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Professor J. B. Landfield to
Tell of Notables Known.
WIS. MM I' . W- V 'V -y-,
Cameron Defense Charges
Jesse Troeh Alienated Mrs.
Cadwallader's Affections.
Ex-Husband Accuses Wealthy Tlm
berman of Undue Attentions and
Joy Rides While Woman
Was in His Employ.
The defense for James E. Cameron,
rvell-to-do timberman. accused by
Charles L. Cadwallader of alienating
the affections of Mrs. Cadwallader
affections valued at $50.000 executed
a flank movement yesterday when it
charged that Jesse Troeh and not Mr.
Cameron stole the love of Mrs. Cad
wallader, and, further, that Mr. Troeh
paid Mr. Cadwallader $1000 to avoid a
threatened suit.
This accusation, which the defense
maintains it is prepared to prove, was
made in the opening statements of At
torneys John McCourt and Elton Wat
kins to a Jury in the court of Circuit
Judge Davis. Testimony in the suit
will begin Monday morning.
The alienation suit was begun after
Mr. Cadwallader had secured a divorce
from hia wife, November 25, 1916, on
grounds of desertion. In his opening
statement to the jury Mr. McCourt al
leged that the reason for the alleged
desertion of Mrs. Cadwallader was the
failure of her husband to support her.
He went on to assert that before the
divorce proceedings were begun by Mr.
Cadwallader that Mr. Cadwallader had
accused his wife of being Intimate
with Jesse Troeh and had demanded
of Mr. Troeh money as the alternative
of a suit.
Date of Note Given.
The attorney charged that In April,
1916, Mr. Troeh gave Mr. Cadwallader
his note for $1000 to avoid trouble.
The defense holds that Mr. Cameron
had no more interest in the young
woman than was natural in an em
ployer for an employe who had been
In his office several years. Mrs. Cad
wallader was a stenographer in Mr.
Cameron's employ before she was mar
ried, and remained in his employ after
Gifts of candy at holiday seasons
and other attentions, -Including "joy-
rides," are charged up to Mr. Cameron
bv Mr. Cadwallader. In a deposition
of Mr. Cadwallader, taken shortly after
the filing of the suit. Mr. Cadwallader
said the Joyrides he-remembered were
on two occasions, when Mr. Cameron
had called for himself and wife on a
Sunday and had gone for a daylight
trip out the Columbia River Highway.
Mr. Cameron paid for the luncheon on
one of these trips at Chanticler Inn,
and monopolized the conversation, tes
tified Mr. Cadwallader.
Tnxl Rides Also Charged.
Taxi rides were also alleged in the
complaint. In his deposition Mr. Cad
wallader said that Mr. Cameron had
sent a taxi for his wife to aid her In
going to work last Winter during the
heavy snow when car service was de
moralized. Another time, he said,
someone told him that his wife had
been riding in the automobile of Mr.
Cameron on the East Side. Mr. Cam
eron sent Mrs. Cadwallader home from
work in his private automobile driven
by his private chauffeur several times.
said Mr. Cadwallader.
Attorney Henry S. Westbrook ap
Dears for the plaintiff in the suit.
Mr. Cameron has timber interests in
Camas and Goldendale, Wash., and Is
president of the Cameron-Taylor Lum
ber Company, of Bull Run, Or. He is
married and has five children.
Reed College Girls Assume AH of
Men's Usual Prerogatives.
Reed College women will not only
assume equal rights at the dance which
they are planning to give March 4, but
also most of the prerogatives which
have usually been the sole right of
the men students. The girls have
taken it upon themselves personally
to invite the men of their own choos
ing and the only choice left to the
men is the old one which for ages has
belonged to their sisters, either ac
cepting or refusing the offer.
The women are assuming all the
financial responsibility and making all
the arrangements, even to filling out
the men's programmes for them.
For Biliousness, Bad Breath,
Colds, Indigestion and
Enjoy Life! Liven Your Liver
and Bowels Tonight and
Feel Fine.
Tour tongue Is coated! Look Inside
your watch cover and see! That's bad
Business. What have you been eating-
What were you drinking? What kind of
a lazy chair did you take exercise in?
How don't think it doesn't matter, be
cause, it's your bowels that talk now
evary time you open your mouth. That
doesn't help your popularity, nor your
earning capacity. Besides, a person
with bad. bowels Is in & bad way and
a coated tongue or a bad breath are
sure signs of bad bowels and poor di
gestion. Why don't, you get a 10-eent box of
Cascarets at any drug store and give
your liver and thirty feet of bowels the
nicest, gentlest cleansing they ever ex
periencedT Take one or two Cascarets
tonight and wake up feeling fine and
fit. All Headache, Dullness, Biliousness,
Bad Breath, Stomach Sourness, Cold
and Constipation gone wake up with
your head clear, tongue clean, stomach
tweet, liver and bowels active, step
elastic and complexion rosy.
Cascarets work while you sleep
never gripe or sicken. Cascarets act so
gently that you hardly realize you
have taken a thorough cathartic. They
don't bother you all next day like salts,
pills, oil or calomel Cascarets being
perfectly harmless is best children's
laxative. Adv.
, 4
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nfiHioMtanarft I "rCi, mil in i m in iiiililiiwMrliMililiilir-lifrrtiiLTnr 'nfi ;1jL'
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, r I It tH J -
Charles E. Cochran Is Presi
dent of Portland Club.
Real Service to Community Will
Continue to Be Policy for En
suing Twelve Months,
Says New Leader.
A year of results comparable to
those achieved during the year 1916
by the Portland Rotary Club, is prom
ised for the coming 12 months by the
new set of officers which was elected
at the annual meeting Tuesday night.
The new president of the organization.
Charles E. Cochran, defines the policy
and programme of Rotary as follows:
Rotary la a voluntary association
of business men chosen according to a
process designed to eliminate compe
tition and dedicated to the develop
ment in each member of a new capa
bility for service.
"The programme of the Rotary Club
for 1917 will major on three features:
"Information, Unselfishness and Ser
Members Business Leaders.
"The membership in the Rotary Club
comes from the business and profes
sional men of Portland. As a rule
they are the leaders in their line of
activity. If they are not such at the
time they become members, it is only
a question of time when they will be
come such by the practice of the ethics
of Rotary.
"The business man Is In danger of
becoming isolated by too close adher
ence to business. While he is as
straight as Euclid's line, which is the
shortest -distance between two points,
he is likely to become as narrow.
"Rotary insists that the business
man become informed, broadminded
and tolerant; that he know at all times
the condition of his own business and
understand the profession or trade to
which he belongs, sufficient to sur
vive competition and a growing desire
to increase his knowledge of all other
"Rotary finds expression in a right
eous regard for self-interest, without
selfishness.. They are good forgetters
of petty jealousies, cutting criticisms
and the little things which mar and
dwarf, and at once commend the en
deavors of any man designed to pro
mote the general welfare.
Community Service Proposed.
"Rotary proposes to be of real er
vice to the community. It will be in
terested in public afairs. It will not
become a partisan to persons, but will
to principles. Its members have
learned that the Income account in
business Increases in proportion to the
quality of service rendered, and have
laid it down as a rule: 'He Profits
Most Who Serves Best.' "
Other officials chosen at Tuesday
night's election are as follows: Vice
president. C. B. Walters: secretary, J.
I Wright; treasurer, Estea Snedecor;
assistant secretary. W. L. Whiting.
The secretary, treasurer, and assistant
secretary have all held office the pre
ceding year and Were re-elected.
Late Medford Man Descendant From
William Penn.
MEDFORD, Or., Feb. 17. (Special.)
William Angle, aged 77. died at- his
home here Thursday. Mr. Angle was
a native of Pennsylvania and a de
scendant of William Penn. He came
West as a young man and located In
He married Mary S. Walker Decem
ber 23, 1878. To this union five chil
dren were born, four of whom are liv
ing. He came to Medford in 1884 and
started the firm of Angle & Plymale,
general merchandise. He was In busi
ness for many years. He built the
Opera block. He leaves a widow, three
daughters, Mrs. Prudence Piatt, Mrs.
Katherine Gaddis and Mrs. Berniece
Howard, and one son, Charles F. Angle,
all of Medford: also one brother, L. L.
Angle, of Ashland.
Ashland Library Shows Growth.
ASHLAND, Or.. Feb. 17, (Special.)
The city Library circulated 31.226 vol-
r U ,
i&frdiMilHH,ii mitt. , . : . &iMKt&&XXtiA
umes In 1916, according to a report
filed by the Library Commission with
city authorities. Only two hooks were
lost, 35 being condemned. The institu
tion gained 585 volumes during the
year, mainly by purchase. There are
2916 specific borrowers' cards on file.
The state Library, through local chan
nels, has also been made available.
Mill Problems and Especially Car Short
age Will Be Topics Up for
The West Coast Lumbermen's Asso
elation will hold its regular monthly
meeting at the New Washington Hotel,
Seattle, on Friday afternoon, February
23. Preceding tnis association meeting
will be the annual meeting of the Fa
cific Lumber Inspection Bureau, the
certificate of which Is recognized by
practically every foreign government
and every exporter and importer of
lumber in the world.
It is announced that the association
meeting will be devoted primarily to
the discussion of mill problems which
now confront the industry, with special
attention being paid to the handling of
lumber at the mills, a problem said to
be constantly becoming more serious i
view of the car shortage and the con
tinual accumulation of unshipped
r O. P. M. Goss. consulting engineer of
the West Coast Lumbermen s Associa
tion, will be one of the principal speak
ers before the Northwest Mining Con
vention. at Spokane, Wash., on Febru
ary 21. Mr. Goss will discuss the use of
structural timber in mining operation
and also the increasing use of wood
stave pipe.
Son of Prominent Palouse Country
Banker Involved in Case.
LEWISTOX. Idaho, Feb. 17. (Spe
cial.) Preliminary examination has
been waived In Judge Erb's court by
Uladys Korteen and iarl Whitlow,
Pullman, Wash., on a serious charge,
and both were held to the District Court
for trial during the March term.
The defendants were arrested In Lew
iston on December 30 upon complain
of the woman's husband, who is also
a resident of Pullman. It was charge
by the husband that Mrs. Rodeen an
Whitlow occupied a-room at the Bol
linger Hotel, giving fictitious names on
the hotel register.
The families of both defendants are
socially prominent in the Palouse coun
try. Whitlow is the son of Mark Whit
low, one of the Commissioners of Whit
man County, and who has extensive
land and banking interests In the In
land Empire.
Pomeroy Plans 3 Days Celebration.
POMEROY. Wash.. Feb. 17. (Spe
cial.) Members of the Pomeroy fire
department received permission from
the City Council Wednesday to handle
the local Fourth of July celebration,
which will be staged for three days.
July 2, 3 and 4. Virgil Chenea, Paul
Rambo and Herbert Glllis compose a
committee to handle the festivities.
In proportion to Its size a fly walks
13 times as fast aa- a man, can run.
Discussions of Problems of Day
Also Are to Be Features of Lec
tures to Be Held at Little
Theater This Month.
"Turgenlev and Tolstoi" Is the sub
ject for the lecture which Professor
erome Barker Landfield, formerly of
the University of California, will give
at the Little Theater, Twenty-third
treet near Washington, on Monday at
o clock.
The lecture Is the third in a series
that Professor Landfield is giving In
Portland on notable Russian writers
and current events from observations
gathered by him in extensive travels
in Europe and Asia and from personal
contact with some of the leading Kus-
Professor Landfield married the Prin
cess Louba Lobanoff-Rostovsky, of St.
Petersburg (Petrograd) and the al
liance, together with his prominence
in research work, subsequently brought
him Into Intimate touch with the most
noteworthy of the Russian intellectual
and artistic leaders.
Intimate Touch Given Lecture.
These Intimacies are reflected in his
lectures on the Russian writers and
his talks on European current events
have the double value of being highly
Interesting and authentic. He is not
only a fellow of the Royal Geographic
al Society and a member of the Rus
sian Imperial Geographical Society,
but he Is a member of the American
Historical Association, the American
nstltute of Mining Engineers and a
member of the Phi Beta Kappa fra
ternity. He Is also a member of the
Delta Upsilon fraternity.
Professor Landheld led the mining
explorations in Kirghiz Steppes in 1898,
the Ural Mountains in 1899, the Chut
khotsk Peninsula, in Northeastern Si
beria, in 1900 and the maritime prov
inces In Eastern Siberia in 1907.
For some years he was Instructor In
history at the University of California,
ending that work in 1907 after a five
years term and taking up writing and
lecturing and varied explorations.
Professor Landfield has been brought
to Portland by Mrs. Walter Burrell and
Mrs. Clarence Jacobson and during his
stay in Portland he is the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. E. W. Lazell. 350 Thirty
second street North.
Current Events Discussed.
A number of Portland Intellectual
leaders are Interested In the Russian
literature just-at present, which is
largely responsible for the choice of
the lecture tomorrow afternoon on
Turgenlev and Tolstoi" and the subse
quent lecture Wednesday afternoon,
also at the Little Theater, on "Recent
Russian Writers."
On Friday night, February 22. Pro
fessor Landfield begins a series of cur
rent events talks In which a number
of Portland- men and women are in
terested. He will talk at the Little
Theater on "The Balkan Question. Rus
sia and the Slavs." On the evening of
Monday, February 26. his subject will
be "Germany. Austria and the Project
of Mittel-Europa." On Tuesday night.
February 27, his subject will be "The
Mexican Question, the Monroe Doctrine
and the American Foreign Policy."
"The Basis of End-uring Peace" will be
discussed, on the afternoon of February
28 as the probable concluding number
in the lecture series.
The lectures are arranged on a non-
profiting basis and are Intended to sat
isfy a research hunger of the intellec
tually inclined in Portland. The first
two lectures last week were largely
attended and were the Inspiration for
considerable social activity as well.
Mrs. SI. S. Haas, Formerly of Polk
County, Passes In Arizona.
COTTAGE. GROVE. Or., Feb. 17.
(Special.) Mrs. Matilda S. Haas, who
died at Kingman, Ariz., February 6,
and was buried at Mineral Park. Ariz.,
February 7, was born in Shelby County,
Ohio, -March 28, 1834, and crossed the
plains to Oregon with her parents,
William and Susanna Robinson, by ox
team in 1847.
She was married to Washington L
Riggs In Polk County April 29. 1849.
To this union were born seven chil
dren, of whom three survive: Ann C.
Hubbard, of Falls City, Or.; John L.
Rlggs. of Chloride. Ariz., and Leroy W.
Riggs. of Cottage Grove. She is also
survived by one sister, MA. S. J. Scott,
of Creswell. Or.
She was married about 1877 to James
W Hau in Mineral Park iri, at
C. w , tunerai lark. Ariz., at
which place she resided until death.
Frank S. Stone Is Dead.
SANDY, Or.. Feb. 17. (Special.)
Frank K. Stone died at his home, the
Tape's Cold Compound"
is pleasant and affords
Instant Relief,
A. dose taken every two hours until
three doses are taken will end grippe
misery and break up a cold.
It promptly opens clogged-up nostrils
and air passages in the head, stops
nasty discharge or nose running, re
lleves sick Ueadache. dullness, feverish
ness. sore throat, sneezing, soreness and
Don't stay 'uffed-up! Quit blowing
and snuffling! Ease your throbbing
head! Nothing else In the world gives
such prompt relief as Tape's Cold
Compound." which costs only 25 cents
at any drug store. It acts without
assistance, tastes nice, causes no Incon
venience. Be sure you get the genuine.
Don't accept something else.
Do You- Realize the Benefits and Delights of a.
Proper Morning Toilette?
'A FEW moments spent each morning In the
proper care of the mouth, throat and nasal
passages will go far toward making the en
tire day more pleasant and more worth while.
It will not only make you more comfortable, but
It will lend a feeling of exhilaration and pro
tect you from all manner of germ contagion,
such as colds and grippe, as well as the more
dangerous contagious diseases.
Try these suggestions for even two or three
mornings, and you will find them so beneficial
and pleasant that you will surely wish to con
tinue. When you first arise, go into the bathroom
and bathe, as Is your usual custom. Then
cleanse your teeth with Benetol Tooth Cream.
This is the only tooth cream in the world that
Is really antiseptic and germicidal iothers clnlnt
to be, but they cannot show any real germicidal
Now put from 12 to 20 drops of Benetol In
a glass and fill it with hot water. With
this, rinse your mouth and gargle your throat.
Drink what is left down to a small quantitv.
Dilute this still further by about 4 to 1. With
this, either use a nasal douche or snuffle It up
your nose to clear out all the accumulated
phlegm and catarrhal inflammation.
All Druggists Sell All Benetol Products and Recommend Them as the Best for
the Purposes for Which They Are Advised.
Manufactured Only by THE BENETOL CO., Benetol Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.
ii i :mn wrmmtmi ,vm i r i m. mn.j . n .. ......... i, i. in
., . 1-r-rft.M- -. - -. -.- !!, M , ,, , ,, -,,
Peek-a-boo farm, 10 miles east of
Sandy, on the Mount Hood road, Thurs
day, after a lingering Illness from
stomach trouble. Mr. Stone was 42
years old and had lived in this vicinity
several years. The funeral was held
from the home today.
Rldgefleld Girl Best Speller.
RIDGEFIELD. Wash., Feb 14. (Spe
cial.) A spelling contest was held here
last Friday In which the three best
spellers from the seventh and eighth
grades of the Pioneer school and the
three best from the local school met to
compete for the state spelling contest
to be held at Olympia, Wash. Miss Doro
thy Weber of the Rldgetleld school.
won and so will take part In the last
county spelling match to be held at
Vancouver next Friday. Miss Weber
In the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hosmer
H. Weber, of this place.
Convention Date to Bo Set.
The executive board of the Pacific
oast Claim Agents' Association will
City Physicians Explain
To Make Beautiful,
Quickly transforms the flabby flesh, toneless tissues, and pallid cheeks of weak, anaemic men and women Into n perfect
glow of health and beauty Often Increases the strength of delicate, nervoas, run
New Tc-rk. N. T. It Is conservatively
estimated that over three million peo
ple annually in this country alone are
taking Nuxated Iron. Such astonishing
I results nave oeen repontsu iruiu iia
h b aoctors and laymen, that a
lumber of physicians in various parts
of the country have been asked to ex-
I plain why th
plain why tney prescriDe n. bo ih
sively, and why It apparently produces
s mnrh hetter results than were ob
tained from the old forms of Inorganic
Extracts from some of the letters re
ceived are given below:
Dr. King, a New York physician and
author, says: "There can be no vigor
ous iron men without Iron. Pallor
means anaemia. Anaemia means iron
deficiency. The skin of anaemic men
and women is pale. The flesh flabby.
The muscles lack tone the brain fags
and the memory fails and they often
become weak, nervous, irritable, de
spondent and melancholy. When the
Iron goes from tl.e blood of women, the
roses go from their cheeks.
"In the most common foods of Amer
ica, the starches, sugars, table syrups,
candies, polished rice, white bread, soda
crackers, biscuits, macaroni, spaghetti,
tapioca. sago, farina, determinated
cornmeal, no longer is iron to be found.
Refining processes have removed the
Iron of Mother Earth from these im
poverished foods, and silly methods of
home cookery, by throwing down the
waste-pipe the water in which our veg
etables are cooked, is responsible for
another grave iron loss.
"Therefore. If you wish to preserve
your youthful vim and vigor to a ripe
old age. you must supply the Iron defi
ciency in your food by using some form
of organic iron Just as you would use
salt when your food has not enough
Dr. E. Sauer. a Boston physician who
has studied widely both In this country
and in prominent European Medical In
stitutions, says: "As I have said a
hundred times over, organic iron is the
greatest of all strength builders. It
people would only throw away habit
forming drugs and nauseous concoc
tions and take Nuxated Iron. I am con
vinced that the lives of thousands of
persons might be saved who now die
every year from pneumonia, grippe,
consumption, kidney, liver and heart
troubles, etc. The real and true cause
which started their diseases was noth
ing more nor less than a weakened
condition brought on by lack of iron in
the blood.
"Not long ago a man came to me who
was nearly half a century old and
asked me to give him a preliminary ex
amination for life insurance. I was as
tonished to find him with a blood pres
sure of a boy of 20 and as full of vigor.'
vim and vitality as a young man: in
fact, a young man he really was. not
withstanding hia age. The secret, he
said, was taking iron nuxated iron
had filled him with renewed life. At 30
he was in bad health: at 46 he wss
careworn and nearly all In now at 50.
after taking Nuxated Iron, a miracle of
vitality and his face beaming with the
buoyancy of outh.
i . s7 mm
Try These Special Suggestions
Jin fl SrCJ-?"4 -
Jfl Ml M u t"r v-
When you use Benetol as your morning mouth
wash and gargle, we would strongly urge that
you swallow a part of It. This will sterilize the
stomach and bowels, prevent stomach trouble,
dure dyspepsia. Indigestion, gas on the stomach
and ulceration of the stomach.
In fact, the more you use Benetol products, the
more you will value them as being far superior
to any others.
One trial of Benetol Ointment will convince
you that nothing has ever equalled this prepara
tion as a tonic for the skin. It Is an absolute
physical impossibility for a man to contract
"Barber's Itch" or any other contagious Bkln
disease if he uses "Benetol" or "Benetol Oint
ment." Try these suggestions rinse your mouth
gargle and swallow "Benetol." You will feel
so clean so sterilized so antlseptically clean
that you will never go back to the old way.
Full directions for the use of these articles
packed In every carton.
CAUTION Always Insist that your druggist
supply you with Benetol in the original red
meet Monday at 10 A. M. at 620 Elec
tric building, and will set the date for
the convention of the association which
is to be held here next Summer. Other
general plans for the convention will
be considered tentatively at this meet
ing also. Members of the executive
committee are: J. H. Handlon, of San
Francisco; A. M. Lee. of Seattle; F. M.
Hamilton, of Seattle: D. C. Davis, of
Tacoma; C. A. Blackburn, of Butte,
Mont., and T. G. Aston, of Spokane.
Paving of Morrison Link Is Con
templated. Proceedings are to be started at once
for the paving of Morrison street, be
tween Chapman and Stout streets over
a fill constructed about five years ago
between the grounds of the Multnomah
Amateur Athlgttc Association and the
old exposition building grounds. A
petition signed by the owners of th
Prescribe Nuxated Iron
Healthy Women and
down folks 200 per cent In two weeks time.
jgW-. fc2KX (tAJGi
"Iron Is absolutely necessary to en
able your blood to change food Into
living tissue. Without it, no matter
how much or what you eat, your food
merely passes through you without do
ing you any good, and as & consequence
you become weak, pale and sickly look
ing. Just like a plant trying to grow in
a soil deficient in iron. If you are not
strong or well you owe It to yourself
to make the following test: See how
long you can work or how far you can
walk without becoming tired. Next
take two five-grain tablets of ordinary
nuxated Iron three times per day after
meals for two weeks. Then test your
strength again and see how much you
have gained. I have seen dozens of
nervous, run-down people who were ail
ing all the while double their strength
and endurance and entirely rid them
selves of all symptoms of dyspepsia,
liver, and other troubles In from ten to
fourteen days' time simply by taking
iron in the proper form. And this
after they had In some cases been doc
toring for months without obtaining
any benefit. But don't take the old
forms of reduced Iron, iron acetate or
tincture of iron, simply to save a few
cents. The iron demanded by Mother
Nature for the red coloring matter in
the blood of her children is. alas! not
that kind of iron. You must take iron
in a form that can be easily absorbed
and assimilated to do you any good,
otherwise it may prove worse than use
less. Many an athlete and prixe-f ighter
has won the day simply because he
knew the secret of great strength and
endurance and filled his blood with
Iron before he went Into the affray:
while many another has gone down in
inglortous defeat simply for the lack
of iron."
Dr. T. A- Wallace, a physician of
many years" experience in this country
and who has been given many honor
ary titles in England, said: "I have
Kiven .Nuxated Iron a lair and pro-
M UmC tfMatf
Pii liinr. m rC
Fmste Hisitilt
rrs value. HUNDHIOS c
greater part of the ground was filed
yesterday with Commissioner Dieck.
The Improvement If put through will
be about 600 feet in length and will
connect Morrison street with Wash
ington street for traffic, which Is di
verted now because the stretch is not
paved. The plans call for the exten
sion of the tracks of the Portland
Railway. Light & Power Company
along the street, and this company
therefore will bear a large part of
the cost of the Improvement.
Coos Knights of Pythias to Meet.
MARSWFIELD. Or.. Feb. 17. (Spe
cial.) The Coos County Knights of
Pythias lodges have arranged to hold
their annual convention at Coqullle
February 19. when visiting grand offi
cer. Leslie E. Crouch and Jack Clark,
of Portland, will be present. The aft
ernoon will be devoted to business and
the evening will be taken up with a
banquet and a social time. One of the
oldest Knights of Pythias orders In the
state. Myrtle Lodge No. 3. Is located In
Strong Vigorous Men
longed trial. T have been
more than pleased with the
results and will continue its
Dr. Schuyler C. Jaques.
Visiting Surgeon of St. Eliz
abeth's Hospital, New York
City, said: "I have never be
fore given out any medical
information or advice for
publication, as I ordinarily
do not believe In It.
"But in the case of Xuxated
Iron I feel I would be remiss
' In my duty
not to
m e n t ion
it. T hav 1
taken it
and civ-
en It to
ni y pa
tients with
most furoris-
n&r and satisfac
tory results. And
those who wish
onicklv to Increase the!
Htrenartti. nower and en
durance will find it a
most wonderfully ef
fective remedy."
Dr. James, late of the United States
Public Health Service, says: "Patient
In an enervated and devitalized state of
health those, for instance, convales
cing from protracted fevers, those suf
fering: from & lonpr-ptandinff case of
anaemia, all such people, in my opin
ion, peed iron. Of lte,. there has been,
brought to my attention Nuxated Iron.
In practice. I have found this an ideal
restorative and upbuilding agent in
thse cases above mentioned
NOT K? Nuxated Iron, which n prescribed
and recommended above by physicians in
mich h icreat variety of rased. In not a. patrnt
meUlrine nor secret remedy, but one which
In well known to drujrsiats and hoM iron
constituent- are widely precrlbed by em
inent physician both in Kurope and Amer
ica. Unlike the older inorganic iron products
it la eaitly assimilated, rioea nut injure i he
teeth, make them black, nor upnet the
tnmarh; on the contrary, it is a mom. potent
remedy in nearly all forma of Indirection aa
well aa for nervous, run-down condition.
Tb manufacturers have auch rreat con
fidence in nuxated Iron, that they offer to
forfeit H0.m to any charitable Institution
if they cannot take any man or wumnn
under 0 who lacks Iron, and Increase thlr
Btrens;th 1im per cent or vr in four week
time, pro v Mef they have no serious organ 10
trouble. They also offer to refund your
money If it does not at least double our
strength and endurance In ten days' time.
It is dispensed in tuta city by Ike 6l Drug