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Surveillance of Companies Is
Increased and Tax Raised
v on Business Handled.
Provision Also Is Made That Funds
May Be Invested Only In Gilt-
eded Securities and Agents
Are "to Be Restricted.
Many important changes in the con
duct and regulation of insurance busi
ness in Oregon are provided by the
new insurance code drafted by the com
mission authorized by the last Legis
lature for that purpose. These changes,
in one way or another, affect every
person in the state who carries any
kind of insurance fire, life, health,
accident, casualty, etc. and are in
tended tor benefit the insuring public.
The following analysis explains the
general provisions of the bill and the
sections devoted to domestic companies:
The 1915 session of the Legislature
authorized the appointment of a com
mission to draft an insurance code for
Oregon, and after 17 months of hard
work It has practically completed this
task. Many meetings were held, giving
the various interests an opportunity to
express their opinions and the com
mission has followed closely the laws
of the states of New York, Pennsyl
vania, Kentucky. "Wisconsin and Wash
ington, which have recently enacted
new laws.
Commissioner' Powers Extended.
The code commission has defined the
general powers and duties of the In
surance Commissioner, as under the
present law the Commissioner has lim
ited power as to the regulation of
insurance companies and agents.
The Commissioner is required to see
that all insurance companies file an
annual report sworn to by the offi
cers of the company, and it will be
the duty of the Commissioner to -examine
each report to ascertain whether
the company is solvent and able to ful
fill the obligations to those having
policies. He is also required to com
pile these reports and print them for
the information of the public, and also
any examination or investigation must
be -made public and be available for
those interested.
They also make it mandatory that
all insurance companies in their an
nual statement shall state in separate
items the amount of claims paid to
policy holders and the amount of pre
miums collected, including premiums
received from other companies for re
insurance, whether it is written by a
company legally authorized to do busi
ness in this state or in an unauthor
ized company.
Two Per Cent Tax Provided.
On receipt of this annual statement
the Commissioner shall compute an
amount of 2 per cent on the net pre
miums as a tax upon the business
transacted in this state, and when
this is collected it shall be paid to
the State Treasurer to be credited to
the general fund.
The taxes and license fees collected
from the Insurance companies for the
year 1915 amounted to $109,422, and it
is estimated that this new law wiii
increase the revenue at least $10,000, as
there are certain concerns which are,
under the present law, exempt from
paying fees.
The code also requires " all insur
ance companies organized in any other
state to have a fully paid-up cap
ital of $200,000 before they are per
mitted to transact business in this
state, and those companies which have
a deposit in any other state for the
benefit of all policy holders are re
quired to furnish a certificate from
the Insurance Commissioner of that
state, showing that this amount of
deposit is held. They will be required
to renew this certificate annually.
Insurance Is Classified.
It also classifies and defines the va
rious kinds of insurance, and every
company transacting an insurance
business shall in its application state
what classes of insurance it intends
to transact. It is reported that there
are 22 kinds of insurance, and the Com
missioner has followed along .the lines
of some of the larger states in classi
fying the various kin-.s.
The Insurance Commissioner is au
thorized to examine Into any com
pany's affairs to learn - if it is solv
ent One of the recommendations made
by the commission is that all Insur
ance companies transacting business in
this state shall file with the Insurance
Commissioner the name of the person
they appoint as their attorney-in-fact
for legal service, and as long as they
have any liability In this state they
must maintain a representative for
service in the absence of this attorney-in-fact,
service can then be had upon
the Insurance Commissioner.
The commission also recommends a
reciprocal feature by which the Com
missioner shall recognize companies
from other states in the same manner
as other states recognize Oregon com
panies. License Must Be Had.
The agency qualification law defines
an agent as a person who is authorized
to transact an insurance business for
such companies as request & license
for them from the Insurance Depart-
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Mrs. Eliza J. Rogers.
Mrs. Eliza J. Rogers, for many
years a resident of Oregon, died
on Friday night at her home at
Beaverton, after suffering a
stroke of paralysis. She was 65
years of age.
She is survived by five daugh
ters and a son. They are: Mrs.
R. W. "Wallace, of Montesano,
Wash.: Mrs. M. Marr, of Seattle;
Mrs. Susan R. Bowman, of Bea
verton; Mrs. J. E. Carter and Mrs.
Ora M. Campbell, of Portland, and
J. R. Rogers, of Portland. t
The funeral will be held from
the family home at 10:30 Mon
day morning. Interment will be
in Riverview Cemetery.
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I 2
ment. and failure on tie' part of the
agent or the company to secure a state
license subjects them to & penalty.
No license shall be issued to an
agent until he has filed an application
wnn me insurance Department, stating
his former residence and his insurance
experience, if any, and the names of
the Insurance companies that he for
merly represented. This is merely a
check upon the class of agents known
as floaters.
This section also holds an aeent rter-
sonally responsible if he fails to notify
the person to whom he sells insurance
that he is placing it in an unauthorized
Rebating will be made n mis
demeanor, requiring every policy to
Dear on its face a true and correct
statement of the premium paid.
ine commission recommends that any
agent who makes false or fraudulent
statements or reports to secure appli
cations for insurance for the purpose of
ootaimng a zee or commission shall be
guilty of a misdemeanor. A section
prohibiting any political contributions
to any candidate or political organ
ization is provided.
The recommendations made by the
commission for companies organized
in this state require all incorporators
of any proposed company- to submit
tnelr plans of organization to the In
surance Commissioner, who shall in
vestigate, and if he finds that the per
sons are bona fide residents he shall
permit them to complete their organ
ization, but they must file with his
offico a bond in the sum of $10,000
conditioned upon the faithful account
ing and completion of its organization.
He shall grant them authority to
solicit subscriptions for the capital
stock, but commission or promotion
expenses will be limited to 15 per
No person shall be permitted to
solicit subscriptions until he is au
thorized by the company and a notice
is filed in the Insurance Department.
These requirements will eliminate the
professional promoter.
Gilt Securities Required.
The commission also recommends
that the money received for the cap
ital stock shall be invested only in
first-class securities, such as legally is
sued bonds, warrants of any county,
city or school district of the state, or
security that is negotiable at any
time. Surplus funds can be invested
in other securities, but no loan or in
vestments shall be made until it is
approved by a committee having
charge of the finances.
Whenever a company desires to re
duce its capital stock it must have the
approval of at. least two-thirds of the
stockholders, ana tne capital siock
cannot be reduced below $100,000.
Thev also recommend that the or
ganizers of any company shall be
jointly and severally liable for all
debts or liabilities of the company un
til it has qualified and a license has
been issued by the Commissioner, and
If the company does not commence to
issue policies withiia two years or its
date of incorporation the Insurants
Commissioner, or a stocknoioer, may
petition to the court to require the
company to commence business or close
its affairs.
These recommendations for the reg
ulation of domestio stock companies
will not affect the existence of the
companies now in business.
Prosecutor Wants to Collect From
Alleged Wasco Violator.
WASCO. Or., Nov. 11. (Special.)
Civil action was taken yesterday by
Prosecuting ' Attorney Huddleston
against Joseph Marsh, a local druggist,
to recover $250, which is the amount of
tne Dona given to tne state by drug
gists licensed to sell alcohol.
It is alleged that intoxicating liquor
has been sold in violation of the state
law, and Mr, Marsh is now declared to
have forfeited the bond.
This is the first- action of this kind
to be taken in the State of Oregon. At
torney W. H. Wilson, of The Dalles, is
associated with Mr. Huddleston in the
case. Mr. Huddleston was re-elected
Prosecuting Attorney last Tuesday, aft
er a hot fight agalnet Grover Duff ey, of
? ?
? 9
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has - no terrors for the
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Ashland Candidates Announced.
ASHLAND, Or., Nov. 11. (Special.)
C. W. Banta is first to announce him
self as candidate for Mayor at the city
election in December. John B. Wimer,
H. C. Galey, W. H. Gowdy. R. P. Camp
bell and C. L. Cunningham are candi
dates for city recorder, and A. L. Lamb
is in line to succeed himself as coun
cilman from the Third ward.
Thirty-three Years of Residence In
Tillamook County Linked With
District's Commercial Growth.
WHEELER. Or.. Nov. 11. (Special.)
The funeral of the late Henry Tohl,
held at Nehalem Monday, was the lar
gest ever held In the Nehalem Valley,
despite the disagreeable weather. Mr.
Tohl was one of the oldeat settlers of
the Nehalem Bay country and one of
the best-known citizens and business
men of Northwestern Oregon.- He
came to this valley 33 years ago and
located a claim ton which he lived five
years, after which he leased the claim
where the city of Nehalem now stands
and opened a store. Since that time he
ww identified with the commercial in
terests of that city and the entire Ne
halem Valley. In 1910 A. C. Anderson
came into partnership with him, and
since that time the firm of Tohl & An
derson has been the leading commer
cial organisation of the valley.
Mr. Tohl was a leader in- the civic
affairs of Tillamook (Jounty, at the
time of his death being vice-president
of the Port of Nehalem.
Rev. T. A. Schoenberg, of Portland,
pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran
Church, of which Mr. Tohl was a mem
ber, conducted the funeral services.
Mr. Tohl was - born in Germany and
was 67 years old. He was never mar
ried, and is survived by two brothers
and two sisters, Herman and William
J. Tohl, Mrs. Mary Etfenberger and
Mrs. Anna Klein, all residents of the
Nehalem Valley. ,
Utopia Lodge Also Is Addressed by
Members Wbo Have Traveled.
An enthusiastic meeting of the Utopia
tRebekah Lodge was held Thursday
night at Orient Hall. A number of vis
iting Rebekahs were present, among
.whom was Mrs. Mary White, of City
View, who has been a member more
than SO years. Mrs. White gave an in
teresting talk.
A number of members who have been
away were also at the meeting and told
of experiences in the lodges of other
cities. Among them were: Grand mas
ter, Henry S. Westbrook; grand repre
sentative, Robert Andrews, .and Mrs.
Andrews, wbo attended the sovereign
errand lodge at Chattanooga. Temu, and
Mrs. Lydla Quimby, who returned from
Voungstown, O.
The following Is the committee on
entertainment for the meeting to be
held November 23: Mrs. Lena West-
brook, Mrs. Jennie Klstler, Mrs. Mary
Swan, Mrs. Nellie Muior and Mrs. L.
Lovers of German drama will have
the rare opportunity of seeing the per
formance of the famous five-act p'ay
by Meyer-Foerster. "Old Heidelberg." a
play which has been translated tnto
many languages and has made a tre
mendous hit wherever It was produced,
at the Eleventh-street Theater Sunday
night. November 19. ,
The play will be given under the
auspices of the Saengerf est-Executive
for the benefit of a fund which is be
ing raised for the great German Saen
gerfest to be .held in this city from
July 13 to July 15, 1917. Extensive ar
rangements already have been made
for this biennial singing festival of
the North Pacific Saengerbund, which
Is to mark the . opening of the new
Civic Auditorium and which will be
participated in by 600 male voices from Schaumann, John
German singing societies along the Pa- Frank Loretz. W,
2Lz'I7z'aT-t 22zzc?2l,
kept busy during the last week at get
ting ready tho "OTS Heidelberg", spe
cial scenery needed to produce the
play. Twenty principals and a student
chorus, comprised of 80 of the best
male voices from the different German
singing societies of the city, are re
hearsing, and Martin Dudel, who is
staging the play, is promising a fine
performance. The principal female
parts will be played by LilliSn Dudel,
Mrs. George Wischhusen and Miss Else
Neitsch. The leading male parts are
in the hands of E. Baer, F. Schnur-
busch. Hermann and Sam Hafner, E.
Reuter. A. Rieder, F. Slemon. W.
Stocker, H. Bries,
Eartels and Otto
cifle Coast. A symphony orchestra Kramer. The student chorus is under
and soloists of world renown, as well the direction of Herman Hafner, the
as a children's chorus, will take part leader of the Helvetia Saenger Club.
In the event. Thielhom's orchestra will render the
Painters and carpenters have been Incidental musio.
Meeting Will Be Hrlil Early Meat
Month and Water Resources of .
State to Do Connidercd. '
Nov. 11. (SpeciaL) The coming com
monwealth conference, to be held early
in December, which is being promoted
by the-economio department of the uni
versity, will be conducted on a more
scientlflo basis than were the sessions
of last year.
"Our natural and social environment
must become really productive and
yield margins of value that build up
life In all its needs and for all classes."
says Professor F. O. Young, chairman
of the conference committee.
With a more rationalized and sys
tematized programme for consecutive
effort, this conference has planned the
timeliness of the discussions which will
still be the determining factor In the
choice of subjects. This means that
the organization for work on a state
highway system in harmony with the
sound principles of economy will be
The plans for the utilization of the
water resources, irrigation, drainage
and power development wilt b car
ried to more advanced stages.
A notable publication on water
power development will soon be Issued
from the university press, which is th
fruit of former commonwealth confer
ences on this subject.
Recalled Commissioners Want
Serve Until January 1.
NORTH YAKIMA. Wash.. Nov. 11.
(Special.) With election of two new
County Commissioners and the recall.,
of Commissioners Courabe and Freeman
accepted as a fact, the question was
raised yesterday whether the two new
members of the county board. A. Lund
strum and A. C. Turner, take office at
the same time as other county officers
In January, or as soon as their election
is officially declared and they qualify.
Intimation was given to Auditor Bar
rett yesterday by a friend of one of
the new commissioners that they take
the latter view and expect to qualify
and demand office Immediately follow
ing the official canvass of the returns
and declaration of the result. Com
missioners Coumbe and Freeman, how
ever, contend their tenure Is to the
regular time for change of officers.
To eliminate the babel of toniruea an-1
Amrlcmnls Bayonn. X. J., tba education
Board will tabHsa night elava for tre
teaching of ngnsh to alien residents who
comprise 50 per cent of Bayonno's 7O.00O Inhabitant.
The Family
edicine Chest
1 SSpi !
Must contain a rood treatment for colds, coughs
and catarrhal troubles.
It must contain a reliable treatment jor disor
dered digestion, impaired appetite, etc.
It must also have a good tonic to restore strength
after illnesses, to overcome depression and nervous
ness. These three lines' of physical trouble are all
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successfully in most cases.
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has conquered catarrh of many years standing.
In its liquid form it has well established" itself, solely on its merits, and In the tablet
form thousands rely upon it to give quick aid.
Manalin is another indispensable. It is the ideal laxative and liver tonic Ideal
because it is effective, mild and pleasant, and because it overcomes the difficulty with
out forming a habit. Used rightly, it often is the means of restoring correct bowel
action. In the liquid form it has been. used almost as lone as Peruna, and in the new tablet form it is
delightful to the taste, convenient in administration, safe for invalids and children, and promptly effective.
These medicines are standard in the homes of thousands Merit lias won success.
THT PERUNA COMPANY, - - - - . CoWla.Ot