The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 31, 1915, Section One, Page 18, Image 18

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1 Tt iif5
"Better than you can
bake it yourself" is the
motto of our model Bak
ery on the Ninth Floor.
Cakes, breads, pastries
all piping hot from our big
ovens. See them baked.
New Silk
Stockings, $1.19
Pretty, fancy hosiery in all the
newest; colors and combinations.
Some -with striped top and plain
boot others reversed all novel.
Dainty hose of unusual wearing
quality at the moderate price of
Mala Floor, Central.
" Laddie " for 50c
ine of the most popular books
in years half a dollar in our Book
store. "The Iron Trail" also at
50c. First time less than $1.35.
IlaNrment Balcony.
Party Frocks
for Girls
from 4 to 16. A big sale of pretty
frocks of chiffon, net, lace and silk
at deep reductions tomorrow.
$65 for $9.75 frocks.
$10.t5 for $15 and $16 frocks.
Second Floor, sixth Street.
Doll Show Awards
Grand Prize Ladies of Cathedral.
2d Grand Prize Montavilla M. E.
3d Grand Prize Day Nursery.
4th Grand Prize Averil Peel, 1125
Cleveland st. ',
Class A Prize Rosemary Grace,
505 Vista ave.
Class AA Prize Mary Jane Berke
ley, 546 Thompson.
Class T5, 1st Prize Mary Frances
John, 463 E. 9th st. N.
Class B, 2d Prize Dorothy Lacy,
1100 E. 24th st. N.
Class C, 1st Prize Ida M. Mait
land, 1026 E. 20th st. N.
Class C, 2d Prize Katherine Mc
Grath, 461 Hassalo.
Class D Prize Gwendolyn Fund
man, Willamina, Or.
Class E Prize Virginia Thompson,
302 W. New York.
Class F. 1st Prize Florence Gra
don, 561 E. Salmon.
Class F. 2d Prizes Mary McCallig,
384 E. 26th st. N.
Class G Prize James McCallig,
384 E. 26th' st. N.
Class H Prize Margaret Foster,
692 Marshall.
Class I Prize Mary Jane Berkeley,
546 Thompson.
Class J, 1st Prize Dorothy Boy
den, American Apartments.
Class J, 2d Prize Myrl Miller, 20
E. 56th st. N.
Special Mention
Marion Kollock, 765 Weidler st.
Group of dolls with exquisitely
hand-embroidered dresses.
Holy . Redeemer Church Bridal
party, with cupids.
Peninsular Ladies' Lavender Club
St. David's School, East 12th and
Montavilla Methodist Church Jun
ior Department Indian Charac
ter Dolls.
Class C All curio or original
character dolls were unusually
Class E All small dolls. These
required patience and skill to
dress. The judges had a diffi
cult task in deciding upon prize
winner. All exhibitors will receive gift.
Dolls should be called for Monday
in Toyland, Fifth Floor.
The new Tea Room on
the Ninth Floor is now
open. Plan to have lunch
eon tomorrow in the Pris
cilia or the Black and
White Room. The Dutch
Room for men a place
where they can feel at
We will usher in November with this great
new store in complete readiness!
We have named it "Inauguration Month" it will demon
strate what modern merchandising in its broadest sense means.
The completion of this big building marks a new, era in the economical distribution of merchandise in the West.
For fiity-seven years, the policy of Meier
& Frank Company has been to give a full hundred
cents' worth for every dollar spent.
The efficiency of our buying staff its knowledge of
market conditions the tremendous outlet of this store
all are mighty influences in keeping prices on beauti
ful, new, wanted merchandise at the lowest possible point.
We are inaugurating the great, new
building, with its seventy-five inner stores enlarged.
We are inaugurating every possible service for your
convenience. But the old time policy of honest mer
chandise, courtesy and helpfulness still obtains. This
page tells of new, desirable Fall merchandise reason
ably priced.
T F Colors
are in the main part subdued
"grayed" as an artist would say! They
are unusually soft and becoming with
touches of the right colors.
Popular Fabrics at $1 Yard
44-inch all-wool Granite Cloth.
44-inch all-wool Epingle.
44-inch all-wool Gabardine.
42-inch all-wool Checks.
French Serges.
At $1.50 We're Showing
Crepe Poplins 50 inches wide.
Wool Poplins 50 inches wide.
Wool Melrose Suiting 50 inches.
Tweed Suitings 50 inches.
Second Floor, Fifth Street.
pine j?mbroideries
at Jow prices
Dainty designs for holiday sewing and
dresses for infants and children, also
lingerie trimmings.
49c for 65c to $1 Embroideries
Widths from 18 to 27 inches lovely
floral and conventional designs.
$1 for New $1.50 Chiffons
Nets and marquisettes, for party
frocks and blouses. This includes the
new "Castle Flounce" the new "no-tear"
net with the striped border.
Main Floor, Fifth Street
delightfully painty
ew Jeck pixings
New pieces constantly being received
to make this the most attractive show
ing of neckwear in town!
Exquisitely hand-embroidered vestees,
collars and guimpes of voile, batiste,
organdie and crepe de chine.
Fur-trimmed collars and military ef
fects! All new at prices from $1 to $12.50.
50c Boudoir Caps, 39c
All dainty shades, lace trimmed.
50 presh N
presses at $12.95
Dresses that would ordinarily sell for $20 to $25!
House samples of one of our largest manufactur
ersin many instances only one of a kind. Included
Serges and
Serge Combined With
Taffeta--Soft Charmeuse
One is illustrated. A number
of other equally pretty styles.
Remember just 50 so an early
selection is advisable. Special
at $12.95.
jTew guits at
$19.50, $22.50 M $35
The little suit sketched is blue whipcord trimmed
with krimmer fur and frogs. $19.50.
Every express out from New. York brings scores
of smart, new models every one the best that could
be obtained at its price. Widest varieties imaginable
From $15 to $85
Truly of Scotch origin are the
Pad aists
of Qeorgette $9
With dark tones prevailing in suits,
these sheer blouses of dark Georgette
with plaids are exquisite.
Some combined with plain Georgette
others with taffeta.
A first showing at $9.
New Blouses of fine laces
and Georgette in white and
flesh tints. Priced $6.50 to $15.
-Fourth Floor, Central.
Fourth Floor, Fifth Street.
100 Modish
New Hats $7.50
Regularly Priced From
$9.50o $15
Ostrich Ruffs
Every one represents some late
mode in the midseason millinery.
Large, small and medium sizes.
Besides the seven sketched, there
are scores of equally attractive de
signs. All of finest silk and velvet.
You must see these extraordinary
hats to appreciate them at
moderate price of $7.50.
Fourth Floor. Sixth Street.
growing more popular every
Three big specials for tomorrow.
$5.00 Boas for $3.98
$3.50 Boas for $2.85
$2.95 Boas for $2.19
Main Floor, Fifth Street
Jayser jjnderwear
Silk underwear that is every woman's delight.
This famous maker's very newest creations in
fancy knickers, vests, envelope chemise, etc., all
shown here tomorrow.
Special attractions Monday in "Kayser" dainty
silk undergarments Kayser tested silk means
exceptional wearing quality.
Kayser Venetian Silk Vests
With taped yokes, also narrow band top yokes.
Colors, pink and white. Regular sizes. Each,
Kayser Venetian Silk Knickers
Full-cut knickers in all regular sizes. White,
pink and colors. Pair, $2.50.
Firat Floor. Sixth Street
The- Quality Store- of Portland
FrftK, .Sictlv "Mot-riaory Alder Sts.
JJev nitted and
Qrocheted ear
Some charming ideas for Christmas
gifts. The very latest fad in dainty
"snugglers," Spencers and the other little
things to add warmth.
Brand-new and charming are the little
crocheted boudoir sets in jacket and cap. -Dainty
white over lavender, with tiny
pink rosebuds lined with lavender silk.
Price at $7.50 Caps to match at $2.50.
"Snugglers" all colors $1.98 to $3.98.
Dressing Sacques $2.98 to $7.50.
Knit Spencers, new shades $2.29.
Long Knit Shawls at $1.98.
Third Floor, Sixth Street
owel gpecials 2 5 C
Monday only these wonderful values.
Turkish Bath Towels
Extra heavy grade. Fully bleached.
Fine absorbent towels that will wear ex
ceptionally well. 21x44 inches.
Regularly 35c tomorrow only 25.
Huckaback Towels
Extra heavy grade huckaback face
and hand towels. Union linen. Plain
hemmed ends. 22x38 inch. Sell always
at 35c tomorrow 23f.
$1.25 Table Damask, $1
Pure Scotch linen, 70-inch width, pure
white. Spot, stripe or floral patterns.
Second Floor. Firth Street.
gcrim urtains
: Beautiful curtains desirable for any
room in the house. Attractively under-
priced for tomorrow.
$2.75 Qualities for $2
. Fine, sheer mercerized scrim, trimmed
ivith Barman Cluny lace edge.
$4.00 Qualities for $3.
With lace edge and insertion.
$4.75 qualities, $3.50; $5.50 qualities.
$1; $6.75 qualities, $5.
' Seventh Floor, Sixth Street.
$4 Plankets $3-iS
White wool blankets. Full size. Special to
morrow. $5 white wool blankets, full size, $4.1 o.
$S white wool blankets, full size, $5.15.
$6 Comforters Tomorrow $5
Fine lambs' wool filled comforters, Ulkoline
covered and finished with plain silk border.
$9" wool-filled comforters, satin-covered, fin
ishe' with plain 9-inch border, tomorrow, $7.50.
Just in! Large assortment of
Pendleton Indian Robes, very latest
designs, $8.50. Second Floor. Fifth Street.
One of the "Beauty
Spots " of the new store
our large Shampoo and
Manicure parlors. Per
fect sterilization of all in
struments and expert at
tention assured. Come
and inspect at your leisure
Why Wear Out
Your Knees
filling your comforters Buy your
batts ready made. Here are some
attractive selected cotton batts
wool processed at $1. Size 72x84
Others from 75c to $3.50.
Second Floor, Firth Street.
Exquisitely faithful to nature are
Glebeas Flowers. Every favorite
flower to be found, from a modest
carnation at 25c to an elaborate
corsage at $2.50.
Main Floor, Fifth Street.
New Yard
have just been received. Some
fetching pieces with chenille and
velvet dots and borders and others
in novelty meshes. These and the
plain meshes from 35c to $1 a yard.
Circular drape and flowing veils
from $1.25 to $3.
Slain Floor. Firth Street
Boys' Wash
Corduroys, $3.50
"Little Man" will look quite
handsome in one of these little
white corduroy Norfolk suits. He'll
feel comfortable, because the suits
wash. In white, golden brown or
gray. Sizes 2 to 8 years at
Third Floor. Firth Street.
Boys' Tapeless
Blouses, 50c
The "Puritan" tapeless is being
bought by boys mothers all over
the country. No drawstrings to be
pulled out in the laundry.
In all colors chambrays, ging
hams, sateens, etc. 50c, $1 and
- Third Floor, Fifth Street.
wards in
gaby ontest
Following are the prize-winners
in the "October Baby Days Weigh
ing Contest."
Birth to 3 Months
Son of Mrs. C. H. McGinn, Wells-
Fargo building, 17 lbs. 4 oz. 3
Genevieve, daughter of Mrs.
Wing, 332 E. 41st st., 8 lbs. 15
oz. 4 weeks days.
Margaret, daughter of Mrs. Dean
Collins, 449 10th St., 12 lbs. 3 oz.
v 10 weeks.
3 Months to 1 Year
Betty Jane, daughter of Mrs.
E. R. Beecher, 186 Chapman, 32
lbs. 2 oz. 8 months.
Lillian Louise, daughter of Mrs.
C. H. Tichener, 314 Bryant, 9 lbs.
13 M oz. I months.
Average .
Mnrtrarpt. Hlie-htr of Mrs
Grover, 8216 51st ave. S. E., 15
lbs. 12 oz. 5 months 6 weeks.
Lessons in knitting, cro
dieting, embroidering, art
needlework of all kinds
free each day, under the
direction of Sirs. Jones,
just out from New York.
Second Floor. Blxtn street