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THIS week will be about as busy a
week as one could imagine.
Nearly all the large affairs, how
ever, will be of a social nature.
For Thursday, "In particular, there
will be a host of attractive events.
In the afternoon the Portland "Wom
an's Research Club will have an
elaborate colonial reception In the
home of Mrs. D. M. Watson. The same
afternoon the Daughters of the Amer
ican Revolution will assemble at
Alexandra Court for a reception. In
ai o:j o'clock, there will
o WHS DSQQUet M r thA , . 1 . . 1
Hotel for Mrs. Alexander Thompson, of
The Dalles. The same evening the
Monday Musical Club will have their
progressive patriotic-sing In five movie
houses, with a reception afterward at
the Hotel Portland.
The grade teachers' entertainment,
with its brilliant colonial features will
be held In the ballroom of the Multno
mah. Many who are planning to at
tend the banquet for Mrs. Thompson
will go to the teachers' party after
ward. The Oregon Congress of Mothers
(which is the state parent-teacher or
ganization) planned the banquet for
the woman, who was a member of the
Legislature this year. The federated
clubs are assisting them. Mrs. George
W. McMath appointed Mrs. F. S. Myers
chairman for the banquet. Mrs. Sarah
A. Evans, Mrs. J. W. Tifft and Mrs.
C. N. Rankin are members of the fed
eration who are on the committee and
are working for the success of the
banquet. It will not in any way" be a
political ffair, but a tribute to a
woman who, as the clubwomen say,
"has made good."
Reservations for the banquet may
be made by application to any of the
committee members or to Broadway
iuou. viners on me committee are.
jvirs. C. W. Hayhurst. Mrs. Thomas
Carrick Burke, Mrs. I. M. Walker and
Miss Viola Ortschild. Mrs. Burke will
have charge of the music for the occa
sion. David Starr Jordan will leave
the Stanford Club s banauet for a few
minutes o greet the guests at the ban
quet for Mrs. Thompson. The Mult
nomah delegation will be present.
Addresses will be made by several
prominent men. In fact, men will be
Quite in .evidence at this function.
The Portland, Woman's Club will
meet Friday afternoon in the Multno
mah Hotel.
' The business session will convene at
J o'clock, x i"
At 3 o'clock Mrs. Warren' E. Thomas
will give a brief talk on "The Per
ianal Note in Russian Music."
The address of the afternoon will
be given by William H. Galvanl on
George Hotchkiss Street will sing a
group of Russsian songs. "The social
committee will serve tea at the close
of the programme.
Marshalltown "Woman's Club 'will
meet on Wednesday at 2 o'clock with
Mrs. B. A. Henslee. 675 Rodney avenue.
Take U car to Monroe, walk one block
east. All women who formerly lived
in Marshalltown are Invited. The club
has delightful meetings.
Clinton-Kelly Parent-Teacher Asso
ciation will meet on Wednesday at 2
'o'clock. Miss Avis Lobdell will give
some open secrets that make railway
traveling easier. The programme and
features will be patriotic. Refresh
ments will be served.
Mrs. M. C. Banfield. Mrs. Albert M.
Brown, Mrs. Cora Bonney andIrs. Jen
nie Greenough were hostesses on
Thursday at the home of Mrs. Banfield.
The current literature department of
the Woman's Club were the guests.
Miss Geraldine Coursen presided at the
piano and Mrs. Taylor sang.
Parent - Teacher Bodies
Schedule Activities.
Social Service Department Will
Meet Thursday Clinton-Kelly As
sociation Mets Wednesday.
THE social service department of the
Portland Parent-Teacher circles
will meet on Thursday at 2:30 o'clock
in the Library, Each chairman from
each district is requested to have a
complete list of vacant lots and to re
port same. If the chairman cannot be
present, she is asked to send a repre
sentative. The vacant lots will be
planted with vegetables as part of a
system to reduce the cost of living.
The Hoffman Parent-Teacher Asso
1 elation held a most enjoyable meeting
on last Friday afternoon. An invita
tion had been extended for the mem
bers to come an hour earlier than usual
and to bring their sewing. A large
number responded and after the hour
of sociability refreshments were served
and the business meeting followed,
All the home economics meetings for
the Laurelhurst Study Club are post
poned until next month. Miss Ava
Milan, who was to lecture,' is ill and
will not appear.
Chapter F. P. E. O., will have guest
day next Thursday In the home of
Mrs. C. S. Wright, 540 Thompson street.
The Hawthorne Parent-Teacher As
sociation celebrated Lincoln's birthday
in Joint session with the pupils of the
school. The meeting was held in
Washington High auditorium. Profes
sor E. J. Hadley presiding. A handsome
flag was presented to the school. The
flag was saluted and patriotic songs
were sung with great enthusiasm. The
OgOWOOOOOOOOOOopoo000ooooo) a b8009Q0
, C&J7(T'c?&-?
speakers ofthe-day were Professor E.
P. Curtis, Mr. Noble, of the Spanish!
War Veterans, and the Rev. Thomas I
Jenkins.- At the business session of
the association the resignation of the
president, Mrs. W. IT. Hollam, wan ac
cepted and the first vice-president. Mrs.
R. W. Ewell, was installed as president.
The next meeting will be held March
14, in Hawthorne school.
Portland Shakespeare Study Club will
meet on Wednesday with Mrs. R. H.
Kaltz, 170 East Eighteenth street. Take
Sunnyside car to Seventeenth.
Shrove Tuesday, Custom of
Old Times, to Be Revived.
Guild of Grace Memorial Church
Will serve Pancakes an Was Done
When Lent Was Strict.
THE Latdies' Guild of Grace Memorial
Church, East Seventeenth and Weid-
ler streets, are planning a novel enter
tainment for Shrove. Tuesday, Febru
ary 20, with a revival of the old Eng
lish custom of serving pancakes that
The custom dates back to ancient
times when Lent was kept more strictly
than it is today by entire abstinence
from meat during the 40 days.
On Shrove Tuesday, the housewives
would use up all drippings that had ac
cumulated, in the frying of- pancakes,
to prevent its coing to waste. It was
revived in England at the time of the
Reformation, and that country Is about
the only one that still keeps up the
The committee in' charge are: Mes
dames T. Francis Drake. Allen B. Cut
ler, George Anderson, W. P. Jenkins,
O. H. Walstronv and Blodgett.
Refreshments will be served in the
parish-house from noon through the
afternoon so that the business men
may attend. The publia is invited.
The women of the White Temple and
their friends will celebrate Washing
ton's 'birthday with a reception and
Colonial dinner in the church banquet
nan at t:syt 1 nursaay. evening. Flags
and other decorations in National col
ors, together with Martha Washington
costumes, maidens in Puritan dress,
etc., will give a touch of the early days
of our country. A good programme
will be presented. The ) following
women will act as hostesses:
Mrs. Marian . K. .Bouter, Mrs. J. E.
Stevenson. Mrs. W. L Litzenberg, Mrs.
Fred Johnston, Mrs. O. C. .Wright. Mrs.
A. S. Heavener, Mrs. W. B. .Hinson,
Mrs. J. A. Finley. Mrs. W. E. Pearson,
Mrs. J. H. Sroufe. Miss Carrie Odell,
Miss Gertrude Jacobs. Mrs. W. H. Sieg-
ner, Mrs. James .falling, Mrs. F. C.
Knapp. Mrs. Robert Foulkes, Mrs. M. B.
Godfrey. Mrs. E. M. Runyan. Mrs. O. P.
M. Jamieson and Dr. Emma Mackie
Wick strom.
Mrs. Martha S. Gielow, who gave
readings and a talk for one of the
sororities and for the current litera
ture department of the Portland
Woman's Club, is an authoress of re
nown. Her book. "The Light on the
Hill," Is well known and her planta
tion stories are gems. Mrs. Gielow re
gards the mountaineers of the South as
the backbone of the country. She says
the Americans of the Appalachian
Mountains are unprepared for citizen
ship and that they should be given
more advantages. Mrs. Gielow has
done a great amount of work among
these people and knows whereof she
speaks. She founded the Southern In
dustrial Educational Association and
is its constant inspiration.
In addition to her educational 'and
social work she is a dramatic reader
Jfc - .. -' - - -V
, v ' & - - V-
yth:K h ',v Guest.
v. t i: - :
ofjotte? Stu'sjg'LzeZr.
of ability. On one occasion in England
Mrs. Gielow appeared before Queen
Victoria and was highly complimented
by her late majesty. She has read in
many of the homes of America's multi
millionaries and in educational insti
tutions. Just now she is visiting Mrs. Pres
ton Carter Smith and is being enter
tained by clubwomen and society
friends. .
Fulton Park Association met on
Tuesday in the school. The Blue Birds
of the Campfire Oirls. directed by Miaa
Edna Rice, gave the programme of folk
dances and shadow pictures of "Cinder
ella." Mrs: W. B. Meacham discussed
the ' "Value of Bible Stories." Miss
Mary Frances Isom discussed the use
fulness of the library to a community
and answered questions. Mrs. Ruby
Shearer Brennan gave "The Legend of
the Apple Blossom." A social hour fol
lowed, during which the visitors were
interested in the hyacinths wnjch the
school, children had planted in October
and were in bloom for Valentine's day.
The Montessorl Association met last
Monday night at the home of the pres
ident. Mrs. C. H. Farrington. 483 East
Twenty-fifth street. Mrs. Farrington
read Dr. Montessori's lertnre on "The
Organization of Work and Spontaneous
Production of the Child" and members
responded to roilcall with quotations
irom Dr. Montessori's writings. Mrs. C.
H. Campbell sang and Miss Probst gave
two, piano solos. Mr. and Mrs. H. T.
-Keott and Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Gram were
Thursday afternoon the Yoncalla
Priscilla Embroidery Club was enter
tained - by Mrs. George Harshbarger.
Those present were: Mrs. J. E. Clarke.
Mrs. L. A. Bass. Mrs. May Daugherty,
Mr'VE" 3: ravis- Mr8- Kd Kelso. Mrs.
f. E. Lauman. Mrs. Frank- Marshall.
Mrs. Masten, Mrs. Joseph McCourt, Mrs.
O. F. Thiel, Mrs. W. E. Richards. Mrs.
J. T. WeStfall Mr Tfuh.. Wshm X...
George Applegate. Mrs. J. B. Bishop.
- .,xniei, Mrs. f ranK Cook and
the hostess. Mrs. Harshbarger.
Colonial Tea Will Be Event
of Thursday.
Portland Women's Research (Inh to
Hold Affair at Mrs. D. M. Wat
son's Home.
THE Portland Women'a Research
Club will give a colonial tea on
Thursday, February 22. between the
hours of 4 and 6, at thfe home of Mrs.
D. M. Watson, 251 Cornell road. This
,M -s g'ven ror the benefit of the
Oregon Prisoners' Aid Societv nH th
scholarship loan fund, and an admis
sion of 25 cents will be charged.
The committee on arrangements has
made elaborate plans for this affaii-
which Include an attractive programme
of colonial music arranged by Mrs.
Herman A. Heppner.
Presiding at the tea table will be
Mrs. Robert Berger, Mrs. M. J. Dela
hunt. .Mrs. D. ' B. .McBride and Mrs.
Charles Dant, all wearing Martha
Washington costumes. Six Puritan
maids Mrs. Edgar H. Anderson. Miss
Mildred Anderson. Miss Helia Berger.
Mrs. Ralph Rutledge, Miss Grace Miller
and Miss Melba Westengard will as
sist about the rooms. ,
In the receiving line will be mem
bers of the club's board of directors
and Mrs. E. Mr Baker, all represent
ing colonial dames. Members of all
women's organizations in the city are
cordially invited to attend this tea.
One of the most delightful and inter
esting meetings of the Trav-il-leres
Club was held Tuesday, when Mrs. D.
S. Shope entertained the club at a Vai-
entine party and luncheon. The rooms
were profusely decorated with red car
nations and ferns, while festoons of
hearts were suspended from the chan
deliers to the mantle, and clever little
cupids with arrows peeped from the
corners of paintings and photos. Pre
ceding the luncheon the members sang
"America." The president proposed a
toast to the hostess. Mrs. George S.
Forest, a former member of the club,
and now residing in Eugene, sent
greetings and a toast for each member.
The programme was as follows: Vocal
solo, Mrs. L. L. Dutcher: "Origin of St.
Valentine's Day." Mrs. E. C. Clement:
Valentine story, "Messages of Love."
Mrs. J. B. Altman; reading, Mrs. Will
iam B. Wrjght; character song, with
Mrs. E. D. Allen as "Gretchen" and
Mrs. H. B. Manchester as "Heinle." as
sisted by Mrs. O. C. Bortzmeyer and
Mrs. W. O. Lake. The next number
was the drawing of an original valen
tine by each member. Mrs. Bortz
meyer was awarded the prize for her
effort. One of the most enjoyable
pleasures of the afternoon was the
presence of Mrs. William M. Addis, the
president,Vfter an illness of more than
three months. The programme con
cluded with a song by Mrs. William
Shepherd, violin accompaniment by
Mrs. D. F. Shope. The hostess was
assisted by her daughter. Miss Glen
Shope. and Miss Sullivan. The next
meeting will be held at the home of
Mrs. W. O. Lake in March.
At the annual meeting of the Fort
nightly Club of Eugene Mrs. George
McLean gave the annual report. The
election of officers for the ensuing
year brought for the following result:
Mrs. F. M. Wilkins. president; Mrs. El
len McCornack, vice-president: Mrs.
Ralph Martin., recording secretary; Mrs.
J. McLellan Henderson, corresponding
secretary, and Mrs. C. I. Collins, treasurer.
Baptist Mission Society to
Observe Anniversary.
Luncheon Will Be Served at Multno
mah Hotel on Tuesday.
THE 40th or ruby anniversary of the
American Woman's Baptist Home
Missionary Society will be' celebrated
on Tuesday with a large luncheon at
12:30 o'clock in the Multnomah Hotel.
Mrs. O. P. M. Jamison, state director
of Home Mission work for Oregon, will
be hostess and introduce the speakers,
who will respond to the following
toasts:. -"Ruby Chips.", Mrs.. C. A.
Wooddy, cnalrman . of the . Woman's
Home Mission''' Council. 1 Portland;
"Greetings From the Columbia River
District of the Woman's American
Baptist Foreign Mission Society." Mrs.
James Failing; "A Message." Mrs. D.
C. Latourette. secretary. of the Colum
bia River district of the Woman's
American Baptist Foreign Societv:
"The Pearl of Great Price." Mrs. A. M.
Petty: "Forty Memorial Stones." Miss
Carrie O. Millspaugh, district secretary
of the Woman's American Baptist
Horns Mission Society, of Chicago;
"Gathering Pearls in the Hopi Land.v
Miss Anna Nelson, missionary among
the Indians In Arizona: "In the Lapi
dary's Shop." Mrs. T. S. Hopkins. Id
ministration officer of Southern Cali
fornia. In the evening there will be a big
rally at the White Temple of all the
Baptists in Portland and their friends.
Everybody will be welcome. Mrs. Hop
kins will speak on "The Ruby the Em
blem of Sacrifice." and Miss Anna Nel
son win give her Illustrated lecture on
the Indians in the Hopi reservation.
The annual convention of the Con
gressional Union or the Woman's
Party will be held, in Washington,
March 1. 2. 3 and 4. A large delegation
of voting women, accompanied by un
enfranchised women, will go to the
vvnite Mouse Sunday. March 4. imme
diately after the President has taken
the oath of office, to ask him to begin
his second term with action on the Na
tional suffrage amendment. The dele
gation will be led by Miss Anne Mar
tin, c Nevada, and other leading wom
en .voters. Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont, of
New York: Mrs. Florence Mayard
Hilles, of Delaware, and Mrs. J. A. H.
Hopkins, of New Jersey, will sact as
spokesmen for the unenfranchised
women. Dr. Florence Man ion, the local
president, may possibly attend the con
vention. A Joke is told on one ot the local
clubwomen, who went with the com
mittee to greet the Congressional Union
speakers who came through -here last
year. She was with a group of others
on tne Highway trip and Senator Far
rel. to be a good host and a good fel
low, bouxht everyone there a member
ship in the Congressional Union. The
clubwoman said, "But I am a member
of the other association." "Never
mind," replied the genial Senator, "be
long to both. And the woman had al
ways declared she "had no use for that
Congressional Union." However, she
still belongs to both.
Miss Edna Monroe recently was elect
ed a member of the Y. W. C. A. board
as a representative of the business girls
of the association. Miss Monroe is a
member of the Y. W. C. A. Gearhart
Club and was one of the active work
ers in that club which turned In 1140
to the association for their annual
budget during the recent campaign.
Teas and all manner of affairs for
the benefit of the scholarship loan fund
of the Salem Woman's Club are still
occupying an important place in the
social life of tle Salem clubwomen. The
members of the Study Club were enter
tained Wednesday afternoon at the
j, :
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i if , . r
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A mi
.... " vx vtf
t)ne of the important events of Thursday will be a Colonial tea, to bo
given at the home of Mrs. D. M. Watson, for the benefit of the Portland Wom
en's Research. Club. Mrs. Edgar H. Anderson and a bevy of other pretty young
women wilt. Assist as "Puritan Maidens."
home of-Mrs. Frank J. Miller. The pro
gramme, for the afternoon covered the
study of "France and Belgium." After
the study hour music was enjoyed.
About 10 members gathered for the
meeting, Mrs. W. T. Neil, of Portland,
being asked as a guest of the club.
The reorganized Mayflower Club will
meet on Monday night in the Hotel
Portland, parlor E. Those who beY
long to the reorganized club are asked
to attend.
The Co-operative League entertained
at a large card party yesterday in the
Hotel Portland.
Mrs. B. S. Nichols entertained the
Rosoburg North Side Club recently at
a birthday party.
Prineville Prepares to Enter
tain Federation.
Central Oregon Club Women longer
to Kltrnd Hospitalities.
CLUBDOM of Prineville is looking
forward with intense interest and
making preparations for the entertain
ment of the expected meeting of the
state convention to be held there this
Fall. . ,
The members of the Ladies' Annex
Club, who will be the official hostesses,
will be ably assisted by the Shumias.
which, over Beven years agu. was the
first club in Central Oregon to fed
erate and whose delegates during this
time have been trying to prevail upon
the "powers that be." to partake of the
proverbial hospitality of Central Ore
gon's pioneer -people in Prineville.
The Ladies' Annex Is actively en
gaged in 'securing new members and
Its effort is to make or It the
largest club in the state. Seven new
members were added at the last meet
ing. At the invitation of their presi
dent. Mrs. Margaret Elklns, Mrs. Ada B.
Millican read her report of the biennial
convention held in New York. The
members have planned a luncheon to
be held some time In April to which
an invitation will he extended to all
federated clubs ofhe country to partici
pate, co-operate and arrange for the
entertainment of the coming federa
tion. The Shumia Club was recently enter
tained at the "wigwam" of Mrs. Ada
B. Millican and the members spent the
afternoon in listening to reminiscences
of their hostess In recounting the ad
ventures of a Western "tenderfoot" on
her trip across the continent. This con
cluded with a beefsteak luncheon, the
beef coming from the Hereford herd
at their stock ranch at Millican.
The "wigwam" was profusely dec
orated with cut flowers and greenery,
the latter, ferns, myrtle, salal and
Orrfzon grape, coming from the child
hood home of the hostess near Rose-
burg. They were also remembered by
Miss Virginia Drake, of Seaside; who
with kinnlkinnlck and other ever
greens, sent the following greeting:
Th Klnnl-Klnnlcs send ereetlnts to the
Chlf Milllf-nn has Rlvon
irat stories of your fume.
Wo know you well. Shil-ml-ns.
Py word and deed and name.
Otir ey are evpr furninic
To I'rinevolle's out-ptrthed hand, '
Where we can sit In council
And Join your little band.
Until then hr' our Krectlnit.
Shu-mt-as brave and true.
We hope to hre your wlicwams
And smoke the pa-e pipe. too.
At the meeting of the Shumias held
In the domestic science rooms of the
high school last Saturday, with Miss
Ada Wild, of the Crook County High
School faculty, as hostess, it was voted
that Mrs. Millican respond to the greet
ing of Miss Virginia Drake.
To th iww lnirer-nf 'he tribe of th
Klnni-Kinnicka. benlde th setting aun:
Where the mountains meet the water
Of Pai'ific'a peaceful atrund;
You. whose trlbeleta eat. tha salmon
And lodge amongst the forest grand.
We thank you for the blood-red berry.
Moss and salal bright and green.
Thank you for the words of greetings
To our tribe you've never seen.
We Shu-ml-aa love your waters.
Love your foreata. fish and atream: .
We. whose wigwama bound the deaert
2hHdaL sage and rlmrock ait and dream
Of the -coming of the council. " -
Of the great chiefa We anal! aee
From the eaat. weat. north and southland
Coming to our 11-ll-he.
Welcome to our waiting wlgwatnl, t .
Singer by the setting sun. II
Of the best we have we'll give you
From the "Heart of Oregon."
A local scholarship loan fund has
been In operation in the Shumia Club
for nearly two years and many high
school girls and boys of the county
have taken advantage of it and through
this have been enabled to prosecute
their studies and finish their course In
high schools.
A vote of congratulation was ex
tended by letter to our recording sec
retary of the state federation. Mrs.
Alexander Thompson, who, as a member
of the rregon Legislature so ably rep
resented the women of Oregon and by
her ability and versatility has verified
the prediction made by those contend
ing for equal suffrage that all men
(and women! are created (and arol
equal. rhumia officers for this year
are: Mrs. Kova Brink, presjdent and
Mrs. May J. igle, secretary.
e ,
Members of the Monday History
Club weie entertained at a Lincoln's
birthday luncheon at the Y. W.a C. A.
Monday by Mrs. A. H. Steadma'n.
Place. cards were tiny flags, draped
about a small picture of Lincoln.
White and red carnations were the
other decorations.
Those present were Mrs. A. H. Stead-
man, Mrs. A. W. Goddard. Mrs. . G.
Birrell, Mrs. James Muckle. Mrs. K. C.
Goddard. Mrs. Cora Puffer, th" presi
dent. Mrs. D. A. Bond: Mrs. J. Allen
Harrison, Mrs. Percy W. Lewis. Mrs
H. A. Hale. Mrs. H. C. Clair, Mrs E. L.
Lane, Mrs. Samuel Connell. Mrs. J. M.
A. Laue. Mrs. L. It. Hunt. Mrs. A. L
Thurlow. Mrs. I A. McKinney and
Mrs. J. E. Bennett. Each answered
to roilcall with a quotation by or about
Lincoln. The absent members are Mrs.
J. P. Finley and Mrs. Amedee Smith,
who are in California.
The club was organized 17 years
ago. The study for the year of 1917
is South America and miscellaneous
' Under the capable leadership'of Mrs.
W. W. Pearce. the Ladies' Auxiliary of
the North Portland Commercial Club
has become both a social and a civic
center for the community it represents.
Business meetings are held In the
Peninsula Park field house on the
first Tuesday evening of each month.
Subjects pertaining to general welfare
are discussed. Keen Interest Is felt in
the development of Peninsula Park, and
a spirit of hearty co-operation exists
between the auxiliary members and
the park authorities.
The women are giving a series of
informal dances this Winter in the
park gymnasium, on the first Satur
day of each month, to which they In
vite their friends. These affairs are
proving to be very popular.
Mrs. CharlesBasey. a member of the
Y. W. C. A. board, has Just retjrned
from a month's visit In New York City.
Mrs. W. D. Wheelwright also has Just
returned from her trip to California.
Mrs. Charles Scadding recently was
appointed a member of the lunch com
mittee. Mrs. J. T. Andrus. chairman of the
religious work committee, has gone to
California for a stay of several months.
Mrs. A. L. Maxwell, chairman of the
membership committee, is still East
visiting her children.
Roseburg '35 Mental Culture Club
held an interesting meeting recently,
when Mrs. J. E. Runyan contributed an
article telling of the problems and de
velopment of Russia and Mrs. T. M.
Ollivant read a very pleasing paper on
the recent sale of the famous Halsey
collection of prints at the Anderson
galleries in New York. Mrs. S. D.
Evans read a chapter from the annual
Federation report that contained much
of interest.
C. E. Coe. of the United States Indian
Agency, was the speaker on the pro
gramme for the afternoon.
The regular meeting of the May
flower Club will be held in parlor E.
Hotel Portland, tomorrow night at 8
o'clock. The object Is a social study
club. Officers are: President. Mrs.
Helen Jackson Banghart; first vice
president, Mrs. M. J. Doyle: second
vice-president, Mrs. J. D. Mann; sec
retary. Miss Irene Farmer; treasurer.
Mrs. M. J. Drlscoll.
All members belonging to the re
organized club are urged to be pres
ent. The club is enterprising and has
an enthusiastic and active membership.
Oak Grove-Mllwaukle Social Service
Club held its annual valentine recep
tion Wednesday af'ernoon in the City
Hall at Milwaukie. having as its spe
cial guests the Parent-Teacher circles
from the surrounding schools. A most
interesting progrmame. in charge of
Miss Amanda Oatfield, was enjoyed by
nearly 100 guests. It follows: Miss
Mary Price, piano solo; Oscar Woodfln,
vocal solos, a group of his own compo
sition: J. D. Stevens, grave scene from
Hamlet": readings. "Frenchman's
Toast." "Clarence's Dream": Mrs. Ca
bal, vocal solo; Mrs. Baldwin, author
of "Money Talks,' address on "Banking
J. R. Snyder. Mayor of Milwaukie.
was unable to be present, so sent the
address of welcome, which was read
by Miss Oatfield.
Daintily laid tea tables, decorated
with appropriate valentine colors, were
presided over by Mesdames Clara
Bushnell. J. R. Alexander. W. W.
Thompson, Frank Dayton, Froman and
Miss Alice Waldron.
The Tuesday Afternoon Club held its
annual business meeting and election
of officers on February 1 at the home
of Mrs. H. L. Travis, 701 Sixtieth street
North. The following officers were
elected for the next club year, to as
sume office next October: President,
Mrs. Ben Riesland: vice-president, Mr
W. L. Marshall; eecrevary, Mrs. J. B.
Laber; treasurer, Mrs. William Cava
naugh. After the business meeting, the fol
lowing programme was enjoyed: A
paper on the "Periodicals of the Early
Eighteenth Century." by Mrs. William
F. Ames, and selected readings fronj the
writings of Addison and Steele, by Mrs.
B. F. Bernard.
At the conclusion of the programme
refreshments were served and a tpclal
hour was enjoyed. The club will hold
its next meeting at the home of Mm.
W. L. Marshall. 254 Stout street, on
February 20 at 2 P. M.
a '
Willamette Chapter. Daughters of
American Revolution, held a large and
Interesting meeting Wednesday at the
home of Mrs. W. A. Evans. 74 4 Mont
gomery drive, with several members as
assistant hostesses. After the business
session Mrs. Herron read Washington's.
-ueciaratlon or Thanksgiving Day.
and Mrs. Baird gave a resume of the'
influence of Presidents' wives as fac
tors In our history. A social hour fol
lowed. One of the largest meetings of the
year was the Valentine tea given by
the Holladay Parent-Teacher Circle
Friday. A business hour was held
first. Musical numbers were given by
the upper grade classes under the
direction of Miss Josephine Roche. Miss
Pauline Pease gave a helpful and in
teresting talk on "The High Cost of
Living and Its Remedies." A social
hour over the teacups followed.
Mrs. Martha Gielow. a distinguished
visitor from the Southland, addressed
the members of the current literature
department of the Portland Woman's
Club on Thursday at the meetting in
the home of Mrs. M. C. Banfield. Mrs.
Helen Ekln .Starrett read from some
of her writings and Nettle Greer Taylor
The meeting of the Presidents' Con
ference, which meets on the fourth Sat
urday of the month, will be omitted for
this month in order that the members
may attend the luncheon given for Miss
Ida Tarbell by the Pennsylvania So
ciety at Multnomah Hotel on Saturday.
A limited number of tickets have been
placed at the disposal of the confer
ence. -
a -
The Coterie will meet on Wednes
day at 11 o'clock in the Multno
mah Hotel. Ella Hoberg Tripp will
sing. Mrs. Schuyler Spence will read a.
paper and Mrs. A. E. Braden will give
humorous readings.
Portland Research Club had a de
lightful luncheon on Friday with Mrs.
George Lilly. The decorations were
artistic and unique. Mrs. C. C. Scott.
Mrs. J. Hamilton and Mrs. Glenn G.
Townsend contributed to an attractive
programme. ,
Kerns Parent-Teacher Association
will meet Tuesday afternoon at 3
o'clock. Miss Pauline Pease will make
an address on "Foods." It will be an
interesting subject for all the mothers
of the community.
Next Friday night will be club night
for Y. W. C. A. girls. Members of all
of the different clubs will meet for
their annual club stunt night, and prep
arations are being made for one grand,
good time.
Portland Psychology Club will meet
next Thursday in room A. Central
Library. "Re-embodiment" will be the
Y. W. C. A. Notes.
for Y. W. C.
party was given
. girls on Tuesday
evening. The social committee had the
affair in hand. The room was beauti
fully decorated with festoonings of
red hearts. A pleasant feature of the
evening's programme was several read
ings given by Mrs. G. J. Frankel. The
games and the refreshments were sug
gestive of St. Valentine's day. It was
an evening of hearts.
The quarterly meeting of the Bar
bara Hick Women's Bible class of the
Sunnyside Methodist Sunday school
was a Valentine party at the residence
of Mrs. L. E. Gotham. 11S2 Mixter
street. Fifty-five were present. A
delicious luncheon was served.
Mrs. L. E. Oliver, the president, pre
sided at a short business session. Mrs.
K. F. Lane was chosen chairman of the
calling committee, and Mrs. Stella
Greer of the flower committee. Mrs.
E. R. Martin Is the efficient teacher.
s 9 m
Portland Women's Political Study
League met Tuesday in room A. Cen
tral Library, where all future club
gatherings will be held. Mrs. E. II.
Frazell occupied the chair in the ab
sence of President Nolan.
The club topics ranged from the
agitating "cost of living" to the per
plexities of the money standard. Del
vln Peterson, of Reed College, set
forth the cost of living, which he said
had increased. 60 and 60 per cent the
past 20 years. The high cost of living
was blamed on supply and demand.
Miss Eleanor Bald winafoneluded her
instructive talks on "Money."
Creston Parent-Teacher Association
will meet on Tuesday at 2:30 o'clock.
A Vlctrola entertainment for the chil
dren will precede the business session.
The regular meeting of the Portland
Railroad Women's Club will be held in
Central Library, room E. at 3 P. M. on
Friday. The subject will be "Psychol
ogy." The speaker, Florence Sullen
berg, will give a talk on mental force.
P. E. O. affiliation day was celebrate-J
In the home of Mrs. John P. Whitlock.
Chapter M entertained. Mrs. McCaw
sang. Others who took part In the
programme were Miss Katherine Davis.
Miss Beatrice Klrkup, Miss Mickey,
Miss Nettie Foy, Miss Skinner and Mrs.
Wilfrid Jones.
s s s
Chapter E. P. E. O. Sisterhood, en
tertained at & party for 35 at the home
of Miss Jean McKercher. Valentines,
appropriate for the day were the fea
tures. Music, games and special at
tractions made up the programme.
Miss Avis Lobdell addressed Wood
lawn Association on Friday. On the
first Tuesday in March the association
'will hold an all-day meeting to sew
for the teachers' rest room.
All members of Woodlawn Parent
Teacher Association are requested to
send articles for a poor family to room
16. Woodlawn School. Monday morning,
Miss Ida Tarbell will be entertained
at a luncheon at the Multnomah Hotel
on Friday.
s s
Creston Association will meet on Fri
day at 2:30 P. M.