The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, November 12, 1916, SECTION THREE, Page 3, Image 35

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Ruth Teal. Miss Charlotte Laidlaw.
Mrs. J. Wesley Ladd and Miss Ella;
Be Sure to Read the Emporium's Phenomenal Announcement in Monday
Night's Papers. The Most Important Economy News of the Entire Season
The tea table will be presided over
by Mrs. Harrison Piatt. Mrs. Wheel
wright. Mrs. A. 15. KMKey ana meir
assistants will be Mrs. Allen P. Xoyes.
Mrs. Jacob Gray Kamm. Miss Martha
Hoyt. Miss Ethel Malpaa. Miss Evelina
Magruder, Miss Elizabeth Jacobs.
t sQAt ?' - ... .v. . , ' A I
F. Tucker. Mr. BIddle is the only son
Of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. BIddle, and
a brother of Mrs. Ersklr.o Wood. He
also Is very popular socially and Is
a member of several leading clubs of
Portland. He was graduated from
Yale, class of 1912. The wedding will
be a smart event of February, and as
both young people have hosts of friends,
Miss Tucker's relatives being very
numerous in this city as well as prom
inent, they will be extensively enter
Jtainedjiwith pre-nuptial affairs.
At Mrs. Wood's tea, which was de
lightful in every particular,. Mrs. Hal
lett Maxwell. Mrs. Lewis McArthur and
Miss Esther Tucker, sister of the
bride-to-be, presided at the tea table.
Many of the young men of society
agerly availed themselves of the op
portunity to attend the afternoon func
tion. The Monday Night Dancing Club will
ihold its opening dance of the series
Just formed for the season of 1916-17,
on Monday, November 27. and there
after once a fortnight, as follows: De
cember 11, January 8, January 22, Feb
ruary 12 and 26, and April 9. The mem
bership will be limited, as in the orig
inal club, which was one of the most
exclusive and delightful of the dancing
clubs in the city, the membership then
being limited to 45 couples.
The committee will endeavor to have
the club back to its former standard as
regards membership and the informal
ity of the affairs. For the past few
years the personnel of the club has far
exceeded the number of that of the
original Monday Night Dancing Club,
and this list will be cut down as much
as possible and the informal atmos
phere resumed.
E. C. Mears is president of the club,
and the other officers are Alma D. Katz
and Walter F. Burrell, who held a
meeting Wednesday and adopted the
present plans. '
The opening dance will be given In
Harlow-Grady Hall. Sixteenth and Ev
erett streets.
Mrs. George A. Marshall entertained
with a charming bridge-tea Thursday,
honoring Mrs. W. B. Channing, of New
York, who will pass the W'inter- in
Portland among her relatives. Guests
were asked to make up four tables of
the game, card honors falling to Mrs.
Channjjig, Miss Hirsch, Mrs. W. O.
Van Schuyver and Mrs. C. Edward
Grelle. The rooms were gaily decked
with big fluffy pink and white ehrys-
foliage. At tea time, a number of ad
ditional guests called to greet the visi
tor, who is in demand for many smart
Monday Dancing Club will have Its
second dance tomorrow night in the
gold ballroom of Hotel Multnomah. A
new orchestra has been obtained and
several prominent folk are planning
informal dinner parties to precede the
dance. The Monday Night Dancing
Club, one of the- oldest dancing clubs
in Portland, will hold its first dance
of the season a week-, from tomorrow
night. In Harlow-Grady Hall.
The Monday Dancing Club's Invita
tional list embraces not only the
young married folk, but also mem
bers of Portland's younger dancing
contingent, and as the parties are in
formal they are sure to be among the
notable events of the season.
Coming as a big surprise during the
latter part of the week. Just as the
excitement of the election was sub
siding, was the announcement of Miss
Mary Meldrum's engagement to Fred
erick Shields, of Spokane. The news
was made known to 16 of the bride
elect's closest friends, by her cousin.
Miss Genevieve Thompson, who pre
sided at a charming luncheon on Fri
day at the residence of her sister, Mrs.
Joseph N. TeaL
Covers were placed for Miss Mel-
drum, Mrs. Teal, Miss. Ituth Teal, Mrs.
Harold Sawyer, Mrs. Folger Johnson,
Mrs. Preston Smith, Mrs. H. C. Stevens,
Miss Mary Louise Feldenheimer, Miss
Genevieve Church, Miss Eliza Parker,
Miss Helen Bates, Miss Fay Nichols,
Miss Grace Kern, Miss Isabella Gauld,
Mrs. Frederick Teal and the hostess.
Miss Meldrum, who has been mak
ing her home with Mrs. D. P. Thomp
son, her aunt, and Miss Thompson,
comes from Idaho, and was graduated
from the University of Idaho. During
her college days she met her fiance,
who also is a graduate of tie Idaho
University. Miss Meldrum Is very
popular with the younger set, and is
a very charming girl.
Charming In every detail was the
bridge tea for which Mrs. Oscar R.
Menefee was hostess Friday at Hotel
Mallory. The ballroom was used for
the affair, the card tables being ar
ranged around a French garden scene,
which was very dainty and artistic
Nine tables were used for the games
and at tea time a large number of
ftnthemums, and bright-hued Autumnal guests Joined the party. Presiding at
the prettily appointed table were Mrs.
J. Wesley Ladd, Mrs. William O. Van
Schuyver, Mrs. Walter F. Burrell and
Mrs. Robert W. Lewis. The charming
hostess was further assisted by Mrs.
Everett Ames. Mrs. Alma D. Katz, Mrs.
Stanley G. Jewett. Mrs. Guy M. Standi
fer. Misses Mary Bat-on, Elizabeth Ja
cobs, Alice Smith and Helen Honeyman.
A sale and a tea has been arranged
for Miss Hazel Hall by a number of
prominent matrons for the afternoon
of Saturday, November 18, at the par
lors of Hotel Portland. The hours are
from 2 until 6 o'clock and the sale will
include quantities of exquisite articles,
the handiwork of Miss Hall, who is
noted for her cleverness In needlework.
A number of tables will be arranged
to display the dainty handcraft, which
will make wonderful Christmas gifts.
One of these tables will contain sam
ples from which duplicates may be or
dered Sor delivery at a later date. A
special feature of the afternoon will
be the exhibition of esthetic dancing
by Miss Kathertne Laidlaw, who will
give two solos, one at 3 o'clock and one
at S o'clock. Table No. 1 will be In
charge of Mrs. John F. Dickson, Mrs.
Thomas D. Honeyman and Mrs. James
Laidlaw. No. 2, which is the sample
table, will be in charge of Mrs. M. G.
Hall, Miss Hall and Mrs. Charles Basey.
No. 3, Miss Isabella Gauld, Mrs. George
A. Warren, Miss Elsa Grelle will be in
charge. No. 4, a doll table, on which
beautifully and daintily dressed dolls
will tempt the purchasers, will be pre
sided over by Mrs. Lester Kollock. Mrs.
Otis Wight and Mrs. Frank Branch
Riley. No. 6, Miss Allsa MacMaster
and Mrs. Hazel B. Litt. They will be
assisted by Mrs. Joseph N. Teal, Miss
Portland women are taking an active
Interest In the special .sale and tea to
be held Tuesday preceding Thanksgiv
ing in the Woman's Exchange, This af
fair is aa annual one and Is eagerly
awaited, for at J.his particular time
only Is the public able to obtain cer
tain articles of apparel as well as food
delicacies. The members of tha ex
change make and donate two attractive
articles to be sold on this day and also
prepare two delectables from their
treasured recipes and "donate them for
this special sale.
During tha afternoon tea Is served
In the dining-room and prominent
women of the city will preside. It is
one of the red-letter days in tha his
tory of the exchange and all women
and men of Portland who are interest
ed ara cordially Invited to attend.
Miss Genevieve Thompson, one of
Portland's most interesting and charm
ing young women, will leave today for
Chicago, to be gone until Christmas
time. Her absence from the social ac
tivities of the city will be a great dis
appointment to her numerous friends,
as she is in demand at practically all
affairs of the smart set.
Mr. and Mrs. George T. "Wlllett left
last night-ror an Interesting trip to
New York. They win be away during
the holidays and will return to the
Coast via Florida and the Southeastern
states and also visit California before
coming north. They plan to reach here
early In January.
Miss Mildred Nichols, one of the
popular brides-elect, was the inspira
tion for a charming luncheon on
Wednesday for which Miss Genevieve
Thompson was hostess at Waverly
Country Club. Monday Miss Fay
Nichols entertained with a box party
at the Orpheum for her cousin, which
was followed by tea at Hotel Portland
yesterday Mrs. George A. Warren
asked a number of close friends of the
bride-elect to luncheon as a compli
ment to Miss Nichols, whose wedding
to H. Bailey McAfee will be solemnized
Thursday night.
Mrs. Henry Goode. a former Port
land matron, who Is prominent la SO'
ciety In San Francisco also, is receiv
ing a great deal of attention In the
southern city. To show her apprecia
tion of the hospitality of prominent
leaders of society in San Francisco
Mrs. Goode is also entertaining. Re
cently she presided at a charming din
ner party, honoring Mrs. Eleanor Mar
tin, who Is an old friend of hers, at
St. Francis Hotel. Other guests at the
arralr were: Count and Countess del
Valle de Salazar. Captain and Mrs.
Frank Pickney Helm. Mrs. E. Grahame
Parker. Mrs. N. E. Ayer. of this city,
who is also visiting in San Francisco;
Judge Robert Campbell, of Manila: .T
Downey Harvey. William Sanborn and
the hostess. On Wednesday Mrs. Goode
presided at a luncheon at the Fran
cesca Club. Yellow and white rardrn
flowers adorned the table, about which
were seated Miss Helen Van Winkle
and Mesdames Joseph D. Reddinar.
Eleanor Martin. T. T. C. Gregory. N. E.
Ayer and JS. Grahame Parker.
Members of the Drama League are
enthusiastic over their next meeting.
which will be Tuesday night at 8:20
oclock in the Little Theater. The fea
mrc oi ine meeting win oe tne reading
or nermann ttagenorn s "Makers nt
Madness." which will be delivered In
splendid dramatic style by Frank
Branch Riley. This la a comparatively
new play, but nevertheless Intensely In- 1
Mrs. Robert Livingstone was hostess
on Wednesday at a lunchean at which
she honored Mrs. Frederick A. Barker,
of Honolulu. ' Covers were placed for
10 at an attractively appointed table.
The afternoon was passed wun thimble
and needle and fancy work, while the
friends enjoyed a chat and visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ehrman, prom
inent San Franciscans, are being de
lightfully entertained during their stay
In Portland. Among the recent events
honoring them was tha dinner presided
over Sundnj night by Mr. and Mrs.
William -iXvr Ehrman. a similar afk
fair being Tven Monday night by Mr.
and Mrs. Edward Ehrman, and a dinner
on Tusday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
I. N. Fieischner as hosts.
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Fieischner
also were dinner hosts on Wednesday
honoring the Joseph Ehrmans, who left
last night for New York, where they
will visit relatives for a while. Mr.
and Mrs. Ehrman came to Portland to
visit their son, William Heller Ehrman,
and Mrs. Ehrman.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Edwards were
dinner hosts Wednesday night, their
guests numbering several of the mar
ried folk.
Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Allen Lewis en
tertained with a charming dinner party
Tuesday night, which was followed by
a box party at the Orpheum. Their
guests were Mr. and Mrs. John O. Ed
wards, Theodore B. Wilcox and Samuel
Mr. and Mrs. William Heller Ehrman
(Minnie Fieischner) are being showered
with congratulations over the arrival
yesterday of a little daughter.
Mrs. William Gadsby and Mrs. McKln
ley Mitchell entertained yesterday with
a charming bridge-luncheon. The
rooms of the Gadsby residence were
aglow with fluffy chrysanthemums,
yellow and mauve shades, the luncheon
table being especially attractive. The
guests were: Mrs. James C. Costello.
Mrs. O. M. Clark. Mrs. N. U. Carpenter,
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Mrs M. Baruh. Mrs. David Dunne, Mra.
O. W. Simpson. Mrs. Ora D. Baker. Mrs.
William Reld. Mrs. Katherine Daly.
Mrs. Lee Arnett, Mrs. Holyoke, Mrs.
M J. Delahunt. Mrs. M. H. Lamond,
Mrs. F. D. Kuettner. Mrs. N. T. Palmer.
Mrs. A. E. Jackson. Mrs. R. R. Glltner,
Mrs. A. Tlchner. Mrs. T. K. Baylls. Mrs.
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Miss Olga Spiled. Mrs. Walter KorelU
Mrs. P. Miller.
The wedding of Miss Marian Morgan
and Mr. Henry Allan wrignc win
place at the home of me oriae s prc.i
Mr. and Mrs. W. I Morgan, of 75
Kohuvler street. Wednesday morning.
November 15, at 11 oclock. The wed
ding will be very simple and only the
members of the immeoiaie . L.
relatives will be present. Mr. Wright
formerly resided In Portland, but now
resides In Seattle, where they will make
their borne after their noneymwu.
The Portland alumnaa of Chi Omega
fraternity are planning a largo charity
ball and card party for December 1.
during the Thanksgiving holidays, at
Hotel Multnoman. ine Dauruvm
been donated by the management. Spe
cial features will be an added attrac
tion of the evening. ,
The incentive for this benefit is to
raise funds for the Chi Omega lunch
room, which has been maintained the
last two years at the Stephens School,
and Is now located in the Albina Home
stead School, where there Is a much
larger field for social service work.
A brilliant Shrlner ball Is the event
being anticipated by hundreds of Port
land folk for Wednesday evening. Al
Kader will be hosts for the affair,
which will embrace cards as well as
dancing and a musical programme pre
ceding the dance. The entire mezxa
nlne floor of Hotel Multnomah will be
used for the occasion, dancing to be in
both ballrooms and the cardrooms to
be prepared for the non-dancers, mis
ball and card party is to honor the
out-of-town Shriners. Patrons and
patronesses are: Potentate and Mrs
William E. Grace. Mr. and Mrs. George
W. Stapleton, Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Toma
slnl. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Thurlow. Mr.
and Mrs. Louis G. Clarke, Mr. and Mrs.
Clifton X. McArthur. Mr. and Mrs, H. R.
Albee. Mr. and Mrs. George L. Baker.
Mr. and Mrs. Orange M. Clark, Mr. and
Mrs. McKinley Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs.
A. H. Avertll, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.
Runyon, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Lee Steph
ens. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin A. Freeman.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Finzer, Mr. and
Mrs. Harvey Wells. Mr. and Mrs. A. W.
Orton. William Davis, Mrs. Mary Cree, W. J. Hof mann. Mr. and Mrs. A. II.
L. G. Carpenter. Miss Lillian Carpenter. Lea. Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Brown,
Mr. and Mrs. James P. MorTett. Mr. and! Mr. and Mrs. Hug J. Boyd. Mr. and Mrs.
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