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Advances $5.00 on November 15th
89 Per Cent of Firemen Want
Two Platoons.'Writer Says.
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Campaign Secretary Attacks State
ment That "Older and Most De
pendable Men" Are Opposed
to the Proposed Plan.
CeoWOK W. K. ATKINS. vicavetmrnajra SEt-VIDERK BROOKS, vicc-mastoc
PORTLAND, Nov. 4. (To the Ed-
ltor.) I note In your issue of October
14 a news Item headed "Firemen Di
vided Regarding Change," with follow
ing subheads: "Older and Most De
pendable Declared Opposed to Trying
for Double Platoon," and "More Days
Off Desired" tind "Battalion Chief
Holden Says Unionizing of Fire and
Water Bureaus Is Storing Up Trouble,
end Agitators Are Working."
As secretary for the Firemen's Two-
Platoon Committee, I believe this state
ment, credited to Battalion Chief Hoi
den (and I am assuming he was re
ported correctly), to be unfair and un
just to the firemen who are conscien
tiously workincr for the two-platoon
eystem and who honestly believe it to
be for the best interest of the public
as well as to the best interest of the
bureau and the individual fireman.
Hence, I would ask that equal publicity
be given to this statement as was
given to that of Chief Holden in the
news item mentioned, ana J. irusi j. win
not be understood as being over-crlt
leal or prejudiced.
Equal Publicity Asked.
In other words, the firemen who want
the two-platoon system also wish Chief
Holden or any other opponent to say
what he pleases, and when he pleases,
as is his perfect right. All we ask is
that we have an equal opportunity with
Chief Holden, or any other opponent,
to place facts and arguments before the
neoDle. particularly, if from zeal, or
any other reason, facts are not Adhered
to by the opposition.
That the firemen are fairly and gen
erally in accord in their endeavor to
try for the two-platoon system ia evi
denced by the following figures:.
There are 419 men in the Fire Bureau,
Including 33 on the staff. The staff in
cludes the linemen, operators and
shopmen, who are now working eight
hours shifts and hence are not directly
Interested in the two-platoon move
ment, and the chief and battalion
chiefs. This leaves 386 regular mem
bers of the bureau eligible to sign the
petition. Of this number 319 signed
on the first circulation. Many men
were out on their vacations at that
time, and upon their return were given
an opportunity to sign. This increased
the total number of signers to 341 out
of a possible 386, or approximately 89
per cent; of the remaining 11 per cent
none, so far as this office is advised,
are taking any sides In the matter.
Twenty Captains on Petition.
As to the "older and most depend
able" men, it is sufficient to say that
20 captains out of 36 have petitioned
for a two-platoon system. All of these
have been in the service from three to
28 years. Out of approximately 46
lieutenants, 42 have petitioned for a
two-platoon system. All of these have
been in the service from two to 12
years. In fact, a great number of those
signing the two-platoon petition also
signed a petition some time ago for the
reinstatement of Battalion Chief Holden
upon his return to the city after having
formally quit the department.
Chief Stevens is credited by your
reporter as having stated to the City
Commissioners, as a fact, that many of
the signers were not men in the regu
lar service, or in other words, are sub
stitutes. The real fact is that one
substitute signed the petition, and this
was permitted by mistake. Seventy-
five substitutes are on the eligible list.
You will note in the article referred
to that Chief Dowell admits the service
is handicapped because some of the
companies are now short-handed. This
committee will probably explain this at
a later date when time and' space
More Days Off Wanted,
The statements of the batallion
chief would leave the impression that
the majority of the flrement want more
days off. This is wrong. What the
firemen wish to eliminate is the con
tinuous service feature that hinders
efficiency, keeps the men from owning
and enjoying homes and home life, and
denies to their families the proper at
tention of a husband and father.
As to promises made the firemen in
the past, asked about by one of the
City Commissioners and to which Chief
Stevens replied, the facts are that the
men were told at the inception of the
fire . prevention work that if they in
terested themselves therein it would
undoubtedly result in one day off in
three. This, of course, would be a
great improvement. It is safe to say
however, that no chief of the depart
ment ever took himself Seriously on
the "one-day-off-in-three" matter.
It is of Interest to note they are
now talking one day off in five. No
fireman now in service would live to
enjoy the one day off in three, the ideal
condition described by Chief Holden. if
it was to be obtained in the way he de
scribes is being hoped for by his "de
pendables." One day off in six ha-s
been in vogue nearly three years, and
will be before any possible change can
be made.
Inception In Union Denied.
This, however, is a matter of opin
ion, and not of facts, so we will let it
pass. The serious matter of state
ments is the evidenced attempt of Chief
Holden to appeal to the prejudiced in
terests of the city who are opposed to
organized labor. ,
He is quoted as stating that the two
platoon movement had its inception in
organized labor. He makes the asser
tion, without qualification, that "agi
tators' are bleeding the firemen for $3
per month. Both of these assertions
are untrue and made with evident in
tnt to prejudice and Inflame the minds
of our citizens who receive the greatest
protection from the very firemen who
voluntarily signed the petition, and are
voluntarily contributing the money
necessary for the campaign, made nec
rssary in the most part by Just such
erroneous and misleading statements
that are credited by your paper to
Battalion Chiefs Holden and Stevens.
Labor Secretary Explain.
I presume Chief Holden's basis for
the sweeping charge he makes is th
fact that I am serving, at the request
of the firemen, made in a general mas
meeting of themselves, as secretary of
their committee, and that I am likewise
secretary of the union he mentions
As for the Central Labor Council or
the Civil Service Workers' Association
neither have had the matter before
them, nor have either considered the
matter in any way.
The organization that is behind th
two-platoon movement is that of th
signers to the petition. This is known
as the Firemen's Two-Platoon Commit'
tee. The membership consists of 34
signers only. Its business is handled
by an executive board, of which I am
secretary, with no executive power or
vote, i-ven this statement Is written
and given by authority of the board.
The dues of the committee; are volun
Lipman, Wolfe & Co.,
Portland, Or.
The price of Free Sewing Machimea will be advanced ,
to Forty-Five Dollars on November Fifteenth giving you eight
days only for Present Club JPlan Prices. Darby from Factory
will personally take charge of selling campaign.
' kWc Shall Offer 50 Women
The Opportunity
Of Securing the Latest Model
At the Old Price, $40.00
5c Down 5c Additional Each. Week
5c First Payment
1c first payment secures mer-(
fcership and prompt delivery to,
yonr home. Next week yoa payj
10c, them lEc mly 5c merer each'
week than the previous, and soon
the machine 1b yours. See the'
following: easy payment eched-'
trie. Save as yoy. sew:
6c 70o 11.36
1st week 14th week 2Tth week
10c Too 1.40
2d week 15th week 28th week
.15c 80o 1AS
d weak 16th week 29th week
20o 8 bo 11.60
4th week J7th week 80th week
25c 90c H.6S
Bth week 18th week Sljt week
" 30 y 86c $1.0
6th week 19th week 82d week
S6o $1.00 11.65
7th week 2Qth week 1 3d week
40o 1.05 $1.70
i 8th week 21st week 84th week
45c $1.10 $1.75
9th week 22d week 85th week
60c $1.15 $1.80
10th week 23d week 86th week
56c $1.20 $1.85
11th week 24th week 87th week
60c $1.26 $1.90
12th week 26th week 88th week
65o $1.30 Final
18th week 26th week $1.95
Mr. Darby From the Free Factory
.Will Personally Explain the Many
Superior Features of the Free
Over All Other Machines
The FREE Is Guaranteed tor Life
Also 'insured for five years against fire, flood, breakage
or cyclone. We replace even a broken needle.
The FREE Protects Your Health 5
Because it runs lighter on account of the new Rotoscillo
The FREE Saves Yoa Time
It sews faster because of the Toggle-link movement.
The FREE Lasts Longer
Because its materials and workmanship are superior.
The FREE Is an Ornament to Any Room
Because it is so artistic and beautiful.
man wovas ckdxjOl
MercKandiso cfc Merit Only"
tary. Every month each committee
man gets a report from the board cov
ering all matters. Including tbat of the
finances. The men have themselves set
as an average the sum they believe
Is necessary to keep their side properly
before the people and pay the neces
sary expenses of the campaign. Yours
very truly.
Secretary of Firemen's Two-Platoon
Gas Company Seeks to Dissolve.
CENTRALIA, Wash, Nov. 4. Petition
for an order disincorporating the Cen
tral! a & Chehalis Gas Company was
filed In the Pierce County Superior
Court yesterday by President W. W.
Seymour, who stated that the stock
holders at a irecent meeting voted to
dissolve the company. The properties
of the corporation were taken over
about a year ago by the North Pacific
Publio Service Company.
Graduates of American college; are con
ducting; the department of agriculture aad
forestry recently Installed in China.
Improvements In Machinery for Opera
tion Depend Upon Results Obtained
Within Next 30 Days.
GRANTS PASS. Or.. Nov. 4. (Spe
cial.) Mrs. J. F. Reddy Is as full of
optimism over the mining possibilities
of Southern Oregon as is her husband,
who is now the owner of half a dozen
promising mines in the district. Dur
ing the last Summer Mrs. RecTay pur
chased the Dorothea mine on Coyote
Creek. In Northern Josephine County.
More than 8000 feet of development
work had been done upon the property
in tunnels and uplifts, and much ore of
1 fair grade had been found. A five
stamp mill is now being operated at
the mine by Mrs. Ready, who has a
force of 10 men employed under the
direction of Andrew Prater, a mining
engineer of Spokane.
A test run of SO daya will be made,
and if the results are satisfactory. It
is proposed to install a larger mill
and other machinery for the working
of the mine. The Dorothea is located
near the old Greenback, which a few
years ago was one of the greatest pro
ducers of Oregon. Parties are now ne
gotiating for the Greenback, and that
mine Is likely soon to be operated
again. Both the Dorothea and the
ureenoacx are rree-munng gold ore
Elders' Sanitarium, located at E18
Main street, St. Joseph, Mo., has pub
Ushed a book showing the deadly effect
of the tobacco habit, and how it can be
stopped in three to five days.
As they are distributing this book
free, anyone wanting a copy should
send their name and address at once.
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Iff MMhUUfig
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'H'SVIOXI taay. ia,l.
pjc fncomparaMc nalj
The general love for music shown by the wide popularity of the piano
merely indicates the instinctive reaching out of humanity for the things
that -are beautiful TRUE.
So Pianos should be made in sincerity and should be sold in sincerity.
answers every
ucn nas ueen our purpose 10 secure an liisuuineni
piano question that there is.
A Piano that represents the sincerest work of American piano-makers,
and one that is sold with our sincerest approval.
H3 naue
the Knabe, where a col
special, conventional and
Our Seventh Floor is now the new home of
lection of upright and grand pianos in cases of
period designs is on exhibition and sale.
Associated with the Knabe are other pianos in makes that are worthy
of representation.
An important feature of the opening of our new Piano Store tomorrow
is a special Holiday Offering for those who are interested in the greatest
of all Christmas gifts a piano. .
Teaeben. Trtatte Seekera. Aeeaxuttlna;
and Higher Education Are Extra,
Portland Topics,
Nov. 4. (Special.) Despite the . In
creased competition In the field of ex
tension work over the state, the uni
versity extension department has ar
ranged four new expansion classes In
The class for teachers In general
science consists of lectures, laboratory
and Held work. Owing to the limited
supplies the membership 1b limllej and
each student must register. The fol
lowing lectures will be delivered: "Tre
Development of the Universe and Our
Earth." "The Earth. Its Feature and
constituents." by Professor "Warren D.
Smith; "The Plant Forms." by Profes
sor A. R. Sweetser, and "The Animal
Forms Dependent Upon the Plants,"
by Dr. J. F. Bovard.
Probably one of the most Interesting
classes so far organized under the su
pervision of the university is the class
In export trade. If Portland Is to
beoome an important factor in trade
she must play her part in foreign trade,
says Ansel R. Clark, who will be the
For the benefit of those who care to
study further In accounting, D. W.
Morton, dean of the school of com
merce at the university, has organized
a class in this work, which meets at
the same time as the bankers class.
To accommodate the teachers and
professors who are interested In edu
cational subjects eight lectures have
been arranged to be delivered within
the next three months on current prob
lems in American education.
at cost, constitutionality granted." It
has not yet been decided where this
debate will take place.
Hood Itiver -Growers Too Bnsy
Attend Spokane Meeting.
HOOD RIVER, Or, Nov. 4. (Spe
cial.) Unless some let-up in the apple
market situation prevails here before
November 23 and 24. dates announced
by Paul II. Weyrauch for a meetlns
at Spokane of the newly-appointed
advisory board of the Fruitgrowers'
Agency, no local sales agenoy officials
will be present.
"We will be so busy here," said Wll
mer Sleg, sales manager of the Apple
Growers' Association, "that It will be
impossible for any of us to leave.
The advisory board cons.sts of ap
pointees of the Governors of Oregon,
Washington and Idaho. The meeting
Is called in conjunction with a growers'
congress to be held at the time of the
National Apple Show for the discussion
of apple marketing problems.
social will be given Friday evenimr f jr
the benefit of manual training. Plans
are belnfr made to participate in tlio
county and state fairs during the com
ing year.
As a result of the recent letter-writing
contest nearly all of the homes ot
the district are supplied with book 3.
maps, atlases, ete., from Washington.
D. C.
The students have shown their In
terest In civic improvement by lending
a helping hand in making needed Im
provements on the school grounds.
Mc-hr1ral device for repenting prtv rl
are familiar In the Cant, but they are oul
done, in itv!na labor, by the prayer flac
of Tibet. ' Theae. aa derrlbad by J. C.
White. In the National Oeocraphlc Muca
zlive. era atiapenatxi on lona; l!nia, ameluntaa
reaching acroat.a rlvor. Aa Ions a they t.r
movine; in the breexe they are supposed to
b rerur".lnir vritera for the bi'Uciit tr Ihoaa
who put them up.
OLGA SPESIZEWA. Photo by Bain News Service.
Olga Spesizewa, the new premiere of the Ballet Russe, arrived in New Tork last week. The first thing
she did on landing was to drop a supefluous TZ out of her name. Mile. Spesizewa studied at the Im
perial Ballet School, beginning at 9 years of ege. She has been dancing leading roles at the Petrograd
Royal Theaters for three years though she is now only 22. Her last appearance in Russia was before
the Czar at one of his Summer palaces. She was engaged by Captain Philip Lydig, who had seen her"
dance in Petrograd. ,
nii iiiiiini
Unique System Adopted by O. A. 'C.
to Educate People on Bis Issnes.
LEGE. Corvallis. Nov. 4. (Special)
A new feature has been added to the
forensic, activities of the Oregon Agri
cultural College, ltr the form of exten
sion debates. Agricultural and other
questions that are of Interest to the
people of the state will be selected and
discussed by affirmative and negative
teams from the college in towns chosen
by the extension service.
The first question to be decided upon
will be "Resolved: Tbat the State of
Oregon should acquire the ownership of
the lime deposits In her borders, work
them aa far as practicable with convict
Home Credit Syhtrm Said to Stop
Migration to Cities.
BVENA VISTA. Or, Nov. 4. (Spe
cial.) The results of the homo credit
system are being practically demon
strated this FalL Country pupils In
Polk County who have completed the
grade work are attending the high
schools at Alrlie. Independence, Bueca
Vista, Monmouth and Dallas.
Home credits are the school's ac
knowledgment and record on its books
of work which the pupils accomplish
at home outside of school hours. The
system has operated in a way that has
given initiative to tho participants in
studying and practicing activities of
the farm. According to statements
from the Buena Vista board of edu
cation, .most of the pupils in this sec
tion of Po'.k County will stay on the
farm, and the tendency of drifting to
the cities is being eliminated.
Students at Heights School Take Tp
Various Enterprises.
SALEM. Or.. Nov. 4. (Special.) The
students of the Salem Heights School
are putting their shoulder to the wheel
in their endeavor to make their school
take a lead in schooU of the front
The student body organisation has
elected their officers and are making
preparations for a successful year. A
Spend 25 Cents! Dandruff Dis
appears and Hair Stops
Coming Out. .
Try This! Hair Gets Beautiful,
Wavy and Thick L:
Few Moments.
If you care for heavy hair tht
glistens with beauty and is radiant
with life, has an Incomparable eoftnesa
and la fluffy and lustrous, try Daa
derlne. Just one application doubles tie
beauty of your hair, besides It Im
mediately dissolves every particle of
dandruff; you cannot have nice, heavy,
healthy hair If you have dandruff. This
destructive scurf robs the hair of it
luster, its strength and its very life,
and if not overcome it produces a
feverlshness and Itching of the scalp;
the hair roots famish, loosen and die;
then the hair falio out fast.
If your hair has been neglected and
la thin, faded, dry. scraggy or too
oily, get a 25-cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderlne at any drug store or toilet
counter; apply a little as directed ml
ten minutes after you will say this was
the best Investment you ever made.
Wo sincerely believe, regardless) of
everything else advertised, that If you.
desire soft, lustrous, beautiful hair and
lots of It no dandruff no itching ecalp
no more falling hair you must
lara-e. enthusiastic Industrial Club has
K rn.m.H In aHlltlnn rnii..A. i ainrl
labor, and furnish lime for agricultural I In domestic art and manual training I use Knowlton's Danderlne, U oventa
Bursosea tvs.4 cement for road-building J ha.Y been added A. basket aod plate 1 uaily why cot tYi Adv.