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tit i
ician rieia on wurcer
Charge Finds Means
for Suicide.
Acrmril Seise Opportunity Offrrrd
by. Ab-wnc of iare to Fror-n re-Draft-
and Weapon In Adjoining
Room anil Death follow.
WEXATCHEK. Wah.. Feb. S- fFp-CULH-Mlnn
th opportunity offered
tr th. iHiusnnr bMni from tn
room of th Vara aitenaintr biro. Dr.
Henry A. Kmitn. cnintd by a Corontfi
Jury with th killins; or Thomu
Murk, at Watervlll last Sunday aiorn
Inr. cot oat of bed ahortlv bfar 1
o'rloca chla roornrns. want Into hla of
fice to adjoining- room, procured
a rasor and a bolt I of blcMorld of
mercury tablet, returned to hla bod.
swallowed th tablet and' then cut
b's throat with th rasor. K d i.d at
II o'clock, aft.r two hours of great suf
fering. Ilia death la tba final chapter
In one of th most dramatic episodes
to the history cf North Central Wasb
In.'oa. When Pt. Smith was arrested by Or.
J. TV. Adams, County Coroner. Irorne
dial.Iy alter tii of burke
rtunday morn ln-. he turned over
to the custody of Shentf Panford Jur
sm. As lr. Smith was auffertna- from
a wound la th !. tie result ot a shot
fired by Ir. AH Arc. when Dr. Smith
resisted arrest, sheriff Jordan decided
to take the Injured man to th hos
pital In It. Smith e own town.
Wenenl Maa Wen G
The wounded tnaa has at all times
been under sjuard. The eh.rlf him
a!f was wlih tfc wounded prisoner
antil after II o'clock last nluht. lie
said th dw-tor seemed to be In ovd
spirits, with apparently thoueht of
eelf-d-.truellon. II talked .wl-.h the
nrtrr ronrarnlac bis removal to th
Count v Jail later, and expressed hla
aprerlatioa of th kindness and con
sideration shown In permlttina; bin to
remain t.i th hospital whlla recover-
taa from hta Injury.
fhertff Jor-ian says fiat b mad a
personal elimination of th man's In
Jury yesterday and that be deemed It
set best to mo kirn to th. County
Jail as ret. as the wound bad not auf
firtently healed. II bad mad-? certain
there was nothing In the room with
whith the doctor eM attempt self,
descrvtion. and when b left hi pris
oner lata last Blent th lattsr seemed
so cheerful that th officer culartalaed
ao foars of eatctde.
Death ! i by raise.
I neesttvatlon showed that b had
swallowed bu-hlorid of mercury, th
mpiy bottle bems; found under the
bed II had alo cut bis throat with
an old raaor. which was found in th
room and death resulted from the
poison, for whii th rut on th throat
severe! a aumher of blood vessel and
MVwl area! loe. of bl'Mxt. the Jujtutar
vein waa narrowly missed. It la sup
posed thai th. doctor supplemented the
tastes; of potvn wtth th. cuiur.a of
his throat because h feared In Ht.n
an.cht not do in work atd that prompt
aa.di-al attcnttoa mtrlil aav his 1. 11
Th rasor and the poisoo wers ob
tained In a room adjoining that It
whteh the dot-tor was confined. This
room was th doctor's office anj h
bad ao d:ffiutry la pterin bis hand
co h'a niediclp rase there and secur
ing: th bottle cf bichloride tablet. 11
la supposed that h obtained th raaor
In that room also.
Though a Coroner J'lry placed upon
tr. smith the responsibility for th
death of Thomas Burke, no preliminary
hearing had been bold and no Informa
tion charging th doctor with th crime
had been filed In rourt. It. Smith waa
ahout & eara of age and leaves, be
ni the wife, a son 10 tbe Army and
a daughter at home.
iieutscn papers, tl Hourreols par
ttaa bar decided to oppose the Social
iwiRorniiic party demand for th
convocation of th Reichstag, because
thsy believe that th parties of th ti
trera. left Intend to us such a tneetln
tor th purpos of their own prop
Ln.VTiON. Feb. 1 Seven Berlin fa
tone have been placed under mart la
aw ana tn ntrigrr ordered to resume
th'lr work by 1 o'clock Monday morn
log at th latest, according to a Ten
tral News dispatch from Amsterdam
Military Threat Made.
Their rallur to return. It la an
nounced. will b punished according to
military discipline.
Serious rioting on Thursday In Span
uau. wheiw Important liornuii war In
dustriea ar located, la reported In
t.erm.n newspaper, an Ezchanga Tel
rgrapb dispatch from Amsterdam says,
bo 1.1 1 era wrra attacked by a mob. A
policeman was dragged from bis bora
and Beaten.
Four thouaand men who have been
employed at th harbor works ar on
strike, th dispatch reports. Strikers
cut th railway loading to on of th
Mob atorsaa Baker.
At Stemenstadt. a suburb of Spandao.
tramcars were overturned. A mob
stormed a bakery and compelled th
proprietor to distribute bread without
bread cards.
German- Pre I a red Face to Face
With Ilonr of Dent In 7.
AMSTERDAM, Feb. S. Th Rhen
lach Weatfallsch Zellung publishes a
alunst.r dispatch dated February 1.
reproducing a proclamation Issued by
th deputy commanding general. In
which b says:
"Germany is face to fae with bar
hour of destiny. Her enemies hav
abandoned hop of victory by arms and
are now trying to aow dissension in
our ranks. A propaganda on a large
scale, supported by th Ideas of th
Russian revolution. 1 as resulted In
some sections of th population fol
lowing th enticements of irresponsible
agitators. They do not realize that
they ar ' committing shameful treaaon
against the fatherland.
I rats my warning voice and ask
you to consider what will happen if
our front begins to totter. Foreign
countries ar already rejoicing at their
success, observing with malicious glee
our German Michael again walking
into a trap. That must tot continue.
Toll ucal resistance must and will.
In all circumstances, be smashed. Ger
many must not xpeiience) such condt
tiona aa ins Russian revolution pro
duced. Let everyone help to terminate
the shameful spertarle of a strike, de
nounce the mischievous agitators and
bring them to their deserved punishment."
wjri l L-i,B'a fur their ad. -! snare
lm th llur mutiny.
AMSTERDAM. VZ. A Munich dl
Pwt. lu tb Frankfurter Zltun nti
tttaftt avrl trtltw tair hav lrn
a rr iter! thrre. inr.urftnf the writer.
Kurt i;.ner. ancl Fraa Sarah Lerrh.
The troops preent a dcmonjritin
nlrh w mm atimptvst f ore tttcla-ba-,
pa'.ce. whre the Kin renttltra.
Tumuitnoaa acaaea occurred at ISoc tai
ls t meettnes.
COFENH V3F..V. F6. J. A copr of
pmp filet ltued bjr the In J pendent
Sorialieta whtrh bm reerhed i'
vhews trial the rtkc tn Ocr
avavnjr -aa prepared by tbrm!
ta e4w r eve Blaettw.
T.e pamphlet points out that the Fan
foasrmana bave brournt the pare ticiro
ttat.ors and the future of 0rmDy
laco rreat dar4fr.
Admiral ton Tlrptta. leader of th
Fs'hvr. and partr. s'ter an interview
wftn the Imperial frtancrt'or. declared
that he saa sattaf trS i;h tbe cot.
rttnt'iil's plans ron-fjrnns the e.-t.
furh a dr lrati n. uvi tti pamph
let. p'Otcs that th vovernrr.e&t la In
collusion with the doca:-e of vto
1 ( an. iut t thtw morvert the
P.. hsUaa l rlo-d aad othr mean of
rnthum made impo.bte bjr it. fov
err mi nL.
-lur preee l ra-nred. our romrad
are -rprtwcnei ao4 th ftrtortf to
till rst-r extent ere maUrUIImed."
contiauee th pamphlet.
-ln ad worn a of tho workinc
ef - Tnere n) tim- fo lne.
ftr the horrors arwj frightful aiaffVr
lr mm hav QnNrcont a new and
frtshtfu! ji4etr threaten our people
etra the holm of hurrutnltT.
"tmlr a peat-o wtthntu ini-mnttlr
and annex.tinns ran sate u. and the
hour hia cme atira you mui rn
your ir fte tuth a p-ar. At this
mo m n t the irrma poplr itiuet by
rri of powerful maa
if 1 Ite wl'l to ftnt-n the wr "
The pamphlet I stoned by Kdouard
Beraateti. liua He. Wlihelnj Iitt
snana. 0vi aLTi bvur and other
IASIS. Feb. 1 The oneastnesa of
th torfirnt orrr the at tuition Is
aewn eT lf actfon in placlne: the bur
sen cf suppreeama tbe etrlke on tbe
ih-a!'-m of tbe military and the arret
of Ua4?ra lac.udiar; ut-
Yorwaerta rsi Isetrftet
The 9octAtist paper Torwaerta ad
ovratee cm lli eg a tin. of the
Raich-la, and dfUr- that tba gov
era meat must take aotlco of th die
ronteal. which. It ear, la a strocde
hmimmmmi th paHrauai and the ad
vocates of peace by under. tandlBf.
-The ?oetal I mo-ratio party must,
least of alL desire that the movement
ftonld lead to a proceas of d.stntesra
t.on ard clnl war."
Accords. a to a Berlisi dispatch to tH
Crrmaa People Called On to Ills
and Establish J.rpobllc,
1-O.vnON. Feb. J. One of the leaf
lets s-htch was circulated In Ilerlta
nd helped to cause the strike In tier
many has been obtained by tbe Amster
dam correspondent of the Iaily Jsx
prs. The leaflet calls the prrnments
eftprrsMd deelre for peaca only a mask
and declares that the only way to end
the misery and the wholesale massacre
ts to overthrow the present irovcmment
aod establish A republic. The leaflet
sajs further.
Xniy by rislnc ea masse, only by a1
aenral strike thst shall put a stop
a:I Industrial activities, and espe
cially tne w.r Inditr7. only by a
revolution and wrest. nsr from the hands
of tyraiits a democratic republic for
pdrmany ran a 1 alt bh called to the In
ternational butch-ry and a general
pesc he brought about.
"Workers, let us prepare for an Im
mediate, etlff-ner ked and determined
action en masse. This Is the only way
to end the torments and misery we are
"The bat r leery mu" be "Down with
a eep-irste peace T lelsy no lons-er,
lierman workers, niep and women alike,
but act and act with v. or. epsrlns;
non. Above all, we must not delsy.
.Vow Is the time to strike ft formidable
State Labor Commissioner
Would Be Treasurer.
Mao Lone; Active In Labor Circles,
Grange and Farmers' I'nlons,
Derides to Stand on Record In
Office for People' Vote.
SALEM. Or.. Feb. J. (Special.) Xf-
ter serving for 1 years aa State Labor
Commissioner for Oregon. O. P. Hot!
today made formal announcement of
his candidacy for the Republican nom
ination for State Treasurer.
Mr. Hon, in making his announce
ment, declares that he believes expend
iture of public funas should be cur
tailed to tbe lowest notch consistent
with efficient and conservative govern
ment and says be will stand upon his
With the advent of Mr. HorT Into the
race there are now five candidates for
mally announced, these being Mr. Hofl.
Ed C Cuslck, of Albany; Judge
Thomas F. Ryan, of Oregon City; Will
iam Adams, City Treasurer of Portland,
and O. M. Plummer, of Portland. It has
been underntood generally that Ben F.
West. County Assessor of Marion Coun-
: ( r. . ) :
' - - T
s ataaaasaasa. art i ft urn
include: New Testimrnt and Psalms,
hy fteia. published tn K10; Geneva
Bihle. published In London In 1507;
"ambridge Bible, published by the
I'riverslty Press in 1677; King James"
vVlon, printed in KS7: New Testa
ment snd Psalms, published in London
tn 1622; King Jmes' version, pub
lished In London In 16C8; King James
version. London. 1639; Roman history,
166S; manuscript Bible and comments.
Fnglish-Latln. published in 15th cen
tury; I-atln Bible, published In London
In 1S8I; Geneva Bible, or "Breeches'
Bible, published in 1599. and the first
edition of Luther's "Comments," printed
in 1575.
Albany. Editor Indorsed for
tional Committeeman.
EUGENE. Or.. Feb. !. (Special.)
W. H. Hornibrook. editor of the Albany
Democrat, v. as today indorsed for
Democratic National committeeman
from Oregon by the executive commit
tee of the Lane County party organiza-
n. Attorney Esterly. of Portland..
the present member of the National
committee. It is expected that be will
be a candidate for re-election at the
primaries in May.
J. A. McLean, proprietor of the Gripes
Hotel, in Eugene, was elected a mem
ber of the Democratic state central
committee for Lane County to succeed
Coionel Creed C. Hammond, who has
been called to the colors. William
Polders was elected a member of the
county executive committee to succeed
Linn M. Nesmlth. now serving In the
State Board Approves Plans at Hood
River and Other Places.
O. I. Half. Mate Labor osaaala-
User. V ho A a a. sees Mia C'aa-,
dldaey for Stale. Treasurer.
Police and Military Prepare) for
Trouble Tomorrow.
AMSTERDAM. Feb. S. While the
police and military are preparing for
a general strike In Amsterdam on Mon
day, there ar Indications that the
movement probably will not assume
serious proportions.
The member of the moderate unions
have Issued a proclamation urging their
fellow members not to follow the dic
tates of the leaders of the syndicalists.
who ar said to desire to aprcad a
sinks through the country.
The strike movement said to b
backed by Socialists with BoUhcvik
tendencies and la declared to b an out
ward sign of discontent of the working
classes, arising out of privations due
to the war.
sIimI BeMirda Allow Isatrwrtorv Ttsao
Off Wl ray, to Attead
Coast Oatberla.
mnVAU-lS. Or, Feb. I. fppeclsl.)
County tsuierlntendent Cannon has
been conduct. nic a two days teschers"
Institute In th.c city this week. Appcs-
aaa made to the various county .School
Hoards to jive the teachers lime off.
aith full par. and most of the boards
reponde4. The following teachers
were la attendance:
Mrs. Lottie iilakc. ArlA. Cvrvs, Tnea
Nyman, Verena Puntenncv. M.ry
Anderson. Anna J. Hooker, ilrs. Nellie
l. Tirrll. Marton K. Wood. Mwrreret
Tollman. Vlrll J. Krnk. Kth-! U
tlooper. Vvra Castle. Irene Ktrbv.
Klhcr White. Myrtle TuUle. Kea Allen.
Kdna albreath. Ethel K. Smith, Kffie
HenW. H-x Klsh. Ituth Norton, ultvej
Couitcr. Huth T. JSImison. Kyla Walker.
Clara V.n Metre. Anna r rs-i . Mrs.
era Howsrd. Ke Schmidt. Mrs. Aura
tirosaew. Martha Larson, tu. May iSlade.
AIian John. Violet Hunioaritir. Mrs. J.
K. l'ertn. Neva Iallaa, Mrs. Amy Meear-j
e. Llia Msy I tier back. Beenie lil
lams. Mrs. Helen flov Bkcr. berths
HukllU Mrs Alden John. Mary U
Indcm ood. itrm. Nellie VJckers, K.
W ayne Beats. .Vrxusts Hahn, Mrs. lr
A. blnns. Mrs. Lv Murnhy. Mrs. Lou
I 'ope. Kltsabeth Miller. Myrtle Mathte-
son. Otto lanct, A. Ice Huilrr, Amends i
I'auson. Mrs. Msmle Orr. GtorrU i
KnicUeo. Gertrude UttUJohn. Kl fie
Cofer. P Wia HlackwelU Net t be II
M osier. Mary Foley. Msresret Foley
Marie K. I-A;e. IVarl Fecley. Mildred
CM em en. Buth MI Us, Eva M. Uooco and
Coral L Oar via.
ty. ould make hla announcement be
fore this, but so far It has not been
forthcoming and Jm said recently that
he etlll had the m.i?er under considera
tion. The name of K. Alexander, of
Pendleton, has been frequently men
tioned as a possible Eastern Oregon
candidate, but aa far as Is known here
he has yet given no definite word as to
hla decision In the matter.
llesr Art I Y la t-aeor Clrelea.
Mr. Hoff for a number of years Tims
been active In the affaire of labor, the
Ci range and Farmers Union, as well as
betna; ae&oclnted with other activities.
In his platform he says:
I at. avekinjr the Rpub!icn romlnatton
for l't Trwiurtr. end in upport of my
ab1 eubmit my record, we? 1 1 known
:o t ie ttw-opi-r of the state of Oron. of 15
yere rvlce leehor 4"nrnnitealon?r; one
of the mnt difficult positions to fill and
one of lt paid siectiee state offices.;
In standtna; btwrti inp'ojrera and Dm-
ploysa to et-e thatt all pos.b;e protection 1
affordd snd Jutie la done to both I bav?
ivo the Oeet that is in me. and that the
rvaeits obtained hava b-en sntinfactory to
I ho people of Orr a on ts Indiratt-d by re-
pattit rr--actlon and ronaequ-nt Indorse,
mom of t c;mh, frarera and ladepvudcnt
admiaiatratloo of this of. 'Ice.
Caaoidata Raawe State.
As Labor Coram! sal oner mr duties hare
carrl-d nie into mvry nook and comr of
;he s:ate. I know the aiaie. ita resources,
aa sraat poselbiiiti- snd Its nda. In my
work I have crm In contavct with all In
dustrial and bomin intr-sa I know th
usinse man's risk, difficulties and re-
qutrem'-nta I comprehend the trounia
harrtshlpe snd strursies or tne orkins
p-ople and can act arl: h understand Ins In
tha solut on of thslr prob'ems aa th-y come
before the various boards of which the
biatte Tr?aeurr la a mmtr.
My knoaiedxe of stale business and ions
trainlne and tr rlnc In handllnc pubile
and pnvate funds certainly qua!fl-s ma for
the othar du'Jea of the Plata Treasurar.
t'ndr ti present atreea of our National
ensts I hclleva that every ounce of the
tat' a raaourcea should be developed and
utilised to the greatest extent, and tne
expenditure of pubile funds to the
d-rree of absolute nereasity. conastwnt with
efficient and conservative government.
In conclusion I need only to assure you
that I still e'and upon my declaration that
"Mr oath of office la my platform; my
record is your suarantee. and my ezpeneocs
la jvttatr protect Ion.
War Brines Mint Ancient Volumes
Here) From Kurope.
EUGE.VE, Or.. Feb. 2. (Special.)
One effect of the war has been to in
crease the stock of rare old books in
America, accordtntc to Rev. G. S. O.
Humbert, financial secretary of the
Kucene Bible University, who recently
returned from Ia Anseles. where he
purchased a collection of old volumes.
These book were shipped from Lon
don to Canada and then to California.
The books riurrhased br fr. Humbert
SALEVT. Or.. Feb. 2. (Special)
Superintendent Churchill reported to
day that the State Board of Voca
tional Education, at a meeting; in Port
land yestenday. Indorsed a plan for
training- practical printers at The
Dailes High School, where a linotype
machine has been installed. At Pen
dleton the students will be Instructed
in the handling; of tractors and other
Implements used on the large ranches
of Kastern Oreson. while at Eugene a
course In plumbing and gas-fitting
will be Included.
,The board reached the conclusion
that instructors In tbese branches must
have hud at least two years' practical
experience In the trades they are to
teach. The cost of keeping up these
course Is to be charged one-half to
the district and one-half to the state.
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price you'll want to pay
$20 and Up to $50
When you want a Hat, think of "Multnomah,"
the best Hat on the market at $3
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The Men's Store for
Quality and Service
Southeast Corner
Fifth and Alder
CormwhtllsrtScaauaer h Usra
Government Machines, If not Sold,
May Go to France.
Two locomotive crantm of the 15-ton,
four-wheel truck type, with 44-foot,
six-inch booms, are available for use in
the Northwest spruce production cam
paign, it was announced at the head
quarters of Colonel Brice P. Disnue
yeoterdsy. They were built for the
cut-up plant at Vancouver, but were
not used there. L'nless a purchaser
applies soon for them they will be
shipped to France.
Colonel Disque's office also an
nounced yesterday that stenographers,
bookkeepers and accountants who have
knowledge of the timber business are
needed In the spruce production serv
ice. Men of draft age may, by applying
at headquarters, be Inducted into this
K. J. FraMcr, Caught at San Diego,
Now In Benton County Jail.
TORVALI.IS, Or., Feb. J. (Special.)
K. J. Frasier, the Lane County
forger-fugitive, recently captured In
San Diego with (3000 In his shoe, is
now lodged in the Benton County Jail
at Convallis.
Frasier was reported to have com
mitted suicide at Gearhart after his
conviction here, and while b,e was sup
posed to be out trying to get bond. He
wanta to appeal his case to the Su
preme Court. It was tried before
Judge Hamilton.
Chester Mcintosh accused of
Priaoaer Declares Trouble Waa Due to
Remarks He Had Made Regard
ias Victim's Wife.
ROSEBURG, Or.. Feb. 2. (Special.)
Chester Mcintosh is in the City Jail
here awaiting the arrival of an officer
from Ashland. He is a Southern Pa
cific brakeman ana is charged with
stabbing bis fellow workman, L. E.
Bonderson. because the latter had
struck him in the face. Mcintosh said
he stabbed Bonderson in the shoulder
and abdomen, but did not believe the
njuries would prove fatal. Imme
diately after the stabbing affray he
boarded a northbound freight, arriving
in Koseburg last night. He was taken
into custody by Night Officer Wilcox,
who had his description. Ray Cum-
mlngs. who accompanied Mcintosh
here, was also taken in custody. Tne
prisoner says the trouble was due to
remarks he had made about Bonder-
son's wife.
The knife used by the prisoner was
given to the officers and will be held
as evidence pending the preliminary
hearing, which takes place in Ashland.
be "I advocate fewer laws, more sub
stance." In his platform he says: "I shall not
permit myself to be swayed from what
I believe to be the primary interests of
our Nation, city, county and state. As
a lifelong resident of Multnomah.
County I am well acquainted with our
needs." ' '
Muhoneys Leave on Trip.
Mrs. T. F. Mahoney and son. Law
rence. leave this evening for California
where they will remain during the
Winter, in the hope that the son will
recuperate from serious injuries sus
tained several months ago in an auto
mobile accident.
Portland Man Would Be State Sen
ator, He Announces.
SALEM, Or., Feb. 2. (Special.)
Sanderson Reed, of Portland,- today
filed with Secretary of State Olcott his
declaration of Intention of becoming a
candidate for the Republican nomina
tion for State Senator from the Thir
teenth Senatorial District, comprised of
Multnomah County. His slogan will
J ailge McGinn to hpeak.
Es-Judc H. E. Mcilinn will speak
tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock to the
Army and Navy Auxiliary at 411 Morrl-i
sou street. Til utcUDC ia upiia to tne
pubUu I
k -l Uv V-'
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Consultation free.
Llersae. t blraredlst.
Graduate of Urlooprasy.
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2 Retail Store Rooms in
centrally located, thickly set
tled Residence District. Floor
space 50x50 store may be
divided into two rooms 25x50
each. All fixtdres. Wired for electricity and piped for gas. Building
has two 6-room modern flats.
Deal direct with owner: Sirs. R. E. Watts, S45,i Belmont Phone East
III M 13 felizilSdipj EJ