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Mr. Reames Says Natives Are
Not Considerate of Feel
ings of New Citizens.
First House of Worship Was Built on East Ankeny Street Between Tenth and EleTenth Streets Since Then the
Growth of Denomination Here Has Been Rapid Church Now Labors in 92 Countries.
Loyalty ol Everyone Is Expected by!
Government and Chances for
Trouble to Be Avoided by
Proper Precautions.
t Is not an act of good citizenship
to taunt naturalized citizens on the con
ditions that exist in their native coun
tries or on the conditions that have
arisen between their countries and the
United States at this time," declared
Clarence L. Reames, United States Dis
trict Attorney, addressing- the Civic
League yesterday, on the duties of citi
zens of the United States In the present
diplomatic crisis.
"It is not fair play to egg them on
by taunts or discussion and then to
hold them to too strict accountability
for what they may say under the stress
of anger or excitement. Citizens who
have behind them many generations on
this soil, cannot realize the keenness of
the tragedy that may be In the heart
of the naturalized citizen In the face of
the diplomatic conditions that may have
Accused Are Often Goaded.
"Usually in the Investigation of cases
In which treasonable or incendiary ut
terances were alleged to have been
made, in the past few days, I have
found that the persons who made them
have been goaded to the point of des
peration In argument and I have found
that they freely admitted having made'
the utterances attributed to them, but
that they were equally earnest In their
assertion that they did not mean seri
ously what they had said, but that it
bad been spoken under stress of wrath
and grief because of the arguments or
taunts of people who knew them to
have been born in the country with
which the United States is now in
volved in serious diplomatic trouble."
Mr. Reames declared erroneous the
people that his actions since the sev
erance of diplomatic relations with
Germany had been unwarranted.
Orders From Washington Read.
He read the telegram which the De
partment of Justice had sent. Instruct
ing him to take all necessary precau
tions to preserve the peace of the Fed
eral Government under the unusual cir
cumstances that have arisen.
He cited the Federal laws which give
power to the Federal Judges and com
missions to inquire, into the facts of
any case in which anyone is threaten
ing to commit a breach of the peace or
Is believed to be contemplating such
action; and the authority of the United
States Marshal to make arrests and
take other measures necessary to cope
witn tne situation.
"Most of the threats that have been
made and have been reported to us.
are declarations that public buildings
will be destroyed, rioting encouraged or
participated In and other methods used
to embarrass the Government, in the
event of more serious trouble arising
from the severance of diplomatic rela
lions." said Mr. Reames.
Trouble to Be Prevented.
"As I have said, most of these threats
that have been Investigated have been
made in the heat of anger and irrita
tlon with no idea of their ever being
put Into execution.
"Nevertheless any man or woman
who makes such statements can be ar
rested by the Federal authorities and
Jield before the Federal commissioner
in bond to keep the peace.
"The Government la not going to run
amuck and does not contemplate using
his broad power to harass anyone In
Oregon; nevertheless, Uiere Is no choice
of action for the Federal officer when
It comes to a clear case of being obliged
to inconvenience an Individual citizen
In the prevention of the possible carry
ing into execution a threat against the
peace of the Government. When the
case Is clear, the Individual citizen will
be restrained no matter how much It
may inconvenience him.
i "I would urge that this is no time for
careless argument back and forth, or
for entering into controversies which
may result in the exasperation of one
into reckless and misguided utterances.
It Is a time for cool-headedness and
Loy nlty From All Expected. N
"The United States has a right to
expect complete loyalty from all her
citizens, whether native born or natur
alized. "Although we have all the necessary
power to deal with people making
threats against the peace of the Gov
ernment, I do not actually expect a
rase to arise In which It will be neces
sary for this power to be exerted In
Its fullness."
It was announced by the programme
committee that Ida Tarbell will be in
Portland February 24 and will address
the league. The programme next Sat
urday will be devoted to a discussion
of the open and closed-shop question.
I II. - i IS t m
, m ... ...,..-,....,
n v , ji ttk , ii i I
Jf- if r f - t ' . I
Former United States Senator Mason
Pioneer in Pure Food and Drugs Legislation, Father of Rural Free Delivery System
Takes Nuxated Iron
to obtain renewed strength, power and endurance after the hardest fought political cam
paign of his life in which he was elected Congressman-at-large from the State of Illinois.
The results he obtained from taking Nuxated Iron were so surprising that
THE Hayward-Dart Bible prophecy
lectures at Arcanum Hall, Thir
teenth and Washington, have now
been In progress two weeks. The talks
are interesting and the singing Is
The history of the Seventh-Day Ad
centtsts in Portland is not without its
Interesting features. Elder T. ' H.
Starbuck, one of the pioneers in the
Northwest, says that the work was be
gun In this section In 1876.
The Central Church of Seventh-Day
Adventlsta was organized about the
year 18S2. Its first house of worship
was located on East Ankeny street,
between Tenth and Eleventh. Ten
years later this congregation had out
grown this building and found it neces
sary to seek a new home. Two lots
were donated for that purpose at the
corner of Eleventh and East Everett
tstreets, and in 1893 a new church with
seating capacity of 500 was erected.
The growth of this congregation neces
sitated the remodeling of this build
ing In 1914, increasing its capacity
about 200.
Services In German.
During the year 1887 a few German
believers in the Central Church with
drew, and with others organized a
church in Albina, on Skidmore street
and Mallory avenue, where they could
hold services In their owr language.
This church now has a membership of
90. In 1892 about 20 members of Cen
tral Church withdrew, and with others
living In the new suburb of Montavil
la shortly afterward built a church
which is now located on East Eightieth
and Everett streets.
For several years the Scandinavian
believers have conducted their serv
ices In their native tongue in a small
Iiocation in Chamber of Commerce
Building to Be Taken.
Although the lease has not yet been
signed, it is known that the Canadian
Bank of Commerce has made arrange
ments to occupy the present quarters
of the Hartman & Thompson Bank in
the corner of the Chamber of Com
merce building, and that extensive
plans are being completed for elabo
rate fixtures.
No announcement has been made as
to the location that will be taken by
the Hartman & Thompson Bank, but
It Is reported that this institution will
occupy quarters in the same building
which It now occupies across the hal
on the ground floor.
Major V. M. C. Siva, manager of the
building, as well as the officials con
nected with both banks, refuse to make
announcement of their plans until the
agreements are signed. E. L. Thomp
son. as announced some time ago, is
retiring from the Hartman & Thomp
con firm.
church located at Sixty-second and
Thirty-ninth avenue.
In 1911 a considerable number with
drew from the Central Church and
formed a church at Lents, with a
membership of 59, where they soon
built on Marion avenue and Blumauer
boulevard. About 1900 a number of
persons who held membership in the
Central Church began to hold services
In Portland Sanitarium, where they
were engaged in carrying on the inter
ests of that Institution. These finally
formed a church organiztion, and
when the new sanitarium was erected
at East Sixtieth and Belmont a chapel
room was provided wherein this church
regularly meets for worship They
number 34. ,
It was in 1915 that the West Side
or "Tabernacle" congregation formed
themselves into a church body, and
they now number almost 150. Not
having a meeting-house of their own,
they occupy rented quarters, holding
their services In the Knights of Pythias
hall at Eleventh and Alder.
St. Johns Una Church.
Very soon after the organization of
Central Church there wa a small con
gregation assembled at St. Johns and
built a small house for their accom
modation within the limits of the old
town; but within the last three years
a new and commodious church has
been erected on Central avenue and
Charleston street, where the congre
gation, now numbering 65, assembles
for worship. .
Adventists believe that the news of
Christ's near return Is to go to all the
world, and they have set themselves
to the task of taking it to the world.
They have entered more than 90 coun
tries and are working In 126 lan
guages. They operate mission sta
tions in every country where a mission
of any Protestant denomination is
maintained, and in seven where no
other has entered.
The Seventh-Day Adventist general
conference was organized in 1863. It
was then composed of six conferences
in one country (the United States), em
ploying 30 laborers, having 125
churches, with a total membership of
3500, and the annual contributions
amounted to $8000. There was then
one publishing house, and the annual
literature sales were $3000.
At the close of 1915 the denomination
was conducting work in 92 countries,
employing 9476 laborers.
The present series of lectures will
continue each evening, except Monday
and Tuesday, through February and
Nuxated Iron Should Be Made Known to
Every Nervous, Run Down, Anaemic
Man, Woman and Child.
Opinion of Doctor Howard James, Late of
United States Public Health Service, Who
Has Prescribed and Thoroughly Tested
Nuxated Iron in His Own Private Prac
tice. WHAT SENATOR MASON SAXS: to grow In a Boll
"I have often said I would never rec- deficient In Iron. If
ommend medicine of any kind. I be- you are not strong
lieva that the doctor's place. However, or well, you owe it
after the hardest political campaign of to yourself to make
mv life, without a chance for a vacation, tne ioiiowing resi.
I had been starting to court every morn- See how long you
ing with that horrible tired feeling one j;S n walk with
cannot describe. I was advised to try ut bec0ming tired.
Nuxated Iron. As a pioneer in the pure NextT take two five
food and drug legislation. I was at first grain tablets of or
loath to trv an advertised remedy, but dinary nuxated iron
after advising with one of my medical three times per .day
friends, I gave it a test. The results after meals for two
have been so beneficial in my own case weeks. Then test
. ... . . m I -. J . . r i 1 1" a T r n ti tr T n .0ain
i m&ae up my mina 10 iet my ineuua .w0.. w
know about it. and you are at liberty to and see how much
publish this statement if you so desire, you have gained. I
I am now lxy-fiv years of gc. and I have seen dozens of
feel that m remedy which will bolld up nervous, run-down
the tr -gth and Increase the power of people who were
rndara of a man of my an should ailing all the while
be lino to every nervous, run-down, double t h air
anemic in. woman and child." strength and en-
Senator Mason's statement in regard aur"-
to Nuxated Iron was shown to several " Q aof
physicians who. were requested to give ' f,0" 5
their opinions tnereon. ?iri' trhi, in
T)r Howard James, late of the United ; .
States Public Health Service, said: ii"" d""v8- time
"Senator Maaon is to be commended fimply by taking
on handing out this statement on mux- ir0n in the proper
ated Iron for public print. There are form. And this.
thousands ol men ana women wno nera after they had in
a strength and blood-builder, but do some cases been
not know what to take. There Is noth- doctoring for
ing like organic iron Nuxated Iron months without ob-
to give increased strength, snap, vigor, taining any benefit.
andT staying power. It enriches the jjut don't take the
biooa, brings roses to tne cneens or 0j,j forms of re
women ana is an unraiung source or
renewed vitality, endurance and power
for men who burn up too rapidly their
nervous energy in the strenuous strain
of the great, business competition of
the day!
Dr. King, a New Tork physician and
author, said: "I heartily indorse Sen
ator Mason's statement In regard to
Nuxated Iron. There can be no vigor
ous iron men without iron. Pallor
means anemia. Anemia means iron de
ficiency. The skin of anemic men and
women is pale: the flesh flabby; the
muscles lack tone; the brain fags, and
the memory fails, and often they be
come weak, nervous, irritable, despond
ent and melancholy.
"In the most common foods of Amer-
candies, polished rice, white bread, soda won the day Bimply
...... u hiariitt tnucornnt wno f Vioti I because he knew
tapioca, sago, farina. degermlnated the secret of great
cornmeal. no longer is iron to be found, strength and en-
Kefining processes have removed the durance and ' filled
Iron of Mother Earth from these im- his blood with iron
poverished foods, and silly methods of before he went into
noma cooicery, oy inrowing aown tne
waste plpV. the water in which our veg
etables are cooked, are responsible for
another grave iron loss.
"Therefore, if you wish to preserve
vour youthful vim and vigor to a ripe
old age. you must supply the iron defi
fiency in your food by using some form
of organic iron Nuxated Iron Just as
you would use salt wnen your xooa nas
not enough salt."
Dr. Sauer, a Boston physician who
has studied abroad in great European
medical institutions. said: "Senator
Mason is right. Aa I have said a hun
dred times over, organic Iron is the
greatest of all strength builders.
"Not long ago a man came to me who
was nearly half a century old and asked
me to give him a preliminary examina
tion for life insurance. I was astonished
to find him with the blood pressure of a
boy of twenty and as full of vigor, vim
and vitality as a young man; in fact, a
young man he really was, notwithstand
ing his age. The secret, he said, was
taking organic iron Nuxated Iron had
filled him with renewed life. At
30 he was In bad health; at 46 he
was care-worn and nearly all In. Now
at 60, after taking Nuxated Iron, a
miracle of vitality and his face beam
ing with The buoyancy of youth. Iron Is
absolutely necessary to enable your
blood to cnange rood into living tissue.
Without it, no matter how much or what
youeat your food merely passes through
vou without doinar you any Eood. You
don't get the strength out of It, and as a
consequence you Decome weaK. pale ana
sickly looking, just like a plant trying
1 ' - , v
Formtr United States Senator Wm. E. Mason, recently eletud
Member the U. S. Congress from Illinois.
duced Iron, Iron
acetate or tincture
of iron simply to
save a few cents.
The Iron demanded
by Mother Nature
for the red coloring
matter in the blood
of her children is,
alas! not that kind
of Iron. You must
take Iron in a form
that can be easily
absorbed and as
similated to do you
any good, otherwise
it may prove worse
than useless. Many
an athlete and
prizefighter has
From the Congressional Directory, published by the
United States Government "Wm. E. Mason. Senator
from Illinois, was elected to the 50th Congress in
1887, to the 51st Congress in 1891 defeated for the
52d Congress 1892 elected Senator to the oath Con
gress 1S97 to 1903."
Senator Mason is now Congressman-Elect from the
state of Illinois.
Senator Mason's championship of Pure Food and
Drugs legislation, his fight for the rural free delivery
system, and his strong advocacy of all bills favoring
labor and the rights of the masses as against trusts
and combines, made him a National figure at Wash
ington and endeared him to the hearts of the working
man and the great masses of people throughout the
United States. Senator Mason has the distinction of
being one of the really big men of the Nation. His
strong endorsement of Nuxated Iron must convince
any intelligent thinking reader that it must be a prep
aration of very great merit and one which the Senator
feels is bound to be of great value to the masses of
people everywhere, otherwise he could not afford to
lend his name to it. especially after his strong advo
cacy of pure food and drugs legislation.
Since Nuxated Iron has obtained such an enormous
sale over three million people using it annually
other iron preparations are often recommended as a
substitute for it. The reader should remember that
there is a vast difference between ordinary metallic
iron and the organic iron contained in Nuxated Iron,
therefore always insist on having Nuxated Iron as rec
ommended by Dr. Howard James, late of the United
States Public Health Service: Dr. Schuyler C. Jaques,
Visiting Surgeon of St. Elizabeth's Hospital. New
York, and other physicians. In this connection Dr.
Howard James says:
"Iron to be of the slightest value to ths human svs
tern must be in a combination which may be easily
assimilated. In the case of metallic salts of iron, iron
acetate, etc.. It is very doubtful if sufficient actual Iron
can be taken up and Incorporated into the blood to be
of any service, especially in view of the disadvantages
entailed by Its corrosive action upon the stomach and
the damaging effect upon the dental enamel. When,
however, we deal with Iron in organic combination,
such for instance as the albuminate, or. better still,
Nuxated Iron, a far different story is told. We will
observe no destructive action upon the teeth: no cor
rosive effect upon the stomach. The iron is readily
assimilated into the blood and quickly makes its pres
ence felt In increased vigor, snap and staying power."
the affray: whil'
many another has
gone down In In
glorious defeat sim-
Fly for the lack of
Dr. Schuyler C.
Jaques, Visiting
Surgeon of St.
Elizabeth's Hos
pital, New York
City, said: "I have
never before given
out any medical in
formation or advice
for publication, as
I ordinarily do not
believe in it- But in
the case of Nuxated
Iron I feel I would
be remiss in my
duty not to mention
it. I have taken It
myself and given it
to my patients with
most surprising and
satisfactory results.
And those who wish quickly to
increase their strength, power and en
durance will rina 11 a most remarKaDie inaiKeation as wen as for nervous, nin
and wonderfully effective remedy." down condition. The manufacturers have
such frreat confidence in nuxated iron that
mey oner to rorleit SluO.OO to any charit-
et the stomach: on the contrary. It Is a
moat potent remedy in nearly all forms of
Cultivation of Vacant Lots
to Be Urged This Year.
Berlin, Ont., Becomes Kitchener.
Patriotic fervor is assigned as the
reason for the change of the nam
of the town Berlin, in WesternOntario
Canada, to Kitchener. The Daily Bul
letin, issued by the Postoffice Depart
ment at vv asningion, u. contains
notice that hereafter mail Intended for
delivery at Berlin should be addressed
to Kitchener instead, as there is no
longer a Berlin in Canada. The change
was made upon a vote by people of
that place.
Kansas City, Mo., finds it has only
100S school pupils with perfect teeth.
Of 17.024 pupils, 15,000 never use tooth
'Portland More Beautiful' Is Slogan
of Social Service Department of
Tarent-Teacliers AVlilcli Is
Promoting Campaign.
"Portland More Beautiful" Is to be
the slogan animating the activities of
a special committee appointed by the
social service department of the Parent-Teachers'
Council. The duty of
this special committee is to be the
promotion of the home, school, chil
dren and vacant-lot gardening move
ment in Portland this Spring.
The committee which is to have
charge of this phase of the work of
the Parent-TeaChers' Council is com
posed of Mrs. W. I. Swank, Mrs. C. J.
Devereaux, Mrs. Lee Davenport, George
I. Baker, V. F. Johnson and I A.
As a part of the plan, which contem
plates the substituting of garden plots
for weed patches on the vacant areas,
the city has been divided Into 54 dis
tricts, each presided over by a social
service worker, who will look after
the disbursements of the vacant lots
In their particular district, superintend
the garden work and planting of seeds
among those who are not familiar with
gardening, and generally supervise the
plan of cleaning up and beautifying
-the city. In addition it Is planned to
get a generous supply of garden and
other seeds for distribution, in time
for the early planting. These seeds
will be distributed from the Public Em
ployment Bureau at 504 Johnson street.
For the past three years the social
service department of the Parent-
Teachers' Council has conducted simi
lar work In Portland. Last year their
efforts were exceedingly successful and
they were instrumental in causing to
be planted many hundreds of home and
vacant-lot gardens. This year plans
are broader and it is intended, accord
ing to announcement made, to cover
every section of the city In an effort
to have all vacant lots cleaned up and
planted to vegetables and flowers.
A statement given out by the Parent
Teachers' Council yesterday follows:
"Naturally you're Interested In this
movement, aren't you? Most everyone
is, because adjoining your own well
kept, rose-bedecked lawn is, probably,
a vacant, weed-covered lot, which has
been an eyesore to you for many a day.
"Would you not like to have It
cleaned up plowed, and planted to
vegetables? You bet you would, tor,
not only would it protect your lawn
from contamination by constantly en
croaching, grass-killing weeds, but the
improved appearance of the vacant lot
would add value to your property.
Production Is Aim.
"And. another reason why: Should
not all these vacant lots that have stood
idle from year to year be put to work
made to produce?
"There's still another reason, too, for
the work this 'Portland More Beaut!,
ful' committee proposes to do.
"There are hundreds of families In
Portland of modest means who should
plant gardens,, for Isn't It true that tha
returns from any well-kept garden ma
terially assist in holding down living
"That's thrift, isn't it? The popular,
far-reaching movement which is
spreading to every nook and corner of
America. Thrift among children
thrift for the father, the mother, every
body, in fact.
"There are thousands of children
boys and girls eager, and anxious to
delve into the mysteries of soil and
plant life. Why not give then the op
portunity? Why not encourage those
thousands of would-be 'busy bees' to
tear up their home back yards and
plant onions, and lettuce, and beans,
and all kinds of garden 'sass'?
"Listens absolutely good, doesn't it?
That s exactly what this committee
thinks and so was the City Council
convinced when that body recently
passed an ordinance providing that the
city enter Into and assist in the vacant
lot garden 'Portland More Beautiful'
Visiting Nurses Eagerly Await
Valentine Tea.
Cap and Gown Wins With Seniors.
Reed College seniors have voted to
continue the custom of wearing aca
demic caps and gowns during the lat
ter part of the semester and gradua
tion week.
Affair Will Take Place Wednesday
at Home of Mrs. Helen Li. Cor-
bett Need of Clothes " for
Babies Yet Emphasized.
The Visiting Nurse Association is
eagerly awaiting their event of the
year, the annual Valentine tea, which
will be held Wednesday at the home of
Mrs. Helen Ladd Corbett. Although
cards are sent to all contributing mem
bers of the association, all who are in
terested in the work are Invited. Each
person attending is expected to deposit
a coin for each year of their birth.
. .During the Winter many layettes
have been donated and butter, milk
and eggs have been given to the needy
through the association. The gowns
and taby clothing, which filled so great
a need during the Winter, are still
acceptable, as there are many whom
the visiting nurses find much in need.
Quite an inroad on supplies was made
by the arrival of two sets of twins,
for whom clothing was provided by
friends of the Visiting Nurse Associa
tion. At the meeting of the board of di
rectors held Tuesday morning at Cn
tral Library the reports for January
showed that the total number of pa
tients cared for during the month was
208 and that 695 visits were made to
patients. One hundred and ten tuber
culosis patients were cared for and to.
them 259 visits were made.
NOTB- Nuxated Iron which ia prescribed
and recommended above by physicians in
such a freat variety of cases, la not a pat
ent medicine nor secret remedy, but one
which is well known to drugKists and whose
iron constituents are widely prescribed by
eminent physicians both In Europe and
America. Unlike the older inorganic iron
products it is easily assimilated, does not
Injure the teeth, make them black, nor up-
able institution if they cannot take any man
or woman under 60 who lacks iron, and in
crease their strength 200 per cent or over
in four weeks' time, provided they have no
serious organic trouble. They also offer to
refund your money If It does not at least
double your strength and endurance In ten
days' time. It is dispensed In this city bv
The Owl Drug Company and all good druggists.
regular session at Kalama, transacting
much routine business and considering
a number of road matters. Yesterday
they came to Kelso, and Inspected the
county farm on the west side, after
which they looked over several roads
in the vicinty of Kelso. They left here
this morning for Woodland, where they
met with the Commissioners of Clark
County to consider the matter of the
construction of a proposed steel bridge
across the Lewis River near Yale.
Cowlitz Commissioners Busy.
KELSO, Wash., Feb. 10 (Special.)
The Board of Commissioners of Cowlitz
County have had a busy time this week.
Tuesday and Wednesday they were in
Changes in Two Clackamas County
Districts Asked.
OREGON CITY. Feb. 10. (Special.)
The County School District Division
Board today deferred action on a peti
tion asking that almost an entire town
ship now included in district No. 10,
known as Engel's district, be cut off
and attached to Dickey'a Prairie dis
trict. The land involved Is valued at $400.
000, but only three children would be
affected by tha change.
According to the petitioners the
change would give the Dickey's Prairie
district an opportunity to improve its
school. It now has a valuation of ap
proximately $75,000, while the Engel's
district has a valuation of $600,000.
The Board, did take about 100 acres
from the Mark's Prairie district and
put it on the Lone Bider district. The
action affects three children.
to county problems the various theories
of political science held in America
and Europe, seeking to discover the
underlying principles of county gov
Portland Man Wins Trophy.
Notification was received recently by
Malcolm J. B. Tennant. who has charge
of the window displays for Meier &
Frank Company, that Signs of the of Alaska.
Times, Cincinnati, has awarded him the
international sweepstakes trophy for
designing the most effective window
display of the year. He will receive a
silver cup recording the fact that he
excelled a large field of competitors
in attaining the coveted honor.
The boundaries of arid and semi-arid
United States roughly include two-
fifths of our continental area exclusive
Case of ex-Proprietor of Friars' Club
to Go to Supreme Court.
OREGON CITY, Feb. 10. Specia.1.1
With the bill of exceptions settled here
today, the case against Julius Wilber.
former proprietor of the Friars' Club;
who is under conviction in the Circuit
Court on a charge of violating the pro
hibition statute, will be appealed at
once to the Supreme Court.
Agreement over the points to be con
tained in the bill was reached after a
conference between Deputy District At
torney Burke and G. F. Fulton, of
Portland, counsel for the defendant.
Wilber has been prosecuted several
times on liquor charges. A case
against him in the United States Dis
trict Court, charging him with selling
liquor without a Government license,
was compromised on agreement of the
Internal revenue authorities.
Multnomah Survey Novel Plan.
Working out a comprehensive polit
ical survey of Multnomah County is
the plan of the Reed College class In
politics 32 for this semester. This
survey is a novel one and will apply
Stomach Bitters
Make a new start help Nature
eliminate any Digestive and Bowel trou
ble, such as Poor. Appetite, Indiges
tioru, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Constipa
tion and rialaria Help yourself back
to your former strength and vigor.