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Ec of Three-Quarter
. r-'t' ' mlh - . - ' f - .,,
1 1 - - I U ' Vii - . . i&sfto- 4
?.' v,V' ' I I lA-iA I lLt v - f , 1 fori I - ' V, , . 1
'.-ay lift -7 ssl -i vii i in ir-oAk vr-s' -
4 t - j, j'.v.v,', f i . ii . ........ .. ...
f I w-w. ' "5 ff All fvsv,f '"Trrk. rfei I P'y of Btyle. I don't care what any-
f . ZT A 11 IV )) V' JiPX U body sayB, and I can't put it too strongr-
ACB r I I ; , - II V- .,J ly. anybody who add. form to his golf
Iron SroA& Top
of SW'r2
of her. but 1 succeeded In doing so. and
it would not be pleasant for any one to
speak of golf form in her presence.
I am making are straight. 1 can refer
you to & fact of this kind that hap
pened in Aiken. S. C last winter that
will bear me out in my statements. I
will never become a golfer, and I will was teaching a prominent New York
glre you my reasons for saying so. lady who was there on a visit. This
Tou, or most of you, have played tennis lady had never played golf before, and.
or have seen tennis played. Did you after showing her the first principles
ever notice a brilliant player in an im- . of the game, she developed a beautiful
portant match make a difficult shot? swing a natural one as this is one
Did you ever notice his form at that of mv crlnciDles. to alwavs teach them
particular moment? Was it graceful? on their own stroke. In less than a mHIS shot reo-uires Krat control and
I should say not. His position and week that lady was driving 150 yards I the laBt little slackening on your
form were awkward. Why? Because off the tee. I never mentioned one' Part, tne turning oi tne wrists
Keenan Illustrates
Some Important Golf
Strokes for Students.
HERE is where a teacher is In his present and leading players of today, were not able to do It Look Into your would say that neither has the advan- , Y " 0,!"u" ott lne lee- never memionea one - 7 have an effect on the
element, having the pleasure and I am very much against Imitating, but golf as you would this ,wlm. Convince tage; one will be as good a. the other; n?1d on .mak'" f' t-'thfc ? P"efu.1- hUUng of thl ball Don't lit "he club
1 w - - 1 . . ... . . . . lar Snot and he had no time to think neaa of her ivtnr was convincing to nuuD 01 L e wan. uvn 1 lei viie uuu
iiimii " you auow your game 10 progress yourself first, and you will find it is to l"- " ioiiow mo prin- position. Tou me that form develooa itself Her ' b":k near your shoulder; keep
There is only one fault that I can see, along this line follow the method of t . H .M. c'Pl their game will improve gradu- or rrm m tnis position. you me that form develops itself. Her times Don't stoD
, , nr. -vn , your advantage to do what you are able ivl, th aoftor 'would applaud and say it was a fine whole game was beautiful to watch, wrists rigid at an times. Don t stop
and that is not knowing enough nice Mr T , Yo ,n d ln gettiDB aUempt lmpo8alble. J.lllill rlll li fltroke- Ye"' " wa" a ood 8troke- and Tn 8h Exiting I be- the top. but come down at once with
things to say to ladies. Of course, all j'J V' r " '" W11 .t The second is. you may be physically " th7t that comes to in branches of sport it is the Heve had been playing golf for some Pd instead of force. Give the ball
of them like to have you say nice. . ,WlU mom.ent cal1 T"T strong, with a great amount Of force. l"flff'A "l.ZL Zril,. same. And my reasons are that no vears. but durina- this time she de- sharp, quick hit. Let the club con-
iRiirinn in t n naa nr rnppo and t t a t au uae 1 caticu iici. auu icuav iici wlu " - -
Laaies rect ln Tt na hB(n r,H hv ' all the good qualities of golf, good """" f ' " a.moBl ai. DI cr practice -.:' v.,
thpv i.l, it , . " j . Z . " . . Part or anything, but rather employ , drivlna- and imnrovrf strokes In you P'ay wen. 11 looks good and you form. . There was a match arranged
they take it players and teachers from the begin- ,.i.i n,i. . .v.i, .,n. lon ar,VIn and improved strokes in .,. the ball to a noint where the ball is
n a man. ning of the game not to press, but can ""tnS " ' . The lady with the force win t.. .f ' .1 -.A "1 before the hit and ten Inches in front
1 and it is we resist this temptation? No. our in- "J" " " 7 Z ' " I,"-, develop in the same way. and in the - . ' " , -S t .! of the ordinal position of the ball
Ann 1 vmun .(III .av (lav at Avjtn - - -- uu 1IU n oua dxivuau i x , . a iuiu uci iu
complimentary words to them.
are very keen on golf and
very seriously, more so the
Their object is to play wel
necessary at times to tell them a funny l""8 are sooa, out we just nave got kind. Tour Btyle of play lg to hlt and piaying with the ladies I will Position? I would say no. It goes to go out and play in her own way, not a"er hitting. I would advise the same
tory. just enough to distract their to do " becau8A we are told not to. In you cant reslst tne feeiing. as in the speak to them on form. Many of them show you that the thoughts of form to make a display to show "her friend 6Tip for this stroke as you use on all
minds for a moment from what they r words, we are game and will rlrst case to ad0pt this method of play, think and waste a lot of time on this ar forgotten while making this stroke, just how far she could drive. I also u" shots, only a little more firmness
are doing. You can t teach them fast
enough, they are so anxious, and they
try so hard that I always take more first is: Do you want to play golf in
Interest in them and teach them as the way that is becoming to you, the
Boon as possible. During my expert- natural, easy, self-controlled game, tak-
ence I think I have taught four ladies ing your physical condition into con-
take a chance. Tou get many chances It part of yourseif and you must de- term in golf. In fact, it Is and always Why 4 you forget this form? Be- asked her not to notice the play of on tne irns, and be sure to go back
,f or solt and , .of velop along this line. To ask you wUl be the impression that golf must cause you could not overcome the nat- her friend, but to keep her mind on slowly. In beginning this stroke play
in particular you must consider. The to play Iike tho ona referred to ln No. be piayed ,n kId --iovo style. I will Tour instinct compelled you to what she was doing. She followed my it as near like the drive as explained,
first is: Do you want to play golf in . j . . . . iv .ki. - ,w . 1 T . . , . 1
Top of Foil Maahle Stroke.
This is a very important stroke and
considerable time should be spent in
player who plays this stroke properly.
I think It is one of the most enticing
strokes ln golf. The sound of the hit.
1 is quite different. tell you now, dear ladies, to forget the P'ay this stroke in the natural way. It Instructions, and, after she had beaten
Tou will call on your physical force polish that you see so much of; cut out the same in golf; to make a good her friend six out of nine holes. I was
at all times according to your con- the posing. It may go in the drawing- stroke you forget your form. Tou happy to prove once more that my as-
At1en n .1 wViam . i . a A Vi etvla V. . . . . t- wr- Mt-,-i. 4. o n't thlnlr (if It hfmnaa Vrtltr tnlnH I. cln. n- u r rr,rr Tha l.Hu vrVin
to one man. and I am willing to con- slderation and playing accordingly? , wh.r , mivri .' .k.. ,v..,v,.. .set on maklnaf this shot and evv. ... r.n,. t. m. practicing it. It is very pleasing to a
ln.. k 1 ,1 L 1 Vmi .an tkj II.: J " r J . j -' t, luwdw w . J w..WUCUha Til u V"n t" W1A nl.V. thlfil KlmV. ni-nil.rW.
Cv..uD -juurwii, must ie careful to bring this force to with you to the golf links. I know it thing else Is forgotten. Now, why said: "Mr. Keenan. I understand you
a. good word for you, and it is pleasing and if you feel that you are qualified a standard, not doing more than you is not your fault, because our teachers should you devote your time to form don't teach form in golf." I said: "No.
to know you are successful. I will then you may select this style of slay. ... ....,i. v,,. i.t nnrh ... i i .j .. wh.. vm fnrr.t m 11 .,n in ! -v.. t sh. iniH mn th.t tnr-
dwell a moment on what this success In selecting your style of play you to 8atisfy yourself that you are bene- majority of the players that you see are And it is not necessary, and if a thing she had done nothing else but play for tho it gives, the satisfaction ln
will do for you. I will take a young must continue and practice along this f ited by the force at your command, doing the same thing. I want you to is not necessary we have no use for It. form. She wanted every stroke played knowing you have made the club per-
lady. teach her to play quite a good line, never for a moment to think or if you try to get away from this prin- believe me. ladles, and I know what I I think my reasons are fully explained just so, and you see the result, con- form ?""oprIy. th" T, ,, 7J
tvame. Her lady friend comes to me try to get away from this principle. If ciple your game will develop errat- am talking about. I have watched on this subject. Of course, I expect vinced by a golfer of less than six days, wanted and the exact result all tend
and I teach her the same. Now. here is you do you know the result. Tou would i.aiiv .-nine- oil mwp ih cnurae and tki. .m. u . ,.,, rn.nv not tn ncroo with mo hut T m T . riornio hail thl la.1v- an1 it waa to send a thrill of delight through ones
where I tell some Inside information, not. I am sure, make an attempt iu not getting the results expected of you. years, and today there Is more of It than to give you the facts just as they are. Just like starting a new pupil. It took senses. The hit in this stroke is the
One of these young ladies will come to swim for five miles If you felt that you To compare both of these styles I ever. No wonder we are not improving and I can prove to you the statements some time to work all this display out 6ame as the hit ln the full mashle
me on the quiet and say, "Can't you 1
make me beat my friend?" And, as if meats and stimulants are foolers and
both of them thought of the same thing T- S ' r T J -l rx f A Ty f TTT f their best purpose is to wreck human
at once, the other one came and said J J X VJ U W jt. Ji JL X bodies and business.
the same thing. Now. what could I do , .- i "VT? A T" CO "Avoid all lntemperence in lood. to-
n a case of this kind? I help them JrA V Zr 7iJt. JLOvJ JL CAj,u bacco or drink and prolonged fatigue.
tooth, each thinking the other is not "Do not neglect colds, aches, lastl-
wlse. It is very amusing at times to ----- tude and other seemingly inslgnlfl-
listen to and answer some of the ques- (Continued From Page 8.) Joplin, Mo., married recently a woman cant ailments they often lead to some-
tlons they ask of you. The first one He was. United States Senator from of 60 years. It was his third marriage, thing serious.
naturally is. "Will I get thin?" Another to 1883. As candidate for Vice- He is a gardener. "Learn the immediate and lasting ef-
Js. "Shall I wear a veil? Can you tell President he made the race with Alton Mrs. Electa Kennedy, 105 years, fects of regular exercise, deep t-reath-
n. what fa .-...1 1-1 T K.ii R. Prk(r TT.alHshiii-. Pal waa am an. ml. wh.n In. tt.. 1 ....
my waist is getting smaller. What is Colonel Robert T. Van Horn was a young. Here is a remarkable case. "Have a large variety of interests door ln half an hour" Promised Prine, tured but at nine-fifteen Walllngfords ing as if to follow the stroke back.
stroke, although the club is brought
to only half the distance back. You
may grip the club firmly with both
hands, keeping the wrist rigid at the
top, as described in full swing. The
right arm will be close to the body,
the left arm just far enough away to
allow the freedom of swing. At the
spective of age. Bex or color, was com- top of the stroke the weight will be
he urged, his severe spectacles Pelled to use one hand to close his slightly on the right foot, which Is
or ner ouaciory organ. r or a nine v w.o e.vU-.u. - --
the disaster was so bewildering that gently, the left heel sugnuy raisea.
(Continued From Page 3.)
rising, and remaining elevated.
"It will begin coming in at the back Us BOUrce COild only be conjee- with the left knee bending and turn-
looking at his watch. "It will come In telephone bell rang.
all day. faster than you can pay it out.
the best way to walk? What is the United States Congressman, a journal- She weighed only 106 at 20 years. She and as many genuine friends as pos
proper way to carry a golf stick? Ist. known .Intimately through the was always a hearty eater and had slble and be a friend.
What is bogey? Do you think I play Southwest and having much to do with many children's diseases. She had a "Strive to give full expression to and I'll stay right here to show my
as well as Miss So-and-So? She told me "-s development. Doth as newspaper nign temper, sue ate a great aeai or your entire individuality. self.
he played around 60. I don't believe owner and politician. Colonel Van sugar, candy and sweets, one ate much
her." "Tour time Is- up, madam.1
"What!" surprised. "I did not know it
I would give the ball a sharp, quick hit.
nasal with the firmness still in the hit until
"Hello!" resnonded the taint
voice of J. Rufus. a"er the ball is away. The body at
Is that you, Walllngford?" was the this time should be at the finish or
was so late." Was her attention on wlId ln "Western Missouri.
Horn oegan the Kansas City Journal cake. She still walks. She did house- doors and get
in the '50s. when things Were pretty work until 101 years. She says the and its solace.
"Get acquainted with the out-of- K' r v.rT cheerful parties sat in the nasal reply. "Well, this Is Pine. What the stroke ln the exact way as at the
.ors and get its charm, its stimulus , . Z cheerful Pities sat in tne snanty top of the stroke, with the position Just
your next birthday." years old. had a father who lived to control and development of his in- Prine! "What!" The tone was as explosive nold of the club at all times.
"If I am not here." Colonel Van Horn 103 and a mother who died at 97 years, stincts. faculties and environment he "Just even, ladies." chuckled J. Ru- M possible to a man who was holding Th. w-iat sir.kt.
swered, "i win leave a card telling no u aiwara oeen a ue.riy uur. can overcome a bad or unfavorable """"' " " " " his nose tightly shut. "Well, you can't
where you can And me.'
Says he has eaten all he could get heredity.
her playing? I should say not; bogey
has nothing on her.
In the last two years the ladles are
coming forward very fast, and If the
men don't get a move on them our fair
ones will be taking the honors away
from them. I have in my time coached
some fine lady players that would. I
am sure, make as good a showing as
many of the men playing in competi
tion today. The trouble with the ladies
In golf is trying to do too much. They
will hardly ever be able to play like a
man. so it is Just as well to tell them
at tne start to forget It. and let their the U8uai youthful diseases. She never riding a horse.
minds dwell on their own game. Be took mediclne William Muncy. 98 years, Babylon,
content and not try to get 200 yards h..rinir ...... to fail at 90. sl-ht N. T., is the oldest twin. Hli twin
In your drive. Develop your own game at 100 memory at i08. used glasses at brother. Samuel, died last year.
80. Always energetic, very delloerate. Henry If. bwanDack. 100 years, ureen
No pie or cake. One cup coffee a day wood. Neb, is the- oldest Oddfellow.
last 20 years. Drinks milk. Never " i ""'
drank liquor. Drinks water with meals.
Stopped walking at 100. Farmer. To
parlor of the hotel, and three of them
reason she has lived so long is: "Take time to read, think and grow Peerea over waningtoras snou.r
"I have always lived in the country, and arilu.t in tho .v.- nw conitinna while he scratched from a little book
next to my store with skunks?"
"They're necessary to my busi
ness," twanged Wallingford. "I'm col-
reversed; the left foot Is flat on the
ground, the knee slightly bent, the right
knee taking the position that the left
He is a humorist as well as a snirlt-
uallst. At the celebration of his last eaten what I liked, had regular habits, "Think only health, success and good the fourth name in the list of those iectlng them as fast as I can. The knee took at the top of the swing,
birthday one of the newspaper boys an active mind and always Interested fortune never disease, fear, failure. who had assisted in robbing the War- Keebo Chemical Company is to manu- Use the same hit as described in other
said in leaving: in current events." "Remember that every man is master den orphans of their father's fortune. racture tne strongest disinfectant in strokes go back slowly, come down
"I hope. Colonel, to see you again George Niper, Sr.. Stanhope, N. J.. 107 of his own fate and that by a rational Tho fourth name was that of President the worl(i and BkUnks " fast, a quick, sharp hit with a firm
. . . . j . - ""U1J - .- - ' - Thar la nn 111 llatrs t inn fnr thla shnrt
Each must learn his mental orM ana Il"y lnuuo",m uon - t , -""I " " " " . "7 "Z" ".Zl Z '
The oldest person with whom Dr. the last 20 years. He has chewed to- and physical limitations and push them penny." ,,,, ?pr . n. . . ZZZ
Davis obtained an interview wa, Mrs. bacco since 12 years. He is a great back as far as possible, but never "Oh. forgot - suddenly "claimed --; - - - ' - " xn. - - -
NancyBrock. 115 years old. Pratt City, honey eater and mUk drinker go beyond them. viowt. 1 an.nB Iur and I'm going to start building my 7:iol The same nrTncinles of the half
near Birmingham, Ala. She Is a very James nnc vv fears, r-in.ueui- "Be systematic, optimistic, initiative, -" factory tomorrow"
small woman, never having weighed town. Ky, Is the oldest fox hunter in healthy, honest and brave, develop a "Great Jehosophat!' Blackle Daw h k -Hence. Then-
. . . ... it.u.j o. . i j i j..i . . . k. i.,mnH frnm h1 .hair aa the door cnoKing, gasping suence. men.
more man izu pounas. ene never naa u-t. strong win, tnink ana work, ana yoa -- "Tou Internal grafter!'
m a . al a aa u nnBTlSin H M'1 W 1 I II L IIHI CT Ul A W II lakOi
wui nave success ana iuu." ' 1 7 7 - enm "Well how much for vour on
by putting your mind on a fixed point.
To accomplish this you will have all
you can attend to. Tou have many
qualities, ladies, that will aid you that
are lacking in the man's game. The
: . . . . . Vu "
....... , ser.ou.. ana wnen beJ early. up early,
j l' " avi on iuue are uuuna lo oe
The Crime of Waste.
Waste is the crime of today and it
ODened. and. with a pale, drawn face.
had thrown up a window. "Get out of nce!
here!" he yelled, while Walllngford tlon.
follow the same principles of the half
stroke in playing this shot you will
get the same results. My idea is to
Another sll- have ONE HIT ln golf, from beginning
to end. I feel one hit on all strokes
will get the best results, and I am
and the girls rushed to the other win- '"Ten thousand dollars and send it confident of this being so. This can
dow and poked out their heads.
over in currency.'
be proved by many whom I have come
Greatest ambi-
.... ..-. n Ka Sh la
come proficient, but you must do it reajing ls tho Bible. Great out-of-
Dr. James L. Wellington, 97 years.
Swansea, Mass.. is the oldest living
Harvard alumnus. His pastime is read
ing. Mrs. Rosamond Emery. 101 years,
Portland, Or., said: "In all the years
of 'my life. I have never let a habit
govern me; no medicine, wholesome
food and two meals a day."
"Huckleberry" B. F. Finn, the orig
inal of Mark Twain's "Huck," still lives
-,.-w,. . ru. rorsei now door, peraon. She say, the following
well your friends play, keep strictly to , what has kept her alive so long:
seriousness, and you shall and will lm- ..r never ltvei ln a sealed house
prove in an unknown way. This un- p,aln food aIwaya was my portion. 1
known way. ladies, is natural, that never wore a corset. I never ate much
comes 10 an who piay a smooth, easy meat.
game, not thinking of distance but HVed
Burning, iu mo pimcipie. i-fei my game Many
develop ln Itself. This is your aim.
lauies. not io use rorce. lnis will come that childbirth helped many of the
to you surely if you continue as you .m.n Mr Miiind. Ward.r .14
North Wall street. Joplin. Mo.. 9S years happiness " Mrs. Margaret Jane Jordan i.ii.. ... t ... , i. lk. , - ..,.., Maiden. Mass.. said.
all in golf. Take Walter Travis as a She was married at 18 and all were
sample. When he first began to play born of one father before the mother
he was not a long driver. Some of the was 40 years old. All the children
ladies today drive almost as far as he have been healthy. She was raised on
wk...-n t a-nr a.k.ri Toad J. Ban Half an hour later tne live strangers in contact with DeoDle who have tried
is especially the great crime of this calmlyt closing the door and leaning hurried out to the bus, their expense and mastered the same. The swing in
against it. "They put me off the street money aaaed to tne restitution tuna, this stroke is quite short. I would say
car, and I had to walk clear back The hotel attendants were holding their keep the wrists and arms firm in fact
from the country. There's a man out noses: the passers-by on the street almost stiff: the body may move a
there has a skunk farm." were holding their noses; the motor- trifle from the waist and the knees
"Get upstairs into the bathroom,' men on the street cars were holding may move very little, the same as In
ordered Wallingford. gasping for their noses; old men and young men the half stroke. Both feet are flat on
breath. "Put your clothes in a suit- little children, and women were at the the ground during this shot. There is
.... .n h.v. It mink- in tha canal, same involuntary obedience to nature's another noint I wish to sneak of on
when we compare it to the great hu- Bjackle g-et a machine. We'll all go first law. It was a city of left elbows the Btroke. Tou are more apt to look
man viiuo ur m mo,., o mil. .1 j held at rleht-anrlea to the face.
awful war; waste In human life, in
hope, in love, and in the common sav
ings of us all. Millions of dollars
worth of the savings of the people of
this earth, all of them our brothers
and our sisters, are daily burned up,
exploded and wasted in the madness
of the nations; and even that is a trifle
It will not make any people rich; and
up on this stroke than on any other.
-rh. . r . wai-m arm ffi.r nr wnen. run urehioeai 01 me reiormea r eu- t . i. : i. ... i.
. ,.-, .. at the age of 90 in .Eugene. Or. He " '-". s-a they drove swirtly through the cool, pies uank-rusnea out or trine s n-m- , one which proves the' most Import
up to its teacnmgs. .SJj, being Involved in the awful strife. ... T n,.r. h.... t. norium as the bus started. ,.w . ,..t..
n rnatv!.dhiMr7nn' J.'IL "I av. lived to be" 100 years old BhaU f'nd ou,r P" of the burden to Tnat expen8e funJ... he exclaimed. "Walt a minute!" he choked, changing the easier when you pIay thla 8hot
. , .j Dear. OVIOO uiuo mo war win w uvczr. mrr.tii j i .. - .. 4.wn I hanna t . or at at hi. h.nrtfe.rch .r Ha .. .
Because ui muvu uuvuour :jv;i iira, as- . . 'mk. w . ... n - - - . well vou save a siroKe or I wo on lne
sociation with Nature, hard work and
Dr. Davis sums up this tale concern
ing remarkable old persons with the
following, conclusions:
and then waste must stop; it must stop
If we are to advance in humanity and
civilization over and beyond the yawn
ing gap made by the lust of blood,
pride of race and the vanity of kings.
want to find that real estate fellow." saw the Warden orphans ln the bus putting green. Don't be careless: keep
The town awoke unusually early next with Blackle and Wallingford and Toad .ea(i down until the ball ls away.
morning, gasping for breath. There Jessup and his eyes fell while a be-
was in the air a pungent something wlldered expression came into nis race.
which' SDurred Into Instant activity Were these girls at the bottom of
Woman Pays Bill 25 Years Old.
"Tou can t hurry ana worry and at- " - y - system.
. , . - i , ia nam a- DDrrDwua Hum lULUin Kener - .
did at that time. But look at him to- . ...m ... w.ih.n nt . n .nrt its la,n su5 uwnnw. -r .. , - one agonizea wora.
day. one of our greatest nlavera. WhvT 7. V ' " T him wno would nieve a real sue- " '"".",.'" I " ' . . "
cess and a great age I say: -
" 'Face every situation without worry mothers' breasts, to make good this
and hurry. Hurry means waste and debauch bf blood and fire. And ln the
useless strain don't do it.' very measure that we waste is the
Eat moderately of a small varlct sentence at nara laoor upon tne rising
The war has been in progress but a ., .,. nossible to the human his misfortunes! Just then the wind ST. LOUIS. Aug. 27 William Eck-
llttle while and already the cost of it .v-t.m Tha town moaned, and uttered shifted, and he shook his unengaged hardt. a Belleville grocer, is convinced
fist. that there are honest people ln this
"Skunk!" "What are you going to ao wltn tnese world. An agea woman went w ri
Never in all the history of clvlllza- skunks?" ' hardt's store and told him she wanted
tion had there been such an over- J. Rufus leaned out of the bus win- to pay a balance of $9.50 which she
whelming, persistent, devastating odor dow. and holding his nose firmly with owed on a debt of 119.50 contracted ln
as that which permeated and saturated his right hand beamed genially on the 1880. Eckhardt did not know the
. - , -., wnm.n anti .aid he had no knowledge
came to him unknowingly. In playing also has been the father of 23 child- of fooda eacn meaL Chew everything generation prolonged. We cannot get . " ' tTom lt. there was no "Oh those Keebo skunks." he consid- of the debt. She insisted, and Eckhardt
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