The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, February 18, 1917, SECTION FOUR, Page 7, Image 55

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Regner & Fields Give Up Rep
resentation of Ford Com
pany for Appointment.
A. M. Jr'erguson & Co. to Succeed to
Boone Selling Agency and Mr.
Boone Will Handle Firestone
" Tires and Auto Taper.
As the result of a four-cornered busi
ness transaction consummated lnPort
land last week, the Chevrolet line will
be retailed hereafter In Multnomah
County by Regner & Fields, who re
linquish their rights to sell the Ford.
A. M. Ferguson & Company, a new
concern, has purchased the automobile
end of the business of Benjamin K.
Boone & Co., until last week Chevro
let dealers, and Mr. Boone will soon
open a new store in the center of the
Keats building on lower Broadway,
where he will conduct the retail agency
on Firestone tires and maintain a fi
nancing office for handling "automo
bile paper."
In announcing that Regner & Fields
had been granted selling privileges on
the Chevrolet car in this county, W. A.
Coleman, territory supervisor for the
Chevrolet Motor- Company of Califor
nia, also reported that C. H. Collier,
who has been in immediate charge of
the Chevrolet wholesale headquarters
on the East Side, has gone back to
the main office of the company in Oak
land and that C. M. .Steves is to have
charge of the Oregon field henceforth.
Regner & Fields, who have been re
tail Ford agents since the new Ford
Gelling policy was introduced several
months ago. will re(ain their present
location at 12 Grand avenue for Chev
rolet headquarters. They expect to
handle about 270 Chevrolets before
August 1. The new fore-door models
of the popular little Chevrolet "490"
have arrived in Portland and deliveries
will start this week. With the Pacific
Coast factory at Oakland working in
conjunction at all times through Ter
ritory Supervisor Coleman and Oregon
Representative Steves. Kegner & Fields
believe they will be able to handle
' Chevrolet service in complete fashion.
A. M. Ferguson, who is to sell second-hand
cars in the former Benjamin
K. Boone location at Sixteenth and Al
drr streets, was sales manager for
Mr. Boone even before the latter ac
quired the Chevrolet retail agency
nearly a year ago. O. C. Durell, for
merly of the Boone shop, will be asso
ciated with Mr. Ferguson. Until they
find a good automobile to handle as
retail agents, A. M. Ferguson & Co.
will confine themselves to a commis
sion and brokerage business in second
hand cars.
The new location of Mr. Boone on
lower Broadway extends from the
boundary line of the Keats garage to
the store occupied by the Oldsmobile
Company, the total frontage on Broad
way being 60 feet. Alterations will
be made on the premises before the
Firestone retail agency is at home.
Further advices received by Harry
Trueblood. secretary of the Saxon Sales
& Service Company, from Detroit re
port that, although the recent fire at
the Saxon plant was severe, the serv
ice and parts departments and the fac
tory records were not damaged and
that there will be no delay or handl
oap In handling the usual Saxon serv
ice. The complete stock of parts for
ell models was left untouched by the
fire, and, due to the fact that the fac
tory had a large supply of materials In
separate quarters, shipments of new
cars will be resumed Immediately.
Copies of the new Portland traffic
tiook, revised to date, may be had by
those calling , for them at the police
station. The new book contains the
rules and regulations governing auto
mobile travel over the Portland streets
Jn every detail with all of the latest
provisions. So many changes have been
made in the Portland traffic laws from
time to time that few motorists have
a. clear idea of "what's what."
New Car Owners in County.
THE steady retail demand for new
automobiles is shown by. the dally
reports at the police station. Durin
last week, according to the reports of
M. O. Wilkins, publisher of the Auto
mobile Reord, the following temporary
police permits were issued to the pur
chasers of new cars penaing tne r
rival of the official state license tags
from the office of Secretary of State
C. S. Russell, 831 Chamber of Commerce
banding. Kissel.
J. M. Lane, 175 Third street. Saxon.
R. Krimu, 710 Lewis building. Butck.
Mrs. J. J. Brookhouse, 445 East Thirtieth,
H. S. Mount, Oregon City, Or., Marmon.
Hill Military Academy, Portland, Over
land. F. "W. Chausse. 306 Davis street. Dodge.
C. L. Matick, 308 Chamber of Commerce
building. i?ord.
Miss D. Adams. 30 North Sixth, Buick.
Anna Swenson, 409 Guild street, Ford.
R. K. Hohn, 251 Sixth street. Ford.
M. A. West. 328 Mill street, DodBe.
T A. Wasrner. 363 Stark street. Kissel.
W. H. Ambler, 43G Worcester- building.
C. C. Clark. 60 North Twenty-third, Ford.
O. J. Shark. 107 Vi Fourth street. Max
well. -Mrs. F. N. Olds, 622 East Nineteenth
street North. Studebaker.
A. a. Peard. 697 Washington. Buick.
C. E. Runyaru 297 East Twenty-fourth,
Mrs. E. Silverman. 31tt North Second
J. A. Menzles. United States National
Bank. Reo.
a s Hlnwpm. Lents. Or.. Ford.
Peninsula Industrial Company, North
Pnrtlund Dndep.
Jack Hurlta. 2129 East Washington. Ford.
J. S. Primrose. 402 'Washington street.
AuKUst trove. 440 East Harrison street.
F-rd. ,
H. H. Cofold, Union Stockyards, Olds
E. C. Hayden. 12 East Twentieth. Ford.
A T Kates. J05 rront street, t'naimeti.
Mrs. O. A. Casper, 228 Vi Second street.
E. G. Martason. 5904H Seventy-second
trMt Sntithttast. Ford.
Mrs Cora Helton. 7325 Fifty-third ave
nue Kmithpast. Ford.
T. W. Thompson, Almira Apartments,
Charles May, 2090 East
Market street.
C. Demareo. 184 Mill street. Grant. ..,
W. C. Cooper. Fossil. Or., Buick.
C. Gilo. Broadway Hotel, Mitchell.
. . . . ii i rUih Vnr-ti
uonaia j iiiitn. j - . -. - - - .
Mrs. Bessie Raney, 297 East Twenty-first
street. Overland.
C. E. Bolds. 316 Board of Trade building.
Maxwell. . . ,
D. C. Clearwater. 242 East Flfty-lMnth
street. Ford.
J. B. Klttenhofer, 183 Royal Court, Stu
debaker. A. W. Shellev, Savon Hotel. Ford.
K. C. Ramsey, East Third and Alder,
Ford. 1 ,
I. L. Bcrquist, "61 Larrabee. Chalmers.
Mrs. t. B. Fuller, 271Vi Grand avenue.
William Albright, 798 Rodney avenoe.
E. D. Ward, S24 Third street. Overland.
O. Z. Moore. 10H1 East Salmon. Ford.
E. P. McCroskey. 859 Division street. Ford.
H. H. Sammelson. 701 East Polk street.
W. T. Wrierht, . Scandinavian-American
Bank, Hupmobile.
E. E. Lumadne, 385 E. Morrison, Dod&e.
K. V. Hall, 707 Pittock block. Oakland.
H. W. -Newton, 0O2 Wells-Fargo bulletins.
W. C. Burcroff, Mill City, Or.. Dort.
Otto Schults, 347 East Fiftieth street.
Miller-Calhoun Company, Fifth and
Couch streets. Ford.
Painless Paul, Dentist, 123 '.i Sixth street.
S. Ban Company. 34 Third street. Ford.
J. H. Linn, - Marion Hotel, Salem, Loco
mobile. . T
George W. Powers, 12 Front street, Chev
rolet. James H. Carrlco, 009 Oresonlan building.'
Lents Hardware Company, Lents, Or.,
C. H. Tichenor. Police Headquarters. Ford.
Six Hundred Dollars Provided for
Upkeep or Pendleton Road.
Good roads enthusiasts of Pilot Rock
and vicinity have been "on the job" In
lively fashion recently and have already
raised 600 to be used in keeping the
Pilot Rock-Pendleton road in condition
during the coming year, according to
the Pilot-Rock Record.
More than 200 was raised In Pilot
Rock in a short time, says this au
thority, and when it' became evident
that the . good roads spirit was at a
high tide it was decided to meet with
the County Court and procure a promise
of aid for the Pendleton road. A large
i l awsa,,, i nl
number of prominent citizens met with
the court and agreed to keep the road
in repair for one year provided the
county would have the road graded im
mediately. The court accepted the
proposition and will have the grading
started at once. The delegation was
then divided into committees and so
licited aid from Pendleton business
firms who are interested in having a
good road leading from Pilot Rock to
the county seat.
Portland Alone Sends From 35 to 40
.Auto Healer to Annual Affair.
Visitors Are Knmerous.
PENDLETON, Or., Feb. 17, (Spe
cial.) Pendleton's first annual auto
show is attracting many out-of-town
visitors from all over the Northwest.
Portland alone is represented by be
tween 35 and 40 auto dealers and there
are many visitors from Heppner, La
Grande, Walla Walla, Hermiston and
other points. Thirty-nine pleasure
cars and live trucks are on exhibit at
the show.
Among the visitors from outside
cities are S. S. Gilbert, of the Federal
truck; C. L. Dunham, .Saxon repre
sentative; L. V. Rawlings, of the Ger
linger Motor Car Company; R. J. Mc-
Rell, Hudson representative; Harry C.
Hays. Howard Auto Company; H. W.
Roberts, of the Roberts Motor Car Com
pany; T. J. O'Keefe. of the United
States Rubber Company; L. H. Reese,
Packard representative; W. S. Barnes,
of the Paige; P. A. Collins, Reo me
chanical engineer; L. W. Elyea, Winton
salesman; A. E. Sheldon, Winton serv
ice man; Charles Campbell, Goodrich
tire man; Charles Pruitt, of the Fish
Rubber Company; U. L. Keats, Chal
mers representative; J. F. Groce, with
Archer & Wiggins, of Portland; F. G.
Delano, Maxwell representative; F. W.
Vogler. of the Northwest Auto Com
pany; H. G. Lytle, of the same com
pany; A. T. Brown. Studebaker agency
manager; T. F. Howard, of La Grande;
S, G. Evans, of the Ford; Manager
Coleman, of the Chevrolet; J. M. Grief.
state manager of the Monogram oils:
A. G. Henderson, of Walla Walla, and
C. J. Miller, of Pilot Rock.
Effect of "All-Year" Car Is Shown.
"What the Kissel all-year car has
done for 'the automobile industry is
history, says w. L. Hughson, of the
KisselKar. "It has increased the au
tomobile calendar from six to twelve
months and revived each branch of car
making and selling, instilling in them
new life, energy and profit."
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, . - " -v r : . rff '!!. j -Ki-a
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Thlrty-Passenser -White Bin That la
New Machines Reach Portland
Many Days Late.
Brooklands Six "5 5""' Convertible
Roadster Is Declared Destined
to Attract Greatest Atten
tion In Tills City.
An illustration of car shortage and
enow blockade troubles in the Kast and
Middle West was furnished late last
week when the three Paige cars, or
dered a long time ago by V. B. Doan,
president of the Paige Motor Sales
Company, and scheduled originally to
arrive here in time for the recent Port
land automobile show, which opened
January 27, arrived.
Those who have seen the new models
of the Paige, which is reputed to be
"the most beautiful car in America,"
are unanimous in the belief thf.t they
were well worth waiting for.
The car among the three destined to
attract the greatest attention as it
passes over the Portland streets is the
Paige model Brooklands six "51" con
vertible roadster. This is the newest
development of the sporting type motor
car that combines unique individuality
with the utmost touring car roominess
and comfort. With the rear deck on it
is a regular but distinctive roadster
for two. with deck removed a rear ton
neau is exposed that provides every fa
cility for two additional passengers,
with more than ample seat and leg
room and a high back with sides. Two
separate tops of original design com-
plete the equipment.
The new Llnwood six 39 possesses
every feature of design and r.ll of the
excess quality for which Paige sixes
hve made & reputation. It has the
newly refined double cowl body design,
slanting windshield, unusually roomy
seats and cantilever springs suspension.
The Stratford six "51" has the newest
refinements in body design, with in
creased wheel base,- added roominess,
and a convenient control arrangement.
One of each model, a Brooklands
roadster, a Llnwood and a 'Stratford,
arrived in the shipment which reached
Portland last week, and which were
removed Immediately to the Paige
salesrooms on Broadway at Taylor. The
roadster is painted a gun metal shade
with blue wheels, the Linwood is done
in hazel brown and blue with natural
wood wheels, and the Stratford is stan
dard blue with white wire wheels.
A. S. Robinaon and E. E. Cohen Return
From Attending Pacific Anto Af
fair at Saa Francisco, '
H. H. Eling. manager of the Portland
Overland branch, who returned Friday,
and A. S. Robinson, manager of the
Pacific KisselKar branch, and E. E. Co
hen, of the Oldsmobile branch, who re
turned yesterday from attendance at
the Pacific Automobile Show at San
Francisco last week, were unanimous
In the opinion that the exhibition was
the finest ever staged on the Pacific
"Fine," "beautifully decorated."
"great," were some of the expressions
voiced by the Portland dealers upon
their return. W. C. Garbe, of the Ore
gon Motor Car Company, and A. C.
Stevens, of the Winton branch, left San
Francisco yesterday for home and the
other Portlanders who ' attended the
show will return in a few days.
Mr. Cohen was advised during his
JZsjJwy Oo77jpsj7yts y$zzo
& i -1 if'fjj-nrir'ii i t iff ht" mTinifr ii-siti iiiiihi-' -1 i ' .. jv ... . .
to Ran Over O.-tV. R. &. N. Tracks to Hood River This Week After Brine ob
Display at Fsuts and Stark Streets.. .
stay In San Francisco that the Oregon
territory will be governed hereafter
from the factory direct, without super
vision from the branch at San Fran
eisco. Hereafter Mr. Cohen will have
direct charge of the entire Oregon
field, including the southern counties
of Washington, under factory supervi
sion. Mr. Robinson reported that indica
tions are that San Francisco will win
a National automobile show next year,
in. company with New York and Chi
cago, which stage the only two Na
tionals recognized at the present time.
All Pacific Coast cities are backing San
Francisco to gain this recognition for
the Pacific Coast. During his stay in
San Francisco Mr. Robinson organized
an association of pioneer automobile
dealers who have been in the automo
bile business for 15 years or more. This
association is to meet each year at the
San Francisco show. v
Mr. Kling reports that the San Fran
cisco exhibition was larger than the
one held in Portland recently, but that
considering the size of the two cities
and the number of automobiles repre
sented in the two territories, that the
Portland exhibition held its own. All
three of the Portlanders say that the
show wan attended by an immense
crowd frdm all parts of the country.
Marsh Held Chamber "Wants Work
Under Way Completed Klrst.
MARSHFIELD, Or.. Feb. 17. (Spe
cial.) The Marshfield Chamber of
-ii.ui i mi . iiism.iS1
Commerce has gone on record as fa
voring construction of the remaining
portion of the Myrtle Point-Roseburg
highway, to permanent grade and align
ment before the Eugene-Coos Bay
thoroughfare Is considered. .
The decision occurred at the monthly
meeting of the chamber, when a fight
was made to change the recommenda
tion of the roads committee, which ad
vocated a loop road, commencing at
Eugene, running to Coos Bay, thence
to Myrtle Point and on to Roseburg.
It was shown at the meeting the
road to Roseburg is constructed and
therefore should first be made an all
year thoroughfare for automobile and
all other traffic before the people of
this section started agitation for a
highway to'Eugene, which would be
probably 50 per cent entirely new con
struction and would require three
ferries. k
The Myrtle Point to Roseburg road
needs about seven miles of Improve
ment in the Middle Fork Canyon to
make it a convenient means of com
munication at any time of the year.
Tire Official Says "Passenger" and
"Commercial" Is Differentiation. .
That the term "pleasure cars" Is obso
lete and likely to become injurious to
the motor industry is the belief of J. N.
Gunn. president of the United States
Tire Company. '
In discussing this subject Mr. Gunn
pointed to the wide and erroneous use
of the words "pleasure car" even among
automobile manufacturers, and de
clared that a motor car is ho longer a
vehicle that is bought or operated sole
ly In the pursuit of pleasure. Contin
uing, he said:
"in the early days of the industry,
the motor car was a novelty and its
use was confined to those seeking rec
reation or some form of pleasure. But
with our economic development the au
tomobile has ceased to be a plaything.
It fills a -utilitarian purpose almost ex
clusively. It is used as a time saver
for business, for shopping, in short, for
easier and quk-ker transportation. And
instead of being a, luxury it is in many
cases an absolute necessity.
"A 'motor vehicle Is either a passen
ger car or a commercial car, and it
should be so styled. It is a far cry
from pleasure to - the real functions
of a passenger car. And the associa
tion of the two, long since' outlived.
should not be perpetuated.
Dealers Drive Cars From Factory.
Drive-away days at the motorcar
factories are' usually features of Spring
and Summer time, when pleasant
weather, as well as business exigencies,
suggest this means to secure prompt
deliveries. However, the Paige-Detroit
Motorcar Company reports the
fact that the demand for cars just now
is so great that In spite of severe
weather many dealers are driving
away their allotments rather than wait
fo- the regular means of delivery.
"-"Thin- 1 1 tr " It
ll.isia.", )llailHII..Sl,,s.,,,,l,,,,My
Each is a job of individ
ual refinement.
Built on the eight-cylinder
Chassis that 'is among
the most popular in
Its consistent Derf orm-
ance has won for it this
coveted recognition.
In the big seven-passen- F. O. B. Factory $1695.00
ger model or in the cozy, roomy body for four, your expectations will be exceeded
for action for appearance for economy of maintenance.'
And the personal ervice given each customer of ours is proving the "buy word"
among prospective owners, who realize the importance of selecting a car from a
concern with' adequ'ate means and facilities to render that service.
A special job will be ready to show this week. No obligation of course-if you
ask to see it. .
Factory Distributors of the Line Complete
Broadway at Couch St : Portland, Oregon
F. W. Vogler, Pres. c. M. Menzies, Sales Mgr.
Autos May Be Seized for Cer
tain Classes of Debts. .
Chattel Mortgage Filed on, Lltened
Vehicles Follows I'roperty and
Is In Effect in All Coun
ties of State.
All connected directly or indirectly
with automobiles, including owners.
dealers, garage men and accessory deal
ers alike, will be interested in making
a study of the new automobile lien of
Oregon, which is to. become effective
on .May 17 as a result of action taken
by the 1917 Legislature. Many of the
automobile interests of Portland were
instrumental in having- the law adopted.
Following are the provisions of the
"Section 7497. Every person, firm or
corporation who has expended labor.
skill or materials, including automobile
tires, upon any chattel, or has furnished
storage for said chattel, at the request
of its owner, reputed owner or author
ised neent of the owner, or lawful pos
mmmmmmvmm mmmmm
iMMiiiisiiiiiMiii.siiinsiimi sim
sessor thereof, shall have a lien upon
said chattel for the contract price for
all such expenditure. or in the
absence of such contract price for
the reasonable worth of such ex
penditure for a period of one
year from and after such expenditure,
notwithstanding the fact that the pos
session of such chattel has been sur
rendered to the owner, or lawful pos
sessor thereof.
"Section 7300. Every person who Is
In possession of a chattel under an
agreement for the purchase thereof,
whether the title thereto be In him or
his vendor, and every other person
iho is in lawful possession of a
chattel shall, for the purpose of this
act.' he- deemed the owner thereof, or
authorized agent of the owner and the
ttn of every person, firm or corpora
tion as provided in section 7497. as
herein amended, shall be superior to
and preferred to the rights of the per
son or persons holding the title thereto,
or any lien thereon antedating the time
of the expenditure; provided in said
section 7497 by such lien claimant; pro
vided, however, that the lien filed under
the provisions of section 7497 and 7498
of Lord's Oregon Laws as amended
shall only have such priority over a
chattel mortgage duly recorded prior to
the date of the expenditure claimed
under the lien while and during the
period said lien claimant retains pos
session of the chattel, and not other
wise, and provided further, that no lien
for automobile tires shall have priority
over such recorded chattel mortgage."
This chattel mortgage recording act
will be effective. 90 days after the ad
journment. The usual method Is followed In
filing a chattel mortgage with the
County Clerk. The provision added to
section 7405 of Lord's Laws Is as fol
lows: "Provided, that when such chattel
"ISfiQ Alost T3ecadiful Gxr in, JlrnericaS
Paige cars are manufactured as carefully as the finest Swiss
watches. Only the most expert mechanics are employed in
the factory and practically every labor-saving device known
to modern shop practice has been installed to insure eco
nomic production. . ,
The Paige Car is superby built. For that reason it is a glutton
for hard work and constant service.
The Paige Car is superbly designed. For that reason it is uni
versally recognised as "The Most Beautiful Car in America.
Stratford "Six-51" 7-passenger ?1645" f. o. b. Portland.
Linwood "Six-39" 5-passenger $1300 f. o. b. Portlarfd.
Fairfield "Six-46" 7-passenger 51525 f. o. b. Portland.
Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company, Detroit, Mich.
Paige Motor Sales Co., of Oregon
200 Broadway, cor. Taylor.
IsllHliLiilii HaLUlias'lJl
mm limy imiilliiiliiluli
mortgage shall create a mortgage lien
upon any migratory chattel required by
law to be registered with the Secretary
of State and license thereon issued by
him. a certificate of the County Cleric
r County Kecorder shall he made and
filed in the office of the Secretary of
State as provided In section 7406. and
when such certificate is so filed, the
mortgage lien of such chattel mortgage
shall be effective and follow said mi
gratory chattel property so required to
be licensed into any and all counties
of the state."
Good Roads AVell Worked Are Held
Partly Responsible.
LOS ANGELES, Cal.. Feb. 17. A
larger percentage of women drive auto
mobiles in Southern California than
any place In the world, according to
the estimates of Los Angeles dealers.
More than 16,000 cars are credited to
women drivers among the 79,000 that
are registered in the country.
The reasons assigned for the popu
larity of the auto with the fairer sex
are the good roads, the 14,000 signposts
that have been placed along 12.000
miles of highway by the -Automobile
Club of Southern California and a cli
mate that permits the use of pleasure
cars every day in the year.
Checks made along the state boule
vards leading to San Diego, 1S5 miles
south of Los Angeles, and San Fran
cisco, 500 miles north, show that th
women drivers do not confine their
trips to short distances, but enjoy their
cars in fullest measure. Dealers here
declare that milady's ideas in auto com
fort get more consideration in South
ern California than anywhere else in
the country.
tr- - V I
f 4k"l Ir'.SBK Y ty- S V3