devasted France committee these girl
were affiliated with the Red Cross So
ciety, and have made a number of gar
ments for that organisation as well as
the refugees, and also have earned con
slderable money for the Red Cross a
one of thelr-earller dances.
The committee for the dance will
turn over all proceeds to the fund fo
devastated France, of which Mrs. Rob
art Treat Piatt is chairman for Port
land. The girl have worked very
hard and their efforts have been won
derfully rewarded, as hundreds o
tickets were sold, and the crowds at
the dance proclaimed its success flnan
cially and socially. Vancouver Bar
racks has about 1000 new soldiers, and
a large percentage of 'them were pres
ent at the dance last night, in addition
to the men who have been there a long
This committee of busy women have
been devoting all the Winter months
to patrlotlo work. During the past
month they shipped to the French and
Belgian refugees 675 garments, sent
through the Devastated France Auxil
iary. The committee in charge of last
night's dance was: Mrs. Tom Saul, wife
of Captain Saul, now overseas; Mrs.
Sidney Benedict. Miss Lola Stlnson,
Miss Cora MUhausen and Miss Garcia
Sanplte far Army la Prance Will Be
Forwarded Early This
Eleven carloads of flour, returned by
patriotic Oregon householders and
dealers for shipment to France, had
been paid for and taken in charge by
food administration officials up until
noon yesterday.
The Government representatives were
elated, since they had found a means
by which this quantity of white flour
may be forwarded early this week for
almost Immediate consignment over,
seas. They believe this shipment will
be among the very first of flour re
turned by cttisens of the United States
to go to the American soldiers and the
allies In France.
The 11 carloads, or $500 barrels of
flour already given back Into control
of the Government represented but four
days' collections. There are large
quantities yet in sight that will be
taken over this week.
Statistically-Inclined members of the
food administration force yesterday
calculated that from the S500 barrels of
flour 1,715.000 loaves of bread may be
made for the men at the front, provided
that it be mixed with substitutes in a
reasonable proportion.
Penitent Slacker Gets Off Easy.
One day in jail was the penalty im
posed yesterday on Bruce McDonald,
held by the Federal authorities as a
slacker. In extending leniency to the
prisoner Judge Wolverton. of the Fed
eral Court, made it plain that the
young man Is to enter the military
service this morning, upon expiration
of his term of incarceration. Trans
portation to Camp Lewis will be fur
nished McDonald, and. he will entrain
for there today.
Portland's Share In Solar Event
Scarcely Liberal, Awesome Rnsb.
or Night Lacking. Vet It Is
No Disappointment.
Cfntlnud From First Pre
proaching twilight. To the north,
across the sone of totality, the hortson
stretched in a brighter belt -s a token
that the sun waa still In .'ts stride.
Then the false evening came, and
here and there the office buildings
twinkled with electrics, while the cars
and motors that crossed the bridges
pressed their ways In the blase ot
headlights. To the tick of the clock.
this befell as foretold, at 3:58. when
the maximum point was reached for
rontland. Swiftly the hands crept t
the hour, and, even as the twilight
came, bo there grew a new dawn.
Sol Nearly Blotted Ont.
At Its maximum the eclipse was de
nied to the city, for clouds obscured the
spectacle Just aa the thin crescent of
the tun wss waning to the 1 per cent of
grace allotted it. The gazers did not
take kindly to this and lifted their ex
postulations In chorus. At the focal
potnt nothing remained save a cerulean
glow, with the drift racing across it.
hereas they had last Been the
eclipse with the crescent of the sun
to the upper left if such laxness ot
terminolocv be nermitted thev next
beheld it, as the cloada passed, with tbe
last phase of the spectacle under way
and with the crescent at the bottom.
Gradually as it came the moon retreat
ed and the crescent of flame waxed
greater. At 6:11 the sun slipped free
and re-established his dominion.
Portland viewed the eclipse from the
roof of every office building in the
city, from front lawns, back yards.
bridges, car platforms and the streets.
Though the street thronga bustled
along for the first hour, with only an
occasional neck craned heavenward
here and there, as the twilight came
on, the crowds halted. But at the
senlth of the eclipse the downtown
streets were black with halted throngs,
heads tilted backward and mouths
nig PlaygToaud Is Thronged.
Council Crest Park had issued an In
vitation to all to avail themselves of
the lofty advantages of that altc. and
fully 10.000 people responded. They
carried bits of shattered window-pane
wlfli them and smoked their glasses
at the outdoor fireplaces of the big
Modern cities make little of the
ancient awe that once was attendant
upon the solar eclipse, but at least one
legend of the old days suffered a re
crudescence yesterday In one Portland
suburb, where It was currently be
lieved among the neighborhood chil
dren that the sun was to be devoured
by an astral ogre this pleasing fabri
cation having been circulated by an
elder. Far from striking fear, the tale
served to lend rest to the Juvenile In
terest, and they contemplated the
eclip.e with profound hopes for the
Thousands of Portland people Joined
the exodus yesterday morning to near-
by points of vantage within the belt of
totality, many Journeying by auto up
the Columbia highway to Cascade
Locks, while others fared to varioua
Oregon and Washington points, where .
the eclipse was complete
Many nt Caecade Locks.
At Cascade Locks hundreds of motor
ists parked their cars and either gained
nearby vantage points or proceeded on
foot further up the highway and nearer
to the center of totality. At no time
was the view of the eclipse perfect, ow
ing to passing clouds, but at the mo
ment of totality the clouds lightened,
affording a brief glimpse of the cor
ona. At least one stsr was visible as
the heavens attained maximum dark
ness. Similar conditions prevailed at Wood
land, where several hundred motorists
traveled to view the eclipse. For ob
servation purposes they climbed a
small hill east ot the town. The eclipse
was Intermittently obscured by clouds,
but at totality the view was good, with
the corona well defined on the. eastern
edge of the eclipse. Twilight grew to
dusk at totality, and passed as it came.
There were no stara visible.
As the moon slipped away from to
tality the motorists, for the most part,
began the homeward trip. Much amuse
ment arose as car after car passed two
plodding cows on the road, evidently In
tent upon reaching the farm corral and
fodder before the unprecedented even
ing should draw toward night.
Numbers of the motorists who took
the Woodland trip proceeded onward
for some miles up the Lewis River
road toward Cougar, and reported a
better view of both the eclipse and the
Clonds Providential to Some.
Though the presence of clouds hin
dered the full beauty of the eclipse, it
ts believed that they served to ward
off many a case of solar blindness by
softening the fierce glare of the sun.
Hundreds of indiscreet observera. lack
ing smoked glasses, looked at the
eclipse as It approached the maximum,
and the next few days will reveal
whether or not their temerity is to be
Strange stories follow In the wake
of all phenomena. Of these Portland
produced at least one to accompany
the annals of the eclipse. On a certain
East Side lawn, the residents and
neighbors assert, several hours before
the eclipse there fell an unknown sub
stance, fragments striking the garage.
Specimens of the substance have been
gathered for analysts, and the declara
tion of the neighborhood is that it lit
erally descended from the sky
Reminiscent of other days to many
of the elder residents of Portland was
yesterday's eclipse, for on July Z9. 1878,
the city shared a similar spectacle,
though in lesser proportions. This
eclipse, at totality, swept across Yel
lowstone Park, Wyoming. Colorado,
Texas, the Gulf of and Cuba.
Files of The Oregonlan describe the
Interest taken In the solar event and
testify to the crowds which scanned
the sky with smoked glasses, just aa
they did yesterday.
Amateur astronomers, for the most
part, deserted the city yesterday for
more favored spots and It remained for
the Weather Bureau to take the only
scientific data assembled here. Under
the direction of Forecaster Wells, spe
cial observations of temperature, hu
midity, wind direction, barometer read
ings, etc, were taken every half hour
during the afternoon, and every 18
minutes for an hour preceding and an
hour following the eclipse.
The popular opinion of the lata
eclipse, as gleaned from street-corner
conferences and casual observation
everywhere, seems to be that the heav
enly forces should be commended for
their consideration in selecting Satur
day afternoon.
For Portland caught a half-holiday
from the grasp of time, whether enti
tled to it or not-