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Joint Ways and Means Com
mittee Closes Books With
Margin of $1 0,000 Left.
GRANTS REACH $6,299,700
Importance of Legislative Subdivi
sion Emphasized, as Changes Are
Dangerous When figrures
Run bo Close to Limit.
SALEM. Or., Feb. 17. (Special.) The
Joint ways and means committee has
finally closed Its books, its appropria
tion bills have all cone before the
Legislature for better or for worse
and the committee left the state with
a balance of $9806.7- on. the credit
side of Its ledsrer. in addition to ap
proximately $200,000 in unexpended
balances on appropriations from the
last blennlum. still reposing- in the
State Treasury for future contingen
cies. The grand total which the committee
recommended that this Legislature ap
propriate is 2. 299.699.75. Of this
amount t6.06S.266.35 was for claims
from the budget and the balance of
$231,433.40 was for special miscellane
ous appropriation bills.
The grand total mentioned includes
.Ihe millage taxes for the three higher
educational institutions, for the state
1 road fund and for the assistance to
county agricultural colleges, as well
as for the state's share of the Indus
trial Accident Commission fund.
Little Change Likely.
The size of the grand total for ap
propriations will ary but little from
the amount shown above when the Leg
islature finishes its labors, it is pre
dicted. Some may be cut a trifle, sorre
may be increased a trifle, but it is
generally considered that the appropri
ations on the whole will remain much
the same as when the recommendations
left th hands of the joint committee.
As predicted would be the case, be
fore the Legislature convened, the 6
per cent limitation amendment has
made the Joint ways and means com
mittee this session the most power
ful Joint ways and means committee
, la the history of Oregon Legislatures.
It has been apparent from many re
marks made n the floor of both houses
that the Legislature had little inclina
tion to tamper with recommendations
from the committee. The 6 per cent
amendment has made close bookkeep
ing Imperative and the members have
realized that close bookkeeping can
mot be handily conducted when 89 dif
ferent members are all attempting to
cnange tne work of the committee.
Sir. Schroeder Keeps Watch.
The lion's share of the bookkeeping
or xhe committee has fallen into the
hands of Chief Clerk John Schroeder.
of the Joint committee, who, with the
assistance of Deputy Secretary of State
Mm K.ozer, has piloted the affairs of
the committee to its haven well within
the terms of the amendment.
It has required the most careful
scrutiny of all claims to land right side
tip with care at the conclusion of the
session and that this scrutiny has been
given is evident from the results.
The final list of appropriation bills
as prepared by Chief Clerk Schroeder
shows the following which have gone
before the Legislature, Including items
from the budget and special mlscel
laneaus appropriation bills.
The budget Items allowed and for
which appropriation bills were intro
duced are as follows:
Budget Items Allowed.
Agents for apprehension of
criminals 4,000.00
Agricultural societies .......... Po.000.00
Oregon State Fair 44.SOO.00
Blue Book 4.500.00
Hoard of Control in, 000. 00
bounty on wild animals 65.000.00
Capitol and S u p re in e Court
buildings B,4fS0.00
Toard ot Child Labor Inspectors 4,000.00
Iialry and Food Commission
ers 8 S. 000. 00
Tesert Land Board 7,000.00
Superintendent of Public In- a
t structlon Tn.n20.00
Agricultural assistants ......... 8.000.00
Fchool record books, etc 10.6SS.00
Ftate Teachers' Association..... fioo.00
Board of Higher Curricula 833.00
Oregon Normal School
MUlago .., 71,259.00
Other appropriations ........ JU, 000.00
Pchool for FHnd S0.S5S.R7
Fchoo! lor Deaf 66,160.00
. Oregon Agricultural College
Millage 703,500.00
Other appropriations ........ 65,0-0.00
Kxperlment stations ........... r.Q,O00.00
Extension service .. ........... 121,866.00
Viriversity of Oregon
Millage B27.OPO.00
Other appropriations 65,000.00
University of Oregon Medical
School loo.000.OA
Kastern Oregon Hospital 236.977.00
Oregon Hospital for Insane 710, ."6. 00
Oregon State Soldiers' Home.... 62,8b0.00
Orphans and foundlings
Millage 115.000.00
Other appropriations 8.877.45
Oregon State Tubercular Sanato
rium 75.062.60
ttate Institution for Fceble-
Mlnded 210.800.00
Florence Crlttenton Refuge
Home 7,500.00
3IcLoughlin Memorial Associa
tion 50.00
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cd, breath hot or stomach
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STATE CAPITOL. Salem, Or Feb. 17.
(Special.) The House enjoyed a
little scrap this morning when Repre
sentative Goode's resolution, providing
for the appointment of a non-salaried
commission of five members to inves
tigate the causes of f eeble-mindedness
and degeneracy, came out of the com
mittee, with an adverse report. Goode
protested and got enough votes to re
ject the committee's report but failed
to get enough to pass It. The measure
went down the skids.
Representative Meek's resolution
submitting to the voters at the next
general election the question of restor
ing capital punishment in Oregon was
rejected by the House this morning,
without argument.
Representatives Ritner, Burdick and
Stott have completed their tabulation
of mileage and per diem for members
of the House, and cl,rlt a r t v, npunt
The House adopted a resolution this
morning authorizing the State Printer
to furnish the law department of the
University of Oregon with four sets
of Oregon ReDorta and a. If It a niimhr
of current reports Issued from time to
K-n- trn" C A T3a nr !
iJai 4 1 vi Miui v vv ,
Umatilla and Union counties, is the
dean of the Legislature in point of
continuous service. He first came to
me legislature in 1907 as a Represen
tative from TTmafflla rmintu A
two sessions there he ran for Senator,
as elected, and Is now serving his
fourth successive session and his sec
ond term In th. 3nn.A TVnf malrA
his total legislative service 12 years.
oojHttor Darren is one or tne sturdy
men who have built up Eastern Ore
gon. He came to Oregon in 1S72 and
settled where the town of Athena now
Btands. For six years he rode the
range and then went Into the stock
ralslng business for himself. He Is
Patton Home for Friendless.... 5.000.00
Support of non-resident poor...
Expenses of elections B0.000.00
Emergency Board 2O0.00
Executive department 23,700.00
Exhibit of Oregon products,
maintenance 2.500.00
Board of Forestry ; 5 4. POO. 00
Fugitives from Justice 15,000.00
Grand Army of the Republic ... 000.00
State Board of Health 25.000.00
Oregon Historical Society 17.5OO.00
State Board of Horticulture 7.500.00
Btate Horticulture Society
Oregon Humane Society 1.000 00
Social Hygiene Society 20.000 00
Industrial Welfare Commission.. 4.000.00
Industrial Accident Commission 225.117.60
Attorney-General's office 33,820.00
Salaries of Circuit Judges 200.000.00
Salaries of District Attorneys
and Deputies 18H.80O.00
Supreme Court 96.106.50
Supreme Court Library 15,000.00
Labor Commissioner ........... 10 000 00
State Land Board 18.00o!o
Expenses of Legislative Assem-
Oregon State LlVraiV.V.V.Y.Y."." loioooioo
Livestock Sanitary Board 45.000.00
Board of Medical Examiners
5"u S and Geology... 80.000.00
Oregon National Guard 155.000.00
Oregon Naval Militia 15 000 0U
Industrial School for Girls 33 04a00
Oregon State Training 6chool... 78.435 00
w.?80.n-lV'. Penitentiary 218.955.70
Wayward girls 20 00O 00
k.It?'. ?."ot Commissioners... J.400.00
c?k p.r'ntln5 Department 0,000.00
K """ Proclamations. . .. SOOloO
tHJ lie Service Commission 80.000.00
Rewards for arrests 1 "00 0C
Construction of roads 440000 OA
Kfa,'erT?f Welrht nd Measures s'ioOOO
btate Department M son nn
State Engineer's office.......... 24 0M00
State Tax Commission 16000 no
jhSI e.rBoa-rd 80.000.00
Flax Industry 1n ...
Miscellaneous claims ...I":":: 66013
Total claims allowed from '
bud"et 6. 068.266.83
Miscellaneous Items Shewn.
"Following are the miscellaneous spe
cial appropriation bills approved by
the committee and not included In the
Erecting building at Champoeg.t 6.000.00
To reimburse H. D. Williams... 020 00
of M,,lerl",."cS-nl0 ttractlons
T r.ii, T Northwest 45.OO0.00
For VZtX. Tuma' Project 10.000.00
For home experiment station of
PVm A,frlculiural College... 80.000.00
tlon Klver Kxperlment eta-
MYoVy v jMaYsMieid : : ::.v: 20.000:00
Guard Oregon National
Clal'nfof if." N." Corey"."." I"""."! e 000 OO
To entertain Battery and Trcp Soaoo
RurrarcJA!Sf,,.e.C.t I "! " J-ftgg
For(i Interstate Pair ai Prine" 6'000-
Re?h.'i. tone" for "state".'.": SO.OOoioo
-ri?n.'n heirs of William
JullocK 1ftl
Salaries of Master Fish Warden
and deputies -i. snn nn
For KlatsUanle hatchery..."::: 756000
For Bonnevuio hatchery..:..... 16 000 00
No 3 X WOrl1 ,n tict "'000 0
Frn '?,f ' n"d' tih.ry- work 15'00 00
f W.'i?mette McKensle.. IS. 000 00
For hatchery on Nehalem 4 000' no
For Pacific Livestock litigation: ROOqoo
Total ef special miscellaneous" '
appropriation bills 2U 4Rt in
TmJ l,l0W?d fro budget ":: e,07:2883
Total miscellaneous 231.433:40
Grand total appropriated 8a.23.n 7.-.
$2 0,000 Appropriated for Cheap
Lime for Farmers.
STATE CAPITOL. Salem, Or.. Feb. 17
-(Special.) The Senate today passed
the following bills:
8. B. 203. by Kandley Providing for state
aid In eradication of animal diseases.
S. B. 315. by Pierce Submitting to the
people proposal to increase the state high
way tax from U to 114 mills.
H. B. 206. by Stott Establishing and gov
erning parental schools.
Rtf ;Bi l4' y """J ""1 EO-Jy-reating
State Lime Board and ppropriatlng $20,000
toald In producing cheap lime for the farm-
8. B. 183. by Handley Amending law rel.
atlve te appointment of Master Flah Warden
and deputlea
B. B. 286. by Baldwin Reimbursing heirs
J?0 ""l8n" of "Rr1m Tulloclc th. Km of
It B. S75. by Marlon County delegation
Providing procedure for building intercounty
H B o"" "tr ?,Urt Cannt
..B- ' y B?an Requiring Assessors
to put Oregon and California grant lands
on t&x roll a.
$1500 Appropriated for Fight on
Tourist Differential.
BTATH CAPITOL. Falem. Or., Feb. 17
CSpecial.) The Btate of Oregon will
take a hand officially in the proceed
ings now pending before the Interstate
Commerce Commission to obtain a re
duction of the -ound-trlp tourist rates
from the East to the Northwest via
The miscellaneous appropriation bill
passed today carries an Item of $1500
r..nat Purpose and authorizes the
Public Service Commission to expend
It according to its Judgment.
Hans B rot en Fell Instead of Striking
Head, Brother Says.
The report that Hans Broten, black
smith, died Friday morning as the re
sult of Btrlking his head on a tire
shrinker while in good-natured play
with his brother, Gilbert Broten. was
qualified by the brother yesterday.
Mr. Broten explained that he was
outside the shop at the time of the ac
cident. He said his brother stumbled
and fell against the tire shrinker.
The man was injured Thursday and
he was found dead in bed at his home,
335 Ha&salo street, Friday morning.
The two brothers were Joint owners
of . the Eureka Carriage Works, on
Couch street, between Sixth and Broadway,
now one of the big stock raisers of
Umatilla County, now owning a ranch
of 4000 acres. All but 1600 acres are
devoted to stock raising. In 18S4 he
engaged in the hardware and imple
ment business In Athena, and is still
engaged in it
Senator Barrett Is one of the hardest
working members of the Senate. He is
an earnest advocate of consolidation
of state boards and commissions, of
which he has made a careful study for
years, and maintains that if his plan
of consolidation had been adopted in
1915 the state would be thousands of
dollars better off and Its affairs would
have gained by more efficient adminis
tration. Senator Barrett is also thor
oughly interested in good roads. He
has been a member of the roads com
mittee of one or the other house at
nearly every session he has attended.
Memories of the late Rogue River
fish fight flashed through minds of
House members this morning when
Representative Tlchenor secured the
courtesies for Ben Fish, a prominent
resident of Rogue River.
When the Senate yesterday, without
a dissenting vote, passed the new ir
rigation code, so greatly .needed in
Eastern Oregon, .where the prosperity
of a vast territory depends on irri
gation, one man who has been working
day and night on the code since the
very opening of the session drew a
great sigh of relief. He was Jay H.
Upton, of Prlneville. chairman of the
legislative committee of the Oregon
Irrigation Congress.
Mr. Upton was sent here by the Ir
rigation Congress to look after the
code, and he did. He was on the Job
all the time, and a huge share of the
credit for the legislation obtained be
longs to him.
One of the important points covered
in the new code is the placing on a
parity with municipal bonds as invest
ments for banks of irrigation bonds
that have been approved by the Attorney-General
and Superintendent of
Several of Governor's Recom
mendations Are Enacted.
Legislature Has High "Batting
ATerage" Suggestion About Im
provement "of Penitentiary
to Go Before People.
SALEM. Or.. Feb. 17. (Special.)
The Legislature has had a rather high
batting average" In vaylng attention
to recommendations made in the mes
sage of the executive at the opening of
Lao session.
Some of the recommendations offered
such as general Improvement at the
penitentiary, were found impossible of
ruirmment under the 6 oer cent limit
tlon amendment, but these undoubtedly
will be cared for under some sort of
proposals to the people, as the only
sovereign power that may override the
expression of that amendment.
The Governor's suggestion that the
btate Tax Commission be cut to one an
pointive member and save I1B.000 for
tne blennlum was taken entirely and
enacted Into law. More revenue will be
derived from the inheritance taxes and
the State Insurance Department in line
with suggestions incorporated in his
message. His proposal to increase the
license tax on automobiles also met
with the approval of the Legislature.
Bone-dry legislation was enacted
early in the session in line with the
urgent recommendations made; the flax
Industry was granted an appropriation
such as the Governor asked to perpet
uate the industry, and there seems every
reason to believe that some sort of an
appropriation will be made to bring
about the development of the lime In
dustry to assist the farmers.
Two sterilization bills, covering a
wide scope, were passed and provide a
way for the state to prevent propaga
tion of the degenerate, the criminal and
the unfit; the insurance code was
passed as urged In his message; the
license fee for anglers was Increased
as suggested by the executive, and an
Irrigation code passed as urged in his
Touching upon local economy in his
message by urging minor reforms in
the smaller political divisions of the
state, met with a response In a number
of bills tending toward such reform.
His suggestion, also, that publications
oftentimes are wasteful met with a re
sponse in a number of Instances.
In line with the suggestion offered
by the Governor there seems to be
every Indication that before adjourn
ment sine die the pioneers will be
recognized by a modest building at
His suggestion that funds be pro
vided to meet the Shackleford bill for
road construction also has been met.
In general the provisions of his mes
sage were pretty well adhered to by
the Legislative Assembly.
Bill to Provide Money for Oregon
Troops Is Postponed.
STATE CAPITOI Salem.'Or.. Feb. 17.
(Specisl.) The House today killed
the following 18 bills by indefinite
H. B. A3, by Gordon To pay claim of
$360 to W. L. Campbell.
H. B, 448, by Al Jones Appropriating
$135 to C. J. Kurt for royalties on frutt
H. B. 97, by Clatsop delegation Providing
bounty on seals and seal pups.
H. B. 283. by Stott To provide for com
mitment of prisoners to Oregon Penitentiary.
H. B. 661, by committee on roads and
highways Providing for special election.
H. B. 261, by Al Jones Defining method
of fixing salaries.
IT. B. 444, by Marlon delegation Appro
priating $30,000 for fish hatchery on
Breitenbush River.
H. B. 303. by Crandall Appropriating
money for public lands In Harney.
H. B. 324, by Columbia and Clatsop del
egations Appropriating money for com
pleting Columbia Highway.
H. B. 60, by Mackay To provide for
methd of Instructing the blind.
H. B. 100. by Gordon Appropriating $75,
00O for parental school.
H. B. 163. by Goode To provide funds
for Ptisgab Home.
HT. B. 142, by Brownell To provide for
entertainment of Grand Army of the Re
public encampment.
H. B. 363, by Callan To establish or
thopedic hospital.
H. B. I611, by Forbes Authorizing Oesert
Land Board to Co-operate In Chewaucan
H. B. 616. by Mackay Appropriating
$50O to Alfred Groener.
H. B. 261. by Lafferty Appropriating
money for Armory at Corvallls.
H. B. 76, by Stott Appropriating money
for Troop A and Battery A.
Measure to Provide for Display of
Products Dies'.
STATE CAPITOL. Salem. Or.. Feb. 17.
(Special.) The Senate today killed
the following bills:
H. B. 632, by House committee on con.
olidaUoDr Abolishing office af secretary
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of Industrial Welfare Commission and seo
retary of Board of Inspectors of Child
H. B. 818. by Ritner To submit to vote
of people proposal to build new Penitentiary
at cost of $400,000.
S. B. 243, by Pierce Relative to copy ef
report of State Printing Board.
H. B. 227. by Kublt AnU-piekettnc bllL
H. B. 895. by Gordon To confirm title ef
lands sold by state prior to 1807' aad pro
viding statute of limitations.
B. B- 294. by Pierce Providing for con
struction, maintenance and regulation of
road construction.
8. B. 77. by Huston Providing for the
maintenance of a permanent exhibit ef the
products and resources of Oregon aad ap
propriating $18,130.
8. B. 159. by Lewis (by request) To de
fine, regulate and inspect cold storage and
refrigeratory warehouses and to provide
penalties for violation of the act.
Money Measures Occupy Large Part
of Time of Sessions.
STATES CAPITOL, Salem. Or, Feb. 17.
(Special.) The House passed 80 bills
at the morning and afternoon sessions.
Following is the list:
H. B. 92. by Mrs. Thompson Providing
for compulsory commitment of feeble-minded
persons to state Institutions.
H. B. 4t3. by Laurgaard Appropriating
$20 to buy medal f or Joseph C. Poeechl for
11. B. S23, .by Joint committee on ways
and - means Appropriating money for the
State Industrial School for Girls.
H. B. 551. by Deschutes delegation Te
provide for transfer of certain records to
new counties from old counties out ot wbtoh
they are created.
H. B. 650, by Hchlmpff and others Author
izing issue of $6,000,000 in bonds for road
purposes. 1
H. B. C53, by Joint ways and means com
mittee Appropriating money for library
building at Oregon Agricultural College.
H. B. 554. by Joint ways and means com
mitteeAppropriating money for addition to
receiving ward at Oregon State HtoepltaL
H. B. 655, by Joint ways and meana com
mittee Appropriating money for support
of delinquent children and wayward girls.
II. B. 656. by joint ways and means com
mittee Appropriating money for State Board
of Control, Tax Commission and Pilot Com
mission. H. B. 557, by Joint ways and means com
mittee Appropriating money for printing
Supreme Court reports and linotype machine.
M- B. 058. by Joint ways and means com
mitteeAppropriating money for Food and
Dairy Commissioner.
II. B. 059, by Joint ways and means com
mittee Appropriating money for State Fair
and state veterinarian.
H. B. 660. by Joint ways and means com
mitteeAppropriating money for new wom
en's dormitory at University of Oregon.
H. B. 562. by Joint ways and meana mm
mlttee Appropriating money for Stata 1.
bor. Child Labor and Industrial Welfare de
partments. H. B. 063. by Joint ways and means com
mittee Appropriating money for Weights
and Measures department.
H. B. 564, by Joint ways and means com
mittee Appropriating money to satisfy mis
cellaneous claims.
H. B. 66. by Joint ways and meana com
mittee Appropriating money for State Nor
mal School building.
H. B. 269. by Rowe Appropriating money
for Nehalem tin hatchery.
H. y. 134, by Brownell Appropriating
$5)00 for pioneers' monument at Champoeg.
H. B. ?2. by Anderson Appropriating $45,
000 for Northwest tourist Association.
H. B. 33, by Anderson Appropriating
$6000 for experiment station at Hood River.
H- B. 199. by Lane County delegation
Appropriating money for McKenzle fish
H. B. 170. by Laurgaard Appropriating
money for repairing Tumalo Irrigation reser
voir. H. B. 208, by Clatsop delegation Appro
priating for repair of Clatskanle fish hatch
ery. H. B. 212. by Rowe Appropriating money
for fish hatchery in district No. 2.
H. B. 234. by Mann Appropriating money
for BonnuTllIe flsb hatchery.
H. B. 231. by Thomas Appropriating
money for agricultural experiments In co
operation with Federal Government.
H. B. 240. by Stott Appropriating
$920 to II. I. Williams for Injuries received
while at work on Oregon building at Panama-Pacific
H. B. 540. by Joint ways and means eom
mtttee Appropriating money for Supreme
S. B. 217, by- Eddy Prescribing methods
of procedure lu elections following close of
The following bills were defeated:
S. B. 254. by Pierce Abolishing office of
County Koad Supervisor.
S B. 242, by Wilbur Decreasing salaries
of Hood River County officials.
H. B 412. "by Bean Appropriating money
for state operation of lime lands.
Mount Angel Tell Leader Chosen.
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edict. Or, Feb. 17 (Special) Jodie
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College at all the athletic rants.
Miller has held this position since his
freshman, year. He has appointed
Peter Oplts aa assistant. Three other
students, still to b- selected, -will be
ANY lines in our regular
reason that we cannot replace them and maintain a full stock of sizes without raising; our own
prices, following an average wholesale rise in price of $2 the pair. Men and women, you will
save money by choosing a year's supply of shoes from these splendid lines. These are not job lota
verj pair is in our regular high-class stock of fine shoes.
Kfcoe rrlres are sdVsaelsg almost dally. For Isiisare. we have jnst rerejTFS
a letter from tke aiaker. of tke eelebrste. Ir. Heed's duklos-Sole Sbwa,
ej no tin a: them to at 5i3 the pair. Oor rrgslir price mm these a hoe la Sa
the pair, A.MJ WE -WIL.L. OT ItAlSB IT.
These Are Genuine Reductions:
Men's $6, $6.50 and $7 Shoes J. E. Tilt Shoe Co., J. P.
Smith Shoe Co., Slater & Morrell, and other CC
fine makes, reduced to yT'.OO
Men's $9 Shoes Boyden's famous
tom made reduced to...
S. & H.
Sixth at Washington
under his direct guidance to help him
practice with the students, who will
be placed In four groups.
Road master Stiles Dead.
SPOKANE. Wash.. Feb. 17. F. W.
Stiles, freneral roadmaster of the Spo
kane division of the Great Northern
Shoes Reduced '
shoe stock are being 6old now at less
Newark cus
Tenth Street, Between Washington and
n o
Railroad, died in a local hospital to
day from the effects ot injuries he sus
tained at Highland, west of here, this
morning, when he was struck by a fall
ing derrick boom: He was formerly
roadmaster of the Cascade and Marcus
divisions of the Great Northern.
Kead The Oresronlan classified ads.
than oor usual retail prices, for the
Women's regular ?9 Shoes .$6.03
Women's regular $6 and $6.50 Shoes.... $4.05
Women's regular ?5 Shoes $3.05
Women's $5, $6, $7 and $8 Shoes in broken as
sortments at. $2.03
S. & II.