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NO. 6.
We Give S. & H. Green Trading Stamps With Purcheses Amounting to 10c or More Filled Books of S. & H. Stamps Redeemed in Cash in Gift Room, Fourth Floor Save, Your Trading Stamps
Bicycles, Tricycles, Coasters, Baby Carriages, Sulkies, Etc. Best Makes, Fourth Floor Kodaks, Cameras, and Supplies, Fourth Floor Manicuring and Hair Dressing Parlors, Second Floor
Appetizing Luncheon
served daily from 11:30 to 2:30 in the Tea Room on
the Fourth Floor. All foods are prepared in our own
spotless kitchens and only the very best of every
thing used. In planning your shopping tour don't
fail to include luncheon here. Reasonable prices.
The Standard Store of the Northwest
Olds, Wortman & King
Reliable Merchandise Reliable Methods
Portland Agents Bon Ton
& Royal Worcester Corsets
We show a full line of the popular models in these
two well-known makes. Consult our expert corset
ieres in regard to your new Spring Corset. See
special ad on page 5, section 3, of this issue.
Opening Exhibition of New Wash Fabrics for Spring 1917
Authentic Styles in
New Spring Suits
$15 to $65
Garment Store, Second Floor Notable evidence of this store's en
terprise is seen in this remarkable showing of the new Spring Suits
the largest and most complete display we have ever had so early
in the' season. Sport styles are again prominently featured for
Spring wear and here you will find the newest and cleverest mod
els in a wide range of the new shades. There are also the more
fancy cuts and those in tailored effects. Various materials gab
ardines, serges, poplins, flannels, wool Jersey, Summer Bolivia,
velours,- Borella cloth, etc. Belted and loose effects. Many very
smart Suits are made up in the fashionable checks and plaids.
New Spring Coats
$10.00 Up to $49.50
Garment Store, Second Floor Every day new Coats are. being
added to our already large stock. The styles embrace every new
and favored mode of the season. There are clever new Sport Coats
.in the fascinating new colorings plain and in checks, plaids and
stripes. The materials include the new Borella cloth, serges, pop
lins, flannels, gabardines and velours and also the ever-popular
mannish mixtures. Many of the new Sport Coats have novelty
belts and large patch pockets. All sizes. Priced $10 to $49.50
Spring Dresses
Garment Store, 2d Floor Charming, indeed, are these new
' I " - ' 1-1 ...wu.a, uunibj I". J . 1. . J " IL'I till, JJ. Jf labCObj
ming. Attractive styles in long-waisted effects with gathered orlij
nlaited skirts havine" sash which t.ies at front, nnrl hark TIcJ A
veloped in' Crepe de Chine, Taffeta Silks, Georgette Crepe,
Serges and Wool Crepes. Many are made up in com
bination of two or more materials. Dresses for street and
party wear. All leading colors. Prices range $12.50 to $49.50
Ml UJ Vil
Special Display of New Spring Waists
$2.49 to $10
m an
New Spring
2nd floor Taffeta and Silk Jersey
some have silk jersey top and taffeta
flounces. All the new bright tones,
plaids, changeables and stripes.
Scalloped, plaited and ruffed effects.
Prices range $3.69 up to $9.95
Dress Skirts
in tailored and sport styles made up
in serges, poplins, flannels, Khaki
Kool Taffetas and various other
materials. Priced $5.00 to $22.50
Garment Store, Second Floor Dainty Waists of Georgette crepe in the
newest Spring shades particularly in the smart bright tones so much
in demand. Also beautiful Waists of crepe de chine, taffeta silks,
fancy striped wash silks and khaki-kool silks. Many are shown in com
binations of various colors. Some are effectively trimmed with touches
of hand embroidery, others with fine tucks, laces, etc. Novelty styles
for dress occasions, also tailored models. Full range of sizes. The
prices for these dainty Waists range from $2.49 on up to $10. OO
AT $3.(59 there are any num
ber of beautiful new Waists made
up in crepe de chine, Georgette
crepe, taffeta, laces, chiffon and
net. All the new shades, such as
Nile, peach, rose, mustard, etc.
AT $5.00 you may choose from
great many handsome new Waists
in crepe de chine, taffeta nets,
Georgette crepe and various other
materials. Tailored and novelty
styles. Full range of sizes in lot.
Another Lot of Waists
At $2.98 M
On Sale Monday at the Bargain
Circle on Main Floor
Not a Waist in this entire assortment but
is worth much more than the sale price. Great
many different styles, ranging from the tail
ored models to those appropriate for evening
wear. Materials include Georgette crepe, crepe!
de chine, taffeta silks, nets and laces. (T
Extra special for Monday's selling at P'
I Garden-Making Time Is Drawing Near
Garden Tools
Third Floor Our new Spring stock of Garden Tools is now ready Rakes, Shovels, Hoes,
Spading Forks, Trowels, Turf Edgers, Pruning Shears, Cultivators, Grass Hooks, etc.
best of materials each tool thoroughly tested in every process of manufacturing and is
guaranteed to be free from defects. Look over your stock of Garden Tools list the arti
cles you need and let us quote you prices. S. & H. Green Trading Stamps with purchases.
-Long or Short Handle Shovels for 800
-Long or Short Handle Spades for 800
-Garden Hoes or Rakes priced at only 300
-Spading Forks, long or short handle 800
-Lawn Rakes, regulation size, only 5O0
-Turf Edgers of best quality, priced 750
-Cultivators, 6O0; Ladies' Spades at 300
-Grass Hooks or Grass Shears only 350
-Pruning Shears best quality now at 3O0
-Weeding Hoe, extra strong, priced 350
-Long-handle Garden Trowels priced 200
-Trowels at 100; Potato Hooks only 8O0
-Dandelion Diggers, long handle, at 150
Garden Hose
We are prepared to supply your needs in
Garden Hose at lowest possible prices. In
anticipation of present high cost of ma
terials we placed our orders many months
ago. If you are going to buy Garden
Hose this season right now is the time to
do so, before further advance in prices. We
have all grades and all sizes. GET OUR
PRiCES. House Wares Dept., Third Floor.
Headquarters for Sherwin-Williams Paints
ESa l y XfssS
for Spring
One Fashionable Model
As Illustrated
A C-l f New Lace Boot
Sll- JJL J for Women. Vamp
of black Trostan calf and tops of
gray buck. Imitation tip and
vamp is daintily pinked. A very
smart new boot for street wear.
Shown in a complete range of sizes.
A Of t New lace boot on
rXL PJ. JL the popular "New
York" last. Medium high straight
heels with neat narrow toe. One
style on this last has vamp of
coca brown calf with tops of
brown buck. Very dressy for all
occasions. Full range of sizes.
REMNANTS of Embroideries,
Remnants of Laces, Remnants of
Dress Trimmings, Remnants of
nants and Short Lengths brought
to light by inventory will be closed
out Monday at BIG REDUCTIONS
IN PRICES. See special tables ar
ranged in rear Ribbon Dept., 1st Fl.
See 5 Big Windows on Alder Street!
ing Days in the Wash Goods Store a formal presenta
tion of the new season's choicest weaves in the most
comprehensive exhibit ever held in the city. In order
that you may have some, idea of the importance of this event
we direct your attention to an extraordinary display of Wash
Fabrics in five large windows on Alder street. SEE "THEM!
New Sport Fabrics
12V2C to 60c Yd.
NEW SPORT STRIPES in all the leading colors for dresses,
skirts, waists, etc. These are sure to be very popular, so don't
wait until the best are picked out. Shown in ginghams, per
cales, Devonshire cloth and in crepes. PRICES range from
120 to CO0 yard. Aisle of Cottons, on Main Floor.
NEW SPORT FABRICS Plain colored voiles in all the new
shades gold, chartreuse, orchid, bisque, hockey, shadow green,
old rose, navy. Thirty-six inches wide. Priced at, yard 500
it! qjs:
New Silks
On Display
Indications point to a strong
demand for silks the coming
season particularly for pongee,
La Jerz and kindred weaves. We
have the popular silks in all the
wanted colors for Spring.
New Pongees
Plain white Pongee, imported
quality, 27-inch. Prices range
from $1.50 up to $2.50 yard.
36-inch Imported White Pon
gee, $1.75 to $4.00 yard.
Imported Pongee Silks in nat
ural color. Prices range from
790 up to $4.00 yard.
. La Jerz Silks '
This is one of the very new
and desirable silks, particularly
adapted for sport apparel. Plain
colors only. Priced, yard $3.50
KhakuKool Silks
Shown in many clever new de
signs and in plain colors for
sports apparel. The yard $4.00
New Spring Laces
and Embroideries
Main Fldor New shipment just
opened fine embroidery edges,
insertions, headings, beading edges,
baby flouncings, dress flouncings,
allovers , and camisole embroider
ies in every wanted width and vast
range of patterns. Popular prices.
Complete showing of new Cotton
Nets for dresses, waists, linings,
etc., widths range 36, 45, 72 inches.
New Curtain Lace Edges and
fine shadow lace edges in ecru
and white, narrow and medium
widths. Also Cluny laces in splen
did assortment of patterns. Prices
range from 50 up to 100 yard.
New Val Lace Edges and Inser
tions 2 thread and fine diamond
meshes. Good assortment of
patterns in this special shipment.
"Nevatare" Silk Nets
Special $1.49 Yd.
Main Floor Another big shipment of these splendid nets just in by ex
press. Dressmakers and women who do their own sewing will do well
to supply their needs now while the wanted colors are here. "Nevatare"
Silk Nets give satisfactory wear and are used extensively for evening
dresses and waists also for linings. They come full 72 inches wide
and are to be had in practically all the new Spring shades T1 AQ
as well as black and white. Priced very special, the yard only PAT'
Metaline Cloth, 88c Yard
Main Floor Metaline Cloth is used very often in conjunction with
"Nevatare" Silk Nets for evening and party frocks and fancy waists.
These are shown in 36-inch width in various colors to match the above
nets. For a short time we offer Metaline Cloth at Special 880 and
$1.35 yard. Mail orders will be filled at these very special prices.
Boys' Wash Suits
for Spring
Chambrays, Linens, Repps, Cheviots
And Madras Cloth Ages 2 to 8
Main Floor One of the many attractive styles is
shown to the right. Fresh new Spring merchandise
just out of the boxes. Shown in great many models.
Long or short sleeves, high or low collars. Plain
blue, white and tan, also in novelty stripes. Prices
for these Boys' Suits range from $1.50 to $3.75
Boys' Wool Suits
$5 to $15
Boys' Store, Main Floor We are now ready to fit
your boy with a new Spring Suit. The styles are
varied and the fabrics and patterns are most at
tractive. Particularly smart effects are to be'eeen
in the new mixtures and novelty weaves. Belted Nor
f oiks are again the favorite. All have sport pockets.
Ages 6 to 18 years. Prices range $5 to $15.00
Beautiful Imported Zephyrs at 29c Yard
New Ginghams, 12, 15c, 19c Yard
Main Floor Imported Zephyrs in
delightful new colorings. Plaids,
stripes, checks and plain colors for
dresses, skirts, waists, etc.
Priced at, special, the yard
Main Floor New ginghams in
vast assortment of patterns.
Standard qualities that will laun
der and give satisfaction in every
way. New plaids and plain colors.
Prices range 120 to 190 yard.
Dainty Printed Voiles at 35c to $1D0 Yard
New Oriental Crepes, 29c Yard
Main Floor Rich Oriental hand
woven crepes our direct importa
tion. Shown in all the new sport
styles and in plain colors ' to
match. Ask to see these ' new
crepes. Priced at 290 yard. .
New Madras Cloths, 25c, 35c, 40c to 60c Yard
New French Batistes, 35c, 50c Yard
Main Floor Dainty voiles in all
the new printed effects, also
plaids, stripes and old-fashioned
Paisley patterns. Excel
lent assortment to select from,
350, 400 up to $1.00 yard.
Main Floor Special showing of
new madras cloth. These are es
pecially desirable for waists and
skirts also for men's shirts.
Priced 250 to OO0 yard.
Main Floor New French Batiste
Tor lingerie white, flesh and
blue. Prices range 350 to 5O0
yard Linen Auto Suiting 45 inches
wide brown, blue, tan 500 Yd.
Beautiful New Silk-Warp Crepe de Chine and Chantilly Crepes just in.
Knickerbocker Voiles and Beautiful Printed Crepe de Chine. All colors.
New Devonshire Cloth in great variety of patterns. Price 250 yard.
New White Goods
Main Floor Complete showing of all the staple plain weaves, also
novelty effects. New Voiles, Silk-Warp Crepes, Gabardines, Silk
Striped Madras, Organdies, Seed Voiles, Marquisettes, Japanese Nain
sook, Pearline Cloth, Cloister and Monastery Cloth New Flaxona in
Plain and Fancy Weaves, Nainsooks, Dimities, Lawns, ' Longcloth, etc.
Linens, Towels, Sheeting
splendid heavy quality. Perfect
goods, absolutely free, from dress
ing. A limited quantity on OO,
sale, 2 yards wide, yard O-
PILLOW Cases at special prices.
CHILDREN'S Bath Towels with
fancy colored borders
at Half Price, special
LARGE SIZE Fancy Check Bath
Towels, blue or pink. Priced TQ-
special now at low figure of
Women's Silk Hosiery
Famous Kayser Make
Monday the pair
Center Aisle Main Floor Here is a bargain in silk hose that will at
tract the attention of all thrifty women, for there are stockings in this
lot which formerly sold at double the sale price. Odd lines in the cele
brated "Kayser" make in black and colors, also a big lot of tan silk
hose in another well-known make No telephone orders or mail orders
accepted for this special. Women's Silk Hose of excellent qual- (PI
ity in good range of sizes, priced special for Monday, the pa: - P .!.'-'
Next Wednesday Will Be St. Valentine's Day
lc to 25c
The Center Circle, First Floor,
will be given over to a great spe
cial showing of Valentines tomor
row and Tuesday Greetings, Fa
vors, Score Cards and hundreds of
other novelties for the occasion,
ranging in price from 10 to 250.
Also special display of Valentine Decora
tions, Second Floor, and Fancy Valentine
Boxes in the Candy Department., 1st Floor.
Give the Heart Full Sway on
St. Valentine's Day
In our book stock you will find a large assortment of appropriate
books for, Valentine Offerings, in prices 25c to $5, comprising books of
Poetry, Sentiment, Art Gift and Travel Books, Newest Copyrights,
dainty selections from the Classics, etc.
Some A ppropriate New Fiction
Louise Dutton $1.35
'. Booth Tarkington $1.35
Grace Richmond .... ' $1.25
Wescott $1.35
J. J. Bell.
The Book Shop, Main Floor