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Congress Will Be Asked to
1 Airthorize Melting of
th North Pacific Fair Association her
today aat September lt-21 as U daws
for th 1SI Washington Ftat Fair at
Taklma and September 23-2 for the
Ore a on Stat Fair at Salem. Other
fair datea aet follow:
Vancouver. B. C August 19-4;
Cheballa. Aufuit 2f-I0; Elma, Septem
ber 2-7; Spokane. September (-14;
Rols. September J0-October I: New
Westminster. September JO-October a.
George K- Walker, manager of the .
Southwest Washington Fair of Che-
halls, was elected apresldent of tha
North Pacific Fair Association. T. B.
Griffith, of Spokane, was re-elected
vice-president and John W. Pace, of
Seattle, secretary. The "918-19 board
of appeal will be composed of A. H.
Lea. secretary of th Oregon Stat
Fair: Frank Meredith, of tha Washing-
ton 8tat Fair, and W. Brown, of
Vancouver. B. C Tha 119 meeting of
tha Fair Association will ba bald at
Charge Made Voice of People
Is Stifled in Peace
Ir11aUon Already Drafted Would
Ennenr Government to Ta
chase Entire Output of Mine
la Cnlted State Above Market.
WASHTXGTOV. Jan. Congress
will be asked aeon to authorise the
ascitis- of 150.000 0e atlver dollars
aow stored In the Treasury to supply
ellver bullion for esport to America's
allies and to pay trade balances.
-Simultaneously. 1 1 and II atlver cer
tificates Issued an the basis of tha re
served coins will be withdrawn and
Federal Reserve bank notes of the
nnt denomination issued la their
- place, according to tentative plan by
Treasury officials.
The silver dollars eventually would
ba reminted from silver to ba bought
by the (government next year.
Legislation now drafted would au
thorise these measures, and In addition
would empower the Treasury to buy
all ailv.r produced In the In lied States
at a price to b determined, by agree
ment with producers.
Prr te Be Dallar.
This price probably will be about 21
aa ounce. S cents above the current
market price, and Is expected to stim
ulate ailver production to 100.000. eue
ounces during the next year. About
7t.0oa.toa ouncea was produced In the
Vnlted States In 1917.
Some Treasury officials believe that
If the Federal Reserve act Is amended
to permit reserve banka to Issue their
notes la 21 and 22 denominations, in
stead of 25. the smallest under the
present law, the demand for II and 13
bills will encourage the Issuance of
the reserve bank notes aa silver cer
tificates are withdrawn.
Ferels Desaaad Heavy.
About tl'O.oOtf.OOf have been coined
and 445.000.000 silver certificates are
outstanding. At present oaly about
It2.300.a0i Federal Iteserve bank notes
are outstanding. These are distinct
from Federal Keserve notes, of which
there aro I1.3.000.000.
The war baa caused an unprece
dented demand In itesrly all countries
for silver for monetary purposes and
to pay trade balancea according to the
readjusted channels of com me re..
Negotiations have been conducted be-
tween the American, and British gov
ernments looking to the acquisition of
the American output, probably evsn of
tha world's production, and Its distri
bution among the allies.
Resolutions Declare President WII
son and Lloyd George Have
Shown Proper Consideration,
of Laboring Classes.
Witnesses CaestUaed at Mediae a. Wis.
Iaalry Mad late Acta ef
Fatrtetle Bodies.
MADISOX. Wis., Jan. 19. Attorneys
ror United elates senator iiooan -La
"Toilette, attempting today under
the discovery statute of Wisconsin, to
secure a basis for a llhel auit against
the Wisconsin etate journal ana n
editor, tucnera uoya Jones, quotea
numerous editorlala from the Journal
and news artlclca written by Charlea
Edward Russell, a member of tha Root
Commission to Russia.
Senator La Follette s attorneys also
devoted murn time io qucuninai wn
nessea aa to the attitude of Chief Jus
ivin.ln .r lit. fllati flunreme
court, toward muniii w-in.
Inquiry waa made alao Into tha
activity of patriotic organisations in
an effort to show whether there waa
a conspiracy to condemn La Follette'a
attitude toward tha war or whether It
waa a spontaneous action on me part
of the Individuals.
The hearing will ba continued Jan
uary 2 a.
(Br the Associated Press.)
STOCKHOLM, Jan. 19. Report! of
strikes and other demonstrations In
Austria which the Austrian govern
ment ha permitted to be telegraphed
aboard acquire new significance when
read In connection with the Vienna
Arbelter Zeltung'a report of five So
cialist meetings held. In Vienna Sun
Tha meetings, which were attended
by vast numbers of persons, protested
against "robbing tha Austrian people
ef ai Influence In the peace negotia
tions by continually postponing the
meetings ef tha Chamber of Deputies
and Delegates and by suppressing all
criticism In tha press of Germany's
and Austria s foreign polley.
Th meetings demanded that the
peace negotiatlona at Breet-L.i tovsk ba
conducted In a friendly spirit; "that the
government reject the demand that
Russla'a border nations' right of self-
determination be rendered illusory and
alao reject the desire to annex portions
of these landa against the will of the
A resolution adopted by the meetings
further declared that the Socialists re
gard the' peace programme of Premier
Lloyd George and President Wilson aa
a sign that even the enemy nations
can bo forced by the laboring classes
to modify their Imperialistic alma.
Chesterfield Clothes
The reputation of this store and its policy of integrity and
square dealing need no further exploiting; so when we say we give
you more for the money than any other store in Portland through
our selling policy, it's true. We save you one-half the regulation
profit you pay at other stores. We pay from thirteen to twenty-one
to sell at twenty; from twenty to thirty-two to sell at thirty.
We guarantee to duplicate in value
any Suit or Overcoat sold by other,
stores at $25 or $30 at our price,
We guarantee to duplicate in value
any Suit or Overcoat sold by other
stores for $35, $40 and $45 at our price,
Lad Adaalta Gallt and Saya He Is Mesa-
he- ef Pwrtlaad Gsaf ef Ae
aaablle Thieve.
OREGON' C1TT. Or, Jan. It. (Spe
cial.) Chester Reed, aged 14. of Port,
land, waa arrested this morning by
Sheriff Wilson as he was cranking a
car atolen from Victor Boasilier Fri.
day night. The arrest waa made at
Maple Lane, near the residence of
August Splinter, where young Reed
passed tba night. Ha admitted the
Ibe car waa taken from in front of
Dr. Petty and Dr. WrifilH Keturn
From Meeting of Cburcb Workers.
Dr. A. M. Petty, of Portland, secre
tary of the Home and Foreign Missions
for the Baptist Church in the North
west, and Dr. O. C- Wright, superin
tendent ef Baptist work for Oregon,
have returned from Chicago, where
they attended a meeting of the laymen
and other church workers in the inter
est of the laymena million-dollar drive
for war work.
Oregon share In this drive will be
$10,000, plus tha regular mission quota,
which ia about 930.000. making $40,000
In all. The drive will start in March
nd probably will ba conducted from
Every day in the year.
Every day in the year.
When we tell you there will be a 50 advance in the cost of clothing for Spring!
you can bet it's true; so we say supply your needs now and save 50 or more, j
date wirr or cascades.'
tlaer "Maaaal aa Pane ef Dt
by. State Saprriatcad-
eat ef Schools.
SALEM. Or.. Jan. 19. (Special.)
The lsst Legislature changed the law
relative to Arbor day se that It will
hereafter be observed on the second
Friday In February in all schools west
of the Cascade Range and on the sec
ond Friday in April In schools east of
the mountains. Superintendent of
Public Instruction Churchill has just
Issued aa Arbor day manual, which in
part says:
"It Is well to teach our bora and
glrU the value of trees, shrubs and
flowers, and to ahow bow they add to
our nappines and prosperity. Aside
from the planting of trees and - tha
I"" "r"..u t..TJ:I- v-JiT?: 7": Dr. Pettya office, 39J Tllford building.
elVrg man waa In the .tori Reed. Dr PeU Or. Wright were in a
w olves wH "hi "mother Mre. Sand I1 JiP In Milwaukee. Wla,
o,..K .. . in.ti.nrf r.- n their way home, but were not hurt.
away from home Friday and came to
Oreron Oltv.
He first experimented with the car
ef Deputy Assessor Cooke, and falling
to start it, he took Mr. Cooke'a key and
walked toward Twelfth street
He later spied Mr. Bossiltera car. and
started for ealem. he told the offlcera
At the Splinters' farm he called for a
lantern, asserting na was naving
trouble with the car. Mr. and Mrs.
Railway Engineers to Bring Boy to
America at Close of War.
Jan. 19. (Special.) Adoption of a lit-
Spllntera took the youngster in, gave I tie Frenoh orphan boy by the company
him a bed and preahTasl. wnicn tney are conneciea. is tola
Following his departure this morn. I in letters to friends on the campus
lng Mrs. Splinters missed a valuable from fcddie Dorr and Clay Watson,
gold ring, some driving gloves and two former university students, who have
strings of beads. I .ZZ . vi oi iicuniuii-
Mrs. Splinters called the Sherlfra or-
- and Sheriff Wilson, with Mr. They are sergeants In Company E,
State to Be Organized for Next
Liberty Drive.
Bosailter. who was in the office at the
time, made a quick run .o Maple Lane
and caught tba lad Just as he was
cranking tha car to continue his Jour
ney. The articles taken from the
Sixteenth Railway Engineers
The adopted boy, they (ay. is given
every attention that army life permits.
A regulation uniform haa been made
for hint by the company tailor, and he
has been placed in school. He eats and
Splinter home were found In his poa. eieepa wlth tne men n'the company,
session. jlwho "5laB to bring biro, to America
iepuiy trainee Auururj oui "'ciwhen the war is over,
a Juvenile complaint against tne dot
and he waa taken to hia mother to
beautlfication of our homea and school Portland, who will be hell responsible A nWAMrCMCMT l5 RAPin
grounds, we are emphasising the pro- for hia appearance In court next Tues- m t-"' 1 UrtrlU
Members of Ordnance Clasa Sow
Stationed at Fort Dodge,
taction of our forests from fire danger.
"Arbor day haa been set apart by
law to encourage the planting, pro
tection and preservation of trees. In
order that the pupils may be pre
pared to understand the meaning of
Arbor day and to enter Into the spirit
ef the exercises they must first be
taught something of the value of trees
and their uses.
Many good results have
day. Young Reed aald he was a mem
ber of a gang of youngsters who have
been stealing cars In Portland, ana
their names were turned over to thai
Portland offlcera by Sheriff Wilson.
Jan. It. (Special.) Advancement haa
CHROME ORE SOON TO GO eora ! s" smiock and Roy
"Mill vm" V I Brown, members of tha first claaa in
'threuVh theThserTInce" ctIrborT Ferml G'"";, O0 ho reported for further training at
In the past, and with the help of the Shipment Throoh PhlladelphJana. Tw "iLw tiJjl.?'
teachers and pupils the good work Tn y r. ow .'f ctlT ""' and are
will continue Until every school ground f,1"1,'0"4. l 0I .Do-
In tha state la provided with trees and
aerobe. We hope aa a result of our
elal.) Chroma ore from Josephine
Bullock haa won his aergeant atrlpes
ana tirown baa bean appointed cor
Fifteen other members of the first
aiataa Government. The Goloenda ciaaa. wno aiso were cent to ban An
tic ktd through a better understanding chroma property at Takllma, owned by tonio tor instruction, have bean trans-
more Intimate association with Collard. Moore Coilard. wnicn naa terreu iu not jaiana. tu.
been lying idle lor several montaa, win
concentrating machinery will be in- AVIATOK I KAINING TO BEGIN
efforts that eur Oregon boya and girls County soon will ba shipped East In I
will help te protect the forests and I '' Quantities for use of the United
taat taa uvea of all of us may be en-
the beauties and wonders of nature."
60 i
Idaya thla mine will be ahlpplng five
rA r IomH of eoneeittratea nr week, re-
Oregon State Fair at Salem Will Be I quiring the mining of 100 tens a day.
K. J. Roan haa had a contract for
President of Portland Clearing.
House Association Looks for Quick
and Effective Action When
Campaign la Launched.
Oregon's drive to put the next
liberty loan ever the top. whenever It
comes along, will ba so thoroughly or
gantsed aa to reach tha farthest nook
and corner of the atate and in the
quickest possible time, according to a
statement by Edward Cookingham.
president of the Portland Clearing-
House Association., who returned with
other members of the executive com
mittee from a vialt te San Francisco
A. L. Mills, president of the First
National Bank, of Portland; Robert E
Hmlth. manager of tha campaign, and
Edgar B. Piper, who went to San Fran
Cisco with Mr. Cookingham, also re
turned to this city yesterday after at
tending the conference, which was
called by the governora of the Federal
resenve of thla district. The Pacifio
Coast was fully represented, and those
present exchanged Ideas on how best
to oonduct the coming drive. A Dan
onet riven by one of the patriotic or
Once This Beauty
Had Pimples
Stuart's Caldam Wafers Proved That
Beauty Comes From the Blood
and From Nowhere Else.
Held September 33-2.
feleatee attending the meeting ?
How to Reduce Fat
Without Dieting
the ore output but diftlcultiea of pro
duction caused delay and complications
which resulted tn litigation, which has
Just been cleared up. The Atlantic Ore
Alloys Company, ef Philadelphia, haa
purchased the output and makea an ad-
vance of t:o,Ooe (or ore. and thla
amount will be expended la equipping
the mine with machinery and eom-
menclng operation
This Is the time when fat people
ehould be thinking about reducing
their weight and ahould step making
the fat that Is such a burden to them.
The beet way and the eaaleat way la
the one about which so much baa been
aald and written thla paat rear. Thla
way la the Marmola way. The famoua
xiarmoia f-rescription aas been pre
pared la tablet form. Thea little tab
leta contain nothing but the elements
that ge to change the best things that
produce fat Into guod, strong blood,
nerves, tissues and bone. More than
in is. nese tauicta aosoro and remove
the fat remaining at the rate ef two.
three or four pounds a week. Tou must
not confuse Marmola Prescription Tab
lets with harmful patent drugs and
hurtful reducing methods. These tab-
leta go into your atomarh Just like the
food you eat. They build up the Juices
ef your digestive organs and correct
these Jutce so that they produce nq
sore fat. ' ley are harmless, yet thou
sand of r and women all over this
land teda . e of firm figure and nor
mal atse . suae of these little tab-
leta This Is why every druagtst every
where earrle them In stock and will
ael) them te jrou. If your drugrtat does
net have them or you would rather
send 7t cents, the price of a case, to
the Marmola Company, Woodward
Ave, netrolt. Mich, they wllj send
them to yoa at once la a plain pack
age, poatag paid. -Adv.
Candidate for Governor Informs
Marlon County Friends.
8ALEM. Or, Jan. 1. (Special.)
The fill or on or the ottlclal of th
Stat Highway Commission la a mem
bar of the Marion County Wisconsin
Society. By coincidence, Gi C Moser,
candidate for the office of Governor.
alao Is a native of Wisconsin and I
taking occasion to Inform the Badgers
of that fact. So the wife of the High
way Commlsaioa man was surprised
the other day when ahe received a
letter from Mr. Moaer, which read In
"You have, ne doubt, read th an
nouncement of my candidacy and I
trust the principles for which I stand
may meet with your approval. I have
always been a good roads booster, but
we are not getting a dollar'e worth of
roads for a dollar under our preeent
The wife of the Highway Commis
sion official declares she is glad that
ahe Uvea la a suffrage state.
C W. Fulton Slightly Dexter.
The condition of C W. Fulton. x
Cnlted State Senator, who haa been
aerlously 111 at hia bom In thla city,
waa reported slightly Improved yester
day. Mr. Pulton has been confined te
his home sine early In November.
Bernard L. Metzger Receives Orders
to Report at Berkeley.
Bernard L. aletsger. son of W. w.
Metzger. president of the Stanley S.
Thompson Company, received orders
yesterday to report immediately to the
aviation training camp on the grounds
or the inlversity of California at
Berkeley for training aa aa aviator.
toung Mr. Metzger took the Dhval-
eal examination at Seattle recently for
the aviation section. He was one of
the few to be accepted. Now be la to
begin active training.
Linn County Resident Dies.
LEBANON. Or- Jan. 19. (Special.)
O. L. Baltimore, a native of Linn county.-
died at his home in Lebanon Tues
day at the age of SO years. He was
born on a farm four miles north of
Lebanon on which bla grandfather.
Philip Baltimore, aettled tn His
death waa caused by heart trouble
after an illness of about a week. He
had lived In Lebanon for the last fif
teen years. He Is survived by his
widow and one son, Lonner Balti
more, a fireman on the Southern Pa
cific Railroad.
Thla With Ftra
Plaster your akin all over and
you'll stop bresthlng In an hour. There
is only on way to remove pimples.
blackheads, eruptions and eosema with
Us rash and Itch, and that la by the
ganlzatlons of the Bay City was a
feature of the conference.
"We were unable to obtain very
much definite Information aa to the
next campaign, said Mr. Cookingham,
"but wo feel that th conference was of
great good to all in attendance. No
one present waa able to give th date
for the loan, its amount or the terms
of Interest, as that information is in
the hands of Secretary of the Treas
ury McAdoo, who alone knows about
these matters.
"Robert E. Smith, of Roaeburg, has
been chosen director of the next cam
paign for Oregon, and ha has opened
headquarters in th Northwestern Na
tional Bank, building, where he is
working out details of the drive. We
propose to have a thorough state-wide
organization through which It will be
possible to reach every corner of the
territory in our Jurisdiction with the
greatest possible aacillty. In all prob
ability there wilt be a large central
committee, but we have not as yet
completed our plans, and it la not
possibla to state Just how we will pro
ceed. As soon as the committee is In
possession of furthen facts, they will
be made public."
Alleged Spy to Be Interned.
TACOMA, Wash.. Jan. 19. (Special)
Hans Beckendorf, alleged German
spy, arrested at Lake Tapps some
months ago, was started for the Fort
Douglas, Utah, Internment camp to
day. Beckendorf asserts that be Is
highly connected In Germany, but de
nies that he Is a spy or that he wants
the Kaiser to win the war. He was
arrested at a logging camp, where be
had been working.
Benton Raises $1500.
CORVALLI3. Or., Jan. 19. (Special.) Read The Oregonlan classified adw.
Benton County went over the top
again today with the Knights of Co
lumbus drive. This county was ap
portioned $1500. The committee this
afternoon reported that the total ap
portionment had been reached.
We are now in our fine, new, concrete, fireproof,
modernly equipped building, prepared to give our
patrons the very best service to be had at moderate
Fifth and Taylor Sts. Marshall 600, A 1177
ti?tni&&rStettmt$t.X - V: II. From the
7 ' -" w'l' .-" -
sC i in- " ' "
Amity School Wins Two Debates.
AMITY, Or, Jan. 19. (Special.) The
High School debating team defeated
Corvallia High last mght, the home
team taking the negative. Amity de
feated the Sheridan High also, which
ill entitle thla achool to debate In
aome other high school division in the
Flag Presented to City.
ASTORIA, Or.. Jan. 19. (Speoial.)
The local chapter of the Girls' Nation
al Honor Guard baa presented to the
olty of Astoria a handsome service
flag containing 2S0 stars, representing
the number of Astoria boys who have
enliated In th Army or Navy.
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