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Roberts Chosen Northwestern
Representative With Head
quarters Here.
JJntire Pacific Coast Previously
Controlled From Branch at San
Francisco Features of New
Cars Are Enumerated. .
' This ia to introduce H. R. Roberta
(our own Bert), as Northwestern rep
resentative for the Hupp Motor Com
pany, with headquarters at Portland
and with territory covering Oregon.
Washington, Idaho and Montana. '
;Ever .since Mr. Roberts left the
Riles managership of the Frank C.
Rlgss Company a few months ago all
of the men alonir the automobile row
and Bert's countless friends in other
lines of business in Portland have been
Wondering what he has had up his
seeve all this while. But Bert 6nly
smiled knovingly. He spent most of
his time last Summer at the beach and
lately has been Ashing and hunting
Before the close of business
tomorrow the workers in the Sec
retary of State's office at Salem
will mail to every present auto
mobile owner and motorcycle
owner in Oregon an- application
blank inviting him to fill It out
and thus apply for his 1914 li
cense number and tag.
The action this year comes
about three weeks earlier than
usual. The applications are sent
out in advance of the first of the
year in order to give every owner
a chance to get his new number
before January 1 and to facili
tate the work in Secretary Ol
cott's office. Blanks are being
mailed to about 24.000 automo
bile owners and 3200 motorcycle
owners. The new tags will be
on a bripht red background with
white lettering.
L.ast year the new license appli
cations were not invited until De
cember 1.
irt order to place himself in the best
or health to tackle the arduous duties
if the responsible position he is about
ti assume.
!n response to a telegram from the
factory officials Mr. Roberts left last
I'uesday night for Detroit, where he
will pass about a fortnight studying
thw 1916 Hupp car and getting thor
oughly acquainted with the factory
officials and policies. Before departing
he said he did not know where he would
locate in Portland, but that he would
maintain an office within the recog
nized automobile district.
Compliment Paid to Portland.
- "Previously the entire Pacific Coast
has been controlled from a branch of
llye located at San Francisco," said Mr.
Roberts. "The creation of a separate
district with a branch office at Port
land Is a distinct recognition of the
Importance of this Northwest terri
tory and a compliment to Portland. The
change has been made to take care of
Mje increased business permitted by an
nlarsed output at a greater factory.
i-"My appointment as branch manager
fpr the Hupp Company will have no
effect on the present agency connection
with the Dulmage-Manley Company, of
tSortland. K. N. Brandt, who has
traveled for the Hupp Company In this
territory, will continue to work under
ttfc direction of the San Francisco
; "Bert" Roberts, after serving several
yrars as factory representative for the
"Winton Motor Car Company, came to
Eortland as branch manager for the
company. When he completed
Iwi third year as head of the local
Vinton branch he resigned to become
affiliated with the Frank C. Riggs
Company and was soon made sales
nianajr of that pioneer organization.
Z Valuable Services Keconrnlmrd.
-During the 1914 season "Bert" held
the gavei over the destinies of the
Rortlnnd Automobile Trade Associa
tion and made good in such a thorough
Manner that his fellows presented htm
with a hundsome solid silver cigarette
case upon his retirement, as a recog
nition of his valuable services..
".'"Without radical change in design
nl without any loss of the famous
Hupmobile simplicity, the 1916 mode!
has 20 per cent more power than the
1315 model," says Mr. Roberts.
l"The crank shaft and its bearing3
hjve been materially increased In eize,
Mie connecting rods are. lengthened
Rid the valves are one-quarter inch
lSrger. The result Is vibration re
djiced to a minimum a powerful, si
lgnt. Bmooth-riinnlnar power plant.
-"The 191 Hupmobile has a new mul
tTple disc clutch, with more plates and
rffore springs. The result is the
srnoothest operating and strongest
outeh on the market.
"Throughout the chassis there have
13-en similar refinements. The new
M-upmobile has the improved Zenith
oarburetor and its cooling system
reaches maximum efficiency. The oll
8s system remains unchanged. The
ignition system is the improved At-water-Kent.
With this highest type
Battery ignition we offer simplicity,
ijjimdpes.i, sturdiness which means
rjie elimination of all ignition trou
bles. "For 1S16 the Hupmobile is equipped
1th the famous Bijur starting and
rjvhtlnjr system. This is the same sys
tem that is used on the Packard, Jef
fijiy, Winton. Apperson and on the
tC-rnest priced cars of European make
fS, is regarded throughout the automo-
industry as unsurpassed for start
ing and lighting."
serve the same purpose as the plant at
Oakland." said Mr. DeVaux. "At the
Oakland plant certain processes of
manufacture are carried on in con
junction with the assembly of the cars
and the same plan will probably be
carried on at the Northwest plant when
it is built. I have always been a big
booster for Portland and you may rest
w me Koae city will get full
consideration when it comes to picking
out the branch location.
"The Chevrolet Company is known as
a 420,000.000 corporation. Mr. Durant,
the man behind the car. started the
Buick plant in 1904 and to this day he
owns a controlling interest tn the Gen
eral Motors Company, which manufac
ture the Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile,
Oakland and trie G. M. C. truck. There
is absolutely no foundation to the
rumor that .James Couzehs, Henry
Ford's former partner, is to be affiliated
with the Chevrolet Company."
' Mr. DeVaux is given credit for start
ing F. W, Vogler In the automobile
business by giving him th Anhrn
agency for this territory in 1908. Two
years later tney formed the Northwest
Buick Company. Mr. DeVaux moved to
San Francisco some time ago and now
has charge of the Chevrolet distribu
tion for the entire Pacific Coast
In. leaving Portland Thursday for Se
attle and Spokane. Mr. DeVaux an
nounced that he would return next
Wednesday and their, after a confer
ence with Mr. West, announce the name
of the Chevrolet distributor for the
territory immediately adjacent to Port
land. By that time a full line of the
1616 Chevrolet models will be in Port
land and the company officials will be
Stanley Clemence, of Ballou &
Wright,:Reports Auto Con
vention Big Benefit.
Veedol Factory, Among Those Sup
plying Accessories,. Is Declared
Vast, Walled City In Itself
With Huge OH System.
He spent so much money that he
hasn't the" heart to add up his notes
and put in his expense account.
Stanley Clemence, the popular and
state that their word Is as good as
their bond.
"Among other things, they are cele
brated as roadbuilders. This In Itself
is an indication that they are familiar
with roads and the vehicles that
should be "used upon them. Seven Hud
son cars are owned by the Ave brothers."
Proposed Transcontinental 1 Trip to
, Be Made AVith Only Two Gears.
The Pathfinder Company, of Indian
apolis, has sprung a new one on the
unsuspecting public in their proposed
transcontinental trip, which. It Is said,
will be made by Pathfinder the Great,
their new twelve, with no gears in the
car excepting high and' reverse. If
they succeed in making the cross-country
trip all the way on high, they will
have Bet a new record in automobile
accomplishment. Certainly nobody has
ever. yet had the temerity even to sug
gest such an undertaking.
"There is no question," says W. E.
Stalnaker, vice-president and director
of sales of the Pathfinder Company,
"about our being able to do the thing.
We will not attempt it until the road
clear up in the Spring. But we can
go anywhere with this car 'on high'
that the ordinary car can go when
using its full gamut of gears. This we
have established in actual tests of the
most severe nature. Pathfinder the
Great, when it comes to hill climbing,
need never shift gears, even when un-
- Gossip Along the Row
THE Oregon agency for the Chevrolet
car will be announced next Wednes
day. The Oregon agency for the Chevrolet
car will be announced next Wednesday
-The Chevrolet Motorcar Company is
lH.-tnning the installation of a large as.
.-embly plant and factory in Portland
it xt year.
iN'orman DeVaux. the "boss" of the
Oevrolet interests, dropped off in Port
land last week for a chat with Fred
vv. "v est, the branch manager for this
territory, and remained long enough to
nxike the above announcements. He
i2o guaranteed that the little
Oievrolet "490" could climb nearer the
ry of the -world hereabouts than any
wther make of automobile on the hisrfi
war and offered to back his faith in
tSe car with a bet of cabaret dinners
tor the crowd.
"The plan of W. C. Durant. the "head
of the Chevrolet factory, is to ellct
either at Portalnd or Seattle r.nAs
tsembly plant and factory that ffill
.-a i
nr ftr. driv'nS their Studebaker automobile for 25.000 miles during the last year and a half, Mr. and Mrs
W. M. Snipes have returned to Portland with first-hand knowledge of road conditions In every corner of
dog "Teddy " ' them upon their arrival the other day was their 14-year-oid son, Ralph, and their
Mr. and Mrs. Snipes declare that their mode of travel has resulted in surprising economy.
ready to go ahead with their 191
campaign with a whoop.
Upon his return last week from a
trip to the Eastern automobile centers,
H. Ij. Keats, the dean of the industry
in Portland. admitted that he had
something pretty nice in store, but that
he would not be able to make any an
nouncement until the latter part of
this month. Mr. Keats returned to
Portland Sunday, with C. A. Pfeffer.
Mr. Chalmers' right-hand man at the
factory, and took him for a drive over
the Columbia River Highway while he
was here.
Mr. Keats says that every automo
bile and accessory factory 1n the East
is humming with activity and that the
only wail heard Is based on the lack
of materials.
Clear the alleys for the automobile
bowling league.
Jast week the huskiest salesmen at
the J. W. Leavitt Company, Covey
Motorcar Company, Northwest Auto
Company, Dulmage-Manley Company,
the Studebaker Company and the
Howard Automobile Company, or
ganized a bowling league that will
fight for honors during the coming
rainy months. The bowlers will meet
this week to elect officers and draw up
a schedule.
R. F. Fike. who has been a salesman
for C. Lk Boss & Co. for some time past,
has accepted a similar position with
the Covey Motorcar Company.
Eddie O'Donnell and Family on
Way to Exposition.
After winning fame and fortune on
the big circuit during the year, Eddie
O'Donnell is taking his family on an
T ?
X I 1 x
Pi i -I 3 1
b' 'fx A
n " x
1 p I X
- Kobertu, Portland Man, I
bo Hxi Brrom . nrt k T
I Branch Mimr, for the Hupp f
I Motor Cmput. I
i 11.
a Who Hxi Brrom . nrt k
Branch Mimr, for the Hupp
Motor Cvmpur,
overland rip to the Panama-Pacific
O'Donnell has proved one of the most
consistent drivers on the big circuit
this year. Out of 11 starts with his
powerful Dusenberg he has finished in
the money nine times, w-inding up his
season's work with a $5300 prize for
taking third place in the recent 350
mile race at Sheepshead Bay Speed
way, New York, where he averaged
100.4 miles an hour.
Eighteen months ago O'Donnell was
breaking speed records testing Mitchell
cars on the three-quarter-mile track
at the plant of the Mitchell-Lewis
Motor Company, at Racine, Wis. He
entered into the racing game as a
mechanician for -the Duesenberg team.
His experience on the old three-quarter-mile
track stood him in good stead,
and he quickly showed his class, be
coming the star of the Duesenberg
team within a year.
Immediately after the finish of the
last big race In the East he placed his
order for a new Mitchell "The Six of
'16." He knew how the car was made
having worked at the big Racine fac
tory, and he is now on his way to
San Francisco in his new pride by way
of Denver and Salt Lake City, expect
ing tp complete the triD In about 20
good-natured city sales manager of the
Portland branch of the wholesale ac
cessory firm of Ballou & Wright, ad
mits that such is his present predica
ment. .
But during his five weeks business
pleasure trip through ' the principal
centers of the East, Mr. Clemence vis
ited many of the big factories that
send their products to Ballou & Wright
for distribution, and he came back
home the other day "wised up" on all
of the ins and out3 of the accessory
Convention Declared Treat.
"The three days' convention of the
National Association of Automobile Ac
cessories and Jobbers at Kansas City
was a real treat and a complete educa
tion in itself," said Mr. Clemence be
tween telephone calls yesterday. "A to
tal of 108 men, representing manufac
turers and jobbing houses, met at that
convention to discuss a general better
ment of the trade and the elimination
of cut-rate houses that follow illegiti
mate tactics.
"The delegates hailed from all parts
of the United States, but I was the
only one from the Pacific Coast terri
tory. At the next meeting on the Mon
day and Tuesday following the New
York show, in January, It is probable
that a large number of Pacific Coast
men will be in attendance.
"The Eastern manufacturers report
that they have full shifts working
night and day filling war orders. The
demand for shells seems to be much
heavier than that for powder. All of
the big manufacturers are trying to
make good citizens of the foreigners
who are working in their shops. Teach
ers have been employed to impart to
them an understanding of the English
language and to appreciate the Ameri
can flag."
Veedol Plant "Walled City.".
Among the factories Mr. Clemence
visited were the great plant of the
Veedol oil concern at Bayonne. N. -T.-:
the Continental Rubber Works at Erie,
Pa.; the great United States rubber
plant at Detroit and the McQuay &
Morris leak-proof ring factory at St.
Louis, Mo. The products of all these
great factories are handled in this ter
ritory by thelrm of Ballou & Wright.
"The greatfVeedol plant is a walled
city of 1800 workers all by itself," said
Mr. Clemence. "It is the terminus of
an underground system of transporta
tion stretching across five states, over
mountains, under rivers and busy
cities, through which petroleum is
flowing night and day from thousands
of wells.
"By this means there are delivered
Into the city within a city every 24
hours from 10,000 to 11,000 barrels of
crude oil. Thirteen stations equipped
with powerful pumps keep the flow
uniform throughout the many miles of
its underground route.
Vast Network of Llnra Used.
"A vast network of gathering lines
conveys the oil from the different wells
to central storage stations, before it
begins its Journey through the trunk
pipe lines. In the Pennsylvania field
1814 miles of gathering lines are re
quired to collect the oil from 16,550
wells. The storage -tanks in the oil
fields and along the pipe lines have a
capacity of nearly three million barrels
of oil.
"Upwards of 900 miles of telegraph
and telephone lines are required to di
rect the handling of this oil.
"It would require a whole day merely
to walk through and visit each part of
the refinery at Bayonne. It would take
many days to follow out the various
complicated processes whereby the pe
troleum from its crude state is trans
formed into the many useful products
with which all civilization is familiar."
Five Bridge Brothers Own and Run
Seven Machines.
"When one particular make of auto
mobile is used by every member of a
large family, it may be regarded as an
indication that those cars are most
satisfactory." says C. L Boss, the Hud
son, distributer for Oregon. As proof
of his statement he cites the five
Bridge brothers of Hazard vllle. Conn.,
who use Hudson cars exclusively.
"Three of them -own one Hudson
each and the other two own two each,
which are in service 365 days in the
year from 6:30 in the morning until
late at night.
- "The brothers are members of the
firm of Amos D. Bridge's Sons, an old
concern doing a large contracting
business. They also generally monop
olize business in their section, and it is
known throughout their part of the
der full load. When you realize that
this statement is true you begin to un
derstand what a simple thing it will be
for this car to cross the American con
tinent on 'high.' "
Addition Being Made to Increase
Floor Space One-Third.
Building operations that will give the
H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Com
pany, of Syracuse, N. Y.. makers of the
Franklin car, one-third more floor
space than at present available, are
now under full sway. The three ad
ditions in the course of construction
will cost approximately $500,000 when
'u'l.v equippea with ma
CI Mr. E. PhU. Merrill, the well-known automobile
lecturer, will be in Portland November 8th, 9th, 10th
and 11th, and will deliver an address at our salesroom,
21st and Washington streets, during the afternoon and
evening on each of those dates 2:30 in the afternoon
and 8:15 in the evening.
J As the most eminent authorities in the engineering
world are almost unanimous in the opinion that the
eight-cylinder "V" type marks the ultimate in motor
car engines, all who are interested in the progress of
automobile construction should find the talk well worth
'f In connection with the explanation of the principles
of the "V" type motor Mr. Merrill uses a stripped cut
open chassis, which is arranged with electric lights and
glass plates in such a manner that all of the working
parts of the car may be seen in operation.
CJ Visitors will not be importuned, and we hope that
every automobile owner in Portland will hear at least
one of these lectures. You are cordially invited to be
present on any of the dates above which best suits your
chlnery, and will bring the total floor
space up to 10 H acres.
New buildings have been erected each
year since the company first started in
business back in 1902. but this is the
largest single expenditure ever invested!
at one time for expansion purposes. J
" 'as aaaitlon to be mnde will I
be si- stories high, and will represent
approximately 136.000 square feet of
floor space, and will cost $200,000. The
new equipment for this building alone
will figure around J150.000, making a
total investment of $350,000 for this
One bulldlnr T t win K , . . ,
about the first of 1918, and when made
a unit with a companion building al
ready in use, will form the largest fac
tory building in 'Syracuse.
The February record, of th mihllf ..rair-.
commission of New York City thow that of
7-'0 gas meters tested on complaint, about
Per Vi1 rn 8 Per cent low and the
. ............. i wnnin tni leirnl limits.
- 1 '"" me nrst or 1B18. and when mortal
- - ""-.ti -mic-t wnnin tnp legal limits.
As long as there are hills your
car MUST climb, why not buy a
car with POWER, to climb them
When you invest in the vicinity of $1,000 or more
in a car, think not of the name of the car, not of its
price but of what the car must do when you get it
on the roads.
Hills there are and always will be. POWER you must
have to climb them. And all things considered, we believe
this new Studebaker 4-cylinder car at $885 is the greatest
hill-climber among the Fours of the year and we will gladly
more than gladly test it against any other car of its class.
In POWER and flexibility, this 4-cylinder motor equals most
of the Sixes now on the market. It is the ONLY 7-passenger,
4-cylinder car with a 3ji -inch bore z 5 -inch stroke, FORTY
Horse Power motor that has ever been offered in 'America or
Hurope at less than $1000.
And this new Studebaker sets a new standard of VALUE
for Fours. Its price has been reduced from $985 to $885.
Yet nothing but the price has been lessened. In POWER,
size and quality the car has been GREATLY INCREASED.
Wherever materials have been changed, BETTER materials
have been used. The upholstery, for example is the finest,
hand-buffed semi-glazed leather purchasable. '
Certainly in the face of such FACTS facts that can be proved
by yourself to your own satisfaction, you cannot wisely buy
any car until you know how much this Studebaker offers.
See the car today.
South Bend, Ind. Detroit, Mich. WalkerviHe, Ont.
Biorso power
7 p&ssosider
Four Cylinder Models
Tnmu Cw, T-psMiter . $ 885
KditM-, 3-puuotr . . ft SO
Lucira-Roadster. 3-pu. . 1 18S
Commercial Cars
Paaa! Delivery Car .
vfpn tipren -v
Station Wagon
Six Cylinder Models
Tovrinff Car, 7-pt agar
Raadrtar. 3-paaenter
Laxia- Romiter , 3-paa.
Coupe, 4pjNBc
Limousin. 7-puMBtr
F. O. B. Detroit
asBnajLawBM jpew
OREGON MOTOR CAR CO., Local Distributors
. Chapman and Alder Sts. Main 9402, A 7656
'llA'liJWl -. S.U. '