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Idaho Council of Defense
Drafts Petition Outlining
Needs of State.
Organisation HlnU Grirt Suspicion
Ms to Motive for Session Extraor-
dlnaryPolHU-al Lrtdrra Vn
settictl as to actuation.
BOISE. Idaho. Feb. I Speclat
" Th convening of th Fourteenth Idaho
Legislator In extra session hero to
consider and paaa war emergency lav
Islattoa haa bea th mooted question
of the hour (or aomo Una. due to the
Importance attached to a session ex
traordinary. The State Council of Ie
fenae first arfed It and later at a sea
aion held early thla year drafted
petition to Oovernor Alexander outlin
ing the legislation It belieTed needed
properly to mobilise the reiioarcea of
the ataia aod five protection to Ufa
and property. Legislation particularly
f benefit to the farmer thereby In
tensifying; crop production coupled
with laws to enforce the mandatea of
th council and strengthen ita powers
art claimed to stand equal In Impor
tance. Recent developments however,
show that farmers' organlaattona are
against a special aeaalon.
The work of the aeaalon can be per
formed In six day. and the maximum
length of It Is placed at lv days. Sum
marised, the legislation considered as
needed la as followa:
Seed Parehas freed.
Financing and giving power either to the
tale or County lo buy sere
for farmers through loans, togvtb.r with
labor-savins machinery, such as tractors,
aad erevkllng crop storage acuities In
vsrehotie-e and el.vators.
Clothing the state Council of Defense with
poe.r to enforce its msndal-e. to regulate
looa prtces. etc.. and to mobilise the re
aoarcos of the state, together wlta stajaplng
out disloyalty and sed.tloa.
Te arolect life aad property with troope
should the occasion arise and to quell an-ae-e-aary
labor agitators who seek to bring
sboot Industrial unrest, through both a Na
tional Ouard bat t a. lorn aad mounted coa
etabuiarr. Te pet Into force and effect such lertsls
ttea as the rtdral beilevea Is
sec i nary through which tbe Nation may
aid.d la winning the war t
Te aishe asc.soare aaprwprlatloaa to
eal.d burned building, or thwse damaged by
re at state Institution.
Te ratify th. K.dcral const Motional forever prohibiting the manufac
ture ex liquor in the I ntted stales.
Te safranchtse Idaho soldiers and sailors
new outside of their home state, either
caatoemeaie or on foreign soli.
To lake ap and pay such war em-rgvnry
warranta as have eeea heretofore Issued
earry oa war sork.
While th question has been raised
that there la political dtnaster In th
wake of a session extraordinary of th
Legislature, state leaders and publl
men declare that the present Is no time
for the washing; of political linen, and
that party success or party disaster
should have no bearing on an lasue
that Involves the lives of the sons
Idahoaas who are In Europe) prepared
to lay down their Uvea la ths just
cause of civilisation this country Is
Champion Inc.
Paiaa-ia Oppeen Move.
The State Federation of Agriculture
Is opposed to an extra session and
hints a grave suspicion exists aa to
ths motive for It. Ths federation me
at Lewlston while A. C Townley
president of th Non-Partisan League.
was there. Ths federation Indorses th
As outlined In th publlo press.
among; ths legislation recommended Is
stat owned warehouses and elevators
for the storage of crops this year. Th
Non-Partlaan "League Includes this
recommendation as on of th cardinal
planks In Its platform.
bloc th appointment and qualifica
tion of United States Senator John F.
Nugent, party leaders and politicians
have been busy trying; to figure out
th trend of th political situation. Th
Republicans are Intereeted In th aa
nouncement mad by th Wallac Min
er to th effect that John P. Oray. of
t'oeur d'Alene should enter th race.
Th Miliar haa launched a boom In bis
behalf. Mr. Oray la a prominent at
tor nay.
Th Republican Stat Central Con-
title meets la Boise. February IL
Trier is a report In circulation that
th Demoorata probably will brine out
A ttom.y-O.nora I Wallers or W. T
Ixougherty for Oovernor: Nugent and
If aw ley for tienator. and that Oovernor
Alexander may be Induced to run for
Representative. While all of these ru
mors and reports are speculative. It
ran he said now that Oovernor Alex
ander, at the close of bis present term,
will retire from active politics and glv
personal attention to his business af
Chamber of Commerce this week, which
was held at the Cunnlng-jara Hotel, A.
G. Raab, representing; the Pacific Coast
Defense Lea-rue, was present and ad
dressed the members on the subject o
military highways.
Mr. Raab outlined the plans of thre
military highways traversing; from
north to south to Washington. Oregon
and California, explaining not only th
benefltg to be derived from such high
ways, but their absolute neceaalty for
th protection of th Coast states In
the case of an Invasion. He pointed
out that In case of an attack upon
Seattle or Grays Harbor, Spokane aad
other Inland cities would become Ira
portant supply bases. In which vsn
these military road a would be an actua
necessity, and If not built ia time of
peace, time and men would be required
to build them la th event of war. A
bill haa been prepared, said Mr. Raab,
Sod will be preaented to Congress pro
viding for the commencement of work
upon thre military highways Imme
diately upon the close of th present
war, and this bill has been Indorsed by
some of the member, of both branches
of Congress.
Ussy Asplraata Bob Vp PrladpaJ
Fight Thla leas Will Be Over
Legislative Ticket.
State? Senator 'o to Seek He-dro
tlon. He Annvoitrc-s.
VILEX. Or. Feb. I f pedal.
L. llawlry. of McCoy, for 10 years State
Penator from ttentoo and Polk coun
ties, said while In Salem today that his
senatorial career la over, for the prea
eat at least, and that he wilt not be a
candidate for re-election, his term ex
piring with th present year.
It Is understood that Benton County
folks feel that tbry should select Mr.
Hawley's successor. Polk having held
the plum for so long. The nam of H.
W. Johnson, of Corvallts. haa been sur
ras ted. while Ike Patterson, of Eola.
has been talked of aa a possible candl
te from Polk County.
Klanatb Fall to Have Another Pub
lishing Hon Soon.
fSpeciaLI It is announced by the
Time Publishing Company, publishers
f th Xorrt Times and th Merrill
Times, that they will soon open an
erne In this city and will establlah
here a complete modern print shop.
It Is also stated that rarer .
Aceisbach. of California, will have
charge cf the office and th two publi
cations daring tns sbeence In Wash
ington. D. . of Editor George E.
Fradnack. Mr. Bradnark la ia Wash
ington la connection with the matter
of having lands fa the bird preserves
of Lower Klamath Lake thrown open
to hosneotead settlement and entry.
OREGON CITT. Or, Feb. S. 8pe
claL) Th Clackamas County political
ring Is speedily filling up with hate.
The principal fight this year will b
over the legislative ticket, and th pf-
ricea of Sheriff and Clerk. It Is prac-
ically certain that Stat Senator Wal
ter Dlmlck. who is aa avowed candi
date for a third term, will be opposed
by George C. Brownell who served
many years In the Stat Senate and
who was In th House last session. Both
men ars old-time political fighters and
they will probably put up an nter-
alnlng campaign-
Aspirants for ths House are begin
ning to bob up- Dr. H. A. Dedman. of
Canby. la expected to be a candidate
to succeed himself, though Harry Ba.r
has been mentioned from that town.
Gordon J.- Taylor, editor of th Mo-
lull a Pioneer, is expected to enter th
lists for Representative. J. Dean But-
er. a local attorney, whoa horn la at
Oak Grove, la alao mentioned.
H. C. Stephena. an Eatacada banker.
who was In the House last year, where
he was chairman of ths commute on
counties and wher h succeeded In gat
ing his pet bill for the division of
Clackamas County and th creation of
aacade County through the House,
only to see It killed in th Senate, it
reported, will be a candidate for re
action. A. King Wilson, Mayor of
Oswego, and possessor of a role that
carries miles, will be th Democratic
candldat for Stat Senator, and ia ex
pected to make hia announcement
O. A. Pace, local business man. has
definitely announced his candidacy for
Sheriff on the Republican ticket, in op
position to Sheriff Wilson, who Is an
aspirant for a third term. Constable
D. E. Frost Is a third candidate.
Fred A. Millar, chief deputy In the
County Clerk's office, and George E.
Swaftord. native son of Clackamas, will
cross swords for the Republican nomi
nation of County Clerk. County Com
missioner Adam Knight, Recorder Dud
ley Boyles and Surveyor H. H. John
son are not expected to encounter op
position for renomlnatlon In the Re
publican primaries.
County Judge Anderson. Commis
sioner Proctor. Assessor Everhart and
School Superintendent Calavan hold
over for another two years. No candl
datea have yet appeared for County
Treasurer,-though friends of Miss Al
berta Dunn, who has mad an efficient
deputy In th Treasurer's office, are
urging her to become a candidate.
The competent administration of
Mlas Iva Harrington, now ronudlng out
her second term aa County Clerk, has
smoothed ths pathway for woman of
ficeholders In Clackamas County.
Judge Thomas F. Ryan. Republican
candldat for Stat Treasurer, -and
Harvey O. Starkweather. Democratic
candidate for Oovernor. are two Clack -
amaa County residents aspiring to stat
Draft Registrants to Be Called
Rate of 3 Day.
ALBAXT. Or, Feb. J. (Special.)
Beginning next Monday morning the
local oxeinptlon board of Linn County
111 examine to draft registrants a
day until the phv.lcal examination of
all men listed In Clasa I In this county
a completed. Th board will transfer
tg headquarters for this purpos from
th Courteous to th Albany armory.
Only 14 men were examined yester
day. Ten of these were paseed for full
military service, while four were re-
Itcted and listed for limited service
ouly. The ten who paeed ar David
Arthur Roberts, of Albany; James
Darnels, of Albany: Chsrls Powell,
of Berlin: Glen Bradley Moss, of Leb-
snon: Harrison 8. Brigga. of Albany;
Jamea Ewing Elder, of Lebanon: Dana
Calhoun Bell. of Albany: Robert
Uhraton Gar.sle. of Halsey; Lloyd
Menear. of Foater. aod Ralph Harold
Reeves, of Lebanon. Ths four rertl
ted for limited service are Walter
Himpson. of Albany: Louis Gray, of
l-rbanon: Thomas Francis Pavla, of
Halsey. and George Martin Stone, of
Capadlans Subjected to All Manner
of Indignities, Says Corporal.
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A Feature in Itself
Many Former Corvallis Stir
dents Stationed in France.
Records at Agricultural College
Show That Nine Members of Fac
nlty and 503 Students Are
Enrolled In' Service,
ABERDEEV. Wastw Feb. J. fSp.
clal ) epeaklng of the cruel treatment
f prisoners. Corporal O. A. White, of
the Canadian Artillery, telle of th caa
f a chum of his In the Canadian Artil
lery. "He was wounded In Hi right
leg and arm by shrapnel during an at
tack at Tpres and was captured ana
aken behind the Uerman lines.- a
' Belgian nurses were working In the
ospltal and to them he gives credit for
any car which be receiveo.
He told me art'r ha had been ax-
hanged thai not. only was poor treat
ment given them, out that th food was I American Lake.
Pacific Coast Defense Leajrve Rep
reavratatlve Talks at Pasco.
Wash.. Feb. S. fSpeclaLV
At the regular Boon luachoo of the
of the poorest and that th Canadian
prisoners la th hospitals war cursed
by the doctors and subjected to all
manner of Indignities. Corporal
White s chum blames th loss of his
arm to neglect.
Corvallia. Feb. 2. (Special.) Records
of O. A. C. men In military service to
date show nine faculty members and
503 students of the past year or alumni.
Many already are In France, while oth
ers ar In training camps throughout
th country. Former student body
presidents, football and basketball stars
and other men prominent In college
life ar Included among those at Amer
ican Lake.
Th men at Camp Lewis holding Cap
tains' commissions are W. B. Arens.
class 11; L. E. Humphreys. J. C. Mc
Cauntland. class 1900; A. C. Van Cleve.
10. The Lieutenants are Yv. S. Aver-
Ill. A. T. Anderson. M. B. Belden. H. H.
Barbur. Frank Becker. E. I. Buchanan.
V. 1. Basler. J. C. Cariman. C. W. Clark,
Hugh Crawford, J. R. Croswhlte. L. C.
L'uKetto. R. C Pay, F. D. Daggett,
James Evenden. L. M. Ellis. Harold
Farmer. C O. Fertlg. B. N. Hawley. M.
O. Howard. George Hopkln. O. W.
James. D. M. John. W. M. Keck. G. 1
Kane. R. P. Laird. C W. Meyers. H. B.
Moore. F. M. Moore. Everett May. F. L.
Mlchelbook. C L. Meyers. J. I McKay,
Jack Price. IL "W. Russell. X. W. Reese,
George B. Somers. James X. Shaw. F. C.
Shepard. E. A. Thayer, Jamea Turnbull
aod F. W. Walters.
A. T. Anderson will be remembered
as "Andy" Anderson, football player
of last year. James Evenden was an
Aggie football star a few years ago
and Everett May was prominent as a
basketball and football varsitv man.
He later acted as coach of the basket
ball team and Is known to hundreds of
students of ths college. Cyril Meyers,
known as "Scrlbs." was a basketball
varsity man of last year, and his broth
er, Cornelius, was a prominent boxer.
J. D. McKay waa president of the stu
dent body of th school during his
senior year.
Th list of sergeants Includes: B. H.
Copper. Alex Dodge. C TV. Daigh. J. E.
Gilmer, O. B. Hardy, H. B. Koona. Harry
Kraft. Stone, M. L. Tlllery and W. K.
In th list of those In th band, hos
pital, Y. M. C A. and privates are names
of men well known to the college ath
letic world. Brewer Billie. who once
played star football for the orange and
black. Is a private at Camp Lewis.
George Dewey, all-round athlete for
O. A. C. Is In Y. M. C. A. work at
Others In the raiscel-
porated for 120,000, ia greatly needed
here, 'since the Klamath Iron Works
closed some months ago. Since then
there has been no place where the
mills of this vicinity could go for re
pairs for their big machinery, and it
is understood that several of the mill
men her ar backing; th new enter
prise. A sit has been purchased close to
the local freight depot. The building
will have a spur track running through
It. so that logging locomotives may be
run in for repairs. There will be a
foundry and' machine shop In connection.
will be received later on the work it
self. If the bids are found excessive
the state paving plant will be used on
the road.
Whitman Musician Better.
Feb. 2. (Special.) Sigurd Nelson, of
the Whitman Conservatory of Music
last year, who was operated on some
time ago in Baker, is reported as im
proving rapidly. It is hoped that his
recovery will be quick.
Aberdeen to Be Host.
ABERDEEN, Wash., Feb. ' 2. (Spe
cial.) Four hundred of the southwest
are expected to gather her February
22. 23 and 24 for the annual Old Boys'
Conference of th southwest. Twenty
seven cities are expected to be repre
sented. Sunday school and public school
leaders are preparing plans for the en
tertainment. Some of the most prom
inent juvenile welfare workers in the
Northwest are expected to address the
boys meetings.
" Postroad Is Recommended.
SALEM, Or., Feb. 2. (Special.) The ;
United States road engineers at Port
land have recommended to Washlngtoi
that the 20-mile stretch of Pacific
Highway between Salem and Aurora
be developed as a postroad and State
Highway Engineer Nunn believes that
this means th work can go ahead on
the road this year. Arrangements will
he made at th next commission meet
Ins to advertise for materials and bids
Campaign Against Moles Starts,
CASTLE ROCK, Wash, "eb. 2.
(Special.) The agricultural class of
the high school under C. L. Reed have
made a successful start on a campaign
against moles. An inventory of the
grades show that they have thus far
79 traps and 100 Bklns. The campaign
lasts until April 1, when the skins will
be shipped and each individual receive
his share of the price.
.Councilmen Seek Re-election.
ABERDEEN, Wash., Feb. 2. (Spe
cial.) Five of Aberdeen's six Council
men, whose terms expire in May, have
filed for re-election. E. E. Weiland, for
six years Socialist member of the
Council, is the only one not seeking to
return. Four of the five who seek re
election are opposed. The Councilmen
whose terms expire and who are candi
dates are W. H. Hollinger, John Frazer,
J. M. Bowes and James McMasters.
Monmouth Hears Food Lectures.
mouth, Or., Feb. 2. (Special.) Two
more lectures are to be given by Miss
Myra Butler, of the Normal domestic
science department, on the conservation
of food. For several weeks the women
of Monmouth have met at regular in
tervals to hear Miss Butler. The last
two talks will be on "Hooverized
Foods." A complete means of getting
the most out of the new foods pre
scribed will be given.
'for '
v , 3
- K :
V'' "vJ
Te .nnrift-j
They hold the key to health, so
why grudge them the prompt serv
ice they are entitled to from time
to time?
Diseased teeth and gams hold
he germs of all diseases. I will
give you prompt, highly skilled
service at the most reasonable fee.
Palalesa Extraction f Teeth
M Years' Active Practice,
Dr. B. E. Wright
Xorthweat Corner of Sixth and
Vaahlaatoa, Xorthwest Building-,
I' ban rat Mala II IS. A 211.
Office Hours 8 A. M. to P. M.
Coawaltartoa Free.
' '" '" ' ' ""ll'aiAK
mmh z-rt tmm
"- I ejx- ,, ,W -jr Mf TT-e- -w J" -f. OH PI . m saw.
If you have been disappointed, then try "PIONEER"
and you will at once appreciate their superiority. The
formula used in preparing "Pioneer Minced Sea Clams"
is known only within the family of the manufacturer, and
it preserves in the ' can the delicious salt-sea flavor.
"Pioneer Minced Sea Clams" are splendid, highly nourish
ing food, and a dainty morsel which can be served in
dozens of ways.
Why Superior? One
Can Will Convince You
White Salmon Loses by Death.
WHITE SALMON. Wash.. Feb. S.
(Special.) In th death of Walter (Ty)
Talbert, aged 1!, yesterday from pneu
monia, after an Illness of but four days.
Klickitat County haa lost on of Ita
most popular young buslnesa men; For
some time he waa connected with th
White Salmon bank and entered as
Junior psrtner the latter part of lli In
th firm of the Whits. Salmon Hardware
Company. Ha cam from Long Lake,
Minn, some nine yesrs ago. His grand
mother, airs. R- M. Talbert, of that
place, is his nearest relative.
Fhon your want ads to Th Orega.
nlao. Main 770. A 03i.
laneous group are Mylo Bartu, Alvin
B. Blnswanger. O. W. Blrchtold, E. L.
Emett. A- W. Finch. W. H. Foster. O.
J. Oroce, Graasmeon, C. R. Haseltina,
E. K. Miller. J. Q. A. Prise. C. K. Roe,
Fred Raltbal, W B. Rochester. Robin
son. N. Bchnelder. Fred Wallace, Charles
Wllloughby, O. L. Jett. S. W. Tulley,
F. B. Brown. C. W. Williams, John Wil
helm and S. A. Wilson.
Grants Tass Concern Soon to Oper
ate at Klamath Falls.
Th Klamath Iron A Steel Works is
the new corporation name assumed by
the Grants Pass Iron c Steel Works,
which will move from Grants Pass
to Klamath Falls immediately.
This aaw Industry, which ia Iocor-
Tweaty-Thlrd and Hoyt Streets.
Phoae Marshall 881.
Dlaaer Serveel 430 30 P. M.
Febraary Sd. 118.
Head-Lettuce Salad.
Ripe Olives.
Puree of Peas Soup.
Sirloin Stesk with French Fried
Roast Chicken with Dressing and
Candied Sweet Potatoes.
Cauliflower In Cream. ,
Victory Parker House Rolls.
Home-mad Jam.
t Campbell Hill Hotel
741 Washlagtaa Street.
Phoae Main 7584. ,
Dlaaer Served 5 to 7 P. St.
Minced Clam Chowder
1 can of "Pioneer" Minced Sea Clams.
1 slice of pork or bacon minced.
1H pints of potatoes sliced thin.
1 onion minced.
1 tablespoonful of butter.
1 cup of cream or rich milk.
rolled crackers.
Salt and pepper.
Frr the pork brown in Iron pot. Add potatoes
and onion and cover with just enough water to
boll nicely. When potatoes ar tender add the
cream, crackers, butter, salt and pepper, and when
this is teated through add the clams. Cook five
minuter and move to back part of stove. Serve
Sample Can Mailed for 20c in Stamps
Kecipe Book F-ee.
3 Sizes
No. Yz Flats.. ...... .15c
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