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Berlin Admits Foe Enters Ad
vance Trenches in Night
Attack in France. ,
Entente Troops Declared to Be So
Kxhunsted Tliat Tliey Cannot
Continue In Face of Bad
1 - Weather Conditions.
LONDON, Nov. 11. The "War Office
announces that German trenches over
a front of 1000 yards on the Somme
front were stormed last night by the
BERLIN, Nov. 11. (By wireless to
Sayville, N. T.) Northeast of Cour
celette, on the Somme front, the British
last night entered an advanced German
position, the War Office reports today.
PARIS, Nov. 11. German forces at
tacked last night at Deniecourt, on the
Somme front, and were repulsed by the
French, who inflicted heavy losses on
them, the War Office announced today.
BERLIN, Nov. 11. (By wireless to
Sayville, N. Y.) Berlin newspapers
publish a statement from "competent
, military authorities" saying the Anglo
Krench drive on the Somme has been
halted by the exhaustion of the entente
troops and their heavy losses and by
unfavorable weather. The statement
"After the tremendous losses sus
tained by the British and French on
November 5, when they employed six
British and four and a half French di
visions without success In an attempt
to break our front between Le Sars
and Bouchavesnes, they have been un
able to drive forward for large attacks
their exhausted and decimated, troops
over ground made impracticable by
rain. All attempts have been stifled
Immediately by the fire of our artillery
and machine guns and only south of
the Somme, near Pressoire, did the
French obtain insignificant local suc
cess. "Attacks launched repeatedly on
Wednesday In St. Pierre Vaast wood,
although oontinued until late In the
Bight, were crushed. With the clearing
&f the weather the artillery became
more active, but the British and French
were unable to make a. general attack.
"Fighting on Thursday resulted in
Isolated violent encounters near Eau
court L'Abbaye, Gueudecourt, Les
Boeufs and Pressoire, the entente at
tacks being stifled by the German fire.
In the vicinity of Sailly-Sailllsel, fierce
fighting was renewed. French storm
ing columns were repulsed in san
guinary hand-to-hand fighting. About
Pressoire the fighting continued until
evening, when it resulted without suc
cess for the French.
"Among 17 hostile Airplanes shot
on the western front was one large bat
tle plane provided with two motors and
three machine guns. The airplane car
ried three men."
Indianapolis Strike Threatens
Become Serious.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.. Nov. 11. Po
lice reserves armed with night sticks
tonight patrolled the downtown dis-
tricts and transfer points for the pro
tection of passengers and property of
the Indianaplis Traction & Terminal
Company, which operates the city cars.
After 6 o'clock the company refused
to employ men who had not signed an
individual contract, and officials as
serted that only 200 of 1000 had failed
to sanction the agreement.
The carmen's organisation, which Is
demanding increased wages and a
"closed shop" agreement, is enjoined
from striking by a Federal Court in.
junction. The policemen have been de
tailed to every car.
Republican Chuirman Thinks Elec
tion May Be Kuled Illegal.
BISBEE. Ariz., Nov. 11. at. E. Cas
sidy, Arizona chairman of the finance
committee of the Republican National
Committee, today brought to the atten
tion of the latter organization the pos
sibility that the manner in which the
Presidential electors had been voted for
was. unconstitutional. In Arizona all
of the electors are bracketed and the
voter must cast his ballot for all or
none. He cannot? make a choice be
tween the electors.
On this feature the Arizona man be
lieves the Wilson vote in Arizona'may
be declared void.
German Consul-General to Face
Jury December 1.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 11. United
Ptates District Judge M. T. Dooling to
day granted the motion of the Govern
ment in the cases of Franz Boppv Ger
man Consul General here, and others, to
consolidate for trial the indictments f
conspiracy to do certain acts in viola
tion of ,the Sherman act, and to have
set forth and attempted to carry out In
the united States a military enterprise
against a friendly nation.
Today's decision means that the cases
will go to trial on Decemebr 4.
With 10,115 Votes Cast at Albany
Emmet Callahan Gets Xlne.
ALBANY, Or.. Nov. 11 (Special.)
The distinction, if such it be, of receiving
the lowest vote ever cast for any candi
date for any office In Linn County, on
which all of the people of the county
voted, undoubtedly belongs to Emmet
Callahan, the lone Progressive Presi
dential elector who accepted the nom
ination. Out of 10.115 votes cast in this
county, Callahan received a total of
Seattle Investors Want Body of 500,
000,000 Feet Xear Eugene.
EUGENE, Or.. Nov. 11. (Special.)
Miller & McLean, Eugene real estate
dealers, tnaay received an Inquiry from
Seattle business men desiring to pur
chase'600,000,000 feet of standing tim
ber, naming a price they are willing
to pay.
Tlris is the second letter of this char
acter received by this firm within the
last few days. '
LONDON. Nov. 11. The official an
nouncement from the western front
"Last night the eastern portion of
Regina trench (on the northern end
of the Somme front), being a continua
tion of the length of trench captured
by us in our successful assault of Oc
tober 21, was stormed and captured on
a front of 1000 yards, in spite of a
heavy enemy barrage. The new trench
has been joined up with the old line
and the position secured. Prisoners of
two regiments were taken." .
German AVest Front.
j ji.LiiX, jnov. li. (By wireless to
oayvme, i. x.) The German official
statement of the western front follows:
"North of the Ancre a German patrol
brought In two machine guns from a
hostile position. During the night the
British, in an attack, succeeded In en
tering a small portion of our most ad
vanced trench northeast of Cource
lette. "In a house-to-house engagement
near the Sailly-Sailllsel Church, the
French gained no advantage. Attacks
launched there on a large front also
"Yesterday nine Inhabitants of dis
tricts npptmltiH )iv us, A
bomb attacks by hostile airmen upon
towns Denina our front.
"Ten hostile airplanes were ehot
down yesterday In aerial engagements
and by anti-aircraft gunfire."
German Eastern Front.
BERLIN. .Nov. 11. The German offi
cial statement of the eastern front fol
lows: "On the Narayuvka (southeast of
Lemberg) German troops penetrated
the Russian main position southwest
of Fojv-Krasnolesie and during the
night repulsed five violent counter At
tacks by the enemy.
"An advance by 'German riflemen
upon Smotrac, In the Carpathians, was
successful. They brought In 60 Rus
sians as tHsotii fmm th ion.
and destroyed position."
Russian Front.
PETROGRAD. " Nov. 11. The state
ment saye:
"In the region of the 6kroba,wa farm
our troops, by stubborn counter at
tacks, recaptured a section of the
trench lost yesterday. The battle slack
ened toward evening.
' "East of the Narayuvka River On
Galicia, southeast of Lemberg). the
enemy conducted a fierce attack
throughout the day against the ridge
we occupied. All attacks were repelled.
In the afternoon after repeated assaults
the enemy succeeded in pushing back
portions of one of our regiments, but
in the evening was driven out of the
trenches lie had occupied."
British, Macedonian Front.
LONDON, Nov. 11. The following
official communication from the Mace
donian front was issued here today:
"Enemy bivouacs at Provista have
been unsuccessfully shelled by naval
guns. Our patrols and artillery are
continually active on both fronts, not
withstanding bad weather."
SOFIA, via London, Nov. 11. The
official statement issued by the Bul
garian War Office today says:
"West of tho Monastir-Florina rail
way there was the customary cannon
ading. East of the same line and in
the Cerna bend there were sharp ac
tions all day. Repeated enemy attacks
were repulsed with heavy losses;, the
fighting continues. On the remainder
of the front there was weak cannonad
ing and patrol engagements. On the
Aegean coast all was calm.
"Roumanian front: There Is noth
ing important to report."
PARIS, via London, Nov. 11. The of
ficial statement issued tonight reads:
"We delivered this afternoon a rharp
attack on the village of Saillisel, a
greater part of which we recaptured.
Our troops are -occupying the north
eastern and southeastern outskirts.
The struggle continues in the eastern
Bulgar Population Is Fleeing
From Dobrudia.1
Bucharest Thinks Teutons Have Ap
plied Torch Preparatory to Evac
uation of Tehernavoda and
Constanza, on Danube.
LONDON, Nov. .11. A Bucharest dis
patch as forwarded from Rome to the
Wireless Press, reports that Field Mar
shal von Mackensen's retreat in Do
brudja is continuing and that the Bul
garian population is fleeing from Do
brudja to Bulgaria.
The dispatch says great fires have
heen observed in the direction of
Tehernavoda and Constanza, the ter
mini of the railroad between the Black
Sea and the Danube and that it is
thought possible these towns have been
set on fire preparatory to their evacu
ation by the Teutonic forces.
PETROGRAD, via London. Nov. 11.
Russian troops advancing southward
on the right bank of the Danube River
yesterday occupied the villages of
Qhisdarechti and TopaL Topal is 12
miles south of Hirzova. In the Do
brudja Province, Russian detachments
made a further advance to the south
ward. BERLIN. Nov. 1. (By wireless to
Sayville, N. Y.) French and Serbian
foces yesterday made several attacks
against the Teuton positions east of
Monastir and in the heights north of
the uerna Kiver, in boutnern berDia,
but were repulsed with heavy losses,
says today's German official statement.
Only at one point, to the south of
Polog, were the attackers successful
in entering the most advanced German
German and Austro-Hungarian troops
on the northeast front in Tran
sylvania, says today's German official
statement, yesterday made successful
advances. Several entrenched rou
manian lines were taken at the point of
the bayonet to the west of the Predeal
Sinaya road.
LONDON. Nov. 11. Serbian troops. In
a series of attacks Friday north of the
Cerna River, entered Polog, three miles
north of Skochlvir, and captured 600
prisoners, according to a Reuter dis
patch to Salonlkl. The attacks against
the Bulgarian positions met with com
plete success. It is announced, and the
Serbians captured strongly organized
positions in the Chukerange by assault,
and occupied the southern half of
Panama Passes Bill of Exchange.
PANAMA, Nov, 11. A bill providing
part of the village. The number of
prisoners counted exceeds 100, includ
ing four officers.
"South of the Somme an attempt by
the Germans against our position south
of Pressoire was repulsed.
"Between 10 and 11 o'clock of No
vember 10, a group of 17 British air
planes bombarded the steel works at
Focklingen. One thousand kilograms
of projectiles were dropped on the
buildings, which were damaged seri
ously. Three enemy machines were
"During the night of November 10-11
our squadrons drenched with projectiles
the stations of Ham, St. Quentin, Terg
nier and Nesle, in the Somme region,
and the airdrome at Dreuze, the blast
furnaces at Romsbach, the airplane
sheds of Freecati and the blast
furnaces of Hagondanse. These opera
tions caueed great damage and several
explosions and fires were observed.
"A German airplane during the night
of November 10-11 bombarded several
French towns. Nancy and Luneville re
ceived projectiles which caused damage
and casualties. The open town of Ami
ens also was bombarded on several oc
casions during the same night. Nine
persons of the civilian population were
killed and 27 injured.
"Eastern army On the left bank of
the Cerna the Serbians, taking the of
fensive vigorously in the mountains of
Chuke. north of Skcohivir, bustled the
Bulgarian forces and drove them back,
notwithstanding fierce resistance from
strongly fortified positions. Up to now
BOO prisoners, including 10 officers, and
10 guns and 10 machine guns have
fallen into the hands of our allies."
Saturday's War Moves.
VIOLENT fighting is again Is prog
ress at various points on eastern
and western fronts, but no great change
In the positions of the opposing ar
mies has yet been reported.
General Halg's men in an attack In
the Thlepval-Courcelette area, London
relates, have taken 1000 yards of the
Regina trench. The other portion of
this trench was taken October 21. Ber
lin says that only a small portion of
an advanced trench was entered.
Crown Prince Rupprecht failed In an
attack against the French lines in the
neighborhood of Deniecourt, south of
the isomme, Paris records. Berlin states
that a French . attack in the Sailly
Sailllsel sector was repulsed. In aerial
combats on the western front the Ger
mans brought down ten entente air
planes and the French put five German
machines out of action.
Petrograd says that parts of trenches
near Skrobowa, Northeast Baranovichi,
taken by the Germans, have heen re
captured by the Russians, but Berlin
asserts that all attacks in that sector
were repulsed.
On the Narayuvka front the Germans
entered a Russian position. Berlin says,
and held it against five counter-attacks.
Petrograd, however, says that German,
attacks in this region were repulsed.
The Russian and Roumanian advance
In Dobrudja toward the Tcherna-voda-Constanza
Railway line continued.
Petrograd reports the occupation of
two more towns along the Danube be
tween Kirs ova. and Tehernavoda. A be
lated official report from Sofia admits
entente successes, but Berlin continues
to report no change in the area under
Field Marshal von Mackensen's control.
Unofficially, it is reported Von Mack
ensen has been driven back to the rail
way line.
Both the Austro-Germans and Rou
manians claim successes along the
Transylvanian-Roumanian frontier.
South of Predeal Berlin records an ad
vance for Archduke Charles, while
Bucharest claims the capture of a
trench near Dragoslavle and of Mount
Frurtzile, on the left bank of the Alt
River. ,
Official reports indicate a renewal
of activity of the Macedonian front in
the area north of the River Cerna. In
the region south of Polog, Berlin says,
the entente troops have gained some
ground. Except for a small Italian ad
vance on the Carso, there has been no
activity of moment on the Austro-Ital-ian
for uniform bills of exchange between
Panama and all other American coun
tries passed the Aesembly today on its
first reading. A law for uniform bills
of exchange in pan-American countries
was recommended by the International
High Commission, which met at Buenos
Aires, Argentina, last April, under the
presidency of W. G. McAdoo, Secretary
of the Treasury of the United States.
Campaign for $10,000,000 for Jew
ish War Sufferers to Open.
NEW TORK, .Nov. 11. A new cam
paign for the purpose of raising $10,
000,000 for the relief of Jewish war
sufferers will be inaugurated at a mass
meeting to be held in Carnegie Hall
here December 21. it was announced
today. Louis Marshall will preside at
the meeting, which will be addressed
by Dr. Judah L. Magnes, who returned
recently from European war zones,
whre he worked on behalf of Jewish
President Wilson has been asked to
attend the meeting.
Missionaries Make Little Yardage In
Game In Bitter Cold.
MISSOULA, Mont..' Nov. 11. The
University of Montana football team
came suddenly to life today, after two
weeks of disappointing failure, and
completely smothered Whitman Col-
riege. 17 to 0.
The game was played in bitter cold
weather, before a small crowd. Mon
tana was never in danger. The Mis
sionaries made first down only twice
and gained only 30 yards by scrim
mage, while Montana advanced the ball
450 yards.
Wisconsin Company Casts 6 4 to 16
in Favor of President.
MADISON. Wis., Nov. 11. The sol
dier vote of Company G, First Wis
consin Infantry, on border duty, an
nounced by the state canvassing board
tonight shows: Wilson 64, Hughes 16.
For Governor. Williams (Dem.) 57.
Philipp (Rep.) 20.
This is the first report from the
guardsmen's vote. No changes in the
general situation in Wisoonsin can bo
effected by the vote of the troops.
Foreign Vessels Get No War Bisk.
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 11 Marine in
surance agencies in New Orleans today
received instructions from New York
headquarters of British companies to
place no war risk Insurance upon ves
sels nying nags or belligerent nations.
unless approved by the home office.
These Instructions, it was stated, were
issued because of rumors that a Ger
man submarine was operating in the
liuji oi jnexico,
PLAN OF 1912
Germany Reproduces Order
Regarding Attack on
Teutonic Nations.
Army Commander Advised That Mob
ilisation Proclamation Should
Be Construed as Declara
tion of Hostilities.
BERLIN, Not. 11. (By wireless to
Sayville. N. Y.) The assertion of
Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg in
his address to the Reichstag main com
mittee that as long ago as 1912 Russia
had made plans for war on Germany
was supplemented today by the semi
official Norddeutsche Allgemeine Zei
tung, which published what is given
as the text of the Russian govern
ment's general order to which the
Chancellor referred. In his address.
Dr. von Bethmann-Hollweg said at the
time the war began, here was still
valid an order "from the highest place
that a proclamation of mobilization
would' be at the same time a procla
mation of war against Germany."
The text of the order as given by
the newspaper follows:
"Secret-Chief of Staff of the Warsaw
Military District, Quartermaster's Gen
eral Section, Mobilization Department,
September SO. 1912. m
"Number 2450.
"Urgent: To the commander of the
Sixth Army Corps Modifying all for
mer orders. I communicate the follow
ing by order of the chief commander:
"It is ordered from the highest place
that a proclamation of mobilization at
the same time - is a proclamation of
war against Germany. -
German Move Anticipated.
"The German army. In full readiness
for war, can complete the occupation
of strategic points in the district of
the Mazurian Lakes on the 13th day
of mobilization. The German van
guard corps may cross the frontier on
the tenth day.
"The armed forces of Russia will
be divided into several armies, previ
ously assigned for simultaneous opera'
tions against Germany and Austria'
Hungary. The armies assigned for op
erations against Germany will be
combined into one group under com
mand of the chief commander of the
group of aixnics before the German
front. The second army, to which the
Sixth Corns belongs, will be incor
porated in a group of armies on the
northwest front. The staff of the
chief commander of the second army
will have quarters in Warsaw until
the seventh day of mobilization and
later on at Volkovlsk.
"The general task of the troops on
the northwest front, after the com
pletion of mobilization will bo to
march against the armed forces of
Germany with the object of carrying
the war into its territory. The task
of the second army will be masking
of mobilization and of the general
concentration of armies. In any event
the army must maintain control of the
Bialystok-Grodno district. For this
purpose the second army will concen
trate on the front of Sopockini-
Detailed Orders Given.
Detailed orders are given, the news
paper -continues, in regard to the dis
position of troops, transports, etc., and
finally the high political importance
of the orders given is pointed out
"The contents of this order are
strict secret of state."
The order is said to have been
signed by Lieutenant-General Kliou
jew, Major - General Postovski and
Senior Adjutant-Colonel Daler.
The Norddeutsche Allgemeine Zel
tung says this order was not canceled
and consequently was valid when the
war began.. It adds that judging by
the close co-operation of the Russian
and French General Staffs the order
also must have been known to the
French government and through it to
the British government. Inasmuch as
in tho last few years before the war
permanent relations had been built up
between the French and British staffs
as was shown by frequent trips of
General French to France.
All Ordered to Close One Day a Week
as Part of Economy Plan.
PARIS, Nov. 1 1. An ordinance is
sued by the prefect of police requires
that theaters, music halls and moving
picture shows shall be closed at least
one day a week.
This action has boen taken' In con
nection with the gas and electricity
savins: mesoures recently adopted.
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Belief Crows In Washington That Ac
tion Is Probable Now That He
Klecdon Has Been Won.
ington, Nov. 11. Senator Borah, after
a conference with officials of the War
Department today, expressed the be
lief that National Guardsmen now on
the Mexican border will be kept theVe
for the remainder of the Winter and
possibly longer, and he added it is his
opinion that before they get home they
will likely see something more than
mere border patrol duty.
Senator Borah called at the Depart
ment to file requests from mothers of
members of the First Idaho National
Guard that their sons be returned to
their homes as speedily as possible. He
could get no assurance whatever, but
rather gained the impression Indicated.
Senator Borah's inference is in ac
cord with a belief growing in Wah
ington that the Administration having
"kept us out of war" long enough to
win a re-election, is now preparing to
make an active move aeainst Mexico,
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choose remedies that will produce not only a loss of weight
harmlessly, but which will also relieve you of all the trou
blesome eymptoms of overstoutness such as shortness of
breath, palpitation. Indigestion, rheumatism, gout, asthma,
kidney trouble and various other afflictions which often to.
company overstoutness.
My treatment will relieve that depressed, tired, sleepy
feeling, giving you renewed energy and vigor, a result of the
loss of your superfluous fat.
You are not required to change In the slightest from you
regular mode of living. There Is no dieting or exercising
It is simple, easy and pleasant to take.
To all who are overstout 1 will send FRI2E a trial treat
ment and also my plan whereby I am to be PAID O.M.V
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to the Memoer of
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Equipped for
Your Iseeda
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