The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, February 03, 1918, Section One, Page 11, Image 11

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i' "Mi' nium u
Red Cross Urges Action in Be
half of Dependants of
Oregon Boys.
Relatives of Soldier May Pay Pre
aiaou oa Policies. Whk-h la Case
of Death of Insured Art
Equivalent to Pension.
The Portland chapter of the Amer
ican Red Cross la arranging for scores
f cablegrams to be .ot to Oregon
boys la Franca uklnvibtm to author
ise relatlv to apply lor war Insur
ance la tblr behalf.
aire. J. .V. Davis, aacratary of tha
el Titian re lief commit!, la swamped
with applicant w bo rxllw that If
they ara to get tba benefit of rheap In-
monthly pension for St years, tbara ia
aO llTI- o losa.
Tba Portland chapter will defray tba
eot at rablcriiM or telegrams to I
(rctf(i soldier or sailors wbarevsr
tasy may ba.
las as e elate AnWa I rge.
"Th whole problem of sfter-t he-war
pendency depends on Immediate ac
tion swing Uka now by relative of
Oron soldiers." aald Robn H. ftronc.
chairman of tha nvtllaa relief aactloa
at tha Had Croea.
Aaron ua pay the rest of th
wioncfcir premium. If It b desired that
tha soldier or sailor himself hoald not
pay them, bat aatbonaatlon I ro,ulrd
to make tha Insurance effective.
Tha poller I pavabi In monthly In-
Ullmnl ronnln for X years In case
of daib or lb eoldier: In cat of lr-
atanent aad total disability th poller
will b paid la monthly Installment
fr tha balaac of kla life, or If h
Uvea a shorter lint thaa 1 years, tha
s-a? meats will bo to hla ear-riilv.
If (hat relative ba oa entitle) to ra
vel. th pavmnt undr th .r-n-
sneal plan, for a lotai of 2 years, la-
finding tha tlma th eoldler bad re
ceived beaeflt thereof.
fable Dteerttoaa f.rvew.
Te seor th authorliallon of a aol
dlar. cablegram mar b nt at a ana
rial rata of cnt par word Ith aaual
rat la it rant I. They moat ba aj
ar eased la tha following (pacified man
Tor as Army tui:
Than, aa the first part of tha mes
sage, goe th nam, rompanj aad rg-
iot n t or no man addreeeed.
Tha ad-tress for naval m.n abroad ia.
Tba follow name. (hip. etc aa pert
er raaaoag.
tier la e typical message, one of
fnore than a scor dtspatrbed yesterday
ey tha Rod Cross, which la defraying
tall wherever requests:
"John Smith. Uompany D. lsld Rai-
Want: Cable me rash authorization
ana k application tan thousand war In
surance for you. Will mak futare safe.
Moat Important. Coat only . . . per
month. e commanding officer. Cable
Immediate answer. Tim expire K-te
rnary 13. MART SMITH."
fall Sams Seeesaary.
The fall name mast b attached to
tha message and even If the artaal ad
dreae In France I known, the, cable
moil be seat aa shown In Ike forego
A 10 policy will pay 95.7 per
saontb for 2 years In cm of death or
permanent disability. A ll.0 policy
will pay S3?.e par month for 39 years.
In ether words, for each of pol
ler the ben. fits are IS JS per month.
The eoet of a II" policy la ss rent
month to a man ased ii. a ISo
poller 111 a month. llo.OOe. I ( per
month. A relative or anyone else may
pay the premium If th suldl.r does
no wish to pay (hem.
TBBaf tke)9 aa4aJ"aay'F$rtaB laaaa !w
Taos who may benefit from tha In
surance, in addition to the soldW. are:
VYIf. child, grandchild, brother or I
slater. tepbrotber or teptstr. aa wall
aa parent, grandparent or stepparent.
either of enlisted man or his wife.
Here la a table showing the reel pet
month of tleee policy. A Sie.oee poller
wonld coat tea ttmee aa much, a tiaoe
policy five times aa much, aad ao on:
Uenth'v atentarr I
in I'tir Are. e '
.... tuiOl tool I
al u
.... .S4 3I
eeea ! Jw.eeeeoveaieee aa t 1
.... u
.... 11 TJ
a. n
!. .73
11 -.
11 ...
1 ...
Native of Yamhill P-vr On.
OVTTAOK GROVE, Or.. rb. . tSp
maL I ChatrW Thornton d.i rTxy
c tb bon of ht mothr. 2UrL 2U. J.
Thornton, tho rtiot of dth twine
IroiM-ir. Tho fanrml mtl tm M to
morrow. HmT. JoAvph Knott, of th
Mtbo-Jtnt t'hurca, officiAtinir Mr.
Ttwrmoa akO a aatlvo of TnmhttI
tounljr and - 4? yar of c. tur
ivmr rld.tlvo aro too mot hear, two
tt . Mr Jm I'luUr and Mr. A.
Thompwoo, of this ritr. and a aoa. Ird
Thomtoo of -a.frt. -'if
Don't suffer! Relief comes the
moment you rub with
SL Jacobs Liniment"
Wont's raeamatlsm? Taia only!
(top drugging! Nat one rase la fifty
req aires Internal treeuaeat. Rob the
n leery right away! Apolr soothing,
peaetmtlng St. Jacobs Liniment- di
rectly apea th "tender spot" aad relief
coaaea Instantly. -9t. Jacobs Lialmeat"
la a harmless rheamattem and sciatica
relief which sever d-aappolnts aad can
not barn or discolor tha skin.
Limber epf Oet a small trial bottle
tea yoar drugs let. and In lust a mo
ment yoa 11 be free from rheumatic aad
sciatica pain, soreness, stiffness and
swelling. Don't suffer! "St. Jacob
Uaimeat" has relieved millions of rbsa
natism sufferers In lbs laat half cen
ter, and la Just as good for sctatirs.
pearalgia. rambaga. backache, sprains
aad awe'liraa Adv ,
AH that
was promised
and more!
That is the
verdict of the
thousands who
swarmed to the
Majestic yes
terday. Ask
them, ask any
one of them if
there was ever
another picture
equal to "Cleo
patra." ind
after you have
asked them, a
fifty -mile bliz
zard at zero
could not keep
you away.
!e k
but ' '
of this
of all
I : I you away &"l:-S:J.i ' -'v V ffJS . 11 I g l
wfcfoj: mad
1-4 1 ' V 'jiX'fl "la ' ' 111 i r? I Heavy with the legends of antiquity, rich -with the luxuries and " ajj' s v MMiii r
I ; llv';- :J. i ;- - jf Ff I "" splendors of its unbridled revelry, "Cleopatra"" will go down in . nll 1 rfAIfl I
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i - '""' mm orchestras under direction of George E. Jeffery and Ernest Hunt. Appropri- S I ,VC 4S1 ff5
V ' J M I f' ' 1 f " " ate decorations, lightings and costuming. J TSjjft'i$
I ' vT-i" A ' ; ' NOW PLAYING ' ' Vf tt
I : V' X f? Pi ;ii 1:1 -: - nrst Show Bens atl0:30 :
I - ' V ' f .' r ' Thereafter Continuously at 1, 3:30, 6, 8:30 y' V. I
- ' Admission SOc Loges 75c 1 ;
Z '. T l I Hfll IH I . Ij a in I I JljWaMlwal JUW'111 " "awWI IsWaWt W aafj aaaaaall J" a11 1 l II I " II p.. tmeaaaCTTTIwr H" " II " r 1 ft 1 p-p r . f - m - - - L1ri - Vv JT ." aa.jaaiftL'-Ml- TRraaaaa-a.;-,
I ,stetaa1,a-.aaJ,atat-at lltim ifl TH T UMir fl I I . -
jrrrwyi fTrqry ill ii -x ill ii wfini
awvalisee ef H Mew. Reparaeatiag IS
Ladgea. ta Cbarga af fregraaaase
er Mela fa
The general relief committee of the
Independent Order of Oddfellows, with
a membership of It men. representing
IS lowers la this city, has started Its
work of the Tear under the leadership
f K. P. Mens, president; Charles
Christ la ueen. aice-presldent; John Q
Lrtcsson. eecrelary. aaJ A. E. Hastings,
This commlttse baa a history of
aerer-falllag acta of friendship. Its
purpose Is to dsvelop ths fraternal.
Benevolent and charitable capacities of
Its members and others, te rsliere th
sick, needy or distressed members or
the order and their relatives and de
pendents, especially such member of
the order aa ara member of lodges la
ether Jurisdictions than that of Oregon.
Among tha Oddfellows escn lodge
takes car of Ita own needy, but many
members ef badges In other parts of tha
alted States and Canada have removed
Portland and It la tha work of the
general relief committee to see that
the example ef Good Samaritan Is not
forgotten. This committee expends and
jia'rtlite rhou irtrl of dollars annua.
:v m -. i. ' itf t..
conducts funerals and performs other
The general relief committee was
formed In la7 by J. C. Klnyshy. C. C
i'billlps sad & F. Allbnght. from
Samaritan Lodge No. 3. and John II.
Mitchell, lata (.'nlted States Senator: E.
T. Kees and J. Boan. from Hassalo
leodge No. I&.
City EipfDurt Curtailed In State
ment Prepared by Attorney Chaptn
KEWBEP.O. Or.. Feb. 1. (Special.)
At Ita meeting Monday night the City
Council will adopt tha financial segre
gated budget planned by .City Attorney
Chapln for taaUnsT care of ue city s
Tne budget, aa outlined by the City
Attorney, will curtail the current ex
penses of tha city, but will keep the
city'a credit gilt-edged. The plan is
based upon an Income of $18,000 from
water receipts and 112.000 from general
taxes, together with the rentals of the
city hall, licenses and fines.
The total Indebtedness of the city
is SMs.&OO. as follows: Sewer bonds.
IS 1.000; water. 4 000; city hall.. $15.
000; city park. $3000; municipal, $ J500.
Cold Hill Cement Plant Reopens.
GOLD HILL Or, Feb. I. (Special.)
Tha local cement plant, which has been
shut down since tha holidays, resumed
operation today with a short-handed
crew. After a short run on cement It
will make an extenalre rnn on lime-1
the farmers before the state plant
this place will be In operation.
Kelso Boys Organize Club.
KELSO. Wash, Feb. 2. (Special.)
To provide a aatherlng rl&ce for the
boys and young men of Kelso some of
the boys have organized themselves
into a club, which has not been named.
They will extend their membership to
include all boys in town. If possible.
with tha ultimate object of forming; an
athletle-eocial club, which can have
gymnasium and other means of diver
sion and betterment. The officers are
Roy Secor, president; William Baurn,
vice-preBident; Leslie Lowe, secretary;
Rue Roberson, treasurer; managers,
Delford and Floyd Beidleman and
Marvin Clutchie; sentry, Fred Deaver;
serg;eant-at-arms, Gilbert Clutchie.
Millions Use
It For Colds
Because 'Tape's Cold Compound" relieves cold or grippe
misery in a few hours Really wonderful 1
Don't stay stuffed-up!
Quit blowing and snuffling! A dose
of 'Tape's Cold Compound" taken every
two hours until three doses are taken
will end grlpp misery and break up a
severe cold either In the head, chest,
body or limbs.
It promptly opens closrgad-up nostrils
and sir passages, .tops nasty dischsrge
or nose running: relieves sick headache,
dullness, feverishness. sore throat,
sneezing, soreness ael stiffness.
"Pape's Cold Compound" is the quick
est, surest relief known and costs only
a few cents- at drugstores. It acts
without assistance, tastes nice, and
causes no inconvenience. Don't accept
a substitute. Insist on "Pape's" noth
ing els. Adv.
A poor fitting truss by not properly
holding rupture is dangerous and worse
than no truss at alL Anyone can sell a
truss, but It takes an expert truss fit
ter to fit one. We specialize in fitting
trusses, guaranteeing satisfaction In
every Instance. We carry all kinds of
trusses, but the Seeley Spermatic Shibld
Truss is the best, usually closing ths
opening In ten days. Send for illus
trated circular and measuring blank.
Address Dept. 1.
Third and Yamhill St a, Portland. Oregoa