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Mrs. David J. Baker, Jr., Major Dean,
Mrs. Jens Bugge, Captain and Mrs.
Robert S. Knox and Lieutenant and
Mrs. Torrey B. Maghee.
Lieutenant' Colonel and Mrs. Baker
will entertain at dinner next Friday
evening in honor of Lieutenant Gib
son and his bride, who have just re
turned from their wedding trip.
Gordon Granger W. R. c. No. 43, was
delightfully entertained Friday by Mrs.
A. F. Flegel at her home, 501 Jarrett
street, at a Halloween tea. The inter
ior decorations were dahlias and the
usual decorations for Halloween. A
splendid programme was given consist
ing of the following: Vocal solo, Miss
Ada Murphy; violin solo, Herman
Kenin, Miss Arietta Wollett at the
Piano; vocal solo. Miss Helen O'Dayn
piano solo, Mrs. B. F. Monical; vocal
solo. Miss Francis Pease; reading, I. B.
Sell. Refreshments were served. Those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Benard,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Covey, Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. L. B.
Thompson, Mrs. G. L. Thornton, Mrs.
Anna Gould, Mrs. Anna Renshaw, Mrs.
Eliza Sperry, Mrs. C. M. Neale, Mrs. J.
T. Howlett, Mrs. Hattie E. Erickson.
Mrs. M- V. Billings, Mrs. S. Munson. Mrs.
H. Van Horn. Mrs. Ella S. Wilson, Mrs.
M. A. Van Hook, Mrs. Mary E. Carson,
Mrs. May Kremer, Mrs. M. A. Allen,
Mrs. Edith Owens. Mrs. L. A. Foster,
Miss H. A. Selland. Mrs. John Abbott,
Mrs. H. E. Davis, Mrs. C. F. Fisher, Mrs.
S. J. Everett, Mrs. C. F. Gatschet, Mrs.
A. F. Flegel. Mrs. J. B. Kramer, Mrs. H.
N. Newman, Mrs. S. Newell, Mrs. E. F.
Monical, Mrs. Estelle Cullins, Mrs.
Thaxter Reed, Mrs. Fred Behrens, Mrs.
"Walter Slater, Miss Arietta Wollett.
Miss Helen O'Day. Miss Marjoria Fle
gel, Miss Francis Pease, Miss Ada Mur
phy, James Downing, B. E. Benard, Rev.
Lewis Thomas, I. B. Self. Herman
Kenin. Paul Flegel.
Mrs. Robert Pickard entertained on
Saturday afternoon with a delightfully
appointed card party and luncheon,
complimenting Miss Genevieve Strick
land, bride-elect. Quantities of cut
flowers and Autumn foliage were used
about the spacious rooms, combined
with an effective color scheme of yel
low. Music and vocal selections by
Miss Beatrice O'Brien and Mrs. William
welsh .were also enjoyed during the
afternoon. Card honors fell to Miss
Mildred Ryan and Miss Helen Mathieus.
A dainty bride-book was presented to
the honor guest, followed by a -miscellaneous
shower. The luncheon table
was adorned with a profusion of yel
low California chrysanthemums and
fernery. Tulle and individual flower
baskets were also used. Seated about
the pretty table were: Miss Genevieve
Strickland, Miss Francis Soden, Miss
Beatrice O'Brien, Miss Helen Mathieus,
Miss Mildred Ryan. Miss Lydia Dam
meter, Mrs. George Webster, Mrs.
Ralph Hedderly, Mrs. William Welch,
Mrs. John Danaher, Mrs. William God
dard. Mrs. Percy Freeman and the
Miss Strickland Is a popular Portland
girl and her wedding to Craig Redman
Is scheduled for November 15
Miss Florence Tates was the recipi
ent of a delightful and well-planned
surprise party on Saturday night at
the home of her sister, Mrs. John Whit
taker, of 1410 East Seventeenth street.
The guests arrived en masque, in
iam-lama costumes. The decora
tive scheme was effectively carried out
in Autumn leaves and yellow chrys
anthemums. One of the principal fea
tures of the evening was the fortune
telling witch in her weird den. filled
with goblins, black cats, etc. Gam?s
and dancing were enjoyed, after which
an elaborate supper was served.
The guests were as follows: Mr. and
Mrs. John Whittaker, Mr. and Mrs
Carlyle Travis. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold'
Earnishaw. Mr. and Mrs. William mi.
well, Mrs. Eddy. Mrs. Quible. MissesV
Annie and Florence Yates. Edith Clark T
i.ana Taylor, Lulu Hazelton, Veda Mc
C'ullen. Mayme McCullom. Leona Gage
Elliot. Bernice Urban, Leah Eastham,
and Sanford Una. Byron Joy, Donald
McArthur, Walter Johnson, Chelsea
Harlan. Everett Mack. Edward
Loucks, Carl Voltz. Henning Carlson
Ralph Smith and Master Arthur Hol
den Earnishaw.
Mrs. Sydney Hatcher was a charm
ing hostess of Thursday night at a
delightful house party complimenting
her sister. Miss Lucille Carrol, who
has Just returned from an extended
trip throughout California. Cards and
dancing were enjoyed, high scores
falling to Miss Carrol and William
Harbke. Miss Stella Conrad sang dur
ing the evening. The decorations were
suggestive of Halloween. Cut flowers
and Autumn foliage were artistically
arranged about the rooms, combined
with witches and goblins. A color
scheme of orange and black predom
inated in the dining-room, electrified
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One of the charming Fall weddings was that of Miss Wave Daugherty,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Daugherty, and Lloyd C. Dunsmoor,
Wednesday night, October 6, at the home of the bride's parents, 618 Madden
avenue. Rev. E. D. Hornschuch. of the First Evangelical Church, officiated.
The bride was attractive in a gown of cream satin and princess lace, em
broidered with pearl beads. She wore & full-length veil also trimmed with
pearl beads, and held in place with lilies of the valley. A shower bouquet of
bride's roses and lilies of the valley completed her attractive costume.
The bride was attended by her sister. Miss Lura Daugherty, who was
attractively gowned in pearl crepe de chine. She carried a huge bouquet of
yellow chrysanthemums.
Master Bruce Silcher and little V'aomi Graves scattered flowers in the path
of the bride as she took her place beneath a canopy of palms and greenery
from which was suspended a white dove.
The bridegroom was attended by his brother, Lyle Dunsmoor.
Preceding the ceremony, Mary Daugherty, little sister of the bride, sang
"I Love You Truly." The wedding march was played by Mrs. Hattiebelle
The rooms were aglow with masses of greenery interspersed with huge
feathery white and yellow chrysanthemums. The color scheme, white and
yellow, was carried out throughout.
About 80 relatives and friends were present. A buffet supper was served
by the Misses Avis and Alta Beedy, Dorothy and Verena Johnson, cousins of
the bride. The punchbowl was presided over by Miss Elma Daugherty, sis
ter of the bride.
Mis Varle L. WllMon.
A pleasant Halloween party
took place October 22 at the home
of Miss Varie L. Wilson, 968 East
Glisan street. Dancing and fortune-telling
formed the principal
entertainment, and the decora- T
tions were Halloween colors and
Autumn leaves prettily arranged 4
by Mrs. L. H. Collins and Mrs.
P. J. Lychywek. The guests j
were: Vesta Smith, Nadine Koh-
lander, Gladys Ellsworth, Elsena
Green. Peggy Waller, Eleanore J
Ellington, Eihel Byrnes, Linda t
Thompson. Mona Bryan, Edith
Flora, Dolly Lychywek, Helen
Cole, Charlotte Sherlock. Helen
Parker, Mildred Lauterdale.. t
Chrystlne Forbes, Harold Starr, f
William Adams. Harlan Junes, t
Lenard Greer, Nelson English,
Howard Hutchinson, Nelson
Clark, Frederick Young, Harold
Morrow, Francis Ellingston, Clar-
ence Martyn. Lloyd Martyn, Don- J
aid Freeland, Jackson Wentworth. I
Hugh Glenn and Lloyd Ganten- i
pumpkins and streamers overhanging
the pretty table. Quantities of candles
also were used.
Covers were laid for: Miss Lucille
Carrol, Miss Stella Conrad, Miss Helen
Haynes, Miss Meade, Miss Lydia Dam
meier, Mr. and Mrs. C. Wolgamot,
William Harbke, Reed Chamberlain.
Walter Daniels. William Knaack, Wal
ter Haynes and Mr. and Mrs. Sydney
Gordon Granger W. R. C, No. 43. of
ficers and past-presidents were enter
tained at luncheon by Mrs. Mary E.
Carson at her home on Tuesday.
A bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums
was presented to Mrs. Carson by the
past presidents and a purse by the of
ficers. Those present were: Mrs. Minnie
Horseman, department president; Mrs.
Cora McBride, department I. and L;
Mrs. L. A. Foster, Mrs. Rebecca Gray,
Mrs. W. L. Green. Mrs. J. M. Wheeler,
Mrs. J. C. Harrason, Mrs. P. H. Cowan,
Mrs. E. F. Monical, Mrs. J. A. Conaway,
Mrs. A. Bailes, Mrs. Mary E. Carson,
Mrs. G. L. Thornton, Mrs. John Mnrrell,
Mrs. W. W. Renshaw, Mrs. L. M.
Kramer, Mrs. H. Van Horn. Mrs. E.
Corey. Mrs. Edith Owens, Mrs. Fred
Behrens, Mrs. Hattie E. Erickson, Mrs.
Martha Barbur, Mrs. May Armstrong,
Mrs. W. Slater. Mrs. Estelle Cullins.
Mrs. Laura Brophy.
One of the delightful events of the
week was the luncheon presided over
by Mrs. E. A. Myers on Saturday at her
residence. The rooms and table were
decked with Halloween novelties, com
bined with yellow chrysanthemums.
Those enjoying the afternoon with Mrs.
Myers were: Mrs. H. Witt, Mrs. L. K.
Grimes, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. H. Morgan,
Mrs. J. S. Moore, Mrs. Cahill, Mrs. J.
G. Bennett, Mrs. R. F. Barnes. Mrs. D.
T. Van Tine, Mrs. W. F. Stewart, Mrs.
A. W. Moore, Mrs. E. L. Doran, Mrs. O.
C. Johnson. Mrs. F. D. Stephenson, Mrs.
E. Hayes, Mrs. James F. Huggins. Mrs.
J. M. Lewis, Mrs. E. R. Kirkpatrlck,
Mrs. E. D. Rood, Mrs. C. H. Moore, Mrs.
W. S. Moore, Mrs. Omar Bitner and Mrs.
Roy Dobie.
One of the most enjoyable Autumn
social events was the opening party
of the La Hoa club, held in the Hl-
bernia hall V ednesday.
The hall was gaily decorated for the
occasion and harmonized with the pret
ty u owns worn by the lair sex.
The success of the affair was due to
the Misses Mollie McCarthy, Ella Sulli
van, Mary Lawler, Josephine Flynn,
Margaret Whitney, Cecilia Flynn, Anna
Cody and Josephine Butler.
The patronesses were Mrs. T. D.
Hogan, Mrs. E. H. Deery, Mrs. P. J.
Smyth, Mrs. R. B. Day, Mrs. H. Lea
and Mrs. M. Moran
The next event will be their Thanks
giving party, November 24
Dr. and Mrs. M. A. Stratton enter
tained at dinner last Sunday evening
in honor of Mrs. Helen L. Stratton and
Mrs. Emma Williams, who are to leave
soon to pass the Winter months in
Southern California. Later, additional
guests called and a pleasant evening
was enjoyed by the members of both
families of the honor guests.
Those bidden to enjoy Dr. and Mrs.
Stratton's hospitality were Mrs. Helen
L. Stratton, Mrs. Emma Williams, Mr.
and Mrs. Fletcher Gaddis, Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Fred
S. Williams, Miss Metta Brown and
Lloyd L. Stratton.
The A. T. B. Fancywork Club, which
meets every Tuesday, spent a busy
afternoon last week at the home of
Mrs. George P. Edwards, who served
a dainty luncheon. Mrs. A. M. Black
stone, of 36D Wasco street, will be
hostess this week. Those present were:
Mrs. A. C. Hoggott. Mrs. J. T. Leonard,
Mrs. M. O. Leighton. Mrs. H. S. Miller,
Mrs. George L. Ditto, Mrs. Taylor
French, Mrs. Gordon Keefer, Mrs. E. L
Sinex. Mrs. E. F. Monical, Mrs. J. B.
lvie, Mrs. R. A. Conaway. Mrs. J. A.
Conaway. Mrs. A. M. Blackstone, Mrs.
Grant Grooms. Mrs. S. H. Roberts and
Miss Pearl Ditto.
. A huge success, financially and so
cially, was the County Fair held at
the Bnai Brith building. Much credit
must be given to B. Rubin and his
assistants for their splendid work. The
majority of the crowd voted Princess
Fatima. realistically portrayed in beau
ty and charm by .Mrs. Marcus Cohn. a
stellar attraction. The country store,
tiie bar and a wonderful Monte Carlo
were in great favor. Pretty girls in
various costumes, music, and clever
barkers made the fair complete.
An artistic and charming event of
the week was the dancing party for
which Mrs. M. Card was hostess Thurs
day night, honoring Miss Axa G. Paget.
Her spacious home was decked prettily
with Autumn leaves, orange-colored
streamers, pumpkins and black cats.
Miss Paget and A. J. Unna inter
preted several dances in costume,
among them the Vestoff gavotte, the
Zurmaxka balancello and waltz canter.
Miss Paget also gave a solo dance,
the Viennese waltz. The exhibition was
graceful and artistic.
The past week tne Columbia High
way has been one of the most popular
motor drives for entertaining Eastern
visitors. One of the prettiest lunch
eons of the week was given at the
Chanticleer Inn by Mr. and Mrs. S. H.
Gruber, when they had as their guests
Mrs. Homer E. Sawyers, of New York
City, and Mrs. E. Wilson Cressy, of
Bay City, Mich., and Mr. C. R. Temple
ton, of this city. Mrs. Sawyers and
Mrs. Cressy are both leaders, socially
and musically, in their home cities.
The Gaelic Dancing Club gave its
second dance of the season in the New
Hibernian Hall, 340 Russell street,
Thursday evening, and it was one of
the most delightful functions of the
Autumn. The members are looking for
ward with pleasure to the dance which
will be held in the Hibernian Hall
Thursday evening, November 4.
The Woman's Elk Bridge Club passed
a pleasant afternoon Wednesday with
Mrs. H. Brown as hostess. Honors
fell to Mrs. Jennie Hogge, Mrs. .L. B.
Cahill and Mrs. W. D. Allard. All
wives, mothers, daughters and sisters
of Elks are cordially invited next
Wednesday Five hundred will De
The Gaelic Dancing Club will give
another of its popular dances at the
Hibernian Hall, Russell street, on
Thursday night, November 4.
The dance on October 21 was a big
success and well attended. The mem
bers are again looking forward to a
good time.
Mrs. E. J. Jorgensen entertained with
a delightful dinner party at her home
In Sumner street on Tuesday. Covers
were placed for eight.
The parishioners of St. Lawrence
Church will hold a Thanksgiving carni
val at the St. Lawrence Assembly Hall,
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Bushnell Photo.
Mrs. Clande Fatten.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. W.
T. Patton, 1113 Missouri avenue,
was the scene of a pretty home
wedding Wednesday evening, Oc
tober 20, when their son, Claude
E. Patton, and Miss Belle Duncan
were married by the Rev. W. T.
Kerr. The wedding march was
played by Walter H. White, a life
long friend of the bridegroom.
The reception hall, living and
dining-rooms were artistically
decorated with Autumn leaves
and dahlias. The bride was
gowned in white crepe de chine,
trimmed with chantilly lace. Her
hair was banded with orange
blossoms and she carried bride's
roses. She was attended by her
sister. Mrs. R. W. Crane. Clyde
Taylor attended the bridegroom.
Only relatives were present and
following the ceremony a buffet
supper was served. Mrs. Patton
before her wedding was enter
tained at a number of pre-nuptial
Third and Sherman streets, on the
renings of November 9, 10 arid 11.
There will be a sale of fancy work,
country store, fishing pond, candy
booth. On the evening of -November 11
the women of the parish will serve a
hot sapper from 6:30 to 8:80 P. M.
The candy booth will be in charge of
the children, of Mary Sodality. The va
rious committees arranging for the car
nival success are composed of: Fancy
work booth. Mrs. P. J. O'Connell. Miss
Julia Murphy. Miss Mary McMahan.
Mrs. Edward Barrett. Mrs. Frank Kler
nan and Mrs. F. J. McKeown. Dinner
committee. Mrs. W. J. Smith, Mrs.
Frank O'Neil. Mrs. G. W. Feldman. Mrs.
F. Ressler, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. J.
Doran. Mrs. S. Coine. Mrs. W. J. Wilson.
Mrs. R. Bullen, Mrs. J. Wallace. Mrs.
M. A. Smith. Mrs. Shadel. Mrs. Woltring.
Mrs. Weler. Prize rose tree, Agnes
Tillman, Grace Twitchell, Edna Shea
nen, E. Tillman, Lillian Bullen, Rose
Wank and Helen O'Donnell. Fishing
pond, Frank Brennan, Albert Weller
and Edward Killfeather. Candy booth,
Marie Bulletset and Vincent Cowen.
Country store. J. P. Hendren. W. P.
Li 11 is. W. J. Smith. J. G. Heitkemper.
Mrs. W. P. Lillis is secretary of the
carnival. A musical programme will
be given each night. The proceeds are
for the benefit of the church.
An announcement that has been re
ceived with much enthusiasm and
pleasure, by the members of the younger
set is that of the Arcadian Dancing
Club's party at the Hotel Portland.
Thursday evening, December 4. The
main ballroom and reception-rooms
will be reserved for the use of the
dancers on that evening, apd some of
the successful features of last season's
parties will be repeated.
The Arcadians' dances were a source
of real enjoyment last season, and this
opening party has been eagerly antici
pated for some time past by members
of the club and their friejids. This
will be semi-formal. Five or six dances
are planned for the 1915-16 season.
The committee for the evening are:
Lawrence Cunningham, C. Jerrold
Owen, Ralston J. Clary, Frederick L.
Carlton, Arthur C. Dayton. C. E. Ara
villlon, Raymond K. Maynard, Jr.; Miss
Jeanette West, Miss Anne Dillinger,
Miss Axa G. Paget, Miss Doris Elking
ton. Miss Marie Dooley, Mrs. Arthur
Dayton. Mrs. James H. Abrey.
The Original Hi Jinks will give "an
other dancing party on November 6 at
Christensen's Hall. The committee is
making every effort to make this party
a huge success, and Judging from the
results of the past parties a large
crowd is expected. It may be of in
terest for the Hi , Jinks" dancers to
know that a Thanksgiving party is
also being prepared.
Plans are being made to have it in
the form of a matinee party. As this
style is a new one, it is expected to
take with much favoritism. The danc
ing will commence at about 4:30 or 5
o'clock and will be continuous through
out the evening. The main novelties
will be dancing and singing In cabaret
style. Committees are being appointed
from the different colleges, and this
affair is expected to be a delightful
The committee in charge of both
parties is Naomi Marcellus, Harold
Shadle. Marion Spoeri, Marion Hoban,
Roland Manary, Vesta Tegart. Madeline
Brown. Julius Berkey. Margaret Dixon,
Bob Hamaker, Beach Crofton. Harry
Humphrey, Mary Dunbar, Lee Waldron,
Virginia Brown, Max Schulz, Marie
Beach, Perc Brown. Hbyt Brown and
carl caesar.
The Mutual Art Association will in
troduce new features at their next
monthly meeting, which will be of in
terest and value to the entire member
ship. George E. Bingham. secretary-
treasurer, who has had much experi
ence as an instructor in drawing and
is an expert draughtsman and illus
trator, will give practical suggestions
and valuable helps in sketching from
nature and life.
Every active and associate member
is especially invited to attend, bring
ing sketch books and pencils, and take
part in this interesting and helpful
educational art work. Members are
also requested to bring recent pictures
for the evening's entertainment Fri
day night, November 5. room E, Central
Library, at 8 o'clock.
Closely following the Halloween fes
tivities comes the announcement of
the Inter-High skating party at the
Oaks Friday night, November 5. It is
an event that has been looked for
ward to for a long time.
The feature of the evening will be
the inter-school race, in which all of
the high schools and academies will
participate. Until this year Washing
ton and Lincoln have divided honors
in the final outcome, but with the en
trance of Franklin, together with
Portland Academy, Hill and Jefferson,
the interest is great. Refreshments
are included. The programme commit
tee is: Stanford Anderson, Ernest
Klein. Helen Harbke. J. A. Neer,
Clara Roberts, Wilafred Gravelle, Es
ther Bodman, Moe Sax, Donald Mc
intosh, Fern Kelffer, Mary Eastman.
Lois Tomlinson. Ted Peterson, Paul
Stevens. Wallace Livingstone, Myles
McFarland, Fenton Ford, Virgil Brown,
Lazona Melching and Marian Grebele.
. .
The G. N. C. B. girls will entertain
with a Jolly dancing party Thursday
night, November 11, at Cotillon Hall.
Th ovent is being looked forward to
with great enthusiasm. Members and
committee are: Eva Cook Vinton, Ger.
.-,,h T.nrfce Pearl Rj-man. Joe Gum
bert. Cherry Couey. Merle Young, Ruth
Lind. Cora Walker, Elizabeth Ott,
Grace Dorney, Blanche Granson, Flor
ence Woods, Thelma Homngswortn,
Sam Raker, Karl Fudge, Dick Mullen, Marls Earl Cash. Harold Web
ster, William A. Rhodes and E. L. Vin
The onening party of a series will
h e-lven Thursday evening at Vin
(jent's Hall, by a club of neighborhood
folk. The dances will continue through
out the Winter months, and preceding
Leach there will be one hours lnstruc
tion in modern aancing oy a. iu
field Himes. Patrons and patronesses
orr Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Satterflelu
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Himes. Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. Still, H. M Bissell and Mr.
and Mrs. L. L. Sharp. '
The Christillion Club will hold its
next party tomorrow night at Chris
tensen's hall, and it bias lair to De
notable function. Special decorations
on an elaborate scale and in keeping
with the holiday season will De usea,
and soecial music also will be pro
vided. Attractive favors will add to
the gaiety of the occasion. These
parties will be held for members only
on the first and third Mondays of each
month during the season.
A unique party will be given by the
Friendship Social Club of the Friend
ship Chapter, Order of Eastern Star,
in the nature of a barn dance, at Vin
cent Hall on Monday evening, Novem.
ber 15. The" patrons and patronesses
are Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Cutler, Mr. and
Mrs. Paul A. Cowgill, Mr. and Mrs.
George Grombacher, Mr. and Mrs. John
Simington, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Auter
son, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Nottingham
and Mr. - and Mrs. W. L. Cerout.
The Daughters of the Covenant will
give the first of a series of card par
ties at the B. B. building. Thirteenth
and Market streets, on Tuesday after
noon, November 2. Mrs. Marcus Hoch
feld will be hostess for the afternoon.
A handsome pillow donated- by Mrs.
H. N. Heller will be raffled off during
the afternoon. All members of the
organization and their friends are
urged to attend the party.
The Woman's Auxiliary of the Ger
man Red Cross Society will hold a Da
zaar on December 3 and 4. A special
meeting of the bazaar committee will
be held Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 in
The Autumn. Style Show
An exhibit of man-tailored
garments for women and misses, em
bodying every new fabric and style feature.
Beautiful cloth suits, made by men tailors; the
favorite material for these are, broadcloth, serge,
gabardine, wool poplin and fancy mixtures; shown
in a complete range of color tones. Fur and braid are
lavishly used in the trimming.
Aloderately priced, $17.50 to $62.50
Velvet suits in smart, stylish models. The colors
are black, Boiling green, brown and navy. All are
handsomely trimmed in fur.
Priced from $27.50 to $34.50
Morrison Street, at Fourth
The garments shown here
may be relied on as being
proper in style and fabric;
they are gathered from the
great New York makers
through the personal selection
of our garment buyer; most of
them cannot be found in other
stores, yet they are priced
as low as ordinary apparel.
Fur-trimmed plush coats are
shown in many individual models.
Rich, warm and decidedly comfort
able outer garments for Winter and
late Fall wear.
Priced $15, $20 and upward.
Women's and Misses' Raglan Rain
coats in a comprehensive range of
sizes. These are carefully tailored
from rainproofed mannish tweeds
and mixtures. $10 to $50
the German House, and at 2:30 the reg
ular meeting will be held. The society
is desirous of increaslm; its member
ship. Donations for the bazaar will
be received every Tuesday afternoon
at the German House.
The third annual card party and
dance will be given by the senior stu
dents of the Christian Brothers' Busi
ness College in Alumni hall. Grand
avenue and Clackamas street, on Fri
day night, November 6 Efforts are
being made to make this one more
pleasant, as well as successful, than
any held in previous years. The pro
ceeds will go towards paying for im
provements in the gymnasium.
dance styled "society hop," for No
vember 19. This is the first annual
event to be given by the club. The com
mittee will be chosen from the younger
sorority girls.
Dr. V. B. de Lory will give a lecture
on "Modern Metaphysics" at 363 Tarn
hill street on Monday morning from
10 to 11 o'clock. On Thursday another
lecture will be delivered on "Evolu
tion of the Races" at the same hour.
These lectures are free, and all Inter
ested are invited.
Vaudeville night will be observed
by the Portland Lodge. No. 416, I. O.
B. B-, at the B'nai B'rith building at
8:30 o'clock Tuesday, November 16. This
will be the second party of a series of
The first of a series of smart dancing four, the next one to be a character
parties will bi given by the Blackstone
Club next Friday evening in Cotillion
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Miss Lola Movrrey.
The engagement of Miss Lola
Mowrey to Marshall A. Case was
announced at a recent tea given
by Mrs. J. C. Mowrey at her home,
S46 Spokane avenue. The wed
ding will be an event of the mid
winter probably. Mr. Case is
identified with the Bank of California.
ballroom. Plans have been made for a
number of pleasing novelties in con
nection with the evening and the oc
casion promises to be one of the most
enjoyable affairs of the season.
m m m
A group of fUrls, some of whom are
members of different sororities, others
high 3chool girls, have arranged a
Evergreen Lodge, . No. 1, Degree of
Honor, will begin a series of 600 card
parties, to be given on the first Thurs
day afternoons in each month in the
Degree of Honor Hall. 129 Fourth
street. Three prizes will be given.
Game at 2:15.
Miss Mable M. Olsen will entertain
the 1916 Club of Orphla Temple at her
home, 129 East Sixty-second street,
Tuesday, November 2. from 2 to S. All
members and their friends cordially
lnvted. Take Mount Tabor car.
The Portland Rowing Club will give
an informal dancing party at its club
house, at the foot of East Ivon street,
Thursday night, November 28. All mem
bers and friends are invited.
Mrs. Jessie Barnum and -Mrs. F.
Fletcher will entertain the Rose Social
Club at 385 Marguerite avenue, Thurs
day afternoon. All Royal Neighbors
and friends are invited.
was held at the residence of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Williams,
and a buffet supper was sjrved by sev
eral attractive girls.
Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman left for m
wedding trip to Seattle for a few
weeks. Isom-Boad.
ROSEBTJRG. Or.. Oct. SO. (Special.
Slipping away to Vancouver unbe-,
known to their many friends. Ira
Isom, of Albany, and Miss Maud Bond,
of Feel, in Northern Douglas County,
were married in the Washington city
Wednesday. The marriage was a com-
(Concluded on Page 11.)
S How To Make the 1
0 Quickest,Simplest Cough S
5 Remedy 2
f Bfsek Better tie Rnlr- S
Made an.. Van ante V2. (A
) Fr'y ttiutr- atee (3
Yes, and it is a simple matter if you
go to the right place.
L for myself, always go to the
of CHERRY'S, in the Pittock block, on
Washington street. Now, why don't
you do the same?
Regardless of what cut of suit, what
material, style or anything else that
pertains to the latest, you can find it at
Cherry's. y.
Besides, their Waist' Department is
a wonder. Not considering their 14
values on sale for $2.95, they have just
received a beautiful line, made of Gros-de-Laudre,
Radechine-Georgette Crepe
and striped taffeta, ON SPECIAL sale,
$6.95. Sure, they are bought on the
same Easy Payment system, and no
cheaper if you should pay cash at the
largest cash store in Portland. Now
try it out. You'll get fair treatment
Here is their address don't lose It:
J89-391 Wash. St., in the Pittock block.
Miss Gladys Williams and John W.
Zimmerman were married Wednesday,
October 27. at the Second United Pres
byterian Church, Kev. Mr. ru Bois offi
ciating. The church was decked with palms,
white chrysanthemums, and ferns. Miss
Edith A. Williams sang "Because" and
the wedding march was played by Miss
Anna Frost at the piano and Miss
Gladys Johnston at the cello.
The bride was attended by her sister,
Mies Blodwen Williams, as maid of
honor, little Edna Johnson acting as
flower girl. Robert Zimmerman, broth
er of the bridegroom, acted as best
The bride was attired in a pretty
gown of white crepe de chine made
with bolero jacket of filet lace. Her
veil was fashioned in a mob cap, and
was wreathed with orange blossoms.
She carried a shower bouquet of bride's
Miss Williams -wore a gown of pink
Dresden silk, and she carried a shower
of exquisite Ophelia roses.
Following the ceremony, a reception
This home-made cough syrup is now
used in more homes than any other
cough remedy. Its promptness, ease and
certainty in conquering distressing
coughs, chest and throat colds, is really
remarkable. You can actually feel it
take hold. A day's use will usually
overcome the ordinary cough relieves
even whooping cough quickly. Splen
did, too, for bronchitis, spasmodic
croup, bronchial asthma and Winter
Get from any druggist 2 "4 ounces of
Pinex (50 cents worth), pour it in a
pint bottle and fill the bottle with
plain granulated sugar syrup. This
gives you at a cost of only 54 cents
a full pint of better cough syrup than
you could buy for $2.50. Takes but a
few minutes to prepare. Full direc
tions with Pinex. Tastes good and
never spoils.
You will be pleasantly surprised how
quickly it loosens dry. hoarse or tight
coughs, and heals the inflamed mem
branes in a painful' cough. It also stops
the formation of phlegm in the throat
and bronchial tubes, thus ending the
persistent loose cough.
Pinex is a most valuable concentrat
ed compound of genuine Norway pine
extract, rich in guaiacol, which is so
healing to the membranes.
To avoid disappointment, be sure and
ask your druggist for "2 ounces
Pinex." and don't accept anything else.
A guarantee of absolute satisfaction,
or money promptly refunded, goes with
this preparation. The Pinex Co.. Ft.
Wayne. Ind.
Ladies' Tailor
We desire to express our sincere thanks to the
people of Portland for their generous response to
our announcement of a sale for the purpose of
raising $50,000 at once. They came, they saw and
were convinced that we were making extraor
dinary price reductions as advertised, and pur
chased accordingly. We regret that there were
some people whom we were unable to serve, but
as the sale will continue until further notice, ample
opportunity will be given to everybody to take
advantage of this genuine price concession.
T XT' XT' T TTQCJ sales expert
F. Friedlander Co.
310-312 Washington St., Bet. Fifth and Sixth