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Reiaald Werrenrata Will Sing at HeiHg Santrday, February 16. .
When You Buy a "Bnck" Youre Sure in Luck
Blaze at Northwest Stee
Works Starts Move for
Better Conditions.
Lark of Water Shows JCeed ef Main
Coaocil Some Tine Afo Proposed
Laying Companies, Fall to
Take Dolrtd Action.
Order were Issued by City
CotnmiMtanr B!clow yesterdsy
Basinet ti city's fireboaia leav
In the city to fleht fires. Tne
order was Issued a a result of
one ef the busts being out of tho
rlcy In response to a rmil from
HI. Helens Friday Mailt at the
tints of in Northwestern ship
building plant fir, Mr. Hlfelow
says conditions exietlnar on I'ort
land's water front are sue!) as to
necessitate the firrboats being
kept In the city re!y for duty at
all times. Heretofore the bonis
bar been subject to call from
The serious fire of Friday nlitht at
the Northwest Snlpbullding plant re
sewed activities yesterday for ln
creased fir protection for the Xorth
, west plant and the Columbia Klver
Shipbuilding Corporation plant adjoin
la on the south.
About two months ago the fire
dans-era were pointed out by Fir Chief
Dowell. and a campaign was started to
bnna- about better conditions. City
Commissioner Mann, who bas charge
of th water bureau, acreed and the
aa-reement was concurred In by the
majority of the City Council to extend
a 11-inch fir main to tha plants, pro
vided a rlKht-of-way were aranted and
is-ht-lnch laterals were constructed by
tne shipbuilding companies.
Commissioner Mann said yesterday
that, while the city has been ready to
to ahead with construction of Its 12
Inch main, the plana have been held
up on account of the failure of the
companies to acre to Install the alght-
Inch pipes. As a result or this con
troversy. Fire Chief Dowell said yes.
terday the fire department was seri
ously handicapped in fighting Friday's
bUse because of lack; of water.
laereaaew Pretee-rlaa VrsjeeT.
Chief Dowell yesterday sent m letter
to City Commissioner Biselow. who has
charre of the fir department, renew
tns; the recommendation that th city
take steps to fore the Issue of requir
ing Increased protection at the plants.
He says there have been about Jo fires
at the pints and that soma time a
bias Is liable lo icet beyond control,
la describing th work of the fire
men at the fire. Chief Dowel! said yes
terday that auto apparatus saved the
day. "The horse-drawn machines." said
the Chief, "failed because of th slip
pery streets, and th motor equipment
bad to tow th horse machines, with
one exception. fme horse-drawn en
gine at Front and Glbba streets had a
straight downbtll pull and reached th
fire. "Th horw-ilrava enrln from
Third and Ollsan streets had to be
taken la tow by a motor and pulled
a.arlj all th way to th fire."
Caasw ef P1r Revealed.
CTilef Dowell said yesterday that In
wesiiaratlon of the cause of the fir had
revealed the fact that men eatlag
lunch on top of a machln Jumped
down and In so doing struck a pip
throarn which oil was belna forced
ander pressure. The oil caucht fire
and enveloped the shop, he says, and
here was no way of putting- It out.
Chief Dowell says the ue ot oil onder
reesur la contrary to law and be Is
oa to snow now mis equipment
I a
fa. IW.t allow. Tht law he
prmt! oil to te ud only when
pumpl rarity or air priurt y--tma
of forrtnv oil haa b-evrt forbidden
bcaai- of th dancer of tiro and the
cofiMiarnt Inah.l.Ejr lo hat off the
flow of orl antr ooch conditlone.
While Sainton Hoy Ltw Cbaoo.
(Fp-riL) Waller M. WHaie. who en
lijjtet la Battery B-JU. r.eltl Artillery,
and haa been ii attuned ander training
at Cmmp LeirK ha been honorably
diecSaxsed oa account of defective fett.
It- hit returned to Ma home in White
fin.mon. II la ronnt-derinar entertna
th phtphutMlnar tnduntry or mptoy
m nt vi'h -n of th rrwr nlnnf
: .- i, ;- .-- j
t -.v. Ill
i " jit
! t 7 -..... .NX; V. i
, t " 4 " " !
I "1 - ' f . . ::
t t ' v ;;
' ' -: ' ' " '. 1
i ' , .
'.-r" '- v f I
' "V ' - t f
; - . L
J -. V" ; '
! ' ' . " . ' "'.''" . i!
. if ' . ;:
: . .Ah ;
J.'J- "'- 1
I U ' 2- ' . ?
i f -" -- - ' - 'r i
: It
Regular $2.50, very special
Famous "ROME"
Oil Tempered Coil Spring
Guaranteed for 10 years, very
THE distinguished American barl
, tone, Relnald Werrenrath. known
throughout tha country's musical
circles as one of the finest artists of
th present generation, has been en
gaged by Bteera ac Coman to give a
concert at the lleillg on Saturday, Feb
ruary If.
Commenting upon Mr. Werrenrth"s
sola appearance with th New Tork
Oratorio Society last Spring, the New
Tork Evening Mall said: "Relnald
WerrenraUi has established himsolf as
th leading American baritone on the
concert stsee." and a quotation from
th New York Times states that his
work "was notable both frr his beau
tiful singing and for the attributes that
go to make up a finished style. It was
singing." declared the Times, "such as
la heard only one In a great while."
When the New Tork critics grow
warm In praise of an artist It Is proof
positive that he or she Is a polished
and Intelligent performer. New Tork
bears nearly 400 concerts every sea
son, and only those singers wbosa gifts
ar extraordinary can hope for more
than passing notice. In the case of
Mr. tV'errenrath. who gave three recit
als In New Tork last season, the press
has paid him rich compliments, and the
critics are unanimous In saying that
his appearances are among the few
artistically Important events in the
Thousands in War - Ridden
Lands Homeless. Helpless.
Fund of f 10.000,000 Being Raised
In America for Benefit of Suffer
ersPortland Is Inspected to
Contribute $S,000.
Keen rip th. 0fht : do not i trp.
Katiire, t trying to you In conquer
ing th wrongs Lost may eiik
Ued blond. Tim. cotirsr. vitality, all
awa lacking. No wood Jon ar Barr
en and atcrxrraired.
Wb mot rail ke your aid a strom.
dependable ailrf tr. Ptere"s Uold-o
Medical Incer baa tor nearly arty
year proven Its menu as a inst power
ful tome and blood builder totb man
tboaaii w bo bar been returned to
fiiri beal'h b In im
Clear the coated tonrne, get rid of
nght! sain trouble. Let thi remark
able remeaiy nd soar NwJ J of th Im-pnr.tie-4
of tb. blood, lei it too and
streerthen yoo. II alien cur, tb linger,
tar rLmaie roiirh.
I)r. I'lerr.' tMilea Medical IHscovery
I abenlntel beebal. free from alcohol
ee dargeroo ka'Ml - forming oxnga. Ail
amg2..-u. LIqahl or laoteia.
Pi itTT.i r. Ourn I certa'nl raa rxc
mmend Uuctor l'ierre"s teoiiea Medical
Luscuret-f. I bad liver trotibl. so bad
ton i was just
yeliow and bad lar
dtgaition. too.
Aeo bad woman
i trouble, and I til
weak and nervotra.
1 deeided to try
Pr. Pierce s lioldeo
Medical I'coer
nd bis Favorite
rTejcrtptlon.' 1
tout si i boilie ef
arh and waa a
"weil W'snan.
Mr kusoaad bad
trreaV.wtth hi tunr. He wm very weac
1 g hlaa li vtivery ' and It cured him.
I cannot epeaa l) f lr. I'rerre-!
T.mnl .' Hla, t axu FintMCJ, J0
kiroy Street.
Poa-rt LXTKOttO. "For billoauneva and
torpid iiver and to regulate the bnweia,
trier. H that can eoial Doctor
pier-' I'.eaeaol Pellet. I hav ued
tbesa over twentv yeart and have always
froicd thaot evd. A. W. HcarraUUTA
MB Svt,K-
Thousands of America's Jewry are
being aekrd. or will be asked within
short time, to help rslse a iie.owo.uou
fund with which to render som d
gre of aoelstam-e to J 900.000 of their
bornele. belple.s brethren In th war
ridden lands of Poland. Oallcla, Lithu
ania. Russia. Palestine and Turkey,
caught, as they are. between two forces
and driven back and forth hy th op
posing armies. Th committee for the
campaign In Portland Is headed by bea
Henry Morsenthsn. cs-fnlted Ftates
Ambassador to Turkey and chairman
of the American Jewish Relief Cam
paign Committee, writing of what he
has personally seen o haa been In
formed of. says:
t.Id men are dying, molhera are
wandering honiele, with babes In
their arms, and thousands, yes. thou
sand, of little suffering children sre
there, with feet, arms and little fares
swollen from hunger: all of these are
looking for help to Ood and to Amer
ica alone. For every Jew who does
not meet this call, nul.-klr and gen
eroiialr. som eon dies. Ko on can giv
your shsre.
Thaaaaada ef Jews neswrteej.
Th Jewish population of the terri
tories of Poland and Lithuania occu
pied by Oermany s about l.o.0.
Before the war ther were l.0.0 in
Poland and attO.oo in Llthnania. From
th latter country 2iM0 wer. de
ported by the Kusslans. so only 460.
! remain. Only I Jo. 000 left Poland,
so 1.40.000 are ellll mere. ui inrw
more than half an dependent on public
Ther la no overhead expense, as
all money necessary for that was sub
scribed by one man. a resident of Tusla.
kta- Of the 1 10.000.000 to be raised
New Tork has cheerfully subscribed its
IS. OOO.ooe: iSan Kranctsco. $J.6oo. and
several other cities all that they were
asked to giva Portland's shnre Is
lii.000. and this the local captains and
their teams hope to secure In a light
ning campaign, starting Monday.
Rabbi tU Acttv tVerker.
Stephen d. Wise, former rabbl of
Temple Beth Israel, of this city, and
now at th head of th Free byna-
srogu. ew Tork. leaves shortly, or
perhaps already haa gone abroad, to
give bis personal attention to work
connected with this fund.
The local executive committee which
will handle th subscriptions In Port
land Includes: Ben Selling, chatman:
Adorb. Wolfe, treasurer: Max S.
H:rch. secretary, !0S Rurnsld street:
Eiwsrd Khrrcan. C. F. Herg. A. R onco
st e I n. I. X. rielechner. Nathan Strauss.
Joseph Simon. Julius L. Meier. L Lang.
F. M. Seller. M. f'trhet. Jonsh B. Wise.
Isaac Swfit, Joseph Shemwnskl. Roscoe
C Nslson. IX N. ""Moseesohn. R.
Christian Workmen Kame of Society
la Kat Side Church.
Tb men ef tb East Sid Christian
evening at the church, at which time
they completed their organisation for
a men' club, called Christian Work
men. Officer elected are: President, Dr.
Ross C Powell: vice-president. C. A.
Ward: secretary, Lester W. My rick;
treasurer, Helbert W. Proebstel; cus
todian. Clay Chat field. Five depart
ments for Christian work were named,
with chairmen, as follows: Scriptural
and historical resenrch. Rev. R. H.
Sawyer: universal brotherhood, C. K.
Ferguson: church Interests, V. H. Reed;
unity of spiritual and material works.
A. 8. Lotspiech; soldiers' welfare and
good cllisenshlp. H. L. Ganoe.
Heavy Rochester, 8 Qt.
Aluminum Tea Kettles
Regular $4.00, very special
Collectors Ask City to Split Profit
on Reclaimed Foodstuff.
Garbage collectors now want th city
to split SO-SO with tbem on profit th
city Is making flora the sale of food
stuff reclaimed from garbage snt to
the city incinerator.
A petition was filed with City Audi
tor Funk yesterday by the garbage
men asking that Ihe city give the col
lectors hair or the amount derived
from the sale of the food. The col
lectors maintain that they are required
to separata th food from trash and
that th process requires much work
and should b accompanied by some
compensation. They say they have to
work from 10 to It hours a day and
make less than worker working eight
nours a nay. J ney say there la no
reason why they should have to do all
the work and tha city derive all the
profits. Th food reclaimed la being
sold for nog reed.
!awa."yrr mmj
f ri w
tt-aaana nr. "
Combination Ranges
Bake in the oven with coal, wood
or gas. Warm in Winter, cool
in Summer. Save space and ex
pense. We have them as low as
We take your old range or gas
range as first payment. Bal
ance easy.
Room-Size Ru
I , . "IT 4"at ! rar U
Room-Size Velvet Rugs j -j q
Monday Special i 0
Room-Size Brussels Rugs $ t J 50
Monday Special 1 0
Extra Special We have a large
number of 2-inch continuous post
Genuine Brass Beds
similar to cut. Brand new. Reg
ular price $40.00. While they
Our Exchange Department
is more than half of our business.
We take any kind of used furniture in ex
change, or we will buy for cash. You will be
surprised at the wonderful bargains we have
in our store. No matter how high class or
cheap you wish, we can suit you. And we
grant you liberal terms on used or new goods.
Call and BE CONVINCED, as so many others
have done.
$60.00 Size $35.00
js L
$40.00 Size e$19.50
We still have a few of these
Talking; Machines Similar to cut. Play
Any Disc Records. They were sold by
the railway company for freight and
Btoragre charges and we were lucky
enough to secure them. We have a
selection of beautiful instruments In
golden, fumed and mission oak and
mahogany. Call in and hear them play.
They'll not stay here long. ISnsy Terms.
ueYiiitz r iirairare
185 to 191 First Street Near Yamhill Public Market
Demand for Teachers so Great That
Some Schools Are Closed.
tnooth. Or.. Feb. J. (Special.) In order
mat the Oregon rtorrnal School mar
knoir what to expect In furnishlnc
teacher to meet tha state demands.
President Ackerman is asktns; all Ore-
ffon districts who will have an opening;
for a teaches next fall to lay their
needs before him at an early date.
The alumni members also hare been
asked by the president to help gather
Information on the teacher demand.
Tha aim la to minimise the difficulty
In adjusting the supply to the demand
In the best possible manner before the
Fall aessions open.
The demand for teachers In country
districts is marked and several Oregon
communities have been obliged to dis
continue school because no Instructor
la available.
Precinct Almost Cnanlmous In Favor
of Senatorial Candidate.
BANKS, Or.. Feb. t. (Special.)
Friends of & R Huston, of Portland.
Itot together Tuesday and formed a
Hnaton-for-Senator" Club. It has al
ready meet ot tha representative
votera of the vicinity as members, and
this precinct will be practical!" unani
moua In his favor.
ilr. Huston was formerly a resident
of Washington County and la well
known here, and It was here that he
made hla debut into public life. The
offlcera of tne club are W. L Moore.
president; M- Turner, secretary, aad
Harold Li. Jensen, tressurer.
Chorea bald a
Kelso Children Active In Red Cross.
KELflO. Wast. Feb. 1. Special.)
Since last October the children of the
Catlin Hchool. onder the direction of
Mlsa Gertrude Bears, principal, and
other of tha teachers bare been active
la tha Junior Red Cross work. In De
stine; oa Wednesday ccmbar tha school tu organised Into
a regular Junior Red Cross, and since
then the npper grades havo grven their
time to making Belgian babies' outfits,
complete, of which they have completed
about 20. In addition to this work the
children of the school have made a
number of knitted sweaters and other
knitted articles. hospital supplies,
quilts, pillows, gun wipes, etc. In large
Cove Baptist Church Elects. ..
COVE, Or.. Feb. J. (Special.) The
annual election of Calvary Baptist
t'lmrch officers for IMS took place at
the last monthly business sesvlon of
the regular covenant meeting. Rer. A.
H. Pengra, moderator: two trustees. I
R. Rowe, J. D. Broughton; clerk. Miss
sender Johnson: treasurer. Mrs. J. B.
Love. Sunday school officers, also elect
ed by the church: Superintendent, Mrs.
Clarence Richards; assistant, Mrs, A. U.
Pengra: secretary. Miss Sander John
son; treasurer. Martin Broughton; li
brarian, Mrs. Walter Richards; custo
dian of all church properties, C H. Mc
clain. This Is an unusually Interesting;
lection, as It is the first following the
return of the church from the hands of
the regular "landmark" Baptists who
captured It In 1891-99. to the "alien"
Baptists, who do not require that per
sons who have been Immersed by other
than Baptist ministers shall bo rebap-
tised before admission to membership
in Calvary Baptist Church at Cove.
the recent meeting of the Buxton
Orange the following officers were in
stalled for tha coming year: L. I.
Crawford, master; Mrs. McParland, secretary.,-and
.Mrs. Caldwell, lecturer.
Mrs. Hattle Vail, of Manning, was tha
installing officer, assisted by Miss M.
CaldwelL A masquerade was given,
after the Installation to replenish Uio
grange treasury.
Buxton Grange Installs.
RAVKS. Or Feb. 2. (Special.)-
A Child Doesn't Laugh
and Play if Constipated.
Look, Mother ! If tongue if coated, breath
feverish and stomach sour, give
"California Syrup of Fi.s.M
Mother! Tour child Isn't naturally
cross and peevish. Sea It tongue is
coated; this is a sure sign its little
stomach, liver and bowels need a
cleanslnr at once.
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
cold, breath bad, throat aore. doesn't
eat. sleep or act naturally, has stomach-ache,
diarrhea, remember, a gentle
liver and bowel cleansing should al
ways be the first treatment given.
Nothing eQaals "California, Syrup of I
Figs" for children Ills; giva tea
spoonful, and In a few hours all the
foul waste, sour bile and fermenting
food which Is clogged in the bowels
passes out of the system, and yon have
a well and playful child again. All chil
dren love this harmlesg. delicious "fruit
laxative." and it never fails to effect a
good "inside" cleansing. Directions for
babies, children of all ages and grown
ups on bottle. Remember nam "Cali
fornia." Adv.
results in every stick
a .ri a1! n irS f
TJpiformity is another word for economy and safety. When the
same things happen with each pound of Giant Farm Powder, you
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to handle the explosive.
Giant Farm Powders are surer, safer and more economical because our tests guar
antee every pound. We maintain our own completely equipped chemical division
to inspect Giant Farm Powders during every process of manufacture. Absolute
tmtforrnity meant absolute dependability. Like results always obtained under like
conditions make western farmers prefer Giant Farm Powders.
"Giant Powder is the most satisfactory," says John Zurr, Santa Rosa, CaL
"I account for this because Giant Powder is made with the utmost care."
Csotioo : Be tare rem frt tbe centime. That adief exptasfret are often called "Giant
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