The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, February 11, 1917, SECTION THREE, Page 2, Image 38

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erlne, Hart. Donald
Sterling-, R.
Mrs. John 6. Parke entertained Tues
day with a. luncheon in honor of Miss
Alice Tucker, now Mrs. Spencer Biddle,
and the following day. Wednesday. Mrs.
David T. Honeyman was a lunrheon
hostess, also complimenting the bride.
Tuesday nicht Mrs. Helen LrfMid Corbett
entertained for the couple. with are Or-
pheuiu box party.
A charrnlns affair of Friday night
was the dance piven by the members of
the Portland Heights Club for their
president, James K. Davidson and Mrs.
Davidson, the former of whon will
leave this week for his new post at
! Omaha, with the Electric Bond & Sharo
Company. Mrs. Davidson and the chil
dren will follow witmn a lew weens.
Friday night's dance was especially
Bay and interesting, an elaborate sup
per closing- the restlvitles. t-racticauy
every member of the club turned out to
bid adieux to their popular president.
A number of affairs have made the
week delightful for the popular couple.
the afternoons being devoted to
luncheons, teas and matinee parties for
Mrs. Davidson. Dinners and theater
parties in the eveninsr In which Mr.
Davidson has shared Vie honors have
marked the evenings.
Patronesses for Friday nlprht s dance
at the Portland Heights Club were:
Mrs. Arthur C. Spencer, Mrs. Allen M.
Ellsworth, Mrs. J. I McCool and Mrs.
Frank I Gollehur. The social com
mittee includes Mrs. II. V. Carpenter.
Mrs. D. A. Pattullo. Mrs. Omar C.
Spencer. Mrs. Brockwell Statter.'and
Mrs. James B. Iverr.
peutive hosts are preparing their lists
of guests, both for dinner parties to
precede the festivity and the box and
line parties that make the Eleventh
street Playhouse resplendent with mar
velous gowns and jewels. An interest
ing feature of the gowning of the stars
of the operas, especially that of the
Japanese drima donna, is the enormous
price and magnificence of one heir-
loom. It Is -valued at J13.000 and it I
came to petite Madame Tamakl Miura
through the friendship of a descendant
of an old Japanese noble family.
The gown was given to her by thia
descendant, and it is of the heaviest
of pure black silk, with most intricate
of needlework, -in which pure gold
thread is employed. Jewels stud many
of the center figures of the embroid
As she makes a specialty of the two
great Japanese roles In opera Cbo-Cho-San
in "Madame Butterfly" and
Iris in the opera of that name the
question of wardrobe is a paramount
And In the matter of wardrobe. It is
interesting to note that because of the
cradual transition from the ancient
mode of Oriental dress to the modern
ern rh ef the Uurooean. the famous
robes of former days having been dis
carded, the actors of the country are
now reputed to possess the best ren-4
resentative costumes of the old Jap
Miss Alice Tucker's wedding, which,
was a smart event oi lasi thrui. i
Spencer Biddle. was one of the most
unusual and attractive weddings of the
season. The bride, who is a charming
and lovely girl, was attended by her
sister. Miss Esther Tucker, Lewis Mills
actinir as best man. Dr. A. A. Morrison
Order your Spring Suit now. Full line
of Spring: and Summer materials and
Ladles Tailor. 407 K II era Bid sr.
VAiEXTIXE. the patron saint of
romance, mystery and setlment,
will rule supreme 'over the so
cial gaieties of this week. Around the
engaged girls and their consorts-to-be
the major ' portion of the festivities
will revolve, for there always must be
b. reason for social affairs. Visitors to
the city and those leaving, for their
homes or sojo&rns South or East also
will be included in the hosts" invita
tional lists. This week, however, no
other motif Is needed for entertain
ment, as St. Valentine- Is all-sufficient
excuse for all the frivolity that can be
crowded into seven days.
Spring, bringing in its wake the
most marvelous assortment of riotous
blossoms, beckoning to the passersby
from the shop windows, inspires many
of the hopitable matrons and maids to
entertain, for floral decorations play
an important part in the social life.
With a hostess it is- always the "time,
place and flowers," the other minor de
tails, such as personal adornment, be
ing secondary considerations, and what
better variety or more wonderful col
oring could be found anywhere! Even
the rare white lilac's fragrance reaches
beyond the portals of the doorways of
the florist's shop, suggesting restful
country lanes and farms in the early
morning, which brings us to the full
realization that the Lenten period is
upon us. to be quickly followed by
lOaster and. the early Summer vaca
tions. Among tbe events of. interest thai
ihave made the past week gay were
the splendid concert given by Hart-
ridge Whipp on Tuesday night at the
Masonic Temple, the luncheon at which
Miss Katharine Ecob was honor guest
on Monday, Mrs. John A. Keating, hos
tess: the dinner and theater party
civen Tuesday night by Charles S.
Holbrook in honor of Miss Mears and
Morman N. Kupp; the dinner and the
ater party, alc pa T.ueedaz 1 Xllo'lit,
given to honor the Gustav Simons; the
dinner dance for which Mr. and Mrs.
Harold W. Young were hosts on
Thursday night at the Multnomah Ho
tel; the dance complimenting the J. E
Davidsons on Friday night, for which
the - Portland Heights. Club offjeers
were hosts, and the wedding yesterday,
of Miss Alice Tucker and Spencer Bid
dle. which was a charming home af
fair. An event of Interest scheduled, for
this morning- is the cross-country run
to be taken by the members of the
Portland Hunt Club; starting at 9
o'clock from the riding academy and
finishing at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
James Nicol. Flrlock station, where
they will be entertained- at breakfast.
Later the assemblage of smartly at
tired equestriennes will be picturized by
the cinema man. who will represent
a large film exchange, the pictures to
be shown all over the country.
The premiere event of the week so
cially and musically is the recital to
morrow night at the Masonic Temple,
when the MacDowell Club will pre
sent Mrs. Thomas Carrick Burke and
Thomas Spiering in a piano and violin
Of paramount importance among the
Valentine festivities, is the annual Val
entine tea which will be given this
year at the home of Mrs. Helen Ladd
Corbett. A feature of the event is
the programme of dancing to be given
by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Grady, the
clever and artistic interpreters of the
art terpsichore.
On the same day the first of the se-
rlres of ' talks on Russian literature
and current events will be given at the
Little Theater by the celebrated Dr. J.
D. Landsfield.
!- . . -
Monday night was a gala one at the
Orpheum vaudeville, a number of prom
inent folk making up line and box par
lies, In. all cases, the festivities were
followed up by supper and dancing at
the Multnomah Hotel. One of the
largest parties was that given in hon
or of Mr. and Mrs. Gustav imon. who
left Thursday for California for ev-
eral months' visit. The party occu
pied two boxes, and included the Sim
ons, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ehrman. Mr.
and Mrs. I. N. Flelschner, Mrs. Sigmund
Frank, Mrs. Ludwlg Hirsch, Mr. and
Mrs. Fsederick Seller and Mr. and Mrs.
Julius Loulsson.
One of the upper boxes Vas occu
pied hy Mr. and Mrs. Winslow B. Ayer
and Colonel and Mrs. c E. e. wood
Miss Margaret Mears and her fiance,
Norman N. Rupp, were honor guests
for another ef the box parties. Charles
S. Holbrook was host for the affair
preceding the theater party with a din
ner at the University Club. Additional
guests were Mrs. Hazel B. Litt. Miss
Claire Wilcox and Jervia E. W. Stephenson.
One of the line parties was made up
of Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Wernicke. Miss
Ruth Teal. Miss 'Isabella Gauld. Mr,
and Mrs. M. E. Crumpacker, Miss Kath-
Spring Styles and
Materials 1
Choice Patterns ud
xne umi sijiea ZZ
Are New Being
Schweitzer & Eagin 1
Next Doer te the Uaaelwoad.
Society folk are taking a great deal
of Interest In the opera season, which
will open here at the Eleventh-street
Theater for three performances on
March 5. The Boston National Grand
Opera, with many Portland favorites.
will give this brief season of opera.
nd even at this early date the pros-
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belt and falls in sash effect over the left hip, the
ends being finished with green silk tassels. This
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