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of two women and three men, the latter
creating no small attention among the
Saturday shoppers by their long beards
and flowing hair.
The colony at Benton Harbor Is said
to have approximately 15,000 Inhabi
tants. Every act is done according to
a community-socialistic plan.
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110 II
Jackson Democrats Celebrate Elec
tion, at Medford.
Cars Can Accept or Reject City
Regulation Intended to
Protect Public.
Crowd Celebrates Victory at
Polls With Parade and 2
Brass Bands.
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MEDPORD, Or.. Nov. 11. (Special.)
Jackson County Democrats celebrated
tonight the election of President Wil
son with a parade, headed by William
Budge, Republican, bearing the Amer
ican flag. . There were 200 automobiles
bearing legends against Roosevelt and
Wall street and praise for the Presi
dent. Leading Democrats rode In a cart
drawn by a mule. More than 3000 per
sons watched the parade.
Operators Are Expected to Refuse
proposal and to Go Out of Busi-
v ness as Council Shows Xo
Signs of Relenting.
r -
Jitneys will become a thins of the
past in Portland Wednesday unless be
tween now and then they agree to
comply with reasonable regulations as
'to service, safety and protection of the
H. Ii. Harries, of Portland, Enters
Officers Reserve Corps.
Nov. 11. (Special.) H. L. Harries, of
Portland, manager and vice-president
of the North Coast Power Company,
which owns public utility properties in
Banners Proclaim Success and Cliil
dren Appear in Striking Costume,
Some Carrying Flags Most
of Paraders Are Afoot.
Chanting "Four! Four! Four years
more!" several hundred Democratic
men and women paraded the down
town streets last night to celebrate
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Left to Right (Flmt How) Mm, Snnle Ackroyd, Mrs. I. L. Itroyles, Mrn, C. G. P-alne, Mrfc E. I.onur, Mn, O. Wood,
Mrs. J. E. Illaker, Mrs. Marlon Dryden. Second Hon Mrs. E. Copeland, Mrs. D. A. Milne, 31 m. C. Maxwell (Aged
S7), Mrs. C. E. Mellin. Mrs. William Dnnean, Mrs. Stands Bnrley, Mrs. S. L Rosa, Mrs. C. I.. Menord, Mrs. D. C.
Well.. Third Ron Mrs. James O'A'eal, Sirs. J. E. Knox, Sirs. ti. E. Currier, Mrs. S. C. Eastman, Mrs. A. E.
I.cnCiccher and Airs. J. H. Bradley. , '
The Lavender Club met on Friday at the home of Mrs. C. E. Millen. 639 East Fifty-sixth street North. It was
ene of the merriest parties and meetings imaginable. The women of the club are all more than &0 years of age.
One is 87, but afl are young in spirit and know how to enjoy a meeting; and a festivity. The club was organized
two years ago. There are two divisions. One meets in the East Side Library and the other at the Peninsula Park
clubhouse. Mrs. Cornelia Haynes is president of the latter club and Mrs. Burley of the former.
The members take box lunches and after the repast they have a business meeting. Then comes the social hour
and the wind-up is a Virginia reel. Two other branches will be formed soon. Mrs. Burley was founder of the
first club. ,
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public, to be Insisted on by members
of the City Council.
The proposition will be put up to
the jitneys Tuesday afternoon to ac
cept or reject. Acceptance means the
establishment of the business on a dif
ferent basis, while rejection means dis
continuance of jitney service Wednes
day. The jitneys have said they cannot
survive regulation, and for that reason
the prospects are that they will not be
able to get over the proposition to be
put to them by the .Council.
Conncll Gives Choice.
The Council has been waiting for sev
eral months for the jitneys to make a
proposition. As .they have failed to
do this, the Council now proposes to
tell them what they can have, the un
derstanding being that they can take
It or leave it alone.
City Commissioner Baker, who was
authorized by the Council to prepare
definite regulations, expects to have his
propositions before the Council Tues
day. The proposals will incorporate
the ideas of members of the Council
expressed heretofore and other regula
tions which Mr. Baker deems advisa
ble. The Council's purpose is to frame a
franchise which will place the jitney
under regulations similar to those im
posed on the streetcar company, the Jit
ney and the streetcar being in the same
business, and therefore being entitled
to corresponding privileges.
Service Extension Probable.
Commissioner Baker has not made
public the terms of his proposed fran
chise as yet, but it is expected it will
embody the general proposition of more
extensive service, a transfer system
and a bond of some sort so that per
sons injured by jitneys can recover
damages. As the Jitney is running now,
the most of them have little or no re
sponsibility, many of the cars not be
ing their property and the drivers per
sonally having little or nothing.
In the majority of other cities where
Jitneys are operating or have operated
they aie required to furnish a bond for
the protection of passengers. The
amount of the bond ranges from $500
to $10,000 for each jitney. The average
for all cities is about ?5000. Portland
requires no such bond.
If the jitneys go out of business on
Wednesday it will be merely the add
ing of another name to the long list
f cities that have ousted them up to
this time. It is said about 25 cities
have put them out of business In the
last two years.
Vancouver and other cities of the
Northwest, has won a commission as
Major in the officers' reserve corps of
the Army. He took his examinations
here a little over a month ago, and
the notification of his success in the
exams was received here today.
Mr. Harries had three years' work
at West Point, served a year and a half
as an enlisted man in the regular
Army, and also was a Lieutenant in the
villitia of the District of Columbia.
Settlement of Freak Election Bet
Attracts Crowd of 50 0.
It Is easy to draw a crowd nowadays.
Five hundred people gathered on Wash
ington street last night to watch W.
L. Brown, of Sherman. Clay & Co.,
roll a glass egg from Sixth to Broad
way with a crowbar. The excitement
started at 9:40 when the egg, pro
pelled by gentle strokes of the crow
bar, began to roll up Washington.
The people who were interested In
seeing the egg roll from one street
corner to another blocked the streets
so that traffic was momentarily sus
pended. During the 15 minutes that
the performance was under way, lines
of street cars and automobiles were
strung along Washington street wait-
ng until the feat should have been
Placards were worn by Mr. Brown
which stated "I bet on Hughes," while
K, Mitchell, his companion, wore, "I
bet on Wilson."
National Directors to Address Port
land Association.
H. S. Oaunce, of Seattle, and E. M.'
underwood, of Portland, National di
rectors of the Association of Credit
Men, will speak before the Portland
Association's dinner Wednesday night
at the Benson Hotel. The dinner will
begin at 6:30 o'cloca. The meeting Is
labeled "National Directors' Night.
The subject for the evening will be
"Commercial Failures, Symptoms and
Treatment." Fifteen minutes will be
devoted to the experiences with trade
acceptances. Miss Ruth Pfaender wil
sing, accompanied by Miss Elsie Bond
The Portland association Is prepar
ing to send a large delegation to the
Seattle meeting November 20. A spe
cial car will leave over the Northern
Pacific Sunday night, November 19, re
turning Tuesday, morning at 7 o'clock.
Party From Michigan Colony Stops
at Hood River En Ronte.
HOOD RIVER, Or., Nov. 11. (Special.)
En route to Portland by automobile, a
party of Israelites, a Sociallst-religrlous
sect, with headquarters at Benton Har
bor, Mich., arrived here this morning
and spent the day "distributing tracts
throughout the business and residence
sections of town, The party consisted
Last Steel Erection on Interstate
Bridge Now Under Way.
VANCOUVER, Wash.. Nov. 11.
(Special.) The last steel erection
work on the Interstate bridge Is now
under way. It Is the placing of the
five-girder spans across Columbia
falough. near Columbia boulevard. The
placing of these spans was delayed by
the destruction of one of the piers by
shifting sands from the approach fill,
and the adverse conditions preventing
tne immediate reconstruction of that
Three weeks will be reauired to com
plete the spans, but this will be in
time so that the entire approach may
be opened when the main bridge is
completed, and the approach paved.
Year In Penitentiary Is Penalty for
Killing Woman.
SEATTLE, Nov. 11. W. H. Engle
hardt, of Tacoma, who was convicted
of manslaughter last month for care
less driving of an automobile, whereby
Airs. Minnie Hogue was killed on the
Pacific Highway, was sentenced today
to one year's Imprisonment in the state
At the trial witnesses teetifled that
Englehardt was Intoxicated, which he
denied, saying he bad taken only three
the re-election of Woodrow Wilson,
It was largely a parade of foot
marchers, though there were a num
ber of automobiles in line. Captain
James P. Shaw was grand marshal, and
marched on foot at the head of the
His aides included W. E. Finzer,
Mark Holmes. B. N. Hicks, J. E. Nev
ille, O. F. Livesley, Thomas J. Ham
mer, John A. Johnston, Charles E. Mor
gan. Harry Aldrich. Charles Miller,
Jack Littell, Robert Jacobs, Frank
Berry, Charles M. Ross, R. M. Phillips,
W. L. Rickman, George Watson and
S. A. Morette.
Two Bsnds In Line.
The paraders had two brass bands
and Judge Samuel White, Democratic
state chairman, and George F. Alexan
der, Democratic county chairman, rode
in an auto near the head of the line.
The parade started at 8 o'clock from
Broadway to Yamhill, moving north to
Morrison, thence to Third, to Washing
ton and west to Fourteenth, where it
was supposed to disband.
Instead of disbanding, however, the
paraders marched back to The Orego
nian corner, at Sixth and Alder streets.
where they indulged In a noisy demon
stration to the burning of red fire.
Presumably this was In celebration
of the fact that The Oregonlan's circu
lation field, including not only Oreg..i,
but that part of Washington In which
it circulates, went for Hughes.
Outside Towns Represented.
The paraders included Democrats
from outside towns as well as from
Portland. Invitations to participate
had previously been sent to Democrats
in all towns as far as Corvallis, Eu
gene. Astoria and Pendleton, as well as
in Vancouver, Wash.
Among the features of the parade
were small boys and girls attired In
striking costumes, and several groups
carrying outspread American flags.
There were also many banners.
One banner was worded: "Brains. Not
Whiskers. Another carried the in
scrlption: "Wilson Kept Hughes Out of
vv ar-shington.
Still others bore the following in
scriptions: "The Sun Still Shines at
Shadow Lawn"i; "The People Put Hu
manity Above the Dollar"; " "Wilson
Won Without Wall Street"; "Firm
Americanism, With Wilson, Marshall &
Co., as the Firm"; "California Got
Wall Street's Goat"; "Ten Out of 12
Women Voting States for Wilson'
The West Comes Into Its Own With
Wilson, and others.
Jitneys Chamber, Topic.
War upon the Jitneys Is likely to be
made at the Chamber of Commerce
Monday noon, when the Members' Coun
cil will take up -the topio for discus
sion. Representatives of various civic
clubs will be heard In the discussion
including C. W. Hodson B. C. Pier, J
P. Jaeger, F. E. Taylor, N. G. Pike,
jonn Lianneili, w. o. Whitcomb, W. F
Woodward and Ben Selling.
Alrlle Man Killed In Woods.
DALLAS, Or., Nov. 11. (Special.)
inaries roweii, or Airlle, was killed
instantly in the woods last week when
a tree, which hio sons were cutting, fell
in the wrong direction. Mr. Powell be
came confused and ran directly under
tuo tree.
Poles Thank Kaiser.
BERLIN. Nov. 11. (By wireless to
Sayville, N. Y.) Representatives of
the League of Polish Commonwealth
today forwarded to Emperor William
through the Governor-General a tele
gram expressing thanks for the proc
lamation of the Polish kingdom which
is described as a guarantee of the
fulfillment of the most ardent na
tional ambitions of the Poles.
A diaphragm and horn resembllng
phonog-raph's have been Invented to make
tlegrapb relay instruments audible and
save the us of additional sounders.
Simple Way to
End Dandruff
Margery Wilsorc
Four Days
Starting Today
(Author of Billie Burke's "Peggy") surely
kissed the Blarney Stone when he wrote this
rollicking: Irish romance.
Sixth at Washington
Thursday, Nov. 16, Is the Day
In Her $250,000 Production
Tl I'lll'tfsJ
1 -s mmm, .
Xstloaal Guard Officer, However, Is
Willing to Accept If Elected and
Assigned by Department.
Among National Guard officer the
name of Captain Kenneth P. Williams,
United States Army, at present on de
tail here as Instructor-inspector of the
Third Oregon Infantry and Federal
mustering officer for Oregon at the
mobilization at Clackamas last Sum
mer, is heard frequently in discussions
of the coming election for Colonel of
the Third Regiment.
The election will be held next
Wednesday. Captain Williams has
been ordered East, but he will remain
in Portland until after the election,
and should he be chosen he undoubtedly
will be detailed with the Oregon Na
tional Guard by the War Department.
Captain Williams has no comment to
make on the election, except to say:
"I am not a candidate. If I should be
elected and the War Department should
assign me to take command, I would
cheerfully do 'so."
Pullman Company Profits In Oregon
SALEM. Or.. Nov. 11. (Special.) Tho
Pullman Company today filed Its report
with the Oregon Public Service Com
mission for the year endlnsr June 80.
1916. The rross earnings of the com
pany In Oregon for the year are placed
at $411,666.80. and the expenses of op
eration in the state at I32S.704.02.
Wireless Communication "Will Be Di
rect After November 1 6.
TOKIO, Nov. 12. Direct communica
tion between Japan and San Francisco
by wireless teleeraphy will be opened
to the public November 16. it is of
ficially announced. Tets have been
There Is one sure way that has never
failed to remove dandruff at once, and
that Is to dissolve It, then you destroy
it entirely. To do this. Just get about
four ounces of plain, common liquid
arvon from any drug store (this Is all
you will need), apply it at night when
retiring:; use enough to moisten the
scalp and rub it in gently with the
finger tips.
By mornins most. If not all, of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or
four more applications will completely
dissolve and entirely destroy every sin
gle sign and trace of It, no matter how
much dandruff you may have.
You will find all itching and digging
of the scalp will stop Instantly, and
your hair will be fluffy, lustrous,
glossy, silky and soft, and look and feel
a hundred times better-Adv,
etter Advertising
and better merchandising is the object of the Better Business
Bureaus recently established by the different advertising clubs
throughout the world.
These Bureaus endeavor to eliminate all untruthful or misleading
advertising, whether it be in newspapers, window cards, catalogues
or any other printed word.
Portland advertisers believe in this movement and are co-operating
with this Bureau in its work for better and more truthful adver
tising. The public can have more confidence in advertising now
than ever before.
This Bureau will protect the public against the false advertiser.
If you have been victimized by an advertiser report the facts to
this Bureau and an investigation will be made and a correction
secured. The services of the Bureau are entirely free to the public
Better Business Bureau
Portland Ad Club, 708 Selling Building
made recently of the system and they
have proved satisfactory.
Messages between Japan and the Unit
ed States have heretofore been re
layed at Honolulu.
Mast Flush Your Kidneys Occasion
ally if You Eat Meat
Noted Anthority Tells What Causes
naokaohe and Bladder
No man -or woman who eats meat
regularly can make a mistake by
flushing the kidneys occasionally, says
a well-known authority. Meat forms
uric acid which clogs the kidney pores
so they slugrgishly filter or strain only
part of the waste and poisons from the
blood, then you get sick. Nearly all
rheumatism, headaches, liver trouble,
nervousness, constipation, dizziness,
sleeplessness, bladder disorders come
from sluggish kidneys.
The moment you feel a dull ache In
the kidneys or your back hurts, or If
the urine is cloudy, offensive, full of
sediment. Irregular of passage or at
tended by a sensation of scalding, pet
about four ounces of Jad Salts from
any reliable pharmacy and take a
tablespoonf ul in a glass of water be
fore breakfast for a few days and your
kidneys will then act fine. This famous
salts is made from the acid of grapes
and lemon juice, combined with lithla,
and has been used for generations to
flush clogged kidneys and stimulate
them to activity, also to neutralize the
acids in urine so It no lnnjrer causes
Irritation, thus ending Madder disorders.
Jad Salts Is inexpensive and can
not injure; makes a delightful effer
vescent lithia-water drink which all
regular meat eaters should take now
and then to keep the kidneys clean
and the blood pure, thereby avoiding
serious kidney complications. Adv,